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XPS 9550 Robot sound and other issues

Q: XPS 9550 Robot sound and other issues

Let's make this short and to-the-point:
- Purchased XPS15 9550 in April 2016
- Upgraded SSD to Samsung 950 Pro 512GB. RAM is 32GB Crucial DDR4-2666
- Purchased the WD15 and TB15 docks
- I work at a high-tech company, one that designs and works on PCs, laptops, and desktops. I have a degree in EE. So I am very very technical.
- OS is Win10 Enterprise x64 with my company's standard IT bundle.
1. TB15 does not work. USB devices will drop after 5 minutes and DP / HDMI will drop a few minutes later. Tried all the drivers and BIOS updates. TBT utility will fail to detect the dock even if connected. Updated TBT FW to NVM16. It is only good for charging the battery.
2. WD15 partially works. USB and DP work >80% of the time, but highly disruptive during the work day. Decided to use it just for charging as well.
3. Called Dell TS multiple times on the TBT problems above, and had MB replaced twice. Problems remain. I've just given up because their TS people have no clue about they product they are supporting, or just were not given any alternate path / options after replacing the MB twice. I can attribute problems above to Dell's faulty TBT implementation.
4. Most annoying is the random, robot-voice, mouse/kb slowdown occurring a multiple times an hour. I hear it when on Lync calls, watching videos, playing music, etc. I tried switching from WiFi to USB-Ethernet, tried updating all the drivers, and looked at Event Viewer and Windows CPU/DISK monitors. I could not find any evidence showing the definitive cause of the robot voice/slow down. BTW, I am on AC power.
Could it be related to the Samsung NVMe driver? If not, how to debug and find the root cause?

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Preferred Solution: XPS 9550 Robot sound and other issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 9550 and I love it. The speakers work well, I set defaults proper;y, etc. etc. 
However, I have a 5.1 Logitech surround system. plugged into a usb soundcard (vantec 7.1) and while there is sound coming from my speakers, it is only from the front two speakers, essentially stereo sound. In the soundcard software, I can test each speaker individually, and they are all working and outputting sound when tested through its own software (each speaker will say its name and position within the 5.1 setup). When I play other audio, such as YouTube, or any other website, or audio file, it only plays from two (out of 6) speakers.
The Dell audio manager is no help, I mute the realtek speakers and microphone and it still plays from two speakers of my system. I try to change the "speaker setup" in the Dell audio manager to anything but stereo, and the drop down menu refuses to open, so there is nothing for me to really click on. I tried reinstalling the drivers to no avail.
Does anyone know of a fix?

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I've been having some severe FPS issues with my xps 15; I struggle to play games like fortnite. I've been trying to play in the lowest graphics possible with a resolution of 1080p. For a few minutes it jumps around 70-90FPS, and then it dips after that to anything from 20-50 FPS. I tried lowering the resolution to 720p and there was no change in FPS. I've updated my BIOS, the drivers, made sure the 960M is being used instead of the integrated graphics. I'm not sure what else to do.

PC Details:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16203 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 463 GB (217 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N7TVV
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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There is a list of issue i've got with my computer.
Dell technical support so far has been completely useless. (hours of Calls, remote access, went to the store).
All drivers are updated to the latest version.
Main issues:- Sleep of Death. Does not wake from sleep - the computer seems to starts, hangs on a black screen for a while and then reboot. -> en.community.dell.com/.../19586456- The computer goes into some state that the screen is black, the computer is running and there is nothing else but holding the power button down to restart it.- Display driver not responsive and has recovered.- Getting BSOD 4-5 times a week, sometimes 3-4 times a day.- The computer is not able to wake the external monitor from sleep. This monitor is working fine with a lenovo laptop. I've tried HDMI, DP, Thourgh TB15 dock, nothing works. Has to unplug replug the cable. The computer does wake when the computer boot.- The speaker does not work properly, sound is very bad and buzzing.- repeated explorer crashes and freezes, the windows startup bar freezes or is slow to respond- HDMI is not able to drive a screen 2560x440 more than 23Hz. Macbook pro works without any problem on the same screen using the same cable.
TB15 Dock:Never been able to make it work properly.- Sometimes the dock crashes, need to disconnect everything and reconnect, including power cable.- Sometimes the dock reset during use, which can be extremely annoying. The change of screen to high DPI makes several software cr... Read more

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Good day you all!i have a dell xps 9550 i7, 16gb of ram non touch!
just upgrade the bios and some other thing, from the web and from dell update!
when im listening to something with the speakers i can hear some weird noises..
like if you are disconnecting, when it only happens one in a minute..the real problem when im going from 0 to 100 the Brightness button and vice-versa!what would it be? Thank You!

