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Satellite Z930 : Battery is drained while off

Q: Satellite Z930 : Battery is drained while off


I've a problem with my Z930-164 : The battery loose around 8% every 12 hours while it is off.

I've the latest bios (6.80) and the latests drivers. I'm with windows 7 64 bits.

By trying many things, I've founded that it is the option : "Sleep and Charge" in the bios. By default it is on Auto mode (1.5 A), there is a 2.0A mode too. If I turn it off, the battery only loose 1% every 12 hours while it is off.

In default mode, why it does not power the USB while sleeping ONLY if there is a device ? Not to drain the battery !

It is a huge problem no ?


Preferred Solution: Satellite Z930 : Battery is drained while off

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Satellite Z930 : Battery is drained while off

The enabled Sleep & Charge function affects the battery working time.
Sleep & Charge allows to charge external connected devices (like smartphone) even if the notebook is in sleep mode.

Furthermore enabled ?Wakeup? options (Wake up on LAN, etc..) which are available in BIOS would lead to battery discharging.
Therefore disable these options if you don?t want to discharge the battery.

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When I do a suspend to ram during the night, battery can lost 20%... don't think is really normal.

How much charge do you lost during the night?


A:Satellite Z830 - Suspend to RAM -> battery drained

Even when notebook is OFF battery will lose the capacity so it is ?normal?.
How many percent will battery lose is different and not the same on all notebook models.

To be honest if you use notebook on battery power supply it is logic to me that during the night you use hibernation and not stand-by mode. Stand-by mode is for short period of time only.

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I have the following big problem with my Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - this happened already two times.

I suspect that this may be connected to some Windows 8.1 setting. It also may be it is BIOS related.

PROBLEM: if I leave the laptop in a sleep mode (by just closing the lid), then If I do not use it for some time (>10 hours) then after that I could not switch the laptop on - it simply does not respond to any keys including the power on button. It does not matter whether I connect the power or disconnect it, I still can not power on the laptop, also it does not matter whether I try it with or without the keyboard attached. BUT: the battery on back on the screen is warm ,so obviously the laptop has not been switched off completely and something (i.e. windows sleep mode or bios or something else) is preventing me to power it on.

The solution I have so far is to leave the laptop for a very long time disconnected (to drain the battery completely - it will not be warm any more!) and then connect the power and then it will be able to switch on. Alternatively, opening the screen cover and manually disconnecting the battery and then connecting it again also work. After that the laptop can be switched on and works fine.

Obviously it is not very good because to wait very long (several days!) or to open the cover is not really a good option when you need the laptop!

Can you help?

May be it is something to do with some power-saving features of Windows?

Many thanks!

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - could not switch it on until battery is fully drained

There is a quick workaround instead of waiting for the battery to drain...

Hold down power button for around 20-30 seconds. That should hardware turn off the power completely allowing you to turn it on again.

Update the bios to the latest version and apply all windows updates after that, that may solve the sleep bug issue

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I bought my laptop about three years ago in Germany. The battery has died (laptop switches immediately off if it is not plugged) and I am looking to replace the battery. I am based in Morocco for professional reasons and unfortunately there is no real Toshiba service here. I have searched online for replacement batteries but can't find any Satellite batteries. Someone wrote on a forum that all Portege Z930 batteries were compatible with Satellite Z930 but the computer expert i am working with thinks i should contact Toshiba first. I have looked for a telephone number but couldn't find any and that virtual Yoko couldn't really get my question either.

Does anyone know if a Porteg? Z930 battery would fit in my Satellite?

Ordering the battery from a Moroccan supplier would be very expensive as the VAT on computer appliances is really high. I am looking to order it in Germany and having a friend bring it to me at the end of the month.

Thank you so much for your help!! i am really trying to live sustainably and wouldn't want to have to buy a new computer since this one has been working just fine!!

A:Replacement Battery for Satellite Z930 12 Z

The Portege Z930 will work fine in a Satellite Z930. Same battery

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Windows 10 latest update installiert.
Ultrabook Toshiba Satellite Z930-130 (4-5 years old)
new OEM battery replaced the old one.
but it is not charging.

reinstalled old battery: not charging.

followed the recommendation in internet:
take out the
battery de-install the battery driver
built in battery

both with old and new battery.

both are not charging anymore. (old battery had before at least a runtime of 30-60 min)
now nothing......

