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Yoga 910 Shipping Issue

Q: Yoga 910 Shipping Issue

I recently purchased a yoga 910 dark grey (07/2017) and to my surprise the shipping date is late December 2017 (18-20). Did anyone else see a huge 4 month gap between purchase and shipment. Personally that is too long of a delay, even though accessories as stated to ship in a couple days. Should I cancel? Or can customer service rush an order? Thanks, Ordering from Los Angeles.

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 910 Shipping Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I ordered the yoga 920 on the 16th. My order is still being processed and the ship date was 10/25 all week. Now it says 10/30.  The website is also now advertising the computer for about 200 dollars cheaper than what I ordered and says shipping is 1-3 days.  Is this his normal form Lenovo? What?s the hold up? I think I should cancel my order and try again. 

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I ordered my Yoga 920 3 days ago and the estimated shipping time is January 3rd 2019. Seriously **bleep** am i gonna do in those 5 months. I ordered the base model Yoga and i just don?t understand why it would taking 5 months to ship a laptop

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I ordered 2 Lenovo Yoga 920s on Cyber Monday.  Advertised standard 2-3 day shipping. Now they say it will be 30 days!!! They even provide a firm ETA. 

A:Shipping Delay for Lenovo Yoga!!!

All computer makers are at the mercy of their suppliers.  The makers get disks, LCD panels, memory, etc. from suppliers.  In most cases, they have multiple suppliers for an item to ledden the chances of problems, but occasionally, parts availability is delayed.  It is always frustrating when you're the one at the bottom of the chain.  

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I ordered a Thinkpad OLED Yoga, 16GB ram and 1TB SSD, on 6/17/2016. This order has been delayed many times due to parts back order, first the drive, then the screen, at least that's what I'm told, but frankly I've lost respect for customer support as they cannot provide any concrete details about my order. The latest estimate indicates that it will ship 9/12/2016, almost 3 months after the order.  I do want this machine and I see others on this forum have recieved a similar configuration. So, what is the deal here? Is Lenovo the most incompetent company on earth? Why offer a configuration they cannot fullfill? The current shipping window for this configuration is 3 weeks.  Can anyone shed any light here? Thanks,Kevin

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Hello I would like to know why my Lenovo Yoga 710 is expected to ship in January/February of next year. On the website it stated there was 1 quantity left i purchased it. This is ridiculous as I purchased it for this semester of college i wont recieve it until next year. Is there a store i can pick it up at? If not i will simply have to cancel my order get a different laptop. Any all support would be appreciated, thanks.

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I bought my Lenovo ideapad from a best buy in Canada at the end of August 2016, I have been having unprovoked screen issues so I called the Lenovo support number on July 24th, last week and explained the issue. They said my warranty was up and so I explained the situation and showed them the reciept that proved I bought it at the end of August, and so they rightly accepted that I was still applicable for the warranty. I was then told that within three business days they would send me a shipping box to send the laptop back to them in. It has been a week now and there is no sign of the box and no real update or explanation from Lenovo. When I check the status of my repair order online, it shows: Order status: New OrderOverall Status: in Progress which isn't very helpful because I have no idea if theyre still processing the shipping of the box, or if the box has been shipped and is just delayed or if there was an issue for some reason with sending it. Any explanation or insight would be greatly appreciated. Connor 

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I recently did a Windows 10 update to my Lenovo Yoge Ideapad  11 S on July 16th and now my touch screen does not work. When I check the drivers for my monitor and touch screen I noticed the driver was missing. I cannot get Lenovo or Microsoft to fix this. What else can I do to get that driver back ?

A:Lenovo Yoga Idea Pad Yoga 11 S touch screen issue

Hello Dws520Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.Was this the creators update?
If so, have a look on the following post, this should show if your device has been tested with the update yet:
From what I can see, your unit does not seems to have made the list, which leads me to believe that this will be the cause of the issue, I would recommend that you revert back to the previous version of Windows, and observe if the fault still occurs or not.
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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My brand new Yoga 720 is seriously bent (one corner is up by 3 mms). I have sent back immediately to offical Lenovo service. They sent it back with a report that it is fully operable. Since then, I have a wedge in my notebook case and all I have to do is put it under my notebook if I use it. Now I know which brand not to buy next time.

