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Dell Precision 5520 using TB16 Thunderbolt dock having lan issues

Q: Dell Precision 5520 using TB16 Thunderbolt dock having lan issues

We have a Dell Precision 5520 that uses a TB16 docking station that all of a sudden is having difficulties connecting to our VPN. It was fine earlier in the day. We tried clearing the DNS cache and tried a winsock reset. THe drivers are up to date and everything.
Also tried to reboot the computer multiple times.
Even tried a K17A Dock and had the same issue.
We were finally able to get the computer to connect to the vpn once we used a usb net adapter to plug the ethernet cable into.
Tried plugging the usb adapter into the computer directly and into the dock. It worked whether it was directly connected to the computer or the dock.
It only does not work when we connect the ethernet cable to into the lan port on the TB16 and K17A dock. And only for the one computer.

At a loss, any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Dell Precision 5520 using TB16 Thunderbolt dock having lan issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)



I have mentioned new combintation Precision 5520 with TB16 dock. And I suffred odd problem USB and audio problem after first attachment ever of TB16 dock. USB ports and audio out in Laptop side stopped working, yes those are working from dock.
I got audio working after installing drivers again for it, but USB are staying silent after re-installation of all available drivers from Dell support pages (or via command update).I can see from device manager that laptop has one problematic (not working) USB controller, but it looks that I'm not able to find driver for it to get it working.
So some help is appriciated here.

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I just bought a Dell TB16 USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 dock for my Dell XPS 9550. I updated the BIOS and drivers for both units using Dell Command Update, but now every time I boot up my computer I get a message stating "your PC may need updates for the Thunderbolt 3 port to function properly. For more information go to thunderbolttechnology.net/updates". That link, in turn, refers me to the Dell page that tells me to do the updates I've already done.
It's annoying to get this message even though everything appears to be up to date. Anyone run into this and have a solution?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 with TB16 Dock Thunderbolt message

You have done the firmware update which might be required on some systems?

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My XPS 13 crashes each time I try to connect the dock with Intel Thunderbolt program. I have updated the BIOS, and did all the firmwares and drivers listed in TB16 installation. 
What shall I do?

A:Dell XPS 13 OS crashes when configured to use TB16 Dock in Thunderbolt app

Which version of the XPS 13 do you have?
Did the software and Firmware update install normally without the Dock attached?
Have you tried running the Dock without any outputs connected?
Did you get any popups related to allowing certain connected devices?
Look in the Settings and Details to see what TB controller you are using and if it does not show as Unknown.

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Hi guys,
i have a new Dell Xps 15 9560 and TB16 thunderbolt dock. Everything works great, except.... If TB16 is connected to the laptop, it's impossible to shut down the computer. Instead of powering down, laptop restarts. When TB16 not connected, laptop shuts down perfectly. How to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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I have a Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 - 240W docking station for the XPS 15 9560. It comes with a 0.5m USB Type-C Thunderbolt cable. Is there a longer cable, such as a 1m cable available for the TB16?
The TB16 was shipped from Dell with an instruction booklet entitled "Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) Dock Cable Installation Guide." The book has instructions on how to remove the shipped cable and replace it with some cable that is received as a separate shipment. Does anyone know the purpose for those instructions? 
I'd like to suggest that the above questions would be a nice addition to the TB16 FAQ... adding some info on cable length, cable length restrictions, future plans for differing cable lengths, etc., might help users such as myself. I see others out there which have concerns about short cable length so that's why I think the answer to the above would make good TB16 support KB articles or FAQ entries. 
Thank you!

A:Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 Maximum Cable Length

The included instruction guide is just in case you need to remove the cable for replacement.
My cable is around .4 meters or 16 inches.  I do not know of other length cables are available.

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I've bought TB16 and update all drivers (Dell Assist does it) and after lowing network settings to 75% my DELL monitors flickering less but now I have major issue since my Dell Adapter - USB-C to HDMI-VGA-Ethernet-USB stop working completely. When I plug in nothing happens (yes, adapter is working properly and yes cables are correct)
In first few days, randomly, Windows was enable to turn on output to adapter (after hour of plugin, plug out same adapter).
Now, it's completely useless. 
Can anyone help, any suggestion ?

