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Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

Q: Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

i got this surprise when i was unable to log in into skype then i when to my email and i got this
and after several emails to support i got an answer saying that
"ve verified that a serious violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement occurred on your account .......................   Due to the nature of this violation, and pursuant to the terms of the Microsoft Services Agreement, Microsoft can neither grant you access to the contents of your account,..."
whats next now?
i want to know what happened exactly, and can that be appealed?

Preferred Solution: Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

Ask them for a appeal? The only ones who will know what happened is them. Do you happen to use Skype to send adult content? I hear they have been cracking down on that more.

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i got this surprise when i was unable to log in into skype then i when to my email and i got this
and after several emails to support i got an answer saying that
"ve verified that a serious violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement occurred on your account .......................   Due to the nature of this violation, and pursuant to the terms of the Microsoft Services Agreement, Microsoft can neither grant you access to the contents of your account,..."
whats next now?
i want to know what happened exactly, and can that be appealed?

A:Problem with hotmail account, account temporarily suspended)

Ask them for a appeal? The only ones who will know what happened is them. Do you happen to use Skype to send adult content? I hear they have been cracking down on that more.

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I'm trying to access my MS account - got a message "Microsoft account temporarily blocked." In order to "unblock the account," they want to text me a code number to log in but I DO NOT have a cell phone which allows for texts. What do I do? Thank you.

A:Account Temporarily Suspended

Microsoft.com > Get account help by email

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I have been blocked out my hotmail account since yesterday. I can't get to my emails and need to urgently. The email account has important contact details and am waiting on replies to jobs. When I've tried to go the Microsoft and Windows Forums to post my questions, I am asked for my sign in details! This is the reason why I'm contacting the forum's in the first place - I can't get in - am blocked from my own email.
I have also gone into Internet Options and cleared cookes, deleted browsing history, etc.

Can someone please help me reactivate my email account, restore my account back to me? I can't loose the information that's there. Thanks.

A:How do I unblock my hotmail account when it has been temporarily blocked?

Try here:
Windows Live Hotmail Help Center

Hotmail blocked your account. Only they can unblock it.

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Hello All, This is my first post here and I hope that you all are willing to help out a "newbie" of the forum, because as of right now I am getting fed up with my BLEEPING COMPUTER!!!My computer has been acting a little funny lately...I'm not sure what the issue is, but a lot of my administrative privileges seem to have been changed, ie "You do not have permission to (fill in blank)" If anyone has time to take a look at my hijackthis logfile as well as the adsspy logfile to see if there is anything that looks a little fishy. I have had THREE different instances of my bank account info being exploited and just recently my Hotmail account was hijacked and used as a "mass SPAM sender". Also, the last logfile is from a program called IOBit, which has a HijackScan tool as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!HIJACK THIS LOGFILELogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 12:55:31 PM, on 5/3/2011Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Windows\System32\igfxtray.exeC:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exeC:\Windows\system32\igfxsrvc.exeC:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exeC:\Progr... Read more

A:Possible crcss.exe trojan? Little to no admin privledges? Hotmail Account Hijacked as well as bank account

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about the Windows version you are using: What we in particular need to know is version, edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. [/b]If you are unsure about any of these caracteristics, just let us know and we'll help you figuring it out. Please also tell us if you have your Windows CD/DVD handy.Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about y... Read more

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I have a new computer.  I just noticed an old picture, which is not in my new computer saved, is STILL showing up as profile picture on emails I send.  I put a new picture up, BUT the old picture is still showing up on emails I forward.  HOW
I have no pictures saved on my new computer in C drive, public folders.

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It used to be not connected to any email account but when it updated to 8.1 I chose to get an email address for it, so now as a result, the password has to be 8 characters long and I have to use a PIN number , but that's still 4 characters, and I usually use one character password.

So how do I go back to the normal type of user account to use the 1 character password?

A:My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8

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My Outlook.com experienced both yesterdy. I did nothing wrong, have checked for malware and followed all the steps to be normal. I was told I was unblocked then when I sent an email it said I am suspended. After an hour on the phone, to no avail, I tried this am and after verifying I was normalized.
Someone was trying to access my account was the message that popped up.