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I just bought a Yoga 720, 13.3 inch from Amazon (USA) - i5, 256 gb SSD, 8 gb RAM.  Its a nice laptop but upon turning it on, the fan noise scared me completely. To add more to the woes, screen couldnt display white color properly. It would show an off white color/yellowish tint - I thought this is a defective one until i read it online that many are facing this issue. I diligently worked with Lenovo Customer Care ( slow and awful) and solved both of these issues in one click !  High Fan Noise: This problem is due to a default BIOS setting that Lenovo ships you with originally when you purchased the product ( go figure why !) Turn Laptop offLeft to the headphone jack is a small pin hole.Press the pin hole and it will show you 4 options. Click BIOSUnder the BIOS - select BIOS thermal temperature mode to " Quiet" Press F10 (save and exit)This will keep fan quiet and smooth ! It worked right away. You dont need to install TP Fan Control at all ! Coloration Issue: White color on screen display was looking off white/yellowish  Turn Laptop offLeft to the headphone jack is a small pin hole.Press the pin hole and it will show you 4 options. Click BIOSPress Fn key first and then F9 ( dont press both together)It will ask for optimal load defaults - select yes and press enterPress F10 (save and exit) You can perfom both the settings in one go while accessing the BIOS set up and not have to do it one by one.Restart the lapto... Read more

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When ever i open my laptop. On the task bar the date and time is pushed off the screen.I think their maybe a issue with the graphics driver and windows 10. If i click on the up arrow on the task back it will snap back to where it is supposed to be. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar issue with their yoga 12.Please also let me know if anyone knows how to fix. All of my drivers are the latest windows 10 versions. its not a huge issue, but it is extreemly annoying. 

A:Yoga 12 - Windows 10 Issue - taskbar issue

Hi Parks.
Welcome to the forums.
Can you plese post the full machine model of your Thinkpad Yoga 12?
Did you already looked on your's model support site for the latest drivers? sometimes the latest drivers does not show up on Lenovo System Update or Windows Update.

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Can anyone tell me what a custom built laptop delivery time is order was placed December 1st its now the 11th

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I am building a new Haswell PC here on the right coast of the US, and need to ship it to the owner on the left coast - built, tested, and loaded.

Has anyone done this and have any tips to try and get it to it's destination in working condition?

The owner is fairly mechanically inclined, but has never worked inside a PC before, so I am wary of what I can ask her to do.
My main concern is we are considering a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO, and I am concerned about the height of this thing creating enough leverage to tear the socket out if there was a jolt. I've considered removing it and then trying to walk her through installing it at her end but I'm not sure this is the best plan.
Or we could just stick with the stock heatsink and fan and not deal with the EVO.

Any experiences and tips would be appreciated!

A:Shipping a PC

Well if it was me I would get bunch of static free bubble wrap and stuff the inside of case so things don't move then wrap outside of case put in box then get bigger box and put more wrap between the two boxes. That should protect everything then make sure you put insurance on it for a value twice the amount of the package. Forgot to say to mark the box this side up so motherboard is on bottom of box.

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Ordered my P1 on Oc14. UPS just delievered it on 10/16. This is the FASTEST that I've ever received a laptop order from Lenovo (or IBM) in my memory. Now waiting for the workstation dock before start configuring it.

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I've had good luck with HP computers, and recently ordered a new EliteDesk. The problem is, I paid a premium for next-day delivery. The unit was shipped from Texas (to Northern California) on May 25th. It is now May 31st, and I don't have it yet. FedEx dropped the ball and failed to deliver it today, and they say I'll have it tomorrow -- but in the course of my discussion with them, they said it was shipped GROUND. Because it was shipped ground, I am certainly entitled to a refund on the premium shipping charge that was billed to my credit card. But here's the real problem: As far as I can tell, there is NO page on the HP website that provides a phone number I can use to call and complain about this. I have looked and looked and looked. I would love it if some kind person would provide a customer support phone number so I can call and explain the problem to them. Or even a URL of the web page that has a phone number. I do quite understand that large corporations don't want to hear from customers after they have made a sale ... but in this case, if I don't get a commitment from HP to rescind the charge for next-day shipping, I'll have to have my Visa cancel the entire payment for the computer, and then where will we be? It will be a headache for everybody. So how about a phone number, eh?



  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Can I please get some help with my order 4293378647 not shipping. I don't understand it. It was supposed to ship the same day but there has been ZERO movement. Customer service offered no assistance when I called. They simply said they'd reach out to someone and email me with the information which I suspect is just some runaround tactic they use when they don't want to work. I want REAL help. This is absurd. I ordered this laptop on August 7th and it was supposed to ship the same day. Instead it hasn't even moved. If I knew this was going to happen I would've bought it on ebay or amazon.