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I am having two problems with my dell xps 15 9550. My comprehensive warranty ran out last November 2016,  and being a student, I cannot afford to use dell's out-of-warranty diagnostic which will set me back over 30 euros. 
I have xps 15 with 4k setup bought at launch. 
My touchpad is un-clickable when laptop gets a bit hot. 
The touchpad literally protrudes from the palm rest and both left/right click keys cannot be pressed anymore. It is especially worse on the left side of touchpad. It started happening a month or so ago. At the beginning, I noticed it happened under intensive usage (e.g. gaming), now it is happening any time the system is turned on or in sleep mode. When I completely turn off the system, it goes back to normal state. 
After a quick google-ing and reading the repair manual, it looks like it is the problem with battery. And I feel unsafe using this extremely pricey laptop given the extreme consequences of battery explosions in the news recently.
On a side note, I only have ever gotten like 3 hours of battery life using Chrome on 4k display with minimum brightness since the beginning. 
Can someone please help me with the battery issue as to where I can get replacement, support, etc? 
I have googled and couldn't really find any useful/good site to get a replacement battery in UK and dell's official site do not sell replacement batteries. 
The screen also comes out of the frame while u... Read more

A:Dell xps 15 9550 issues

Take a look at the numerous posts regarding this battery problem with the XPS 15 9550. This is unfortunate. People have paid a pretty penny for this laptop only to have the battery start swelling after about a year. I have had batteries last several years without a problem on other laptops. Dell should replace these without cost to the owners as it is definitely a design issue or faulty product and possibly a danger to the owner. If enough people complain about it, maybe we can get some action.

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I have a new XPS 15 -(9550) - Windows 10 Pro
I am getting issues with the wifi connection dropping intermittently.
I have another two other dell laptops and the wifi connection is rock steady.
I've updated the wifi drivers to the latest on the dell site  Communications_Driver_NYN84_WN32_1.519.0.0_A01.EXE

I have also flashed the bios as per the dell site:
Finally I have removed the wifi device drivers completely and reinstalled
However my wifi connection still drops. The only way to re-instate is to switch the wifi off on the laptop then back on again.

Please can you help?

A:New XPS 15 (9550) - WIFI issues

Looks like I found the solution.
Disable all the power saving for the wifi card.
1. go into control panel/hardware and sound/power options/edit setting.
2. click on advanced power settings.
3. Scroll down to Wireless Adapter settings
4. on power saving mode, set On battery to Maximum Performance.  Set Plugged in to Maximum Performance
Since I've set these options 3 days ago, my wifi has been completely stable. Hope it helps you guys too.

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I recently purchased a radeon 9550 256mb 8x agp card to replace my
fx 5200 128 mb card. After uninstalling the old and installing the new and adding newest catalyst drivers, I am now getting something very strange.
My monitor after 15 minutes of use or so, will go black and the light on it indicates that it has "no signal" and goes into standby, while the computers harddrive light comes on and i have to switch the main power off and start over!
Am i over heating the card ? is it a issue with aperture size?

I have a ASUS KV8 PRO which claims that it can support 8x AGP
a AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ 1gb ram and 250 GB hd,

any suggestions?

A:Issues with Radeon 9550

I think it might be your power supply. Can you try a different one?

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I received a phone call, December 2, from Dell saying there was a problem with 9550 batteries and that there was a recall, and that I was to go to dell products.com and submit my pc service tag info, etc. I cannot find out where to do this. Please advise.

A:Battery 9550 Issues

Please click on the link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.
Support | Dell US

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My English is not the best so I´ll try to explain my issue with a picture...
As you can see on picture, the trackpad is not in level...anyone whos got this issue? Could it be a battery-issue since its right under the trackpad?

All help is much appreciated!est regards

A:XPS 9550 - trackpad issues

Swollen battery.
I hear Dell is now finally replacing them even out of warranty, because they are a fire hazard - Notebookcheck reporting recently, no official announcement around here so far I'm afraid. Contact Dell service.

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I have recently purchased the Dell XPS 15 9550,I have updated the BIOS firmware version to 1.2.14 and other driver (Chipset - Intel Serial IO driver),but it is still showing the in the Dell Support Assist software & using on line detect drivers.
I am also having issue for partial black screen (only during Microsoft Outlook and other application works fine) or Outlook hanging after two to three hours, so I just close the Outlook and re-open and then it work fine, this happen two to three times during my working hours (Eight hours) and during this hanging or partial black screen of Outlook the other application works fine. - I also found in Dell community, where lot of customers are facing this issue and they were stating to change the motherboard and such cases they were stating to shutdown the PC, but in my case I never shutdown the laptop.
I also checked my hardware Fn+Power and no issue found.

