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dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

Q: dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

The M2 and spinning disk are configured as a single Drive "C." If I clone the original drive C to the new SSD, will it correctly substitute for the spinning disk, with the M2 SSD still in palce? I am concerned by how the 32 GB M2 SSD will interact with the new 1 TB SSD as it relates to the software installation-cloning.
Thanks to any that might help clarify this question.

Preferred Solution: dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

Best bet is to remove the mSATA SSD - it is not needed with a native SSD (and in fact can actually slow the system down relative to just using the SSD by itself).

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Could someone please take a look through this HijackThis log and see if they notice anything that could be causing my pc to have slowed down quite a bit (actually- it operates normally until it randomly spins the hard disk for about 10-15 seconds, which causes a big pause in whatever I'm currently doing).
I've run just about every malware scan I can possibly think of, including malware bytes, adwcleaner, ms security essentials, trend micro's housecall online scan, dr. web's cureit scan etc.... some found incidental issues and I've corrected them, but this issue continues to plaque my pc (I've had this pc for over a year, so I know when it is running slowly). 
For the record, I believe it is some sort of updater checking to see if it can download the next version or something - not really sure, but it doesn't appear to be doing any damage, just causing un-necessary delays in getting work processed.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me-
Here is the Hijackthis log....
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 8:18:53 PM, on 2/20/2013
Platform: Windows 7  (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16450)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola Mobility\Motorola Device Manager\MotoHelperAgent.exe
C:\Users\Philip Hager\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\Dropbox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Media\DVD\DVDAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\HP Softwa... Read more

A:Slow / Disk spinning

Greetings pstgh and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.
My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary.
If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.
===================================================Ground Rules:
First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met.
Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance.
Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps are a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.
Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter prob... Read more

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Please read the title
I put in my disc for a computer game and I noticed it was taking a very, very long time to install. I check the disc drive- it's not spinning.
Does anyone have any advice? I have a Windows 7.

P.S. I know I titled it as "Driver" rather than "drive". Usually I'm relatively computer savvy, but I was a bit sleep deprived then

A:DVD/CD Disk Driver Not Spinning

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Every few hours my hard drive starts spinning of its own accord for a couple of minutes. It's not the anti-virus or other malware software that is causing it as they are not scanning at these moments. The security sofware says I'm clean of malware. Is there a way that when my hard drive begins to spin I can check something somewhere to determine what program is doing this?

Thanks for any help.

A:What Program is Spinning my Hard Disk?

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I have a HP NX7010 laptop.

It is strange that I can hear the platter of my Hard disk spinning. The platter spins at certain moments and I can hear it spinning. It is exactly like the sound you hear when a CD/DVD is spinning in a CD/DVD drive.

Is there something to worry about? How can I check the condition and improve the life of my Harddisk?


A:Spinning sound of my hard disk platters

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I have a seagate External HDD (250GB - ST325060)
which was working fine for the past 2 years with no issues on WinXP.
Last week when i was working with that, the power connection cable attached to the HDD was removed accidently.
From then,i am trying to switch it on,but its not wswitching on, its not spinning. i changed the power outlets,checked the cables, but nothing is working out. i have lot of data in that HDD(around 200GB). Can you guys please help to make the HDD work again or to recover the data.


A:Seagate External Hard Disk not switching on, not spinning

You'll need to open it up. There may be a small fuse that you can replace (though there may be some soldering involved).

You can also remove the drive from the case and attach it internally in your PC to recover data (with an adapter if it is a small drive).

In any case, unless there is a fuse cap externally that you can check, you'll need to remove the case.

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my system runs anywhere fom 32 to 36 when idle and i had noticed it creeping up a bit. my heatsink fan (stock intel) is only spinning around 1000 rpm and the core temp is now around 48-49. i think the heatsink fan is dying, since both pc probe and my bios agree on the fan speed. So, a few questions.

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?

A:heatsink fan spinning low on pc probe and bios indicators, replace?

foycur said:

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.Click to expand...