Has this happened to you and why does this happen if you follow the rules?
What can I do to prevent this? I read about 2 step verification but this does not seem to help in this situation.
Thanks for listening,

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I Keep on Receiving this Pop up Message "Account Suspended. Please Remove AdHitz from your site" I don't know what is the cause of this popup message is there any solution on how to remove this pop up? I tried to clean my system with CCleaner, and scan my system with Kaspersky Internet Security but still keeps on coming when i click ok, could someone help me how to remove this? thank you

A:Account Suspended. Please Remove AdHitz from your site

Autoruns, Process Explorer, CCleaner and Malwarebytes Antimalware are your friends

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I have an Australian Bigpond account and the last couple of days I have been having trouble opening my emails.
I am able to login to my inbox but when I try to open an email I get an error message " User Mail Server Account Suspended". I have tried accessing my emails through the bigpond home page webmail link on my laptop (a windows 8) and on my ipad with safari, both with the same error message.
I contacted bigpond support (thru 24x7 live chat) who remotely accessed my laptop to view my email and told me that I had a malware virus (the heartbleed is the one he mentioned) and I needed to deal with their bigpond platinum service for a fee of $15 per month (for 2yr contract) or $200 for 1 fix. The bigpond support guy said that my account hasn't been suspended but the reason I am unable to access my emails is because of the malware that is on my laptop is stopping any email activity.
I declined this and asked my brother for help, he usually is pretty good at fixing pc stuff. He suggested that I restore my laptop. I have windows 8 and used the refresh option.
After the refresh, I tried to access my emails again but still got the same error message.
A few days ago, I did receive an email, which looked like a bigpond account statement. When I opened this I noticed that it was for an overdue account in another name and account number than my account. I told bigpond about this email but they didn't really seemed worried about it.
I have Norton360 antivirus so... Read more

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I would like to move an Outlook Express 6 E-mail account from an old computer to a hotmail account.
I would like to be able to save old files and addresses.
Can this be done EASILY?
I would be greatful for some help.

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On Saturday I got a number of emails to my hotmail account stating that there was a failure to deliver messages to people on my contacts list. A bunch of people that I haven't talk to in years (those accounts no longer existed). Later on this followed by a number of replied emails from random people from my contacts list saying I had sent them a link. I checked my sent messages, there is nothing there.. obviously I hadn't been sending these emails... but I looked on the failed delivery and there are so many contacts from the list that are people i talk to..that must have actually got the email. Some professors, some other students and i don't no how to stop this from happening. It happened again today where someone told me that i sent them an email with a virus looking link in it. This email address is particularly important for my daily work/school functions and i would like to keep it as a reliable means of communication...

To summarize the Problem:
-Sending unintended/ untraceable emails to all my contacts

How can I stop it??

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Hi Folks: Dec. 3rd

I was experienceing no problems with accessing my Hotmail account until a few days ago. I think Hotmail has changed their web page because I have noticed, using other computers recently, that it is different.

On my computer I can't even access the webpage now; a couple of days ago, when I had still set Hotmail Inbox as my DEFAULT internet page I was able to see my mail (albeit on a diffent webpage) but I couldn't open any messages. At the bottom on my Status Bar the message reads 'Error Found'whenever i click on a message. On other computers I can access the mail but I can't delete any messages, esp. from my Junk Mail & I can't access the address Book (Contact List) at all.

I have tried a few suggestions from your readers: e.g., checking the Time/Date settings, enabling cookies, etc.
I would very much appreciate any HELP you can give.

Thanks so much.

Moira Nasim Hotmail address <[email protected]> Yahoo address is: <[email protected]>

A:Problem with Hotmail account

I would edit out the emails in your post. There is a feature in the "User Panel" under "Edit Options" that if checked a person can send you and email without seesing your addy. There are mostly real nice folks here but you never know who is lurking around hunting for email addresses to bombard with spam are other junk.

Try going to www.msn.com and click on the Hotmail button there and see if you can access it from there.

