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Q: MiniDisc

I need to find a way to get the recorded files from the minidisc to my computer so that i'd beable to burn them and give them to some people(so that they could play it like a regular cd or at least use their computer to play it)I tried plugging the line cable into the mic jack on the back of my computer but that didn't work to well since the program the comes with windows doesn't record to long. Is there another recorder that i could download that is able to record longer? Is there anyother way to get it on to my computer.

I'm trying to give some people the stuff i secretly recorded in a staff meeting and it is very important.

Thanks for any help.

Preferred Solution: MiniDisc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: MiniDisc

Do you have a Creative sound card? They sell an accessory to their sound cards (it comes with the Augidy Platinum and Live! Platinum) for I think $30 or so and it has an optical in and out especially meant for minidiscs. It comes with some pretty good software. Also, Sony makes a computer to MD interface that you can easily transfer recordings with. Otherwise, I haven't had much luck either trying to record through the analog onto my computer so I wouldn't be able to help ya there.

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a friend of mine showed me a disc that he was sent by a friend in japan, it has songs on it that he composed and he wanted to know if I could copy them to a cd for him. the problem is I never saw a disc like that, it looks like a standard floppy disc except that it is smaller, it is made by tdk and all the writing on it is printed in japanese, he took it to a couple of big box stores and they know nothing about them. tdk's website shows that they have them and they are called minidisc but no other info, can anyone help?

A:minidisc ??

Does it look like this?

If so, yes its a minidisc. It was phased out several years ago. You'll need to find a player to be able to use it. I have a Sony player/recorder.

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I want to tidy up some audio files a friend has recorded onto Mini Disc, but the software that comes with it will only allow you to put on the PC what you have taken off. Does anyone know of a program that will allow you to use your USB connection to import the audio to the PC. I've tried using the earphone socket of the Minidisc and the Microphone socket of the PC, but the quality's not as good. Cheers.


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I have bought the sony MiniDisc Recorder
MD-MT170E, it comes with
Long Play model. Store up to 4 CDs (5Hrs 20 Mins)
NiMH Rechargeable Battery (supplied)with Optional AA Alkalaine/Rechargeable add on Battery Case (15)
Mains Adapter/Charger
HiFi Lead (3.5mm stereo jack to 2 X Phono plugs)
PC/CD Lead (3.5mm stereo jack Lead)
User Guide
Blank minidisc
12 Mths Warranty Registration Card
FREEPOST card to use to return unit to SHARP in the event of any malfunction
Grade A stock with full 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Is there anything else I need to buy? Does it come with everything to transfer mp3s from my pc to minidisc or shal i ned to buy something else? or download anything

A:Minidisc help from pc


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I was given what I think is a minidisc. It looks like a cd, only much smaller. It isn't completly round however, as two of the edges are trimmed down. It looks more like an oval now.

My question is, if I were to buy some of these, can I copy my stuff onto them just like a regular cd? With Nero or whatever, and secondly, anyone know where I can find these items to purchase? Thanks!



you can copy onto them if they are writable discs or rewritable discs. ive seen and used some of the discs you described. they are made that way for convience --like the size of your pocket easy to lug around. However they do not hold the storage capacity of 80 minute (800mb) they generally hold anywhere from 150mb - 210mb . also click on this link to see where to get them. http://www.plaza101.com/plaza/search/res/r8174691.html I have purchased them at office max at one time. hope this is a help

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Can anyone recommend software for copying MP3's to minidisc. The software that comes with the player is fine, but you have to import the mp3's into a playlist, which means they are duplicated. This takes up room on my hard drive.


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is it possible to record song i have on my computer hard disk directly onto a minidisk? if so how? i have Sony MD (MZ-R70) and am using Windows 98SE

A:computer to minidisc

You should be able to record it the R70 via your sound card. You can either use a patch cable to go directly from the speaker port on your sound card to the mic port on the R70, or you might be able to record the song just off the speakers from your computer, tho the quality won't be very good. You might have to search a little to find a cable that will connect your sound card to the R70.