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Has anyone had experience with this. I just purchased an XPS 15 9560 with a TB16 dock and I'm hoping to use the dock and my old Apple Cinema display, but I can't seem to get the monitor to work in the dock. I purchased an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter and the screen works fine when I hook it directly into the laptop, but I get a USB malfunctioned error when I hook it into the dock. Any information or tricks anyone else has found would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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I have just received the TB16, that I use with my Precision 5510. I have connected my mouse and keyboard with the Logitech Unifying Receiver on a USB port. The connection works, but the mouse freezes about half of the time, and the keyboard misses many of the keys typed. So it is basically not usable. When the receiver is plugged directly into the computer's usb plug, the mouse and keyboard are perfectly smooth.
I have tried to connect the received on a DA200 connected on the Thunderbolt port of the TB16. This also works smoothly. So the problem only comes from the USB ports of the TB16 (both USB 2 and USB 3 ports).

A:Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 -240W & Logitech Unifying Receiver

Do you have any wired devices you could check.  It wasn't long ago the Logitech wireless devices had problems with Win 10.  
Otherwise, there are threads about the TB16 and Bios updates on other systems concerning USB compatibility.

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I have two displays connected to the laptop (one to the native HDMI and one to the docking station). In effect, I am able to drive three displays (Laptop display, native HDMI, and DP from WD15). I wanted to connect one more display to drive four display? 

When I connect the fourth display it's not showing up in the detected displays list. 
How can I do this? Is it possible? 

A:How to drive four displays from DELL Precision 5520 with Dell Dock WD15 and native ports??

It's not going to be possible without some other type of hardware purchase - no.  The internal GPU cannot drive four displays at a time.

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Title in the subject line pretty much says it.I've got a Dell Precision 5510 and a TB16 dock.It is currently running Windows 10 1703 but this issue existed under Windows 10 1607 as well.
Sequence of events/how to replicate:

Connect the Precision 5510 to the TB16 dock (presence of any other combination of peripherals seems to be irrelevant)
Boot into Windows 10 and enable BitLocker using TPM and a PIN
Shutdown and power on or /restart, whilst still connected to the TB16, enter your PIN and boot successfully
Shutdown and disconnect from the TB16 dock then try to boot - BitLocker prompts for the great big recovery key (what a pain)
Entering the recovery key and proceeding to boot is fine, as is shutting down and trying to boot again with the TB16 attached but if you're away from the office (and the TB16) and don't have the recovery key, then you're in a bit of a pickle!
If you've...

Booted with the TB16 attached
Shutdown and disconnected from the TB16
Booted to encounter BitLocker recovery (but luckily had the recovery key with you and entered it)
Continued to use the Precision 5510 away from the TB16 and restarted...then you have no need to encounter BitLocker recovery and re-enter the recovery key again

One you go back to connecting to the TB16 though... you guessed it, you need to re-enter the recovery key again.
I see two ways to look at this:

What's going on at a hardware level that is resulting in this behaviour? Is there something at a dock c... Read more

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We received a new 5510 laptop that works great on its own, but when adding in the thunderbolt dock we experience odd issues

1. If the laptop lid is closed while connected to thunderbolt, the laptop will hang at the Dell bios screen.  If the lid is open while power turned on, the laptop boots up fine.  However, the BIOS screen is still not visible on the external monitors, only when the OS has loaded
2. Dell shipped a new dock which had no differnce, and then I uninstalled every single driver and downloaded/installed in order from Dell's website, including updated Thunderbolt firmware and BIOs

The laptop is running Windows 10 x64

2 things I have noticed:
1. In device manager, the Thunderbolt Controller 1575 is hidden.  Viewing hidden devices and opening this controller states:
"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer (Code 45)"  The resources tab states that there is a problem with the device
Of course, reconnecting makes no difference.  I have also unplugged all peripherals from the dock to make sure there was not a conflict
Second, in device manager, there is no listing (visible or invisible) for  ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock, regardless of uninstalling it through Add/Remove Programs and re-installing.
One more note - I am able to work normally after booting with the lid open successfully and then closing the lid.

A:Precision 5510 issues with Thunderbolt dock

I have the exact same symptoms with the same hardware (precision 5510 & WD15). the computer will not POST when it is either started or restarted with the built-in display closed. If the lid is open... all is fine. Ohh.. and when you do try to start/restart with the lid closed, i get a 2 orange, 7 white blink code. it will continue to repeat this until I open the lid and press the power button. This will then cause the unit to successfully POST and boot up.
I'm running Windows 8.1, and have installed all available dell updates as of March 28th, 2016

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Just got my defective TB15 swapped out for a TB16.  So far the USB connection and display connections are rock solid.  Still having a problem with the USB-C port on the TB16, however.  I have an Akitio SK-2520 USB 3.1 Gen 2 dual sata RAID enclosure populated with 2 x 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs.  
Plugged directly into the USB-C port on the 5520 itself I get the following in CrystalDiskMark:

Plugged into the TB16 I get the following:
The enclosure has external power because neither the laptop nor the TB16 can provide enough wattage to power it.  It is a USB-PD certified device, so not sure why I have to use it's external power brick, but that's another discussion entirely. 
At first I thought the fact that I'm driving my LG 34UM88C-P monitor (2440x1440 resolution) was eating into the bandwidth available to the neutered TB3 20Gbps connection, so I disconnected it.  Even with the enclosure being the only device plugged into the TB16 the speeds remain the same.  The USB-C port on the back of the TB16 has a Thunderbolt logo indicating that it's TB3 certified.
Per the Intel Thunderbolt 3 FAQ: "Thunderbolt 3 is a superset solution which includes USB 3.1 (10Gbps), and adds 40Gbps Thunderbolt and DisplayPort 1.2 from a single USB-C port."  Meaning that port should be capable of providing 10Gbps of throughput to be a properly certified TB3 port.

A:Precision 5520 + TB16 = Slow USB-C connection

I think the problem is likely in the limitation of PCIe over TB3. 40 Gbps of TB3 is dynamically shared among DP and PCIe lanes. Up to PCIe3 x4 (32 Gbps) is generally possible (assuming DP not taking more than 8Gbps, otherwise DP has priority), however the 5520/9560 support only PCIe3 x2 (16 Gbps ) - this was found by the eGPU gaming community and later confirmed by Dell. Likely even less than that is available via the "downstream" TB3 connector on the TB16, because the TB16 occupies some of the PCIe bandwidth. The TB16 specs don't list much for its TB3 port, maybe it is restricted at USB-C 3.1 gen 1 5 Gbps?
Regarding USB-PD, cross-compatibility is a tricky issue. The two devices must negotiate a voltage-current pair, and many devices which are not primarily power supplies in practice don't support different voltages. I gather the Akitio wants 15W @ 5V 3A, while the Dell laptop and dock likely only offer 20V, maybe also 5V but at a low power.

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So I got the TB16 to use with my Windows 10 Precision 7510. I've had issues with the USB devices dropping out randomly but I seem to have got that under control (for now). I'm having another issue of sorts. Updated the BIOS then went into the BIOS changed restart/shutdown to "thorough" and checked "thunderbolt adapter boot support" and "thunderbolt adapter pre boot modules" as I wanted to boot from a USB DVD drive that was connected to the TB16. But when I tried to boot the laptop got stuck on the Dell logo and wouldn't go into POST. I tried diagnostic boot and got the same result. Couldn't get far enough to press F2 or F12. When I disconnected the TB16 and powered on the laptop it booted up fine. I could then connect the TB16 and it would work fine. But if I tried to restart with the TB16 connected I had the same issue. I eventually unchecked "thunderbolt adapter boot support" and "thunderbolt adapter pre boot modules" just so I could restart without having to disconnect the TB16 (I don't know which of the two options is causing the booting issue though). I can get by without booting from the TB16 but I got it partly for that reason so would to get it working if I can. Any ideas?

A:Dell Precision 7510 TB16 Boot Issues

So I got the TB16 to use with my Windows 10 Precision 7510. I've had issues with the USB devices dropping out randomly but I seem to have got that under control (for now).
It might be if the devices are intermittent, they would exhibit problems during a Pre Boot Scan.
I wanted to boot from a USB DVD drive that was connected to the TB16. But when I tried to boot the laptop got stuck on the Dell logo and wouldn't go into POST.
You are wanting to boot a UEFI capable DVD, such as the Win 10 Install media, connected to the TB16?  If that is the case, I can test to see if I can do it.  I am wondering if the Thunderbolt is connected to the PCIe bus if any device there will be checked for boot compatibility.  
I suppose you can boot from that USB DVD when connected directly to your system?

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I have a TB16 docking station with 240W power supply connecting to a Dell Precision 5520 laptop.  The laptop is powered via the TB16 through the thunderbolt connector.  About once a week, I get a BIOS warning that states:  "Alert! You have attached an undersized 100W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 130W power adapter..."
All I have connected to the TB16 are two displays, an ethernet cable, a USB keyboard/mouse, and speakers via the audio out.
I've also had problems getting enough juice out of the USB port to charge my phone.
Several co-workers have the exact same setup, and are having the exact same issues.  Is the power supply or TB16 defective, or just incapable of supporting this configuration? If so, that is disappointing.  I ran a lot more with a 90W power adapter on my old Dell laptop/docking station configuration.

