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Recovering deleted individual e-mail messages?

Q: Recovering deleted individual e-mail messages?

I have never delved into recovering deleted e-mails and am looking for a possible solution for this problem. I have seen utilities for deleting messages from Outlook or Outlook Express as individual programs targeting only specific e-mail programs. I don't know how well these work and with past experience, I have found there are a lot of programs out there that are poorly written by developer wannabees.

I don't want to throw any money down that hole.

So, I'm open for suggestions. To be clear, I am not looking for a program that will recover entire deleted e-mail mail box files or entire Outlook PST files. I am looking for a program that will help me recover individual deleted e-mails--and not just for Outlook.

Does anyone out there have any experience with these programs?

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Preferred Solution: Recovering deleted individual e-mail messages?

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)


Within the last 6 months I inadvertently deleted Gmails going back a few years, and intentionally deleted SMS messages (An droid phone) going back further. Is any of it recoverable and, if so, how? Thank you. I apologize if I am asking questions that are the top of other threads, and any link would also be appreciated.

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My wife accidentally deleted 500 or so emails from our inbox. We are using Outlook Express. Is there any way to recover these? I'm not against buying a program to do this, but thought I would seek a free solution first.

A:Recovering Deleted Mail

1) When normally deleted, they go to the deleted items folder. Did you also delete those?

2) Tools for recovery: DBXtract and Macallan.

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I have web based e-mail I use every day. Hotmail to be exact. Is there any way possible to recover soemthign I deleted from here? I accidentaly deleted something very important and have no idea how to get it back.

A:Recovering Deleted E-mail

The deletion is on the Hotmail server. Not on your system, or under the control of you or your system.

You would need to discuss the matter with Hotmail support, but it's extemely unlikely that they would do a restore I would imagine.

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HI  I did a one-click backup of my Yoga 3 pro machine when I did a fresh load. It worked like a charm and was convenient. I now, however, need to get some individual files from that backup but cannot find how to do so.  I have checked several forums but have not come right. Please, can you offer some assistance? 

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Wondering if any of you have seen this oddity?
My working theory is to blame MS ... haha - my guess being that a general update of Live Essentials/Live-Mail caused the non-permanetly-deleted messages to be 'unmarked' as deleted

At any rate the symptom is simple: suddenly "out of the blue on a fresh restart of Windows 7 PC, when executing Live Mail, around 800 previously-deleted messages all find their way back to the Inbox.
?? No other issues with the PC - everything working fine.
The mail account is with Time-Warner RR... I also happen to have a Time-Warner RR account and have never seen such an issue on Outlook or on Thunderbird.

any clues?


A:"Live Mail" Deleted messages return to Inbox a year later

Sorry I can't help, but it certainly shows what some people refuse to accept. " everything that is put out on the internet is there forever" (and probably a day longer )

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Hello everyone. I am totally new to this site but I say that this site is pretty cool and I enjoy it's layout!

Anyway, my problem is that I have a very important file that I want to protect from being deleted.
As it is with computers, many different sides to everything and all.
I just want to clear it here that I want the folder so that it can't be deleted in any way, Right Click/

If it matters (I know sometimes it does) the file is located on my Desktop.
I also have unrestricted access to everything as the owner of the computer.

I have some software that can offer what I want done but it's a bit excessive in it's protection methods.
I understand there is a way to use registry edits to do what I want to do?
I have already hidden the Recent Documents on the Start Menu using Registry edits.

A:Stopping individual folders from being deleted

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Can I recover messages I accidentally deleted in Outlook Express of Windows 2000XP? These messages were in their own file but somehow got moved to a subfile of the Deleted Items folder. In trying to removed the Deleted Items folder the sub-folder went with it. There were a large number of messages I had received via e-mail that I intended to keep.

A:Recovering deleted items after the folder was deleted.

dont install anything else on your system for it cant overwrite any data you want to recover there are many programs that can recover PST files for outlook and dbx files outlook express here are some ttp://www.oemailrecovery.com/

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I am running Outlook 2003 and have it set to leave mail on the server.

I would like to create a rule or some other means to automatically and selectively delete individual messages from the server based on the contents of the subject line.

