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No fax dial tone in XP

Q: No fax dial tone in XP

I had my laptop serviced by the manufacturer. I had the hard disk restored from
backup and I ran into a problem with the fax which had not existed before the
service. I am trying to establish whether the problem is with the hardware
which requires to send the laptop back.

I have one phone line which I split into two by inserting 2 RJ11 cables into
a dual connector: one goes to the phone, one to the laptop/fax. I use one
device at a time, of course.

When I try to fax from the laptop I don't get a dial tone. I also noticed that
as long as the fax line is inserted into the connector, the phone does not get
a dial tone either; when I disconnect the laptop fax cable, the phone tone comes back.

The following error occurs in the Windows Event log:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Fax
Event Category: Initialization/Termination
Event ID: 32105
Date: 10/1/2009
Time: 9:09:49 PM
User: N/A
Computer: GATEWAY
Activity logging is disabled because the Fax service cannot access the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\ActivityLog specified for the activity log. You can modify the location of the activity log from Fax Service Manager. For more information, see Troubleshooting in Fax Service Manager help.
Win32 Error Code: 5
This error code indicates the cause of the error.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

I checked and everything is OK with the log files -- they are all there with the proper permissions.

I did the following to no avail:

1. Switched cables
2. Edited the predial command in the registry to not wait for the dial tone
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows fax component
3. Reinstalled the modem driver

It looks like the laptop kills the phone line for both phone and fax.

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: No fax dial tone in XP

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: No fax dial tone in XP

Welcome to TSG!

If plugging the phone line into the laptop's RJ-11 connector kills the dial tone then it's a hardware problem. Check to make sure the wires in the socket are not bent/crossed. Could be plugging in the cable is shorting the pins together. In that case it will happen even when the laptop is shut down.

If they look OK, I'd be contacting the manufacturer.

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hi there,

i connect to the internet via dial up. No, not to AOL, just an ISP you haven't heard of. Everything works fine, just that few days ago, when i started dialing, it stopped making any sounds where you can hear the number being dialled and when it connects.

Is there a way to switch the sound back on, I checked my Volume control, Line-In and they aren't on Mute. So whats the problem?? Bear in mind, everything works! just no sound like it used to do.



A:I can't hear my dial up modem dial tone

Go into dialup networking and click on the connection and see if the option is there.

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Trying to connect to internet on a laptop and I get a message that there was no dial tone detected. I use the same line to connect to my computer and everything is fine. I have tried to reinstall the modem, looked at the Toshiba website, but I am not able to download the modem to a disk, and I have check all the connection properties and everything looks fine. This is on a Toshiba Tecra 8000.

A:No Dial Tone

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I have been trying to install a modem with the driver for about a week now and finally got them both accepted by compouter but had to install in another port ( com 5 ), now when I try to sign on it gives me an error - problem start dialing.0 cannot start dialing - another message I get when I try through dial up connection - Failed to connect to the remote computer, No dial tone. Make sure modem is properly connected to the compouter and phone line.- I have made sure from the device manager that the modem and driver are working properly. This is an old computer that Im trying to get the internet for a family member. The computer name is an INCA V6 166 IBM P166 processor 16 MB RAM can anyone help me with this?

A:No dial tone

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HELP!!!! Just set up an all in one HP (scaner, fax, printer...) it works great. But now the internal modem will not work, it reports no dial tone. I have the line from the wall going to the internal modem, and the phone jack on the modem going to the all in one. The fax on the all in one works but not the internal modem. I have gone into dial up networking to make sure that the internal modem is selected for the internet connection. Even tried uninstalling the all in one....still no luck. Please help.



Check to make sure that when you were plugging and unplugging into the modem, you didn't perhaps jar it loose from the motherboard.....