A:TB16 240W BIOS undersized power adapter warning with Precision 5520

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Kind of a multi part question here.
I have a Precision 7510 and a TB16 Dock. I have the quadro m2000 graphics card. When I have my dock connected I connect a display port cable from my dock' s display port out to my dell 4k monitor. The max resolution is either FHD at 60 hrz or 3840x2160 at 30hrz. The 30hrz option is not acceptable for me. I end up trying it with a mini display port to the dock with a display port to the monitor adapter cable that came with the monitor. That gives me the full 3840x2160 resolution.
Two questions here.
1 why am I not getting proper output from the full size display port on my dock and is there something that can be done to correct it as I think I should be able to connect another 4k monitor and was thinking about getting another of the dell ones but don't want to unless I know it will work.
2 I see a lot of info on the different revisions of both display port and hdmi. I think the latest display port revision is 1.4 or something and  hdmi is 2.1. What version is my machine able to support? In looking for help online with question 1 I found info that makes me believe it could be related to what version of display port is supported by my machine. That is why I am looking for that info.
Thank you

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I have been experiencing issues with my USB keyboard on my XPS15 9550 w/TB16 Dock when the Logitech G610 USB keyboard is plugged into TB16 USB 2.0 port in the back.
The keyboard will hang, accepting no input. or may hang on a certain letter, thus producing an "aaaaaaaa" across the screen until the keyboard "comes back".
Keyboard seems to work fine while plugged directly into the XPS15 rather than the TB16.
I also have an external USB drive for backups that I use connected to the TB16, although seems to be functioning fine. I have not had a backup fail, so, I assume it is working fine.
I have tried downloading all of the drivers, and re-installing them in the proper order according to the documentation while disconnected from the TB16, and then connecting to the dock.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?  Is it the dock or the 9550?

A:USB Keyboard Hangs/Quits working on XPS15 9550 and Thunderbolt Dock TB16 . W10Pro x64

If you happen to run Citrix Receiver, make sure you're running at least version 4.9, since earlier versions are known to cause USB issues with the TB16, although that typically presents as the USB ports not working at all.  If not, then there was also an issue with intermittent USB device disconnects that was eventually solved through a combination of drivers and firmware, so when you say you've downloaded all of the drivers, please confirm that includes:
- Thunderbolt firmware
- Thunderbolt software
- ASMedia USB Host Controller driver

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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To back up Dell-Brian B's threads you can find all the available Dell documents for the Dell Dock and Dell Thunderbolt Dock here. 

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we are rolling out slowly the TB16 and have a strange behaviour when working with the M7510. All of them show the following message when TB16 is connected:

Regardless what I press (F1 F2 F5), it continues booting. Firmware of TB16 is the newest, 7510 has newest BIOS.Who can help?Regards

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Hi guys,
Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere (though I haven't been able to find anything). I'm testing a TB16 dock for use with the Latitude 7480 but cannot get it to work with the monitors. it is supplying power to the laptop, but nothing else plugged into it is recognised. I have updated all the available drivers for the 7480 and the BIOS is updated to 1.2.9.  The BIOS was updated first.
When I attempt to install the  Thunderbolt 3 Firmware update, I get an error that "No Thunderbolt controller update supported for this platform ID=0x7A0".  
I have installed the available thunderbolt drivers listed here in addition to the Thunderbolt Software
I'm running Windows 10 Pro version 1607 Build 14393.953
Short of uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling in the right order (again), I'm running out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell 7480 and TB16 dock

I don't know about that particular machine but the TB firmware and controller are installed to the machine before you even plug in the dock.
If the Thunderbolt options in the Bios are greyed out, you do not have a Thunderbolt controller.  I will leave it to you as to whether you have a 2 or 3 lane Thunderbolt system.

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Hi all!Recently we bought a QNAP TS-453BT3.This device functions as a NAS with two Thunderbolt 3 ports,  two computers can access simultaneously at high-speed. As a video production company that's very nice to have!Our two computer setups:DESKTOPAsus X99-A II MOBONvidia GTX1080ThunderboltEX3 (PCI-E card)LG Ultrawide 38" ...
Dell XPS 9650Dell TB16 DOCKLG Ultrawide 34" Curved (connected with Displayport in the TB16 dock, 4K 60HZ)QNAP (Connected by Thunderbolt 3 in the TB16 dock)Keyboard + Mouse (Connected by USB in the TB16 dock)Now the problem,Whenever we need to shutdown Dell XPS 9650 (connected to the TB16) the QNAP also powers down its second Thunderbolt 3 port connected to our desktop.If we remove the TB16 dock and plug the TB3 cable from the QNAP straight into the laptop, and we shut it down, nothing happens. It keeps working perfectly with out desktop.When the TB3 cable is connected in the TB16 dock at boot-up, non of the USB devices are recognized. 
So there is a problem with the TB16 dock in combination with TB3 and it's powersettings.
Currently we are using the XPS 9650 without the TB16 dock.Unfortunately the HMDI out of the XPS can't handle 4K 60hz.As an video-editor 60hz is really necessary.
Does somebody have any idea what the problem might be?Thanks in advance!

