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t480 window resize on external monitor

Q: t480 window resize on external monitor

Hi, I have a new t480s with the intel uhd 620 driver, windoze 10. Most of the time it is docked and an external monitor on displayport. Whenever the monitor powers off the windows all resize to what looks like the size of the 480 screen, so I have to rearrange everything each time. Anyone find a fix or workaround? I saw posts from intel saying they are ignoring the issue and blaming MS on it. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: t480 window resize on external monitor

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello,I have ThinkPad T480 and want to connect Lenovo L2250p external display (it has only DVI and VGA inputs) The display is currently equiped with miniDisplayPort to DVI cable (I used it with older T450)I borrowed USB-C to MiniDP(female) adapter, and try to connect USB-C Thuderbolt 3 port, but the signal didn't went through. iThe adapter must be working because in office I tried to connect the same way also Projector beamer (equipped with MiniDP>HDMI adapter) and signal went through. I thought the USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port is capable of sending DVI signal, or is there too many conversions/adapters connected? Does anyone know what can be the problem? Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I'm a bit confused after checking out the spec sheets of the T480 and T480s. Sometimes I read it has 1 USB-C port and sometimes it seems to have 2...  What I would like to do is to:- Charge the T480(s) via USB-C adapter- Connect a USB-C external monitor via USB-C and power the external Monitor via that USB-C "cable" Both at the same time. Is this possible with the T480/T480s without using a dock?

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I have a T480 with Windows 10 Pro connected to a Dell U3415W monitor via a DisplayPort to HDMI cable via a 40AJ0135US Ultra Dock (DisplayPort side connected to the docking station, HDMI connected to the monitor).  While using this setup, I will occasionally (sometimes quite frequently) get black-outs in the monitor for a few seconds and then the display returns without issue.  Its extremely annoying and interrupts my work.  Often, restarting the laptop will help resolve it for a while but it always returns in some fashion. I have run the ThinkPad Docking Station FW updater and it said everything is up to date.  Additionally, Lenovo System Update is 100% updated.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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On the driver page we have this:
Intel HD Graphics 530 Driver View detailsFile Name: Intel-HD-Graphics-530-Driver_28VH9_WIN_21.20.16.4727_A03.EXE
If the GPU is HD Graphics 630. Why is the driver 530???
Also in "View details" we have: 
Enhancements:- Update Intel 15.46 graphic driver branch for RedStone2 OS
Intel 15.46 supports OpenGL 4.5 and this driver doesn't: Intel-HD-Graphics-530-Driver_28VH9_WIN_21.20.16.4727_A03.EXE 
Then we have the following problem when I connect and external monitor to the HDMI port:
The window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 when dragged and snapped to the corner of the external monitor turns black but only sometimes. This rendering problem appears to be a driver problem according to Microsoft.

This needs to be addressed by Dell/Intel or NVIDIA as there appear to be many complaints.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am talking about Windows 10. And this is what I see: 

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Woke up like this.. what now?

Can't resize or right click and maximize

A:omg wtf aarggh! Cannot Intelligent figure this Window! How to resize/max window?

When I see something like that... and I have seen it too many times with IE(LOL!), I shut the computer off and re-start, which usually does the trick.  Does the problem still exist?  Were you last trying to download a program or do you think it happened from an auto-update?

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Ok I'm using a Dell inspiron 15 series 7000 laptop w/ Win 8.1 Intel I5 and a 23" Hannspree external touch monitor. I use this system to run a single application that uses 5 open windows. I have arranged the open windows with four of them open on the external monitor and one on the laptop display. I want to "freeze" this window arrangement...ie if the system goes to sleep I want it to awaken to this arrangement not stack all the windows on the laptop monitor, also when I close the laptop, I want to keep the same four windows open on the external and not have the window #5 jump over to the external monitor, and then when I open the laptop I want it to look like it did when I closed it, not having all the open windows jump back to the laptop monitor. Can I do this?

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I recently purchased a T480 and sometimes I get a sudden flash on the screen as if an app is trying to open but then disappears.  I assume this is a Windows 10 issue rather than a laptop issue, but it is quite annoying and I'd like to get rid of it. There doesn't seem to be a pattern when this occurs, I might be browsing the web and then the flashing happens every few minutes or so, but it doesn't happen at every session. Is there an app that causes this behaviour? Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a window that is to big for me to adjust setting (press the apply button) or press done to start the game. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

A:How do i resize a window?