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The notebook in question is a Compaq with a 56k connection running XP Home. Although it previously ran dial-up without a problem, it began intermittently being unable to connect. I think the jack itself was a problem originally because bumping the phone line gently would disconnect the computer from the internet, but now plugging the line back in no longer works. It simply does not detect a dial tone where another notebook with identical settings has no problem connecting.

Enabling/disabling the driver did not work. Is there anything I can do, preferably without opening the laptop?

A:56k-- no dial tone

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I am running windows XP pro with speedtouch modem . When I try to log on I occasionaly get the error message "no dial tone". After two or three attempts it finally logs on . I had this a few years ago and found somewhere a box to untick
which said "wait for dial tone" or something similar . I have searched all over but cannot find where the devil it was . Once this was done end of problem . Can anyone tell me where it is ?
Many thanks

A:No Dial Tone

Try this:Goto Start>Control Panel> click on Phone and Modem Options icon, select your modem, then hit the properties button. There should be a host of tabs there for you to make changes to your modem.

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I am trying to send a fax from Windows Picture and Fax viewer but cannot get a dial tone. I have a VoIP phone and am using a cable modem. I think the software is not waiting for the dial tone. How can I insert a 2 second delay before dialing the fax number?

A:dial tone

what voip service? some you cannot send faxes, others its hit and miss.

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My aunt has not been on line for a few weeks as her ISP was changed to peoplepc. I went to her house to install the disk for her and when I finished I can't get a dial tone to get online. I checked the phone connections and they seem fine. I removed the phone connection from the computer and connected a telephone to it and there was noise on it. I had the phone company check it out and they repaired the problem outside her house. There is no noise on the line now but the computer still does not get a dial tone.

A:dial tone

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I sorry but i am a bit thick when it comes to computers
i have been having trouble with my hard drive.
So i have found an old one but when i try to connect to the internet i get no dial tone found. Is there something simple i've missed. Any ideas.
If i go back to my old hard drive it connects fine
cheers steve

A:No dial tone

Ok:You did not identify the operating system but,I would look at device manager,phone/modem./modems/properties.What do you see?
Go to advanced/query modem

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i got a problem in my modem,its saying "no dial tone" but my phone line is good,how to overcome this

A:no dial tone

The most common reason is that the phone cord connecting your modem to the wall jack is plugged into the wrong jack on the modem. To check this, look at the back of your modem (if it's external) or at the back of the computer (if the modem is internal) for a slot or pair of slots that a phone cord fits into. If there are two jacks that the cord can fit into, try the other one.

if not help try reinstalling it goto controlpanel>phone and modem options>modems>remove & add new

also see microsoft KB on 'no dial tone'

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On my other computer when I try to establish a connection to my ISP I recieve the error message "No Dial Tone". If I plug the phone line into my other computer it works fine. Please Help

A:No Dial Tone

Hmmm....tried deleting/re-installing the modem? Sounds like a prob with the initialization string.

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I have my modem set to redial automatically after a disconnect from my Internet connection. It used to work fine but suddenly began having a problem a few months ago. Now, whenever the Internet connection is lost (whether by a ping timeout or intentional disconnect), there is no dial tone when I try to reconnect (and I get a message "opening port" then "no dialtone"). I have to physically unplug the phone cord from the back of the computer or from the wall and plug it back in, sometimes several times, before there is a dial tone.

A phone company technician has been to my house and says the connection to the outside of the house and inside to the computer is fine. They can hear a hum coming from inside the computer when they hook up some phone techie instrument to the phone slot, though. The technician admitted he knows nothing about computers, so maybe this hum is insignificant.

I have the same problem when I use an external U.S. Robotics modem or the internal BCM V.92 56k modem that came with my Dell dimension 8200 Windows XP PRO computer. Using the XP troubleshooter, I notice that the internal modem is attached to COM3, located at PCI Slot 2 (PCI bus 2, device 8, function 0), but Com 3 does not show up under Device Manager Ports (only Com 1 and LPT 1 are there). I do see PCI bus under System Devices, and the status says "working properly." The external modem uses Com 1, which is also "working properly."

