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Maxtor hard drive noisy

Q: Maxtor hard drive noisy

Hi,My Maxtor 160GB sata hardrive three months old has become noticeably noisy i checked to see if it was the CPU fan by disconnecting the hardrive and it disappeared.When the red light flickers the noise coincides with the light,the noise is like a squeaky sound,is this normal.Regards Martin.

Preferred Solution: Maxtor hard drive noisy

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Maxtor hard drive noisy

No, I would say it's not normal. But you knew that already or you wouldn't be here. I would backup any important data and replace the drive. If it's only three months old, it should still be under warranty.

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Does anyone know how to tone down the acoustics of this hard drive, while it is seeking it makes an annoying clicking noise.

I dont think it is a prob with this particular drive, Just a common problem with this model of drive.

I have tried amset, this only finds the ide drive and not the sata.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Noisy Maxtor 6l250so Sata Hard Drive

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I've received delivery of my second Maxtor DiamondMax 10 160Gb hard drive. Unfortunately this one has just the same very loud seek noise as the first. After a search around the net it appears that this does indeed seem to be typical of many new Maxtor drives.

Maxtor's "Amset" utility has been recommended to me, as has an old utility of IBM's. The problem is that my pc doesn't have a floppy drive and both these utilities seem to be configured for use with floppy drives only.

It might sound like a stupid question from somebody who's just built their own pc but how can I use the above utilities (or similar) with a CD drive, i.e. rebooting the pc to dos via the cd drive?

A:Making a noisy Maxtor HD just a little bit quieter...

You can make a CD boot a floppy image. Actually that is how many bootable CDs work. If you ask your burning software to make a bootable CD then it will ask you for a floppy or a floppy image.

You do realise that if you set the hard drive to a lower noise level you will lose in performance?

You could try putting the hard drive in a thick sock and hang the sock somewhere in your computer case so the drive doesn't have any solid contact with the case.

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Two months ago, I got a new Gateway GT5464 desktop computer. It has 320 GB SATAII hard drive (Hitachi is listed as the manufacturer). It has always been a pretty noisy drive, especially if it is really busy, and I'm wondering if this is normal. This is the first hard drive I've had that is this big (well, it's big for me anyway).

A:New hard drive is noisy

I would call Gateway and explain what is going on. So at least they have it on record and your concerns. They might even have you take it into one of their stores (if you still have one open near you?) Actually I would insist on it.

Also ask what the warrantee is on the drive. Ive been purchasing large HDD's for customers now that have minimal of 3 yr up to 5 yr warrantees for such reasons.

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When I switch on my dell dimension pc it is relatively quiet, but when it's been on for about an hour the hard drive gets very noisy, like the fan is doing overtime.

It seems to have coincided with this recent heatwave we have been getting lately, but can't be 100% certain of that.

The hard drive doesn't feel hot or anything. It is in an enclosed part of the desk with a door on the front.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Ps. computer is about 18 months old.

A:Noisy Hard Drive

Is it a fan making the noise - or the hard drive? (hard drives usually do not have fans)

Try pulling the computer out from the enclosed space - it may not be getting enough ventilation.

If it is the hard drive making the noise - backup all your data as a lot of noise from the hard drive means that it may fail at any time.

Make sure you have the disk/s necessary to reinstall Windows XP - if you do not have a Windows XP disk that came with your computer, contact Dell support and get one asap.
Make sure you have your 25 digit Windows Key number which you will need if you have to reinstall Windows.

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I have a sony viao vgn-cs110e running windows vista home. I have a loud grinding sound coming from my hard drive. I thought it was my fan but it turned out to be my hard drive. Does anyone know what may be causing this and how I may souve the problem?

A:very noisy hard drive.

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i just got a brand new Seagate hard drive put in and it has been making some strange noises almost like i do not know how to describe it umm lets say grinding is the best word i can use

A:REALlY REALLY noisy hard drive

it is more than likely just the head moving back and forth
take a large folder and copy and paste it to see if the time is acceptable

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Hello, I have got a new HP laptop couple day ago (HP Pavilion 15-au072sa, Intel® Core? i3-6100U Processor) And unfortunately, as much as I am happy with it there is a big problem with noisy hard drive. I can hear it working (making an annoying 'clicking' noise) practically all the time. This laptop was supposed to be useful for me at Uni, carrying it to lectures and library. Currently its impossible as during a perfect silence the noise is super annoying... Any idea why that might be and potential solution please? Thank you

A:Noisy hard drive

You probaly just got a bad hard drive.  The noises you're describing are generally associated with a dying hard drive.

