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router not passing port scan after opening port

Q: router not passing port scan after opening port

so i opened my port 25565 (or so i thought) went to test to see if its open on multiple sites and....all of them say its closed.

Preferred Solution: router not passing port scan after opening port

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: router not passing port scan after opening port

Start the application you opened the port for and then test the port, it should report it as opened.

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1. Is this a wired or wireless connection issue?
2. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

3. What type of Broadband connection are you using?

4. What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo
Netgear WNDR3800, Cisco DPC3008

5. What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software
comodo firewall

A:router not passing port scan after opening port

Have you tried a different port to see if that port is being blocked by your ISP?

I also see that your parsing TCP to UDP, probably doesn't make a difference to the port being open or closed but it might be better to set them both the same or set to Any.

Another problem you may encounter is your IP may change, most ISP's like to change your IP every so often so you may have to set up a DDNS with a hostname in order to access the services you want remotely.

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I run a web server from my laptop, and my IP address (location) gets updated via DynDNS.org servers.

My notebook is always behind a NAT-configured LAN, and I have configured the router firewall to pass port 80 service requests to my IP (usually 192.168.x.2, where x is maybe 0 or 1 or whatever...I use NetSetMan for location based setting). Note: the DHCP server is configured to stay away from static addresses in the private LAN.

Most routers have their own port 80 service, the configuration interface, accessible by hosts inside the LAN.

I don't have a problem with port 80 service requests coming from the WAN getting passed to 192.168.x.2 host running the web server.

BUT, users in the 192.168.x subnet requesting service from within the LAN do NOT get delivered the web page from host 192.168.x.2, but instead the router's configuration interface, if they use the host NAME. Of course, if they use the host IP address, they get the content.

What is happening of course is that if anyone uses "http://mywebserverhostname.com/", it goes to DynDNS.org where the IP is resolved to the address a.b.c.d, the WAN IP address of the router I am currently connected to. So the http client bundles the packet to the destination a.b.c.d:80.

The users INSIDE the LAN get the router configuration interface web page when they type in a.b.c.d:80, but not users OUTSIDE the LAN (in that WAN).

What's the solution?

A:Passing Port 80 Service Request Through Router From WAN To LAN

Any chance this is a Belkin router? I had the same problem with my Belkin N450 Gigabit, not being able to use my DynDNS name, only the ip address (192.168.....). The Belkin died a few days ago when our power blipped two or three times in a row (I did not have the router on a battery backed up UPS plug, do now).

I replaced it with a Netgear 450 Gigabit router and the problem is gone. I can now connect using the DynDNS name (and Mooo.com name) again. So, bottom line is, it's probably your router causing the problem.

I went round and round with Belkin on this for over a month and finally just gave up. Made it difficult to test changes to the web server.

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I have Norton Firewall installed on my computer and I just got a warning saying that the router just tried to scan my ports. I have never received this warning ever before. Is this normal? Thanks.

A:Port scan from router

Hey, nah itz just hackers trying to get in, thatz y they invented firewalls.

U know, something good did come from this, I looked at my firewall logs to see if a simular ip is there (something is familuar bout that address), and found out that I have a backdoor.

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I'm trying to open a port in my router and I can't seem to get it. I also have two of my same computer name in my Firewall settings. Whenever I try to Add a new definition to what I think is the right computer name it says an unknown error has occurred so I enabled DMZ for that computer name. Then for the other computer name which I believe doesn't do anything I added a definition for the port I want to open.

Whenever I check my port on any website that allows it it says it's closed.

Is there a way to reset everything so there is absolutely no computers on my firewall settings? I think the problem is that someone my computer got duplicated and the one that needs to have the definition added is getting an unknown error...

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im good with computers but i need help with networking i have a linksys router. i need to open ports so i can game i have 2 computers on it 1 wired 1 wireless i game on wireless. i need to open ports on router but i only know how to open the config page on router when i get there it it might as well be in a different language to me. i know the cmd command to find the computers info but dont understant it either wth please help me
ima beginner on networking

A:Solved: opening port on router

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Sorry if covered before NEW here....

