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win 7 formatting

Q: win 7 formatting

I have an ASUS PC 64 bits. I wish to format it using the cd disks that I made when it was new. The disks that I have are labeled ASUS BOOT DISK, ASUS BACKUP, and ASUS SYSTEM IMAGE BACKUP. The format instructions that I have is called HOW TO REFORMAT WITH THE ASUS RECOVERY CD.
Are any of these three disk the same as the recovery disk ??

Preferred Solution: win 7 formatting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: win 7 formatting

Windows 7 Recovery would be a set of three DVDs or about two dozen CDs.

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Last night, I tried to transfer a video file as I've done dozens of times. It didn't work. I tried a second time and realized it was because the file was more than 4GB which FAT32 USB drives will not accept.

I successfully formatted the new USB drive to NTFS.

My question is can I convert it back to FAT32? Can I do this using the same method (right-click drive checked off and optimized performance then right-click and select NTFS) I did from FAT32 to NTFS or is something else required?

Is it dangerous to due this? I will only be using this USB stick on my Windows laptops, dvd player and not on my iMac.

A:USB drive formatting back to FAT32 after formatting to NTFS

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,

You are correct, you can just format the drive back to FAT32 and no it shouldn't cause any issues doing this.
I have swapped between file system types many times and never had an issue.


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I recorded some saved programs on my Dish Network DVR 622 to an external hard drive that formatted it for that purpose according to their instructions. Can the external hard drive now be reused by being hooked up to my standalone computer and reformatted or have I lost it because of that use? If so, how do I do it? I do not want to save anything on the drive--just format it and use it for a different purpose. I no longer have the Dish DVR. When I connect the external drive to my desktop I do not even see an icon for it in My Computer.
Thanks for any help.

A:Formatting external drive after dvr formatting


its possible it has been formatted using a non standard file system, use disk manager to view the drive and remove any partitions on it, then use disk manager to recreate parttions on the drive

Start >settings> control panel> admin tools >computer management >disk manager.

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okay so I'm creating a new spreadsheet for work and have to format the cells in column C labelled No. Accidents. if the number of accidents is less than 5 i want it to be green and if its equal to 5 I want it to be yellow and more than 5 i want to be red.
That part I am fine with
it counts blank cells as 0
so I want it to be able to ignore these blank cells and leave them as white and not be affected by the conditional formatting colours
Please Help!

A:Solved: Conditional Formatting: Ignore Blank Cells in Conditional formatting

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Okay so the main home PC is running ridiculously slow so I have decided to format it. (I haven't yet done this) The only thing that is stopping me is we don't own a Microsoft OS disc :/
The course I am studying at college has a couple of OS that I can have free but I have been told that this is so Microsoft can see who is using their software which is kind of putting me off using it.
Instead I was wondering if anyone know where I can buy one from that is not really expensive.
Thanks (:

forgot to mention the pc is currently running on XP so it would be either XP or 7 that i am looking for

A:Formatting. HELP!


Originally Posted by heartshapedbox

The course I am studying at college has a couple of OS that I can have free but I have been told that this is so Microsoft can see who is using their software which is kind of putting me off using it.

As a student you should be able to get Microsoft Software cheaper than most people. Check with your school to see if they offer something like this. I'm not sure what kind of discs you're referring to in the statement above, it doesn't really make sense. There are no OS discs that allow MS to see who or what you're doing.

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Hi friends,
I have a doubt relating to formatting. a file has been attached with this. I want to align the first page as seen in the second page. please see the attachment.



I'd Select all the text, right-click it and chose Paragraph then remove any spacing not desired, in this case change 10 in the Spacing after: box to 0.

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Hey Everyone, I recently purchased some dvds to copy movies off of my external hard drive, but my computer wont let me go to auto play or anything. It says the dvds need to be formatted but i cant find the option to do that anywhere. I have tried it before with maxwell dvds and it worked great but i have a different brand now and im just not sure what the issue is, any suggestions? Thanks

A:DVD Formatting

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My camera (Sony CD1000) uses CD-R 156MB discs.
I purchased new blank Memorex discs and the camera can not INITIALIZE them. When I insert an older disc with pictures in it, XP tells me that the File system of the disc is UDF.
What third party burning CD software could I use to format a CD-R disc as UDF?