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The precision 5520 is available with two wireless cards, the dell wireless 1820 (when configured with ubuntu) and the Intel WiFi Link 8265 (when configured with windows 10).  I have the 1820 and ubuntu, but I also want to use windows 10.  When I installed windows 10, the card worked fine.  However, when I installed the anniversary update, the card stopped working.  In the device manager, it said that the device cannot start (code 10).  On the dell website, there are only drivers listed for the Intel WiFi Link 8265 card, and none for the 1820, so I couldn't install any drivers.  
Does anyone know how to make the 1820 card work under windows 10 anniversary?

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Hi all,
I recently purchased a TB16 thunderbolt dock. Everything seems to work perfectly except for the fact that my XPS isnt actually charging. The battery indicator shows that its charging but the battery continually drains and not indication of charge time shows up leading me to believe that no power is actually going to the laptop.
I have updated all the drivers except for the Thunderbolt 3 Firmware which continually fails to install. It gives me an error message of  "Thunderbolt Firmware installation failed" and I believe the NVM firmware is 8 currently. Im speculating that this is causing the charging issues. Has anyone had a similiar installation problem? Ive tried disabling my antivirus etc but it continues to fail.

Please help!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 and TB16 dock problem

(EDIT: The information below pertains to the XPS 15, not the XPS 13 like the OP is using. Apologies for the confusion.)The TB16 is sold with two different wattage AC adapters: 180W and 240W.  The XPS 15 requires that the TB16 be powered by the 240W adapter in order to charge the system. Check the wattage on the AC adapter you're using with the TB16.

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I recently purchased the TB16 dock and I am using it in combination with a XPs13 9350.

I updated all drivers, bios, ...
I also tried the "siwtching off wireless" suggestion already

Problem is, the monitor goes blank several times each day.

Any suggestions ? Any fixes ?

Ingo Hilgefort

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I have a brand new Dell Precision 5520 and I noticed some dark shadows on both bottom sides of the screen, as shown in the pictures. I see them even if I change brightness or if I run the LCD built-in test.
Is it a screen issue?

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I'm trying to connect my new laptop Dell Precision 5520 with Dell monitor U-2412H (now approx 4 years old] and I have troubles.
Laptop is having HDMI output only, Display is having VGA, DVI and Display port, so I need any conversion. 
HDMI to VGA conversion (analog ) works, but displayed picture is not fully sharp etc.... 
HDMI to Display port cable - (tested and working between my old Precision M4300 (Display port) and HDMI TV ( Panasonic AS ) doesn't works 
HDMI to DVI ( new cable) doesn't works 
In both digital connections, external display is not detected by video card. 
Built in display is UHD ( 3846x2160) with Touch panel, used display driver is (Intel 630 graphics ]  ( dated as 21.4.2017 ) - but this numbering is incompatible with pure intel drivers versions  (there is noted river version like 15.60 ...
Is this Hardware or sofware issue ?

A:Dell Precision 5520 - DigitalVideo and Dell U-2412H

I don't see a U2412H display anywhere.  I see a P2412H and a U2414H -- which display are you talking about?
You definitely don't want HDMI to VGA because analog video never looks good.
DisplayPort to HDMI only works if the source is DisplayPort and the display uses HDMI.  It doesn't work in the opposite configuration that you're attempting.
HDMI to DVI should work just fine because HDMI and DVI actually use identical signalling as long as it's 1920x1200 resolution or below -- but since I'm not sure what display you have, I'm not sure what resolution you're trying to run.  If it's 1920x1200 or lower and it didn't work, you might want to try a different cable.  If you're trying to run a resolution higher than 1920x1200, HDMI to DVI won't work because DVI can only handle higher resolutions using dual-link DVI, but there are no simple converters from HDMI to dual-link DVI.  In that case, you wouldn't have any way to drive that display from that PC at the panel's native resolution.

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I just picked up a Precision 5520 for work and I have a few questions.
1) Is it normal that the fan is always running? Even when I lock the Windows 10 session and close the lid, the fan still runs.
2) I also have the Thunderbolt Dock but I've noticed that I lock the session and close the lid. When I come back the next day and login to the sessions and resume, the mouse (which is plugged into the dock) doesn't work until I quit Virtual Box.
3) It installed a bunch of Dell software that basically gives the browser access to my laptop, which I assume lets their website and ultimately their staff access my machine. Did anyone NOT install this software and enable this? This freaks me out as I don't know what these applications and the website is collecting from my machine.