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My hard drive is loud and erratic whenever Diskeeper 2008 is running or performing a defrag, is this normal? Why is the programs process dkservice.exe such a memory hog? I use Windows XP SP3

A:noisy hard drive

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my hard drive is noisy when in use. im wondering what could be the case. any software i can download to analyze my drive or is there something i can do by my own?
btw is a quantum fireballp ka 18.2

A:my hard drive is noisy

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I have PC that I just lost the 100 GB hard drive on - we had two 80 GB hard drives installed so that I could use one for the operating system and the other for storage - but I don't know what I am doing
I make Outlook Express Stationery and have lots of it saved on CDs because I had a bad feeling I was going to lose it all and I would have been right. But all the paths are written to the way my PC was set up with just one hard drive - So I guess I will have to rewrite all my stats - anyway, am I going to be able to reformat the main drive and not lose what is on the 2nd drive if I do this? That was my main reason for wanting a second drive - I also do lots of graphics and take lost of photos and hate to lose them naturally -
I am probably in the wrong place to be asking about that stuff but I do have a hardware question too
The PC has always been on the noisy side but now it is ridiculous and it vibrates the whole desk -
I have a GeForce FX 5200 video card in it
Windows XP Home Edition
AMD Athlon (tm) XP 2200+ processor
I sure wish I understood all your techy language here cuz I read a lot before I dared to sign up to post but just got more confused
Hoping someone can help
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A:need help with 2nd hard drive and noisy PC

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Hubby and I have the exact same computer a Gateway GT5464. My hard drive is so quiet I can barely hear it's soft whirring when running. Hubby's on the other hand is very noisy - with an occasional scraping sound (just lasts for a second). It's been this way for a while (the scraping sound is new today). And lately, his Firefox browser is taking forever to load (he gets the 'frame' but the content is slow to load). The computer is running a dual boot (XP and Linux Mint). The computer is six years old and get very light use - surf the net and checking his email is about all he does. Mine runs MS Office 2010 and is really a work horse, yet it is running fine. Could his hard drive be failing? It seems to run better in Linux though so I'm really confused. It's noisy no matter which OS is loaded though.

Also, I tried to run Seatools for Windows to check the drive; but it hangs at the "scanning for supported drives window".

A:Noisy hard drive

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I'm getting increasingly annoyed by my hard drive (Seagate ST9500420AS). I'm sure you all know what a hard drive sounds like, but sometimes mine clicks away really loudly.

There is no difference in performance - just noise. It's like the normal clicky seeking sounds have been amplified 10x! Usually I can just put the computer into sleep and wake it back up again to fix it.

Does anyone know what could be causing it?

A:Noisy hard drive

Yes hard drive failure. Back up everything to be safe. Then go to the website of the manufacurer and test. I am sure it is a problem .. Traditional sound of problem.
I am sorry if I turn out to be wrong, but just trying to protect you, based upon my experience.
If I am right it could last for months, but then again maybe days.

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Hi AllI've just bought a Pavilion 550-299na Y6V31EA  the  2TB storage hard drive is very noisy when being accessed is this a comon problem? should I send the PC back for refund/replacement?

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Bigpockets AMD 64 Bit Dual-Core System
AMD64 x2 4600+ Dual-Core Processor

Just setting up new computer system. The hard drive is noisy - it rumbles a lot - mainly when performing an operation, but also occasionally when not asked to. [NB V. definitely "rumbling" not "clicking"]. Seems to work fine but just basically noisy - & so irritatingly so that if I can't solve it, I'll just have to get a new drive - [probably simpler than returning system]

Noticed on ebuyer that Hitachi drives have Acoustic Power Management utility - that helped me identify drive above - but won't work for it. Am wondering whether anything similar for above drive, wh. I presume is a Sony. Any thoughts?

