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New AOL security feature

Q: New AOL security feature

Here at America Online, we know that our members are the best source of good
ideas for a better Internet. And you have told us that one of your biggest
concerns is the threat of online viruses that can crash your computer, steal
your personal information, or damage or delete important files.

So I am pleased to tell you that our newest version of the AOL software, called
AOL® 9.0 Security Edition, now includes one of the leading virus-protection
programs at no additional charge. I encourage you to <A
HREF="aol://1223:135031/aol://1391:47-64928">upgrade</A> today.

McAfee® VirusScan® Online protects your entire computer from tens of thousands
of known viruses and is automatically updated to protect against the hundreds of
new virus threats that emerge each month -- helping keep you and your family
safe at all times.

No other Internet service provider offers this premium service to all of its
users for free.

And that's only the beginning. Because of your interest in safety and security,
we've built numerous enhancements into 9.0 Security Edition to better protect
your PC from other online threats. Among them:

* Better defense against spyware: AOL Spyware Protection helps protect your
computer from unwanted spyware and adware, and the new SpyZapper(TM) feature
automatically targets the most disruptive forms of malicious software for

* Improved spam and pop-up controls: Simplified spam control tools make it even
easier to keep your e-mail box and instant messages free of spam, and our
enhanced pop-up controls block more annoying pop-up ads than ever.

* New My Money Alerts: These help protect against unauthorized use of your
credit cards and bank accounts by sending Alerts when your pre-set spending
limits are exceeded.

If you want to learn more about how AOL is working to keep you safe online <A
HREF="aol://4344:986.PW25053.42459874.783981657">subscribe</A> to our three-part
e-mail series on online safety.

To learn more about 9.0 Security Edition visit AOL Keyword: <A


Jon Miller
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
America Online
Has anyone installed this? Does it cause any problems? Any input would be appreciated

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Preferred Solution: New AOL security feature

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I had to reinstall windows Vista Business on 2 computers (different specs) this weekend, the install disk already contained SP2 and i just installed dotnet 4.5.1 after the clean install followed by all the patches from winupdate. Everything great, no error, no issues, no nada.

Problem is i cant run any .exe or merge any .reg files from external disks or usb jump drives, is it a security feature or a bug caused by windows updates, since I dont remember this happening when I used Vista like 6 years ago, and I really used Vista a lot.

Thanks a lot guys!

A:Vista security feature?

Do you have the same problem when you right click the .exe and select run as administrator?

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I like this feature in Panda Security but have to wait to test until get infected

A:A feature in Panda Security

Bite your tongue, hope you never get a chance to test it!!!
Looks good though.

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As we known, MS Internet Explorer has a special feature called “AutoComplete”, it can remember certain details entered on web forms, such as username and password. Let’s talk about how to do this feature first.
Referring from: http://www.mediacollege.com
Title: How to Remember Names & Passwords in IE (AutoComplete)

Go to the Tools menu on IE and select Internet Options.

A window will open like the one below. Click the Content tab, then click the AutoComplete button.
In the AutoComplete Settings window, check (or uncheck) the options you would like to use.

Although this feature will help you saving a lot of time on surfing the Internet, here we talk about the security. Do you think it is security? At this time, I’ll say no, because some unauthorized users can also login any forms with these information you saved on your computer. So my opinion is that you should uncheck the AutoComplete feature or use some third-party tools, such as JJSoft IntelliLogin, IE Login, and Smart Login etc.

You can find these tools on:
JJSoft IntelliLogin --------http://www.jjsoft-studio.com
IE Login -------- http://www.IELogin.com
Smart Login -------- http://www.IELogin.com

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why when i set the user password at BIOS it can't be erased or changed (it says "view only item")? what do i have to do to reset the password?

A:help me 'bout BIOS security feature

It very much depends on the motherboard you are using. The reset cmos jumper will erase it along with all other settings changes you may have made to the bios.

For better help we really need to know what motherboard, system, and bios you are using.

