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problem backing up

Q: problem backing up

I'm not sure I'm in the correct forum? I'm trying to back up my Quicken, I thought it was going on to a floppy--but it's been going to my C Drive--I would like to back up either to a floppy or to a cd? How can I best do this?

Thank you

Preferred Solution: problem backing up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: problem backing up

hola go here

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I've got a problem with backing up my hard drive. I'm running a Win 7 Pro, in a HP #p6720f, and normally use FireFox as my browser. I have a Seagate, 1 TB external hard drive. I use Acronis as my back up program.

I've tried three times to back up my system. Each time I use it, it takes over 12 hours to get to a problem screen that says, "E00070004 Failed to write data ti the archive file. A possible reason might be poor media quality."

The first time I got another box saying I have used up all the space on my external hd. I went and opened up and deleted all but my last back up. This gave me between 30 & 40% open. I don't know I can do next. Any help???


A:Backing up problem

If it's the Acronis software that's causing the problem, Windows 7 has it's own built-in utility for creating a system image so you may want to try that instead: Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create system image

If you decide to use that utility you will also need to create a system disc with the Backup & Restore utility.
This is bootable and allows you to access the system image when it's required.

The only downside of using the built-in system image creator is that it insists on writing the image in the root of the selected drive (ie you can't choose a folder as the destination).

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I've always been bad when it comes to backing up and after nearly losing everything a while back I decided to get my butt in gear.

Bought a USB stick and went to Settings>Update & Security>Backup>More Options and selected the folders I wanted to back up. But every time I try to back up I get the below (right hand corner) error message and the files won't download to the stick. Any ideas?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8082 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 223 GB (143 GB Free); D: 13 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 81EB
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Enabled and Updated

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I've always been bad when it comes to backing up and after nearly losing everything a while back I decided to get my butt in gear.

Bought a USB stick and went to Settings>Update & Security>Backup>More Options and selected the folders I wanted to back up. But every time I try to back up I get the below (right hand corner) error message and the files won't download to the stick. Any ideas?

View attachment 262553
View attachment 262553
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8082 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 223 GB (143 GB Free); D: 13 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 81EB
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Enabled and Updated

A:Problem backing up in Win 10

Does your computer goes to sleep or hybernate during this process.

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I'm trying to do a complete system back up to an external hard drive. I loaded the Ntbackup.msi utility from my XP CD but I get the following error: "The files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation was aborted." when I attempt to copy.

Is this a XP issue and if so, is there a fix?

A:Problem backing up computer

Hello & welcome to TSF,

it is just not that great of a back up system !!!!

here is a link to a real easy to use program

follow link


select the (author's site ) wait for the yellow bar if you are useing internet explorer

now it will back up to where you tell it and do compleat / or just selected sections of your harddrive & has the reinstall utility built into it

it nice & free

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I have an irritating problem with backing up data at work. We have a Win2kserver and use Areca, an open-source backup program to create backup scripts and schedule them using windows task scheduler.

All data is backed up each day to a removable portable HDD no problem. I have also created a script that executes a backup to the HDD of a client PC running windows XP.

I have created a shared folder on the HDD of the client pc and mapped it as drive B:\ on the server. The client PC is always on, and power settings have been changed to 'always on'. The user stays logged in to the domain, and locks the workstation.

The backup seems to fail. When I check the folder on the client PC in the mornings, there is nothing in there. Any ideas?

It would be great to be able to backup data to that PC as well as the removable portable HDD. I am trying to avoid getting a network storage device if possible.

A:Problem backing up to networked PC

Hard to say, but I'd try a sample backup in that configuration and watch what happens. What does any backup log or the event log say about the backup process?

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I am trying to do a backup on my friends laptop - her D drive doesn't have enough space so I am trying to change the location to the C: drive but can't seem to figure out how. I get the error 0x80070005

A:Problem Backing Up on Vista

hi the d drive is usually the recovery partition however maybe not in this case anyway this may be of some help http://aumha.org/a/stop.php#0x9f

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Dear Windows 10 folks,

I recently tried to restore files from some back up DVDs I made using the backup facility in Windows 10.

But there is a problem.

When I try to do this the software wants me to find an earlier dated DVD than I have inserted.

When I put that DVD in it doesn't recognise it.

It doesn't seem to recognise any of the DVD backups I have made and then actually retrieve the files from them.

What am I doing wrong here?
Regards and thanks

Michael Fothergill

A:problem backing up DVDs....

I am not completely sure what procedure you are following. Are you using file history or something like Backup and Restore?

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I have made many back ups using Macrium Reflect in the past. I tried to make a back up today ecountering a problem that makes my efforts fruitless. When the back up reaches 11% complete the process freezes until a notice is displayed which says "Back up aborted, error code 1117. The request could not be completed because of an I/O error.
Since I/O indicates input/output, I feared the worst and made a chkdsk on both the drve being copied and the destination drive (my external) both show no problems. Any ideas guys and gals?

A:Problem Backing Up with Macrium Reflect

Is this any help Rich ? Macrium Support Forum - Image error 1117

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I use Microsoft Money 2004 to keep track of my household and personal expenses and I also use a flash drive to back-up my financial database in case of disaster and I am experiencing a problem that has me scratching my head.

Microsoft Money automatically backs up the database to a location on my hard drive every time I exit the program. I also do a 'manual' back-up to a flash drive about once a week and this is where the problem comes up.

I am using a San Disc 4 Gig 'Cruzer' U3 type flash drive. I have disabled the U3 function on the flash drive. Whenever I try to back-up my financial data base Microsoft Money gives me a message that the 'floppy disc in 'F' drive is full, please insert a second disc to finish the back-up'. If I simply click on 'Continue' the program supposedly finishes the back-up.

