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Problem networking via Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wirelss G Router

Q: Problem networking via Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wirelss G Router

Hello. I'm a novice at this. Have connected my main desk top successfully to broadband internet via Belkin Wirelss G Router and Belkin Desktop Network PCI Card. Cannot get second desk top to connect to broadband intenet. Appears to be connected ok to the router but not to the internet. Would appreciate any suggestions as to where I might start looking.

Preferred Solution: Problem networking via Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wirelss G Router

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem networking via Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wirelss G Router

USUALLY, you wire the system to the router first and configure the router
to access your ISP. Typically, you use your bowser to access and log-in to the device.
Once that is working, you enable the wireless feature, set the SSID and your security keys.
Now your ready to configure the desktop to use the wireless.

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hi i have had the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router for a while now and have had a tesco's 2.2mbs connection but i have just upgreaded to a tiscali 8mbs connection, i no i can get the full 8mbs speed through the supplied modem but am just wonederind if the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router's buitl in modem is fast enogh to get the full 8mps or if it wil run slower. would be great to no i was just wondering


There THe belkin modem/gateway shouldnt limit your speed capabilities. You should be able to find the speed listed inside the modem's status page. To do this..
Click start>run>In run type CMD
In the black window type IPCONFIG and then enter. Note down your default gateway.
Open a browser window and enter the gateway's address into it. Click go
This should take you to your gateways graphical user interface.
Look for a status tab or see if it lists connection speeds on the general page.

Also you can test speeds at different sites. Google search broadband speed test and choose 1 of the millions of sites

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I have D-Link DSL 320T ADSL Modem and Belkin N+ Wireless Router.
The modem works great on its own connected to the network card in my laptop.
The problem starts when I connect it to the router (doesn't matter wired or wireless connection). The internet works but slower and sort of 'snaps' every few seconds. To give you an example, when I use skype the sound and picture freezes every few seconds or when I click on different websites in my browser, every few seconds I get the 'not connected to the interent' screen - I have to refresh and it loads fine.
All those problems dissapear when I connect the modem to the network card of my laptop.
I tried few things and this is what I found out:
1. When I switch the router into Access Point mode it works great (wired and wireless) as if it the modem was connected straight to my laptop - no snaps, skype works great.
2. It doesn't help when I turn the firewall off in the router
3. It doesn't help when the QoS option is enabled
4. The router is fine as it works great with cable modem

I think maybe there is something wrong because of DHCP option enabled in both devices.

Here is my ADSL Modem Config
Starting IP
Ending IP
Subnet mask

Here is my router config
Starting IP
Ending IP
Subnet mask

Please Help

A:D-Link DSL320-T ADSL Modem + Belkin N+ Wireless Router Internet Performance Problem

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Hi everyone

This is my first post to the forum and by looking at some of the information available on the site - this is the place to be!!

I have just purchased this router to update my old ADSL usb modem following an upgrade to Windows Vista.

Although I have the router working in most aspects, there is one area where which I find confusing. I cannot seem to find a way of connecting automatically to the Internet.

At present I open Internet Explorer, type in and connect from the set up screen.

Can anyone tell me if there is a method of making this connection set on computer start up?

Although I have been a PC user for some years, my experience on the networking side is very limited and is quite new territory for me.

Hope you can help.

Kevin Evans
Downham Market

A:Belkin 54G ADSL Modem Router

The connection has got nothing to do with the computer starting up at all. Your computer is always connected to the router and that's all your conmputer has to know. It's the router's problem how to connect to the internet.

You should have a "connect on demand" or "auto connect" setting somewhere in the router setup. This tells the router to keep the connection alive no matter if a computer is turned on or not.

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I have just aquired broadband through Virgin and they sent me a speed touch modem that works wonderfully.Problem is i have a pc running winxp pro and the wife a pc running win2000.i bought this adsl router as i want to have both connected to broadband and i am using the four conections to our ethernet cards via cables.i can contact the router from both pc's and bring them up in the network search yet i can not ping each pc.anyways my problem is i followed Virgins settings and the instructions of Belkin you know untick the boxes and everything but i can't access the net.All the green lights are on yet when i call up the router settings it shows no internet connection even though the adsl says connected.I am going in circles and ready to trash this router.