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Please help me! The Data Execution Prevention Security Feature is really starting to stress me out. I can't access sites that I need for uni eg Hopfield Network Applet

How do I turn the stupid thing off?!!! Please help!

A:Data Execution Prevention Security Feature

I would not recommend disabling it because it is a security risk, but here is how:

From an elevated (administrator) command prompt:

DEP - Enable or Disable - Vista Forums

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff


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Executive Summary

Microsoft is aware of a security feature bypass vulnerability in Secure Channel (Schannel) that affects all supported releases of Microsoft Windows. Our investigation has verified that the vulnerability could allow an attacker to force the downgrading of the cipher suites used in an SSL/TLS connection on a Windows client system. The vulnerability facilitates exploitation of the publicly disclosed FREAK technique, which is an industry-wide issue that is not specific to Windows operating systems. When this security advisory was originally released, Microsoft had not received any information to indicate that this issue had been publicly used to attack customers.
We are actively working with partners in our Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) to provide information that they can use to provide broader protections to customers.
Upon completion of this investigation, Microsoft will take the appropriate action to help protect customers. This may include providing a security update through our monthly release process or providing an out-of-cycle security update, depending on customer needs.

Mitigating Factors
A server needs to support RSA key exchange export ciphers for an attack to be successful.

Please see the Suggested Actions section of this advisory for workarounds to disable the RSA export ciphers. Microsoft recommends that customers use these workarounds to mitigate this vulnerability.
Read more here.... Read more

A:Vulnerability in Schannel Could Allow Security Feature Bypass



Suggested Actions
Apply Workarounds
Workarounds refer to a setting or configuration change that does not correct the underlying issue but would help block known attack vectors before a security update is available.
Disable RSA key exchange ciphers using the Group Policy Object Editor 

so, what can I do if my version of windows lacks the requisite group policy editor?

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Article on enhancing Win 10 security

Nifty new feature that comes with Win 10 1903

How to Enable the Windows 10 Tamper Protection Security Feature


With the release of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft introduced a new security feature called Tamper Protection that protects security settings for Windows Defender antivirus from being disabled by malware or third-party programs.

When enabled, Tamper Protection will only allow Windows Defender related settings to be changed when done through the Windows Security settings screen. If a program, such as malware, or even PowerShell tries to change security settings or Microsoft Defender preferences, Tamper Protection will block the settings from being modified.

Due to this, Tamper Protection is an integral part of the Windows 10 security environment and should be enabled by all users for increased security and protection from malicious programs. Click to expand...

Directions follow in the article on how to enable.

edit: I just checked mine and found it was already enabled.

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I have been getting help from OBP and jimr381 during the past few months to build a database for my workplace - on MY computer in my office.

I recently added the security feature on it, and am completely satisfied with it, however now this morning I burned it on a CD and tried to use it on the secretary's computer and it is looking for the exact file path it used on my computer to access its security file and related information. also, the secretary's computer is windows vista and mine is just good old XP.

What do I do? How would I disable the security feature in order to re set it up on the appropritate computer?

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! just kidding, I know someone will know the answer

A:Solved: Help! Security Feature + Access 2003

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Hi all 
I have one question regarding the distribution of updates for open SSH server feature. 
How the Microsoft is distributing the update for this feature ? In the microsoft windows there is still older version when I'm compare the current distributed open SSH server version.
Thank you for any info. 

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I probably could ask this question to the person that told me he could or had done it, but I would like your input as to how to disable Vist's Security Feature.

Can it be done and if so, how?

A:Solved: I would like remove Vista's Security feature

Note sure if you meant the UAC or Security Center, but here is how to disabled the UAC:

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Hello everyone. I just got a new laptop running Vista Home Premium x64, and it's my first experience with both Vista and an x64 OS.

I've changed the security settings in IE7 to a custom level, and now I get the notification bar saying "Your current security settings put your computer at risk. etc." I know this can be disabled via gpedit.mcs but of course Vista Home doesn't include that feature. So, a couple questions.

