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[SOLVED] Monitors Compatible Question

Q: [SOLVED] Monitors Compatible Question

I got a refurbished PC and works fine, however when I hooked up with monitor with Samsung, a floating message popping up in the middle of screen, ... 'Not optimum Mode, Recommended Mode 1280 x 1024 60 HZ' and the screen getting blank few minutes later. When I tested it with another monitor with Dell, there is no floating message and gets a good quality screen which indicates Dell monitor is compatible while Samsung's non-compatible.

Is there a way for me to make the refurbished PC compatible with both Monitors, 'Dell' and 'Samsung?'

Thanks for any help in advance.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Monitors Compatible Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Monitors Compatible Question

Hi this is from Samsung Not Optimum Mode Message

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I just got a brand new graphics card. It advertises supporting Display Port, DVI, VGA, and Dual VGA monitors. However, it only has 1 VGA port, in addition to 1 DP and 1 DVI. By saying it supports Dual VGA, does that mean you can send two different monitor sends through the single VGA port? If so, how do you split them? IF not, how can I get two monitors set up if I have to analog VGA monitors?

A:Solved: Question about multiple monitors

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Hi all I just got an early Christmas present and now I get to figure out how it all works. I am not sure where to post this question.

What is compatible with Windows 8 64 bit. Like which zip file is safe to use? Is Superanti spyware compatible? Malware Bytes is that compatible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because this system is another beast..

A:Solved: Need to ask question on what is compatible with Windows 8

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STUPID QUESTION: Can a monitor from a MAC be used with a PC?

A:Compatible Monitors?

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I built a computer for a friend whos mother board went bad (old AT computer). The new computer worked great at my place. when he
plugged in his older monitor It went black. He had another one kicking around and he was able to get it to come up with 16 colors etc. but it wouldn't shut down when you shut down the computer. He had to download the drivers for the video card to get the resolution back. the video card is a PNY GForce4mx440 with 64megs of DDR RAM. Is there an issue with older monitors and newer video cards? Can one hurt the other? Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Are old monitors compatible with new video cards?

The only thing I see that would be a problem with an older monitor is that you may have trouble finding the right driver for the monitor and and older monitor doesn't have as many hours left as a new one.

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Hi guys, I'm new here, looks a great forum!

Hope I can be of assistance but right now I need some of my own.

I am running dual monitors on an ATI Radeon 7000 and have recently purchased an Nvidia quadro fx 1400 to run another 2 monitors.

So, i found out I am having compatability issues as the new card is only running 640x480 resolution and 4 bit colour, it will not allow me to change this.

My ATI controller now won't let me adjust my first 2 monitors and does not pick up the third.

My chipset is the - intel p35/g33 - If i purchase another ATI Radeon 7000 will this solve my problem? is this chipset capable of running 4 monitors? well, it's running 3 now (one on the nvidia with low colour and res) so i'm sure it can? Will I need to upgrade my power supply? Am I damaging the PC if not?

My board is a Asus P5KC if that helps..

Thanks, James!

A:Intel p35/g33 compatible with multiple monitors?

Welcome James,
I would recommend not mixing multiple video cards, so installing another Radeon 7000 is a good idea. Besides, only one video driver would be needed

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I just got another one of LG's 19" LCD monitors and made myself a dual screen. All working nice and good and I'm loving the horizontal span, except for one tiny problem: single-screen games. When launching a game, I would want for the 2nd monitor to stay on desktop and not get "included" in the game. Included as in going into standby / power saving mode. Can this be bypassed? I understand it must be quite impossible to use the mouse on the 2nd monitor while in-game on the 1st monitor, but I would at least want to see the desktop and the real-time programs that are running there (virus scanners, time, IRC etc.).

When I exit the game, or alt-tab, the 2nd monitor automatically returns from power save and all is normal.

Some specs if needed:

GF 8800GT 512
Core2Duo E6600
LG Flatron L1953TR as 1st monitor
LG Flatron L1952TQ as 2nd

A:Solved: Question about single screen games on dual monitors

If you can run the game as a window instead of full screen the 2nd monitor should run normally.