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I have an hotmail account. Unfortunately everytime i enter my email address and password and press go ,the next screen is blank with "done" reading in the left corner. On the bottom right a gold coloured small lock appears. When I click it some information about a certificate appears. How can I disable this or how can i access my account. It was working perfectly until i had to re-install my ntl broadband internet connection. please help. thanks lusaka

A:problem with hotmail account

go here and you can get instant online chat help. Good luck

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I keep getting messages like this one from [email protected], telling me that my message was not sent or whatever, however I did not send it:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


--Forwarded Message Attachment--
From: [email protected]*****rd.com
Subject: Battle.net Account - E-mail Address Changed&#8207;
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 00:14:40 +0800

Blizzard Entertainment recently received a request to change the e-mail
address used to log in to the Battle.net account with the username
******@*****.**. The e-mail address [email protected] has been specified as the
new username for this Battle.net account. An email has been sent to this new
address containing a verification link to complete the change.
Once the new address has been verified, the e-mail address
[email protected] no longer be used to log in to this Battle.net account or
any World of Warcraft accounts merged with this Battle.net account.
If you did not initiate this request, please click
here to contact the Blizzard Billing & Account Services team
The Battle.net Account Team
Online Privacy
Click to expand...

There is no way I am touching any links or attachments at all but I am not constantly being harrassed by MSNs captcha security that obviously must think I am spamming.

How do I top these being sent from my email a... Read more

A:Problem with Hotmail spam being sent from my account?

Please do not use spoiler tags when posting logs. I've edited your post to remove them and moved it to the General Security forum.

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Double posting, please refer to alternate topic

A:Problem with Hotmail spam being sent from my account?

closing duplicate, please do not create duplicate posts for the same issue.

original is at http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/972660-problem-hotmail-spam-being-sent.html



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I keep my Hotmail account open during work so that I can email with my wife (I know, I know - but we don't abuse the privilege and my boss knows I keep it open, ok?). Anyway, for a while now when I've signed in to Hotmail, instead of making a nice neat transition from the login page to my inbox, it would go to a "file not found" page. I had solved this minor issue by simply refreshing the page. Often it would go to a weird looking, text-only version of my inbox, which I would have to refresh again. Then everything would work fine for the rest of the day. This occurred in both IE7 and Google Chrome.
Yesterday, as our resident "tech guy" (as in, happens to know more than anyone else in our company, and only enough to be dangerous), I was tasked with installing an updated version of NOD32 antivirus software. I don't know if these things are related, but now I am unable to access my inbox for Hotmail, in either IE or Chrome.

When I try to go to the log-in page, sometimes I can't even get to it. If I open a new window, I can usually at least get the log in page and enter my username and password. But after I attempt to complete the sign-in process, I get a "HTTP 400 - Bad request" error. In Chrome, it says, "Bad Request (Invalid Verb)".

This happened to me yesterday afternoon, after installing NOD32. When I logged in on both my computers at home last night, I had no problem.

What's going on? What is messed up?... Read more

A:Problem signing in to Hotmail account

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I'm trying to access my MS account - got a message "Microsoft account temporarily blocked." In order to "unblock the account," they want to text me a code number to log in but I DO NOT have a cell phone which allows for texts. What do I do? Thank you.


A:Microsoft Account Temporarily Blocked

you are normally asked to have the code sent to a phone that you told them about when set up the account
or a recovery email address

did you set these up ???

otherwise its going to get more difficult to unblock

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Virtually everything I help other folks with I can find an answer to, but this one has me tearing my hair out.

Where I live in Spain we often get power cuts. Each time it happens I have to re-enter passwords for all the PC forums I help on and my Hotmail account, that was only a minor irritation, but now Hotmail has changed its security measures and made it a big irritation.

After the power has failed, PC is rebooted and when I try to sign into Hotmail I enter my email address and password and it takes me to a page that says "You haven't signed in from this location recently" that alone is hard to understand as I am using my hotmail account every single day.

It then asks for me to verify the account and sends me a text message, I enter the code number received and submit it only to be taken back to the same page again. I've done this verification several times and it just goes around in a never ending circle.

I end up having to select the option "I can't verify my account", fill in all the details and then later in the day or the next morning my account is accessible again, but only until there is another power cut and I have to go through the same routine all over again. I've tried to add my desktop PC as a trusted PC but it says I need to have Windows Essentials installed, so I installed it, rebooted and still got the same message.