I have tried many different ways including rules and also contacted Microsoft, no one seems to have a solution. I can manually delete a selected message from the server by holding down the shift key when I select delete for that message, so there must be a way to automate this process.

Ed Brimberg

A:DDelete individual messages from server in Outlook 2003

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I have 13 email accounts entered into my Windows Live Mail program. (Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3505.0912)
Back using Outlook Express I could check for mail with any individual account.
It seems the only way to check in WLM is to "update all".
Is there a way to check an individual mail account by itself or am I forever to update all each time?
Thanks for any advice.

A:Check for individual mail in WLM

Look in the Home Tab > Tools > Send/Receive

Are all your accounts listed, and can you check an individual account?

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Hi, Could someone please tell me why my deleted messages are deleted from the computer instead of going to my Deleted Items Folder? I "do not" have the box checked from Menus - Options - Advanced - Maintenance - Empty messages from the "Deleted Items" folder on exit. Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Ray

A:Deleted Items Folder: Where Are The Deleted Messages

Has it ever worked properly?

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when hotmail became part of windows live a few years ago, i lost all of my saved hotmail messages. Is there any way to get them back?

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How does one save each single letter of the multiple single-page letters created in a mail-merged document? Specifically, to save each letter as its own document with an identifying file name?

A:Saving mail-merged letters as individual docs

You'll need a macro or a 3rd party add-in to do this. Have you ever worked with macros? Can you post a sample merged document?


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Acer Aspire 5100 running Vista Home Premium--Windows Mail recently started to attach copys of messeges being sent and received [that is, copys of the messages are attaching themselves to those same messages, without my doing anthing]. Live One virus scan comes back clean--any suggestions?

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Hi All,
I hope I'm in the correct area, but here go's. a friend deleted windows. I'm using a dock so I can still see it on the drive it just won't boot. I would like to restore it so it will boot normally. How can I do that using the dock? I lent her a hdd to use temporary on her computer so I can work and learn with her hdd. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:recovering deleted win 7

How was Windows "deleted"? We need to know what your "friend" did in order to figure out what needs to be done to get it back.

When you use the dock, what it is you see on the drive? Is the boot partition still intact? Is the OS partition still intact?

Do you have a Recovery partition still intact on the PC?

If you have no Recovery partition, do you have Win7 install media (a DVD)?

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HELP! We operate Windows 7.

Every week (for years without incident) I complete a mail merge from a word template linked to an excel spreadsheet however, for some very strange reason today when I get to the end of the merge and click 'edit individual letters' it immediately says either not responding or just circles around with a white screen (I also notice a little lag after clicking edit recipients) .

I have tried, copying file and renaming, I've tried creating a different data source spreadsheet, I've tried reducing the number of merges, I've tried changing the location of files, I've run a diagnose and repair, I've run a virus scan... nothing has worked.

Yesterday whilst working on the data source we had a very brief power cut so brief it didn't impact the computer i.e. they didn't restart but did impact our network switch (which I have fixed with a simple unplug and count to 10 and plug in again) ... could this have caused the problem

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Word Not Responding - mail merge (edit individual letters)

You can take the network out of play by running the files on your C:\drive.

The network was the likely culprit in this scenario. Could there have been other devices affected that you don't know about? It may be resolved today, a large network can take hours to fully recover from a partial shutdown. Check before moving files to the C:\ drive.

A network failure while MS files are open can cause corruption. Hopefully you have backups.

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i need to recover some deleted files that were recently deleted. i have no idea how to recover them and would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions to do so, i know windows doesn't really "delete" files when they are deleted and i know there's a way to recover them, putting 2 and 2 together is the part i don't know. help me quickly please.

A:recovering deleted files

Search google for "Recovery Software" there are lots of free and paid software you can try any of them all works fine.

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I'm not sure where this topic fits, so please move if not appropriate.

My son damaged his mac beyond repair, so I took out the hard drive to recover files for him. Being inexperienced with macs, I inadvertently deleted some of his files (music files of course). I decided the better way to do things was to get software which would read the mac (now external) hard drive on my windows 7 pc, which I did, so I was then able to copy the remaining files to my computer. However, there still is the issue of the deleted files, which I would like to recover if possible.