The top right corner of the screen has 3 icons try the centre one you might be able to scroll down the page then

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I am making my home page. and I want all the images to stay in the center, as I reduce the browser window size, like in google or yahoo. Could you please tell me how to do it?


A:window resize

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Here's a nut for ya... My father-in-law's videocard is fried (Dell Precision M90... so I already know I need to cook the card at 200' C for 10 mins for it to work right again, but I'm lazy!) and now only does 1800x1200 resolution. I am using an Outlook plug-in to send SMS messages to everyone for Newyears Eve, but the plug-in only show partially in the window. Maximize is grayed out, border won't drag, double-clicking title does nothing...

Does anyone know how I can force the window to maximize? Or know of software that can do this?

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated!!!

Happy Newyear!!!!!!

A:Window will NOT resize

could try the actual monitor, some have the ability to be "told" what size to show the screen at, likewise ati ,nvidia control centre its possible to override the screen resolution

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I bought a T480 with an HDD, but I've since bought a Samsung 960 Evo and installed it into the laptop bay, and I want to clone the HDD to the SSD by booting from the HDD externally, but that doesn't work. I'm using a Sabrent USB 3.0 hard drive adapter kit to power and connect the HDD externally. I looked around for solutions just can't boot the HDD externally, even after going to BIOS and disabling secure boot and changing UEFI/legacy boot option to both.

A:T480 can't boot from external HDD?

Usually one must format the SSD before use, then connect it with a USB adapter to clone the existing HDD to it.
Steps that I employ...

Purchase SSD
Read SSD user guide, download manufacture software
Format SSD using manufacture software
hookup SSD to target computer via USB (notebook) or SATA (desktop)
Clone HDD to SSD via manufacture software / thrid party software
Verify information on SSD matches HDD
Remove HDD, replace with SSD
Boot the computer (notebook) verify installation / cloning works
Store HDD in safe location (as back up device)

This procedure works 99% of the time, but there is always the 1% that I have to work around otherwise.
Good luck.

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I downloaded a portable tweaking app from here and the window opens larger than my display so that the bottom of the window (where the buttons to "apply" the tweaks are) is off the screen. The maximize button is grayed out and no moving handles appear when I move the cursor to the window borders. I cannot find a way to maximize the window or resize it. Any help?

A:Window will not resize or maximize

Ok, found a little utility to fix this issue temporarily, though I'd prefer a more permanent solution if one is available.

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i can't seem to resize the window to one of my apps, if i click the square like normal to get out of full screen, it minimizes and can no longer be brought back up even though it shows the app as still open in the taskbar, if i disable the full screen mode in the app (right click on its icon from the system tray and preferences - start full screen mode) it will again load the app and immediately go down into the task bar with no option to resize, move or maximize. if i right click on it from the task bar i can only select close or minimize in which it is already.

any and all help is appreciated

OS is vista ultimate and app is albumplayer.

A:Can't resize window in vista

If it started doing this like a couple days ago and was ok before and you havent come of somthing extravagant from the last use (like a windows reinstall) i would try system restore, if no joy then go ahead and reinstall the application.

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Is there a way to make IE windows go full size automatically. The fact that a new window opens small is the only thing that keeps me from using IE. Everytime I open something in a new window or click a link I have to maximize the window and it is such a bother that I just use Netscape.

A:IE Window resize automatically

Hi irregularguy...welcome to TSF...

please try the following:

- Open Internet Explorer
- Find one of the corners of the window and then drag it to full size...repeat with any other corner so that the window fills the screen (don't select the maximize option between the minimize and close icons at the top right of the window)
- Once you have done that, press and hold the ctrl key and then select File -> Close/Exit

Relaunch IE and the window should be that size.

Hope that helps....also, if you have an IE shortcut in your quick launch tray, you can right click it and select Properties and change the option next to 'Run' to maximize

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Don't know what I did. Starting today, I can't resize a window with Word on it. I can in other parts of Office 2000 like excel or access or any other application. When I click the reduce window size button in the upper right corner, the window minimizes. I have to right click on the button in the task bar and then click Maximize to bring the window up. It is either full size or nothing. How can I restore the ability to resize the window?

A:can't resize Word window

Welcome to TSG, Chauncey.

With Word running, try opening a new window (Window menu), then use Arrange All. This should give you a horizontally split screen, so you can close one window & then drag and/or resize the other.

Failing that, does anything happen when you doubleclick Word's title bar ("filename - Microsoft Word")?