Since the problem occurs wi... Read more

A:no dial tone after disconnect

It really does sound like a problem with the phone line hardware as it occurs with 2 modems.

Do phones hang up OK on the line? What happens if you unplug all other phones in the house?

I wonder about "ground loops" in the electrical system? Unsure of the US power system and grounded outlets, so cannot advise furter on this matter, but it's something that would be common to both modems connected to the PC.

You should not expect COM3 to show in device manager, it is a software generated "virtual Comport".

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hello folks , my sister calld me for help with her computer . she says that her modem clames that there is no diel tone . she tryed conecting a phone to the line and it worked fine . she is running a p2 350 with 128 megs of ram and using windows me . conecting through AOL . What should I look for when I get there ? If I am going to do this kind of thing I need a laptop to take with me so I have portable advice .

A:dial tone missing

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I recently bought a new laptop and have finally got my phone line connected. The line definitely works as my phone dials out fine but for some reason I can't get a dial tone when I try and connect my laptop. The cable is fine and definitely plugged into all the right sockets. One thing I have noticed though is that when I tried using WinXP help it suggested the port might be disabled for my modem and to check on device manager under "ports" - I had a look but the only port listed was for the printer. The only CD I have for installation is a master disk so I don't want to have to start from scratch. Any help would be gratefully recieved...

A:No Dial Tone Blues

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Hi everyone, 
I haven't had dial-up internet in years. I just signed up for a free-internet service through the state called Sailor Cruise last month. I picked up my routing slip last Saturday and discovered I didn't have the right modem. So, I got a new one off WalMart.com. While my PC does recognize this modem, each time I plug the phone cord into the wall jack in my room, it says there's no dial tone. I called this internet service and the lady on the phone says that Verizon modems (the one my dad has) doesn't work for them because it has a higher voltage. I'm wondering if I should call the phone company over the wall jack in my room. 
I also plugged this same line cord into my dad's modem (which is plugged up to an outlet) while connected to the one I got off Wal Mart. It almost worked because the system started configuring the username and password, but then my computer (both laptop and desktop) terminates the connection. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I have the right equipment? What do I need to do to get this internet connection to work properly? 
Here's the link to the troubleshooting page off Sailor Cruise's website: 
I wanted to post pictures of what the two modems look like. But, I'm not able to on this browser. (I'm on Chrome btw.) 

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Whenever I try to connect through windows connection it says "No Dial Tone", Im sure its not a phone line issuse. This is a 1.5 year old Lap Top, Win XP. I tried reinstalling modem drivers. any ideas?


A:Modem - No Dial Tone

Did it recently stop working? Has it ever worked?

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Ok so heres the problem. Im helping my gf's sister over the phone... so this is quite confusing for me. But anyway, problem is she is trying to connect to the internet. She has installed the modem, but it is getting no dial tone. Anyone have similar problems, drivers are installed. Anyhelp would be great.


A:Modem has no dial tone in win 98

brad2332 said:

Ok so heres the problem. Im helping my gf's sister over the phone... she is trying to connect to the internet. She has installed the modem, but it is getting no dial tone.Click to expand...

My guess: because she's talking to you on the same phone line that her modem is trying to use.

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Hey everyone. This is one of my four modem problems. There are three messages from me.

I have already checked the other messages about modems, but I wasn't able to find anything that could help me, that's why I posted the message here.

This problem is with my friend's computer (the one with the fdisk problem) -- When I try to dial up, the computer says that there is no dial tone. I have already reinstalled win98.

Now, the problem isn't the phone line, because I was able to connect through my computer. I need to rule out whether the modem is broken (from lightning), or whether it's a software problem, meaning that I can fix this problem.

If it's broken, I'll replace it, but I need to know for sure, so that I won't waste time trying to fix the problem, if it's broken.

