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yoga920, Bluetooth disappears and no bluetooth hardware can be found

Q: yoga920, Bluetooth disappears and no bluetooth hardware can be found

I got my Yoga 920 in Jan2018 in Las vegas. Something wrong with its bluetooth since July, the bluetooth was switched off automatically (my mouse is connected to the PC via bluetooth), then no bluetooth hardware can be found in my PC. Then after reset and BIOS reboot, it will be ok. But such kind of things will happen again..... Then is August 2018, I got my book repaired in HK service center (Case No.180980012). I was told that the bluetooth moudel (the hardware) was changed and the problem was solved. It is ok for 1-2 weeks after that. Then the same situation came out again. Now i am frustrated because the reset and BIOS reboot does not work. Which means I can not use my bluetooth any longer. The only respond I can get from Lenovo is that "please send your PC to our service cenrter..." OMG, I have sent it there before but seems the problem can not be solved!! Anybody who can let me know what the hell is going on with my PC??Also, another thing which makes me more fructrated is that there is no service for my PC in China mainland and the nearest for me is Hongkong!! So redicluous!!!

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Preferred Solution: yoga920, Bluetooth disappears and no bluetooth hardware can be found

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Suddenly Bluetooth and WLAN devices are no more connected to the system.Seems trouble with Intel Chipset driver:-> Intel I/O PCI Express Root Port #5 9D14 has CODE 45 (not connected)-> Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A is also not connected CODE 45 Tried latest Chipset driver ( and WLAN ( as well as Bluetooth driver => no success. Disabl WLAN in BIOS - STARTUP - Shutdown - Enable WLAN in BIOS  => no success. Please let me know whether this is a driver issue - and which one!? I did not install any auxiliaries or any new software during last weeks. Thank you & greetings mr.

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how can i fix this thing? when i installed the driver of bluetooth of 4732Z Acer laptop it say's "bluetooth hardware not found" ???? btw i'm using windows 7 ultimate.

A:4732z Bluetooth Hardware not found

Did you go thru Device manager and install from device ?
I had a Motorola driver and I had to find the device and point it to the extracted driver folder for it to take.

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Does anyone knows whether the Acer Aspire 5253-BZ661 laptop has a built-in bluetooth device in it? Reading from articles on the internet, I don't see any information regarding this laptop's particular model having a built-in bluetooth device in it but has a bluetooth driver and suite ready for the download at the acer main site.

A:Bluetooth driver for Acer Aspire 5253-BZ661 but no bluetooth hardware?

May be a option on some models.

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System Information: Asus Notebook UX303L, Windows 10, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Okay, I've been working on this for awhile and have tried a million things. I'm going back to square one so pretend I haven't tried anything yet.

Here is the problem.

I just upgraded to Windows 10 (from windows 8.1) on a 2 month old laptop. On previous version there were NO problems with bluetooth. The problems started immediately after upgrade.

When the upgrade finished Windows 10 remembered all of my previous Bluetooth pairs. My bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition) worked before the installation but after my system reboot the cursor no longer showed movement. The batteries are new. The mouse is acting exactly like it does when it is properly connected (lights flash, makes scrolling sounds, etc). When I checked the Bluetooth device screen it still showed as paired. I rebooted. No change. So I unpaired the device. When I unpaired the device it flashed for a second as a possible device to pair with and then was no longer on the list. Other possible devices to pair with appear and disappear from the list without cause. (Ex. sees a scanner for a few seconds then no longer has a scanner. Sometimes its up for a few minutes at most but the list is constantly flickering.) So I rebooted. Then it did not see the mouse at all. I did this for several days. Sometimes when I would turn on my laptop it would flicker, sometimes it would not. After about 3 days with no ... Read more

A:Bluetooth does not Recognize/Pair/See Bluetooth Hardware

Probably Windows 10 replaced the original Bluetooth driver with Microsoft driver which doesn't work well, if at all. Go to manufacturer's site and download the Bluetooth driver. If there is no Windows 10 driver, use that of 8.1 This should fix your connectivity problems.