A:Formatting a CD-R as UDF using XP

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I have a Dell Laptop and want to format my HD. I have Win XP Pro and I have a floppy drive and a Win98 Start-up disk. Can I format the same as the old way? Is there a different way?


A:Formatting w/ XP Pro

There is no need for a win9x boot disk; boot with your xp cd and setup will start. During setup you will be given the option to delete / create / format partitions. Format with ntfs and setup will continue to load winxp.

You "may" be able to use the win9x boot disk, however there is no need to use win9x utilites on an nt based os.

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Quick question: I want to reformat. How do I go about doing it? From searching the forums, I find that I need to use my installation CD, but is that all? Anything else?

Keep in mind that my one drive is partitioned into two.

Actually, now that I've reminded myself, how can I get rid of the partition? In other words, how can I just make it one big drive again instead of two?


Fast response is appreciated .

A:Formatting XP...

Put in your xp cd and boot from it...after it loads press enter to set up xp...agree and then it takes you to manage the partitions...
you can delete or create partitions...

To make the partition use the whole drive, u have 2 options... delete both partitions and create one big one...or just format the one partition and use a program like partition magic to change the size of it to take up the whole drive...

Though its a good idea to keep 2 seperate partitions...incase ur windows one gets a virus or screws up...ur files on the other partition will still be there and u won't lose them unless it messes up for some reason...

Anyways after u have the partitions how you want... pick the one you want and press enter...then format...don't pick the quick cause it doesn't format the whole partition... only like the beggining and end parts of it, but it still deletes everything on it.

Hope this helps...

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for booting i press F9 after that i enter CDROM then the next process is not going it just starting the windows automatically. plz help me


and welcome to the Forum

What Brand and Model is the PC?

What does F9 do?

What are you trying to do? Reinstall the operating system?

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Am trying to move some things to a CD-R disc, but nothing comes on screen for formatting when I insert new, clean CD into Dr. E. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

A:Formatting CD-R

theres no need to format it! try one...drag and drop

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hi Guys

I have a funny one here for you all !

I Formatted my laptop with the recovery Disk that come with the laptop as i have done many times before just fine. My Laptop has a 30 gig hard drive and then after the os goes on it has 27.5 gig, but this time after the install it only has just over 20 gig, so i have lost 7 gig !!

So i reformatted the laptop again and another time after that and still only get the same about of space, i have no partions set up, and am unable to boot in dos as it's XP home, as i have no floppy drive as it is a fairly new laptop !!!

Any advice or help anyone

A:Help Formatting xp !!

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Well, a few days ago my comp got a virus or something, and my anti virus can't get rid of it. My anti virus keeps popping up at the bottom right corner of the screen with a message saying "scanning message" or something, much like a msn pop up when someone messages, but it just keeps going and stacks on with each other and soon my screen is flooded. :(

Anyway, i tried formatting, booting from XP cd at start-up but there's a problem. When i press "any key" to boot from cd, the next thing that happens is my screen left with a message saying checking computer configurations or whatever, and it just stays there forever... I've left it for over an hr and still the same message.

Usually my brother helps me fix my comp, but he went overseas 2 days ago and this problem occurs, and i need to fix it ASAP, as i need to use my comp!! lol

What should i do??? Anyone ???

thanx heapz :)

A:Please, i need help formatting!!

You dont have to reformat to get rid of the virus. Follow these steps [url=http://www.techsupportforum.com/security-center/hijackthis-log-help/305963-new-instructions-read-before-posting-malware-removal-help.html]Here[/url to get help with virus removal.

