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Yoga Book froze 2 times and now it won't turn on at all

Q: Yoga Book froze 2 times and now it won't turn on at all

I turned it on fine this morning I opened up reddit, it froze, so I restart. Happened again restart. But it didn't turn on. It makes the turn on vibration, but nothing else. Is there anything I can do, or is my bb dead?

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Preferred Solution: Yoga Book froze 2 times and now it won't turn on at all

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey everyone I bought my yoga book last year and it's had a bunch of problems and now it just won't turn on ? Kind of really upset though because I spent alot of money on it and I've taken good care of it.  Any ideas anyone?I've already tried the power button with volume and tried a bunch of different chargers.  Thanks in advance 

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Whenever I hit a 'key' by mistake on the halo keyboard when I'm on the homescreen I automatically get promtped with the google app's search and it's incredibly frustrating since if I thouch the keyboard by mistake then I have to close it every single time. It wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that there is literally a key with a search icon dedicated for launch the google search quickly instead of every single letter on your keyboard.

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Hello. So I spilled some soda on my yoga 11e chrome book and now the red thinkpad light keeps blinking and the laptop won't start. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A:Spilled soda on yoga 11e chrome book. Now the red thinkpad light keeps blinking and it won't turn on

Thee quick answer is "no".  Liquids are not good for electronics, and the worst liquids are soda and coffee

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I bought a Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop from Best Buy last week.    This is my 2nd Lenovo laptop. The other one was a Yoga 11 that I bought last year.   With the Yota 11, the screen turns on as soon as I open the lid.   On the new Yoga 710, the screen never turns on when I open the lid and I have to press the power button to turn it on.  I've searched and tried dozens of different setting and none made any difference.   I ended up taking the Yoga 710 back to the Best Buy store.  There were three Geeksquad guys who couldn't figure it out.   So they simply exchanged it.  When I got home and unboxed it, it was still the same.  I went back to the store three more times and all the other ones they gave me had the same behavior.  I actually didn't want to exchange them, but they Geeksquad guys insisted that it was normal, so they just kept exchanging it.  The two of them actually spent over 15 minutes trying to figure it out, but nothing worked.   The laptops were otherwise working perfectly. The Yoga 710 on display at Best Buy actually did work just fine.  The screen turns on when the lid is opened... I think that's why the Geeksuqad guys insisted that all 4 that I got were bad.... on the other hand, 5 of them had were manufacturered in three different months, so I assume they were from different batches? (August, October, November)  Now I'm staring at the 5th Yoga 710 and it's still doing it(... Read more

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 Buenos días. Hace un par de meses he comprado un LENOVO YOGA C93013IKB.En un par de ocasiones le ha costado mucho encenderse (como dos minutos).¿Es normal que pase o debollevarlo al servicioo técnico? . Good Morning. A couple of months ago I bought a LENOVO YOGA C93013IKB.A couple of times it has been hard to turn on (about two minutes).Is it normal for it to happen or should it be taken to technical service?  

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Well, I woke up this morning to find my computer frozen since an hour before I woke up.
This makes me believe waiting will not make it un freeze.
I have not changed anything hardware or software in the past month.
I restated my computer an shortly after that, It froze.
I tried this 3 more times and then just said screw it.
Instead of booting into windows 7, ill boot into xp.
It still froze.
This leads me to believe its a hardware problem.

So far my only lead is one of my programs lost my profile.
It could not access it.

So hard drive failure?
How can I check?
And if it isnt hard drive failure, what else can it be?