I have seen that in the same time new updates have been installed. (14 Jan and later)

any idea what I can do? de-install the updates?

thanks in advance for your help

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 My G700 has had this issue recognizing its own OEM battery since I got it, and there is a long drawn out way of trying to resolve this, but the core problem I believe is that when the battery is Fully Drained it can't Self Identify as an OEM battery, so the laptop won't charge it.  Without charge, it will never get out of this state. Problem:  Battery not recognized correctly as OEM, so won't chargeFix:  Charge battery at least a little bit Yes, I know it won't charge, so how do you perform fix? Plug into power and take battery in and out 5-10 times, leave battery in and remove and replug power cord in side of laptop 5-10 times.  Then leave for 15 minutes, then boot normally. Battery will now be recognized!  Why because you managed to get just enough juice in there while trying to identify the battery 10x or so, for the battery to be able to successfully identify itself when you did start it up. This is a HACK fix, but way better than uninstalling, reinstalling power software, BIOS software and device drivers a number of times (which does not work all that well, I have found). Hope this helps you, let me know! OHHH, and keep your battery charged at least a little to prevent this from happening, and turn power off when not using.  I am not sure if this is just some faulty batteries or all batteries, let me know if other batteries behave better than mine. Best,Mark Eckdahl

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At the time of reseting windows 10 due to battery drain my laptop shut down..After starting it shows message "installing windows 10 64%"and suddenly restarted repeatedly again and again.what should i do to start my laptop with windows 10

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Hi,        I notice when my HP EliteBook 745 G3 is completely off the battery getting drained.The computer is off, all ports are disconnected (no mouse, etc...), the AC is unplugged. In one weekend the battery reduces de value from 100% to 85%.(Friday 10 P.M. - 100%, Monday 8 A.M. 85%) The battery was also replaced to a new one, but the problem continues de same.This excludes a battery issue. This is normal? Can I get the feedback from another users who have the HP ElitteBook 745 G3, in one night how many percentage the battery reduces? Best regards

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when i diagonalised my battery status, i  found that battery cycle count is about 550/300

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hello, i bought a lenovo ideapad few months ago (500-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) now i have a problem that the battery suddenly dropped from 60% to 6% in a few seconds so i need your support to know the reason for that and to solve this problem thanks

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Hello there,
I have a Dell Inspiron 3542 and for the past few weeks I have found that the battery drains after shutting down the laptop. The following is a step by step explanation of the issue :
1. After charging the laptop to 100 %, I clicked Start > Power > Shut down.
2. After waiting for like 5 minutes and ensuring that the laptop is, like "dead" ( no sounds, vibrations or anything ), I closed the lid and kept it on the table.
3. Next day, switch the laptop on and it does not turn on. The battery light flashes for a second and goes off. I connect the AC adapter and the laptop switches on. It shows 0 % battery.
I have run a full diagnostic check up of the laptop and the results do not display any issues related to memory, hard disk or the battery. Lid sensor also works perfectly.
However, I found something interesting. I checked the Event Viewer and I found the following logs :
1. Information 10-09-2017 21:16:51 User32 1074 None : 
The process Explorer.EXE has initiated the power off of computer DESKTOP-GJRG6VA on behalf of user DESKTOP-GJRG6VA\Dell Inspiron 3542 for the following reason: Other (Unplanned) Reason Code: 0x0 Shut-down Type: power off
// That's when I shut down the laptop.
2.Information 10-09-2017 21:16:54 Winlogon 7002 (1102) : User Log-off Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program
3. Information 10-09-2017 21:16:56 Kernel-Power 42 (64) : 
The system is entering sleep.
Sleep Reason: Application API
... Read more

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i bought a lenovo ideapad few months ago (500-15ISK Laptop (ideapad)
 now i have a problem that the battery suddenly dropped from 60% to 6% in a few seconds 
so i need your support to know the reason for that and to solve this problem
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Hi, I have purchased a new HP Notebook recently. When i am shutting down laptop with full charge and after 2 days i am trying to open the laptop. Complete battery is getting drained. I have another laptop from Dell  i am not facing the same issue. If this is the case in case of emergency it will be difficult to use the laptop on travel . Is it the problem with OS or battery can some one clarify?? Regards.Kishore 

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I own a Dell Studio 15 laptop, usually I get about 3 1/2 to 4 hours of battery life on powersaver mode, depending on what I have turned on and stuff. But when i checked my battery a day ago, I only had 1 hour and 45 minutes of battery life at 100%!! I know that battery life drains over time, but this was so sudden! I lost 2 hours of battery life overnight! Could anyone explain what has happened and how I could go about fixing this problem?