It's a Pentium 75 Mhz, 16 Mb of RAM, 813 Mb Hard Drive, Windows 98 First Edition, Acer Open FM56PVS 56000, was on COM2. I don't know if that's the modem really or not, but that's what it showed in Device Manager before I reinstalled Windows.
I disabled the modem from waiting for a dial tone (ATF&X1, I think), and when I dialed up through Netzero, it gave the following error message -- "Remote modem not responding". I don't know what this means.

Now, this is what I saw on the modem when I actually took it out of the PCI slot. -- RCVDL56ACF/SP
ROCKWELL 97 - 9731B41068-3
COM4... Read more

A:Modem1 -- No Dial Tone

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My computer crashed and I had to do a complete restore. Now when I try to dial up I can hear the
internal speakers dial but I get the message "no dial tone detected".Is it normal that the modem dials without first getting a dial tone? I have the wait for dial tone option selected. Computer is a Compaq pressario 2254 Windows 95
If I need another driver, how can I get it if I can't get on line? TIA Jim

A:modem gets no dial tone?

Wires checked?

Drivers reinstalled?

modems are cheap...might want to replace it if all else fails.

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I don't know about you but when I'm at home I use an answering machine to screen my calls. If its a telemarketer or such, I just dont answer. Occasionally tho the machine will pick up and after the greeting there will be a loud, like dial tone that can only be quelled by manually hanging up the phone. I dont know what causes it, if a human is on the other end and they simply hang up, there is no noise.
Its an annoyance but not a big deal.
However, I received a call from a customer that has an MPF with a fax option and she is annoyed that this phenomena is happening with her fax. Yesterday I had her go into user tools and turn all the volumes down, but I dont think that is the trick because.. where is the tone coming from.
I know that it may be an auto-dialer, and they are used to just dial numbers to see what time someone is home to answer a call so to schedule a human to call but I don't see the connection. What is the loud dial tone about.
Anybody know what is the scoop here?

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I have tried removing, and reinstalling the drivers for the modem, and i still get no dial tone. Are there any general fixes for this type of problem?

A:Modem will not get dial tone

You should first:
-Check your phone cord: Use another one
-Check your phone plug: Use a standard phone

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hi everyone.. I'm just wondering why can't i hear any dial tone. I have connected the correct line in the modem. I have tried everything but it seems it doesn't work. When I try to connect the phone to the modem, I can hear a dial tone but when i use bitware or even express dial to make a call, the message appears that there is no dial tone and I can't make a call.. I hope someone can help me.. thanx!!

A:Modem: No Dial Tone


I've noticed on some of mine, you'll have to load the drivers for the modem to enable the sound on the computer's speakers.

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Hey guys, Im back again with another problem. My step mom called today and said that her computer say error 680-No dial tone when she tries to connect to the internet. She said it was working fine then she got the notice about microsoft no longer offering support for sp1 so when she updated to sp2 was when it quit working. The phone line is plugged in and no errors in the device manager, she doesnt have a firewall either. I havent used dial up in a long time so Im not sure how to fix it. She did say that the modem was using com 3 if that means anything.


A:Error 680-No dial tone


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My modem wont connect to the net and all I get is an error saying no dial tone. I have tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. It was working fine one minute then about an hour later musicmatch jukebox tried to connect but came up with the error. All I had done in the meantime was copy a cd to my hd (not installed a program or changed any settings). I tried Query modem and all seems fine, new cable - no change, even put a new modem in and set up a new connection for it but nothing. The only thing I can find wrong is that in Device Manager the ports my modems are connected to do not show up. COM 1 & 2 (which are in use - by what I dont know) and LPT 1 are there but my modems are using COM ports 3 & 4. Even if I show hidden devices they dont show up. Could this be the problem and if so what has happened to them?