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Hi, My p50 has been delayed by over a month!! Is this common? The Rep on phone tells me exactly what's on the Order Visibility Portal and doesn't seem to know anything more.  I hope someone from Lenovo could get in touch me over this. Cheers,Nate

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Has anyone received a shipping confirmation on this new machine and if so will you please share order date, ship date, model. I ordered the stock-built computer with FHD display and 16 GB memory on the day of release, June 19, and now my estimated delivery is one month from June 19 despite that they are offering 'same day shipping' for new orders and have been for a few days.  The original estimated ship time was 5-7 days.  Call the sales number and they will sell you that computer today for 'same day shipping' but when I asked the rep to double-check she said oh, no, sorry, there are no computers in stock, that they were probably 'oversold' or 'waiting for parts'. Thank you kindly for helping bring some clarity to this situation.

A:X1 Carbon GEN-7 shipping

Hello I recieved verification of shipping. Tracking through UPS says I should recieve my device on Monday! I am super excited! I didnt have any of the super upgrades and ordered the standard model priced at 1499. I hope this helps!

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Its openbox through newegg.com. I purchased an 8600GT a while back openbox from newegg.com and its still working flawlessly today. There's also a 9600GT for $78.75 (before shipping). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121229R

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Just sent my daughter-in-law a Gateway2000 via UPS from Michigan to Texas. It was running perfect when it left me. She just called and said that it would not turn on...nothing....nada.
She has changed power cords and has plugged it into the wall and to no avail.

Suggestions PLEASE!!


A:No power....after shipping.

Hi Spaceman_333,
During the move the power connector could have come loose from the motherboard. Check all the power connections to see that they are snug!!
Make sure the connection to the power switch is snug also.


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Hi,   I am not sure if I should have posted this in any existing appropriate thread. I have ordered a P50 (config includes 2 X 1 TB PCIe NVMe SSDs, 1 X 1TB HD). I placed the order on 12th April and was informed there could be 3-4 weeks of delay (because of PCIe SSDs availability) with estimated shipping date 12th May. In between (a week back or so), I called and I was told that estimated shipping date is 11th Of May and there is no change or surprise in the shipping date. When I didn't get any shipping notification yesterday or today, I called back and the rep was not sure about the status of my order and hence she promised to update me by end of today. Just now, I got her email saying the shipping is delayed further caused by "hard drive". I am not sure if this further delay is due to hard drive of 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDs. Do any of you, who may have ordered P50 with 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD(s), got P50 delivered? How long it took? If its really about the hard drive, I may even consider dropping this from the config (should have done at the first place).

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I bought an Xbox on Ebay and the shipping wasnt listed but instead it had the Ebay calculate shipping for the product. The Calculated shipping was only 30$ but the seller sent me an inovice with 68$ for shipping. Can the seller charge such a price on shipping when the calculated price was so much lower? Im just wondering before I pay for the item.



A:Ebay Shipping

As we dont know which method you selected, or what your zip code is its hard to confirm if you are correct.

But Ebay say "Shipping services and rates available for shipping to United States.
All prices include any packaging and handling fees charged by the seller.", so if you selected correctly, the answer is no, ask for an explanation.

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I've heard the rumor that some components you ordered would cause delay (such as touch screen, RAID, etc.). Let's share some info here so we can understand what might have cause the delay.  To make the thread easy to read, please update your ogirinal post whenever the estimated shipping date was changed (instead of adding a new post to the thread).  Thanks! Here is an example: Model: P50 20ENCTO1WWOrder Date: 12/13/2015Original Est.: 1/14/201612/20/2015 Est: 1/21/201612/29/2015 Est: 1/28/2016...Processor     Intel Core i7-6700HQ    Color Sensor     No Color Sensor     Display     15.6 FHD IPS Non-TouchTotal memory     8GB DDR4 2133 SoDIMMRAID Setting     RAID0HDD Config     1TBHDDx2

A:P50/P70 shipping thread

I will just followup here: I order on April 6th with 64GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 1080 screen with Muti-touch and Pen Pro, i7-6700HQ CPU and M1000M GPU, along with a Storage Kit for the HDD cables. No RAID and other special configurations. It didn't allow me to pay in two credit cards by the system, a CSR was helping me on putting the order and he had restarted his program to complete my order by some reason at that time. Model: P50 20ENCTO1WWOriginal shipping date: April 7th, 2016.Original delivery date: April 14th, 2016.Shipping date Delayed to (on April 7th): April 15th, 2016.Delivery date Delayed to: April 23rd.Booking place: US. On April 9th, the Storage Kit was shown as "Cancelled" on the order status page and a couple of cancellation notification emails came before it for the system cancellation as well. Chatted with a CSR, there seemed to be an error on the order status page, and the order should be shipped. Waiting for more updates now.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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I'm preparing for setting up SQL Server 2K log shipping across a firewall. I wonder if it will be enough to open port 445 on the firewall (for SMB traffic, NETBIOS transport is disabled), or port 1433 will also need to be left open.
Thanks for any suggestions,

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Anyone know where i can get a javascript for shipping calculations? basically i want to sell some stuff and the buy would enter a zip code and then it would calculate how much the shipping would be. can anyone refer me to a site where i can get one for free? i tried a search on google with no luck.