I am new so ask if maybe someone would be able to help

A:Belkin ADSL modem with wireless G router 802.11g

Try resetting the modem, by disconnecting the power jack, from the modem (you can have your computers on while doing this), leave it disconnected, for about a minute, then plug it back in, and let it reset itself.

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hello all ... i have just today purchased the above modem/router .. probelem is i just cant get it working or recognised by my PC ... even odder was that when i checked my network connections there is no Local Area Connection listed there

In order to connect the modem/router the instructions say to open internet explorer and go to and follow the intructions on screen, but i cant do this as it simply tries to open my old ADSL Connection and get on the internet that way -which icant as it is disconnected due to the new one being plugged in - whereas it should just automatically go to the welcome page for the installation of this modem. I did try on my laptop and initially it found the unsecure connection but then didnt again after that when i tried to set it up primarily on my laptop ... it just kept losing the connection and finding otehr secured connections in the area.

I am at my wits end with this one ... I have no idea what has happened to my ethernet controller on PC(it's not there in my network connections) and it's just not recognising the Belkin modem no matter what i do. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what i need to do? Any help would be much obliged ... and if any more info needed then dont hesitate to ask....


A:Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router

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I need a help to resolve one issue with my Belkin router F7D4402 v1. I have got it recently and configured it without any issue and my internet (ADSL) was up and running. However, later I have noticed that, my internet speed is limited to 1.5 Mbps. whereas; the speed I was getting on my old Linksys WAG200 router was minimum 2.0 Mbps.

I have tried to disable the QoS and other options but no use. But when I enabled the Mac cloning it worked fine. I was getting the speed I subscribed for, but unfortunately, the other devices on my Wi-Fi stopped working. With Mac clone enable, the internet is only available to my PC.

I need the internet on my PC plus all the Wi-Fi devices in my house and along with it my full internet speed, not just 1.5 Mbps.

Can anyone please help to fix the issue?

Thank a lot.

A:Belkin router F7D4402 v1 ADSL speed is fixed to 1.5 Mbps

It's not the router - - you up against the limit of ADSL.

see this description

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Hi can anyone help? I'm having problems (wired) networking 2 pc's both on xp to share broadband. i have the two ethernet cables going into the router as well as the adsl line. The two computers can see each other but the problems is, it would appear is the router. When i got to belkins auto setup on it infrequently works. when i do get a connection one of the computers has limited access to certain sites like ebay. I have turned off xp's firewall, left panda anti virus on, and even tried turning off the routers firewall but when i do that i lose connection. It seems that the router is unstable! Is there a possible firewall/security conflict going on here? why do i keep loseing connection? any help would be much appreciated! also one of the computers has "stopit" dialer installed recently set up for broadband, might this be a problem too, can't uninstall this by the way!

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...before I trash it!

Hi folks!

I've just bought a Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Wireless G-router. The networking bit ( = filesharing ) to my other PC = no probs, using the same company's wireless USB adapter, but I can NOT get it to connect to my Tiscali Internet account, and I'm on the point of putting it through the window.

On the grounds that I think new forum users like me should search to see if the question has already been asked/answered before, I did a search and did see that a chap called Diamond Geez had a very similar problem in July, but sadly I've not been able to get the solution offered to him to work in my case.

The scenario is that I've put my user-name and password in the appropriate boxes on the router's web-based set-up screen, and dispite the fact it's home page confirms the correct upstream/downstream figures and both modem-lights are illuminated green on the front of the modem/router, I cannot get it to connect, always showing "NO connection" in red at the top of the screen.

I've tried various options such as alternating the connection-type from PPPoE to PPPoA (and back again), I've tried LLC and VC/MUX encapsulation, all to no avail.

I have DHCP Server enabled on the LAN setup, I have DNS ticked as "Automatic from ISP"...I'm coming to the end of my thether!

Any geniuses any ideas before I set fire to the bloody thing?

Really, REALLY appreciated!

A:Belkin ADSL modem/router: "NO connection" Help!