Reformat and Installing Windows XP.
Items you need beofre starting:

1. The Windows? XP SP2-CD

2. Darik's Boot N Nuke?..A Disc wiping Utility; or alternatively... Killdisk?. (Click the coloured Links).

3. Please read this guide...A Step-by-Step Installation Guide with explanations for each step of the installation.

4. The Motherboard CD that contains all the necessary Drivers etc.

A few tips:
a. Darik's Boot N Nuke will take about 4? hours to completely wipe the Drive; however, this will vary depending on how big the Drive is. (That estimate is for a 80Gb HDD). Wiping the HDD this way will give you the best chance of a 'clean' uninterrupted installation.

b. When you get to Figure 7 in 'The Guide', you can create more than one partition here by simply telling Windows? how big you want it. Should you do decide to create an extra partition, it will not be active until you do so after the installation is over and done with...we can give you guidance as to how this is done, so partition away if you wish.

c. Once the installation is finished, with all the Motherboard Drivers installed, and Internet connected, I stro... Read more

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I am running a windows 7 operating system on my Sony Vaio. Its been pretty slow lately and got numerous viruses that I have to scan periodically. If i wanted to format my computer and save the necessary files on a USB.. how would I do that?

Since I bought this computer with the win 7 already on it.. and have no CD.. is there anyway I can still do it.. or do I need to purchase the CD?



If you have not fiddled with the recovery partition you can launch recovery from that.

How to Recover Factory Settings on Sony Vaio Computer with Windows 7 | eHow.com

The process is also described in the user manual that would have come with your computer.

Make sure you backup important user data before starting recovery. Once the computer is restored to factory state, make a set of recovery disks asap.

If OTOH the recovery partition is not usable, you'll need to get hold of a win7 disk, install and activate with the sticker key.

FYI, you can also order a set of recovery disks from Sony for a nominal charge.

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Is it possible to format my usb HDD 2 1/4" Notebook drive without putting it in a notebook PC?

Windows format does not seem to work.


A:Formatting my usb HDD

Prboz said:

Is it possible to format my usb HDD 2 1/4" Notebook drive without putting it in a notebook PC?

Windows format does not seem to work.

ThanksClick to expand...

Yes you can hook it up the an XP machine and it will recognize it and you should be able to format it in disk management

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Im thinking about upgrading to XP, but I just read that one has to "clean format the Hard Drive. What does that mean? Or, how do I go about formating the Hard Drive? Thanks for whatever info comes along.

A:What does formatting HDD mean?

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when formatting .. the CD of installation is required and it is accompanying any PC at time of purchase . but nowadays that CD is no more accompanying the laptops .. how to format and reinstall windows on laptop if CD is NA ? personally I did not receive any CD at the time of purchase of my Toshiba laptop as well as others who bought Dell laptops . isn't the CD important as it is for PCs ?
and frankly speaking even for the PC .. sometimes copy CDs are used isn't it ?

secondly , it is not possible to install a windows different than that in the COA at the bottom of the laptop .. ie if you purchased a laptop with windows 7 homepre is preinstalled on .. then you can not change the family or series of homepre nor you can change it from windows 7 to 8 . because if you have a CD it would be the win7 homepre one and if you don't , that is my point above in first paragraph .

personally when I took the laptop to my technician he upgraded my system and installed a higher edition .. how he achieved that ?

A:about formatting

I haven't bought a new machine in 5 years. Since then I've built my own. Dell really should have sent a CD with it. For the sake of forum rules, I can't say that copy CD's should ever be used. Some newer machines have recovery partitions on them that you might be able to use - but I know nothing of these.

Alternatively, if you look on the under side of the laptop, you should see a product key with the exact windows version (Home, Pro, etc.) If you could find a used windows 7 copy of that version/edition online, where they used up all the licenses, you could pick that up for cheap and used the product key that's on your laptop.

The tech who upgraded your version of windows would have had to purchase an upgrade copy of windows somewhere, and used a license. I believe some come with 1 license, some with 3, and some with more. One license per computer that it's installed to. It's matched to the hardware - that's how you're able to re use the one on your laptop.

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hello, im trying to formatt my pc to install windows xp service pack1. service pack3 is installed on my pc currently and i want to format it. i do what you do in the video and when the screen is blue and it loads the files, after a while it shows-loading windows xp- then it says- HARD ERROR sth like that and \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll

can anyone please tell my what to do so that i can just format my pc to install windows sp1?

A:Help With Formatting!!!

The problem is that sp3 is on the drive. Use www.killdisk.com to wipe the drive clean, and you should be able to install with your sp1 disc. Assuming that's the only issue with your computer.

edit - Make sure that there are no other hard drives connected, aside from the one you want to scrub. It can wipe other drives by mistake, so make doubly sure only the one is installed.