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In my Laptop having WXP, I have connected a Blue-tooth device for receiving pictures from mobile. I have noticed that the icon disappears by self after some time. I take out the device and reinsert then icon appears. I want to attach permanently the device and that the icon must not disappear from icon tray bottom right of window.

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This has happened twice today and I have no idea why on my new Yoga 720. Bluetooth disappears. After painstaking research, the ONLY way to get it back is to get to the BIOS, turn off the wifi, restart, go back into the BIOS, turn the wifi back on, then restart again. I found this advice somewhere in this forum from a while back. However, is there not a simpler fix or patch coming. What a hassle! 

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I installed Windows 7 RC and attache my Bluetooth Mouse to the system.† Somewhere along the way of installing programs my bluetooth devices in control panel disappeared and the bluetooth disappeared from Device manager.† The wierd thing is that my bluetooth mouse still works.† I just noticed it was missing in control panel and device manager when I went to connect my phone to my laptop.† Does any†one have a way of showing the Bluetooth device manager in control panel again?

A:Windows 7 Bluetooth Disappears

Do you have a Dell Laptop.† I found a Thread that had a link to the Bluetooth software for Vista that worked on Windows 7.† My bluetooth is now back showing up in the Device manager and I can not pair all my devices.http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprohardware/thread/d5807d76-0b6b-4db3-8191-99b24cd0dc3d/

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This has happened twice today and I have no idea why on my new Yoga 720. Bluetooth disappears. After painstaking research, the ONLY way to get it back is to get to the BIOS, turn off the wifi, restart, go back into the BIOS, turn the wifi back on, then restart again. I found this advice somewhere in this forum from a while back. However, is there not a simpler fix or patch coming. What a hassle! 

A:Missing bluetooth-it just disappears

Hi, Eljeffe       -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Did you try updating the Bluetooth driver?
Update us how it goes.
Kindly note- Please mark the Answer as "Accept as solution" if information provided is helpful. Give Kudos to a post which you think is helpful and reply oriented

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I don't know if is a problem with Win 10 or Lenovo. I have a lenovo M30-70 Laptop. Bluetooth-Qualcomm.Atheros QCA61x4 Bluetooth 4.1. I try to open a topic on microsoft.it but some people write that is a Lenovo problem, but I have the lenovo update ok. The problem error is "Il dispositivo USB\VID_0CF3&PID_3004\6&361793d2&0&7 richiede un'ulteriore installazione."the device requires an additional installation". This problem broke my wifi internet connection and I must use and internet cable with my home internet connection (adsl). with other wifi (ex. university, friends,) no problem.In the italian topic I describe all steps. Sorry the topic is write in italianhttps://answers.microsoft.com/it-it/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/problema-driver-connessione-wi...

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I've done everything but stand on my head and I cannot get the P50 and the Sony to see each other to pair. I use the headset everday at the gym with an iPod Nano with no problem. With the P50 I've tried "add a bluetooth device' and 'show bluetooth devices'. In neither instance does the Sony appear. Suggestion? Mark

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installed intel ac-3160 dual band + blue tooth in a Sony notebook system wont allow blue tooth to start.
also there is no interface available to connect any hardware to it, i know it has something to do with some Vaio software on the system.
it allows me to use dual band mode and it shows that blue tooth is present but disables it claiming interference with 2.4 GHz band. 
now i have had blue tooth dongles installed working while using 2.4 GHz band before with no issues, so i don't get the issue now.
any input would be appreciated. 
thankx Karl K

A:installed intel ac3160 dual band + bluetooth system wont allow bluetooth to star

Have you install latest driver for the intel ac-3160 device?

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Hello Every once in a while, my Microsoft bluetooth mouse stops working. Then I check the bluetooth device in the Windows device manager and it is no longer there, as if my laptop didn't have bluetooth at all. The only work-arround is to reboot. Then it works for a while, can be days or sometimes maybe even weeks before it stops working again. I found this article https://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/ht506394 which seems to describe my problem. Unfortunately, the proposed solution doesn't work as my driver is already up to date ( Any idea?