Nobody here seems to know much about getting GPedit to work in Vista Home, so I won't even touch that. However, I did see mention of the Microsoft speadsheet that lists all the various group policy settings and their corresponding registry entries. I found the "Disable Security Settings Check Feature" entry, but now I'm not sure what to do with it.

HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security!DisableSecuritySettingsCheck
HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security!DisableSecuritySettingsCheck

I can navigate to the Microsoft folder in regedit, but that's where the trail ends. Do I need to create a key or something? I don't have much experience with the registry, and I really want this notification bar gone. Help please?

cheers everyone!

A:Disable Security Settings Check Feature && GPEdit

Hello mousetopher. You probably allowed something in the security settings that you should have just set to prompt. Scripts, Activex, something that will tolerate nothing beyond prompt. Allowing anything unsigned more permissions then prompt will set off that warning. Reset them to default and then your security warnings should disappear.

Hope it helped. If not I probably read it wrong.

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What security feature disallows applications from loading DLLs from their own directory?

I have two DLLs named ws2_32.dll and wsock32.dll. I also have an application that i want to utilize these two dlls rather then the ones in system32 but it apears that it doesn't. I ran a dependency scanner and found that in fact the application does load these two DLLs rather then the ones in system32 folder.

How i know its not working: the dlls are suppose to make a log file. It succeeded in making the log file on winXP but not Win7.
I found some one else having same problem but with vista but that could be fixed by doing the following:

'set the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\DevOverrideEnable" to 1" '

However, i can't find the DevOverrideEnable field in my win7 registry. so upon the suggestions of some friends i added the field in manually and set the value that didnt work either.

What i have tried:
On Admin account
Run as Admin
Set compatibility to xp
take ownership
turn off all security features that i could get my hands on

all of that and no luck please advise.

Thank you,

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Microsoft has suspended the "Attach-Photo" feature in Hotmail as a result of security concerns.
Webmail users can still add photos as attachments to Hotmail messages, just not in the same way as before. Microsoft expects to restore the suspended feature by the end of September.

Microsoft spoke about the recent suspension in postings to the Windows Live blog here and help pages here on Thursday.

Redmond explains the feature was suspended after testing unearthed a security glitch involving the interaction of its feature with IE.

Link -
Hotmail pulls Attach-Photo feature over security concerns ? The Register

A:Hotmail pulls Attach-Photo feature over security concerns

I used to use that alot. ;[ Wish they would fix it soon! I hate adding them as attachment's then u have to d/l them before u can view them.

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ever sine 7.0 or wutever ver of windows media player came out there was some sort of modification so that it wont let u print screen for some stupid security measure...

i kno thers video players with screen capture and those nice features but i still think that security thing is really annoying

is ther a way to completely get rid of it ? (i dont think uninstalling media player does it)

does ne1 know? (regedit>__?)

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InsighVM(Rapid7) is reporting vulnerability "MS14-046: Vulnerability in .NET Framework Could Allow Security Feature Bypass (2984625)" on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2, but recommended patch "KB2937608" was already installed. this
issue for all Windows 2008 sp2 servers. In the report, vulnerability proof mentioned as shown below. could you please help me with this issue.

vulnerable software installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2

 * Found an applicable package: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-WindowsFoundation-LanguagePack-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~en-US~6.0.6001.18000.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\Winners\msil_RegAsm.Resources_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_en-us_1b2f5d0d8917c959 - key exists

    * The above CBS component is currently version 6.0.6001.18000, expected version 6.0.6002.19134 or higher

    * Fix for KB2937608 is applicable for this CBS component

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I have been using 360 Security for over a year now with no problems but I am now having to do lots of online banking and am not sure if I have enough protection with 360.
I have a trial version of ESET Smart Security Premium installed which has dedicated banking and payment protection.
I have noticed that other software such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender,Comodo,F-Secure all have similar elements. Do these additional features actually give more protection ? An IT consultant friend says that these features are mainly 'cosmetic' . Is this so ?

Would welcome further advice and recommendations please, thanks.