Many thx for any help.

P.S. If I have to replace it, will a SATA2 drive work with the system?

A:Noisy Hard Drive in New Computer

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I have just treated myself to a brand new nb510-11j and having owned and loved my old nb250 I thought this may be a better replacement as my boyfrind kept telling me the nb250 wasn't going to last forever and I should upgrade.

I recieved the new one yesterday and registered the warranty with toshiba and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. The new one makes a low "rattle" noise from the minute I turn it on till it gets switched off. I assume it to be the hard drive but is this normal ? My mb250 ran pretty much silently and you only heard the hard drive kick in every now and then. Also it felt "warm" after a couple of hours, not boiling like an old laptop but just warm and my OLD computer never gets warm so I am a tad concerned about this too. I just need to know if it is normal or should I send it back whilst I still can ?

The other question was if I get this one upgraded to 2 Ram (which I did on the 250) is the toshiba warranty still valid ?

Many thanks
Jen x

A:NB510 - noisy hard drive

Hard Drives make clicking noises which is normal. Apps like Crystal Disk Info can show you the SMART status of the drive, it will tell you if it is good or bad.

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I am working on 2 different HP's one has a noisy hard drive at the boot up and reads that it needs the correct driver to boot-and the other one the fan is snapped off from the CPU -can I connect the hard drive to the other computer with jumpers and try to get it working as a secondary drive on the computer that has the fan issue-and was also wondering I got told to use thermal glue to the fan that is off of the CPU so that it won't burn out the processor is that correct?
If anyone can help my newbie tech chick *** with this issue it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

A:noisy hard drive @ boot-up

The noisy drive is failing and probably not worth trying to recover. Even if you do it would still be suspect.

The fan issue needs to be resolved by either replacing the fan (if possible) or getting a new heatsink/fan combo and installing it. Thermal paste is used between the heatsink and the CPU top to aid efficient heat transfer. When using it use it sparingly. Failure to use the paste and have an efficient fan/heatsink WILL damage to processor and, thus, make the situation a whole lot worse.

You can connect the faulty drive to the other system (AFTER you've fixed the fan problems) but I would only do it to attempt to recover any data. Once you have the data (if you can read it) then toss out the drive and get a new one.

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I just purchased a new notebook computer. The hard drive seems to be constantly making an annoying sound (like several times per minute) even when the HD isn't really active. It sounds like a noisy CD drive switching tracks or struggling to read a disc. It's not absurdly loud, but it can still be easily heard from about 20 ft away in a quiet room. What is this noise?

I called for a replacement, but its going to take weeks to get it, and I fear the new laptop might have the same problem. I have never heard a laptop make noise like this before.

A:Noisy hard drive on new laptop

It's pretty hard to conclude anything from what you have said. How can you be sure it is the hard drive, expecially when you say that "the HD isn't really active"? There is really no time when a machine is running that the hard drive is not active. Data is being exchanged at all times.

Are there any CD's in the bay? Does the cooling fan make a distinctly different noise? How does the drive light act during the times you hear this noise?

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Hello all, I'm new here and maybe going at this the wrong way,... be gentle .

I have an HP Pavilion a6130n with a noisy hard drive (I think), clicking occasionally, and stalling operation (not a constant freeze (1 minute)).

I’m looking to upgrade to a better, faster, stronger HD able to leap buildings in a single,… oh sorry but you get the point .

Any and all suggestions (constructive of course) are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: Noisy Hard Drive

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My drive is a Fireball Plus As 30.gb 7200rpm and i have checked and this model is suposed to have the top acoustics in all of Maxtor or something like that but it is suposed to be quiet. My motherboard supports it. Its running at udma 100 and its a brand new drive plus i already exchanged the drive for another because it was loud and this one is too. Thanks!

A:[SOLVED] Hard Drive is Noisy

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I have a 1-year-old HP with 500G Hitachi hard drive. Almost since new, the hard drive has been making a rattling or chattering noise during start-up. Once Win7 is running, all is OK. All the SMART tests say it is all good, but my friend tells me I have bad bearings in my hard drive. HP said to run the restore disc, but I don't want to go to all the trouble of re-loading all my programs and files. I could make an image file and restore the hard drive that way, but if it really is a software problem, I suspect it would also restore the noise. If it is a hardware problem, I still have 1 month left on the factory warranty. Any ideas?