I know my friend has this little sucker on his 2.8 northwood. Its a cheapie but a goodie.

But you cant go wrong with anything from thermaltake

foycur said:

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?Click to expand...

You could always get a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter, and run the fan directly off the main line. Or try another fan.

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I have a Dell XPS 15 9560.I updated the BIOS to the 1.5.0 version and since then, I noticed that the fans are spinning faster, even when the laptop is doing nothing. Right now, while I'm typing this, with nothing opened, just the web browser, the fans are spinning fast because I can heard them very clear.
My temps right now are 45-51c with just the web browser.
How can I fix this?
Why my fans are spinning too loud without reason?

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My Dell XPS 13 runs rather hot. Is there a way to make the fans start spinning at a lower temp to cool it down better? 

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Have an older Dell xps running windows 7 and I need to order new operating system disk. In the past I have ordered disk from Dell and not sure if I can do the same for this system.
Thanks in advance.

A:getting replace OS Windows 7 disk from Dell for a older system

You can Download Windows 10 TH2 Installation Media and Clean Install with your Windows 7 OEM product key:

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I just downloaded Windows XP(Service pack 3) and mounted it to a USB disc.

Problem is, it doesnt work. On the boot screen it gives me the message invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue and then when i press any key, it boots into my hard drive/Windows 8.

Originally i thought something was wrong with the boot but now i think it may or may not be. All help is highly appreciated.

A:Unable to boot, invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue

Few, if any, downloadable copies of WinXP are legal. The 'Invalid System Disk' error message is the tip off.

You'll need to buy a copy from an authorized source. There is no way to trick the system into recognizing an illegal copy of Windows.

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My friends computer froze up and she had to reboot and when she did she got this black screen, etc. when she tries to hit F8 key it says keyboard stuck, her tower light doesnt even light up on her dsl, etc. she cannot type into this black box which has a blinking line where she should be able to type. Can anyone help?? Thanks alot!!

A:black screen, invalid system disk replace the disk and press any key HELP!!

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I have a friends computer that won't boot anymore. I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada. No one home at all. Hard drive seems to be OK. I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use. The recovery repair (2nd option) runs just fine but won't boot upon startup.
I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine. It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....
It was running windows home. I honestly don't remember if it was premium or basic. All I want is to be able to get it up and running so my friend can get his info/programs/whatever all in order until he can get a new machine.
I formated it properly, but something is wrong with the original image that just won't allow me to boot. My vacation time is fast running out. Every time I need to redo the image I lose 3-4 hrs .
I did attempt to write a new mbr. I either did it wrong or that wasn't my problem.

Thank you for your time and asistance,

A:Non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready.

Well...if it IS the motherboard...which aligns with your suspicions...I don't know what to suggest.

<<I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use>>
System manufacturer and model?

<<I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada>>

The PSU sounds like a good suspect when there are no signs of life, IMO.

<<I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine.>>

What drive are you talking about...the original hard drive? If that's true...it would appear that the motherboard is not at fault.

<<It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....>>

What's the error message when you try to boot the image on different hard drive? Is that when you get the error message you cited?

Non-system disk means that the boot options are wrong, generally speaking. Have you checked the BIOS settings? A bad/failing CMOS battery could also be reasonably expected to possibly produce that error.


Did you check the cloned drive...for the proper boot.ini file?


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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

A:Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready...Please Help!!

One of the more common reasons you may see this error would be if you have a USB flash drive or an external hard drive connected. It can also happen if you have something in the DVD drive.

So, if you have any of those types of things connected, disconnect them, make sure nothing is in your DVD drive, and try starting the computer again. I wouldn't be surprised if the error message changes slightly to something about there being no boot device found. In which case it would mean that your laptop's hard drive failed and presently your computer is looking elsewhere to try and find an operating system to load and failing.

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Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key.Click to expand...

