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Recorded video will not play

Q: Recorded video will not play

I recently recorded a video interview using my laptop's video recording, the video was a little over 30 minutes long. When I went to play the video, my computer would not play it. When I try to open it, it says "Can not play. Choose something else to play. This item is in a format we don't support. 0xc1010103" even though it will play other videos I have recorded on the computer. I am not sure if the video was too long or if it somehow got corrupted. This is a very important video that I need for a class assignment, is there any way I can play it?

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Preferred Solution: Recorded video will not play

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I had posted a question a while back about setting up a network and with the answers from "Tech Guy"did get a system working just fine. My Desktop is a Dell Dimension 8400 with XP Media center OS and the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista Premium. I have two external drives the one I use primarily in storing my present personal active files including a file that stores recording media which the desktop Media Center gets from the TV cable connection. Then this file is also available via the network to the laptop. With the external drive all my other stored files from the desktop are also available on my laptop. Lately I have had several movie downloads and several repeats of the series "Jag"which play on the desktop but will not play on the laptop with various excuses for them not playing like "Cannot play this format:" or " for one reason or another "not authorized to play". I would think the recordings between the two Media Centers would be identical unless Microsoft has changed that too with Vista. I am very unhappy with Vista.


A:Recorded Video from Desktop will not play on Laptop

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I downloaded the cd software program and plugged my device in and it came up on the software, the vid, but when i play it or any other vid it just plays for like 1 sec then freezes the program and i have to close it(the full video will play on the lcd screen on the device). Also you know how when you plug in a device it opens up that screen that lets you choose what to do with it generally? well the first time i plugged it in I tryed opening it with vlc media player and it opens a screen saying it cant open it. now everytime i plug it in it automatically trys to open with vlc and doesnt work.

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i have a cisco 9865HDC from cox that has DLNA capabilities, i can access the DVR from windows media player/media center but i can't play them media player says that the file might be in use, i don't have permission or there is a proxy issue, there is a password for the DVR but i haven't found anywhere to enter the password, is that the reason for the error, not being able to enter the password?

A:can't play recorded tv/movies from DVR

What OS? This is posted in the Windows 8 forum, but that OS is not listed in your Computer Specs.

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DVDs recorded on my DVD recorder on DVD+R or +RW discs always lock up the PC. Does anyone know why and has anyone been able to overcome the problem? They will play on the public library machine on which I am typing this message. Is my problem at home Windows 98SE? Is it the DVD drive?

A:PC will not play home recorded DVD+R

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on it. It will play comercially produced but not any that I burned on this Presario 1710 win XP. It did before but for some reason it will not read them now. Setting somewhere? Help
Solution found....Thanks anyhow. Jim PS Merry Christmas to all!

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after installing a new video card my MCE does not play recorded TV, Live TV or DVDs anymore. It will play for a few seconds, and then crash.

If I play a file of recorded TV with Windows Media Player, it works fine.

The card I installed is a ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1Gb.

I can still play recorded TV from my Extender, so functionality seems OK.

Any advice is highly appreciated!


A:MCE does not play recorded TV anymore!

Hello, i would check Device Manager in your Control Panel and make sure i had correct driver for it installed

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I can record sound files from the internet with easy recorder, and the files are saved in mp3 format but no sound comes out although the indicator bar in itunes or media player acts like it is playing the file. It used to work just fine but doesn't now. OS is XP.

A:recorded sound files won't play

Check for spyware. I recommend using the following 3 anti-spyware utils:

Ad-Aware 2007
Spybot Search & Destroy
AVG Anti-Spyware
All are free.

Have you been downloading music using peer-to-peer filesharing programs (i.e. Limewire, Kazaa, Ares, BearShare, ... ) ?

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I have recorded footage off the TV onto DVD-R discs as they are the only ones it accepts.

How do i watch and save this footage on my computer because when i right click on the approriate drive and go 'Explore' no files appear.

Grateful Of Any help

A:Can't Play My Recorded DvDs on The Computer

I take it you recorded the files on a stand alone DVD player/recorder. If so, did you finalize the disc?

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I have a Windows Vista with a problem playing burned cd's into Windows Media Player. Some are purchased, some are home recorded on previously blank disks from old plastic LP records.
Every recording has pauses in play 20 seconds from the end. They play fine if inserted & played only.