A:No Dial tone with modem

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Everytime I try to connect to the internet I get the error message - "Can't detect dial tone....bla bla....". So I made sure everything was working and plugged in. Made sure the cable worked too.
Still the problem persists, went through all the settings and everything seems ok as far as I can notice. I tried selecting the "Don't wait for dial tone before dialing" and annoyingly enough the "Can't detect dial tone" message still turns up.
Any ideas?

A:Can't detect dial tone.....

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Ok, heres the deal. one day i was connected to da internet just fine. i was using real player and i just was importing songs into my now playing list. the my comp froze. Completely as in no response what so ever. i shut it down using the reset button. it went in to scandisk. i t did some stuff to some files and i don't know wut it did or wut files. computer boots up. i try to connect and it says no dial tone. go into device manager remove and than added the modem same deal. then, i look into ports and find that i have no com3. the one dat my modem is supposed to use. Ideas? WinXp Home Edition.

A:Dial Tone for Modem

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My mother's motherboard was hit by lightening last week. The only salvageable parts were the hard drive and the memory. I picked out a system and had it built. I installed her old drive and the memory in it. Everything was ok except I had a problem with the AMR (don't we all?). I disabled it in the BIOS, and bought a US Robotics 56K V.90. Installed it, installed the drivers. There are no conflicts, and more info shows all ok.

When I try to connect to her ISP, the first noise I get is a crackle sound, then it dials. Then I get the message "No Dial Tone." I have uninstalled and reinstalled hardware and software many times. I cannot for the life of me get this thing to work.

She's using a Duron 1000, 256k, 56K modem, blah blah blah. Her OS is Windows ME.

PLEASE someone help!



A:[SOLVED] No Dial Tone

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I run a small side-business building and upgrading computers, and a recent client has a problem with her brand new modem that has me stumped...

She has a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 PCI modem (running under XP) which worked perfectly when I tested the system. The problem is, after a reboot, the modem will pick up the line, but won't actually dial the phone number to connect to her ISP. We can work around the problem by removing the modem from device manager, rebooting, and re-installing the latest drivers, but that fix STILL only lasts until the next reboot, then we're screwed all over again.

Creative's tech support has been unable to figure out the problem, and all internet searches I've done have turned up nothing about this particular problem.

We can eliminate a few things, obviously - the phone lines work, because the modem will work perfectly after a driver install. This also means that there are no hardware problems.

I'm leaning toward buying her an external modem to replace the current one, but I'd still like to know what you guys have to suggest - this may come up again in the future.


- Rick

A:Modem getting dial tone, but not connecting...

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i just installed a new motorollla sbg6580 wi-fi,cable,modem,gateway and everything works FANTASTIC!!! XCept my phone lines say "chek tel line"
I HAVE a thousand times and even Xchanged the line for a brand new one! NOTHING!! im a noob to this stuff!! PLEASE help!!!
i got no working tel!

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hi can somebody please with how can i fix no dial tone error on win7.....i am using a cricket a600 wireless usb modem and i think i have to turn off operator assisted dialing but on win7 i am not getting the advanced option to turn it off....please help me with this

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I have a machine with an internal modem (SoftK56 Data Fax Voice Speakerphone CARP) and after you disconnect from the internet the telephone line goes dead (no dial tone). If you unplug the cable from the modem the dial tone comes back - but when you plug it back in the line goes dead again. I have tried to reboot the computer - same problem. SOmetimes when I have shut the computer down for a while the line will come back. What can I do about this?? I am running WIN98SE

I ran the diagnostics on the modem and following results:
ATI1 255
ATI3 SoftK56V_B2.1_V5.03.00
ATI4 SoftK56V Data Fax Voice Speakerphone
ATI5 181
ATI6 SoftK56
ATI6 CModem Version 12
ATI6 Rksample Version 342
ATI7 255
AT+FCLA... 0,1,8,80

Am in Australia (if that makes any difference)
Speedy reply would be appreciated

A:Disconnect modem causes no dial tone

I've seen that more than a few times and in each case, it was the modem causing the prob and needed to be replaced - then no more probs. I remember it was most odd when I first encountered it!