If I set ports to pass for online gaming on my roter do I also have to set somehow in the Windows Vista Firewall.

I am trying to host GTR2 and GTL but nobody can see my rooms.

A:port passing


btw: you can only port forward to ONE address on the LAN and that is the
only firewall that needs to be opened
ALLOW any tcp/udp inbound port xxx-(yyy)

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Internet Service Personal Router Static IP MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

Hello friends,

I have purchased static IP from Local ISP Provider . Problem is that the tech support of local ISP provider is asking em

Which Port would you like to bind your Static IP

Also they ask me whats the MAC Address of Router
Pls see attached screenshot
As you can see Internet port - 74:44:01:94:E0:79
Whereas LAN Port has mac address - 74:44:01:94:E0:78

Which is routers mac address?

I have no idea.

I know we have two ports in router (mine is Netgear 300N Model)
1. WAN (Internet) Port
2. LAN Port
Could anyone really help in explaining me
1. Which one is routers mac address
2. Static ip should be binded to LAN or WAN Port

Pls guide Thank You

P.S. I intend to use DVR for CCTV for remote viewing later

A:Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

I Don't know what your talking about directly but I'm willing to try. Can you explain a little better what the isp person is asking you? From the screenshot I know the bottom section is your local connection and the top part is your WAN connection. If that helps any.

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I was tired when 50th result in google named "port forwarding" was actually question how to open port.

To be specific, I would like windows 7 to do the same what this program does. Which means forward port...
NOT fowarding port on my router
NOT opening port(allow connections) in windows rules
YES forward port to other destination on X port.
Thanks in advance!


A:Port forwarding(redirecting), NOT(!) port opening

Honestly no one knows?

Maybe it's just impossible?

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I have been using an DSL Siemens speedstream 6520 router at home. I usually carry out some R&D by placing servers behind the router. I access the services on each of the servers from the ouside using port forwarding and it has been working fine for http, ftp, RDP, any user defined ports etc but in the case of port 25 SMTP its not working at all. I have checked the port on the local lan and I am able to telnet to that server but from the outside only on this port 25 I am not able to telnet. But If i were to change the SMTP port number from 25 to any other port like 24 or 26, I am able to telnet from the outide. Is there any way i can make SMTP port 25 to work and access the same from the outside.


A:SpeedStream 6520 DSL Router - Port forwarding for port 25

Is it possible that port 25 has been blocked by your ISP? This is a pretty common thing for ISP's to do as a SPAM prevention measure.

As you can see, there are quite a few ISP's blocking port 25 on this list.

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I have a cq50-120 and a motorla sb6121 . Both have gig ports but laptop will not hook up to router at gig speed . I have tried different cables cat 5 type . I have tried a different laptop different router and even bought a 5 port hub all ghz ports .

I am lost . I do know computer and networking from back in the NAVY I was on submarines and a torpedo reload crushed my spine a few years later I got I got my MCSE 4.0 and CCNA years ago after I got out of the NAVY then the pain got to bad and I had a morphine pump installed in me. That meant I am total disabled. I do help out local folks with simple problems .

May the med is stopping is stopping me from thinker straight
ANY I deas

A:Laptop gig hz port to router gig port problem

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I have a P1 GEN2 OLED. While the internet is flooded with complaints of the OLED screen itself, the thunderbolt 3 port of my P1 GEN2 magically stopped working for no reason.  I have been using the laptop with an external display ever since I got the laptop. All went well. Suddenly from yesterday, the external display starts turning into a blue sreen with "NO SIGNAL" shown on it.  I had a windows cumulcative update (KB4532693) and windows security update (KB4524244) yesterday and I suspected that the update might be the culprit. I rolled back the OS. No change. Still NO SIGNAL.  I searched this Forum. Played with Thunderbold 3 menu in the Bios. Everything was enabled and every single option of "security level" was tried. Still NO SIGNAL.  I checked Intel Mangaement Engine software. It is already the latest version. Reinstalled it. Still NO SIGNAL.  I checked Nvidia driver. Latest version already.  In sum, the problem is: the thunderbolt port is still able to power the extenal display but just simply does not pass signal to the external display. HDMI port, however, still passes signal if use an HDMI cable.  I want to give it a shot here to see if anyone has experienced similar issues and how they sovled the problem before I call Lenovo technical support, the staff of which does not seem to know more than some people here on this Forum. 