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We have an ADSL Router that works as an ADSL modem, too. it's an A-Link Roadrunner RR24. 4-port switch and ADSL router or something like that...
The problem is that I want to connect two computers. In the router manual it says the router's IP is

I managed to get a connection between the two computers by the following setup for the network card (identical in both comps):
Subnet Mask:

Subnet Mask:

Ok, now I can share files and stuff, BUT: I have lost the ADSL connection on both computers!!

If I choose "acquire IP address automatically", I can use the internet on both computers but can't connect them to each other...

I can access the router setup through a browser (only when I have custom IP settings) but I need a nerd to understand how to use it.
Right now, I have automatic IPs (so I can use the internet and write this) and I can't access the router setup...

So the big question: How to make both things work at the same time? Network and ADSL, shouldn't be that hard, eh?

Both comps are connected to the router by Ethernet (RJ-45 thingie)
Both comps are running Win XP Home with SP2

I noticed others have similar issues here, but I didn't find help in those topics... someone please explain this to me good and clear...

another question, btw: how to find the router's IP address when it isn't ... Read more

A:Networking problem with ADSL router...

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Hi, my friend is in Japan, and he's signed up for NTT's ADSL service, They say he can 'rent' a modem, but he would need to get a router too if he wishes to use more computers. However he doesn't want a 'multi-box' solution, he wants it in 1 box (like in other countries), a combination ADSL Router/Modem with Wifi. However, he cannot buy them in a few computer stores he has visited. I am visiting him soon, and we're trying to understand if I bring over an ADSL router, if that would work.. I know about the power limitations, but that aside, can it work?

ps. Thinking of bringing something like the following models ( I will purchase once I know for sure )...
Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem
Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-in 125g Wireless Router
Linksys by Cisco WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Modem Router

pps. I see a lot of modems listed on Amazon with ADSL2, I don't think they have ADSL2 in Japan (according to wikipedia), would ADSL2 modem work with ADSL.?

MANY MANY Thanks if anyone can answer this

A:Can an ADSL Wireless Modem Router work with NTT's ADSL service in Japan

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I've currently got a 512kb/s adsl connection but will be moving to a faster 1mb/s connection in next 2 months.In meantime I need to get my other PC to share same connection. So must be wireless. As I understand it a 4 port wireless adsl router means that basically you have an adsl modem that not only controls upload/download link to the internet but lets u plug in 4 PC's hardwired into modem? and then as well as that connect wirelessly?

I'm only looking to connect two PC's to it...one hardwired in and the other wireless equipped with a USB wireless stick.

Would this be suitable?


A:Sharing internet using ADSL. Which router/adsl modem to buy?

I suppose this is what your ISP is trying to sell you..

It will probably work, but I would recommend a product from a brand manufacturer who will actually release patches and support you after two years.

Look for similar products from Linksys, 3Com, SMC, D-Link, Netgear

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

A:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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Okay so i got a belkin router that looks like this http://s3.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/up...
The Router was working for about 5 months semi-perfectly (i had to unplug and replug the power everytime on the router when i wanted my laptop to connect or else i would get unidentified network) when all of a sudden it one day stopped working.
I tried to see what was wrong and the problem was the Internet Light was flashing orange which meant it was "attempting to connect to the internet." However, it would never connect. I reset the router with the pinhole and tried reinstalling, unplugging all cables, and calling belkin all which still gave me the flashing light. When i plug my computer directly to the modem however, it is able to work perfectly. But when i connect modem > router > computer, then it doesnt work. Ive tried researching on the flashing orange light on the router and couldnt find anything. Does anyone know why it isnt working and how i can fix it? i need my router for...everything.

A:Problem with Belkin Router/Modem Internet Help?

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I checked thru and found another thread with a similar problem, but while there were about 40 posts to it, it ended without really providing me a solution.
So heres my problem :
I HAD a Linksys Wireless Router (WRT54G) which worked fine to connect thru a ISP supplied basic ADSL modem (AZTECH). The Router would hold my login ID and password and automatically log me into my broadnband connection thru the PPPoE. And my Desktop connected to the router was able to connect fine to the Internet. HOwever, two nights ago, my ADSL Modem "died" and I went out and purchased another (ISP does not supply a replacement anymore). I got a Netgear DM602 ADSL Modem.