I started looking at software (I'd like something free as this is a one-time operation), but then I realized I didn't know if I could find a program that would work on my pc to recover deleted files on a mac hard drive. So my question is:

Will pc data recovery software recover deleted files on a mac external hard drive? (if so, is there any such software available for free?)
Or, is the only way to do this is to get mac software and use a mac to recover deleted files from the mac external hard drive?
Or, is there another solution I haven't thought of?


A:Recovering deleted files

You could try Recuva. This says for Mac http://www.brothersoft.com/downloads/recuva-for-mac.html

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Hi guys! I am new here! I searched the net and I found your forum and you all seem to know your job, gratz on that! Either way, my problem is following. Few days ago, I was shooting some photos and accidently i deleted them with some older photos that are so important to me! I returned all the photos, no problem there, BUT real problem started after the returning. In addition, my photos are 80% good, but the rest are corrupted, explanation: 1/3 of the photo is ok the rest 2/3s are gray, but when you see the thumbnail the picture is ok, its when you open the photo, the problem appears. Tell me please what to do coz I need that photos urgently!


A:Recovering deleted photos

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We regularly use the Olympus dictation/transcription software which produces a DSS audio file. We have inadvertantly deleted one of the files and need to try and recover it - any ideas?!?


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I accidentally deleted a video off of my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and I am trying to retrieve it.  I know recuva is a popular program so I gave it a shot.  It found the file and said it recovered it, but when trying to view the file it is corrupt.  Recuva says the file is in exelent condition and has yet to be written over so I was hoping that someone could suggest either a droid app or computer app that may help me recover this video.  I believe it may be an MP4 file, I used another program that saw that file but said it was a .mov file (I thought MOV was an apple thing?) and could not retrieve it.  Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Recovering a deleted File

Hello and  to BC,
Does one of the following links help you?
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Best of luck!
Kind regards,
M. de Jager

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I had a program that somehow deleted all of my files on my desktop. Is there anyway I can restore the computer files? I have tried restoring to a previous time but a blue screen keeps popping up that says the computer can't restart manually.This is the another screen that pops up saying that the computer is repairing itself.

A:Recovering Deleted Files

@waltf13, welcome to the forum. If the computer doesn't boot, you may have deleted files necessary for this to happen.  There is a good chance that you won't be able to retreive your files.  You will most likely have to do a full System Recovery. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Hey guys,

I'm kind of new here, so please bear with me. Thanks!

So my problem is this- I accidentally deleted the partition that runs on my mp3 player that I use as a portable harddrive when I reinstalled windows xp on one of my computers. Is there any way to recover this partition and keep all of the files that were on it intact? I have not written any new data to the drive. I haven't even written a new partition yet.

If there is any additional information u need to know, please let me know.

Thanks for all your help!

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My Dad deleted a few powerpoint presentations the other day and I managed to recover them with GetBackData

Because it didn't show the files with their original names, I recovered all of the contents and went through them all and eventually found it. All of the other files were fully working and not corrupt.

I noticed that the size of the recovered files was about 3GB which I can't understand seeing as it came from a 2GB flash drive.

Can someone explain this phenomenon?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! (I know it's a bit late, but I was away for christmas)



A:Recovering Deleted Files

Hi Tom,

For me, it's a few hours into the new day - a bit early, but not late at all. And Happy Holidays to you as well.

Chances are you recovered much more than was lost on this occasion - including data from months and maybe even years ago that was still on the drive. It isn't really deleted until it is overwritten (though how it recovered 1.5 the max size of the drive is another issue - could it be larger than it says?). Another possibility is that some of the data may have been compressed and you may have recovered the uncompressed versions. Also, the recovery software may have duplicated recoveries (tried, got most but didn't complete, tried again and succeeded - and saved both as separate recovered files) - or perhaps merely duplicated recoveries because it isn't working entirely properly (I'll bet if you check closely you find duplicates). Finally, it is possible that the conversion process somehow increased the file sizes - perhaps with recovery-related data (which may or may not be resolved by restoring the actual files) - though I don't know why that would happen and none of the products I recommend do this. This product is not one I use or recommend (not because I know it is bad, but because I've never tried it before and I always do my best to try eveything I recommend - and often keep it in case questions come up).