A:Anyone know where I can get a shipping script?

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I had no idea it took Hp so long to build a custom system. It's still processing from the 10th of this month?

View Solution.

A:shipping time

@Jm567? Typical time to build a "CTO"  Custom-to-Order system is two weeks. Even the "two week" time frame is dependent on the type of system being built.  For example, if the parts for your particular system are not available at the time your order is processed, there may be a delay. Although we at the Community forum cannot help you with the details on your order, you can certainly contact HP if you have concerns. Open the email titled "Your HP Order H### has been received" (replace the ### with your order number). Scroll to the bottom > look for and click "My Order Status". If you do not have the email described, or if your email lacks the contact link, you can contact HP through one of the links that are available in your email (there should be at least one). When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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HiMy p71 has been delayed by over a month! Really? I order it at Sept 1st, Lenovo first tells me it will be shipped at 12th. However, Lenovo delayed the estimated shipping to 14th, then 15, then 16th. Finally, Lenovo delayed the estimated shipping day at 26th!!!!!  I ordered the computer on September first and it will arrive on October 4th! I won't  buy Lenovo anymore! Shipping system sucks! Nobody gives me an apology.

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Dear experts;I have ordered a P51 on the 18th of February, unfortuantly the shipping date keep shifitng, the online order visibility tracker seems not accurate.I tried checking with the customer support without any progress, Is there any way to contact lenovo fulfilment department/post sales to clarifity expected date? emails would be better Thanks,Mohamed

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Does this look right to you guys? I ordered vista from newegg the other day in order to get the free windows 7 upgrade. (probably a mistake) Here is the email I got today. FYI i live in Oklahoma.

A:10-15 days shipping.. really?

Seems like a reasonable amount of time to me

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Couldn't decide where a question like this should go. I have to ship my laptop back to HP for a warranty covered repair. Can anyone tell me if UPS or USPS would be best for this? I am thinking about safety as well as cost. Safety first.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Shipping laptop??

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I need to get a shipping address to send in my laptop. 4  weeks ago I contacted HP about my laptop needing repairs.  After running through several troubleshooting steps, the tech said I would need to send the unit in.  I received the shipping box to return it, filled in the problem form and packaged it back up to send.  I did not receive a shipping label and so I just tried to send it to the address that was on the label of the box.  1621 Heil Quaker BLVD, Lavergne, Tn 37092.  The post office tried to pull up this address, but says that it is not a valid address.  I have tried  for the past two weeks to get someone on the phone that can help me with this.  I keep getting put through to different numbers, getting cut off, or having to wait on hold forever, and I still do not have an address.  Can someone please help me with the matter ASAP.  I am a cancer patient and have been dealing with chemo, radiation, and surgery I really need to get my daughters laptop taken care of for her.

A:Shipping Address

Here is the address that I found. Try giving the HP service center a call.   

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I switched from Windows 10 back to 7 because when I signed on I lost programs I used for church and work.  Now I can't access anything online.  It tells me: The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's
Shirley l. Smith

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Hello everyone. I have searched far and wide on the internet for a solution to this problem, but have yet to find anything. I know about the problems at Digital River with the downloadable student editions. I am more concerned with the Discs I paid $13 extra to have shipped to me.

I was supposed to receive a confirmation e-mail when they shipped. That was exactly two weeks ago, which to me means they still have not shipped. I have tried contacting Digital River (twice) by their customer support form, but have not had any luck with that.

I'm frustrated beyond belief and have no idea what to do. I guess I could just download the .ISO, but the problem with that is then I still lose $13.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do, other than wait some more and eventually give up?

A:Windows 7 not shipping...

When you ordered the DVD, you should have received a receipt, and hopefully on that receipt there was a contact email and/or phone number. Anything on your receipt?

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I currently live in Germany and I'm planning to buy HP Pavilion au118na laptop, Since there's no possibility to get English Keyboard(QWERTY) here in Germany. I want it to get from online HP UK store.  My query is, will I be able to get it shipped from UK on ondering ?? Please help me on this!! Thanks in advance

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The laptop I ordered is now in "clearance delay" in Alaska.  Anyone else ever experience this?  How long will it take

A:"clearance delay" w/ shipping

Apparently this is a huge issue that have 1000s of issues with every single month that I've dated back for over 7 years. I will never order from HP again. It's happened both times and last time it took an extra week and a half and then I had to send it back due to software issues! Of course they won't let you post anything about it or say anything about it when you place an order!