A:Noisy hard drive on start-up only

Noise coming from your drive upon startup is NOT a software issue. It is a hardware issue.

Could the noise be described as a ticking?

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xp cannot find it.......disk manager can.....do format and no drive letter help please.....thank you

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OS: xp

help trying to initialize an external hard drive on xp home ed


i may not know enough about the problem to completly describe it...but i will begin......an 80 gig external hard drive was given to me..it was rebuilt on a win 2000 system....my home edition of win xp--reconginzes it....as disk 1- in disk manager....however it is not formatted or able to be found, and does not have a drive letter assigend to it... i logged on as "administrator" ...in safe mode, to see if i could get the drive path settings option to come up in disk manager ...i could not-------does any of this make any sense to anyone?.......that option still does not come up..under user or administrator...in disk managment--so it is unformatted and has no drive letter......thus xp cannot find it......

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model ME051
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1396 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A04, 12/22/2005
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot ... Read more

A:maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter

What size is the hard drive?

Do you know what motherboard you have?

STEP 1: CHECK POWER (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Verify that the drive light and the light on the AC adapter (power supply) is illuminated normally.
It is sometimes necessary to contact Technical Support for troubleshooting and/or possibly to replace the power supply if it behaves unusually.

STEP 2: CHECK CABLING (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Confirm that your USB/Firewire cable is firmly connected in a port that is on the rear of your desktop computer (if you have a desktop).
Try another USB or Firewire port.
If your drive is powered only by USB, such as the FreeAgent Go, the Maxtor OneTouch mini, and the Seagate Portable drive, then the drive's cable has two USB connectors. Try connecting both of the free USB connectors into a USB port for maximum power availability.
Avoid connecting the drive via a USB hub for now.


Follow these instructions to ensure that your installation of Windows XP/2000 has been updated to the latest Windows Service Pack.

Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.

The System Properties window will appear. On the General tab (which will be at the front), see the "System:" information.

For Windows 2000: Update to Service Pack 4.

For Windows XP: Update to Service Pack 2.

Allow your computer to complete the installation ... Read more

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My maxtor 200g hd is acting funny. when i open my computer to look at the contents it only lists the items on the drive through the letter "c". I ran the error check and get an error after phase 2 "windows cannot complete". The drive is NTFS and two partions E 39g and G 150g. G is the only part that is having the difficulty. E works fine. This is not my primary drive so my computer still operates. I also moved some files off of G without trouble and for some got a cyclical redundancy check error and the file would not move?
Running XP Pro.

Any ideas or help will be great.

A:Maxtor hard drive

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I just bought a Maxtor 300 gig hard drive, but when I insert my bootable Windows XP (no SP2) CD, it only recongized 140 gigs when I tried to create a partition.

My motherboard is ASUS P5LD2, and my BIOS is up to date.
How can I use all the hard dive space when I create partition during Windows installtion?

Thank you in advance.

A:Maxtor 300 GB Hard Drive

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I have a Maxtor hard drive (S/N L632X08G) that I am using as an external on my PC. It worked fine for about 8 months and then recently I purchased a MacBook and wanted to switch over my files. The first time I plugged it in via USB, it showed up and I imported my music collection of 80gb into iTunes but the files remained on the hard drive. I moved my setup into a different room and ever since then the hard drive will not show up. A few times I have gotten an error along the the lines of "Mac OSX cannot read disk blah blah" with the choices to Initialize and something else. But 9/10 times it won't show up in disk utility. I have tried to reconnect it to my PC but it doesn't show up there either. Help me please

A:Maxtor Hard Drive Help

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Good morning 1st time user.. my ? Is I have a Maxtor Hard Drive when I install it it makes my computer not turn on at all this is a second time I tried to install a Maxtor drive... w two different drives 1st drive Maxtor SATA & 2nd Drive a IDE DRIVE DiamondMax 10... please advise on what to do...