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For some reason the Organizer window of Photoshop Elements is so high on the screen that the top where the minimize, size and close buttons are is not visible. Also, the maximize option is grayed out when I right click on the task bar button for the program.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Can't resize window

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Hey guys,

I have an application window that won't resize. It will fill the whole screen and when it is minimized it shrinks in to the task bar. You can't resize it. I closed the application, shut it down, restarted and re-opened and it continues to have no medium to it. Any way to fix this?

A:Application Window won't resize

So the window is either minimized or full screen but nothing inbetween?

Clicking on the middle button on the top right of the window (next to the close button) doesn't fix it? (Tool tip will say "Restore Down") Or also try double clicking the task bar?

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I want to resize a window and have it be the new size next time I open it. I understood that holding Shift and clicking the X to close would accomplish that, but it does not work for me. Who can tell me how to do this? Thanks!!

A:how can i resize a window and have it stick?

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Right-click the shortcut for the application under All Programs in your Start folder and choose Properties.

Go to the Run field under the Shortcut tab and choose Maximized, then click Apply followed by OK.

You may need to do this for each application you use and you have three choices:

Maximized, which fills the screen.

Minimized, which minimises the window to the task bar.

Normal, which fills part of the screen.

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How can i get the window of a program to stay the same size that i resize it to.
I have Act and when i create a new email message the window is very small. I do
not want to maximize, I just want it to be a little bigger. I resized to the size I want but
when i create a new email it defaults back to the smaller size. Is there a trick to get the
windows to stick to that size?

A:Resize the program window

Try holding down the Ctrl Key while dragging it to the size you want. Close the window while still holding the Ctrl key. It's supposed to remember the place you closed it.. Works for me about half the time. Another place says to use the Shift key instead of the Ctrl Key..
Now I read that it's the CTRL key for XP and the Shift key for 2000. Who knows..
(edited to add last part)

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I've recently bought a new 15.3" full HD laptop, and today I sat down with a mate to play an old java game that we've long enjoyed. Problem is, the game is tiny on this laptop and doesn't seem to get any bigger even when I set the resolution to its lowest.

Is there any way to resize the game so we can actually see what's going on?


A:Java window tiny- any way to resize?

Probably the game does not recognise the screen dimensions being reported to it by your PC screen driver. It's too old and would need to be re-compiled. Some suggestions....

After changing the current screen resolution, did you actually reboot before trying the game?
Does the game need re-installing on your new hardware?
Does the game have any settings you can adjust from within it?
Is there a more recent download of the game?
What happens if you change the values in the 'embed' java statement of the link you gave?
Does the game or the author have a forum where you can get advice?

My best opinion for the most flexible solution is.....
Try running the game in a virtual PC where you can fool the game to think it is running on, for example, XP - it may simply be incompatible with win 8.1 or whatever you now have http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2010/12/19/five-best-virtual-machine-applications

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OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 Service Pack 2

I use the Media Center program included with WinXP MCE to watch and record television on my PC. The problem is that I cannot resize the viewing window.

This just happened a couple of days ago. Until then, I haven't had a problem. I have not installed any updates or patches that would obviously impact media center. (Of course, not all these things are always obvious.)

I've searched the MS Knowledge Base, done numerous internet searches, and can't find anything that comes close to addressing the problem.

Here's what happens:
I can only maximize or minimize the window. (Restore is either not available or has the same result as minimize.)

I cannot drag the corner of the maximized window, because it is not viewable in maximized mode.

My screen resolution is already set to maximum (I have a widescreen monitor), so that is not an option.

As a last resort, I was willing to re-install Media Center (using control panel-->add or remove programs), but it was not listed. Then I realized it might be part of the operating system. So I tried control panel-->add or remove programs-->add/remove windows components. Media Center does not appear as a separate component.

I have a feeling it might be something very simple, but I give up. I don't mind if I come across as a dummy, as long as I can resize the window!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

A:Cannot Resize Media Center Window

I have a similar problem. I am running dual monitors and, as of a couple of days ago, can only view MC in full screen mode (spread across both monitors). I used to be able to see an non-full-screen mode and move it to either monitor, but when I minimize, i can still hear the sound, but cannot see any monitor.