Now my problem is that the Netgrear modem is a little too smart and tries to be a router as well and also holds the login ID and password. If I connect the Modem directly to my Desktop, it works fine in that it will log in and allow my PC to connect to the Internet. However, if I just set it up as it used to be before - my Router states that it cannot get an IP Address off the ADSL modem and does not connect.

The old thread that stopped in August 2004, said that I had to set different IP addresses on the Router. My router has a default IP of / while the Netgear Modem goes with /

I am sure I have to set something up like a hard code of a gateway or something, but for the life of me, I do not know on which equipment I need to do this. Do I have to turn off the DHC... Read more

A:DM602 ADSL Modem thru Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Problem

Managed to work it out. Apparently the 'smart' Netgear DM602 has to have itself do the logging-in. While you can disable the logging into the ISP part, it wont work after that with any router. So, it has to be allowed to log in and be the DHCP Server.

My Linksys WRT54G Wireless router on the other hand is quite happy to allow the modem to log in, so I had to disable the PPPoE logging in aspect, and also disable it from assuming the DHCP responsibility and when they are connected up, all works well - in almost the factory default state of the LinkSys Router.

But all of this I learnt from LinkSys Customer support. And not from the wonderful people at NetGear, who refused to talk to me about how to get their product to work with a router. They did not tell me that disabling the PPPoE logging in sequence will not work on their DM602. They were pretty much not very helpful when it came to getting their product to work with anything else other than a PC. As soon as it tests ok with the PC, they wash their hands off you. Immediately !

My take, never again a NetGear product.

But LinkSys is GREAT !!!

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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Wow haven't written on this forum for a long long time. Hey guys! :rotfl:

So here's my problem,

I've installed the router and all is working well, except I need to boost the signal so that I can get more coverage. It is installed in my dad's hotel, I positioned it outside the building pointing it at 12 guest rooms. Problem is as this is only a home equipment I can't get a stable enough signal in the far corners of the rooms.

I want to know if there anyhow I can increase the signal? Hope all that makes sense.

Thanks Guys,


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my internet connection uses PPPoE to connect to the internet. i'm trying to set up the router for this configuration but it does not work. if there is anything else i need to post up pls tell me...help!!

A:Configuration problem for belkin adsl2+ modem with wireless router

the MODEM uses PPPoE, the router should not. the ADSL modem will hold the connection
regardless of anything being active on your router or systems, so imo, the router
should not be configured for PPPoE.

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I recently had some corrupt .dll files (Win XP Home SP3) which were fixed using reimage software. My average internet connection upspeed is about 2.5 Mbps.
I noticed constant degradation (especially on page rendering) so decided to take a look at my wireless modem/router settings.
With this device, and ip address of displays the master settings screen. The menu is in the left hand column.
When I access this screen I now get the LH column blanked out by an Error 400 message as in the attached file.
This means that I can't do anything ( I was going to install a new firmware update and, as far as I can see, this screen is the only way to do that (yes, the access is through the LH column!)
This corrupt screen appears in both Firefox and IE 7.

Suggestions very welcome.

A:Belkin F5D9630-4 modem/router settings screen problem

First suggestion would be not to shrink the page so much that it's impossible to read anything on it!

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Here's a wierd one... I set up a Belkin N1 ADSL Wireless Router and now my notebook cant see the shared folders on my NAS anymore, even though my Xbox media centre can see it as can my Sonos audio Zone players.... Any help or ideas would be fab!

A:Belkin N1 Series ADSL Router & Nas

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I have ascientific Atlanta Cable modem provided by my ISP(Roadrunner)
I run directly to My Computer(Desktop) via ethernet cable and everything is great.
I recently added a Lynksys wrt54G V5 Wireless router and Wusb54G wireless adapter for a second desktop in My home.
everything was fine until My computer crashed and when i got everything back up and running and restored My internet to My primary Computer, I disconnected the wireless router and went straight out of the cable modem to My desktop. after I re-established internet that way I ran out of the Cable modem via eternet to the Lynksys Router (into the port marked internet)
and than to My primary desktop via one of the WLAN ports and My desktop says that a cable is unplugged.So I assume that the Lynksys is not picking up from the cable modem and so no connection is esablished with the desktop from the Lynlsys. As a result, The other desktop with the wireless adapter sees no network to connect with. Technically I don't have much of a clue but I called Lynksys and they wanted $60.00($30 for the router and $30 for the adapter connection verification because the Lynksys equipment was out of warranty) So, before I go that route, I thought I'd try here.
Any Suggestions? Thanks- Highway