A:ESET Online Banking feature - Have you tried it? Internet Security it better than the competition?

I used it one time version 8
I used it in trust site
It check the site
I think may be good

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Hello Qihoo 360 Team,
with new Security features added to the Premium version (Qihoo 360 TS with own firewall, not the GlassWire one), for testing out the level of protection, a try before you buy would be better and easier than the 30 days money back AFTER purchase (currently ~20?).

@PAM101 @Qihoo 360 Support Team

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Why does it ask to "Show Images" in Yahoo mail app? I accidentally clicked on "show images" on what looks like a phishing email. I didn't click on the hyperlink, but I clicked the "show images" button. Am I infected with viruses now?? LOL

What is the purpose of "show images"? I've heard opening a PDF can execute programs, but can viewing images inserted into the body of an email have any negative effect on the security of your device? If not, what is the purpose of this feature? Thanks!

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how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp. Although the hardwares that are qualified to run windows 7 provide enough power, it's still helpful to make the window changes instant without the special effects. can any one tell me a way to disable those special colorful features in windows 7? this also might interest the UMPC users due to the limited hardware resources.

A:how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp.

Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings [sidebar] > Advanced [tab]Go to town and disable anything you'd like.

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i want chang my internet security please help me

now bitdefender 2016 but very heavy


A:Kaspersky 2016 Vs Eset Smart Security 9 Vs Emsisoft internet Security 11 Vs Avira intent Security

If you come from Bitdefender then I would recommend you KIS2016, quite light; very effective. ESET is also a good option, Emsisoft same stuff. If you like smooth and less interactive protection ESET and Kaspersky would be better, Emsisoft is cool but a bit more interactive IMO.

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Iike we have option for disabling touchpad in laptops, similarly one feature required which can lock keyboard using some keys combinationApplication for same may be used while watching videos and if kids gonna play with keys they can without disturbing laptop video

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Evidently the startup repair option is not available to all vista users nowhttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/repair-windows-with-windows-startup-repair/Supposedly sp1 will allow users to create their own disk on cd?In the meantime I found this one link?http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/windows-vist...-disc-download/

A:New Feature In Sp1?

On some newer systems the OEM's have customized the Startup Repair options - so inserting their DVD will allow you to run Startup Repair (usually down at the bottom of the list will be a "factory recovery" option).

I've seen this with either Gateway or HP - but can't recall which.

Thanks for the recovery disk link - it'll come in handy!

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Sorry to ask such a basic question, but this is a hard one to google for, since 'help' has a lot of different uses.

I'm trying to help an elderly relative with his new Windows 8 PC, and I have never used Windows 8. He can't find the Help feature, the equivalent of 'Start -> Help and Support' in previous versions of Windows.

Could someone please tell me how a user accesses Help in Win8?


A:Where is Help feature?


Go Charm Bar (i.e., new interface go-to bar) > Search. Click on Apps section. Scroll right. Look up first column on the right.

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Is there a run button anywhere in Vista? I wanna run commands, and i've just upgraded but can't find it.

A:Run feature

i dont have vista yet so im not too sure, but cant you still use the keyboard shortcut--- windows + R

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When a page that I follow shares something from another page it has the like page button next to the original posts thing near the bottom with what the original post or whatever's caption is. I'm also starting to see it on posts that my friends shared/liked from their friends that I'm not friends with now.

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I formated my HDD.
In the old days (before format), I could view files and folders in both My Pictures and My Documents in an expanded list from the Start Menu. I've forgotten how I set that up.
Can anybody remind me how to do it?

A:Old XP feature

nels h, Right click your Start button, choose Properties, under the Start Menu tab click the Customize button, under the Advanced tab/Start Menu Items select the option you want for My Pictures & My Documents, click OK/Apply/OK.


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when i log in to my facebook from my computer or andriod mobile it says
" Sorry, this feature isn't available right now
An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later. "

i have tried everything like removing the histroy loging from another PC but nothing helps
my two accounts are blocked having the same issue i don't know what is the problem

A:Sorry, this feature isn't available right now

How long has this been happening?