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So I was trying to format my computer and everytime it started to copy files, it would just shut down by itself. What's wrong ?

A:formatting help

hello & welcome to TSF ,

look at your XP disk and see if it has any bad scratches on it for starters

then go to your bios and see if you have your boot order set toload the cd rom first


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HOW to format the pc

A:formatting pc

Hello & welcome to TSF ,

follow this link


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I have a 500G External HDD to which I have copied files from two other HDDs.

Now I'd like to have the External Drive formatted into 2 or 3 partitions, so I can consider each partition a drive for "copying disk to disk".

I have EASEUS Partioner and I think I have Partition Magic (Older version).

Can I do that without messing with the files??

Not the biggest thing in the world, so if I have to "re-copy" all those files, I can do that also, but would rather not. Basically, the files are just there as a 2nd
backup for safekeeping and for using when I need to install certain applications to my new computer.

I did notice that the two HDDs I copied from are NTFS and the External Drive is FAT32. Under the circumstances, I haven't any idea if that matters or not.
I know a computer when I see it and can turn one on if I can find the switch, but certainly not guru. That's why I'm asking gurus.

Thanks for your help.



I'm asking about PARTITIONING, not FORMATTING! Sorry!

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hello all you experts,
i'm a major beginner so please dont laugh,can any1 tell me the procedure for formatting mt pc,i use nt4 but want win98 on...sorry for looking dumb!!

A:formatting nt4

You can do a little reading here first, then post back for additional questions. As well after you begin i suggest you have a source to get back here incase problems arise.

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I need to format my computer. I have four partitions and would like to move my o/s to a larger partition and make it my new c:. I'm running Vista business 64. I new how to do it with xp, but not sure about Vista. I could use some pointers if you have them.


Originally Posted by kman32

I need to format my computer. I have four partitions and would like to move my o/s to a larger partition and make it my new c:. I'm running Vista business 64. I new how to do it with xp, but not sure about Vista. I could use some pointers if you have them.

Hello kman32, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Windows only allows four "Primary" partitions per hard drive. If you already have four, then you cannot create more.

However, if you are using the 200MB (or 100MB) "System Reserved" partition as a boot partition, you can have all of your OSs in "Logical Volumes (Partitions)" on an "Extended Partition". You can have as many "Logical" partitions as there are letters of the alphabet to use. One of the four "Primary" partitions can be the "Extended" partition, with all of the "Logical" partitions inside it. Here is a link with some info from MS: Understanding Disk Partitions

We can better help you plan what you can do if you will attach a screen shot of your Vista Disk Management drive map to a post. If you need help doing that, here are a couple of links with instructions:

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

To get the screen shot, go to Computer, Manage (or type Computer Management in the start search box), then Disk Management. Here is an example:

We can start there ...

Chee... Read more

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Hello all,
I've just made my old PC redundant as it's getting on now.
It has in it an internal 80gb hard drive that i'd like to format, and re-use in a caddy as an external drive for storge.
The problem being, i've never formatted a drive myself. It has XP home on it, if thats any use.
Is there a guide on here that can prompt me through the process at all?

Thanks for any help i get............Trev.

A:Formatting HDD

Scroll down and read the last 5 paragraphs for directions for how to format the external drive. How to Format a Windows 7 External Hard Drive with NTFS Here is a link to very useful and inexpensive solution for using an IDE or SATA drive:Newegg.com - Rosewill RCW-608 USB2.0 Adapter For IDE/SATA Device (Include Protection case)

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Can anyone help, How do I download a film onto a DVD in the correct format to enable me to play it on my TV. My TV supports both DVD - and DVD+.

Any help appreciated.


A:Formatting a dvd

Hi james411 and welcome on TSF !

From where did you get the movie and what file format is it ?

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I am using a windows 8 OS. My usb drive is suddenly not recognizing any devices after windows installed an update. Further during a recent home shifting my CD drive got damaged. I want to know whether I should format my system. If yes how can I format my system without a CD drive & USB drives. However I have another computer connected in a LAN. Will it be of any help.

Please give me a solution. Thanks in advance.