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I recently bought an Iogear GBU-421 micro bluetooth adapter. It contains a Broadcom chipset. I am wanting to use the Java Wiimote Whiteboard, but it does not support Winsock. I am wondering if there is a way to completely bypass the Winsock drivers and use Broadcom's Widcomm Bluetooth stack. I tried to run the installer, but it never gets past validating device. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Bluetooth Hardware/Drivers

same here... stuck at validating device

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Hi there, I have a problem with my bluetooth. It used to work, but i haven't used it for about a year and the system was reinstalled a couple of times since then. My operating system is Windows 10 64bit build 14393.My model is Thinkpad T510 4384y17In the BIOS security I/O blutooth is enabled A can't find any bluetooth or unindentified device in device manager. As i recall from windows 8 the bluetooth have an inbox driver, so it should be automaticly installed with the OS. The FnF5 also doesn't work for me in windows 10, and i can't find any driver or on screen monitor upgrade, that would help. Checked with multiple "driver detector" software, non of them found anything. Also i checked, that the hardware is connected properly. Do you have any suggestion what should i try? Thanks,Shad

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HP Spectre bluetooth connectivity with my Microsoft ArcTouch mouse constant drops. Turning bluetooth on and off seems to be the only way to reconnect the mouse. The mouse works with other bluetooth enabled laptops, tablets and desktops. Please help. 

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Hey guys,

So i spent the entire day trying to figure out why my Bluetooth installed fine but after one restart it disappeared and it wouldn't come back. I finally figured it out that the FN+F2 (wireless/bluetooth switches) is what enables/disabled it HAHAHAHAHA.

default (after startup): WiFi on / BT off
first time: WiFi on / BT ON yay~!
second time: WiFi off / BT on
third time: WiFi off / BT off

and repeat.

I hope this helps people with their bluetooth issues =)

Windows 8 was able to install all my Function Keys so I'm going to assume this will be the case for others. Good luck

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I followed the steps to pair a JBL Flip 3 Speaker with the HP Pavilion via bluetooth. Despite being paired, the speaker didn't sound and also the wi-fi connection was blocked, stoping my Internet browser.  Please help me to solve this issue.

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I have windows 7 with no bluetooth installed. I purchased Edimax Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter in hope to connect my bluetooth headphones. I installed the Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 onto my pc but it still cannot detect my headphones, it stays on 'Searching for devices...' for a long time. My bluetooth headphones automatically connects to my mobile phone but not to my laptop. Please help.

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I just set up win 8 on my computer and was going thru the process of connecting my bluetooth mouse and my bluetooth keyboard. My mouse connected automatically, no problems. When I went to connect my keyboard I got the usual prompt asking you to enter the code, but the code was not accepted no matter how many times I tried. I know for a fact that this keyboard works, because it works fine on my Win 7 OS on the same computer. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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Bluetooth option no longer showing up so can't use bluetooth mouse. This computer does have bluetooth. How can I turn it back on?

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One of my friend in India purchased "HCL ME Sync 1.0 (U3) Tablet (WiFi, 3G via Dongle) by HCL" online . It says in many places that it supports Bluetooth but when I saw this I couldn't find any option for the bluetooth and don't know how to turn it on. Is there any one who has purchased it and help me out to turn the bluetooth on or how can we transfer files with some other bluetooth device. Even I couldn't find much good information on internet.

A:Hcl Me U3 tablet says file sharing with Bluetooth but don't know how to turn on the bluetooth ?

I don't see it listed in the spec sheet, nor the user guide.

On both of my android 4.2 devices, Bluetooth is listed after Wi-fi in Settings. I would think it's the same w/ android 4.1. It's possible the tablet doesn't have bluetooth.

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Okay, so I don't really know if a solution is out there, but here is the situation I'm in. I only have one available USB port left which I am currently using for the Logitech Bluetooth dongle that came with my Logitech K750 solar keyboard. I would also like to attach my Samsung wep410 headset for Skype calls.