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Hi,One of my Line of Business has an urgent requirement for a compatible touch screen monitors for T610 running a Linux flavoured image. Does anyone have any recommendations ?

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Hey! I've been looking for a monitor for my work station and I feel like U3415W or U3417W would be great monitor for me. The thing that made me question it was that it said that the monitors is not compatible with any XPS, just Latitude and Precision. So my question is whether the monitors works good with my XPS 5-9550 laptop?

A:XPS 15-9550, compatible with U3415W/U3417W monitors?

It will work. The XPS 15-9550 and the Precision 5510 share the same hardware.XPS 15-9550 USB Type-C out port --> USB Type-C to DP cable --> U3415W/U3417W DP in portXPS 15-9550 HDMI out port --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> U3415W/U3417W HDMI in port

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I have an old Compatibles by Compaq scanner/keyboard that worked with win98, but I can't seem to get it to work with XP.
It's connects thru one of my serial ports. Does anyone know how to or if it can work with XP?

A:[SOLVED] scanner/keyboard - compatible/not compatible with XP?

see if they put out drivers for xp
i had to replace my scanner because of no drivers for xp

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I've decided to try my hand at building my own PC. I intend it to be a medium - high end gaming computer. I've got everything figured out (at least I hope) I'm just wanting a second opinion about my choice of motherboard and CPU. I'm pretty sure they are compatible, at least in theory, I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with them, or any advice for me. Hey, if you feel like it, recommend something bigger and better. I have a pretty good budget for this (within reason of course, nothing too outrageous).

CPU : AMD Phenom X4 9950 Quad Core Processor 2.60GHz, 4MB Cache, 2000MHz (4000 MT/s) FSB, Agena, Retail, Socket AM2+, with Fan (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4016668&CatId=3496)

Motherboard : FX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA 750a SLI, Socket AM2/AM2+, ATX, Audio, Video, HDMI, DVI, PCI Express 2.0, Gigabit LAN. S/PDIF, USB 2.0, eSATA, RAID (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3930721&CatId=13)

One big question I have, however, is whether a GeForce 8800GT graphics card with its super long design would fit correctly or at all in that motherboard. The 2nd PCI-E slot has to be the first one used, so I couldn't put it in the top slot. I think it would fit, but not quite sure.

Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to have a read through this, and an extra thanks to anyone with any advice or comments.

A:Compatible, or not compatible, that is the question.

why can u not use the first slot? the only problem should be with the case. put the mem. in before u put the video card in.

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I'm planning to get a 17inch lcd monitor what's the best brand to buy

Is BenQ any good??????

A:question about LCD Monitors

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Is it true that leaving your monitor on sucks more power then the pc itself ?

Someone said that to me. Just want to know if that is true

A:Question about monitors ?

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I am having trouble finding a monitor for my PC. The problem is because I require an anti-glare screen and a full-size, not widescreen and at least 19". I thought they'd be easy to find but I've gone through many sites looking and came up with nothing. I know that anti-glare screens are unpopular because it doesn't have the high brightness and contrast of glossy screens but why are widescreens so popular? In laptops, you must have a widescreen due to the shape of the laptop but for desktops, I would think the square shape would be common.

A:Question about LCD Monitors

A square monitor is not that common. If you are talking about older 4:3 aspect ratio monitors, then I may have found one for you (in the USA):


Brand Hanns·G
Model HX-191DPB
Cabinet Color Black
Screen Size 19"
Widescreen No
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024
Features: Anti-glare Hardcoating
Click to expand...