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Media Player will not play my recorded TV .wtv files. It tells me "Windows Media Player cannot play... because you do not have the appropriate rights. Media Center will play the file but Media Player will not. It's a file I just recorded using Media Center earlier today. I'd like to be able to use Media Player because it's DLNA compliant whereas Media Center apparently is not. Is there some way I can acquire the appropriate rights for Media Player to play the file?

A:Media Player won't play recorded TV

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I'm running Windows XP Home with SP2. I have a 2 year old Plextor Combo (CDRW/DVD Player) installed on my newly built system with Gigabyte motherboard and integrated C-Media High Definition Audio. The problem is, my pre-recorded audio CD's in .cda format will only play in the Plextor MVP 2000 program. They won't play in Windows Media Player 10 (the selected file has a scheme that is not recognized by Windows Media Player...the extension is unknown by the Player...), or MusicMatch Jukebox (mmjb MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close), or Jet Audio (No Disc), or RealPlayer (Please insert a CD or DVD), or Voyetra AudioStation32 (Data or no disc loaded). They used to play in all of these players. I haven't tried to play a CD in a while and really don't know exactly when it would have gotten messed up. Here's what I do know:

.wav, .mp3, and MIDI files are all playing fine.

I have no devices listed in Device Manager under Sound, Video & Game Controllers/Media Control Devices. I checked a friend's computer running XP Home and he has at least 5 .dll files listed under Media Control Devices. I read in an older forum post that the file mcicda.dll is supposed to be in there, and it is on my friend's computer. This file is on my computer but does not appear in Media Control Devices. I do NOT have a Properties tab under Media Control Devices as there are under the other titles in Sound, Video & Game Controllers, just General, Driver, and Detai... Read more

A:Can't play pre-recorded Music CD's with .cda extension...

Just wondering does these CDs play on a home or car CD player?

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I'm looking for advice or documentation on what kind of DVDs Windows Vista and Windows Media Center should recognize. It does not recognize recorded video on a DVD-R disk or a recorded DVD-RW, but prompts me to burn a DVD when I insert either disk. These are disks recorded with our DVD/VCR combo recorder. Anyone know where there is documentation on this?


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I have recorded a video, but the bottom and right hand side of the video is what i want to remove.

I want to keep the white part and get rid of the yellow part, how do i do it?

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Hi, i recorded a streaming video off of the internet and when i came to play it i noticed it was very quiet. I was wondering if there was anyway to make it sound louder without turning up the volume on my speakers? I used the program - Frontcam - to record the video.

I await your replies

A:Recorded Video Sound

To record sound: Right click the icon of "volume control" on your system tray bar (on the right bottom corner of the screen) and then go to the menu item "options"->"properties"->"recording" and press the "OK" button, check the proper item you want to recording and then start sound recording.
To record sound from microphone: check "Microphone".
To record sound from other application: check "Stero Mix" or "Mono Mix", the name may be different depending on your system.
Did you do everything like that?

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Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted in the forum I hope you guys are well

I have a Nokia 6300 Mobile/Cell-phone. I recorded a video on it. The video is recorded in .3gp format. I recorded it the wrong way round i.e. upside down. I want to play the video on my computer the right way up.

Nokia Video Manager has no such option to do this.

Need help

A:Recorded Video Upside Down

Hope this helps


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i recorded a video using my TV TUNER CARD, the video is in mepg format, now i want to upload it to a site to share it with my classmate, and of course, let them download it as well.

however, i'm worried that they might not be able to see it on THEIR computer, since i remember music i rip from my cd cannot be play on any other computers besides my own, will the same apply for this video? which i legally and rightfully recorded with my very own tv tuner card? can my classmates see it on their pc if i give the video to them?

i use windows media player 9, and i my internet connection is active, i have a good pc with a sino tv tuner card, hope this info helps.

thanks a million for the help.

A:is my recorded VIDEO protected?

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I have a 16- channel DVR that is on a LAN network. I can view live events and do playback but, whenever I downloaded the recorded video on net surveillance interface, I won't be able to locate the downloaded video on my laptop despite telling me download finished.
Please, I need your help. Very urgent response

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Hello Friends and Forum members,
I would really appreciate some help with getting my Blue Screen Minidumps fixed. This happens whenever and only when I play videos, whether it is flow player, UTube, or any other videos on my system.
So far I have identified four files as the culprits here and would need help in knowing how to get them fixed.