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I have a laptop with chrome that for some reason will not respond properly. If you type in the omnibar or search bar. You can begin typing, it only shows one letter, but the predictive text box shows the other letters you typed before freezing in place itself. However, if you resize the window it refreshes everything and everything shows as you typed it. If you try to go to settings, you have to resize the window before you can see anything.
I've used geek uninstaller, and reinstalled
Downloaded the google software remover tool incase there were any programs causing issues.
Tried resetting chrome
This computer has a clean install and has an encrypted hard drive due to the medical facility that is going to use it.
Any help is appreciated, Thank you very much.

A:Chrome Only Responds When You Resize The Window

I figured it out you put  " --disable-gpu " at the end of the "target" box in the shortcut properties.
And... updating the graphics driver can help do away with the need for the disable gpu parameters.

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Hello all. Just found an answer here to a problem I had and linked the solution to some other similar posts.

I have a glitch that I am hoping someone can help me with.

I auto hide my taskbar
I have a window that I size from the top of my window to the bottom.
I use "switch user"
When I return to my user the window size has reduced in height from the bottom of the screen the width of an un hid taskbar.

the attached pic is showing the monitor from top to bottom. As one can see the window is not full height but shortened the size of the taskbar.

Sorry if this is an exsisting thread.

A:switch user window resize

I don't know that it would help, but try setting it to run in a maximized window in the program's properties. That would work when initially opening it, but I'm not so sure about in the situation that you describe.

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Hi all,

Disclaimer: I'm new to this forum. Sorry for my bad English (not my native language). I'm desperate for a solution.

Not sure if this is the correct section to post the issue, but I'm having a hard time finding out how can I resize a window past the monitor's resolution. Like moving the window at the bottom then dragging from top margin (keep doing this as much as I want). Apparently Windows does not allow me to do that (window stops from resizing when it reaches the physical screen resolution). Disabled the Aero Snap, just in case...

Additional info:
OS - Windows 7 SP1 Pro x86
Window to be resized - IE
I need at least 2000px height for the IE window even though it is not visible for me.
I use this for some browser automation tests with Selenium and I resize the window automatically from within the script. Works fine on my XP system but gloriously fails on W7.

Any ideas?

A:How to resize a window (in W7 ofc) beyond the screen resolution

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can turn this off via:
All Programs
Ease of Access

Once the Ease of Access Center window opens...
...look under Explore all settings
...click Make the mouse easier to use.

The look under Make it easier to manage windows

Put a check by:
Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.

"OK" your way out of the screen to save this setting.

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Seems really unimportant BUT

While I'm waiting for the computer to do things, I like to play Spider.

For some reason lately Spider will only maximize or Minimize to the task bar. When I click on the Two screen Restore Down icon the program goes to the task bar and when I try to restore from there it maximizes.

Any ideas on how to get it to run in a partial window again so I can see what's going on in the background?

Thanks a lot.

A:[Solved] Resize program window

try opening the game and other programs/window go to the taskbar (preferrably in an open space and right click select either tile windows horizontally or vertically.

Good Luck!

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I have a problem regarding window color and appearance... i want to change the font on my window color and appearance suddenly the resolution of that box is bigger not like before is smaller.. like before i can see how to change font on the menu, web browser and etc. does it possible to change that resolution or adjusting the size of that box or the browser windows?... i want to change the font because it affects on my menu fonts, web browser, and etc.

This is the image happens to my window color and appearance:

please help me guyz. thank you and god bless

A:Please Help: Window color and appearance resize

Hello Obetdoie, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to boot into Safe Mode to be able to see this normally again, then change whatever setting you made back to undo it for when you start Windows 7 back in normal mode next.

Hope this helps,

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How do you resize the window in IE6, so that it opens to the same
size, everytime it is opened ? I know I saw it some where, but forget
where ?



A:Solved: XP Home - IE6 Resize window.

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I have a Dell desktop computer, 4700 series. the operating system is XP. It's about 5 years old. My internet explorer and other programs is working fine, slow, but ok.
My problem is Mozilla Thunderbird. When I open it, the window is very oversized. I can only see about 1/4 of it.
I can not read my mail. I have tried to reduce it, by grabing the lower left corner and turning it into the double arrow, but no luck, it won't work with the page, only the tray.
I'm very frustrated to say the least.
Any suggestions? Thank You, Wanda

A:cannot resize thunderbird window, oversized

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I installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 build 7000 on my PC which had a GX260 graphics card. The display, a Panasonic Vera 46", was fine after a little shrinking using the Nvidia Contol Panel Resize Desktop option. I have now replaced the 260 with my old 8800 card but I can not shrink everything enough to fit on the Plasma screen. I have tried the latest Nvidia Windows 7 and Vista drivers. Does anyone have any ideas please? I am of course running at max res 1920 x 1080

A:8800GTS G92 resize window problem

Needed to change the txt from 150% back to 100% and also was some movement from changing screen options for the TV. Still have issues with the brightness though as there is no adjustment in windows 7 itself.