I get this error from time to time, even when there is no disk in the computer. There's no CD or floppydisk inserted. To solve the problem, I restart the computer, and all is fine.

I'd rather not go through the problem, and want it solved once and for all. Does anyone know the problem and solution? I already went on Google to see what others said, but no luck.

1. The computer has no viruses. I have NAV.
2. There are no HD (harddrive) problems, according to ScanDisk.
3. All cords and cables are attached to where they should go.
4. The first boot location is on the HD (C, according to BIOS.
5. There are no disks inserted.

After all this, what could be the problem and what can I do? I've heard it could be a slow OS (slower than the BIOS), or a worthless HD. Before I conclue its worthless, I would like to know how to make the OS faster in starting it up (or making the BIOS slower so that the OS can catch up).

My information:
1. I am using Windows 98SE.
2. The primary slave is a Maxtor HD.

A:Invalid System Disk - Replace Disk Error

Please will you fill in you full system specs in my.TS.forum at the top of the page(click on edit profile)

Why is you Hard drive connected as primary slave?

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hi, okayy so this all started just today, but the day before the computer just wouldn't work right and i didn't know what to do with it because it would immediately go to a blue screen after login in my account or any account and then shut off then restart itself. Then today i tried turning it on and all i see is a black screen with typing on it then immediately goes to another black screen that says &quot; Non-System disk error, replace and strike any key when ready&quot; and i don't know what to do with it because it simply just won't do anything (it just stays on that black screen saying that) and im not a computer genious so i would really appreciate someone's help Ohh and i have the HP ProBook 4425s just in case anyone needs to know.

A:Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key wh...

Its the hard drive. Likely needs replaced. Tap F10 as you power on and see if you can get into setup and there is a hard drive self-test you can run to confirm.

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My labtop is saying non-system disk or error disk .how can I get rid of it please.help me

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Okay, just created an account to post this in case some people might have encountered a similar issue and have suggestions on fixing it long-term.
My Dell 7348 was fine running Windows 10, but after updating to the Creators Update and rebooting, it would freeze and get stuck on the black screen with spinning white dots (after the initial screen with the white Dell logo).
Several reinstalls later using a WIndows 10 USB key installer, and I finally isolated the cause: the Intel HD 5500 Graphics drivers. I tried three versions of the Intel Graphics drivers to see if there was a difference:

The package on Dell's support page for the 7348, which installs Intel Graphics Driver
The drivers fetched by Windows 10 via Windows Update, which also installs Intel Graphics Driver
Intel's official and latest drivers, which installs the newer Intel Graphics Driver

All three of them, on reboot, would still get me stuck on the black screen with spinning dots. Even on a fresh and clean installation, with new partitions and all.
But guess what lets me boot and reboot without any problems every time? Yup, the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter drivers. Using those, I have no booting problems at all.
So if you're having the same issue as me booting/rebooting into Windows 10 and your Dell laptop uses Intel Graphics drivers, this is a workaround you can use.
A quick thank you for reading this far, so I'll get down to the question: does anyone ... Read more

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Hi..im new on this forum and i have a problem with my old hard disk..every time i turn up my pc, windows pop out message ""Windows detected a hard disk problem" ,"Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss". So i decided to replace my old hard disk, but problem is that i have vista preinstalled on my old hard disk. So my question is how can i install vista from my old hard disk into my new one?..please help me and thank u for your reply

A:how to install preinstalled vista from the old hard disk into the new hard disk?

hi check out this first http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/7...e-failure.html just in case and if you do need to read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_cloning

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Hello, I want to reformat my hard drive and reinstall my Windows Xp Home Edition Operating System. I know that this can be accomplished by using the recovery partition on the hard drive, or by using the recovery CDs. However these options will restore the PC to its factory shipped condition, and the computer will have all kinds of software and trial offers that I don't want, or can't use. How can I install the Windows operating system only, and not include this software with it? I don't have a bootable Windows disk because the PC came with Windows preinstalled. I'm pretty sure there is a directory called I386 on the hard drive, which contains an image of the Operating System disk. I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks.