On my laptop PC I don't get any of the above problems and can happily sign in and out of Hotma... Read more

A:Solved: Problem signing into my Hotmail account.

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I had this problem once before and Yahoo was no help at all. It finally resolved itself somehow. But my friend has had the problem for two weeks now and every time he tries to fill out the Yahoo form, then click Send...and it just loops back to the form again.

A:Yahoo - Temporarily Unable to access your account

What do you mean by the 'yahoo form.'

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suddenly, my desktop files gone, my document files gone, and when I try to login it shows something like "you are logged in temporarily". But I notice that I can find my desktop files and my document files in C:/users/myuseraccountname

What could be the problem with this?

A:my user account in windows 7 logins temporarily

Error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded”, when logging on to Windows 7 or Windows Vista

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I don't have a second email account listed with the hotmail account so I created a new live account log in. How do I access my email account I have had for 10 years.

A:problem logging into hotmail account need to reset my password

Unless you have a secret question or second email address there is not a way.

I am going to close this thread encase it leads to illegal advice.

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I was curious if anybody knew this. I could not find it anywhere and had never heard of it. Is there a way to temporarily disable an email account? Like a pause button. So if I 'pause' a specific account (I have approx. 6 email accounts in my Outlook, mostly POP3 & Exchange), when I hit Send/Receive it will not be included, but if I 'unpause' it shall be included. Is there a feature like this?

If this is possible I'd like to implement this in a family members of mine computer. So it must be 'stupid proof' if it is.


A:Solved: Outlook: temporarily disable an email account?

Using Office XP.

I have know sorted all my accounts into 1 but If I remember right...

Send/Receive Settings
Define Send/Receive Groups
Make Sure "All Accounts" is selected and click "Edit"
Select the account in the left hand column.
Untick "Include account in this send/receive group"

Hope this helps.

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So I have an administrator account for maintenance purposes and I also have my frequently used standard account.

Usually, when you right click on a program, for example: Spybot S&D

There is an option to "Run as Administrator".

And if you click it, it prompts for an admin password.

But for me, it does not ask for an admin password, it just ignores the fact that I clicked that completely, and runs it as a standard user.

This happens whenever I need admin privileges for something. I cannot elevate my privileges on a standard user account.

It used to work properly, until I changed my account type to standard, and enabled the Administrator account.


Windows 7 Home Premium

Dell Inspiron N7010

A:Cannot Elevate Privileges Temporarily on Standard User Account


If it helps at all, whenever I click on something that needs admin elevation, a window pops up and says:

"The requested operation requires elevation"

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I am using a Yahoo mail account which downloads emails to Windows Live Mail on my desktop.

I am being spammed by Online Casino emails, and despite blocking the senders domain in WinLiveMail, it only lasts for a few days and then returns. Also done the same thing with selective blocking in Yahoo Mail account settings for SPAM blocking but same result.

I tried to contact Yahoo Mail tech support to find out if it's possible to turn off my main Yahoo Mail account for a week or two, as it is the one being spammed, but I get no reply. Apart from FAQ does anyone know how to email or live chat Yahoo Mail support?

I can't use the "Unregister" option in the incoming spam mail, or I'll get inundated with commercial emails.

Also tried various options like Mail Washer, etc.

Can anyone think of an option so I don't see these emails, short of closing the account and creating a new one. The thing is, this is my main account I've used in many online registrations.

The weird thing is I've never been on the web site of Online Casino and never use the main email account in emails or online, except for signing in to things like my ISP, Yahoo Mail, etc.