I have tried to discover the headset with and without Logitechs software installed with no luck. I then checked device manager, which does not show the dongle as a Bluetooth receiver/device. My assumption from that is that Logitech has it setup to only receive from their own devices.

Since I have no room for another dongle (and a hub isn't really ideal). Is there some way to force the dongle to detect normal Bluetooth devices? I've searched for a custom driver or other work around with no luck so far. This is on a computer running Windows 7 64bit.

A:Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver

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My Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-ab267cl  My Sony Bluetooth Head Set model:  Sony mdr-zx330bt I am not able to connect my bluetooth Headset to the Laptop. IN bletooth devices it's not detecting my headset

A:laptop Bluetooth is no detecting my sony bluetooth headset -...

Hi, You have to allow your Sony is discoverable. How ? Please check its manual. Normally it MUST have a blue button to press. Regards.

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My bluetooth mouse is causing me headache - again.I used to have times when it randomly turn off but this is not the point here right now. I know that there are already posts about that.In my case my bluetooth works fine for bluetooth loudspeaker and external keyboard but as soon as I switch on my mouse it interferes with the other device. So when I turn on the mouse the speaker stops playing music and the external keyboard is off as well. When I go the settings trying to connect the bluetooth mouse I can see it but when I try to pair it either it disappears in the moment I am hovering over it (as if someone wanted to fool me actually) or when clicking on it successfully I get the message "This didn't work" or "Make sure your mouse is still discoverable".I tried many things already in the settings as well as in the device manager but nothing works.As a matter of fact, everytime when I switch on the bluetooth mouse it messes up with everything.Did anyone have this ever before and if so, could you solve it?Many thanks in advance for your answer and have a nice day!

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I recently installed the latest version of the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack (v9.10.32T) for one of my desired applications to properly function. However, connecting my Bluetooth headphones through Toshiba's bluetooth manager does not seem to support the media buttons on the headset. These include Play/Pause and seek buttons. Before the Bluetooth stack, when I used my default bluetooth driver for connection, these controls had worked fine.

Also, there does not seem to be a specific setting to fix this in the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Options.
How would I go about getting these controls back?

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I need to know whether the hardware and latest updated driver supports Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 (Bluetooth 4.1 was official approx. the same time this machine was purchased)It seems that HP bluetooth driver descriptions do not display this information (versions of bluettoh supported, and bluettoh profiles might also be nice). This machineCommon Name                                           HP Touchsmart Envy 17Product ID                                                     E9G82UA#ABABroadcom Bluetooth Driver:        Rev.A TIA.  

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Hey guys im not one how post on these much just needing a little help with a head beater!

I have a customer xps M2010 it has windows 7 32-bit 4gbs of ram

Im currently running windows updates too SP1

So im not sure if Its ever connected its keyboard with windows 7 installed befor i got to this machine.

Iv installed the bluetooth drivers from the dell site and ran the patch update but once i reboot the system the Bluetooth is not showing in device manager! I'v tried running the drivers as Admin but now change and iv also tried about 3 Keyboard on the system.

Has any one had this issue before?

Iv had another one that did this some while back and i couldent rember how to get it to stick. but i was able to type in the Bluetooth pairing numbers and it stayed.
Any help is much appreciated!

A:XPS M2010 Bluetooth- Keyboard sync issue - bluetooth

OK so new up date.

iv gotten the keyboard to sync on post. so im able to use the keyboard in the bios and boot options Etc.

Now when i get into windows the system isn't pick up the keyboard. iv reinstalled the drivers and tried to install the patch but the system can find the blue tooth chip.

so now i know its able to connect but windows, im trying to get to the Bluetooth setting but i was unable to fine it in control panel when i did a search, any ideas on what i should do next.