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I seem to be having major issues with my "upgrade" to W7 64bit from Vista 64bit. I have the full licensed copy of W7 and chose to do the "upgrade" due to having important documents I did not want to lose. I believe that was my first mistake. I "upgraded" Sunday the 8th of Nov.

My issues are with my processor. Before the "upgrade" I never had any issues with my processor running really hard but since Sunday it has yet to stop unless I reboot. After a while it starts back up again. The processor is a quad core Phenom as the title states and according to TM all four cores are pegged and running around 70-80% without any processes running.

I sorted the CPU usage through TM to view the most usage and there were small amounts %5 or less. The "System Idle" was ranging from %80-98 and the CPU Usage was ranging from %70-90 at the same time. To me, that does not make sense. Would anyone enlighten me as to what could be going on?

A:AMD Phenom X4 9550 issues with W7

Could be an anti-virus program or a defrag that has been scheduled, have a look in all the settings for these types of apps.

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I have a new XPS 15 9550 with the following specs:
16G RAMIntel HD Graphics 530 + NVIDIA GTX 960MWindows 10 Pro 64DisplayLink USB Dock for additional monitors (Dell 2209WA)
I am having issues with some applications such adobe docs being way too large and others being way too small and hardly legible. I have of course looked at many solutions on the web but nothing concrete.
Is this a known issue?Is there a fix?Should I go back to Windows 7.... It's really a pain in the [email protected]@>
Thanks for any solutions.

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I just bought XPS 15 2 days back and it seems to have issue with sound. The speakers work fine but as soon as I plug the headphones in, there is no sound. I plug them out, there is no sound from speakers. If I restart the sound gets back to the speakers. If I restart with headphones plugged in, the sound is there on the headphones, but as soon as they are plugged out no sound on either of those. 
Also when I right click on the speaker icon, and then Playback, I just see one option "Speaker/Headphones" but on my other laptop I see multiple options, including Speakers/Headphones, HDMI and Headphones. This is a super expensive machine. Please help! 

A:XPS 15 9550 Sound Issue

Hello. See the Recent Issues FAQ. Scroll down to XPS 9350 & 9550, Issue 2. It's a problem with the 9550. Several owners reported that the fix for them was to have the audio port circuit board replaced. Because you are still within the return period, you have the option of returning or exchanging the laptop. Or you might want to try the other 2 solutions in the FAQ, that only helped maybe one owner.
viveknarangI just see one option "Speaker/Headphones" but on my other laptop I see multiple options, including Speakers/Headphones, HDMI and Headphones.
In the blank white area underneath "Speakers", right click and check the boxes to "show" disconnected and disabled devices. That should add "Stereo Mix" to the list. If you don't see HDMI audio or Digital when you plug in  an HDMI cable, you might have to reinstall the graphics driver, which is the controller for HDMI audio.
On Dell laptop with Realtek audio, you don't get a separate listing for Headphones while using the Realtek driver. If you switch from the Realtek driver to the Windows native driver, then with some versions of the native driver you do get a separate listing for Headphones, but lose the advanced features of the Realtek driver, such as WavesMaxx. The advanced features are controlled in the Dell Audio control panel.

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I've recently been having serious screen issues with the Dell XPS 15 (9550). It may be related to a recent bios update as these issues only started after the most recent bios update.
There seems to be a driver compatibility issue with Dell PremierColor / Geforce 960m drivers / Intel display adapter drivers. I've tried various Geforce driver versions from the latest to mid 2016 to no success, so I think the new bios update has an interaction with Dell PremierColor causing the issue. I cannot open Dell PremierColor at all, and just trying to open it causes some serious screen issues.
Has anyone else recently experienced the issue? The screen flickers wildly, goes black, comes back on with different color profiles and brightness. I can maybe make use the computer for 30mins at a time before I get a blue screen of death.
Essentially these issues have rendered the laptop useless.  

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) Screen Issues

this has to do with the latest intel driver update,
The solution is to roll back to the previous driver :(,A08 29 Dec
it is rubbish that dell does not flag this straight away and releases a fix  

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I have a XPS15 9550 and spilled tea (chinese tea without any sugar) onto the laptop back in early August!  I ordered a certified refurbished motherboard from eBay and installed it.  I have the following issues:
It has taken very long time to complete the POST and it has trouble doing the restart. 
I am also having issue with my wifi as the connection keeps dropping out.  This issue is repeatable both at home and work.
I suspect that I have to do some changes to the BIOS setting and I would like to find out if I can get a copy of the correct BIOS setting for this laptop?
I also have a working XPS 13 9350 and I am not sure if I can use the BIOS setting for this 9350 laptop for reference and make changes to the BIOS setting for 9550?