A:Temporarily turn off email account in Yahoo mail

Yahoo email filters are poor; they only support the model:
block email-id is [email protected]​and spammers continue to reach you by changing the user portion. Better email client software supports that as well as:
block email-id contains @domain​and regardless of the email user, that domain gets blocked

fyi: Thunderbird is my favorite email software

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Could anyone suggest me how to recovery my Facebook account?
First of all: I deliberately typed all information below, to let you exactly what I have don. So, you may be helping me more. I don't know if any the information given below will be out of my safety here in this public forum. So, if please let me informed to delete it.
My problem is ::: Whenever I open my Facebook account, I am faced with
For security reasons your account is temporarily locked
If this account reflects your real name and personal information, please help us verify it. 'Continue'

My headline points are::
•My Facebook got right now blocked is associated with my other email address 'XXX.Hotmail.com'. However, my last Facebook had been blocked and still blocked about two years ago is associated with my other email address 'XXX.Yahoo.com'
•I do no longer care about my Facebook blocked two years ago. However, I most care about my Facebook account got blocked right now.
• Even before blocking my Facebook account associated with my email address ''XXX.Hotmail.com', there have been no notifications upcoming to my email 'XXX.Hotmail.com' associated with my Facebook blocked right now. However, there have been notifications upcoming to my email 'XXX.Yahoo.com' associated with my Facebook account got blocked two years ago.
•I have not tried to open my Facebook account on another computer than the one I normally use since I don't have other device right now.
• My Fac... Read more

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Hello! How do I get out of this horror show that is outlook live? I can't get their support unless I log in, but I can't log in because my outlook email has been temporarily suspended. I'm going insane and I have a LOT of emails I would like to access. I'm not very tech savvy - help.

A:Outlook email temporarily suspended

Not sure what you mean by 'outlook live'. Which email domain are you using and where do you normally go to sign in?

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<g class="gr_ gr_22 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="22" id="22">i</g> need help.
I <g class="gr_ gr_28 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="28" id="28">dont</g> know why my user became not admin. 
<g class="gr_ gr_111 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="111" id="111">i</g> know my password. <g class="gr_ gr_132 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell
gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="132" id="132">i</g> entered to my account normal but when <g class="gr_ gr_184 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling
multiReplace" data-gr-id="184" id="184">its</g> about to install, <g class="gr_ gr_261 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="261" id="261">i</g>
have a window that shows i cannot install cause not admin

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I'm being spammed to death. So, I've registered a new Hotmail account. Now, I would like to transfer/copy all my contacts in the old account into the new account. Can someone please tell me how?

Arthur Bay

A:hotmail -- transferring/copying contacts to new hotmail account from old

Have you tried using the extensive filter and spam blocking on Hotmail?

If you are usiing OE also go to it and export your address as an .csv file then go to this url and import them to your new hotmail account.


I don't know if their is a provision to import them from your old Hotmail account.

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I can’t access my HOTMAIL accounts- HOTMAIL support?

I learned about Microsoft’s new policy of not allowing you to send email from Hotmail using it’s own products Outlook and Outlook Express unless you are paying an additional fee, when I replied to a (Hotmail) email while using OE. After sending my reply I received an error message that OE could not access the account. It then proceeded to DELETE all my previous email message in outlook express for this account.

A web search then led me discover that this account was one of those now requiring payment of a fee to send mail using Outlook or OE instead of logging on to the website. (They are doing this in stages so some HOTMAIL accounts still allow the free use and access with Outlook/OE.)

I then tried to sign on to my account using another Microsoft product Internet Explorer- initially everything looked unchanged,

1. however after typing in my name and password instead of opening my account

2. I got a new screen of “scrambled letters” designed to prove that a person and not a machine is accessing my account.

3. I type in these scrambled letters and one of two things happens:

a. (Usually) I receive yet another screen of scrambled letters to input

b. (Occasionally) I receive the “sign in screen” again EITHER WAY

4. Whichever screen I receive- whether I input scrambled letters yet again or insert my name and password the process repeats itself and one of two things happens:

a. (Usually) I receive yet anothe... Read more

A:I can't acces my HOTMAIL account- Hotmail Tech Support?

I've never used Outlook or Outlook Express in any form my self, so I can only offer some limited suggestions for sorting this out.

First: have you tried deleting all cookies and accessing the account? If using XP/2k -- it may even be helpful to try creating a new User Profile and logging in under that, this will ensure you have an entirely new web cache, index.dat and cookie folder.

Try accessing the account from another computer and see if you get in that way.