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Please help i cannot connect to internet explorer!

I am getting the error message

Check the Firewall settings for HTTP port 80, HTTPs port 443 and FTP port 21.

My provider is tiscali and i have done the trouble shooting with them to no avail, Also tried to disable the Norton firewall functions and still didnt connect. My broadband connection is showing excellent between the router and pc with both wireless or with the lead.

I have Spybot and Ad-aware on my computer and norton internet security 2006.

Do i have to clear the Firewall settings for these ports or can anyone help me .... please!

Thanks a million


A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

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I am a beginner really and got this message after eliminating (hopefully) a prgram called Antivirus Action from my computer. I can't get on the internet because I keep getting this message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings > Proxy server > Advanced. Delete the proxy server settings under HTTP, HTTPS (secure) and FTP (and Socks, if any). Then, under Proxy server, uncheck all boxed.

If running Firefox too, disable proxy server.

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I have suddenly gotten this on my main computer. (Windows XP)
A previous techguy thread (expired) said to check my dns numbers with "jpconfig /all"
However, my computer will not allow me to run that program in safe mode.
Is it a bug issue... or will that program only run in full mode?

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Dear mulebit,
It actually is " ipconfig /all " i.e replace" j"with "i".Please go to command prompt under Start--> Programs-->accessories. No need for "safe mode" to carry out this task. Can you kindly provide details of your computer specifications? Are you using a third party firewall and if so which brand? What security software are you running?

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Hello all. I was talking on skype and lost internet connectivity while talking. I received the error above (Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message). I am running a laptop with windows XP and IE 7 and my antivirus is AVG and I also have Ad-Aware.

I'm not much of a computer person but I did some research online and tried a few things: I turned off the option on skype's advanced settings for it to listen on Port 80 and then rebooted. I also ran a command, 'netstat -aon' and did not find a listing of 1270.0.1:80/443 or which seems to imply that nothing should be affecting port 80 or 443.

I also downloaded firefox and it cannot access the internet either. The only way I'm able to access the internet at the hotel I'm located at was to call the hotel's tech support and they had me go into the LAN settings of internet options and manually select port 8080.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Some info on common ports used, http://www.chaminade.org/MIS/Articles/Fire...ortSecurity.htmI don't know much about connectivity problems...but it seems to me that...if you never had this problem before and your system connects properly outside of this hotel...the hotel/location may be the problem.Worth a read, IMO: http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-37752-c...on-the-internetLouis

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Well, this has me baffled. My Bell Internet Security Services Activation (I just installed it on a computer not used for some 4 or 5 months) popped up a window saying "Waiting for Internet connection"...and waiting and waiting. But my Netgear wireless connection to the router in the house indicates "very good" signal strength, which I thought meant I was connected. Obviously not!

I tried opening IE. "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page" (much as I expected)

Clicked the button which was showing on the IE cannot connect page "Diagnose connection problems" and followed the instructions. The final diagnostic is "Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer. Check the firewall settings for the ports HTTP...etc." Where on this earth are they?!

I checked the Windows Firewall settings and found it "off (not recommended)" so I switched it on.

I re-ran the diagnostic on the IE page and nothing has changed.

My question is:

How do I check the settings for HTTP port (80) and HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21)? Also what do I set them to?

Many thanks, in advance, for a solution to my problem!

A:Solved: Help! Settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443), FTP port (21)

So you just installed an Internet Security Suite which has a Firewall built-in and then you enabled XP' built-in firewall? I am baffled as to why you would do that. The new software you installed has to be blocking it somehow. I would search their website for known issues.

Or just uninstall it and use something different.

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I saw this problem listed, but My issue is a bit different and the previous solution didn't work for me.

Please forgive me if any of my posts offend, as I am new to this site. I don't intend to be rude, but my ignorace may anger some. Also forgive the length of the post, I wish to be thorough as to avoid getting possible solutions that I have already tried or are not relavent.