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I heard somewhere that the Xeon version of the new Precision 5520 is going to support ECC. 
Is this correct?
Does the hardware already support ECC ??


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I'm trying to achieve a heavily relied upon gesture on my new precision: the back swipe.  I'm accustomed to it being 3 fingers, but I'll take any gesture better than meandering the cursor across thousands of pixels to a tiny target at one edge.
I found: 

But, while seeming promising, the instructions are too vague to follow in practice.  
I really hope there is some option for this.  It was really useful.  

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Hi guys.
I have a Precision 5510 work station laptop, where I have struggeled with getting my two 4k monitors running on 4k / 60 Hz. The HDMI port does only support 4k / 30 Hz, which is unbearable.
I now have a Plugable thunderbolt 3 hub, which gives me one DP port so I can run 4k / 60 Hz.

Do any of you have any tips on which Thunderbolt 3 hub that can pull off 2 x 4k / 60 Hz monitors?
My colleague is looking on the 5520 laptop, but if it can run what we mean is the future standard (2x4k 60Hz monitors), we might go for another brand.
I would prefer a hub, so we only need to unplug the carger and TB3 cable.
I have found this adapter, which may be plugged in the TB3 port of a TB3 hub, but that will be pretty messy.

Any other tips?

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I need to purchase an original Dell Precision 5520 laptop battery.
Li-polymer 3-cell (56 Whr) with ExpressCharge: Dell P/N YWYV6
I recently bought my 5520 with the 97 Whr 6-cell battery which occupies the space for the SATA hard drive.  I contacted Dell sales to buy the 3-cell but they do not have one available.

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Just got my new Dell Precision 5520. 32 GB RAM, Intel 7700, internal M.2 SSD 500, Hi-Res screen.
I have a problem connecting an external Samsung T3 1 TB SSD. No matter if I connect to USB 3.0 or USB-C Port, the transfer speed to the SSD is only 34-38 MB/s. Even my older WD external USB 3.0 HD is about double as fast?
The Samsung SSD works fine on another Laptop with USB 3.0, at about 260 MB/S speed.
Windows 10 64 latest Update, and all available Dell Driver updates installed.
Any idea how to improve?


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Is anyone noticing a squeal when shutting down/rebooting after upgrading to bios 1.1.3?
I'm running the 5520 with Xeon and 32Gb of member, 256 NVMe ssd. OS, Fedora 25.

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I have recently received a Dell Precision 5520 with the UHD display which is a fantastic machine and will be serving me well for the foreseeable future. However I have one rather large niggle which I cannot seem to rectify.
The display seems to be constantly over saturated. The reds and blues are very unnatural and make using the screen rather painful for me.

I have tried to change icc colour profiles using the ubuntu colour config tool to no avail. I have even use the colourmgr cli tool to also change the profile which also didn't work.
Strangely if I use a profile that should switch reds and green around, nothing happens which leads me to believe the icc colour profiles are not being honoured by the system.
Has anybody had the same problem and/or know of a solution.
Thanks in advance.

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Posting this while in the middle of a THREE HOUR call with technical & customer support.  I'm connecting my TB16 to an Alienware 15 R3 and the TB16 has issues with USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard, and audio interface) where it would disconnect periodically.  Sometimes it would work for a week, sometimes for only 10 seconds...extremely inconsistent.  BIOS and Drivers are all up to date.  So I basically connect my peripherals directly to the laptop, and use TB16 for display port and ethernet.
Prior to purchasing the TB16, Dell confirmed that it would work with my AW 15 R3.  I finally called Dell tech support to resolve this issue, but they sent me to Alienware Premium support because they say this is an Alienware issue.  Alienware then say they do not troubleshoot Dell docks at all and sent me back to Dell support, who (not surprisingly) say they can't solve this issue because it is an Alienware issue.  So all this back and forth, from speaking with 7 different reps, I finally get sent back to Alienware premium support team again, and they tell me that Alienware do not support the TB16 and that they ABSOLUTELY cannot help at all.  My biggest gripe is that no one is taking responsibility for this and I'm being passed along from 1 rep to the next. (I almost think I'm on the phone with Comcast customer service)
I'm past 30 days for a return and refund, so they only option I have now is to exchange it for another TB16... Read more