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So, my computer is out of warranty, and I was trying to update the drivers for my WD15 Docking Station using the PDF guide that Dell provided, only to find out that the guide is outdated. I no longer know what order I need to install everything in. I should've written it down the last time I was on the phone with customer support (before my warranty expired), since Dell seems to engineer their stuff to break for no reason after a certain period of time. Anyways. Can somebody help me install the drivers in the correct order so that my keyboard/headphones/other devices stop randomly getting disconnected from the laptop? Thanks.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 docking issues

The order doesn't matter.  The issue is that the latest BIOS updates released for a handful of systems, including your XPS 15 9550, have introduced intermittent device disconnects for USB devices connected via the WD15 and TB16 docks. There are several threads about this in this forum already.  So far, there isn't a fix.  The only driver updates you need are the ASMedia USB controller, Realtek USB Ethernet, and Realtek USB audio. Then you can optionally install the firmware updates for the WD15 and the Realtek Ethernet controller if desired.

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Hi folks,
I have this laptop a few months now and it's steadily gotten worse and worse performance wise.
I am getting regular crashes now also since the recent BIOS and Graphics driver upgrades. I have seen others saying to roll back drivers to stop crashes but I'm hoping for a driver update to sort the crashing.
I'm wondering if I have bigger issues than driver ones, perhaps hardware problems as this thing is running so badly. I firstly noticed big issues running DaVinci Resolve 12.5 where is basically couldn't play a Mavic Pro mp4 where my 2014 MacBook Pro managed it with ease in DaVinci just fine.
I tried to run a diagnostic on Dells support page and it crashed and the laptop rebooted. I then downloaded 3DMark and ran a test and it got 499 or else 4999, I can't remember and it doesn't let you save results. It said that is was basically rubbish, above 1% tests, ***.. I might as well have a 10 yo laptop here...
Has anyone here done benchmarks since the recent driver & BIOS updates and what are you getting? This might help me work out if I have a hardware issue.
Thanks in advance,

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Hello Dell,
I'm having performance issues on my new Dell laptop that i bought about a month ago (Dell XPS 15 9550 3.5 i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD PCIe, 4K UHD Touch Display).
I'm using it to run software like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and more.
While the CPU using only up to 10% of its power, the RAM is getting to 10GB of 16 and i get a lot of lagging with the mouse movement and the computer runs very slow (opening windows explorer etc..).
I have also ran a full hardware inspection with the dell website and everything came out good.
Can you please advice me what to do and who to talk to if needed?
I bought the computer online and i find the computer unsatisfying for it's specifications.

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Hi, there.

I've got an issue with speakers, it sounds cracking, breaking noise. 
3 months ago, Dell Technician came to fix it but it happens again. 

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Hello all!
I recently purchased a Dell XPS 9550 with 4K Touch Display. I am having issues when connecting it to any TV with HDMI. The screen in the TV looks like it has a white tint overlay. The colors are off and its a bit blurry. Initially i thought it was the TV's issue but i tried it on more tvs and its the same. All my graphics drivers are updated.If i restart the laptop with the HDMI connected and the setting (show only on second screen) enabled when the restart is finished everything is okay and the screen looks fine!This is really annoying. Every time i want to connect my TV i have to restart. Can you please tell me what to do? The laptop is only 1 month old.

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My Dell XPS 15 has an annoying "electrical buzzing" (coil whine).
The sound is only noticeable in a quiet environment but like most people that is the environment I do most my work in. Touching the touchpad (i.e. using the mouse) causes coil whine, holding down backspace causes coil whine, ANY user interaction with the notebook causes coil whine.
When left untouched I can hear subtle coil whine that peaks every second, but I consider that an acceptable level of sound as.
HERE -  This post suggests the cause is a faulty charger. I have had my XPS 9550 for near six months! Six months on a faulty power adapter due to the quality control on Dell's top of the line notebook.
What kind of damage could this have caused to the battery & other components?
Other Issues I've experienced with the DELL XPS 15 9550
- Speakers had terrible buzzing (software patch to fix this appears to be just lowering the maximum volume)
- Bluetooth Devices fail to connect but work fine with other PC's (Razer Orochi)
- Heavy Battery usage & overheat while it should be sleeping or off during transport (appears to be fixed)
- Display was replaced due to dead pixels in center of the screen. (CENTER - QC missed that on a 3K machine?)