I am attaching the Window mini dump the most recent one and the Blue Screen Viewer results for your information and review.
I would appreciate your help and suggestion on getting these problems resolved.

Thanking you in advance for your help. Warm regards,

A:BSOD when Video or recorded webinars are played

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I want to record my screen and create tutorials.

I tried ActivePresenter but it is not working fine.

Video becomes blurry when exported with highest settings.
Following is screenshot of exported video
Following is screenshot of the same region using Snipping Tool
What could be the problem

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I made a video of a cartoon of a game and i don't know how to place my sounds on it. I only need a program that can put .mp3 files on a video. Please give me a program or a link to download the program so i can put sounds on my video.
At first thank you.


A:How to place music on a no sound screen recorded video?

You may be infringing copyright laws in what you've already done, unless the game and cartoon are your own original creation.

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I had been recording cartoon shows off and on for my godson to watch. In February, I started getting errors and every attempt to burn a video DVD aborts. At first I thought maybe I had some bad DVD+R media, but I am able to burn other things to DVD outside of Media Center. I can burn data DVDs, but fail on video DVDs.

Here is what happens: In Media Center, I select the episodes of recorded TV shows that I want to burn to DVD. The process starts normally, indicating that it may take "several hours" to finish. After about an hour or so, at around 25% completion, I hear the DVD burner spin up like it is going to start burning the DV. After a few (less than ten) seconds, it stops and ejects the disk. In Media Center, an error comes up saying: "BURN FAILURE, An error has occurred in burning the CD/DVD." There is no further info nor error codes. It appears that something does get burned to the disk during those few seconds, because the system will no longer recognize the disk and it must be trashed.

I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit on an HP system with a quad core processor and 4Gb of RAM. So far, I have tried all the tips that I can find for similar problems (install CODECs, reregistering DLL files, etc.), but nothing helps. I even went so far as to use the original system restore disks to wipe out the computer entirely and reinstall Vista, then let it do all updates (through SP2). Lots of things work better, but this one problem per... Read more

A:Media Center will no longer burn recorded TV shows to video DVD

Hi Clay and welcome to the forums

What format are these TV shows in?


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When i try to burn a disc from recorded tv list in media center i am askedto select recording and check box
i am unable to check box
on clicking next i can get one of two messages
BURN FAILURE [even though i have not progressed far enough to activate BURN button]
Hope this makes sense
Can anyone help?

A:Media center wont burn recorded tv to video disc

Hello rmths,
Found this, i am not into burning discs but this may point you in the right direction.
Hope it helps. Good luck and post your results, thanks.

In Media Center, you can only create a video DVD by using a recorded TV show when the broadcast type matches the region that you have selected in Media Center.

Also have you looked at your codec pack ?.

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What equipment would I require to show videos recorded on memory sticks on a monitor?

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I am super panicked at the moment. The 2-hr meeting recording I made today just will not play. And it turned into some Janet Jackson song? What is this?

Anyone had the same problem?
I recorded it using the Sound Recorder in the laptop.
The file is there, length is correct, just won't play and has this Janet Jackson thing in the properties.

Anyone could help me with this?

If you are in Singapore I will definitely take you for a sushi dinner

A:Meeting Recording (Recorded in Windows' Sound Recorder) won't play sound

Oh and this is work laptop, so I can't install other audio player to try it on others :(

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So this one is pretty weird for me. I've never had any issues like this before, but I think it has to do with having all my drivers up to date. I was having this problem for a long time where I couldn't run games for too long because eventually the whole screen would get all glitchy and the last second of sound would repeat itself over and over until the monitor went into power saving mode. I tried reinstalling drivers, installing different graphic drivers like NGO and Omega which I had before.. Nothing worked!

Well, just recently my friend showed me this program driver cleaner pro and he said it helped him with his driver issues. So I followed the directions, uninstalled my drivers, cleared everything with the program in safe mode, restarted and reinstalled the drivers. Voila, all my games work with no issues at all, except for Counter-Strike 1.6.
Then I tried to watch a movie; It plays fine, I can hear the sound fine, but the video doesn't play. Even when I tried to record a video with fraps of one of my emulators (which has worked before), it didn't show video on playback.

So I restarted my computer.. now all my games don't work except Diablo 2, Starcraft, and CS 1.6. However, now I can watch movies with no problem at all! These past couple of weeks I've been having to go through the whole process of using driver cleaner pro, and installing Omega drivers again everytime my computer needed to reboot.