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well i decided to go full bluetooth because im tired of spending money on replacment headphones and broken tangled cables so i brought myself some Tone infinium HBS-900 bluetooth headphones. now on my phone that supports APT-X these things are amazing! but on my computer it seems that im plagued with interference and sound crackling. so i swapped out my realtek AC wireless wifi card and brought a intel 7260 Dualband +bluetooth 4.0
for a while it seemed to be working and now its again crackling and shuddering. its driving me nuts! then i brought THIS

so that i can make anything bluetooth just to my disappointment that i dont think these 2 thing scan connect to each other, i mean how would i connect to things that have no gui together? but someone said they have done it ant it works fine but i can for the life of me find out how to do it.
i have already trying updating the drivers on my computer and i ave the latest. but if i cover my bluetooth or even move 2 feet away from it it crackles and disconnects sometimes. it was not doing that at first and i only tested it with my pc but yea. i tried 4 phones and they are flawless, i could go outside of my apartment and i would be connected on all 4 phones but not on my pc.

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Hi I have Bluetooth file transfer on my computer, I get this message Bluetooth isn't supported in
Windows Server.  but I want to be able to connect a Bluetooth speaker to my computer is there any Bluetooth software that I can download and install so I can connect my laptop to any Bluetooth device.  My E-mail address is . Cheers
Rod Dohrman

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My bluetooth functionality and even the icon disappeaered from my laptop.  The HP Service Assistant tried to do a network diagnostic and couldn't find a problem.  It said to go to the HP support site and load latest Bluetooth drivers.  The only drivers shown were for a Broadcom Bluetooth.  Not thinking I had a different Bluetoth system I downloaded and installed the Broadcom drivers.  Then I went to the device manager and saw that I did not have a Broadcom system, but an Intel system. (I should have done this earlier I know).  The device manager showed that the drivers were probably corrupted and it couldn't validate the digital signature for the drivers that were there. (Code 52) I revisited the device manager and looked at the properties tab of the drivers and the events tab under that.  It said there that Device USB/VID-8087&PID etc. needed further installation. Now I am confused and frustrated.  I don't want to try to instal this device if it is not the correct Intel device, but rather the Broadcom device. In other words, I don't want to screw things up even more. Can someone please tell me what to do?

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I am trying to connect bluetooth in my HP 430 Notebook. Currently I installed Windows 8.1 Pro on my notebook. I am unable to see bluetooth icon anywhere. I tried all possible method provided in internet such as Driver Installuing/Updating,  Starting the "Bluetooth Support Service" and more. But I can't able to enable bluetooth service. Please help me to enable bluetooth

A:Is HP 430 Notebook have in-build Bluetooth hardware?

Does the device manager show a bluetooth device? If you have one, is it part of the wireless card. What does device manager show as the make and model of the wireless card? A simple solution is a usb bluetooth dongle. They are inexpensive, hidden and work every bit as well as a built-in but you do give up one usb port for it. 

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Hi, My probook had a hard disk failure and my company IT guy did fit a new hard disk in my laptop but now i always get a popup when i restart the laptop with hardware has changed on the device please restart your laptop but even when I restart it I always get the popup. i also think that this laptop had Bluetooth before the change of hard disk but now I don't find anything for the Bluetooth it has the :Broadcom BCM943228HMB 802.11abgn 2x2 Wi-Fi Adapter Thanks in advance.MichaŽl.

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Hello, I recvently installed Win 7 64bit on my laptop and I'm struggling to use Bluetooth. I tried installing the correct drivers, run the diagnostics and start and stop the Windows Bluetooth services but it seems it doesn't find the hardware or the drivers provided don't work. As you can see, in device manager there's no bluetooth icon though an exclamation mark on an unknown device. Could it be the bluetooth hardware?

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Hello all, My pavilion dm4-3013cl laptop is supposed to come with a "Bluetooth with WiDi" device (see http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03151854, "Wireless Connectivity"), but no bluetooth devices appear in my device manager.  Does that mean that there is no way a bluetooth device could be in my laptop - or is it possible that a bluetooth device IS in my laptop, but the device manager is not recognizing it?  If it's possible that a bluetooth device is there, but the device manager is not recognizing it, how can I get the device manager to recognize it? Thank you all in advance for any assistance you provide! 