A:Solved: cable modem to wirelss router communication issue

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I just bought a Belkin F5D-9630-4 ADSL Wireless Router, followed the installation guide but it doesn't work!
The front of the router shows a red light on the Internet LED. The user guide says this means the router could not obtain an IP address. I followed the Belkin advice given on the Troubleshooting section of their website but it hasn't helped.
Short of ringing up my ISP (which is Bulldog) is there anything else I can do to solve this?

A:Solved: IP fault with Belkin ADSL router

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How can I use a Router to Network several computers to utilize this Internet connection and this modem?

A:RE: Networking Via A USB ADSL Modem

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I have a Embarq 660 Series modem, but i wanted wifi. so i bought a belkin N300 wireless router this morning. And it won't connect to internet. I'm pretty sure i've plug the cable in the right spot. And the EQ 660R ADSL router/modem is working. The belkin package came with a CD, and it's the setup program for the wireless router. but as it tried to form a connection, it said failed to connect to the modem. so does this means embarq 660 series isn't compatible with Belkin N300?

A:Solved: why can't my eq 660R ADSL router connect to Belkin N300?

I vaguely recall that the Embarq modem/routers default to the same LAN IP addresses (192.168.2.x) as the Belkin routers do. If this is the case to daisy chain the routers you need to change the LAN addresses of one of them (e.g., to 192.168.3.x).

Or you could use the Belkin as just an ethernet switch and wireless access point ...

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router... Read more

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I need help on bridging Belkin N150 F9J1001V1 modem router (primary, connected to internet using ADSL) and Linksys WAG54GS modem router (which needs to be bridged). I would appreciate if detailed step by step procedure is provided.

A:bridging ADSL modem router and another modem router

can you explain exactly what you want to do ?
and give IP address, of each router

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I have ADSL Internet
An ADSL Router

i also have a Freecom DataTank Gateway WLAN

I want to connect the datatank to the adsl router and use it as a switch but cannot seem to do it.

I set the datatank ip to and told it to run as a switch
I set my router as a DHCP server with the ip

I Plugged the datatank into the router and can access the internet but cannot access the datatank user interface at

Anyone help please!

A:ADSL Internet, ADSL Router. DataTank (Cable Router) Daisy chain off ADSL?

problem solved.

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I was looking at getting a wireless router (either a D-Link 615 or a Netgear Rangemax WNR1000) and I'm not exactly sure how to set it up. I have a BEC Technologies 7402 TM (NOT GTM) adsl wired modem/router that my telephone company gave me when I switched to DSL. There are 4 LAN ports on the back of the modem/router, a line port that my telephone cable is connected to, and a console port that I don't use. 2 of the LAN ports are being used. One is connected to my cable box, the other has an ethernet cord that runs halfway around my house, through a wall and into a wall jack that my desktop computer is connected to. I only want to use the wireless router to connect to my Wii and one laptop, I would like to keep my desktop connection wired. I had previously tried to connect to xbox live by connecting my xbox to one of the LAN ports but I could never get it to work, so now I just switch the ethernet cords between my xbox and computer in the wall jack whenever I want to use one or the other. Will I be able to connect a wireless router to one of the LAN ports and receive a signal or will I have to connect the wireless router to the wall jack that my desktop is hooked to, and run the connection through the router? I've never setup a wireless network before so I'm a little new to this subject.

A:Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

Hi:here are links to sample dsl modem router to wireless router configurations..
And for dlink:
And the tried and true Johnwill,TSG tutorial on the same subject.
Your modem probably is a modem/router combo.Here are some possible fixes .

a. Bridge the modem/router unit so that it bypasses the router function and acts as a modem only. Or,

b. Change the address range used by one of the routers, say, to 192.168.3.x. Or,

c. Use the second router as an ethernet switch and wireless access point per the following recipe.