Also, I strongly suggest using Recuva instead as it is a much better program (and gives names) and works a lot easier (and is the most recommen... Read more

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Here's the story. I get a phone call from someone who had the missing NTLDR message. THey said they were on the phone with microsoft for hours. The person outsourced told them to do another install of Windows to get in so they can back up their files. They tell him to install to Windows1 instead of Windows. I guess the smart outsourced agent thought this wouldn't delete any files since my friend told him he has some very important documents on this hard drive. So he installs another Windows and guess what, his documents and settings get overwritten. Looks like these guys really know what they're talking about since any Microsoft person should know this happens no matter where you install Windows. Is there any way to recover this files?

A:Help with recovering deleted files

Did they perform a format when reinstalling Windows?

If not, the files should still be in C:\Documents and Settings

Or where else did they have the files stored?

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I was wondering if there is any way to recover files once they've been deleted from Recycle Bin in Windows 7 Professional?  I accidentally (no idea how) deleted a picture file  that took me years to accumulate.

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Is there any way to recover deleted internet history in Firefox? I have Windows 7 as my OS.

A:Recovering Deleted History


Welcome to TSF!!

I wasn't able to find much but I did find one thing. Have a look at this blog for help.


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Yesterday I lost an important file and unfortunately I did not have it backed up. I have not written much to the HD since I lost the file. I am running Windows XP Pro. I understand there are a number of programs out there that can try to restore the missing file BUT I am also told that virtually all of them require the software to be installed FIRST. Does anyone know of any good file recovery programs that can be run for the first time after the file has been deleted? I would imagine the program needs to be able to excute from the CD or possibly from a web site. Installing such a program could obviously destroy the very data one may be trying to recover.

A:Recovering Deleted Files

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can someone recommend a good program for recovering deleted files?
i used to have norton undelete but if i recall correctly it only worked if installed before i deleted the file i want recover, which is no good as i've already deleted the file without having it installed.

something simple and to the point would be preferred

A:recovering deleted files?

Hi! I use the software "GetDataBack.V3.21", it is very good. I recuperating 90GB after I was formatting my HD.

good luck and see you later!

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Ok, first off, I wasn't really sure where to put this, but I figured this would be the best place since the answer could possibly vary depending on the OS. But if there's a better place for it, the mods can just move it.

So, anyway, I was wondering if there's some way for me to recover a file once it's been deleted? From what I understand, simply deleting a file doesn't completely get rid of it, so I figured recovering it should be possible. If this is possible (and I would assume it is), I'd really like to know how to do so, because I've made the mistake of deleting a couple files that I'd really like back. Thanks.

A:Recovering a deleted file

When I file gets deleted it will normally go to the Recycle bin. In order to recover your file open the recycle, search for the file then rightclick on and select restore. The file will the be restored to the location from where it would have been deleted.

Hope this helps

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I'm using Vista Home Premium. I accidentally deleted 2 very important videos. I have looked in the trash & in several of the files inside my C: Drive, no joy. IS there a place where I should be looking? CAN a file be found once it's gone through the trash step? Or, should I just replace the videos?
I appreciate any help!

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I had a video once saved in the app called APPLOCK in my android phone.I was using my computer and my phone was connected to my computer.So I deleted that video from my applock vault from my android phone using my computer.My question is, did the video get saved ( after deleting) somewhere in my computer? (NOTE : the file was never saved in the computer, the computer was just used to delete that file from the phone when it was connected to it)

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Well, I'm in a fine mess. Someone gave a me a laptop to "clean up." It is destined for his mother. He told me to delete all the extraneous data. So, just as a deleted one of the users, I get a call from his mom saying not to delete anything since it contains informatiion for their "organization."

Is there any kind of undelete program that can retrieve a deleted user and their info or is it lost forever?



A:Recovering deleted user?

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Any programs out there for recovering deleted files, mp3's, etc. .............IN PLAIN ENGLISH........SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND program!! Thanks, B-72.

A:Recovering Deleted files

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Last night I accidently deleted all my files while changing users on my laptop, & am curious if I can get them back.  I tried to run a restore from before the time it happened, but I guess all it restored was the windows operating files?  I've looked at numerous "free" software apps that claim to be able to recover files, & have read that w/ vista that the files are probably still present, but hidden.  I'm looking for any & all advice or guidance & greatly appreciate the help.