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Hi, I have a particularly difficult search for some hardware that I thought might have some success here if enough people come across this thread.
I am looking for a wireless mini-PCI card to replace the stock Broadcom card in my gateway notebook.

Main reasons: I'm sick of Broadcom's reluctance to writing linux drivers at all or windows drivers that can be ndiswrapped successfully in linux. More specifically, I'm fed up trying to get it to work in linux and know that Broadcom is notorious for not writing friendly drivers. (So if you happen to have had luck configuring 64-bit drivers for a broadcom card in linux, let me know)
What I want, is a combo Bluetooth -- 802.11a/b/g card.
So far, the only card I have found that is remotely similar to what I'm looking for is this, but it is not the right interface specification and apparently is not supported on notebooks other than those made by MSI
These are the specifications I need:

Manufacturer: Preferably not Broadcom
Interface: Mini-PCI Express
Standards: Bluetooth 2.0 and IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Compatibility: Windows and 64-bit Linux
Mini-PCI Express is apparently a new min-PCI interface. It is not like the more standard version -- it has a thin-profile interface. This is an example of a card fitting that interface.
Compatibility with linux is big, as this is the reason for replacing my Broadcom card.

Thanks in advance for any direction with this search,


A:A search for combo bluetooth/wireless hardware

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1st of all sorry if i m posting the thread in wrong section of the seven forums, my problem is that i recently installed serial port driver for HP 4520s blutooth, at the same time i installed virtual router for my wifi to make laptop a hotspot,

aftr some while my laptop showed a blue screen and shutted down.. i have no idea abt that, i disable bluetooth driver from device n hardware but laptop again shutted down after 10 to 15mins ... i have taken a photo of that blue screen and i m attaching it with this thread,
if anyone can help .. i will b thankful to him/her.. PEACE !!!


A:BSOD due to bluetooth or wifi driver/hardware

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP
We could also use some system information, which you can get easily by running msinfo32.
To do that go to start>run>type msinfo32>enter

When it is finished running go to file>save>name it and upload to us here.
You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\M... Read more

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     My inspiron n5010 running in win7 doesnt have driver for bluetooth peripheral device and an unknown device,
i installed microsoft fix it for hardware and devices, they detected problem but unable to solve. so please help me any one to fix
this issue.so that i can use my bluetooth,

A:Bluetooth driver not found

I have this same problem. FIRst of all, the device drivers analyze program will not let many people install the device detect software, even manually I tried, so you cannot get the true updates you need for your computer. I KNOW because I have had  nothing but problems for over a month, and everyone said they would tell someone but it is not getting done,
Second, I CANNOT GET THE Dell peripheral device for Win 7 x64 and I HAVE DOWNLOADED the drivers for Bluetooth that were on my computer, but the peripheral device is not being found, and it is getting on my nerves, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET THESE THINGS FIXED, its many of us needing the help

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Hello, I bought new probook 4 months ago and just now I got bluetooth headphones. Instantly I got a problem. I turn on headphones and my pc doesn't find them. All my drivers are updated, I tried troubleshooting, restarting bluetooth options, deleting password from "log on" tab on "bluetooth support service" (this worked 1st time I did it but later, when I tried to connect it didn't work). Does someone know the problem and can offer me some solution?

A:Bluetooth headphones not found

Hi, Please allow your headphones to be discoverable and try again. You may need to check its manual. Regards.

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hello, i dunno if i should ask this here, so:

my brother has bought a new Motorola Razr V3 and wanting to transfer mp3's and stuff from the computer to the razr, he aslo bought a Motorola wireless bluetooth adapter, both have version 1.1 (i belive the razr has v1.1, not sure).

anyways i have installed the drivers for the bluetooth and i have sent files from the computer to the phone, but their is a icon in the tray on the computer that when you right click it you can start using bluetooth, but when i click it, it says "Bluetooth Device Not Found".

i have tried searching the internet for the solution but no luck.

i have Sp2 xp home.

so could anyone help me out.


A:Bluetooth device not found.