A:Preinstalled Windows - No Disk

Most of this depends on the make and model of your system - as certain copies of the OS are locked to the make of the system (like Dell).

But, in the easiest vein - why not reset it to factory default - then uninstall all the crap that you don't need?

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HP probook 4510s windows 7 32bit
I did a "disk sanitizer" and the laptop isn't rebooting right or reading my operating system cd it says "NON-SySTEM ERROR OR DISK REPLACE AND STRIKE ANY KEY WHEN READY"
1) i removed all assceraries from the leptop
2) ran a diagnostic test all passed
3) here are some photos attachments
4) i think i deleted the partition and the OPS wind.7
Please thanks

A:HP 4510s windows7 "Non-system disk or disk error replace..."

What is a "Disk sanitizer." Sounds like a disk wiper, or some optimizing or registry cleaning crapware that ruined your Win7.

Try booting into the Win7 DVD or Repair CD to System Restore to before you ruined the OS as shown in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which also provides the DVD if needed.

If you can't get it started with any of the steps given there then get the superior Clean Reinstall without the HP crapware which is the worst in the industry and throttles Win7 from its native state.

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My mom has an HP Compaq nc8430 computer. She recently encountered this problem this morning. Does this mean that the hard drive's dead? Any help is appreciated greatly

A:"Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready"

DId ur BIOS detect ur HDD? Also check if ur sata cable is loosed or not. U can try another pair of sata cable & test it if it works or not..

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I have posted a few questions before on this same issue, but I have finally come to realize that my Windows installation is destroyed. It simply will not boot, and half of the system files are gone when I access the hard drive. The recovery partition is damaged beyond repair. I need to get a copy of the XP Home CD from HP (I have the original key on the side of the computer). I have emailed them already, but I have seen many posts elsewhere that say manufacturers are extremely difficult to get copies of these disks from. In addition, I'm not sure with Vista out if manufacturers are even distributing XP disks anymore. So here is my question. I will understand if the moderators remove or edit this topic if they think it crosses the line in the forum rules, although I believe it is within the rules. So, with that said, are there any LEGAL (Repeat - LEGAL! NO SERIAL NUMBERS/ETC!) torrents where I can get this? In order to keep abuse from happening, I ask that if you have any suggestions, don't post them for everyone to see (and for some to possibly abuse) but PM me. I will also welcome questions from moderators if necessary as I am aware that this is a very controversial topic and knowing my intentions is very important. In addition, if anyone has any non-torrent options that may help someone in a similar position, feel free to post them. Thanks.

A:XP Home Preinstalled - Need LEGAL Install Disk - How to Get It?

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I just picked up a new laptop pre installed with windows 7, everything is running great but I am trying to make a complete reformat disk on a DVD (not a repair disk) before I go on the net and actually use the computer.

Ideally I want to wipe the system clean and put on just windows 7 with no bloatware.

I have made a repair disk its 160 mb or something, but I know that is not the complete version of the OS.

I could also make an image of my current computer which I just made, but again its not a clean copy of windows 7.

What I dont understand if something happens to my harddrive, what then? is the recovery disk going to magically bring back my OS at 160 mb from the bios alone?

I am running a VAIO VPC-CW17FX any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Preinstalled Win 7 laptop need to make reformat disk

I would bet money that you have a recovery partiton that will restore the computer to factory settings...