Here is a link to more info on the R70 .

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Hey there.
Didnt really know what section to put this under, but hey.

I jsut got a minidisc player, and after reading instructions thousands of times, I really cant find a way for the minidisc to change tracks when the CD changes tracks.....It keeps on recording a whole album onto track 1......

Anyone haev any ideas?


PS I have a Sharp MD-MT270H

A:Minidisc player?

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ive got a mini disc with photos on it ,the disc has been finalised correctly ,but wont play in dvd player in computer .just doesnt start up or any recognition at all ive tried the disc in different computers can any body help thenks

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Does anyone know of a program that can be used to create a MiniDisc (sony NETMD NE-410) or any other media player, besides RealOne, that can used to create MiniDiscs?
i'm currently using Winamp and i've tried Plug-Ins that say can be used to create MDs but non have workd yet.

thanks in advance

A:MiniDisc Recorder

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Having recorded and finalised my discs I can watch them on my computer but can't save the recordings from the mini dvd to my hard drive. I used to be able to so I'm not sure what has change. Any ideas?

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My computer recognizes the minidisc player and downloads a driver for it, but the minidisc player will not work. I have plugged it into my USB port, but nothing happens. It is a Sony and in the handbook Sony says that I need to contact my computer manufacturer for a USB audio upgrade.

A:minidisc player won't run on my computer

I have no experience with it, but you say that the computer recognizes the player but nothing happens. How is it recognized? Does the player play the disk at all? Can you plug in your earphones and also the usb at the same time and if so, hear music. Have you check the various Volume Control Propetrties to make sure that the one for hte player is not turned down or muted? Post back with more details if possible.

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My new Olympus DM-19 digital voice and music recorder has an input that is for both Microphone and earphone. The microphone works, my headphones work, but the irock FM broadcaster I bought at radio shack doesn't work in it, nor do any of the headphone plugs at my local radio shack. How can I get the Olympus recorder to recognize the irock? Do I need a different FM broadcaster? Are radio shack's plugs too short for the Olympus receptacle? They look virtually identical.

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arial My Sony Minidisc player records really well, how do I get the files that I have recorded with a microphone transfered to my computer for editing?

A:Minidisc sound files

Best way I know is to get a male to male Line In-Out cord. It looks like 2 ends of a headphone socket attached. You would plug one end in the line in or mic socket on the computer and the other in the headphone socket of the minidisc player.

Is this the same thing you just posted regarding an olympus minidisc player?

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When I play tracks in my Playlist they play for just over 30 seconds and then STOP.

The CDs were loaded into OpenMG some time ago.

Any ideas?

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I purchased a SOHOUSB card reader on Ebay that came with drivers on a Minidisc.It will not load on an IBM Thinkpad 600 running Win 98SE. Someone advised me that I would need drivers to make it work with Win 98SE.Where would I find these drivers?

A:Unable to load Minidisc

Copy the drivers from the CD (surely you mean the small sized CD and not the Sony music media) on a computer that manages to read it.

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I recently purchased a sony minidisc player. Is there a program or a way, after I'ver recorded something live through a microphone, to upload that file to my computer and convert it to an mp3. Is that an impossiblity? Does anyone have any insight?

A:live recording to a minidisc player

You could try here :


They have an extensive range of sound utilities for free download either Free or Shareware.

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hey guys, i need help, i have a sony net md, and for the last few months, i cant transfer songs from my computer to the minidisc, it says "Cannot convert the specified track.
SonicStage does not support the file format of the track.".; it says that no matter what song i try to transfer, i have tried all sorts of different bit rates, different songs, different cds. i have tried upgrading the software, i dont know what else to do
ive been listenning to the same music for 6 months, i think its time for a change, help please!!!,

A:problem transfering songs to my minidisc

Try this site http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/faq/faq.asp?l=en&m=sonicstage_faq

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