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Hi, I am running Windows XP Pro, Last week when I tried to connect using my US Robotics 56K Data, Fax modem I got a no dial tone error. I tried un-installing the modem and reinstalling, I tried a different phone line, I can connect my Laptop to the same line and it is fine.
I still got the no dial tone error.
I bought a new modem, removed my old modem from device manager and physically from the computer and rebooted. Then shut down and installed the new modem. I connected fine for 3 or 4 days. This morning when I turned my computer on and tried to connect I got the same error message (no dial tone)
I tried connecting with my other ISP (I have 2 setup on my computer) It connected with no error. I disconnected from that ISP and then connected successfully with the first one that I was getting a no dial tone error with.
I have tried putting commas in front of the phone number and also taking the check out of the option to wait for a dial tone before dialing in my modem properties. This is so strange because it is random. And it seems to be solved without me doing anything. The only change I have made to my computer recently was to install Windows XP SP1. Are there known issues with SP1 and this type of error?
Or is there something else that can cause this to happen?
Also, I let Windows XP find the modem and install the drivers automatically. Should I uninstall the modem and install the drivers that came with the modem? If so how do I go about doing this so that when I boot up ... Read more

A:No Dial Tone Modem Error

The weakest link is usually the phone wire. Those jacks can be temperamental too.
Examine them closely for damage and corrosion and check that the wire contacts inside the wall and modem jacks are straight and even.

Also, is there anything else on your phone line? It would be funny if it was just Little Sister trying to call her boyfriend. ;]

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Hi everyone
i have a problem i have broadband which was activated on 25/8 i was able to conect on this date and found it great but all of a sudden i was disconected and havent been able to connect since!!!!
everytim i connect it says there is no dial tone i have rang my isp virgin they had me uninstalling/installing hardware unplugging everything to my phone socket except broadband etc they are getting intouch with bt to check my line but it is taking forever for any one to get back in touch so i thought i would come to you guys as i have found your forums to help in past through other peoples posts!!!
anyway i have an alcatel speed touch 330 modem
running win xp home ed
oh and the right hand adsl light is flashing green
i dont understand how it can be a prob with line if i conected for hours on 25/8 also been to bt to check status of my broadband line and it says activation was completed on 25/8!!!
i will be very gratefull if any of you nice tsg people can help as it is doing my head in!!!!!!!
any more info required let me know
i have also noticed that a lot of people paste hijack this scan results here so i have done one dont know if it will help but here it is
Logfile of HijackThis v1.96.4
Scan saved at 23:56:26, on 31/08/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WIN... Read more

A:no dial tone on broadband modem

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I really need some help, my 56k modem can't connect anymore. The thing is, it starts dialing (the right number, the right sound) and then cuts and starts wailing, stops and is silent without having connected or given any error message. I'm attaching the Modem log and a hijackthis log. I hope somone can see somthing wrong and helps me!!
My config:Windows 2000 Sp4 and my modem: Creative Modem Blaster V.92 DE5721

Thanks in advance
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 11:33:27, on 30.05.2004
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
F:\Program Files\Palick Soft\HDD Temperature\HDDTsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\ShareDLL\CtNotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBLive2k\AudioHQ\AHQTB.EXE
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBLive2k\Program\CTAvTray.EXE
F:\Program Fi... Read more

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I am experiencing a constant 680 error message whilst trying to connect to the internet. When I close the 680 error dialogue box and try to reconnect, the error goes away and a message saying 'port opening' appears and connection is established. Can anyone tell me what is causing this initial connection problem?


A:Solved: Error 680: there was no dial tone..

1. Make sure that the modem is installed and the phone line is running to the modem correctly.
2. Is the dialer pointing to the correct modem?
3. Make sure that no other programs are using your modem. Fax software, Supervoice, etc...
4. Ctrl-Alt-Delete, if you see RNAAPP loaded, then go to this RNAAPP fix page.
5. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem. Make sure that they can hear a dialtone through the modem (with a handset). Could be a modem problem. If they don't hear a dialtone it could also be a line, jack, or general telco problem.