A:OS formatting

Restore your system to just before the update. if you don't know how to do that, it's about time you did. Use the windows search facility for 'system restore'

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Hey guys I have an asus g71g and I want to put a fresh windows 7 on it. When I get to the installation section I notice that there is lots of partitions like: disc 0 partition 1, disc 0 partition 2 DATA, disc 1 partition 2 etc... This laptop had a previous user and I do not know if its safe to delete these or whats what. I do not have the discs that came with the laptop so I do not want to screw something up. My previous laptops only had one partition I could just delete. Help is greatly appreciated thanks!


If you are installing from a DVD you can delete all of the existing partitions. Some laptops come with a recovery partition and also split the main drive in two, one for the OS and the other for data. I normally delete all when i'm doing a fresh install.

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how would i format my "C" drive. I have windows NT 4.0 installed, and im sure you know that i technically have no "c" drive because it uses a different file system. i want to then install windows 98. thanks.

A:Formatting Win NT

here is a link that explains how to format/set partitions on a drive so you can install 98..


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hi guys

as title says, i would like to format my laptop, my hard drive have 3 partition C D and E where C is where my Windows 7 OS is

what i would like to do is to format my C drive only and install it with windows 7 again without touching the other 2 drives. is that possible?


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I have a AST PIII 450 with 128mb of RAM, Win98se. I am trying to format CD RW with DirectCD Wizard 2.5d. It starts the format process, when it gets to the verifying process, it just goes on forever, I have let it run for up to 11 hours. The machine does not lockup, the process just goes on and on. Any help would be appreciated, or maybe any other software I could use to format a cd rw.

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Hi, I need some instructions for deleting my old WIN95 so that I can install WINme. It's not an upgrade but a WINme for OME, if previous version can be detected then WINme will not install. Any advice is appreciated.


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i'm upgrading a p2 233mhz with win NT, new motherboard nforce , duron 1.3ghz. would i get away without formatting?
and can i use pc2700 on a board that only goes upto pc2100(running it on a lower clock speed or something)?

A:ram and formatting

in short no, you are going from a pentium chipset to one for an AMD. even if you managed not to reformat you would have nothing but problems with the machine. best to do a reformat and clean install.

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hi friends............. i'm new here..........

i hav Win Xp & Win 7..............i hav'nt used XP much..............but it was a week ago that i found somthn wrong with my XP.........i want to format it, when i tried it says "windows was unable to complete format"...........i jus need to 4mat it somhw............


Hello niff and welcome to the forum.
I understand that you have a dual boot system each on a separate partition?
If so, turn your computer on and boot from windows 7. From management tools you will be able to do what you want, but locate first where your XP partition is.

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I just got a 1GB SD card (by Impact). I went to put files onto it, but it stopped after 110 files. After that, it wouldn't let me add any more files. There was still a lot of space left on the card though.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Someone I asked at the store said I should try and reformat the card and try again, but I have no idea what File System to use.

Thanks in advance.

A:SD Formatting

Hi Michelangelo..it depends what device the SD card is for. I use them for my N93 mobile phone and the file system is FAT for that. Also, if it's for a handheld device, you should be able to format the card in there.

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Hey i'm new in Techspot.hope this is good.

I want to format my pc by myself.it is infected by virus and now continuously restarting.
i want to know what are all the possible ways i can do it and the most suitable way to do it.
the os is windows xp.

hope for a favorable reply.

A:Formatting a PC

You can format the drive as part of a fresh XP install. You can also format the drive outside of Windows using something like Ultimate Boot CD or something similar. Obviously you lose everything if you format the drive.

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I am workling on a report in access 2000. I have a report on the kids in my group and one of the groupings is by age.
I have age ranges such as under 10, 11-12, 13-15 etc
In my report I count the number in each group but the weirdest thing happens. I inserted a chart and the legend comes up for the 2 "10-12" year olds as "12-Oct". Somehow it's seeing the 10 as October.
I assume it's a formatting problem...Any suggestions as to how to fix it


You could try "10 to 12" instead

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Hey everyone :-)

So, I have a virus & instead of trying to fix it, I just want to wipe out my computer by formatting it & starting fresh.


1. Will formatting automatically remove ALL viruses, trojans....?

Thanks in advance

A:Formatting 101

Yes, but before you format delete the existing partition(s) and then recreate it or them. That will insure that if you had a boot sector virus it will be taken care of too.