Thanks a bunch!

A:Battery life suddenly drained

if windows 7 you can manage battery a bit better but batteries do suddenly go, like a car really, one day it starts next dead, can try to fully drain it then fully charge it and whilst charging do not use the laptop till fully done this may help

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my laptop battery is draining too fast because some local host process is taking too much of CPU usage .... when i close it ... it again get started .... so please help me with it ..... 

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I left my T400 on overnight running on battery (clearly not the brightest idea), and now it won't start up.  The plug and battery lights do illuminate when I plug it into an outlet; when I turn it on, the num lock and caps lock lights illuminate briefly, and the power status indicator light illuminates.  It makes a few whirring noises, and then just sits there.  Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting this?  Thank you!


Go to Solution.

A:T400 won't start up after battery was drained

Did you ever get a response at all or figure out what was going on? This same issue just happened to me.

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When battery #2 is nearly drained, I get a message that the computer has low power (it says 48%), then a few minutes later it shuts down.  I turn it back on, check the battery status, says number #2 battery is 5%, says the other is around 60%.  Five minutes later it shuts down again.  Turn it back on, and it runs over a half hour before I shut the system down.  Why is it not switching over to the nearly full  battery?  Where should I be looking to fix this?

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As title suggests - is it better to drain a battery then store it?

I.e. I have a spare laptop battery....


A:Best to store a spare battery drained?

hi there

If you have a spare lithium-ion battery, use one to the fullest and keep the other cool by placing it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze the battery. For best results, store the battery at 40% state-of-charge.

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I have received my new X260 laptop a month ago (also my first Lenovo), I did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro and a bunch of drivers. It has been working well until now. Two days ago, I used it all-day with original adaptor plugged in. At the end of the day, I unplugged it and close the lid to put it to Sleep mode before I left work. The day after, I came to work and found my X260 battery was at 5%. I thought I have mistakenly set the Power Option so I checked and it was set to Sleep when I close the lid. Yesterday, I did the same, put it to Sleep before leaving work, but this time I clicked Start > Power icon > Sleep to make sure it entered Sleep mode and I watched the red LED on the lid blink slowly. Today I came to work and the battery was at 5% again! I am suspecting that X260 woke up at some point during the night. I don't know how, no cables connected. Please guide me if I need to update any driver or check any settings on Windows/BIOS. Thank you.

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This first time it occurred when I was browsing websites for a school project. The laptop suddenly turned off. I did hard reset by holding the power button and everything but it won't turn on. The backlight key and fan still working but the screen is black.I let the laptop there for some hours. Then it was able to turn on normally. I then charged the laptop to 90% and turned it off. This time the problem occurred again. It won't turn on correctly unless the battery is completely drained !!! I contacted Microsoft and they had me reset my laptop, but the problem still occurs! I've tested many times !!!I was frustrated so I took the battery off with some screwdrivers. So now I only use the AC adapter. However, the freaking thing still happen! I can't identify what is the problem !! I need help !

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my laptop is hp envy 15 j110tx and its battery is drained or what laptop is not charging and i want to buy pi06 but is'nt availaible

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Greetings all! I'm struggeling with my lenovo 920s battery.I've adjusted the settings so that when i press the power button, the laptop should go into hibernation, and so it does.But the battery is drained! about 3% an hour or more! I've googled around and tried a few things,1. i tried turning fast boot off. 2. I tried disabling "intel management engine interface 2.5 uninstalled it and updated it with vantage app. 3. Reset bios to defualt,4. updated BIOS from 5NCN28WW to 5NCN41WW neither have worked.any other tips? 

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Does anyone have any idea what could cause a netbook battery to not charge unless it's completely drained of power first?

If you don't know the answer to that, then how easy is it to replace an Asus netbook battery?

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I have an old Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit, and I recently replaced the battery that originally came with it.

The new battery is good, it lasts about 4 hours on a charge, but Vista seems to be reacting to it very strangely. Immediately after I take it off AC power, Vista will alert me that my battery power has reached 99% and is critically low.