Other than downloading a Windows 7 ISO off the net or copying one from a trusted friend...you are going to have to contact SONY and see if they will send you one

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Hey people,
So I wanted to install Ubuntu (or some other linux os) alongside Windows with dual boot and all. After going through some problems, I found out that my disk is dynamic and that was what was causing all the issues. I tried looking for ways to convert dynamic disks to basic ones without wiping them, but no luck. There were some programs that supposedly do that, but when I tried using them, the option wasn't there or returned some error. Is there some way around that? I really want to install a linux os, but I don't want to delete everything.
Any help is appreciated :D

A:Converting dynamic disk to basic disk Dell inspiron 15R 5537

Have you tried AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter? I once used it, and it went successfully. it provides 
 two options to convert dynamic disk to basic disk. 
Method 1: Convert a dynamic disk back to basic disk. Safely, directly and time-saving (only take 3-10 seconds) revert a dynamic disk back to basic disk without losing data. Method 2: Convert any dynamic volume to basic partition. Sector by sector clone simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume, mirrored volume and RAID-5 volume from dynamic to basic disk.

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I recently purchased a 2nd hand computer thru a local ebay dealer - HP DX6120 ST 2.6 GHZ 80GB HDD 512MB RAM DESKTOP PC.

When i boot up, it displays: Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key

Then i reboot and press F8 & del and it doesnt go to bios settings, it just gives me a screen that gives me an option to "boot from..."

I select the hard drive.
Get the same response... "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
Then I put in a windows XP pro Disk (the computer has an official XP Pro License Key on the case, as stated on the specs on selling page) and then rebooted.
I still get the "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
I change the boot to CD and i get Windows Set Up options.
I pick install Windows XP and the it starts loading dll's etc.
Then it says i have no previous version of Windows idetected and wont let me go any further.

I assume that it is trying to upgrade, but i dont get an option to do a fresh install, just "Install Windows XP"

I am not sure if ;
there is a windows actually loaded,
I need to reformat,
The bios battery is flat
or if i need to do something completely diferent.

If i am to reformat, i cant remember the cmds/or how to do that when there is no windows to do it from.

I hoe you can help me.


Old Fart

A:"Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"

Find the make of the hdd, go to makers website and download and run
the diagnostic utility.
If you want to wipe the drive do a google for killdisk, its free. Run it
this way you are assured of a clean drive.
The diganostic utility may also be able to write zeros to the drive, doing
the same thing. At this point dont take the short route out and format
with windows, leaves to much garbage behind. But after the drive is
wiped you will have to format with the wind disk and install the os.
Sounds like you have a bad drive, or a confused drive..
I dont think that board does raid, but you should double check in bios.
If raid is enabled disable it..

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I want to know how to approach dell to get a copy of windows 8 operating system iso so that I can reinstall the windows on my laptop.
I have following questions regarding same:
1. What is the procedure of obtaining the Windows 8 operating system iso from DELL?
2. If dell can provide the requested, what are the charges for the same?
3. Can the OEM version of the windows 8 be installed to another computer? What I meant is that how many licenses does I get with OEM version or how many times I can reinstall the operating system during the life cycle of the product(Windows 8) using the same key?
4. If the license key is embedded in the hardware then can I use any windows 8 installer iso to reinstall the OS?

A:How to get the WIndows 8 installation disk/recovery disk from dell?

Hi Nitin,
The Windows product key is pre-installed in Dell systems. However may I know the reason why you are looking out for a disc?
If the computer is not booting up and if you want to request for a disc then you may use the below link:
http://dell.to/19q87KN  (For U.S only)
If the system is working normally, you may create a system restore disc by following the below steps in Windows 8:
(1) Move to mouse pointer to the top right corner and click on the search button.
(2) Select applications, type Dell backup and recovery and select search.
(3) On the left side you may click on the application.
(4) Once the application opens select recovery disc and create rescue disc.
OEM discs (Win8) can be installed on any Dell computers (if Windows 8 is pre-installed in that computer from factory).
It is suggested to use OEM image for re-installation purpose.

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HI people, my del xps CPU usage is 100 % and the fan is spinnig to fast no applications running!! It happened after I formatted and resinstall everything and when it was time to updated it all started to crash to get to update on the internet, Can any of you guys help me. Thnx a lot in advance

A:CPU 100% and fan spinning


Please start your own post as things get too confusing otherwise.