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Hey ya'all!!!

I had two customers within the span of about two hours call me, both with very similar problems, both the day after a good sized storm.

Both of their modems are saying (actually one says) --((you hear the modem click..but not dial)) "No dial tone--blah blah blah"
and the other says "Cannot detect modem, either off, used by another program or whatever"....

Now if you remove them from the Hardware profile ((BOTH OS= win98se)), and reboot, BOTH Modems are found, drivers installed everything, and BOTh show up as working properly in hardware profile, Ive also had an error in of the computers where it had me run REGSCAN.

Do these sound like lightning? or a virus? They are both acting a lil sick, neither were completely disconnected during storm ((POWER LINES ONLY)) but MODEM LINES were still connected.

Tonight I will run surface scan on both machines (((HOW DO I GET THE MENU WHERE I CAN GET TO the C:\ PROMPT BEFORE GOING INTO WINDOWS??? I FORGOT! -- sorry)))

BUT PLEASE, I need a professional opinion,,, does this sound like lightning?

I am going to have tell them with pretty good assurance, and what do you think??? new MOBO, MODEM, and maybe even HARDDRIVE????

Thanks so much for any help AT ALL!

A:modem 'no dial tone' or in use...lightning?

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I installed an ISA internal 56k USR modem Sportser 0480 on my computer. I am currently running Windows 98 2nd edition. I installed the drivers and everything says it is working properly in the device manager. I checked the diagnostices in the modem and it still says everything is okie dokie. But if I try to get a dial tone using Phone Dialer, it just clicks once, waits about 2 seconds and clicks again stating that the line is busy. I made sure all the setting were correct; no Dial 9 for outside line, tone dialer etc...
It says that the modem in running on COM3,Interrupt 5, Address 3E8. One thing I noticed is that it will not let me change the COM port anywhere.


A:{SOLVED} No Dial Tone with modem

Two possibilities here.

1) You are plugging the phone line into the PHONE jack instead of the LINE jack

2) The modem is fried. I have seen plently of modems that pass all internal tests but can't access the phone line. Most common cause of this is storm / power surge damage.

Oh - I guess there is a third one - the phone line itself isn't working. Have you plugged a phone into this cord to make sure the cord / jack are both ok?

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I've been having a peculiar modem problem... my modem seems to work fine except it can't connect or disconnect. It was fine until a couple weeks ago, when it stopped hanging up the phone line when I signed offline (I only have one line) so I'd have to unplug it from the jack every time in order to keep the line free. Now it won't connect when I try to sign on either, I just get a NO DIAL TONE message.
The only way I CAN connect is by picking up the phone for a second when the modem is initializing... then I get a dialtone and can connect. Any ideas what's going on or how to fix this? Is my modem near death?
The modem is a Cardinal 33.6, I'm running Win 3.1 (ancient, I know ).

Thanks for any insight,

A:Modem dial tone woes

Well I have some bad news. One of the relays in the modem is most likely toast. You probably fool it when you pick up the phone.


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I recently installed a new modem. Everything went perfect. The computer sees it and the drivers are already installed. But now, when I try to connect, it says that there is no dial tone detected. I checked the line and it's perfect. Is there anything else to try?

A:Modem is detected but it keeps saying no dial tone

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Recently the modem on one of my systems failed to dial out: could not get dial tone -- no sound at all. Error message suggested conflict, possible line in use.

The line was not the problem - it worked fine on another computer, but I tried a second line -- same problem, no connection.

Device manager reported the modem was working properly with no conflicts.

I ran the modem diagnostic and the result was successful, but still I could not dial out with the modem on this computer.

I then replaced the modem (Intel 536EP) with a Lucent modem I had lying around. It installed Ok. Diagnostics ran succesfully, but could not connect with this modem either.