After that it'll run fine for about an hour, then when it hits 75% or so it will put itself into sleep mode automatically as if the battery was dead. After it's asleep, I can turn it right back on and it will run for an additional 3 hours before shutting down again (this time because the battery really is dead).

I've tried full-discharging the battery to calibrate it a couple of times, but it made no difference in the behavior. As far as I can tell the battery is fine otherwise (the percentage and time remaining that Vista tells me seem to be accurate), and the computer has no problems when it is plugged in to AC power.

This strange behavior happens exactly the same way every single time I run the computer on battery. Low Battery warning at 99% and false shutdown around 75%. After that it's fine. Any ideas what could be causing this problem?

A:Computer going to sleep before battery completely drained

Hello Chefgon, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check your advanced Power Plan Options (Control Panel) settings under the Battery options for what levels it should warn you at. You can adjust these settings for what it should do when it reaches the level you set.

Hope this helps,

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The lap top has been working with no issues since purchase, but last week it was being used and the battery was completely drained and it switched off. As it was not needed at that point, it was left until the following morning. When it was plugged in, it woudl not start. So we left it charging and still nothing. When you push the start button the keyboard lights up for a few seconds and then goes off and that is it. I have read through numerous other similiar issues and have tried all of the following with no success: 1. Pushed and held power button for times ranging from 20 seconds to 1 minute2. Tried reset button3. Opened up back and pulled plug out of battery, then tried various combinations of pushing power for extended periods, with no power cable etc, and then plugging back in again So now at a bit of a loss as tried everything I can read on line with people suggest, the only other but I have read is about removing RAM, but not sure where they, I think below the battery. So not sure if I need to completely remove the battery etc, but wanted to see if anyone else had any better / easier ideas before I try that. Thanks for any help and guidance Model number - Lenovo Yoga 2 13, Model name 20344  

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im need to know the maximum ram amount for the Toshiba Satellite Z930-12Z. The toshiba website tells me it is selled with 2 x 2048 and you can expand up to 6 gb ram with replaycing one dim with 4 gb. but on the kongston website there is a 8gb dim available, so the max would 10gb (2gb +8GB) is the 8 gb kingston module ( KTT-S3C/8G)
http://www.kingston.com/de/memory/search?DeviceType=19&Mfr=TOS&Line=Satellite&Model= 85359

really compatilbe?

A:What is the max RAM for Satellite Z930-12Z?

According notebook specification you can upgrade your Satellite up to 16GB. Compatible 8GB RAM has part number PA5037U-1M8G. The same is listed on Kingston page.

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I tried factory reset and my battery died. After i pluggued my laptop to the charger, a black screen appears with a msg saying " an operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contact an operating system" and asks me to restart my laptop followed by a continuous beeping sound. Can someone please help me...

A:Factory reset but battery drained, probook doesnt log in

Hello, Welcome! Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Despite the fact that the battery power drained during recovery, I suspect the recovery partition is still there and intact. You just have to restart the recovery process. Here is how: 1. Please, shutdown the computer using the power button2. Power it on.2.1 As soon as you press the power-on button, imeediately start hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu which may look similar to this one 3. Choose F11 for System Recovery options.The computer should boot from recovery partition to open you various recovery options. Note, that F11 option will only work if the recovery partition is there (not deleted) and intact. From there, you have prenty of options to choose from. Follow the on-screen instructions . Details here >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00006110 Let me know if this helps. If you experience any issues, do provide details and let me know.

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I am having an issue with my battery draining quickly after I put the HP Pavilion x2 in sleep mode.  It doesn't drain completely as some others have mentioned, but it does seem to drain fairly quickly in comparison to other laptops I have had.  Am I doing something wrong with how I put it in sleep mode?  I press the button on the top left of the screen/tablet.  Please let me know if you can help me.  Thanks.

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Dear forum users,
I have a big problem as my Dell Inspiron15 3000 series laptp started to behave strangely since I updated the bios from the version on the dell drivers and support website. 

I upgraded to the V12 version Dell Inspiron 3442,3542,5748 System BIOS Version: A12 ,A12, when originally the laptop came with version A06. 

However, since the upgrade, my laptop battery drains after I have switched the laptop off. Therefore I'm having all kinds of issues starting the laptop in the morning and I am afraind this behaviour will lead to a disfunctioning laptop rather soon.
Downgrading the bios version to version A06 is not possible as the utility exists with the message that Dell doesn't recommend downgrading the BIOS version.
What can I do?