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I bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 + to keep my CPU cool and to make the PC quieter. Ive always used EPU-4 engine from asus to keep the computer from using its full power and turning it to full when I want to play a game etc. I had the computer running on low power consumption with the EPU-4 engine and noticed when I removed the CD drive panels that the fan wasn't spinning, I immediately switched the EPU-4 on to full to make sure that the fan was spinning, now its spinning at full speed.

This shows the temperature im getting with the fan on, With the fan off the Core temp is around 31c. Im assuming this is wrong and not sure what to do to make the fan spin all the time. Also wondering about the -128c temp any ideas why that's happening.

A:CPU fan not spinning

I've just had a look in the BIOS and it looks like the Core is the MB temp, Temp1 and Temp2 look like they are the CPU temp. I disabled Cool and Quiet to see if there are any differences, but it doesn't look like it. What I find strange is that I've been running the PC for about 5 days switching off at night with the fan off and it hasn't over heated or caused any problems.

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whenever i insert a CD the drive just continues to spin...i can insert a blank disc and walk away and come back 30 mins later and it's spinning...is the drive going bad, or is there something else i can try to diagnose?

A:cd-rom keeps spinning

Sounds like a bad drive to me. They're cheap enough now they can be replaced easily.

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I have an ASUS A7V8X-X mobo
+2500 333FSB Barton
ti4200 64MB Chaintech
512MB Samsung pc3200
120G Maxtor

I just built up a new system. I was about to install windows xp.. and suddenly the sytem shut down by itself. I opened the case and the cpu heatsink was hot as hell.
Everything is just fine, only fan is not spinning. I tested the fan in other motherboards and it works fine.

Need help... I think it's a mobo problem..

A:Cpu Fan Not Spinning


Are you saying it's only the CPU fan that is, or was not spinning? Also, do you know if it was spinning before the system just shut down? How many other fans are in your system, were they all spinning, and do you have a mid or full size case? One last question - how long was the system running before it shut down? Sorry to ask so many questions...just trying to get as much information as I can to see if anything rings a bell...

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Problem first started with the monitor, shutting down after 15 mins. Checked all the settings in the power options. All normal. Changed the power supply, and this cured the monitor problem. However, the fan on the motherboard continues spinning even after shutting down the pc!! What could cause this problem?

Thanks in advance

A:Fan spinning

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Hi Lads.

First timer here.

CD Rom (AMD 2100, WINDOWS ME, 512MB Ram) has not stopped spinning. Just started up one day. Can't access the disk loaded, and will only open via the eject command?

Any thoughts?


A:Cd Rom Is Always Spinning

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i just bought a new PSU and Graphic card. I have plugged in every cable where they are supposted to be, but in SensorView it tells me that my AUX fan is spinning at 0RPM.

So i removed the sidecase, and it didn't spin.

would appreciate help..


A:Help - AUX Fan is not spinning.


What size fan, where is mounted and what kind of power plug?

unrelated-Also what kind of psu & vid card did you get?

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So a few weeks ago my DVD Rom just stopped spinning. It'll eject and everything and I can put cds in, but once they're in it doesn't spin and read them. I don't know what type it is because I can't remember what we bought and on the harddrive display thing it just says IDE DVD Rom. Any ideas for how to make it spin again?

A:DVD rom not spinning

Unless you have been fiddling inside the case and dislodged the ribbon cable from the drive or motherboard, it may be that your drive has spinned its last!

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I understand that SSD is more efficient. But, for only storage purposes does it really matter?

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Anybody have any idea why after loading King Kong and upon start of game the screen keeps going around? system> Iwill P4GB mobo> P4 2.4 512/533 ati 128 radon 9600> 2 512 sticks ddr 2700


I've recently purchased an Asus P5G41T-M LX motherboard. I got an intel E6500 CPU for it. When i got it all set up, and turned it on, the BIOS alerted me with a CPU fan error. I opened the case and saw that while the chassis fan was working at full speed, the cpu fan was not so much as twitching. All the connections seem secure. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

A:CPU fan not spinning

Simple...If the CPU fan isn't working, double check the connections, or replace it. DO NOT RUN THE PC WITHOUT THE CPU FAN WORKING!!!