A:Dock TB16 USB connection issues - Tech support teams not taking responsibility

Some recent BIOS updates for various systems have caused intermittent disconnects and reconnects for USB devices attached to TB16 docks (and I think I've seen the WD15 mentioned too, but I can't remember).  There are several threads on this topic right now just in the first page or two of this forum because they're all very active. Unfortunately, downgrading back to an earlier BIOS does NOT seem to resolve the issue, perhaps because some component that's updated in the BIOS update can't be (or simply isn't) downgraded even when the main BIOS firmware is. The good news is that Dell has acknowledged the issue, and just today a Dell rep advised that a new BIOS update currently being tested internally appears to have solved the issue and should therefore be released shortly.  That thread admittedly pertains to the XPS 13 9360, but since this problem was introduced on several systems at around the same time when they all got BIOS updates, it's reasonable to expect that the fix will come for all affected systems around the same time.So if you haven't already, don't bother sending your TB16 in for an exchange.  It will very likely prove a waste of time -- and if you DO somehow turn out to have a lemon TB16, presumably your warranty will still be active after the new BIOS updates are released, so you can do the exchange then.

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I used the Lenovo System Update (v5.07.0074) and was prompted to download and install (was listed as Critical Update) the Firmware to my Dock.  As always, I closed all applications and sat as the Firmware downloaded. I got the expected prompt to ensure I was plugged in. I then watched as the upgraded prompted me to install. Installation completed and everything appeared to be fine.  I powered down the thinkpad and disconnected. Worked from the living room, then went back to the dock. Connected, and noticed that before I connected the White light on the power button was illuminated. Shrugged, and pushed the power button. Nothing. I un-plugged the Dock, got a cup of coffee, returned and plugged it back in. Nothing. I then noticed that none of the pass-through power was working on the dock.  So, I unplugged it again.  Unplugged everything connected to it, and held the power button down for 15 seconds in an effort. All of this at the recommendation of Lenovo Support. Who, by the way, was very nice and well spoken. Nothing we did worked. I happened to have another Thunderbolt 3 cable in my bag, and no change. I powered up my new X1 Yoga, and connected the cable. No power. This wasn't passing power at all. I confirmed the Intel Thunderbolt app was running, and confirmed that Windows was not even detecting the Dock.  Lenovo is sending me a replacement. I had this one all of a week. Did I miss any other steps while I wait for it to be repl... Read more

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Currently have an X1 Carbon 5th Gen - 20HR, that is experiencing susbtantial issues with the Thunderbolt dock now.  I'll start with some initial info to set the stage. -----------------------X1 Carbon 5th Gen - 20HR Machine TypeWindows 10 Pro - 1903 - build 18356.21Thunderbolt 3 dock, dual Display (thinkvision P24Q), one hdmi and one display portAll updates for windows and lenovo, using thinkvantage tool.  Including latest thunderbolt firmware deployed yesterday (v. device - PCI-to-PCI bridge - version 10.0.18356.1----------------------- Symptoms.Starting about 3 weeks ago, started experiencing an issue where by if I start the laptop off the dock, and plug in to the dock, none of the USB devices connected to the dock will work.  The displays work fine, but none of the USB devices do.  Such as camera, keyboard/mouse, external HD, etc. Upon opening device manager, I will always see a PCI-to-PCI bridge device in a non functional state, stating the driver has failed, subsequent attempts to update driver or completely uninstall all PCI-to-PCI bridge devices and rediscover them won't work.  Nothing fixes the issue but a reboot with the dock connected. Even with the dock functional, I now experience a strange issue whereby one of the two monitors will randomly flash (meaning go black and than almost immediately come back on). If I start the laptop on the dock, disconnect, and reconnect, I still have the same issues.&... Read more

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I have a Dell Precision Tower 3620 that was purchased May 2016. I'm looking to use the Thunderbolt capability but can't find the addin card that I'm supposed to use. This unit was advertised as having Thunderbolt capability but I can't seam to find how to take advantage of it.

A:Dell Precision Tower 3620 Thunderbolt

It looks like its an add-on card that you purchased with your build.  If you didn't select it at time of purchase, then it didn't come with it.  You can always buy a PCIe add on card yourself and throw it in the computer.