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I looked at the Event Viewer and it appears it entered sleep, and then resumed from sleep two seconds later (I'm guessing right after I shut the lid).  How do I stop this? I have the power options to "sleep" I have tried to turn off all the "Allow this device to wake up th computer" - no matter what I try, it seems to not go to sleep. It does *sometimes* but the vast majority, it doesn't if I just shut the lid.  My BIOS is updated.  Is there any lesser known fix?  EDIT: Oh yeah, and sometimes it won't wake up from sleep when pressing power, or opening lid, or pressing fn + 4. 

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i have a dual boot laptop dell insperion 1710. dual boot xp and vista on a partitioned disk
last night my battery ran out while it was doing an update for xp.

tried to boot into xp but it would get stuck on the xp emblem.

i can however boot into vista just fine.

im thinking either my MBR was corrupted or my boot ini

any other ideas?

if all else fails i guess i will have to reinstall XP again. and i know that is a pain cause i have to go into dos commands an mess with the bootlaoder.

evrtything is backed up on a external drive.

any help or ideas would really help me out


A:my laptop battery drained out while doing updates, now it wont boot

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I kept my laptop on sleep mode at night, morning the battery was completly drained. When I plugged in the charger the wifi led is orange and doesnt boot up! I cannot do an hard reset my beats button is dead its not working. Tried removing the battery, Ram, power connector no success. Please help!!

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Hi everyone,

because my Z830 is more of an A360 the last days than a quiet ultrabook I wanted to broach the annoying noisy fan subjekt again....

Iluminatus23 mentioned in [another thread|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=271287#271287] that he now uses the new Z930 fan in his Z830 with good results (silence!).
On the internet I wasn't able to find a seller for this fan in Germany. Does anyone of you guys know where I can get this fabulous new fan? Might it even be replaced (for free?) by Toshiba? (warranty & goodwill)

Maybe Iluminatus23 could give us a little more information about the replacement (where he got his fan from / if the replacement was easy / if he is still happy or maybe problems occured later)?

Thanks for your time and hope to get some answers :)

A:Re: Fan replacement on Satellite Z930

I am also very annoyed with the fan noise and interested in replacing the fan. In case you don't already know, a guy in the comments section of an article mentions the part number is ?P000559330?. The article is in [here|http://tearsinderain.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/portege-z830-an-amateur-review/] .

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Hello all,

I'am new here and read some blogs also about the Satelite Z930-12Z but I have two questions about the Satellite Z930-12Z:

1. What is the maximum RAM for Satellite Z930-12Z? Are there two slots in it or one slot?
I read this blog but I don't understand if there are two slots or one slot...
2. Could I change the SSD? Is there a maximum GB for SSD for my Ultrabook? Does it matter which SSD I install?

I had these to SSDs:
2.1. Kingston SMS200S3/480G SSD 480GB (6,4 cm (2,5" mSATA)
2.2. Samsung MZ-M5E500BW SSD 500GB (mSATA)

Does it matter which SSD I install??

Thank you in advance!!!

Rebecca Bugday

A:Satellite Z930-12Z - Add RAM and replace SSD

two DIMM slots with 16GB support apparently. You won't need 16GB. Grab a set of 2x4GB Dual channel RAM, i'll leave a link to some good stuff that i use for my 16GB laptop

Also, yes, of course you can change the SSD, you'll need to get some kind of USB 3.0 to mSATA interface device first and clone the existing disk across, because laptops don't take kindly to fresh windows installs.

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Hello everyone,

As funny as my question may sound ... it's actually serious!
I have big concerns over battery life (not so much of the one of a single recharge, but the one affecting the "life" of the notebook itself!) because there doesn`t even seem to be a way to COMPLETELY turn this notebook off! This feels like a joke for a notebook advertising with an "eco" label supposed to help reduce wasting natural resources (which was an important part for my purchase decision).

When I hibernate the notebook or turn it off by long-pressing the "Power" button, the LED's indicating battery mode etc. are still on, by that the battery is slightly drained even when the notebook is turned off. While the LED's will of course certainly not use a lot of power, it means that the next time I'm plugging in my computer, +a new recharging cycle is initiated+ which could have been avoided without that. With a battery usually surviving 1000 recharging cycles, this will force me to buy a new battery (by the way: what a shame and how "yesterday" that the battery is built-in and not replaceable by the buyer!) within less than 2 years if I plug off a few times every day.