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Hello all,

I bought an Asus laptop X54H series and would like to know what is exactly the Q Fan Feature and how does it work to cool down the laptop?

A:Q Fan Feature

Here it is...
More info than you could ever possibly want on Q fan.

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I'm curious as to whether or not there is a feature to "save" game disc information to the hard drive of the ps3 for playback at a later time without having to load the disc. Is this possible or no?

A:PS3 possible feature???

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when i logged on to my myspace account i did my business..then i came back and typed the first letter of my sn and a drop down menu appears. i click on my sn and my password is there too! so my question is how do i get rid of this drop down menu..because i don't want my sibling to have access to my account..thank you..i believe this started happening after i downloaded an update

A:New Feature

If you have Firefox:Go to Tools then Options click on Privacy then clickSaved Forms tab and uncheck the box

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Lost the icon for feedback, sorry

OK, I had a game up in one monitor, and I was moving files around on the other... so both screens were full. realized that there should be a Recycle Bin icon on the explorer side panel (at the bottom, under Homegroup, Computer, and Network)... just an icon you can drag files to. Would be helpful.

A:Possible feature?

Make a new folder (name it), then click on properties, then customize it. Add it to where ever you want it

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OS - Vista, Browser - Firefox 27.0.1, This is only happening on one of my three machines. One of the others has the same OS and browser, so it is unique to this machine. What happens is that a variety of words on the Firefox screen when online are turned into links and I keep getting an annoying pop-up. I can't get a screenshot of it as it disappears as I take the shot, but it has a black arrow in a green box and a red "Click Here" button. Some seem to direct you to OneTwoDown.com and some to Windows XP Help, which is strange in itself as it isn't an XP machine and the XP machine I have doesn't do it.

Can anyone tell me how to disable this?

A:Annoying feature I can't get rid of

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Did an upgdrade from Vista Business to Win7 Professional on my sony sz laptop. I had done a lot of prep by removing programs and cleaning the system in advance. It went Amazingly smooth...with one exception. The snap feature the first time it was about to be utilized was frozen by an unrelated problem. At least that is what appeared to me. Apparently a legacy shell extension was not playing nice. Hopefully I repaired that).

Is there any way to "reinstall" that feature? I have checked and unchecked the box to use this featue but there is no effect. I've looked at turning on/off windows features and don't find it listed. Thank you.

A:snap feature not available

Try snap this way. The drag method takes a lot of dexterity. Hold down the windows key and use the arrows (not on the number pad) to go left or right. If it still freezes then we know its Snap and not anything else

Let us know

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I use IE9 for a lot of browsing and sometimes I inadvertently click the 'Open in a new window' rather than 'open in a new tab' which then produces an offset for the new browser window. Since my browser window is not full screen (I use gadgets on the right-hand side) this often results in the new window overlapping the gadgets and what is worse is that when I close the browser it retains the shifted location on reopening - even having closed all windows or tabs. I haven't bothered searching for a solution for this as I try to be careful but it is really annoying. Am I missing a really simple tweak to stop this behaviour?

A:Annoying IE feature?

You can grab the tab and bring it over to connect with the previous IE window. You sort of drop the tab off in the first window (IE9).

Enhanced tabs - Microsoft Windows

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I have been searching everywhere on this forum and others in trying to fix this. I have a 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I am trying to add .Net 3.5 from the install windows feature section. It fails and after a reboot it reverts back to not installed. Some things I have tried. I completely removed all .Net installs, I ran the .Net cleanup utility. Then tried to add it and it still fails. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Can't add .NET 3.5 from Windows 7 add feature.

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Hey there, I just got Window's 7 6596 installed and I when I went to test out the new WMP, I noticed there isn't any equalizer or TruBase features like there was in the Vista and XP versions (I think it was WMP 11). Any idea how to find them?


A:Can't find WMP feature

Here this should help you.