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I have a 17" Gateway EV700 that shuts off (when i say it shuts off, i mean the screen goes black however the power light remains on) at random and takes forever to turn back on.....however when it is on the picture is still great...anyone ever heard of this problem or have any ideas how to fix it (if it is even possible)

i'm thinking the monitor is just dead, and it's time to move on

so, on to my second question.....anyone out there have any suggestions for some good CRT monitors that are atleast 17" for around $150-$200?

or if you don't know of any i particular, can you give me some specs of what would make a good CRT monitor? (DPI, resolution, etc.)

i don't want to go to LCD beacuse the high price tag just isn't worth it to me

thanks in advance folks

A:Question about CRT monitors.

you could start by looking at this site , if in the USA

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I just got this new computer a few months ago and the monitor makes this buzzing sound every so often, not a lot but at least once a day or so. I already had to exchange one of them because the display wasn't working right and now this one is doing this. Is this normal or not? By the way, its a Compaq 7550 Monitor, 17" in size. I hope this helps and I'm running Windows XP if you need that too. Please help me out, thanks!

A:Question about Monitors

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So, I like to broadcast my screen (so people can see what I'm doing on my computer) on BlogTV. The problem with that is that I didn't want people to see the MSN addresses of the people I also chat to. To avoid that, I was using two computers. Now that my second computer has a serious case of the BSoD, I decided to use two monitors to accomplish this. So, I hooked up an LCD monitor to my Vista laptop. Now, I have it extended with my laptop on the right and the LCD screen on the left. I moved everything that needs to be on the left screen to the left screen, but... when I activate any windows on the laptop (right), it minimizes the windows I had open on the LCD (left).

How can I stop that from happening?


EDIT: The LCD monitor has a fullscreen program on it.

A:Question about using two monitors...

this will tell you all you need to know about dual monitors. and how to set them up.

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I'm looking to buy a monitor and some ads say NO software included. One seller who is an individual said I could probably download the driver for his DELL monitor from DELL website. Still others say their monitors work great and do not mention software or driver. I assumed I buy a monitor with cord and cable and plug it in and BINGO it works. Do I need software and driver? I got Windows XP. Thanks for any help. NAEEM

A:question about monitors

windows will have a lot of the drivers, but if not, you should be able to download the monitor .inf files from the manufacturer.
I would probably check on being able to download it before I purchased it.

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I'm looking to put more RAM into my laptop; I wasn't sure if this should be posted here or in another place.. my apologies if I've put it in the wrong place.

I have a Gateway Laptop, model ML6720. I currently have two sticks of RAM, 512MB each, the info for them is: 512MB 2rX16 PC2-5300

I found a 1GB stick I'd like to replace the 512's with, the info is: Crucial 1GB 200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM 667 (PC2 5300) (laptop RAM).

Before I make the purchase, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Crucial stick would work well with my machine? I've never replaced the RAM on my laptop before, so I'm nervous about it.

I went onto the Gateway website and tried to match the info with the new RAM as best I could; I think I got it right. I'm just looking for a little more input.

Many thanks in advance

A:Ram compatible question

It will work but it is recommended to have two identical ram modules... Make sure you can return it if it causes problems.

Check the info here..

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Hi, I have an ATI Radeon 9200 with a primary hookup to my monitor and a secondary hookup to my TV. The icons on the TV are too small but I can't seem to figure out a way to change the DPI for the tv without the monitor also changing. Is there any way to do this?

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A friend of mine has offered me a very good deal on a magnavox 32'' HD ready flat screen TV. I was wondering if I could use this as a monitor for my computer???? It says it has VGA, DVI, HD-component video, S-Video, composite and AV output. (whatever all that means) Any help would be appreciated.



A:Question About Monitors And Tv's Compatibility

Yes, you can.

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I'm thinking of having 3 monitors. Right now I have two, and my setup is so that the desktop scales across both so I can just drag a window from one screen to another.

If I put in a second video card and setup a 3rd monitor, will it scale on over one more time? I'm not sure how to set that up since I've never seen it in person before.

Any ideas on how that would work? I currently have an 8800GT that's got the two hooked into it, and I'm planning on getting some other cheap nVidia card just for the 3rd monitor. I just want to make sure it will scale on across to the 3rd monitor as well.