I recently had some repairs done on my computer which involved reformatting my hard drive and when I got it back started having trouble accessing some internet sites. Unlike the previous person's post with this issue i can still access the internet and 95% of sites, but a select (and seemingly random) few give the IE cannot access website error. When I run the networking Diagnostics for Windows XP get the following error:

Check the Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21)

The only firewalls I know of on my computer are Windows and my router (both of which I have disabled) i have also tried Firefox and it craps out at the same exact sites.

In addition to selected sites, some third party programs are having trouble accessing the internet. This includes Nortons Installer (I haven't been able to install my antivirus yet because of this error) and I haven't been abble to register Microsoft office after I installed because it cannot access the internet for ID Key Verification.

I have tried turning off all LAN proxy settings, and power ... Read more

A:Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21)

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For the past 4 days I have been receiving this from my router's log:

2009/01/05 22:13:04 PST FW: severity=low src=221.192.xxx.xx dst=71.129.xx.xx ipprot=6 sport=12200 dport=9788 TCP Port Scan Detected, Packet Dropped

2009/01/05 22:20:22 PST FW: severity=low src=221.195.xx.xx dst=71.129.xx.xx ipprot=6 sport=12200 dport=1080 TCP Port Scan Detected, Packet Dropped

I am unable to do anything worthwhile on my computer other than check my email while failing multiple times to load due to timing out. I formatted my computers because i thought it had something to do with spyware/malware to no avail. even while both my computers are off i keep getting the port scan errors on my router. I called my isp and they told me that everything is fine. I am running WinXP sp3 and use a 2Wire HomePortal 1000SW.

Thank you if you can help and i appologize if this is the wrong forum to place this in.

A:TCP Port Scan

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Hi all,

Recently, I received a lot of possible port scan message in my firewall logs. Basically it is saying that the firewall detect a possible port scan on my IP from xx.xxx.xxx.xx ip adress.
Is anyone by any chance know how to prevent this?
I don't want to see other people keep scanning my port. Please advice.

A:Possible port scan

Unplug the wire to the Internet. :D

Seriously, the reason you need a firewall is because of the idiots on the other side of the firewall! If there were never port scans, and worms, viruses, and spyware, we wouldn't need a firewall.

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so shields up says my pc is completely stealth.ran the stealth scan at http://scan.sygatetech.com/ it says port 22,23 and 80 are "open"A friend who does IT for a local community college ran 3 scans and found nothing.Thoughts?

A:Port Scan

I use Sygate Personal Firewall and here are my results as of this post:

Sygate Stealth Scan: 22,23, 80 are "blocked."
ShieldsUp! common ports probe: 22,23,80 are in "stealth" mode.

What firewall are you using?
Theoretically, there should be no discrepancy between the two scans.


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Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's TCP ports:
1680, 65135, 2955, and 4696 have been scanned from

this happened when I was on msn messanger. I was away from the
computer for a bit..but when I came back. I came to find sygate showing me logs that someone is scanning my ports.

thats when I added the scanned from adress ( into sygates advanced rules. ''block all traffic''

after clicking ok. the messanger lost connection. the net wouldn't connect.
avast webscanner was blocked. and then a sygate message popped up saying ntoskrnl.exe has been blocked.

the only fix I could find was to remove the ruling. once removed. messanger program reconnected. and the net was back.

it says in the traffic log viewer that it allowed some connections from that adress. security log was where the port scan warnings were shown.

if someone could help me out. would be great. thanx.

A:port scan help.

Hello and welcome to TSF


Originally Posted by rulio

Your computer's TCP ports:
1680, 65135, 2955, and 4696 have been scanned from

Sygate is merely warning you that it has blocked that ip address from scanning your ports. I believe it will block that IP address for 600 seconds automatically(if you are connect to the internet directly and not using a router)- you can set it to block that IP address for 99,999 seconds which is about 72hrs.


Originally Posted by rulio

thats when I added the scanned from adress ( into sygates advanced rules. ''block all traffic''

after clicking ok. the messanger lost connection. the net wouldn't connect.
avast webscanner was blocked. and then a sygate message popped up saying ntoskrnl.exe has been blocked.