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I'm the only user on this laptop and my admin account was called "HybridPC" and I disabled the windows login screen. (Turn computer on and goes right to desktop). One day the welcome screen popped up out of nowhere and I had to login. I tried disabling the login screen to where it was before and now I've screwed things up royally. I cannot login to my original admin account or find it. All the files are still there on my C:\Users\HybridPC folder, but I've lost the profile and user.
I think I messed things up further by trying to create/delete other new user accounts. I've attached 3 screenshots showing my C:users folder, User account screen and the netplwiz.exe profiles.

I've been adding/deleting and can't get back to square one. I don't see my user at all on the welcome screen.
Thanks for your help!

Top User Folder is new today and odd looking as I was attempting to fix on my own.

A:User Profile/Account problem (can't login to original admin account)

Hello tytlyf, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Let's start to see if you disabled or deleted your "HybridPC" by using the tutorial below to get details about all accounts on your computer while you are logged in to your "Admin" account, then post back with them. Afterwards, we can go from there.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows

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This is very strange. A few weeks ago someone in my household created a user account with administrative privileges and changed the other accounts to standard users. Problem is that now we can not log on to the account. It isn't on the log in screen. All I can do it see it through the manage accounts option in the control panel. From here I can attempt to add a password among other things. Since the account I do have access to is standard. What I want to do is, get on the account or get rid of the account. I need administrative privileges on an account I can access. Why can't I see this account on the log in screen?

A:Weird account problem Admin account not at login screen

Hello and welcome Chas mate I would find the culprit and recover the password for that account from whoever it is and change the admin back to what it was previously.

Now given you state it is someone within your household I am thinking this person or persons need a good talking to if that person is still there of course if not then you have a problem.

I don't think even a system restore will do it either.

The alternative is to back up all your data and reinstall.

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I have created a new account in Gmail. When i enable the system to import mails from old yahoo account, system accepts the user name but for password of Yahoo, it shows an error of password missmatch of that account while i daily logs in with same user name and password of Yahoo. I changed my password of Yahoo but results are the same. Please help.

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I need to copy all my addresses from 1 hotmail account to a 2nd. I would like to do this in a way I do not need to type in each address

A:hotmail address book another hotmail account


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How do I get my Hotmail emails over into my new Outlook Hotmail account I inadvertently created my new account without checking properly

A:How to get my old Hotmail emails into my new Outlook Hotmail account

Here's how you add your Hotmail account to your Outlook.com account. I don't know if you'll get your messages over or not. They're two separate accounts that can't be merged.


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I bought a new laptop, then set up my user account name in foreign characters because I didn't know it was going to be a problem. After a while several programs had trouble accessing files in C:/users/[old name] because the [old name] was in foreign characters. So I decided to switch my account name to a simple English name in control panel. I had no idea switching user account name would be such a convoluted process. Now in the log-in screen it displays the new name, but all it did was create another folder in C:/users with the new name, the old folder with the foreign name was still there. What's worse is that this account is STILL linked to the files in the old folder. For example when I edit stuff in Acrobat, my author name would default to the foreign name, or in games it would store cache files in C:/users/[old name]/AppData.
So how do I migrate all the files from C:/users/[old name] to C:/users/[new name], and link this account to the new folder, then permanently delete everything associated with the old account? I don't think I can simply manually delete C:/users/[old name], and expect the computer to magically associate the new account name?

A:Problem with account still linked to previous account name

Hi there. It would probably be easier to restore it to an earlier date.

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My wife wants to change her hotmail name to reflect her new name (which would require an account change)

My question is, where is the setting that can foward your emails to another address inside hotmail? or is this possible? she doesnt want to give up her name because everything she's done for the past 7 years has been on that name.

A:Receiving hotmail from another hotmail account?

There is no automatic forwarding option in Hotmail that I am aware of.

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I hope somebody can help me. I'm not sure where to turn. I had a hotmail account with all my contacts. This Saturday one of my horses is running in the Kentucky Derby and I had a picture of the horse I sent out in a mass mailing to all my contacts.

Hotmail closed my account and will not let me back into it. It is now my understanding that you can't send such mailings or they will stop the service for you.

Is there any way I can appeal to them to get at least my contacts? I don't know who to write or contact to request this. I would certainly hope that someone has had this problem and can tell me how I can at least get my contacts.