A:Maxtor Hard Drive

Hello jessdawg67, and welcome to TSG.

Please tell us the names of the manufacturers and the full model numbers of your computer's motherboard and power supply unit. Also please tell us the full model numbers of the two Maxtor drives.

Are you trying to install the new hard drive as a secondary drive or as a replacement for the current system drive?

When you say "not turn on at all", does that mean that the case and CPU fans never even start to spin when you try to power up the computer?

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Running XP Home with SP2

When running Spybot 1.3, the hard drive sounds like a buzzer going off. Uninstalled Spybot, then reinstalled it, but it still doesn't search without all the hard drive noise. Stopped it so it didn't wreck my hard drive. On another system it works OK. Any ideas?

A:Hard Drive very noisy running Spybot

Don't blame Spybot, all it is doing is searching the drive.

If the drive is abnormally noisy (some brands make more noise than others when normally operating) then consider that it may be failing.

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Hello, I've recently purchased a HP Pavilion X360 13-u004nl with an i5 processor, 8gb of ram and 1TB of HD on Amazon and the box came home with a damage on an angle.I started using it and i found the hard drive to be a little bit too noisy.The noise it makes is something similar to this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/flp32q2fhxkhzd2/IMG_0252.MOV?dl=0Also, the notebook froze completely 2 times and it was necessary a hard reset with the power button.Should i return it or it is normal? I've heard that Windows 10 Anniversary Edition made some laptop froze at first, could that be the issue?The hard drive is still noisy anyway, is that normal too?Thank you,Federico.

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Hi Guys,

A noisy bearing type noise has started coming from my PC.

I thought it was one of the cooling fans, but I've checked all of those and they are all OK.

It must be coming from the Hard Drive (IDE).

1) Is there a test I can do to see if Drive Failure is imminent?

2) Can I put a spot of thin oil on the bearing to make it quieter?

3) If I have to replace the Drive, what software do I need to Copy the whole PC from one drive to another as I do not want to re-install everything.

4) Any recomendations on a new (IDE) Drive?

Looking forward to your comments.



TSG Info
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2600+, x86 Family 15 Model 44 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500 DV (Microsoft Corporation), 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 34190 MB;
Motherboard: EPoX COMPUTER CO., LTD, K8M800 DDR: 8HMMI-A Series, 1.x,
Antivirus: None

Antivirus Update
Although the TSG Info didn't pick it up, Norton Internet Security is running on this machine

A:Noisy Hard Drive - Imminent Failure ???

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I have a IBM 60G-IDE hard drive that just died. It's
making spinning noises. After rebooting the computer
twice, the noise will not go away, and now the hard
drive does not come up in the system BIOS.
All the cables are fine.
- I tried the HD in the freezer trick
(1 hour) still nothing.
- I did a swap of master/slave.
- I tried it on different and other systems.
- I've lightly tapped it a few times

I was wondering is there anything else I can try?
Does the freezer trick have to be longer, like
8 hours as someone suggested, can that length of
time in the freezer cause ANY or even MORE damage?

How many times can a hard drive be put into a freeze?

Does the freezer trick only work if the hard drive
is still recognized in the BIOS?

Can anyone help or suggest any other safe method
for accessing or recovering my data? I'm not skilled
with opening hard drives up / swapping parts so that's
out to.

I'd like to recover as much data as possible!

A:Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data

Welcome to TechSpot

Have you tried the IBM utilities in the Sticky at the top of this forum?

Surf to http://www.tufftest.com/ and check out their utils. They also have a TuffTest-Lite for free to try. It creates a bootup-floppy which will then disect your system and its components.

Do a search in this forum on IBM Deskstar (or rather Deathstar), to see what others have come up with.

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I am currently running Windows Vista Business and when I connect my Maxtor OneTouch III USB 2.0 my computer does not recognize it. How can I get the information from my hard drive onto my computer?!

A:Maxtor External Hard Drive

Check with Maxtor and see if they have Vista drivers for your external.

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I recently bought a (180gb) external MAXTOR hardrive. It was connected via FIREWIRE.
Well it was working fine formatted as NTFS. But all of a sudden I go to access it and it cannot be recognized...and it looks like the file format is RAW.