When I go to play CS: Source, it will get... Read more

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Hi all,
i use mobile app. to upload videos and see them on the web.
as i wrote i can not play video on IE11 (on 2 win 7 machine) but can play it with Firefox and in my iPhone as well.
the error is "error loading media the file could not be play". i should mention that error message did appear once or twice with Firefox , but play fine 99% of the cases.
i think the file is mp4 encoded.
i goggled a bit but no solution...
all flash/you tube can be seen both browser, only specific videos from the app are not.
browsers and flash player are updated. all IE11 set to default.
i cleaned history cookies caches -did not help.
no popup blocker is on IE11
what cause the problem?/how can i solve it?/ whats wrong on IE11?
e.g-link to a video (it takes few seconds to load )
Video Mail
can somebody with IE11 see the video?

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I am having problems with my computer, in fact my old laptop had the same problem with the same video files, any 1080p video files I may have on my computer will have a problem where the audio will stop for 3 - 5 seconds while the video continues to play, if I play-through the whole video with the audio stopping, the video ends before the audio, but if I skip to the end of the video at any point in the playback, the audio is in sync. I'm wondering if it is a Windows 7 related bug because the computers with the problem all run Windows 7. I could only find things on the internet regarding video websites like Youtube and such but I couldn't find anything with files on the computer. If those same videos I have problems with are uploaded to a video hosting website, they play just find without skipping on the website, even when my Internet slows around 6PM.

A:video files. audio keeps stopping, video continues to play

I am still having this problem
Can someone please help me?

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I have the cable connected properly. My desktop and everything else shows up on the TV,when I play a video it doesn't show, the box the video is in shows up, but not the video itself. I can see everything perfectly fine on the computer screen, but no video shows up on the TV. I have an ATI Mobility radeon 7500. It worked on another laptop just fine (Not sure what card). I adjusted the hardware acceleration bar in the troubleshooting option on the video options. [Properties>settings>advanced>troubleshoot>hardware acceleration]

and when adjusted to the lower few settings, the video will show on the tv, but in slow motion. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: S-Video cable show but wont play video

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Hi, I was just looking at the Synaptics features in looking at a poster's issue, when I found that 'Show Video' opens a window as if to play it but only blinks 'Opening media'.

Now the videos are wmv's and mpg's and play correctly in my default player if I open them from their folder explicitly.

The player window opened by Synaptics is not my default player. It is something run by rundll32.exe.

I haven't tried reinstalling the Synaptics driver - yet.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Some videos made using an online system, screencasts, now downloaded will not show the video component when played on the computer.  Windows Media Player 12 had played them just fine when they were online, but now using Windows Media Player 12 with the same video downloaded, only the Media Player's visualizations show but not the recorded video portion.  Why or what can I do?
Windows Vista
Windows Media Player 12
Downloaded videos as MP4 (actually onto external portable hard disk).

A:downloaded video files not play the video portion (mp4)

Download CCCP Codec Pack. After install make sure you reset user settings. Reboot and you should be able to play MP4's using the Classic Media Player included in the Codec Pack. This codec pack will let you play just about any media file. Don't worry about the Russian Looking page. The site is legit.
Go to Start -> Programs -> Combined Community Codec Pack and open the Settings manager.
Press "Next" to get to the second page.
Under "Special Settings", check "Reset All Settings".
Press Apply.
Select Yes to the question, and follow through the Settings until Apply is hit again.

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I bought my HP laptop a month ago and during video editing, videos played on Adobe Premiere Pro stutter and jerk. Is there any solution? Thanks.

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first timer here so i hope i can get some help

when i fist got my asus it work fine but lately while running video it stalls playing sound and every thing seem to be running the sound slowly cant move mouse or click numlock while its frozen for 1 to 5 mins and then start running fine again the crashes dont happen often i can play star caft 2 and it happen but not often it more annoying then any thing else but most of the time if i play a video or java video it crashes

at lease 2 to 3 times a day

reinstalled the drivers for my intel r(4)series express chipset because windows error says i have a driver problem after each crash when i check the event log
it says The driver \Driver\libusb0 failed to load for the device USB\ROOT_HUB\4&23fe285a&0. ever time it happens or i get this one
\SystemRoot\SysWow64\drivers\libusb0.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver. as a critical system error in the event viewer ps some one need to update that interface event viewer sucks since none of the get help links really work but any who . so i said ok uninstall reinstall driver but it dont help,also try in safe mode no help

please help

A:my computer freezes when i play video or java video

Hello roc64, Welcome to the forum try this; System Restore If possible go back to a date b4 the problem started

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Ive got a 32GB memory stick.
It has about 24GBs of video files on it currently.