Yes, I replaced the cable from the phone line to the modem, no change.

When I connected a phone to the other RJ11 on the modem and hear dial tone and dial out.

I tried changing the Com Port assignment (although no conflicts were reported) no help.

I seem to have run out of ideas. Since I have virtually ruled out hardware, there must be some setting in Win XP Pro that is preventing the modem from working -- and it HAD BEEN WORKING. Does anyone have any ideas what I am missing?

A:Modem Problem: no dial tone

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yesturday my modem has simply stopped getting a dialtone and now I cannot get on the internet on that computer anymore. I have used System Restore in WinXP to go back to older settings but to no avail. The modem simply cannot get a dial tone. I have fiddled with the modems settings, consulted the manual. My modem is a Dynalink Internal 56k modem and it has worked admiralablt up until yesturday. I have tried using different cables from the modem to the wall. I have tested the modem using the Query button and it says its all ok. There are no conflicts or anything wrong according to the modem properties. I've tried using different drivers (the microsoft ones and my modems ones), but nothing is fixing the problem! Please help! Thanks

A:Modem troubles: dial tone

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I seem to be having a big problem get online with my toshiba a35- s159 when i try to sign on it says cannot get a dial tone... The phone line seems to be working fine.. because i have access on my dell dimension on the same jack.. i also.. tried to changed the wiring.. to a different cord still nothing.. i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the modem... nothing... I queried the modem.. that seems to be working fine.. i used the hyperterminal to make connection the number seems to be fine.. but still nothing no dial tone.... it seem to be stopped workiing after a lil rain and ligtenging.. but we had worse storms before and it was fine... can someone please help meeee

A:Urgent-Error 680 cannot get a dial tone

I'm not a pro here, but I had the same problem and even when I queried the modem it said all was working fine. I bought a new modem and tried that and found the old one was bad. Just a thought.


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Hi everyone. I'm building a PC for someone who is only going to surf the internet occationally using a 56k modem. I have a Creative Modem Blaster here with a Broadxent v.92 chip on it. I don't know the exact model number because the card lists a range of 3, but here is the information on the card itself:


P/N: 245-0563300

S/N: DE0014004753

I've tried the drivers on the Creative site several times and each time I get a message popped up saying

Opening port...

Error 680: There was no dial tone
Click to expand...

There, the options are Redial, Cancel, or More Info. I've tried it with and without the prefix to disable call waiting. I've tried different access numbers.

In device manager, it shows it as a "Broadxent V.92 DI3652-1" and it confirms "This device is working properly."

I havent used dialup in many years, or built anything for anyone who did for about that long, so this really isn't my specialty.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


A:Modem Blaster No Dial Tone

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I am failry familiar with win 98 but I recently got a new pc with win xp home and am having a small problem while connecting to my isp.

The pc shares the phone line with my telephone and my phone company has voice mail service that lets you know you have messages by replacing the ordianry dial tone with some beeps.

This obviously interferes with my modem when it dials ups and i get a no dial tione error. In win 98 there was a modem setting that let you make the modem either wait or not wait for a dial tone before dialing. I cannot find the equivilent setting for this in win xp home. I'm sure it must exist somewhere - can anyone let me know where I can find this?

Thanks in advance.....

A:Modem Dial Tone Setting

Try putting a comma (or 2 or 3) in front of the number you want to dial. Commas cause the dialer (in the modem) to pause briefly. (ex. ,,111-2222). Also, not sure of the exact navigation in XP but try Start>Settings>ControlPanel> ~Phone/modem options... select modem; select properties; look for check-box stating "wait for dial-tone" or something similar.

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The problem with this is when I seek to add a party (I already have one contact on the phone) to the call, there is no ring tone that anyone can hear - which means it is impossible to know when / if the party which has been called will pick up.
Is there a solution that will give me the option to add sound (a dial tone)?

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