A:Quick question about 3 monitors

As long as you have it in extended mode and the cards play nice together (shouldn't have any problems with something like a cheap 8400GS or so), then you shouldn't have any problems. About the only thing you might have to do is go into the display properties and set the three of them to the correct position (left, right, center).

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Nvidia, GeForce 7300 GT and it's 512mb if it matters. Windows XP Home, SP3.

I wouldn't say this is a hardware issue since both monitors function exactly how I expect them to. The issue at hand is a preference issue, a matter of perspective.

Primary monitor is directly in front of me.

Secondary monitor is above and to the right of primary monitor.

Is there any software or advanced setup that allows me to control perspective of monitors based on location? For example, when dragging a window from either monitor to the other i'm naturally drawn to its direction in relation to the other rather than just left or right. (Up and to the right and Down and to the left)

Is there anything that would allow me to tell XP where to expect either monitor to be? It's trivial I know but I often find myself fumbling with windows when switching between monitors.

A:Dual Monitors Question

Yeah there is, and it is actually more simple than you might think. Just open up the Display Settings dialog box, and under Settings (sorry I'm a little bit different with Vista), you will be on the tab with the monitors. Click the second monitor, and just drag it around. You can then place your monitor above, below, to the left, or to the right of your main monitor.
Have fun with that.

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Ok... I'm looking to build a machine that would be really nice for gaming... and I think I got everything else ok (I will probably run everything through here--the experts b4 I buy anything though) but I was wondering what an "LCD monitor" is? as opposed to anyother type of monitor? Which would I rather want a 17in LCD or a 19in plain ol'?

Any help appreciated.

A:Need help with a small question concerning monitors...

Howdy there Allanon...

Toms Hardware has a pretty good explanation of the difference...

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I've got a general question. Does pushing the screen of an LCD monitor to make kind of a black trail damage it in any way?

A:General Question: LCD Monitors

It could. Most monitors will survive it, but you are pressing on the technology that makes the thing work. That is not what the screen was designed to do, and you can definitely break it.

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So if I added a splitter to my laptop to get extra hdmi slots then put 2 hdmi/vga converters in the splitter, with the vga sides both going in 2 monitors , then setting a usb keyboard and mouse to the laptop and closing it so It's like a desktop with split screen. Does this idea sound like it will all work?

A:Dual Monitors Question

Nope....once you close the lid to the laptop....you effectively turn it off. Dual monitors for a laptop, if using only 1 monitor (laptop +1 monitor, all you need is a VGA/HDMI cable for the port on the laptop), if you're going to use more than 1 monitor (laptop + 2 monitors) then you need a KVM switch that has it's on power and connect the monitors to that.


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Hi, this may take a while, but i would greatly appreciate your help!!!

here we go...






will these all be compatible, will be using a 9800GTX+, 800w power supply.

A:Will these be compatible? (noob question)

What brand and model is the "800W PSU"? If there's nothing wrong with the PSU and it's good quality and really outputs power enough for the system and you have or get a case that has sufficient cooling, you're good to go.

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i noticed that having a firewall is very important & is a necessity now a days. i'm average in computer knowledge; so i'd like to know what is the best or most compatible firewall with bit torrent client applications such as azureus? i use azureus & sometimes uTorrent.

best or most compatible - meaning which will not slow down the performance of my machine in terms of cpu & memory usage; that'll not conflict with azureus or uTorrent. and especially firewall that'll not be noisy & annoying or just doesn't keep on prompting for warning & asking permission or anything in that manner while azureus is downloading.

by the way, please kindly move this topic if it shouldn't be posted here.

A:Compatible Firewall Question

You are quite right about having a firewall and using it. I might suggest Sygate Personal Firewall, since it allows you to manage permissions by application, and is light on resources. Almost all firewalls will at the very least, prompt on the first use, but you can usually tell them to "always allow" the application access.You can find a link to the free download in this BC pinned topic:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic3616.htmlRegards,John

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What are some things i should check wether a new psu will be able to work with my computer. Please note that i purchased the geforce gtx 660 so disregard the gpu on the page. I heard of people loosing power with the cx 600 so i just wanted to ask you guys. My computer:

Thank you!