I have know clue what happened.
I have some criticle data on it that I need. my last resort is one of those recovery services.

But isn't there a tool or something I can repair so I can atlease get the data off?

Any Ideas?

A:Help recovering MAXTOR hard drive

I've used this before, and it seems to work fine..


Easy Recovery Pro

Has a trial that allows you to see files that have been deleted - so you know if it can get your files back. Good luck!

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My friend gave me his Maxtor Basics 250gb Hard Drive (Part # 9NX2DG-500) to put some of the songs i have made on. I connected it to my pc and it doesn't recognise it at all, so i restarted and still the same thing happens. I'm not sure if it requires any drivers or if i have to edit anything in the BIOS.

Someone please advise me on what to do.


A:Maxtor Hard Drive not recognising

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Hey guys

I have a Maxtor Hard Drive hooked up to my Mac Book Pro and the other day (midway through using it!) it lost power supply, By this I mean the disk has ceased to spin and the light on the hard drive has gone out. I think it is a fault with the power input and I need a second opinion. It is not a fuse in plug as I have changed power leads but there is a power inverter before the power lead gets to the hard drive - what is the chances its a fault with this - there is a light on the power pack but it flickers when I plug it into the drive yet the hd doesn't move, light up or even fart!


Thanks Tom

A:Maxtor Hard Drive - no power!

What Model Maxtor External is this? I had a Maxtor PS3000 die on me, it turned out to the electronics in the enclosure died but the drive itself was fine. Ended up installing it interrnal in one of my systems.

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor?s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error?.

The thing I can?t figure out is I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

A:Maxtor Hard Drive Issue

Check to make sure the drive is being detected correctly in the BIOS.
You should check the IDE/SATA and power connectors to the drive, to make sure they are not loose.

Find the manufacturer of your hard drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility.

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I have been using a Maxtor 6 external hard drive for a bout a year now without any problems at all. Yesterday all of a sudden it isn't being recognized my my computer. It shows the original internal drive c but not the external drive d. Any ideas what could be causing this problem
Any help will be very gratefully appreciated

A:Maxtor 6 external Hard Drive

First, try it on another computer. If it works there or not will tell you whether you have a computer problem or a drive problem. You need to know that before you know which direction your further diagnostics should take.

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I recently purchased a Maxtor 320GB Diamondmax 21 EIDE to be setup as a seconday storage device. I have set my current WD 120GB to Master and the Maxtor 320GB to Slave. It reads the Maxtor 320GB in the BIOS and in Win XP under Disk Management. I have triple checked the jumper settings and the cables(Black = Primary Master and Gray = Primary Slave). When I go to format the Maxtor 320GB it formats all the way and then give a popup window that says Format Unsuccesful. Please help.

A:Maxtor 320GB Hard Drive

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It seems I'm not 100% out of the woods just yet. I had a plethora of issues earlier that led to me having to do a recovery/windows reinstall on my computer recently. You can read all about that at this thread: http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?p=336176#post336176.

I am now having a strange issue since recovering the computer where it seems that everytime I try to open my G drive, the 160 GB Maxtor hard drive, it freezes up on me. In total I have 4 hard drives on this machine. 2 40 GB drives, 1 160 GB drive and 1 200 GB drive. They are set with a Promise/Raid configuration as per my motherboard...an Asus P4C 800 Deluxe.

The window that would be showing the contents of the drive will freeze up when I try to explore the contents of the drive through "my computer" and my mouse pointer will intermittetly freeze on the screen several times. I have to try using ctrl+alt+delete to shut it down but most of the time have to hit the reset button on the computer. I sure hope this 160 GB drive isn't trying to fail on me. I've also noticed that when I double click on shortcuts on my desktop that point to programs on that drive also cause this weird freezing issue. This all seemed to start after me recovering the system. The only 2 things I did differently when recovering than what I normally do is that I installed the Promise/Raid configuration AFTER recovery and I changed the defualt file system on the 40 GB drive that is home to windows and n... Read more