Connecting two soho routers in a network

Tutorial from Johnwill from the Networking Forum

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining chan... Read more

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I am having trouble networking over a dsl modem router. I cant see either computer. I am using a netopia modem/router with an onboard 4port and a single wirless 802.11b transmitter. One system is running xp and the other is running 98se. This is my first attempt with a network thru xp. I have tried to disable the net security with xp and I have both setup with the same work group. If I could get some direction withthis it would be great....

Ok, I can now see the 98se computer on the XP but cant access it. I have tried sharing but this does not work.

A:networking over a modem/routerhaving trouble networking over a dsl modem router

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having trouble networking over a dsl modem router. I cant see either computer. I am using a netopia modem/router with an onboard 4port and a single wirless 802.11b transmitter. One system is running xp and the other is running 98se. This is my first attempt with a network thru xp. I have tried to disable the net security with xp and I have both setup with the same work group. If I could get some direction withthis it would be great.

A:networking over a modem/routerhaving trouble networking over a dsl modem router

bump...I am still trying to get this network up. I did get a message that another computer on the network had the same name. I can't see the 98 box on the xp or the xp box on the 98??????????????????????????????????????

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Really need some help here, going crazy . We have a Sagemcom FAST 1704 modem/router from windstream, our ISP, and have been trying to get servers going for Minecraft game with no luck. So we thought that we could attach our Belkin router to the modem since we were having port forwarding problems. I have tried numerous times to set up the router with this modem and have even tried the bridge mode, but then I don't get internet access through the Belkin router....have no idea what I am doing wrong . I am running Windows XP....and my brother, who I want on the same network, is running Windows Vista...which I really hate. I had my XP connected, but could not get the Vista connected....then I completely messed it up and just am at my wits end....can someone please walk me through this? Let me know any info you need and how to send it to you .
Thanks a lot,

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Anyone out there help...... does a usb high speed hub have to be connected to mains electricity to make it work with a usb 1.1 port at optimal speed?
Thanking you in anticipation of reply

A:Belkin 4 port High Speed USB hub

It is a powered hub so it has to be connected to power to work at all.

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Guys, i have ADSL broadband connection... ISP reports it to be of 4 Mbps.... i am using Thomson Speedtouch ST585 ADSL gateway... i am getting 1.47 Mbps on 1 port and 3.97 Mbps on rest of 3 ports... kindly help me out... why there is low speed on one port...speedtouch config page shows broadband line speed of 4.7 Mbps......

I have tried connecting my ethernet wire to rest of the modem ports but issue remains the same with my PC.

-Speedtest.net [1.48 Mbps download, 0.34 Mbps upload, ping 30 ms]
-AV [Avira Free Edition - updated]
-performed malware system-scan using updated Ad-Aware which removed around 10 cookies and 1 adware.

I have just updated my Realtek PCI-E Gigabit NIC driver but no improvement.

A:Slow internet speed on 1 port of ADSL modem?

So it's just one Ethernet port and you've applied the same cable to each port with the same set of circumstances?

This sounds like a hardware fault with the router, I would contact your router manufacturer or who ever gave you the router and report the problem; maybe ask for a new router.

I have a similar problem with some USB hubs and that's just due to poor wiring inside the device but for 50p, I won't complain.

A design flaw/ wiring fault is probably the problem.


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I want to know suggestions of good Wireless ADSL modem router combo (two devices in one) from experience people. I have two floors house build from concrete blocks and cement. However , I looking for a device that has WAN port so I can use the device as router only if I want.

I have no idea if ADSL modem-router has WAN port or only has the phone line as input and Ethernet and wireless as output without having Ethernet WAN port

It would be good if you give links from www.ebay.com or other ebay sites and an item can be sent to United Arab Emerate

My maxmum price $100 including shipping

A:Looking for ADSL modem and router in one but...

If you're looking for a device with an Ethernet WAN port, just buy a separate modem and router, problem solved. I doubt you'll find many options of a single unit with that capability.

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I'm going to get ADSL from local provider. In their FAQ they say to get ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) standards supporting ADSL modem. It's 512kbps down and 128kbps up connection.
So getting a separate ADSL modem and connect it to a router or should i get a ADSL router modem both in one device?
If it's a ADSL Router modem what brands or products you think the best?
I am thinking to buy D-Link DSL-504T (http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=3&pid=373) Is it good choice? Anyother good ones or recommendations?