Graphic EQ not working

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Maybe a week ago (I was busy with year-end stuff and so postponed this query) Chrome started telling me when I had a new "notification" on Facebook. Even if i had no Facebook window open. There are no new processes running, and it doesn't happen with Firefox or Explorer. So Chrome has learned a new trick. Which means it installed an update without telling me. I am not happy. ToolBarCop doesn't identify any new anything in Chrome. Its not that being told that "there is news on Facebook" is bad, its that I am a control freak when it comes to my PCs, and this is out of control. Any ideas? Anyone else got this going on?

A:New feature in Chrome

I haven't seen it and I've been running Chrome for a few years. I ran Avast updater and it shows Chrome is up to date.

I did see https://www.facebook.com/help/commun...53141912864103 where it's in Chrome advanced settings. Seems this problem has been around for a few months.

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I am in the process of creating a blog and it has pictures on it. I want to make it so people cant right click on it. ( I know that is not completly going to save it from being copied and even watermarks will not help completely ) but still its better then nothing. I have tried several different codes and nothing works. I know it has to be me that is doing something wrong.

I tried a code on this page http://allwebco-templates.com/support/S_add_rightclick.htm AND I also tried the code on this page http://allwebco-templates.com/support/S_add_rightclick.htm

It says to Copy and paste the code at top of any web page anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags. So what I did was found where it says <HEAD> in my template and then just pasted the code there . I then tried to copy a picture off of my blog and it still lets me copy it. SO ... I am not doing something right. Please help me figure out how to do this and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks SO much !

A:Need help with no right click feature please !

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My Aero feature does look more like Windows Basic theme, is there any way I can improve this? Thanks.
My graphics in the laptop is 950GMA, but it looks awful as well in my desktop which has a Nvidia dedicated graphics.

A:Aero feature

Aero just has a more frosted look to it now, even on max transparency. I'm sure a reg edit or the visual styles that will no doubt be rolling out soon will fix this.

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After updated signature structure, I' m trying hard to create more signatures(and remove some old signatures)

We' re planning to achieve the following functions/features(as the poll mentioned), which one should we achieve first? Or you have better idea? Just tell us!

[P.S. GUI costs lots of time]

[If you want to join us, just contact with me [email protected]]


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If I look closely at Windows Explorer, the "sort" column is slightly shaded when in "Detail" display mode. This "shading" is affected indirectly by the current "theme", but I've found this extremely useful.

What I'd like to do is to change (emphasize) this sorted column shading ... and I bet there is a registry key for it somewhere ... clues as to how to change this, greatly appreciated.



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This feature or problem I have had has been doing it for a while, and I just want to get rid of it now.
Lets say I have Mozzila opened and an IM opened, if i move my mouse to mozilla, it would automatically focus on it after 1-2 seconds, stopping me from chatting.

Does anyone know how to fix / disable this?


A:A problem / feature I want to get rid of!

What kind of mouse do you use is it a generic mouse or does it come with software.

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what is meant by TV OUT feature of the graphic card .
can i watch television on my pc with the help of cards like radeon 7500 or cards that have tv out feature.

A:TV OUT feature query

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Does anyone know a way of enabling the built in zip feature but not have zip files displayed as folders in Explorer and wherever else? I use a program that needs to use the zip feature but I really hate how zips show up as folders. I know how to disable the zip feature but that results in my program not being able to utilize zip processing.


A:Built in zip feature

Hello Streetwolf,

Do you mean like this below from Windows 7? I haven't tested it yet in Windows 8, but it should work. Be sure to create a restore point first to be safe though.

Zip Folders - Enable or Disable Windows Explorer View - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps.

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I clicked three links on my Yahoo home page, expecting little boxes to come up on the toolbar as those links opened. Instead, only one little box remained on the toolbar, labeled "My Yahoo" for my homepages, but the box had a little up arrow in the upper right hand corner. When I clicked on the arrow, a window popped up with a link to each of the three pages I had asked for.

It seemed faster that way, and it takes up less toolbar space.

How did I do that, and how can I do it again?

Tabbed browsing is off.


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