A:Problems with 160 GB Maxtor Hard drive

Your systems power supply is probably working beyond it's max output, and is dieing. The 160GB + hard drives get very hot. Heat = lots of current draw. I aso have 4 hard drives, a CD/DVD burner and a DVD ROM. I have a 80GB, 60GB and 2 40GB drives in a Antec server case full tower, with an Antec 350 Watt power supply... The system is over 1 year old

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I beleive I may have a bad hard drive but thought I would try everything before coming to that conclusion. It is a 45gig hard drive. It started when I was unable to delete files, I would delete them and then after restarting the drive, they would show up again. I tried to reformat under two operating systems. I need FAT32 so on the XP OS I used CompuApps Swissknife to attempt to format. It showed that the format was successful after completion however none of the files were gone. Next, I took it into a Windows 98 and tried FDisk. Fdisk couldn't get past "checking drive's integrity" It would stay at 0% forever. I wasn't even able to get a letter assignment for the drive on 98. Trying Swissknife on 98, accomplished the same thing on XP. Said it was completed but never got assigned letter and when drive was restarted the volume it said it had created was gone. I can only imagine the drive is done for. Any Ideas?

All bios's on both OS recognized the drive properly.


A:Maxtor Hard Drive Problem

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor’s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error….

The thing I can’t figure out is why I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

What would I have to get windows to load without a boot disk?

A:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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A:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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About a month ago I purchased a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 Hard drive. Once I got the hard drive I realized that it was not compatible with my computer. I emailed the company I bought the drive from and they told me to buy Serial ATA Adapter. After installing the drive and adapter and from what I understand as all the software, the Hard drive is recognized as as being connected, but is not showing up under my computer or anywhere where the drive can be used.

I am just wondering if there is something here that I am missing or have overlooked. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Problem with new MAxtor HArd Drive

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I removed the harddrive from my other XP Pro tower, its a Maxtor 100 gb PATA 133 HDD & would like to know how to hook it up to the tower I'm on now to possible remove some tunes & pictures.
Picture attached

A:Checking out a Maxtor hard drive

Well, you do the opposite of what you did on the XP tower.

1. Secure the the HDD in the HDD bay.
2. Connect the power and IDE cables to the HDD
3. Power up your PC and check the BIOS to see if your HDD is being detected.

BUT FIRST, you might want to check the jumper setting on the Maxtor, to make it a Slave drive.

If the HDD was the only (or primary) drive in the XP tower, chances are it is configured as the Master drive, which will of course cause a conflict in your current tower.

this guide shows the jumper settings for your HDD:

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I have a Maxtor 500 gig Hard drive. I got it a while back as a gift and never had a chance to use it until I got an external case for it. However, when I first started the HDD up, my computer only registered a 150 gig hard drive. I thought that was odd, so I tried to reformat it, but I kept on getting only 150. I tried atleast 3 different external cases and they all gave me the same result.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have anything that I can try to see what's wrong with my Hard drive?


A:500 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive shows up as 150 gig

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I recently oredered a Plumax 2.0 USB external hard drive to help my dad back up his laptop. However I'm unsure exatly how to format the dirve or get it working. Being USB i tried just plugging it into the computer, and was were notified of it running at a reduced speed due to USB 1.0 on our computers. It aslo detected and installed new USB Mass storage device hardware. However it does not show up under My computer as a drive. Under device manager the maxtor HD shows up and says it is working properly, and also it shows up in the USB as mass storage device. I run Win XP and was wondering if i need to format this thing or if its broken? Thanks a bunch

A:Plumax/Maxtor 2.0 USB hard drive

The drive is working fine. The reduced speed message is normal when you plug a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 port.

As far as the drive not appearing, it's not formatted! Right click on My Computer, select Manage. Select Disk Manager, and find the USB drive in the drive list. Right click on the drive and select Format. When you get done, it'll show up in My Computer.

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i have just installed a new maxtor HD . and it isnt viewable in my computer .. but i do see it in the device manager , i have tried all three settings . master cable select and slave . none of the setting would allow me to see the HD in my computer .. but asi say . i can see it in the device manager ..
would like to get this space available . any thoughts or sugestion ??

A:Solved: new maxtor 200 GB hard drive ..?

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