A:Question about theCorsair CX 600 compatible?

If you purchased a gtx 660, I assume you intend to game with the system. The cx line from corsair is NOT for gaming systems. It is ok for a basic build ie running onboard/onchip video, running office, email, etc. It is just not up to the stress of gaming. Corsair does not mfg their own pw supplies. The cx line is mfg by ctw [maker of oem stuff] The "real" corsairs ie HX, TX, AX are mfg by seasonic [maker of very high end stuff.

With a cx corsair, you have the equivalent of a dell or hp pw supply.

If you are asking if it will fit, your case uses a standard atx pw supply so yes it will fit however it is NOT recommended for gaming.

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Sorry if im posting this in the wrong forums, My monitor is giving me trouble & i was thinking of buying a new widescreen monitor but since the majority of my games are older titles (Age of Empires, Baldurs Gate, SW KotOR etc.) in worried about how these older game will look on a widescreen, I dont wanna spend $200+ on something and my games look like a funhouse mirror, I do have some games that have widescreen support (Warcraft, BF2142) but i still wanna be able to play the older games that i still enjoy.

A:Gaming on widescreen monitors question

If the games are a bit older, they might look pretty messed up on a widescreen (from what you're used to). Check to see what your games maximum resolution is, and see if it is the same as the maximum resolution of your monitor. If not it may look weird.
It MAY look weird if for example the game's resolution is at 1024x768 and the monitors max resolution is 1440x900
It WON'T look weird if for example the game's max resolution is 1920x1080 and you've set it at 1440x900 and the monitors resolution is 1440x900.

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I have a laptop with 2 video outputs 1 hdmi and 1 vga on the vga i have a vga kvk switch and on the hdmi a cable to a smart tv, when projecting the laptop on the smart tv the secondary monitor on the vga switch goes on black, is there a way to use all three monitors?

A:Question about using 2 comp monitors with smart tv

Probably not,

sometimes graphics cards offer more connections than they can handle at a time. mine also has three outputs of which i can use two simultaneously. You'll probably find info on the manufacturer's site of the computer or gpu.

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Hello there!

I've two monitors and a Radeon 6900, Everything works fine. This may be a better question for like Web browsers or Chrome so if there is somewhere better I can be pointed I'd love that too!

Basically if I'm on my right monitor and I maximize a video it will maximize on the right monitor, but sometimes I can get it to maximize on the left monitor.

Question 1: How is that possible? To do this everytime?

Most of the time if I want to read something on the right and watch the main video on the left, I'll just drag the video to the middle with the most of the window(browser) on the left and hit maximize > Then ill drag the window with the video to the right monitor, so the video is on the left maximized with the browser window on the right monitor (with the text, think youtube video--video left, comments on right)

Also an issue I have is maximizing 2 videos at once, because sometimes If I maximize left monitor video and then click on the right monitor it will minimize the left side. This doesn't happen a lot, but it is kind of annoying.

Question 2: Any idea on how to fix the above issue? Are there any apps/extensions in google chrome that may help?

Question 3: Is there any application that will help for streaming videos 2 at a time maximized one on the left and one on the right monitor?

Thanks a lot!

A:Question on Videos with Dual Monitors

Right click on desktop and click on: Screen Resolution and take a screenshot for me.

If you want some more functionality with your dual monitors download: DisplayFusion: Multi-Monitor Taskbar, Multi-Monitor Screen Savers, HotKeys, Multi-Monitor Wallpaper, Windows Logon Changer and more...

It has a lot of nice hotkeys to switch applications to the next window...

Also, center clicking(scroll wheel down) will switch the applications on the monitors.