However when i put any new video files from my laptop onto it, and then try opening the, my video player just wont play any of them!!

The video player opens, but instead of showing the video timer as 0.00/3.20mins (to show that is has 3.20mins of video in the file which it will play),
it just shows 0.00/0.00 as the timer, and wont load the video at all!!
The current video files i have on there all play fine, but any new files i put on in the exact same format just wont play!

And it also f**ks up the video file itself just by being put on there though!

As i have a video on my laptop which plays fine, i put it on the memory stick and it wont play, i transfer it back from the stick to my laptop but the file then still wont play, and so has been corrupted somehow just by being placed on the memory stick!
Can anyone please please help??

A:Usb memory stick wont play any NEW video files, but will play all existing files!! :@

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I?m running Windows XP, and my default media player is Windows Media Player 11. After I downloaded a video clip (properties: audio format MPEG Layer-3) and played it, widows media player opened, and at the bottom it says ?acquiring codec? then ?codec acquired? but all I get is sound, no video. A friend of mine downloaded the same file from the same link, and they didn?t have any problems (but I don?t know what operating system or media player they?re using). However, after I downloaded Media Player Codec Pack, the video played back just fine.

My question is: how do I know if it?s a problem with the FILE or with my SYSTEM (possibly my media player)? I wanted to burn the file onto a CD, but I?d like to know up front if the file is going to play correctly on my friend?s PC or not. This is the first time I?ve ever encountered this problem, and admittedly don?t know a great deal about the ins and outs of video files, codecs and players.


A:Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video?

You may be not happy with my reply, but I'd dump WMP and start using VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/It has all necessary codecs built in.

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sorry, if this not the right place please move. I did many google searches cant seem to find the issue Im having, or maybe lack of the right key searches. You guys are my last hope.
I will try to explain my problem as clearly as I can. And so sorry about my bad grammar and spelling, trying to post this asap.

first off give small history of my PC. I bought my PC new Sept 2001. A HP Pavilion with 1.3 ghz, 256ram, and a 55gig hard-drive originally came with WinMe, since then I upgraded to XP. I kept my PC case clean, didn't try to install programs my PC couldn't handle, didn't go to any sites that knew were bad with viruses and such also had Malwareytes/spybot/avast/hijackthis to use, didnt install any toolbars, and tried not to have many programs open at the same time. I basically kept my PC simple with use.

Anyways around June I noticed some odd slowdowns
While playing Winamp and running a torrent with speeds of more than 400+ the audio would become choppy. This also happen when I would open FF, IE or any program while running Winamp, the audio would be choppy.

Extracting 700mb files from Winrar would take around 8mins

Playing Youtube, WMP, of VLC videos would be slow and choppy.

Transferring files from one PC to another over a crossover cable would take much longer. 4gigs of files would take about 20mins or so.

Virus scanners, Avast, Malwarebytes, and Spybot would also take much longer than usual.

So, about 2 weeks ago while my brother was on Youtube my... Read more

A:Solved: Computer slow file transfer, slow video play, slow youtube play

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I am using IE8 and trying to view video on youtube.com and other sites and the error that I am getting is

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

I have installed the latest version of Flash Player and also have Java installed on the pc but the video still will not play. I set my IE security to medium and checked the firewall for an exception to IE. I beleive Java is the latest and greatest and installed Adobe Shockwave.

Any Ideas on how I can resolve this?

Thanks iin advance for the help!

A:IE8 not able to play video

You have mentioned that you have Adobe Shockwave Player installed, have you installed Adobe Flash Player 10? if not you need to install that as well.
Missed your earlier statement.
You could try uninstall IE8 and re-install.

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I want to view the online video coverage of the current Trial of Charles Taylor at The Hague on the following website:
http://www.charlestaylortrial.org/category/weekly/ Although the video link states that Windows Media Player is needed in order to play it, the set up box offers the option to choose "Another" program to play it with. However when I chose my installed Media Player Classic to do so, the viewing screen comes up and indicates on the control/run time dial that the video is playing but there is no picture and no sound. I know there is nothing wrong with my classic player as except for this situation it works just fine.Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to solve it?
Many thanks for any help with this.