I just tried to use the windows 7 recovery tool to at least do something, that froze as well. It seems any time I use the hard drive the compute freezes.
I guess I'm looking for a boot disc or linus live cd with some hard driver recovery or diagnostic tools on it. anything, I really do not want to lose this hard drive

A:Computer froze 4 times in 15 mins!

http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ or similar

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Odd issue in Windows XP Pro SP3.  My workstation that I work on daily has been working great with no issues.  I didn't install anything recently.  This morning I went to log in as usual.  Typed in password and clicked to log in then a total system freeze that required me to unplug the machine to reboot.
To be clear - when the freezes would occur it would happen right there at the login screen with blue background (screen never went completely blank or anything).
It's like the password takes and then complete lockup without doing anything else.
This happened 5 times in a row.  The sixth time, I logged in and the screen immediately went to my desktop and my icons started to show up like nothing was wrong.
I'm currenty logged in so it isn't an issue now.  But Nothing changed between any of those 6 times I tried so it doesn't make sense.
I did research this problem a bit and people are saying it can be caused by microsoft security essentials being out of date but I dont' have it installed.
I do regular scans for viruses/malware and have symantec antivirus installed.
Even if the domain had a problem handling my login it wouldn't freeze up my computer, specifically. 
Any ideas of what could cause these login freezes?
Nothing has changed on my computer from yesterday to today (yesterday everything worked great like it usually does).  I never went to any wierd websites eit... Read more

A:Login froze 5 times after entering password - 6th time booted fine

A damaged user profile might, IMO.  That's one of the typical reasons users have reported login problems.

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Mouse won't work touchscreen won't work tried the off button that won't work Frozen

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I started having problems about a week or so ago. Whenever I turned off the computer and turn it on again, I would get an error at boot-up that my "CPU is unworkable or has been changed." I would go into BIOS and it was detected correctly. I would exit BIOS and it would boot into windows 7. The error would come up everytime I restarted the computer. I had overclocked my cpu so I took it back to default settings and that stopped the boot-up error.

Now I had bought a new Seagate 2TB Harddrive which had the cc34 firmware. I was going to update the firmware on it so I unplugged my other harddrive and ran the firmware update utility burned on a cd. The new hard drive was DOA. it was not detected by the update utility nor in BIOS. I tried different sata cables, different sata ports on the motherboard and different sata power cables from the psu.

And now......I was on my computer when it froze, so I ctrl-alt-delete to shut the application that was stalling. But the task manager never came up and the monitor turned black, more of a grayish black. After a few minutes of nothing I pressed and held the power button on my case. That did not do anything either. So I flipped the switch on the psu.

I flipped it back. The light on the motherboard next to the 24-pin lights up; however when I press the power button on the case, nothing happens.

Any ideas? Any other info needed from me?


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Yes hello everyone, so.. i took my old computer to use because my new one is currently undergoing service and everything was fine at first. But yesterday my computer froze while in the middle of a defragmentation, i tried commands like ALT + f4 and CTRL+alt+del but after a while i just shut it down by holdning the power off button for about 5sec.
When i then tried to turn it back on it started beeping, "Beeeep .... Beeeep ..... Beeeep.... Beeep" So i see nothing on the screen, fans and everything is working and i hear this beep sound and i dont know what to do. I've tried checking for lose screws inside the computer and also removed most of the dust but without any luck. And since i cant reinstall windows or acces the boot menu or anything i have no idea what to do. And i thought i could use my old one for 2weeks not since my new one is not available but it seems like i was mistaken.
I can leave the computer on, but the only thing that happens is this beep sound - No text on the monitor - nothing. It's a pretty old computer so i guess it doesn't surprise me if it is in fact dead but as i was playing on it like 2 days ago and everything worked find i dont understand this.

A:Computer froze then wont turn on

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We've had a recurrent problem with our Dell desktop (about four years old; Vista operating system) freezing up while videos are playing, usually on children's websites, for some reason (like Nick Jr. or PBSKids.org, for example). The video freezes and there is a loud buzzing sort of sound. Ctrl/Alt/Delete does nothing; we have to manually shut the computer off. The second to last time it happened, it would not turn back on. After considerable tinkering, it did finally come back on; weirdly after the ethernet was disconnected and reconnected. This time, it will NOT come back on. It is a doorstop. Just give it to me straight... Are we screwed?? lol...

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I booted up my Yoga 3 Pro and it froze on me.   I needed to charge it and update it.   It's was at 7% remaining.   Should I leave it drain to 0 and try rebooting it again?   Cnt , Alt, Del.  does nothing.  It's totally froze. Suggestions, Thanks


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A:Yoga 3 Pro is Froze....