The IP address points to Verizon Online LLC, and i doubt that it is anything to worry about. If you block all connections, then nothing will be able to connect to the internet.


Originally Posted by rulio

the only fix I could find was to remove the ruling. once removed. messanger program reconnected. and the net was back.

Only once you removed block all were you then able to connect to the internet.


Originally Posted by rulio
... Read more

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I did a scan from Gibson Research called ShieldsUp. I've done scans before with flying colors. This time, not so good. I run AVG 7.1 Pro Version with Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall. The little I know about computers, I'm wondering if either one of these has to be configured properly, and if that is the cause for the port scan failing. Please, if thats the case would one of you send me step by step instructions on how to correct this problem.
Here are the results of the scan:

GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2006-07-19 at 22:17:39

Results from scan of ports: 0, 21-23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 113,
119, 135, 139, 143, 389, 443, 445,
1002, 1024-1030, 1720, 5000

1 Ports Open
1 Ports Closed
24 Ports Stealth
26 Ports Tested

The port found to be OPEN was: 1029

The port found to be CLOSED was: 1027

Other than what is listed above, all ports are STEALTH.

TruStealth: FAILED - NOT all tested ports were STEALTH,
- NO unsolicited packets were received,
- NO Ping reply (ICMP Echo) was received. Thank you in advance.

A:Port Scan

Everything seems fine, stealthed ports are nothing to worry about, andyour computer did not reply to TCP/ICMP pings. The open port is one of the first ports that computers use, so it could be some random program, but it has also been related to the W32/Kipis.a virus.

If you're worried, download the attachment and run it. It'll make a text file and if you are infected with the virus, otherwise it'll be blank. Below is the content of the VBS file.
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set myfile = fso.CreateTextFile("W32_KIPIS_LOG.txt",true)

set shell = createobject("wscript.shell")
set envProcess = shell.Environment("process")
WINDIR_PATH = envProcess("windir")

if fso.FileExists(WINDIR_PATH + "\system32\regedit.com") = true then myfile.write "Found regedit.com...."

if fso.FileExists(WINDIR_PATH + "\SVCHOST.EXE ") = true then myfile.write "Found SVCHOST.EXE ...."
...and if you're really worried, you could post a a HJT log.

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almost every day and sometimes more than once this address attempts a port scan

any way of finding who this is ?

A:Port Scan Type: IP AddressOrgName: SITA-Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques OrgID: SIDTAAddress: 112 Avenue Charles de GaulleAddress: Neuilly, 92522 CedexCity: StateProv: PostalCode: Country: FRNetRange: - CIDR: NetName: SITA-ANetHandle: NET-57-0-0-0-1Parent: NetType: Direct AssignmentNameServer: NS1.EQUANT.NETNameServer: NS2.EQUANT.NETNameServer: NS3.EQUANT.NETComment: RegDate: 1993-06-21Updated: 2000-02-02RTechHandle: SITA-NOC-ARINRTechName: SITA EQUANT Network Operations Center RTechPhone: +33 4 92 96 63 66RTechEmail: [email protected] Source:http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jhtmlRegards,John

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Hey, would anyone be able to explain this to me?

Is this something I should be concerned about, should I be doing anything?
My internet was laggy before the alert popped up.


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Hi there, Could anyone help me with a problem? I seem to be getting a lot of TCP or UDP-based Port Scan, 150 today so far, from source, this got from Router log. The Log states its from target Is this normal? I,m running windows 7 and have Comodo free Firewall installed.