Once I see how your monitors are lined up I can answer your questions

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Hey Everyone,
I just had a quick question that I was hoping one of the geniuses here could answer since I'm in a little bit of a holdup here. I have a Dell compact desktop with an ATI Radeon 2400 pro graphics card with a single DVI out and I'm looking to connect my computer to both my monitor and TV and both are in separate rooms so I'm going to want to same picture mirrored on both displays. Because this is a compact PC I don't want to replace the video card because I cant find options that fit it, nor do I know how to do that.

I've heard a DVI splitter would work and my question is what is the best one? Also what is the difference between this cheap one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-035-_-Product and this more expensive one:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-028-_-Product

Would both work? Which one should I choose?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

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Im thinking about making the jump...... Still not ready but anyway. Here is the question.

Are these programs working good with vista?

AVG antivirus free version
Comodo Firewall
Spybot SD
Google Earth

Thats a few that im worried about not working good with vista? Any word if they are working good with vista?

I know some games are working and some are not which is mainly drivers issues of video cards


A:Question. Vista compatible programs?

Hi, before worring too much about programs have you checked out the Vista update advisor download?http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...mg_id=10008VHb1The programs you have mentioned that work ok on my machine are AVG,FireFox,Google Earth the rest I dont know. As for games be warned some games do not like Vista and run a lot slower under Vista.

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Hello I'm looking to move to two monitors on my Optiplex 9020 Mini Tower with Intel HD Graphics 4600. I'm currently using the VGA port to connect to one monitor. The back of the machine has two displayports as shown in the picture below. Note I don't have the video cards at the bottom with DVI or HDMI.
My question is can I use both of the Displayports to run a dual monitor setup? Most monitors I'm looking at are DVI or HDMI, so I'd need an adapter I suppose. Thank you in advance!

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So newegg is offering the Acer 29" B6 B296CLbmlidprz IPS monitor for about 350. Seems like a pretty good deal but I can't find many reviews on it. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this monitor and/or if you guys have better options for someone who is looking for an IPS monitor below 400 bucks. I want to game with it as well as do some 3d modeling and photoshop work. So I need reasonable response time for gaming. I was also looking at the HP ZR2440w and was gonna get that until I saw this deal on newegg for a larger monitor. 24" models are fine but if there are good deals on some 27" inch ones then I would be interested in those as well. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Question on Acer 29" monitor and other monitors

Heres the link for that monitor.

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I have a question in regards to having three monitors.

I know that with my single 6850, if I want three monitors, I have to either do DVI, DVI, and DisplayPort, or DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort.

I am getting a 2nd 6850 mid-week. Will I be able to do DVI-DVI-HDMI with a 2nd card or am I still in the same boat?

I guess it's not that big of a deal if I have to get a DisplayPort-DVI or HDMI adapter, I'm just curious.

A:Three Monitors Dual Graphics Card question

Hello there, Johnathan.

I'm not a Multiple monitors guy. but i'm pretty sure that you can connect them like that:


I guess is possible because the purpose of adding another card to you rig is somehow related to the fact that you want to add more monitors (of course, this is only one of the reasons for multiple cards), hence, you need extra ports for connecting all the monitors. hehe Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong

Cheers, mate.

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First post on the Dell forums, so.. hi everyone!
With that out of the way, I apologize if this is as common a question as it would seem. I have been doing research on this for a few days now, poured over the help sections, Google, re-installed the OS (and updated), even contacted Dell support, and I haven't found out the exact answer I'm looking for.
So I have a Dell 9010, 3.4Ghz i7, 8GB Ram, and an integrated Intel HD4000 graphics card. I want three monitors on this PC.
First, I'll start off with: I tried both passive and active DP adapters. I'm really confused because they did not work for me, and the help section clearly states they will not work, but I've seen several other Dell customers post online say that active adapters worked for them. Not really my issue, but I am curious about the multiple answers.
So I read that it *has* to be two authentic display ports and either VGA or DVI as the third option, no HDMI. Well, that's what my company eventually went with, and now its.. almost there.
See, the computer will see all three monitors, but I can only get two of them to work at a time - I can swap between them at will using Windows 10, but the point remains, that only two are actually active, but all three DO work.
I've already updated the BIOS, Windows, the HD4000 drivers, checked for additional updates via Dell.com, checked out the BIOS (I was reading about "multiple monitor" options on BIOS, this one does not have it) and sti... Read more