Press and hold the power button.

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Hi guys, my laptop specs are

Acer 5738DG 2.66ghz Intel core duo
8GB ram
Windows 7 Home Premium

A few days ago my laptop experienced a few BSOD and hangs. I found out that this was the result of not having enough space on the hard drive so i cleared it out. Tonight i had another freeze (after cleaning up 60gb) and had to hold the power button to turn it off.
I then tried turning it on but the monitor is blank. The processor indicator light is running and I can hear the hard drive spinning. I also tried it with VGA connected to the Tv and it didn't work. Worked before though.

note: The laptop monitor not turning on also occurred a few days ago before i cleared up some space from the hard drive. I left it alone until tonight and when i tried it again, it seemed to work - until i experienced that last freeze

Any suggestions?


A:Acer Laptop froze then monitor won't turn on

Hello mashroom and Welcome to TSF,

When you're saying the monitor is blank, is it like that from the minute you turn it on? Or do you still see the machine posting? (The text that shows in the beginning of the boot)

Have you also tried plugging in an external monitor?

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My computer froze, and I turned it off. I then turned the computer back on, and the Windows XP logo that comes on at the beginning will not appear. I can keep the computer on for an hour, and all I get is a blank black screen with a blinking white cursor at the top lefthand corner of the screen. Is there any way to fix this?

A:comp froze turn on blank screen

Have a look here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314503

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Hi All,

I am trying to save a timesheet template that I update monthly multiple times in the same folder.
e.g. I have a template folder with excel files named Anne, Bob, Jane, Rachel, etc; and want to save the new template over the top of these.
Currently I am saving them one at a time but I know there should be a faster way with VBA or something.

Any ideas?

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I was playing a game that i bought. I got bored and quit the game. Then i turned it offf. An hour later the net book won't turn on. I tried taking out the battery and the AC plug and holdong the power button. My Netbook is a EEE PC 1000HD Plz Help T_T

A:Net Book won't turn on

Halo3recon said:

I was playing a game that i bought. I got bored and quit the game. Then i turned it offf. An hour later the net book won't turn on. I tried taking out the battery and the AC plug and holdong the power button. My Netbook is a EEE PC 1000HD Plz Help T_TClick to expand...

What exactly happens? Any lights light up?

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So my chrome book won't turn on. All it does is display the white screen but it doesn't go to the home screen. I don't have a battery so I can't take it out and try to reboot it that way. I already try taking the Sim card out and holding the power down for for seven seconds. somebody please help me I am so lost without my computer.

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I have a chrome book 11 and I haven't used if for at least 3 months. I charged it all day with the charging light showing a solid Amber but when I tried to turn it on 7 hours latter it wouldn't turn on. When I would hold down the power button nothing would happen. Then I started going through a sequence of Amber for 2 mins then a flash of red and a flash of green and the back to Amber. What should I do?

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Immediately, I use Thinkpad Yoga 260 and now have a problem when it is turned off, then the next day my laptop turns on it doesn't want to turn on again. I pressed the power button, it just turned on the keyboard light for a while then died without having time to enter bios especially into Windows (the screen didn't have time to turn on). All indicator lights are on. Some of what I did;1. Press the reset button. This once managed to make my laptop turn on again, but then it had no effect.2. Also i update all software and Bios, but still forced same problem, then,3. I disassemble the laptop, pull out some connectors such as batteries, keyboards, and more. Some of these steps succeeded, until finally the problem arose and I went to the laptop service in my city.4. There was a slight problem with the supply of electric current on the motherboard and it was successfully fixed and my laptop turned on again. However, after one day the problem reappeared after the laptop was turned off. Luckily, my service place provides a one-month guarantee. But, I have returned to the service area with the same problem (more than 5 times). According to them, my motherboard has no problems, as well as other hardware. I still don't get the cause with this problem often arises. Sometimes a laptop can turn on only by pressing the reset button or opening the battery connector or plugging in the power cord and then I wait a while while the laptop is charging, and ... my laptop is back on... Read more

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please help I only had this for 2 wks just bought from Amazon and Amazon is telling me to get ahold of Hp I have a warranty threw hp I am really starting to worry i think my labtop is going to stop working i fear the prob is my labtop or battery inside it not just ac adapter which is worse I have saw a few post about 

A:My chrome book hp 14-X010WM won't turn on unless Ac adapter ...