A:Port Scan

You can investigate IP addresses and gather additional information at:SamSpade.org WhoisDNS Stuff WHOISDomain Tools WhoisCQCounter whoisAll Net Tools SmartWhoisNetwork-Tools.com whoisIP2Location.comYou can use various Network Traffic Monitoring Toolsfor troubleshooting and malware investigation.:Microsoft Network MonitorHow to use Network Monitor to capture network traffic
How to capture network traffic with Network Monitor
Working With Network Monitor
Analyzing Traffic With Network MonitorSmartSniffWiresharkPRTG - Free Network MonitorOther network traffic monitoring toolsOnline Port Scan allows you to scan individual TCP ports to determine if the device is listening on that port.Shields Up is an online port scanning service used to alert the users of any ports that have been opened through firewalls or NAT routers.There are third party utilities that will allow you to manage, block, and view detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including local/remote addresses, state of TCP connections and the process that opened the port:TCPView for WindowsHow to use TCPViewHow To Identify Unknown Network Connections In Windows with TCPViewCurrPortsDiamondCS OpenPortsAnalogX PortBlockerEmsa Port BlockerLocal Port Scanner Caution: If you're going to start blocking ports, be careful which ones you block or you may lose Internet connectivity.For a list of TCP/UDP ports and notes about them, please refer to:Ports for Internet ServicesList of Well Known and Register... Read more

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I recently did a trojan scan at: http://www.anti-trojan.net/en/onlinecheck.aspx . I recieved these results and I am wondering how to fix these trojans.


Port 1025 is open
Application(s): network blackjack, ICQ
Trojan(s): NetSpy, Mavericks Matrix, RemoteStorm

Port 5000 is open
Application(s): Yahoo Messenger Chat
Trojan(s): Bubbel, Back Door Setup, Blazer 5, Socket 23, Sockets de Troie

Port 5888 is open
Trojan(s): Y3K RAT

Scan complete!
356 ports scanned
3 open ports found


A:Port Scan Results (Help!)

Go here and run an online scan, post the results in a reply.


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For the last several days my BitDefender 2013 has been going nuts. It keeps saying port scan blocked.

Local IP:
Remote IP:
Protocol: TCP

That's what it says when I click for more information. What's going on?

A:Port Scan Blocked

Sounds like something in your network is running a port scan on your computer. Do you have other computers on your network?

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Hey Guys,
I have BitDefender Total Security 2008 and this morrning I got 4 port scans from two different IP's, my firewall denyed them but is my network safe now?


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Hi. My Sygate Firewall alerts me several times a day that my Ports are being scanned. The Firewall does bock it, but I was wondering if there is anyway to prevent the ports from ever being scanned in the first place.

Thanks for any info.

A:Port scan questions?

I guess you could send out an email to every script kiddie on the planet and ask them to stop scanning ranges of IP addresses.

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Hello I have a problem with my firewall. When ever I go to a web site or open mail or open yahoo the firewall flasher red and then I get the message that server cant be found and the firewall pops up a log.
Time 08/15/2008 1:52:07 PM
Security Type Port Scan detected
Severity Major
Direction Inbound
Protocol UDP
Local IP
Remote Host
Application Involved SYSTEM
Count 1

when I open the firewall log or click exit then everything woks fine. It blocks the
I ran ipconfig and this is what I got.

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : domain.invalid
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Thanks for any help :-)

A:Port Scan Trouble

Which firewall are you using? And do you have it set to allow normal network traffic to and from your router?

That IP/IP range is Internal. Seems like the "port scan" is coming from your router.

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Norton Security has twice blocked this this from entering my computer,,53.
Can anyone tell me how to find out where this is coming from and can I stop it?

A:Solved: Port Scan

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I have recently installed the program Veoh TV on my PC. I have noticed that as soon as I open the program it connects to the internet whether I am using it or not. As long as I leave it in the background my modem is flashing. The only way I can stop this is by exiting the program completely. I can understand that it connects to the net while I am downloading or watching a film or TV show but not when I am not using it. Is this normal behaviour?.

I use Comodo CFP Firewall, Antivir AV, Spyware Blaster, Comodo Boclean, AVG Antispyware, Super Antispyware. I use Firefox as my main browser and have Noscripts and Adblock installed as add-ons. I have scanned my PC and am told my machine is not infected.

Since installing Veoh TV I have gotten lots of high severity events in my Firewall log which are described as UDP Port Scan. It gives the attacker as I am not computer savvy enough to know what this means. My Firewall rules for Veoh TV are as follows.

Application -------Detination--------Port---------Protocol---------Permission.
Veoh Client-------Any---------------Any---------UDP In/Out------Allow------.
Veoh Client-------Any---------------Any----------TCP / Out-------Allow------.