Thanks for any and all help.


David Smith

A:Need Help BAD with Hotmail Account


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I would like to know how to unlock my hotmail email account.

I set up my hotmail email account some time ago and did not have any other email accounts at the time. I am also unable to remember whether or not I set up a secret question and/or answer. Therefore I am unable to reset my password using the "forgot password" option.

Can you help me to unlock my hotmail email account?

A:Hotmail Account


Unfortunately we can't help you retrieve passwords on this forum.


* You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following:-

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software
* assistance with accessing copyrighted software programs
* Leeching on private or public WiFi/Broadband connections

Your best bet would be to simply open up a new hotmail account.

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I need an image of the Hotmail window showing the folders on a typical hotmail account.

Anyone that could provide this - I would appreciate it.

A:Hotmail account ?

I added the last two folders (Registrations and Tax).

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Ok hey first of all this is my first time on this forum so excuse me if this is the wrong section to post this in (im basically looking for some advice

Recently my hotmail account got hacked . so i did ''Custom Support field to get it back)' (but there was a glitch or something on the website to give me a password reset(instantly) instead of waiting for them to contact me. so i reset the password. and it looked like everything went fine but 3-4days the other person kept taking my account back (he didnt even put much of the req info inside the box and still got it (he basically put pretty basic information so now here's the thing i dont know what to do. im really annoyed for being so stupid (idk how my hotmail got hacked but yeh. i dont know what to do could anybody please give me some advice? (i tried to fill the information in again and it seems like the glitch thing has gone away. so i was willing to wait but they said i didnt give all the right info

Please get back to me


A:Hotmail Account help *if possible*

Hi -

You need to contact Microsoft Corporation about this; nothing that we can help you with here.


Regards. . .



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I have been trying to access my hotmail since saturday and it says that the password i entered is incorrect and i don't know what to do next?

A:hotmail account

Click the Forgot Password link and follow instruction.
You will be asked a security question.
If you gave at signing up a alternative email address it will ask for it.
Normally its quite straightforward

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My son has a hotmail account. My husband and I both email him from our respective mchsi accounts regularly. I found out the other day that my son receives my husband's emails, but not mine. I asked my son if he has me blocked...he checked and said I wasn't. What else could be causing this problem? He does receive my emails if I send them from my aol account.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

A:My Son's Hotmail Account

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Couldn't find an area for a question about Hotmail ?? I Googled Hotmail Forum it brought me here to this site - registered so here is my query:

I have begun placing my CONTACTS into Categories like Family, Family O/S ( Over/Seas) Friends, Friends O/S, Business, Business O/S etc etc.
I have done that by ticking the "OBVIOUS" contacts boxes in my long contact list and transfering them to the appropriate Category.
However with about 290 contacts to place I keep going through the list, wondering if I placed them to the appropriate category.
Of course to check I have to close out of the main contact list, then go another list to check if I put them where I think they should be ( Some need to be included in a couple of Categories )
Is there some way that I can show - on my MAIN CONTACT LIST that I have placed them somewhere?
Like an indication mark ?
That then would then allow me, as I go through the list in Alphabetical order to see those Contacts that still have somewhere to be placed..Regards Don

A:In my Hotmail account:

Hello and welcome to the forum

I had a look and could not find anything what your looking for, you can try posting your request on the hotmail help forum:

Hotmail Threads

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How do I ensure that all emails are deleted permanently and not stored for later use.
I don't need to reclaim emails I have already eleted and don't want them accessed possibly by other parties

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I access my 3 hotmail account via Outlook express. I was having trouble sending emails from one account, they were being returned. I found out what the problem was thru this forum.


OK, so I signed up for Hotmail Plus, and registered with one of my hotmail email address's. How do I add my other two hotmail address's to the hotmail plus account? Seem's to me, only one hotmail account is going to work with OE right now, until I let MSN know the other 2 hotmail accounts.

Any solutions?


A:Hotmail plus account.

I just got off a live chat with someone at MSN. You only get to use one free Hotmail account with each Hotmail Plus account. So, for those of you with multiple hotmail accounts using OE, its back to the drawing board.

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