Don't have that phone, but just as a stab...

Does that phone have a place for you to enable devices?

Enable the PC connection instead of the headset, something along those lines?

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I have read a lot about problems on W7 with Bluetooth, but none of the solutions seem to apply to me. When I doubleclick on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar the Bluetooth Devices window comes up, the green bar loads to 99% and nothing happens, even though I have 2 turned on Bluetooth devices near the dongle. I have also tried using the software (BlueSoleil) that came with the dongle, but that doesnt work either.
All the devices in the device manager are installed correctly (no unknown devices). I am using W7 Premium.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

A:No Bluetooth devices found

Can you tell us what the two devices are that you are trying to connect?
Also can you fill out your system specs in your userCP

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I have been trying to use a Bluetooth speaker with my HP Windows 10 laptop. Bluetooth is switched on on my laptop and also on the speaker BT-18 (Bluetooth mode) also on the laptop.
Other devices no problem, just not the HP laptop, in fact all it finds is my Doro phone.
I have tried all the obvious actions but I'm not IT savvy beyond home user, I need some advice, please guys.

A:Bluetooth Speaker Not Found.

Try to add it manually by going into "Bluetooth & other devices"

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I have two headsets that I've used in the past with ps3, 3 win7 laptops and my iphone with no issues and are still working fine but win8 cant discover them however its finding my ps3, xbox and a cellphone

Connecting the headsets to the computer with usb shows the devices names but no drivers install

(link to computer specs)
HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop 6GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive s5-1554 - Best Buy

A:Bluetooth headsets not being found

I appreciate having so many views on this thread but after two days and not even a reply I'm beginning to doubt anyone here will help me with this and I guess its to be expected.

~Feel free to lock

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my problem is that i have a problem with bluetooth licens not found
how can i fix this problem
thanks for your help

A:bluetooth license not found

Since Bluetooth is a wireless communications medium (just like Wi-Fi), it doesn't require a license. However, something you are doing does. What exactly are your trying to do?


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I have a bluesoleil bluenext BN01 micro bluetooth adaptor. I bought it 28 Oct 2010. I used to use it, but I haven't used it for a few months. It still works in my old XP computer, but I can't now get it to work on my vista laptop. It did work on this laptop before. A message on screen on the bluesoleil window says "Please insert a Bluetooth device". I have turned computer off & on again, taken adaptor out & put in again. Somehow windows is not recognising it. I presume it may be a driver problem but I may be wrong.
My Vista laptop has automatic updates. Blue soleil is version I uninstalled & then reinstalled this from the CD that came with the adaptor. The adaptor has no buttons on it, it's very small; the whole thing is less than twice the size of the USB plug itself.
Could I have removed the driver for it? I don't think so, I don't remember doing so. In Control Panel, Bluetooth Devices has nothing listed. If I click "Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer" then an error message says "An error occurred while windows was saving your settings. A Bluetooth device might be unplugged"
In Device Manager, Bluetooth Devices has a Bluetooth Bus Enumerator, which it says is working properly. In Other Devices, there are 2 devices marked with a black ! in yellow.
The first is 802.11 n WLAN - it says 
This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To reinstall the drivers for ... Read more

A:bluetooth driver not found

The first device is your WIreless Lan Adapter. Are you hard wired to the modem/router with Ethernet?
The second device is probably your Bluetooth. Go here to get the driver.
Right click each device with the yellow exclamation mark. Select Properties. Under the details tab, select Hardware ID's in the dropdown box. Copy and Paste the first line from each device in your next post.

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I am trying to install an Asus Bluetooth Mouse BX700. I am running XP Pro SP 3 on a Dell Latitude D830. The mouse is found by Bluetooth but I am asked for a Passkey or PIN. I have never used a Bluetooth device so have never needed this passkey. I looked at MS Help and it says open the Bluetooth devices in control panel. Problem there is no such icon in CP. The Asus mouse manual says I don't need a passkey.

Thanks for any help


A:Bluetooth Manager not found

Can you post a link to the manual?

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