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When I try to open "Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life". This message comes out: Assertion failed. http://www.watermark-images.com/DownFiles/dk5ztT5I/1.jpg
In the Device Manager I don't have Display Adapter and the VGA Controller has a question mark.
I tried to install it with Driver Booster, but it fails. I am using Windows XP. What should I do?

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I have a question regarding my Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard. I am currently running two Geforce 8600GT cards and considering buying two nVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 1GB SLi PCI-E Video Cards. I would like to know if my Motherboard will handle these cards and if the difference in performance is worth the cost. Thank you for any information.

A:Nvidia GeForce card compatible question

Canlen said:

I have a question regarding my Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard. I am currently running two Geforce 8600GT cards and considering buying two nVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 1GB SLi PCI-E Video Cards. I would like to know if my Motherboard will handle these cards and if the difference in performance is worth the cost. Thank you for any information.Click to expand...

I'm not up-to-date on the 9-Series as I'm still on a single 8800GTS myself,..

Here's what a quick Google turned up. They're effectively the same, if I understand correctly, except with better heat management on the newer card. Also, what type of VRAM do your old 8600s have? What is the "cost" you're citing?

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Dear colleaguesI have one of the above and am thinking I would like to have two monitors attached to it.However there is only a single monitor point at the back.Please can anyone advise whether I can adapt it to have two monitors.If so what upgrade part would I need to install on the machineThanks for your kind helpBest wishes, Ian

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I just had a quick question about dual monitors. I have vista home premium 64bit and am on a laptop. i hook up my laptop to my hdtv through a hdmi cable and i can get the dual monitor thing to work. When i am watching a movie, my laptop screen just sits on the desktop which is fine but I am worried about the screen possibly burning in if i keep watching movies. Is there a way i can put my laptop screen to sleep or on a screen saver without doing the same for the tv screen which is what the movie is playing on???? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

A:Running dual monitors question about laptop screen

You should be able to set your power settings so that only the monitor on your laptop turns off when you close the screen. Just make sure that your hard drives are set to keep spinning and that it doesn't go into sleep mode.

You could set these to be the settings when you are plugged into AC power.

"Power Options" are available under the control panel. You can change your monitor behaviors on the left side.

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Not sure why posts asking about installing an OS other than Windows 10 on this device seem to vanish but here goes my attempt for a Linux Specific question. I am unwilling to run Windows 10 because an OS that without any advance notice will uninstall your privately owned and paid for software from other companies during updates potentially costing licensing fees to acquire a replacement license or even damaging system viability if one of those packages is a required driver is unacceptable to me. Due to the aforementioned issues with Windows 10 I am looking to Linux as an alternative for this device. Are there any known Linux Distributions that will fully support the hardware?Does anyone have experience installing Linux and configuring it on this device?What Linux Distribution is most recommended for this device?What additional drivers or software are recommended on Linux to be able to use the hardware to the fullest? Thanks.  

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Hi Guys,
Right, after looking at various models, i've decided upon an Alienware 17 to replace my trusty M14r2.
Can anyone answer the following questions though please..
a) can it run 2 external monitors and the internal panel at the same time? 
b) If it does, can it do thsi on the integrated intel chipset, or does it need to use the Discrete Graphics
c) is there a huge difference between the AMD and nVidia options? I'm not really going to play games on it, its mainly for web development - I know I could get a Dell as its not really for gaming, but I just like the Alienware brand.
d) how many channels the does the PCI-E SSD use?
e) I'm interested in teh 1TB PCIE SSD option, is it a Samsung 961 based drive?

A:Alienware 17 R4 (2017 model), multiple Monitors / pcie question

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