Alltogether this sounds very much like "planned obsolescence" and I am annoyed by the mere thought supporting something like that. And basically I am very happy with the Z930, so the more I am frustrated by this completely pointless battery drain. Any idea how to turn off the... Read more

A:Satellite Z930-130- how to REALLY turn it off?

If you are writing about complete shutdown than you can find answer on follow Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2B03EY0002R01.htm

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Hi... is it possible on the Z930 to output to two different displays at once? One monitor on the VGA port and another on the HDMI port - each an independant display, extending the windows desktop?


A:Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?


No, as far as I know you can use either the VGA or the HDMI output.
To output the video signal to external display, you have to press Fn + F5 and from my knowledge you will get either the VGA or HDMI output.

If you want to use two external monitors, I recommend using an external Dynadock device

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So I bought a 2nd hand Z930 (with no back-up drivers/software) and when setting my password I checked the box to replicate the password for the HDD.

When it re-booted I did see an error message flash up but didn't read it in time.
It re-booted and asked for the password - typed it in - confirmed; HDD password - not confirmed!
So now I can't get into the laptop. Can this be fixed?

I'm thinking I should buy a 256gb SSD to replace it and then find all the drivers and reformat the laptop - will that work?

I'm struggling to find an authorised dealer in the UK to ask them to remove the password from the BIOS - thinking the new SSD would be a cheaper solution anyhow?

Any help would be much appreciated!!!! I'm threadders - only had it 5 flippin minutes!!!!


A:Satellite Z930-N13 - SDD HDD Password Problem


HDD password cannot be deleted if you don?t know the password or if the password is wrong.
I have no idea what went wrong during the password set but fact is that BIOS password and HDD password are not the same.
Both can be set within the BIOS separately.

In case the HDD password cannot be deleted, the HDD would be useless?

> I'm thinking I should buy a 256gb SSD to replace it and then find all the drivers and reformat the laptop - will that work?
Yes, the HDD password does not affect new HDDs or SSD drives? but only the HDD which was connected to the notebook while the password has been set.

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Dear Toshiba Support and all users,

can anybody confirm if the Z930, especially the 16K-Model fully supports Windows 10, driver wise?
Are there any issues or can I safely upgrade?
The download section only offers drivers for windows 8.1.

Thank you and kind regards

A:Satellite Z930-16K Windows 10 Support

The Satellite Z930-16T is part of the PT23L series and this notebook series is listed on the Toshiba models supported for upgrade to Windows 10 website.

The Win 10 drivers / tools can be found here:

I recommend you also reading the threads in Windows 10 forum.

Check also this useful thread;

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Hi All

on my Satellite Z930 with keyboard layout set to german (Switzerland), the alt gr key does not allow to access the additional characters (such as @, which would be accessed by alt gr + 2), but instead turns all keys into hot keys (e.g. typing n would open a new web browser window).

Does anyone know about this behavior and how to turn this behavior off? (it's rather annoying to change the layout always to en-us just to type one char ...)

Many thanks!


A:Satellite Z930 - ALT GR key changes keyboard to hot keys

Similar is with English UK and US where symbols ? and @ are n different positions.

You must simply test which key combination works properly. I have EN UK keyboard and when I switch it to German (Switcerland) symbol @ I can get if I use ALT GR+2 key combination.

Does it works on your Satellite too?

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I recently updated to win10, but due to some problems I chose to reset my Z930. Unfortunately, I had some lifetime-expanding options for the akku activated so it does not charge more than 80%. I would like to get rid of this option now but I can't find the settings/programme where I activated this option. Could you please tell me how I can get my akku to charge to 100% again?

Thanks in advance!


A:Satellite Z930 - akku does not charge more than 80%

So this is the official Toshiba Support Forum - and no answer within almost one month?
That's what I call poor service..

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Here is my problem (sorry for my english) :

I have a Toshiba Satellite Z930 15X.

For several weeks, it is very very slow. Whether eco or normal mode, it is even slower than eco mode. *Even without any program running*. When I look at the task manager, everything is ok and fluid.

Is that a hardware problem ?
I also noticed that the fan runs much more often than the first few months of use, even with just a word document open.

The only solution I've found is to restart the computer.
After each reboot it is fast as normal, but only for a short time. But at one time or another, the extreme slowness often returns after a suspend.