This is the best Dell has to other in their Notebook range, I purchased such a expensive device because I expected the flagship notebooks to have a high standard of quality but as many other users seem to be reporting the quality control is ... Read more

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Hope someone can help here, I have a number of issues with this laptop and to be honest, I am just about getting sick of it. 
I have done a number of factory resets and reinstalled windows 10 from the recovery partition but I am unable to fix any of the problems listed below. 
1. Power and sleep
The computer shuts down instead of sleep when the lid is closed. I have checked all the power settings a number of times. It just shuts down and does a full boot when lid is opened. Data is lost every single time. I have tried a number of solutions on this forum and other forums, but none of them work. It seemed to be a bios issue with some people, but I am on the latest bios.
2. SSD issues
Samsung magician fails to see the NVME SSD. 
Magician says its an unknown drive and is not supported, even though I booted from it. It is set as RAID in the BIOS, I have tried to set as AHCI and it still shows as unsupported.
3. Touchpad settings have disappeared in win10
After rebuilding the PC from recovery, I can no longer access touch pad settings in the control panel or mouse settings. I have tried to manually install the synaptics drivers, which are successful, but the settings still fail to appear. I also tried to manually remove the devices in device manager as someone suggested in this thread, and that didnt work either. I need to change the touch pad settings asap and I am unable to no matter what I try. 
4. Graphics drivers constantly updating.
After every restart, th... Read more

A:SICK OF IT! A number of issues with my Dell XPS 15 9550

All of these issues do not appear to be hardware malfunctions, more operating system related.1. You should reset the Power Plan to Balanced (recommended) and retest.2. We shipped the XPS 9550 with an M.2 SSD that is supported by the Intel software, not the untested Samsung magician. Are you using our M.2 SSD or did you install one after the point of sale?3. That sounds like the actual Windows 10 install did not load the necessary operating system components?4. If the GPU driver is the latest, the fault is with our update utility software, not the operating system or the driver. I would simply disable or uninstall our update utility software.

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WinXP Home SP2, P4
AGP Aperture is 128MB.

I installed catalyst 6.12 but is not stable as Microsoft Driver.

Someone wrote referring your article "In the Device Manager, System Devices, find the "CPU to AGP Controller" and manually update it (Update Driver, Select from list, Don't Search- I will choose, etc.etc.) to "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge"

But I couldn't do it - I could go as far as "CPU to AGP Controller" and right click and get "Properties" - that's as far as I can go.

My issue is still present - at times it boots into regular mode (always boots fine on SafeMode) with display on the screen but when I click "Display" from the control panel display disappears and once it might re-booted!

Previoulsy tried catalyst 7.12 and the DVI didn't work but the analog worked fine.

Also tried the catalyst 7.5, but it is worse.

A:Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Issues

Did you have a different card previously?

Have you got the latest DirectX ?

**From memory {sometimes a bit dodgy}, the Catalyst Control Center needs .NET 2.0 to run, though the Drivers will work AOK.**

go into the Control Panel & remove any Display Drivers - ATI and - or NVidia.


let Windows install the standard VGA drivers, then run the LATEST ATI ones.


That should solve it.

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I have been experiencing some significant issues with my Dell XPS 9550. The first, and most annoying, is that after playing games for around 30minutes I will experience a steep decline in performance. This renders the game unplayable, and the system will stay like that for 10 minutes or so before becoming stable again. 
Secondly, I have had on more than one occasion the computer wake from standby whilst in my bag. This is extremely troubling as it reaches very high temperatures and I fear it may have damaged the laptop.
Additionally, the screen has got some issues displaying blacks. They come out with a reddish tint, especially noticeable on the sides. It has gotten worse, too. I feel like for a laptop of this price it's somewhat unacceptable. 
It's incredibly difficult reaching any form of support, I am unable to call most days and having no email or chat support is frustrating.


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I am having a problem with my XPS 15 9550 i5 fhd. I recently took out my 32gb m.2 and installed Windows on a 2.5 inch hard disk. It worked fine for about a week but was giving me blue screen Critical_Process_Died until one day it wouldn't boot at all and gave me 'no bootable devices found'.
When I go into bios under system information, shows that no drives are connected > Primary hard Disk {none}
When I boot into diagnostics it passes all tests AND my ssd is shown as connected and functional
When I press f12 and boot from windows boot manager it gives me a black screen
When I try and boot to the windows USB and use diskpart. My drive shows up well all volumes and partitions are as they should be.
I can even select different boot options/efi files under bios even though it says no drive is connected but non of the efi files take me into windows. Just give me a black screen saying no boot able devices
I have tried using CMD to fix boot files but I still get no boot.
Tried a CLEAN reinstall of windows but that STILL would not boot
My SSD is not failing as it worked fine in my other system and disk scan shown no bad sectors
I am thinking this is some kind of strange hardware issue in the laptop. All cables are firmly plugged in I opened the back and checked