A:recovering deleted files

Try Recuva.

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I know it is a long shot, but I had a paper I did for school back in December of 2009, and I deleted it from my computer after I turned it in. I now lost that original copy I got back, and I need the original document. Is there anyway to recover a word document from just before Christmas?

A:Recovering deleted files

As you said, in view of the long time, the odds are against you but try Recuva.
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

and it's free.

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I wanted to know if I could recover deleted photos from an xD picture card I used to photograph some seagulls... well, I deleted these pictures without uploading. There was one I really liked and is there any way to recover it?

A:Recovering Deleted Files?

You can try some of these free programs tht HitSquad mentioned in his post HERE. I should also mention that if you've already taken more picutres on that card, you might be out of luck totally, as the new photos might over ride the deleted photos, erasing them forever! Still, it's worth a try though! Good luck

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Hi, I went through some of the previous posts regarding this issue and I downloaded this program


however I was not able to recover files deleted from the deleted folder just the ones from sent, inbox etc. Does anybody know of another way?

Thank you!

A:Recovering deleted emails

Exactly what happened when you tried to use DBXtract on the deleted items file?

What version of Windows do you have?


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Is there a freeware program or any other program or instructions on how to RECOVER deleted photos off a compact disk digital camera disk?
Deleted thru >start>my computer.
Thanks for your consideration and assistance!!!

A:Recovering deleted photos

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I deleted a folder that was saved to my Desktop.  Is there a way I can retrieve this?  Previous computers that I have used had a "recycle bin" but I cannot find that feature.  I have not created a recovery.  Thank you in advance.

A:Recovering a deleted folder

@lmw775 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Here is information on how to find the Recycle Bin in Win10:  https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start/where-is-the-recycle-in-windows-1...Good Luck

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Alohy Tech friends,
please help me with some data recovery problems:
I have accidentally installed a program into my documents folder. I did remove said program using the uninstall option within 'programs and features' in the control panel. Sadly this action removed all my documents that where in the documents folder and not just the program itself. Apart from some save games from computer games I lost some very important text files as well as edited video files, audio recordings, audacity projects, cyberlink powerdirector projects, final mp3s I recorded and a few other things. The recordings and videos however are the huge problem, since those took hours and hours to create/record and I would really like to get them back.
Before we move on what I tried so far, this folder was on a separate partition (not the windows partition) of my 500gb SSD drive, which I use as main drive. I got another 1tg drive which I use for files and backups. Sadly, as always, the last backup is quite some time ago and I don't have the projects backed up yet. My operating system is windows 8.1 (64bit).
I checked my recycle bin but the missing files are not in there.
Knowing that there is programs to recover data I stopped all activity and checked the web. I found your website and downloaded the portable versions of Recuva and Puran File Recovery. Both seem to find loads of files when I do a scan and tell me that he have successfully recovered thousands of files. I saved those files to ... Read more

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hi every one. ^__^ this is the first time I am posting here so if I make a mistake please forgive me. I have question and I hope you can help me to find the answer.

my system OS is windows XP professional x64 edition and the browser which I'm using is Firefox 3.5
I have made the privacy option in a way it deletes all the history and cookies after I close Firefox. ( I don't use Firefox in the private surfing style, it keeps data as long as I keep the browser open) I know there might be no chance for recovering any deleted data like this but right now I am looking desperately for the address of a site that I have missed a few days ago and I am really confused, is it possible to recover the sites that I have visited during this past week once again? although I have set the privacy option in my browser to delete all the data after I close it.

thanks so much for your help and time in advance

A:recovering deleted history

Hi Firefox user, Welcome to the Bleeping Computer help forums.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. The short, and bitter sweet answer to your question... I'm afraid is "Nope." To see what I mean just click on Tools, then select Clear Recent History and then read the warning that pops up Boo.

Have you tried Googling the name of the site that you lost, or even parts of the name to see if you get any hits?