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I am trying to burn a picture slide show on my windows media player. i have a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615. i looked in the users guide and it says it is compatible with a DVD+R 3.3X-8X CAV. i am trying to use a DVD+R 1X-2.4X and it will not recognize it. is there a difference in these two DVD's or is there something wrong with my DVD burner?

A:I need help with DVD formatting..

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When trying to format cd's the DVD/CD drive does not complete the format.  Win 10 error confirms it is unable to complete the format.  I've tried another PC with Win 10 Pro and that can format the disc. Has anyone had this issue?

A:cd not formatting

Aspire E5-574G. thanks

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Hi people, I desperately need help on this was surfing yesterday then my avast suddenly detected lots of viruses, and that my PC was attempting to send out huge amount of mails to some unknown people (the mail content is like those advertising in spams) Avast failed to remove this virus and my PC got restarted. Now I can't boot it (it keeps restarting before reaching the desktop) These viruses are so evil!

I tried everything (boot from safe mode, etc), nothing works, hence I figure the only solution is formatting & reinstall my win xp.

I don't want to take it to the PC shop, first I have some sensitive company files inside and secondly it takes week and I need to do my works asap, if I can get it done my own in hours it would be nice. Am now using the other PC.

Is it possible I can format while also keep my files? Those files in the PC are very important to me! Nothing too much, just all my document folders, some files I put in the desktop, and Firefox bookmarks & saved passwords, the rest of the programs I can reinstall again. I can't backup to CDs or HDD now since it keeps restarting!

I have C: & D:, C: is where I keep most my files & probably also where the viruses infected. Really need someone to guide me through the formatting process where I can save all my files. Will appreciate all help, have the original win xp disc

A:Need help formatting win xp

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My main, and only, HD (C:\) has became so encrusted with spyware and stuff I don't use anymore, basically. I think it'ld take me forever to get my PC back up to scratch : it runs really, REALLY slow now, especially games.

I wanna format my main HD, then re-install XP and some games. However, I have no idea how to do this in XP. I do know it has something to do with the recovery console, but I have no idea how to get to it. Any ideas?

A:Formatting HD in XP?

You could use the RC, however it would make the task more difficult. Just boot with the XP cd in the cd drive [cd set as first boot device in the bios] Setup will load and give you a menu; choose to install. The next menu will show your xp install and offer to repair it for you; choose to continue to setup windows. Next menu shows all of the partition on your hd and where it can install windows to. Since you have just one partition select that and choose to delete the partition. There will be some warnings in regard to it being a system partition, go ahead and delete. Next menu will show your hd as unformatted or raw. Choose to create a partition in the unformatted area of the disk. Note if you want more than one partition, now is an excellect time to partition your hd. If you just want to one, accept the default size. Setup will now give you the option as to file system if your hd is <32 gig. If your hd is >32 gig, then the only option is ntfs [in any case I recommend using ntfs] Setup will format and continue to load windows.

Backup anything you need to save such as pics financial records etc. Download all drivers and service park 1; burn these to a cdr. It will make the install go much easier.

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I`m trying to format a slave drive but windows will not perform the operation. I`ve tried to fdisk it but fdisk only finds one fixed drive on my pc. I have formatted it before using windows but it won`t work now.
I then set it as the master drive and tried to load wxp and w2k onto it but i got a message saying to create a partition. Again tried fdisk to create a partition but it didn`t find the drive.
Any ideas on what is wrong anyone?

A:formatting hdd

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How can I format 80gb hard disk in fat32 and install xp on it?



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I have a Hard drive (80 GB WD) set as Master with Windows XPinstalled.
The second HD is a 20 GB Samsung set as slave. How do I format drive 2. Right now it is showing only 2 mb of space when I right click on it and look up properties. Must have done something wrong when I installed it.
Hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks a lot,

A:Formatting help

Don't know if these will help:



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I have a CD writer plus. I was told in order to transfer data to a cd, I need to format my cd. Can you tell me how to do this. I went to cd creator but didn't find any info on formatting.

Thank you

A:formatting a cd

See this link for more information :


Further links at bottom of page.

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