A:Help? How to play this video.

I don't see any way to load URL's in MPC. Try another player, like GOM or Haihaisoft.

The link to the video is here:


You may also be missing codecs, but both GOM, Haihaisoft, and VLC would load their own and probably solve that problem.

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I can't play videos in my browser even in local files on my laptop. 

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Hope this is the right forum.

I have a custom built machine.
It includes:
Windows 7 pro 64 bit
Motherboard: ASUS M4N75TD
AMD Phenom II x4 965 Processor 3.40 Ghz
Nvidia GeForce 470

I use Premiere Pro CS5 with GPU acceleration chosen
For some reason, the machine will not play HD video (1920x1080) smoothly
These are .mov files.
No matter what player I use I get the same result of lag and stuttering.

Not sure what the issue is.
Looking for help.

A:PC won't play HD video

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wwindows 7 64bit , and can not play any video at all , every time i click on video windows media players opens and i get message say" windows media player has stopped working" and close, i get the same error when i use VLC, How I can get this fixed ?

I got this in problems and troubleshooting

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmplayer.exe
Application Version: 12.0.7601.19148
Application Timestamp: 56b9adac
Fault Module Name: StackHash_6af9
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23418
Fault Module Timestamp: 5708a73e
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: 000ce843
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 6af9
Additional Information 2: 6af935373112478134e2f0ef783e2be7
Additional Information 3: f2ec
Additional Information 4: f2ec86542f4ad502fdbd9617d99f26a3

And Event Viwer
Faulting application name: wmplayer.exe, version: 12.0.7601.19148, time stamp: 0x56b9adac
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.23418, time stamp: 0x5708a73e
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Fault offset: 0x000ce843
Faulting process id: 0x920
Faulting application start time: 0x01d1c8a96746d0f8
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
Faulting module path: C:\windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
Report Id: a5afb764-349c-11e6-bc68-e89a8f84dfbb

Can any one help with this please?

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somewhere I seemed to have picked up a bug in my PC.
when ever i start up the puter a window opens up with video-play.com
i have a feeling its causing me grief in other things, like when i'm typing personal messages
on a forum it sometimes tend to just freeze up, sometimes i have to restart the puter to get things going again.
i have /use lavasoft adaware SE Personal but it has no effect on video-play.com

what is video-play.com and how did it find a home in my pc and how do i get rid of it??

thanks !!


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i downloaded a video file and its a RAR file and nothing will play it. how do i change it so it will play in sumthing like windows media player real on player or divx
please help

A:cant play video

WinRAR is proprietary software for compression/decompression of large files.You'll need their program to "unpack" the file.Here is a linking explaining the process.http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/peersh...y_bin_files.htmOne can get a free trial download from WinRAR here.http://www.rarlab.com/index.htmHTHregards,Koan

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Just recently I am having trouble playing videos. I have been using this site to watch sports videos for some time and now suddenly I either can't play the video at all or when I do it is extremely jerky. They are using flashplayer and I have downloaded the latest version. I am running windows XP and IE7.
I can see the loading symbol but generally thet's as far as I get. I tried pausing and waiting for it to laod to give it some buffering but that made no difference.
Their support people have been very helpful but they are out of ideas and besides which I have tried to run it from my work computer and everything worked fine. Obviously something has changed somewhere but I have no idea what.

A:Video will not play

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Windows XP Pro, 2 gb ram, intel celeron 3.2ghz, 1 tb disk space.

Had to reload after system crash. WMP 11 played videos just fine before reload.

wmp 11 and 10 will launch and the video will freeze on the first frame. These are .avi .wmv files. The audio will continue playing. WMP will eventually freeze the system and I have to hit the power button and reboot.

Quicktime .mov files play just fine. GSpot says that the .avi and .wmv videos have the codec(s) installed.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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When I go to a site such as ww*.foxsports.c*m and then scroll down to the "video" section and click on a video, a new window pops up but no video appears! Whne I first got this computer, it worked, but now it doesn't! What did I do?!? And how do I fix it?!?


A:Video Won't Play

Do you have any Pop-Up blockers installed?
To fix this, add the MSN Video web address to the list of sites allowed by your pop-up blocker.


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