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I plased an order on 11/28/2016 and was told that my new laptop would ship by 129 and be received by 12/19 and each time i go on line to get the updated status and nothing has been updated since I placed the order on 11/28/16 so I called on 12/9 ( was on hold over 25 min) and was told that it would be shipped and that i should receive and email on 12/12 still no email and no updates online called and was on the phone from 11:02 am -12:36 pm and was told that there was a delay and that the computer would not be shipped until 12/19 but would be delivered no later than 12/23, it is 12/20 and still no email to say it was shipped and no update online I am on hold now since 10:07-11:03 and they said that it has been shipped however they can't say when it will be delivered because Fedex won't give delivery date and when I go onto Fedex it say to contact shipper for delivery date.  So there is a very good chance that the one gift that I got for my grand daughter will not be here  for Christmas I feel that this is very poor customer service if you can't get the orders filled in time for Christmas then you should have stopped taking orders or you should have told the customer that there was a possibility that they would not receive by Christmas however I can only think that orders were not processed in the order that they were received because if so I orderd on 11/28 and that would mean that all orders after mine will also not arrive by Christmas and you a... Read more

A:Shipping/order status

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). 
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Does anyone know when microsoft is shipping win 7 preorders?
I've heard oct 22, but is there a chance it's earlier? I can't stand vista much longer!!!! thanks

A:Windows 7 Preorder shipping

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A user has a request to generate 300 fedex labels from names and addresses in an excel spreadsheet.

To my surprise I was not able to find either a word template or a software utility from Fedex to do this.

I did find a software called Shiprush but it does not really meet the requirements.

Any Suggestions?

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I would like to know if anyone has any experience with software that would help run a shipping warehouse. I would like to set up a network were everyone can communicate with one another, track incoming and outgoing goods and just in general handle the day to day business of a very busy shipping warehouse.


A:Shipping Database Software?

Microsoft Access 2000 just happens to come with a "built-in" Inventory Control database that you can customize to make your own. If you don't have someone in-house that can customize it, there are many Access database developers out there. You can even email me for some referrals.

The database can be web-based (you'll have to talk to somebody far better than me for that!) or just stored on your LAN for multiple users. You can set security in Access to keep certain people out of certain parts of the database and everything.

I don't love any software manufacturers. But you'll get a whole lot more support/help with Access than you will with ACT or some of the other ones out there.

Listen, you should never go into a project this way, tho. What you really need to do first is sit down with your people and make a list of all of the capabilities that you want your database to have. You also need some reading and other materials. Go here regardless of the software you might end up using.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] Just remind me who you are if you email. Good luck.

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Hello all.

My son's laptop got stolen so I shipped him mine via USPS. Using a friend's computer to help him troubleshoot his wifi problem.

eMachines E525 - stock
Win XP Professional SP2
Current Atheros driver installed from eMachines website

Wifi worked fine here. Doesn't work there.

Same thing happened after I bought it last year with Win7 installed.
Couldn't run my recording software on Win7 so I had XP Pro installed while visiting an out of state friend.
Flew home, no wireless capabilities.
Said wireless was in range- yet nothing shows up.
Visited same friend a couple of months later and returned it to the same shop.
They reinstalled XP Pro but couldn't tell me why the wifi didn't work at home last time.
Got a virus this past summer and clean reinstalled XP Pro SP2.
Worked perfectly until my son turned it on- no wifi.
He also needs XP to run audio software and there are other programs installed that he doesn't have copies to reinstall, and would very much like to avoid another OS install.

And its not the wifi switch that blinks on the keyboard. This has been pressed and depressed and restarted and all that. The blinking tells me that its working and trying to connect, but can't. Am I correct?

A:Wireless not working after shipping to my son

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I'm trying to print shipping labels with usps, ups, and this windwo pops up from the sharpdesk composer - don't know what that is - with this error message:
Failed to get the Image Data. Out of Memory of System Disk place.

I have a PIXMA MP150 Scanner/printer, Windows xp pro. The printer prints fine.

Please, if someone could give me a hand here I would greatly appreciate it. I'm at work now, got like twenty packages gotta ship and i'm stuck.

A:Can't print shipping labels

Sharpdesk Composer...looks like the software you are using.http://software.informer.com/getfree-sharp...poser-download/I would try uninstalling it, then reinstalling it.Louis

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