A:XPS 15 9550 VERY strange drive issues. Contradicting info


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I am having an issue connecting to our companies secure, guest and our alternate wireless connection. It appears to be connected with 5 bars, but there is a yellow '!' and says unidentified network and no internet access. I have rolled back the driver, uninstalled the drivers and re-installed the latest drivers from Dell and the issue is still there. I then uninstalled the drivers, uninstalled the device from within device manager, re-installed the device and installed the latest drivers from Dell, but the issue is still there. Does anybody have any idea as to what I can do to resolve my connection issue? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I was hoping someone could provide me with their experience when installing a 2nd hard drive on their laptop.
My laptop came with the NVMe SSD (256GB if that is relevant) and the smaller battery so that there was room for a 2.5" drive.
I am attempting to install a 2.5" SSD.  I have the cage, grommets, and interposer.  The interposer seemed to connect correctly but the SSD isn't being recognized.
I have verified that the SSD works fine (I put it in an external USB enclosure and tested it), so there is no issue there.
I feel like it is one of three issues:

The interposer is bad (or not the correct one).
There is a BIOS setting that needs to be changed (currently set to RAID On, as it was shipped.  Changing it prevents Windows from loading)
There is an issue with the motherboard preventing it from working correctly.

I'm hoping or (2), but would be happy with (1), I just wish there was a way to test it.  There are several options available on Amazon that come with the interposer.  If anyone has a recommendation I'd be happy to take it.
Thanks in advance.

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I've had my XPS 15 9550 for about a month and ever since I've bought it I have been having issues. The major problem I had to start off with has been with the wifi. I have issues every once in awhile with the wifi disconnecting and timing out, and it's more of a problem at certain times than others. That's problem number one. Here's problem number two... the best way I can describe the issues with the screen is a subtle change in the screen brightness where it seems like it's flickering. It's subtle, but is very obvious when it does this. From my research and work on this issue, I BELIEVE it's a driver issue, and not hardware related. However, I won't hold my breath on that. I have tried every troubleshooting method in the book. I've tried everything from updating drivers, downgrading drivers, factory resetting the computer, reading hours worth of forums and no little tweak here or there has worked for me.
If these issues cannot be worked out, I hope Dell can refund me because spending $2,500 on something that I've had relentless issues with is not acceptable.


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I have this computer that is nothing special. Actually, its a piece of crap. Its a couple years old and definitely has a lot of mileage on it.
I like to play games on here, because as you may see, I'm only 15
Recently I downloaded a GameCube emulator that would allow me to play GameCube games on my computer.
The problem is that when I tried to play it, it said my video card wasn't strong enough. So I checked the inside of the computer and found that the card was an on-board one which obviously wouldn't cut it. I found this Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB card in another (broken) computer and took that one but I cant get it to work because I cant find the drivers. I dont have a disk or anything that goes with it, just the actual card.
Does anyone know a place where I can find the drivers for this card?
Or know other ways to make it work?

Thanks tons

A:Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB driver issues

Ok Montanaman,
is this Sapphire card AGP or PCI? Do you live in Montana? I do Have you checked the Sapphire support website for a video driver?

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I've been having issues updating Windows 10 with packages KB3213986 and KB320632 for the past few months. I've been trying to get support via the Microsoft community portal for some time now, but don't seem to be getting anywhere with them, so I thought I'd try here in case there are any known common issues or other suggestions.
I previously blocked KB3206632 from installing after it failed and rolled back 4x with one attempt causing me to blue-screen and need to restore from a saved point. Now I'm also having issues with KB3213986. The symptom with KB3213986 is that it downloads the installer, installs a bit, reboots, gets to about 99% complete then decides it needs to roll back.
The support guy on the MS forum basically got me to update all drivers (some which hadn't been picked up by Dell Support app) and a BIOS update, so I should be up to date with all drivers now. I have also disabled antivirus and turned off secure boot in case that was an issue and attempted an install by performing an in-place upgrade using the win 10 media creation tool outside of Windows update, but I still get the same issue of it attempting to install and roll back every night.
Thanks for any suggestions (especially if they work!)

A:Issues with XPS 15 9550 laptop and Windows update KB3213986

Those all some old windows updates.....
I'd suggest you run the windows updates troubleshooting tool on system. Please type Troubleshooting Control Panel onto [Cortana] search box, click on 'View All', and then windows updates, run the other tool as mark in image below.

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This is my situation.

I was using the Radeon 9550 until it overheated and suffered from Graphical Artifacting.

I then came into possession of a new variant of the exact same card, the Radeon 9550, except with a fan instead of a heatsink.

Now my problem is that my computer crashes at a very bizarre pattern (can crash once in 5 hours, after that, 5 times in 30 minutes) with this card installed. After the crashes, alot of the time I had to reinstall the drivers, and after the crashes it would state that the drivers were the root of the problem. I've reinstalled many of my drivers, including the Omega drivers for the card at www.omegadrivers.net, and with that driver the card lasted for a very long time before freezing and crashing (granted, the installation did seem to hang for a bit, so I had to cancel it, however it said that the installation was complete when I did this).