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I'm making a quick chat in a batch file. For fun. I'm doing this by having one window that you type in, and another window that displays messages. It would be alot easier, if I could resize the windows, and move their position on the screen. So is this possible?

A:Resize and move batch window?

If you create a shortuct to launch the batch file you can make all those settings on the shortcut.

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I use the audio program Linn Kazoo. When I first installed it several weeks ago, its window opened a normal size, but since an uninstall/reinstall for unrelated reasons - now three times - that's no longer been the case. Kazoo's window now always opens wide and off the bottom of the screen, down through the bottom taskbar. See the screenshot. The way I adjust window size permanently in Windows is to hold the Cntl key while resizing, but unlike other programs, such as Opera browser last night, Kazoo refuses to hold the resize on the next open or the next computer session. I've run Yamicsoft Win 8 Mgr and scannow but that didn't help. I posted the problem on the Linn forum, but someone else with the same size monitor - 1920x1200 - hasn't seen this. This is Windows 8.1 Pro x64, dpi=115%. Any ideas? Thanks,

A:Program's window won't hold its resize

Try holding the Shift key while resizing.

Also you can set the size and position, then save it as a custom size. You can hit a hotkey to set size and position using my MoveIt freeware. Unfortunately it only has single monitor support as that's all I have to test with. You may download from
Miles Ahead's Windows Downloads

Note on Windows 8, you probably need to run MoveIt As Administrator. Documentation is in About Box and Readme.txt.

Edit: ( See hotkey z for setting a custom size and position for one of the hotkeys )

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Just reinstalled Windows 7 x64 (no SP1) and I noticed a weird problem. It happens everywhere, but I can best explain it with Task Manager. If you have Task Manager open and you try to resize the window with your mouse, the top tabs (Applications, Processes, Services etc.) flicker.

I have "show windows contents while dragging" enabled. I have Windows classic theme, but I asked a friend with the default Windows 7 theme and he has the same problem.

I don't remember having this problem before re-installing Windows 7 and I have the same chipset/video drivers.

What could be the problem?

Hope you can help... thanx!

A:Tab title flickers on window resize

Why do you not have SP1 installed. It is way overdue and would likely affect performance, security and stability. It isn't even Win7 without it. Like an engine overhaul, it becomes the engine.

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I'm trying to connect 3 external monitors (while the laptop is closed) and not sure if I can do this directly from the laptop or I need a docking station. If I need a docking station, which one do I need?  I have the base model T480 laptop (purchased in Mar 2019).   The three monitors are HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitors (HDMI/VGA ports):https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072M34RQC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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Hello Lenovo community, I need assistance regarding finding compatible external batteries for the T480. So far I have found 2 compatible T480 external batteries : (1) https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/batteries/BATT-BO-Thin... (2) The second battery is the 72 watts also called "61++" However, after contacting chat support, we found that the battery was not listed. Only the 24 watts were listed. If anyone is searching for the part number for the 72 watts' battery, the number is "4X50M08812" I am posting to save other "T480" buyers' time if they are having an issue finding the 24 and 72 watts' batteries. Lastly, if anyone comes across other  external batteries that are compatible with the T480 that I have missed, please help me us out by adding to this post. Sincerely, T480 Enthusiast

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I cannot move, resize, or close any window I open.

It does not matter if I open internet explorer, the calculator, my computer, my documents, etc. I cannot resize, move, or close it. I have to open task manager and select "End Task" on the windows I want to close, but then I cannot close the task manager. I have to restart to close the task manager.

This just started happening the morning of 7/13. I did a system restore to 7/10, and this did not fix the problem.

Can anyone offer me some assistance with this?

A:Cannot move, resize, or close any window I open,

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I have two annoying problems with Windows 10 Pro at the moment, I have two monitors, one connects directly to the PC via the HDMI port on the graphics card. The other monitor connects via a DVI to VGA converter and goes into one of the ports on a 4 port KVM switch. This set-up allows me to run Windows 10 with two monitors (one very wide screen) and two other PC's using just one of the screens via the KVM (these two PC's run non MS OS's).