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I installed an 80GB HD to replace a 40GB. I was going to use Norton Ghost V9.0 to copy the HD. I was using FDISK and accidently deleted the C: drive partition. I guess I just had a senior moment. Does anyone know or have any information as to how I can get it back. I hooked the drive on my other PC but it doesn't recognize it.

A:I need help recovering a deleted partition

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For a few days my laptop was running slow. On December 27th around 2pm, I performed Disk Cleanup and deleted MSN. A few minutes later, I noticed Word Pad is gone, IE icon is gone (it will come up indirectly if a program requires it, so it's NOT completely gone), all of my Window games are gone, Sound Recorder, Calculator and Windows Media Player (icon is gone, but it will come up when I go to my Music file and click on a song). These are the ones I noticed.

How Can I Fix This? I performed System Restore (that did NO good), Disk Check, Sfc/scannow, I checked out Event Viewer to see if I could fine where it went wrong. I also tried a program called 'FreeUndelete', but I wasn't sure which files to look for. I haven't had any luck yet! I thought about reinstalling Windows, but if I don't have to that would be great! Please help!

A:Need Help Recovering Deleted Programs

It can be the issue that you have deleted the short cuts to the application as you are saying that the icons come up once you click the song that means the the application is there in the system just the shotcuts or the icons are missing, if you think that the applications have deleted the only solution which comes to my mind is to go for a data recovery software,

you need to firstly scan the hard disk with the data recovery software no need to look out for the file those have been deleted the software will automatically tell you about the files recently deleted.stellar data recovery will provide you will the preview of the files you have deleted if and those can be recovered if you find the files or applications deleted recover them from the software else you need to reinstall
then you are left with no other option.

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I just tried the following programs....
File Scavenger
Virtual Labs (or something like that)
Master UnEraser
Jpeg Recovery Tool

What happend was the other night I accidently deleted some pictures without realizing I wanted to keep some of them. A few of them were already on my C drive and one or two of them I had just downloaded from an attachment in yahoo mail. I deleted everything in my inbox and the trash was emptied already so I can't re d/l it.

A couple of the programs listed above were able to recover the picture I wanted but theres no picture lol. The thing is, everything else in the folder with that picture in it is able to recover and work fine. What luck lol. From what I've been reading, I see that files aren't permanently deleted from your system until you use a third party program or the files get overwritten. The file recovery programs say the chances of recovery for the file are good, but in a few of the programs when you look at the pics properties it says it may be corrupt.

So I guess what my question is, since I use firefox ( and it's safer than IE7 ) can I try and locate the cookie/url of the yahoo page from the other night? Can I view my download history for firefox even after I've "cleaned up" the download box and ran Ccleaner? With the file recovery programs I found some old webpages and was able to find a few semi recent pages but not the yahoo ones. How do I locate the yahoo cookies/temp internet files/urls I don�... Read more

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Hello everyone,please I don't really know exactly much on all these stuffs but I'm putting my effort to,so i was wondering how comes deleted files can be recovered,then i looked it up and from what i saw online i discovered that when you delete a file it doesn't actually get deleted, it's still there until another file overwrites it or thereabout.but what gets me confused is that, ok what if i have a 2gb pen drive and i have a 1gb file in it, then i delete the 1gb file to copy a 1.9gb document in the pendrive, so does that mean the 2gb pendrive is now actually carrying 2.9gb of files in it? So if i then delete the 1.9gb file i can still recover the 1gb file, so what is the actual size of the pendrive?it is limitless or its more than two gb

A:Recovering Deleted Files

A 2GB drive has approx. 1905MB (1.86GB) available for user storage (the remaining 143MB is used by the USB Flash Drive to store its firmware essential for operation).

If you have a 1GB 1024MB file of data on the flash drive and you delete it providing there is no the data on the drive you now have the total capacity shown above

If you now install to the flash pen 1.9GB of data - you have overwritten the sectors used by the original 1GB of data

I am unsure as you why you would think that a drive or any storage medium eg DVD disc can suddenly have greater storage capacity than that with which it was manufactured.

Is the answer to your question not provided by you here
it's still there until another file overwrites itClick to expand...

I do not mean that to be in any manner other than helpful - I think with respect you are looking for some deep hidden meaning to the principle of recovering data that has simply been deleted but then the drive has not been written to or of course formatted.

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