I feel sure that this is something I am missing in my Firewall rules rather than a real problem but not being very PC tekkie I thought I would ask some advice here.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

A:Veoh Tv And Udp Port Scan

I have Veoh TV. They're a legit site so unless it's slowing your computer down it's not a big deal. I don't think it does. What it's probably doing is refining your search choices. I guess it also depends on how persnickety your firewall is. I haven't had any problems with Veoh and I'm OK with it working in the background. A lot of programs do that. I guess you could change preferences in the Veoh player but I haven't done that.

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First off my router is a Netgear model WNR834bv2.
I have been trying to open port 22 on my router so that I can grade the homework that I am doing for school using the website academy.redhat.com
I run windows 7 64bit with VMware workstation and CentOS running in that so that I can do the Linux work.
After trying to forward the port to get it open after 4 hours i have managed to get it from "Closed" to "Stealth" and now i can not get it past that point. I have bypassed my router by plugging right into the cable modem. I have Time Warner if that helps at all. I have disabled Windows firewall also to try and figure out if maybe that is why the port is not open. If there is any other ideas or anything that could be helpful please let me know.

A:Need help opening port 22!

I am going to assume since you are trying to forward port 22, you are trying to SSH into your CentOS VM?
Can you currently SSH into CentOS when you are on your local lan?

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I have a Netcore router model # 2105 NR. I seem to be having trouble opening a port on this router. I've gone through the manual but so far I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. It doesn't seem to have a port forwarding section when I'm in the main menu. I've noticed that the D-Link routers have it, but this one (probably because it's cheap) doesn't seem to have this section. How do I free up a port ? Can someone guide me through this ? Here is the link to the website with my model:

I really hope that you tech guys can figure this one out !!!

I sent numerous emails to this company with no one responding. Guess I should have spent a bit more money and went with D-Link eh ?

A:Need help opening a port

A quick scan of the link page you provided indicates the router supports port-forwarding.

I quote: "Supports virtual server which makes LAN services (such as FTP, WWW, TELNET, DNS, etc) to be accessible to the Internet users".

Look though your technical documentation for "virtual server"; that's port-forwading.

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hi. can any one knows how to open UDP port 16000 in my router Zyxel MAX 206 M1R...when i tried to start AGE OF EMPIRE 2 THE AGE OF THE KING in gameranger it says that my UDP port 16000 is not opened...so i am trying to open it..

A:opening UDP port

The general answer is that you forward the port to the computer or game machine you are using.

Maybe portforward.com has details you need.

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My router/modem (one box) is a Motorola SBG 940. I need to open port 5190.

My problem is I need it open it up for at least two computers. I can get it open for one, but not the second. The port set-up page ask me for the LAN IP Address. I need to open it on both and If I have to open it up on every computer, it wouldn't matter at all. But it only gives me the option for one LAN IP, and when I try to add two entries, it gives me the error that the ports overlap.

Heres a screenshot if it helps. Thanks!

A:Port Opening Help.

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I have a linksys wrt54g wireless router, most likely original model, I need to open port 5001 for my Slingbox A/V to send video to my laptop when I am not at home. Linksys does not support that model anymore and I don't know where to start. networking host computer is running windows xp home.

A:port opening

Log in to your router by navigating to the IP address of the router ( is the default). Once logged in, click on "Applications and Gaming". Forward port 5001 to the internal IP address of you Slingbox. Click "Save Settings". Done!

Linksys absolutely still supports this router... http://linksys.com. Click Support on the top, click "Choose a Product", "Wireless Routers" under "Routers and Access Points", then your model. Full support is there, including user guide, etc.

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Ok I'm having a lot of difficulties with opening a port. I've used all the instructions that I found on portforwarding , got the DNS server IP's from my ISP but for some reason it just doesn't work.
I was under the impression that if you went into properties of "internet protocol (TCP/IP)" in the local area connection and changed the IP there (as well as putting in the DNS's) you were changing your IP? But then I used the portchecker
and a whole different ip pops up then? Also some websites don't work while I got the DNS manually written down in the properties.
what shall I do next?

A:port opening

Is the Zxyel the only external device you are using for Internet?