Other thing is if use this router modem to connect my 4 computer at home will it be possible to share files and do all the things like a normal LAN other than just internet connection sharing?

A:ADSL Router Modem

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Hi There

Newbie to these forums but have done some research within but can not find answer.

I have just purchased a Dell optiplex sx270 running XP home sp 3 from ebay for a friend.Before giving it I have updated it on my home network connected to my cable modem and router with no problems.

Taking it to her house the pc will not see her Maplin adsl2+ usb modem 4 port router/switch which works fine with her previous pc. I have tried connecting via USB and ethernet to no avail. I just get the cable is disconnected message/low connectivity.Whilst this is happeneing the modem-router looses the adsl light and searches across the 4 inputs.

At this point I found this lovely forum where a common starting point seems to be to do a stack reset so I did this as directed but to no avail.

I have done ip config onto a word document but cant work out how to upload it to here.

However none of the normal ip stuff is on there as it says media disconnected for the local area connection.

Hope you can help



A:New pc not seeing adsl modem router

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I currently have a 4 port ADSL router with a cable running from one of the ports to a standard LAN hub. There are then 3 PCs connected to that hub. Since there is is data for 3 pcs running down one cable to the router, am i potentially loosing connection speed? The other ports on the router are not used so would i achieve better speeds if i just did away with the hub and connected each pc to the rouer instead? The reason for using both router and hub is so i can can potential network connections upstairs and downstairs but i dont want to sacrifice connection speed on the pcs on the hub.
The other point is that i use normal phone line coming into the house and to the first socket where the router is. The CAT5 cable then runs upstairs to the hub and then on to the pcs. Would there be any speed increase from upgrading any of the cabling and if so what to?
Id be very grateful for any help

A:ADSL speed with router and hub

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I've finally got round to replacing my USB modem with a dynamode r-adsl-c4w-g wireless router/modem. I can connect to the router. to set the settings, I've confirmed the supposed settings with my ISP (tiscali) but the thing still won't connect to the internet. I've reset my ISP settings and they are correct as I've rechecked using my old USB modem and I can still connect. But at present it seems to be a waste of money if I cant get the thing to connect to the internet.

Any ideas as to what I can do to make the yellow WAN light start to glow? According to the pitiful manual that came with it, it its currently suggesting that the DSLline isn't connected, but it is.ADSL filter inplace and everything! When I view I get green blobs against the modem that turn red if I unplug the modem. Are these misleading?

Any ideas most welcome!!


A:New adsl wireless router/modem help

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> I am using my ADSL Modem via two LAN cables to both computers. I am not using the wireless function. I am concerned that the people next door to me can use my internet via their wireless laptop.

I had problems logging into my control panel as the password did not work, so Belkin gave me instructions on how to reset the modem and to re-configure it online.

As I had installation problems before, I cannot afford to lose connection to the internet while trying to re-configure, so instead I have moved the two arials on the back of the router to the horizontal position and covered them with silver foil. Will this shielding work?

Thank you

A:ADSL Modem/Router question

Probably not. Why is it so critical that you don't disconnect for 30 seconds? What happens if you have a power failure?

I'd just go into the router's configuration and disable the wireless capability.

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I've tried searching the forums for this but can't find anythig so here goes.
Running winxp on both machines. Have a Netopia 3351 adsl-modem to connct to the internet, configured to not work as a router. internal ip-adress
Have set my 3com wlan router to work as a switch (i.e disabled the dhcp server option in it), and plugged the cable from the netopia to the wan port of the 3com.
I've set the gateway to be the adress of the modem ( and the internal ip adress of the device to be 10.0.03. Have set the dns adresses to be the ones given to me by the isp.
I then proceed to connect my computers to the 3com via tp cable. (so the wlan is NOT the reason for the lag ) and set properties to be the internal ip-range of the 3com (i.e. 192.168.1.*) and the gateway to be and the dns adresses the same as provided to me.
I first tried running the 3com as a dhcp, but that didn't work any better than the manual setup. And I need the 3com to connect more than one comp cause the netopia only has one switch port.
Everything works, I get good speed and all. But I keep lagging out of irc and my downloads sometimes stop.
As far as I can understand it sometimes clogs and stops sending packets through for a little while.. Even though the internet connection works it's not good enough for me since lagging out of irc 3-10 times an hour and dl's needing resume all the time can get very annoying very fast