Dear Customer, Please go through the belwo document to run the Battery Health Check:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04355990 NOTE: After getting the results please Contact HP Technical Support over the Phone for further assistance without any delay to get your Notebook diagnosed and serviced by an authorized HP Certified Engineer as its in WARRANTY.    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee   

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I've looked all over google for the answer..but still can not find anything.

I need to turn several physical books into a digital format, be it PDF..Word...HTML..anything works.

does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this..or where I should start?

A:Solved: how to turn a physical book into an ebook

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My toshiba ultra book Z930 won't turn on. Yesterday it got damp when water leaked from a water bottle in my bag where the computer was.Only the yellow light blinks.

I bought it in april2012.
I use windows 8 and generally but not always use it with an A3 screen.
Is there anything I can do to save the data and/or switch it on.

Have you any advice. I can't get any help till 6th jan.


A:Solved: My toshiba ultra book z930 won't turn on

Yesterday it got damp when water leaked from a water bottleClick to expand...

did it actually get wet ?, i suspect it did

i would allow it to completely dry out - maybe putting in an airing cupboard or somewhere warm

then take the battery out and the power adapter and hold the power key on for 60 seconds

if it still does not work , i suspect the pc has been damaged

to recover the data - you maybe able to remove the harddrive and then using an adapter - plug it in to a USB port on another PC and access the files
just depends on if the water also caused damage to the harddrive

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I have read nearly every post with yoga book issues regarding powering on, waking up, sleep mode.  None of the fixes worked for me.  IT WON'T WAKE UP!!! I've triedholding power button for 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, plugged in and unplugged with original power cordholding power button and volume rocker, plugged in and unpluggedpushing the power button 10, 15, 20 times rapidly and then trying to turn it on.The battery is internal and I am not sure I want to try to open it up.  I can't find any screws. I'm waiting for the battery to drain to see if that will help.  But in sleep mode, it may take a while..... Help?

A:yoga book won't wake up

It would really help to know the model of Yoga you're having an issue with.

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I like my yoga book but just lost my real pen and for the life of me cannot find any replacement anywhere .  Anyone knows if or when it would be once more available? Reached out to lenovo 3 times and no one seems to know anything.  Clearly they stopped it.  Without it the yoga book is useless and as it is only a few months old I am disappointed. If there are alternative to allow for both usage  (screen and paper) let me know. Thanks!

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I've looked at the problems concerning the pen on the forums here and none of them seem to pertain to my problem specifically so I figured I would go ahead and ask. I have a Lenovo Yoga Book (the 64GB version). I reinstalled Windows 10 because it was locked out due to bitlocker, the Halo Keyboard wouldn't switch to the sketch pad mode so I reinstalled the drivers for that per the official instructions by Lenovo, and now the pen only interacts with the very top left hand corner of the screen no matter where I use the pen. I'd really like to start drawing again!Thanks in advance for any help I might receive!

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in the advertisement of the yoga book I say an app that written text on the paper,notepad of the book transforms into digital text in the book. do you know the name of the app and is this an app for the android book? I do have the android book and love to have that app.-

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Tun on HP Elite Book 8440p, the screen on the laptop is showing "Press the ESC Key to Startup Menu" and after a second Capslock and Numlock are blinking for 5 times. Please resolve this issue Thanks

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Since a recent Windows 10 update, the integrated camera on my Yoga Book displays on its side. All orientation of all other programmes and apps display normally (correct way up) even when I rotate the Book, however regardless of which way I turn my Yoga Book the camera images remains on their side.Windows won't allow me to uninstall the camera app only reset it, which I have done with no result. Any clues what might be the issue?