Now the issue I have on the windows PC is that the desktop icon keep moving after every reboot. I have the desktop icons setup as I want down either left hand side and the right hand side of one monitors and the desktop showing on the other monitor does not have any icons on it. But when I start the PC or reboot the PC all the desktop icons have moved and are spread out in to areas across the entire desktop showing on both monitors.

The other issue I have is that if I have a program open (not full screen but in a window), I then use the KVM to go to one of the other PC's when I come back to the Windows Desktop the program window(s) I had open and been shrunk down to around half there size. This happen with Firefox, Google Chrome, Word 2013, Excel 2013, Remote Desktop Windows. I normally have several Remote desktops open which I open in windows rather than full screen.

My Graphics card is a Nvidia GT 730 and have upgraded the driver through several updates but that has made no difference.

Any thoughts suggestions?

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How an I make IE7 open browser windows to full size and not reduced size windows

A:Internet Explorer 7 Browser window resize

Have you tried closing it while it is maximize?
Right click on IE and go to Properties then the Shortcut tab go down to Run use the drop down menu in choose Maximized then click Apply and then click OK see if that does it.

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I have my "gadgets" off to the right hand side, and I want to be able to see them while having an IE8 web page open. I've resized, tried all the ctrl-shift, alt, close with the X, close with the close, exit, etc. options that used to work in Vista.

I can't imagine that it would be a Windows issue, but, I was running Vista with IE8 and had it working the way I want.

A:Solved: Can't Resize IE8 Browser Window in Windows 7

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As the title says.

I was messing around with some custom themes (I know, I know, but I'm pretty familiar with the process and I try to take extra precautions) and for what seems like no reason, I cannot resize Explorer (not IE, the actual file explorer) windows and if I attempt to use Aero Snap, absolutely nothing happens--I can maximize, minimize, etc. though. However, if I use any other program, I can resize and I can do snap, so obviously the problem is only with Windows Explorer. I figured I would do a system restore because that has solved any customization problems I've had 99% of the time, but even that doesn't fix my issue.

Another weird issue (besides System Restore not doing anything) is that I even installed another custom theme because I figure that whatever files it gave me would probably fix up the explorer issue--and now the theme is installed but I still can't resize or use snap on Explorer.

Doing a clean install or what have you is NOT an option, so does anyone know what may have been changed and how I can fix it?

A:Can't Resize Window or use Aero Snap with Explorer

How about installing a normal theme?

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I'm not talking about aero snap or whatever, I'm talking about dragging window borders to resize them manually.

Normally, dragging a window's border resizes the window "on the fly," showing the new dimensions as I drag the cursor, but suddenly it only shows me the outline. Can someone tell me where the setting for this is?


A:[SOLVED] Window drag-resize in Windows 7

Solved, found it on another site.

Start menu search "advanced system settings," "performance>settings," under visual effects tab, check "show window contents while dragging," in my case it was oddly still checked but unchecking, applying and rechecking worked.

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Hello, is it possible to use a monitor with a resolution of 5120x1440 with the Intel UHD 620 in my T480? Thanks in advance!

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64bit on a Toshiba Satellite L50-A. Windows Explorer was working perfectly until now, in which whenever I resize Windows Explorer so that the window is smaller and doesn't fill the entire screen, the window flickers and then crashes. I have tried terminating and restarting Windows Explorer and even tried restarting my computer but it's still the same. I am up to date on my windows updates (except for the Windows 10 upgrade), but I have not done anything with the Toshiba Service Station updates. I also ran Microsoft Security Essentials and it said that there were no viruses and such. How do I fix this problem with windows explorer? Will upgrading to Windows 10 help? (my last resort)

A:Windows Explorer crashes whenever I try to resize/snap the window

I would start with two things. Do a SFC /SCANNOW in an elevated command window. Search this site for a tutorial on it if you need help, or ask here. Meanwhile find and download the latest video driver at Toshiba's site. When the SFC is done, uninstall the existing video driver and install the new one.

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I'm trying to connect my T480 to an external display using the left side USB-C ports. When I plug in the external monitor using a (USB-C to DVI cable), Windows 10 displays an error message like: "USB not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it". According to T480 user guide those ports should work with an external monitor, so is this a hardware issue? All drivers are up to date.

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Hello, Looking for recommendations for a docking station for Thinkpad T480, with Intel video,  that will support 3 external monitors (all) at 2560??1440 resolution. Thanks

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