Hope I've given you enough inf... Read more

A:Lag problems with adsl-modem and router

just wanted to let other ppl know.. a friend of mine came up with the very easy solution.. enable the router capabilities in the modem (netopia) again and plug it into the 3com in one of the switch ports, and then enable the get ip from dhcp again on the pc..
simple yet elegant and effective.. it's now been running for 15 hours without a single dis con

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Hi, I have a Etec ADSL 4 port modem router. Sometimes, web pages will not load and I have to restart my computer for them to load. This doesnt happen all the time, but I was wondering if there was a router setting i could change in order to fix this.

A:Etec ADSL modem router

Why don't you reset the router instead? Just pull the mains adapter-cable from the router and reinsert it after a few seconds. The router will re-initialise and should be working fine again.
Some routers get 'clogged up' after a while. Mine does the same (Billion BipAc 640AE).
There are no settings to overcome that, as I found out.

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Hi all,

I am new to the site, I have tried searching around for some help for my problem but haven't found anything specific, so I thought I would register and start a new thread

I am fairly computer literate, I have set up some basic home networks, done port-forwarding, some video streaming and am a flash programmer but I am not in any way advanced at networking.

Here is my deal. I am house sitting for a friend. He has ADSL broadband with ukonline. He has a voyager 105 modem that he connects directly to his PC. I want to expand the network for use by multiple PCs. I want to know if I buy a wireless router, am I going to be able to expand the network or is there a chance that the ISP will make this a nightmare? Has anyonelse encountered a similar issue?

Thanks a lot


A:ADSL Modem, I want to add a wireless router

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hi all

i have a BT voyager modem which is USB only and a belkin wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router which is RJ45 how can i get round this without getting another modem?

thx in advance


A:USB modem, RJ45 ADSL router! HELP!!!!!!

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adsl modem/wireless router connection to laptop
need advice on connections --line to modem/wireless router and then for normal 'phone connection .

will be able to get adsl broad band in a week or two and thus seeking advice on what to buy and how to wire/connect etc.

A:Adsl/modem/wireless Router

The ISP usually provides you with a modem, they will also supply the line filters required to use phones on the same line.

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I have recently been getting a lot of trouble...i.e. I keep having to disconnect modem and reset before I can get on line.....It seem that this problem has only been in the last few weeks. Do you thin k I
need a new modem ? or is this normal ? is there a better modem on the market which is more reliable ?


A:Belink adsl modem/router

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Hi all,

Hopefully this is the right place to ask, I don't visit the networking section much as it is by no means my strong point.

I currently have an old Netgear DG834GSP modem/router which was supplied by Virgin Media many years ago, It's firmware is locked and can not be updated. This router is getting very old and outdated and I am looking for a bit of an update in the area.

I am not looking at spending lots on a brand new router if it isn't necessary. Its only for home use with a number of devices connecting to it, mostly wireless (2 desktops, 2 laptops, XBox 360, Wii, couple of mobile phones etc).

I heard the Netwgear DGN2000 is supposed to be a decent unit but that is 3 years old now (still newer than the one I have haha).

Anyone have any thoughts and/or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

A:ADSL 2+ Modem / Router suggestions (UK)

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How can I connect my USB ADSL modem to a router which has only a RJ45 ethernet port?

A:USB ADSL Modem and RJ45 Router

You can't.

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I have just purchased a D-Link-855 N Router and a DAP-1522 Wireless Bridge. I currently have a Netopia router as supplied by my ISP (Eircom Dublin).
The D-Link router has 4 LAN ports and 1 (Internet) WAN port. What is the best solution to connect the ADSL Router to the D-Link Router, LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN? Also which Router requires the DHCP to be set to on, the Netopia or the D-Link?
I plan to have the DAP-1522 connecting to the DIR-855 on the 5.0ghz WiFi network and the computers connected to the LAN ports on the DIR. I also have a WiFi IP Camera, but this cam be connected to either the Netopia or the DIR-855.
What would be the optimum way to set up my network.

A:Connecting My New Router to my old ADSL Modem

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router

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