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what the difference?BIOS for Windows 10 (64-bit) - YOGA Book (Lenovo YB1-X91F/L)04WT21WW13 Aug 2017BIOS for Windows 10 (64-bit) - YOGA Book (Lenovo YB1-X91F/L 04WT22WW13 Aug 2017how do you install them?

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Hi everybody, ever since a friend showed me the Lenovo Yoga Book online I've been in love with the device. I'm a big note taker and writer, and I think this could be perfect for me. However, I live abroad in a country where they don't sell the Lenovo Yoga Book. I'm soon going for a short visit to the Netherlands where I can finally see (and most likely buy) it, but I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to figure out from searching online (and I will not have enough time in the Netherlands to keep going to the shop ).  I am interested in buying the Android version. First of all, because I am buying it as a tablet and not a laptop; second because of the 100 euros price difference (yes, welcome to Europe...) and third because of the ability to take notes in tablet mode with the screen off. However, I struggle to find out how to digitalize handwriting notes and I read contradicting statements on this.  From handwriting to textAs I understood, you can't digitalize (meaning change handwriting into text) with the app that Lenovo installed (Note Saver). Is that correct? If that is the case, I am looking for a programme that can do this. Does it exist for Android? I've been looking into OneNote. Is it possible to write using OneNote and then convert the handwriting to text? Or do you know of any other apps? Evernote for example? Furthermore, when using those apps (especially OneNote), can you convert it do a .doc document?  Taking notesAnoth... Read more

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I'm currently working with Systemax (makers of PaintTool SAI) to try and troubleshoot why pressure sensitivity for the Yoga Book does not work. According to their support staff the issue is that the wintab32.dll driver isn't loading. I've been searching for the driver on Microsoft's website, but I know the Yoga Book works a bit differently. Is there a version of the wintab driver for the Yoga Book, and will it still coexist with the keyboard?

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Hi all! I have Yoga Book, Windows version, and was wondering if there is a way of switching off the screen when hand writing (using one note for example) on Create Pad/keyboard part of it? I know that the screen is automatically switched off in Android version when you flip it 360 degrees but is it also possible to switch off the screen on windows model?  

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The advertising says that the Yoga Book will take up to a 128GB MicroSD card but it won't work with my 64GB card. It appears that it requires the card to be formatted as FAT32 to be compatible but FAT32 only supports devices up to 32GB.  After several attempts I re-partitioned my card using a PC with a 32Gb partition and formatted that as FAT32.  Success. It would also be very useful if there was some technical support in the UK. No phone support, no email support, no chat support; why, when we are paying more in the UK than people in the US who get all the support channels?

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My regards, the Yoga notebook Android can not access the desktop. I remember having uninstalled from google market domino game and has restarted. Now reboot over and over without being able to access the desktop. I turn on the tablet, the Android boot then restarts repeatedly. I state that I in no way manipulated system files. I enter Ricovery and try rebooting it does not change anything. The terminal is still under warranty. I hope someone is able to help me and avoid me to bring it to service.

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Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Yoga Book running Windows 10. I would like to connect it to a video projector. I bought a micro-HDMI to VGA connector. When I connect everything, neither W10 nor the projector recognize each other. In settings/Display,  if I click "detect" it says "no screen detected".  It is as though the HDMI port is completely off or the adaptator is faulty... I think the projector receive no signal at all... Any suggestions ?Thanks in advance.

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Recently, I tried to wake my yoga from sleep, but it did not turn on after holding the power button for 4 seconds - only the red light on the think pad "I" glows for 4 seconds then turns off.  The screen remains black and no fan and no light on the keyboard.   I tried to do the reset button on the bottom- nothing. Then I tried to take off the bottom of the laptop, in plugged the battery, and power, then held the power button for 30 seconds.  Then put everything back together.  Still no change.  Any other solutions?  

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HelloHow I can install windows 10 or change to dual boot verison On yoga book with android ? 

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