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Hi There, I'm having trouble with a Lenovo P52 with a Thinkpad Thunderbold 3 Dock. When I Conect my dock to my laptop it wil ask if i want to allow it. (It always asks strangely. Even if its in managed Thunderbolt devices.)  After pressing ok the problems start.-Shortcuts are flickering on the Desktop and in the taskbar.-Not being charged-No Mouse & Keybourd-No Ethernet.-External screen does work but with above problems. Additional information:-With only the powercord and usb-c into the Lenovo Laptop and nothing else in the dock it stil gives the same problems.-Tried with difirent cables.-Tried other Docks but same problem. (Docks that work with other Lenovo laptops)-It works somtimes. once every 5-10 tries. But fail right after trying again.-No Faults in Lenovo center. Product information:Lenovo Vantage InfoLenovo Thinkpad Thunderbold 3 DockModel Number: DBB9003L1 I have updated the most drivers that would be needed for the thunderbolt & Lenovo but nothing seems to work. Is there anyone who has been batling this before or somone who could help me?

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Hey There We have bought 15 Studio G3s and docks to go with them We have ran into issues with about 40% of the docks. Not sure if its the docks or laptops causing the issues. One laptop tries 3 diffrent docks, USB and Ethernet wont work. Another laptop will randomly BSOD, if the dock is even touched it will BSOD as well. I've gone though all the posts about these issues from last summer but nothing really seems to help. Is there a newer fix that I am missing somewhere? Thanks Josh 

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Issue 1I purchased the ZBook Studio G3 + 2 months wait on the Thunderbolt 3 Dock to primarily connect 2 4K Samsung monitors.  When connected via the display port one will display at 4k while the other will only display @ 2560X1440.  I had bought a a couple of CableMatters thunderbolt 3 X display port adapters while waiting on the dock.  If I plug one of the monitors in using the adapter and the other into the display port both will display 4K.Anybody else having this issue? Issue 2After the computer goes to sleep only one monitor will wake up.  The NVDIA control panel still shows both connected.  Only way to get the second monitor awake is to shutdown and reboot. Issue 3I have the displays configured to go blank after 1 hour.  Once this occurs and I enter my password all of my open programs are displayed on one screen rather than on both.  This would be normal if you have undocked and re-docked a laptop. Issue 4If the laptop is opened while docked. One display goes blank and one is duplicated with the laptop screen.  This is not typical docked behavior.  I moved from an  Elitebook 8540W with dock.  I'm really questioning my whether this was an upgrade.

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I have got the Dell Precision 5510. Is this support charging via ThunderBolt port?

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I just got a new Carbon X1 6th generation (20KG).  I started using this with my Thunderbolt 3 dock (40AC), that I successfully used with my previous Carbon X1 5th Generation. There seems to be some compatibility issues here. After using it with the docking a while (apprx. 1 hour), the X1 suddenly started to continuously disconnect/reconnect from the dock (each 2-3 seconds), before it permanently was disconnected from the docking and would not connect at all.  When I disconnected the X1 from the dock and restarted (without connecting to dock) the X1 Thunderbolt software and devices/drivers related to that on the X1 "went crazy" and appeared/disappeared from the device manager continuously (each 2-3 seconds). I needed to enter bios and temporarily disable internal battery for it to normalize again. If I then connected to dock, the same would happen after some time. I've updated Thunderbolt software, drivers, firmware and also Thunderbolt 3 dock firmware and drivers, so no more to do there. I have not verified it completely yet, but it might be that the disconnect/crazy_stuff happens when the battery charge of the X1 reaches 100%. I once connected the X1 to the dock when the charge was 97% and it was stable then (the X1 does not charge on AC when the battery is > 95%). If this is the reason, one solution might then be to use Lenovo Vantage to set max charge to e.g. 97%, but I think this is a poor solution. Some ... Read more

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I've been experiencing general stability issues with the ThunderBolt 3 dock. I purchased Extreme X1 for work because of the impressive specs and portability of the device. Overall I've been very pleased with the performance and build quality of the device and Lenovo's software suite makes keeping everything up to date really easy. WIth that said, I've had LOTS of issues with general stability of this product. It appears to Lenovo had issues with the discrete graphics (Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti) which may have mostly been resolved with the latest update. I'm on a fairly recent version of Windows 10 (1803). When using the Thunderbolt 3 dock I still experience lots of issues where the device freezes or becomes unresponsive when docking or undocking. Often times I must force power off the device completely because the device is unable to wake from sleep correctly when docked. I have not tested whether device itself is unable to wake from sleep or if it's just because it is connected from the Dock. However sometimes the device WILL wake correctly but then certain functions will not work, notable USB data will not work often but will be powered (keyboard lights are on but can't use caps lock, for example). Or sometimes the VIDEO won't display at all (thunder bolt graphics issue with discrete GPU) however I can clearly see caps lock works on my keyboard. Note all mentions of keyboard here refer to a USB keyboard wired to the TB dock.  Also worth noting ofte... Read more

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