With NAT, there are two IPs, a local IP and a public. Most websites will only read the public IP, and the local IP is the IP from the network connections, and in utorrent the IP that displays is most likely the public IP.

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I have tried to open my ports and forward them, and make exceptions for them for about 5 days, I cannot get any port to register as open. Apparently something is keeping them closed, is there a way to find out what?

A:Port Opening

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I've been trying to open the following ports: 6667,6668, 6669 and 7000. I have a NetGear router which I've accessed and I've followed thse instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3YOM-Hcfmk&feature=related

I've checked the ports on canyouseeme.org and they're all closed still.

Now, I've noticed something funny, my router IP address is, which is quite different from the other IP addresses I've seen, could this have something to do with it?

I've also gone into windows firewall and opened up the ports on the "Exceptions" list, nothing seems to work.

A:Help Opening A Port

Brand and model of your modem and of your router?

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I am trying to download a file and I have an error message that port 40037 is not open. How can I open this port? My system runs Windows XP

Thanks for any help!!!

A:Opening port

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I recently added a Linksys WRT310N Wireless-N router to my home network and can no longer access my web/ftp server from outside the local network. Previously, I was running a ZyXEL EQ-66HW ADSL gateway in router mode as a hub and wireless AP. With the ZyXEL running by itself, I had no problem running XAMPP (Apache/FileZilla/etc..) on my internal server with a dynamic/DHCP ip address from my ISP. Problem was that I needed wireless-n and the ZyXEL only went up to G. So I put the ZyXEL in bridge-mode, turned off its wireless and DHCP and connected the Linksys as a router/firewall/AP. So far, no problem - bridge works, Linksys gets the external DHCP address, internal network gets its subnet from the router and the wireless is up. No problems routing internal to external - everything external to internal times-out. I can ping my ISP/DHCP external address, however. So it seems to me it a firewall problem. I tried forwarding my main ports 80/20-21 and opening the same on my COMODO personal firewall. No luck. I turned on DMZ to my server with COMODO still on, nothing. Disabled software firewall and tried both regular forwarding and DMZ. Still nothing. Help? I had the same problem before with the Linksys when it was using a cable-modem. Also, I was using AVG firewall before when it worked - I have newly switched to the COMODO.

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Hi I have tried many resolutions and nothing. It all worked before with 2 cheap routers off of my cable modem (High Speed Cogeco Cable) but I couldn't password protect the routers because my wireless for laptop wouldn't log on at all?

1) So now I have a new rca cable modem (from provider) to a linksys ezx55w 5 port switch (not in the uplink port I assume since I have tried with and without from modem).

2) From switch to D-Link Di-524 (for wireless in yard and garage if I choose to bring laptop out here or around) to two computers in garage

3) From switch to 100+ foot of cat cable to house to an X-Micro also wireless for where laptop mainly stays) (cheap router but works great)

So all should be fine as I have researched and had replies to do it this way for ease of not conflicting hooking 2 routers together.

NOT SO...lol.

After reading I do not see if there is something in the settings I should do to each router still...since they (to me) are on seperate lines from the 5 port switch? Or maybe is this a cause from my provider not allowing me to use 2 seperate lines as I see it as well?

ANY HELP is greatly appreciated please been working on this for over 3 weeks now and read so much that all the scenerios don't make sense anymore.
Take Care,

A:HERE WE GO AGAIN...ROUTER, 5 port switch ROUTER off MODEM? and Wireless.

the linksys is not a router it switch it's not a managed switch
you can not give it a ip address
try the d-link first then the switch turn off dhcp in the x-micro
past that I don't do wireless

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Hi cookiegal.

Your stickies are very informative, but I did have one question. I used to use Gibson Research to get an idea of how my ports look to the Internet. But lately I can't seem to connect to the site. Are you aware of any reason that may be?

I really do not know of any other site that compares with GRC's Shields Up!



A:Solved: Port Scan advice

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so i ran nmap on myself just to see what was on my ports. well i started reading through them and i dont know if they are legit or not. one i looked up has me worried(backorifice)on port 31337. just looked it up and am a bit worried now. i want to scan all my ports to check for malware. suggestions? thanks

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