I don't know the make or the specs of my mobo, but the GFX card is AGP 8x.

Thank you so much if you can help me, I really want to get back to my normal gaming life.

Thanks in advance,

A:ATI Radeon 9550 GFX Card crashes and driver issues

you can download SIW a freeware utility and it will tell you what hardware is in your system.


what kind of cooling do you have for the case?

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Got the XPS 15 a month ago and the first time I plugged my headphones I noticed the problem
The right speaker has significantly lower sound than the left and when I wiggle the audio jack of the headphones, it gets normal for a moment and then bad again. That happens only with headphones. I tried 4 different ones. 
I reinstalled audio drivers - no luck. It seems like loose audio jack connection and not a software issue. Any one having the same problem? 
I guess the only solution would be sending it back for repair which I don't want 

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One day after some Windows 10 updates, I was getting the BSOD caused by the Intel Graphics 530 driver. I installed the latest available on Dell's website to no avail. I reset Windows 10 and still had the same issue.
My next step was to do a clean install. I downloaded Windows 10 Pro using the Microsoft Media Creator tool. I installed Windows 10, which turned out to be Build 1703, the Creators Update. I continued getting BSODs due to the Intel Graphics 530 driver. I also notice that if the laptop went to sleep, whenever I would wake it I was unable to use the keyboard although it would light up when trying to type.
I went back to the Dell website and saw there was a new Intel Graphics driver. Installed that, and the graphics BSODs no longer occur.
However, new issues cropped up. I still cannot use the keyboard after waking the computer. Sometimes I cannot use the touchscreen after waking the computer. Sometimes the computer crashes when it sleeps.
I downloaded all the latest drivers from the Dell website for my service tag, and installed them all. Same issues. I right-clicked, checked for updates from Device Manager on all devices. Same issues.
So, naturally, I reinstalled Windows 10 Creator again, clean install. This time I only installed the Dell Wireless 1830 driver so I could get online, then let Windows Update grab the rest of the drivers.
Same issues persist. I looked in Event Viewer and can see an error that Windows failed to load a certain driver. I've determin... Read more

A:Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

Jorsher,Click the link to download and install the Chipset Drivers for the computer, reboot and then install the DPTF driver.

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Hi all,I ordered the new Dell XPS 15 9550 a little while ago. It's a great machine, but there was an issue with a metallic rattling inside one of the speakers, especially when playing high notes. I got a replacement, the sound is fine, but the screen is different on that one. It's the same type of screen, same manufacturer (LG) but the colours, brightness and white balance are off. It's almost got a very subtle yellowish, muddy tint that is warm. The whites are not white any more and it does not seem as bright. I had them side by side so I could compare and the difference is obvious.I don't think there's anything wrong with the screen - but it does seem odd, and I got a hunch that Dell have made some adjustments to the BIOS or the default colour profile.Has anyone ele experienced this, and is there a fix for this?Thanks!

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I own a Dell XPS 15, with 4K screen (touchscreen), 1TB SSD, 16GB Ram and GTX960M.
I have several Issues with the laptop, concerning both the audio and the general usage of it.
For the audio, it works fine until I plug my headphones in and out again. After plugging my headphones out, there is no audio what so ever and when i plug my headphones back in there is no audio either. I tried connecting to a Bluetooth device and this works fine. However, I have several high quality non-Bluetooth headphones which I would like to use without having to restart my laptop every single time.
The general problems are a bit more concerning to me as one of them is about overheating my laptop.
After I close the lid of my laptop and put it in my bag I would assume that it is sleeping and that nothing will happen. However, several times when I take the laptop out of my bag it is super hot and I can almost not touch it. The fans are and processor are maxed out for some reason but when I turn my laptop back on there is nothing working on the background. 
The other general issue I have is which I am guessing is with my windows software. When I am at my desktop, or at any screen for that matter, my windows key on my keyboard does not work, I cannot left-click any icons on the right bottom of my screen and the "menu" does not pop-up when I slide my finger from the right hand-side of the screen towards the middle. I am guessing that this is an issue with windows 10 rather then the la... Read more

A:Dell XPS 15, 9550 Several Issues (Audio, Software, Heating when closed)

I can only suggest that you should always shut down your laptop before you put it in a bag, the heat will eventually kill your hard drive. Closing your lid means it is on in sleep mode so there will be power going to the motherboard. Do a cold boot and your desktop icons and touchpad should be back to normal.  You should change the setting on what to do when you close the lid, set it shut down.