Sorry for the caps, but you need to know this is dangerous to your CPU's life.

Bottom line... replace the fan/CPU cooler if it's not working.

Good luck.

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Everytime I put a CD into the CD Rom drive I hear it frantically spinning, as if it can't find where to start, you know, like a roll of masking tape. It does this with all disks, and takes long time before displaying files or auto running.

A:spinning cd rom

are you useing burned cd's or a original cd if you use burded cd's some cdrooms have a hard time reading them if you are useing original cd's and this is happing all the time sounds like you need to replace it !!

good luck rodman

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For some background, I bought and installed my current PSU (OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W) in August of 2011. As of last week, the fan inside the PSU has stopped spinning regularly. It looks like I'm probably just going to have to RMA it as this point since it's still under warranty but I was wondering if there was any possible fix before I just return it?

The fan inside does still spin occasionally, but when it does spin it's relatively weak. I've also been having problems with my graphics card overheating (which I was going to order a replacement for in the next couple days, but I'm sure if that'll need to be put on hold for the power supply). I was wondering how safe it would be to run my computer with a power supply with a non-functioning fan until I could order a replacement? If there's nothing I can do short of RMAing it, I'll probably start the process tomorrow.

Any particular simple solutions to fix the fan spinning? I don't have a substitute power supply to use if I do need to RMA it unfortunately. Let me know if there's any additional information I need to provide for any troubleshooting.

A:PSU fan not spinning?

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I have IE11 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS. When trying to connect to websites, I get a continuous spinning wheel on the tab. And it takes forever to connect. Sometimes it won't connect at all. I also get the spinning wheel at the end of my cursor.

Also, my laptop is freezing a lot. I've tried Restoring and Resetting under Internet Options, but it doesn't help. Any suggestions?

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At random times my CDROM drive will spin up and never stop.

This has happened with various OS's and the only common factor I think is the AV.

I reckon that the AV is detecting that there is a CD in the drive and spinning it up to check it.

Having fired it up it never stops spinning unless I open and close the drawer.

I know the easy answer is to remove the CD but I leave it in there as it's usually the CD for the latest game I'm playing. When I start playing the game it does spin up momentarily but then stops when authenticity has been detected.

I could do with a simple desktop utility to stop it spinning - any ideas ?

A:CD Drive Spinning


The easiest and best solution, in my most humble, experienced, and biased opinion is, ditch your present AV and use the AV that most of us use, namely, Microsoft Security Essentials:
MSE - Microsoft Security Essentials

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Hi all

I am talking on the phone with a friend, trying to assist him with this computer problem, so bear with me.

He is trying to build a machine, same specs as mine (both came from the school we work at, check signature), but the CPU fan isn't spinning. I have just opened up my case to compare the two, plug by plug but it seems to be the same.

He's just hung up, so I can't get more info yet. He'll ring back in an hour, since he is taking it apart and doing it again.

Just out of curiosity though, what would cause this?

A:Solved: CPU fan not spinning

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Not sure what might have happened, but just recently the original controller(and only) that came with my ps2 started having some problems. Whenever I play a dvd on it the cursor keeps scrolling and wont stop, so i cant play them with that controller. Whenever I try to play a game with it the character keeps moving in circles unless i hold down the opposite direction.

Any ideas? Connectors all seem straight and there.

Or do i just have to get a new controller.

A:PS2 spinning controller

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Recently I installed a cpu cooling fan and it works great. The problem is my new case fan wont spin. I turn on the comp and the cpu cooling fan works but the case fan wont spin. no wires are in the way and everything is connected. I need help. Anyone have any advice?

A:Case fan is not spinning

The fan may have failed. If so, I would just replace it. They are relatively inexpensive.

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