*I also noticed that it often occurs after a suspend or after connecting / disconnecting the laptop from the AC outlet.*

(I specify that I have just a few programs installed and have no trace of viruses and other malicious software (I'm very careful about that).)

Did you have this problem, where does it come from, what can i do ?

Thank you !

A:Extreme slowness on my Satellite Z930-15X


On this virtual way it is not easy to say what exact reason is. To be honest I don't think there is some hardware problem. Fact is that many background processes may slow down notebook?s performance. Maybe some background downloads and update installation can be reason that your notebook react pretty slow.

Check please start-up and disable all useless applications. If you don't use some of them they must not start with Windows and run in the background. Check also Windows update option. Disable automatic update.

Do it please as first steps and check if the notebook runs a bit faster.
Please post some feedback.

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I have big problems updating Windows 10 1709
Each time I get the message: ?It was not possible to verify, whether your PC has sufficient storage capacity in order to continue to install Windows 10. Start the setup again.? and the error code 0x800703 is indicated.
On the hard disk C:\ there are 117 GB of 238 GB free; there is no problem of missing storage capacity.I have big problems updating Windows 10 1709
Each time I get the message: ?It was not possible to verify, whether your PC has sufficient storage capacity in order to continue to install Windows 10. Start the setup again.? and the error code 0x800703 is indicated.
On the hard disk C:\ there are 117 GB of 238 GB free; there is no problem of missing storage capacity.

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Does anyone know a link / an instruction on:

(1) where can I get a new keyboard for Z930?
(2) can I replace it myself? If yes, how?


A:Keyboard replacement on Satellite Z930

I don?t know what the problem is with your keyboard but I presume that this new notebook model has valid warranty so I strongly recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If keyboard is defective they should exchange it for free.

The whole situation with hardware parts is pretty complicated. I don?t know where do you live and I cannot search whole web to find right link for you and you can do this alone. Google a bit around and check if you can find some online store in your country where you can order it.

Theoretically you can do this but I don?t think you should do this alone. Notebook disassembling can be pretty complicated and without maintenance manuals very risky. Small mistake and you can damage something, especially small plastic parts and plastic holders.

Contact nearest Toshiba service, talk with them and ask for some help or good advice.

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Dear Support,

I bought yesterday a Toshiba Satellite Z930/01E with 3rd Generation Intel ULV Core i5-3337u 1.8 GHz - 2.7 GHz

The hardware is beautiful but the software windows 8 basic is a piece of rubish, I'm a heavy computer user I need to run several virtual machines in my current laptop a dell xps 15 in a normal day I have 2 windows xp + linux + windows 7,

I spent my day yesterday trying to get working virtualbox or vmware player on windows 8 on this laptop
and it doesn't work at all, can anyone please tell me if you are using any virtualization software on this laptop ?and if you are what is the trick ??

How do we enable virtualization on this laptop ??

Please help I'm considering in returning this latop and get instead a mac, I got enough issues with windows just to run such a basic application.


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A:Satellite Z930 with Win 8 - How to enable virtualization?

After restarting the pc several times change every single paramenter in the bios and restore to factory defaults
its working now thanks for nothing.

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Satellite Z930-13N

The USB driver type xHCI by Intel is showing the following error:

"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

Can anyone shed any light on it with a solution?

I looked on the TEMPRO download center but could not find a driver for my PC with Windows 8.


A:Satellite Z930 - missing USB Driver

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win8 64bit. Recovery image contains all necessary drivers so I?m asking myself how one single driver can be missing.

Have you installed own OS version?
Is USB 3.0 driver preinstalled on your notebook? If you cannot find it for your Satellite try to install it for Portege Z930.

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I have a Problem to write any file on any USB Stick on any USB port on my Satellite Z930 with Windows 8: When I try to write a file on the USB Stick the Explorer will just freeze and not react anymore.
When reading from the same USB stick everything is fine. There is no write protection on the USB sticks (I have tried many).

However when connecting a USB hard disk there is no Problem to write information on the hard disk.

I hope somebody could help me to solve this mysterious Problem...

A:Satellite Z930 - Cannot write on USB Stick

Did you test the notebook in connection with another USB flash memory stick?
I guess this problem isn?t related to notebook?s USB port since the connected USB device is recognized properly. Also the USB HDD works properly? therefore I doubt its notebook or system issue

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