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I saw a commercial on TV that just said whoismrrobot.com. When I go on the website it shows a CMD style text asking me if it wants me to know a secret. I select yes and a short video appears. Then some gut named Mr Robot kept writing CMD style messages and then asks for my E-Mail address but I did not want to risk going any further because I fear that this is some sort of hacking method. Anyone have any idea what kind of messed up website this is? Please respond with a reasonable answer.

A:Who is Mr Robot

Marketing gimmick for a USA Network television show coming this summer.http://www.usanetwork.com/mrrobot/home

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does anyone know ho to make it? like its a robot and it answers ur questions like key words its cool like ad [email protected] this isnt advertiseing im saying thats an example please post if u know how to make it for free

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I keep getting a bootmgr missing meesage and need help reboting lappy

A:how do I robot vista?

hi try this http://cyberst0rm.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-to-fix-bootmgr-is-missing-in.html

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I'm looking for an application which works as follows:

I give it the address of a webpage, and it opens up each link on the webpage, and then opens up each link in each opened up page, etc... and so on.... until a pre-specified number of levels deep.

So, in some sense I'm looking for a web-browsing robot.

This way, I can sit back and view all the web-pages without having to injure myself by repeatedly clicking on the links.

Can anyone point me to anything like this? (freeware please).


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Robot City is an old '95 game. Nevermind why I'm wasting my time with it..

I can load the game just fine and everything works except for a small glitch in the display. When I move the mouse it leaves a large square trail behind it and distorts the screen turning it black.

The help file mentions this and I am running the game in 640x480 and 256 color just as it says I should.

Any ideas?

Here is the section of the help file that mentions it:

7. Video Display Problems
Robot City requires 256-color mode
Robot City is an 8-bit, 256-color application. In order to view
Robot City, you need a video card which supports at least 256
colors in 640x480 resolution. Robot City requires you run in 256
color mode. Other modes will cause colors to appear incorrectly
and may cause streaking or trails on the screen. If you are not
in 256-color mode, a warning dialog will appear when you launch
Robot City telling you to correct the problem, exit and restart

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Robot txt

On my web site log is a section that gives the Top 10 documents not found. Amongst these is my home page URL/robots.txt. The figures for this last week show that it failed to access on 62 occasions which was 59%

Looking back on earlier logs the failure rate seems to be about 50% to 60%.

Is this important and what should I do about it?

The web site is built using FrontPage

A:Robot txt – top 10 documents not found.

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My skype sounds like a robot any time I use it. I have tried donloading it from the website, using the skype video app already on my computer and it still doesnt work. Everything else auditory works fine, video, music, etc. But anytime I try to skype it sounds like a robot is talking, lags and is very annoying. I know others are having this problem too but I can't find a solution. I know internet connection is usually the problem but I have tried it right next to the router and it still doesn't work. I then use the app on my phone and it works fine but its really frustrating to have to do that when I just bought this computer not even a month ago. Please help!

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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums but i figured you guys could answer my question. I just purchased Robot Arena 2 online for 20 bucks, and at first Vista wouldn't execute it. But then I downloaded a patch from the RA website. Now the game loads to the first few intro screens that say ... Infogrames...etc. all the title screens. But when it suppose to be on the menu screen its just black with the cursor showing...I've tried to run it in compatiblity mode but it did not work...

Is this game not compatible with Vista or what? I have Vista Ultimate x64, ATI 3200 HD
*I ordered windows 7 and it should be in before Christmas, would it possibly work on it?

Thanks for any help!

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Hello, I have a Sony Vaio laptop and recently whenever I use YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, stream or play audio/visual content anywhere the sound freezes and makes a robot noise constantly.

I am a dummy with computers and technical stuff but from what I have read on the web regarding this matter it could have been something to do with drivers, too much stuff on the hard drive, flash and/or java needing updating etc..

I have done all of these things (I think) and it still hasn't done anything! Could someone plleeassee advise me what I need to do to sort this out.

Also, my fan is very hot and sounds like a vacuum cleaner (I have tried cleaning it, I think I need a new fan) but could this be affecting anything?

Thanks all

edit: I use latest internet explorer, and sometimes chrome but it is the same on both of the browsers, and besides it happens with spotify which is downloaded?

A:Audio sounds like a robot on everything, please help!!

It does sound like something having to do with your sound card drivers. I would go into the device manager which is in the system tab of the control panel and completely uninstall the sound card and any other related components; reboot; then let windows hopefully re-detect and reinstall the sound card and its associated drivers.If you need more info on anything just ask.

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Hi all ...

I found this cute robot to plug into my Android phone (supposed to work with any smartphone, incl. iPhone)
Do you think this will work with my Galaxy Spica? It's kind of a slow phone - what do you think? The website is www.wiserbots.com


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