The compressed size of the database as reported by my Microsoft Money program is 600 Meg and I have 2.5 Gig free on my flash drive so I can't figure out why I would be getting this message but I am very concerned as to the security of my back-ups.

I have checked all of the settings in Microsoft Money and I can't see anything amiss.

I have several questions:

1) Why am I seeing this message?

2) What has happened to cause this message?

3) Is this a problem? IE: Do I think I have a back-up but in reality I don't have a back-up?

4) How do I fix this problem or do I just go ahead and ignore it?


A:Problem Backing Up To Flash Drive

Well, IMO first step would be to make sure that your flash drive indeed has the letter F. Maybe it changed from the last time you've backed up?

Also, if you don't have anything important on the flash drive, you could format it. If you have Windows Vista and up - you could format it with NTFS partition type.

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I had a thread on this before w/no helpful responses. Thought I'd try again. My computer w/VISTA is set up to backup files on Sunday night. For some reason, this can't be done because the computer apparently can't tell there is a formatted disk in the disk drive. I have tried 3 different never-used-before disks. I formatted them even tho my computer also doesn't automatically give me formatting options. I can burn photos, documents to disks but the backup doesn't work.

A:Problem Backing Up Files on VISTA

Since I seem to be the only person who accesses this site who has this problem, the thread might as well be closed.

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How do I know which files I can back up without infecting my external drive? I have been reading that Norton Internet Security and Malwarebyte can't detect this rootkit. So if I scan with these products and they say they are not infected how can I trust them. I would like to back up my files in case I need to format my computer to get rid of the rootkit.
I will appreciate any help or suggestions on how to back-up my files and not infect the external drive.

A:Backing up files with TDL3/TDL4 problem

Should you decide to reformat or do a factory restore due to malware infection, you can back up all your important documents, personal data files, photos to a CD or DVD drive, not a flash drive or external hard drive as they may become compromised in the process. The safest practice is not to backup any executable files (*.exe), screensavers (*.scr), autorun (.ini) or script files (.php, .asp, .htm, .html, .xml ) files because they may be infected by malware. Avoid backing up compressed files (.zip, .cab, .rar) that have executables inside them as some types of malware can penetrate compressed files and infect the .exe files within them. Other types of malware may even disguise itself by hiding a file extension or adding to the existing extension as shown here (click Figure 1 to enlarge) so be sure you look closely at the full file name. If you cannot see the file extension, you may need to reconfigure Windows to show file name extensions. Then make sure you scan the backed up data with your anti-virus prior to to copying it back to your hard drive.If your CD/DVD drive is unusable, another word of caution if you are considering backing up to an external usb hard drive as your only alternative. External drives are more susceptible to infection and can become compromised in the process of backing up data. I'm not saying you should not try using such devices but I want to make you aware of all your options and associated risks so you can make an informed decision if its wort... Read more

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I am new to this forum.
I have a problem of backing up emails in my WLM using the export function since I cannot even go into WLM.

I have the typical problem of -
-when I start windows live mail (v2009 final version) it said this :
Windows Live Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. Windows Live Mail was unable to locate it`s message database. If you`ve moved the database filesto a new location.clik OK to resetthe database path to that location. Otherwise, click Cancel to proceed, any existing messages found will be avaible under Orphaned Accounts. (0x000000000, 2)
-if I click OK it said :
Windows Live Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x80070002)

Please help me back up my email!

Thank you!

A:Problem backing up messages in Windows Live Mail

Hello leinaday & welcome to Vista Forums.
If your Anti Virus Program has an email scanning component turn it off to see if that makes a difference.
BTW What Anti Virus are you using?
Another thing to try - right click on your Windows Live Mail shortcut on your Desktop - select "Run as Administrator" - click on "Continue " if User Account Control requests it.
Hope that helps.

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I back up my Outlook.pst file to an external hard drive, but when I try to recover for various dates in Windows File History, it just shows an Outlook.pst file with a few kilobytes in a white shaded out form, not like my archive.pst, etc. which gets backed up and looks like a regular yellow and white Outlook.pst file. I simultaneously back up ALL the same files (automated) to the cloud and to an attached SD card with Crashplan and when recovery is attempted, they all appear to have backed up properly. I'm using Outlook 2010.

A:Problem: File History not backing up Outlook.pst properly?

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Half of the folders are empty! Just the empy folder got copied. Any ideas/suggestions? The project covered about 2 discs. I looked at the 2nd disc and more than half of the folders were empty. Tried the first disk and each time I tried opening a file it stopped responding and eventually Windows Explorer shut itself down.

I tried the fourth time and autoplay kicked in and when I tried to click on a file to see if it was actually on the disc it asked me if I wanted to retrieve it and send it back to it's previos location. Isn't there a way to just make a DVD+R that has all the files on it so I can just open the file I want like you used to do on a diskette or a CD-R???

I might just have to say screw it and go get an external hard drive because I'm about to throw my laptop out the window because of all my problems with the stupid DVD burner! UGH!!!

A:Tried backing up files using Roxio Creator Classic- one problem

Donít know about Creator Classic, but Iíd guess that the Laptop burner is OK, it was just given bad instructions.

External HDs are the way to go. May I suggest, shopping for an External HD Enclosure - then shopping for sales on internal HDs. You can get more gigs for the buck this way.

Donít throw the laptop out the window, you could hurt someone. Ship it to me instead.

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My new Precision 3520 mobile workstation is down after only 3 days of use, OS won't start normally. I decided to return it anyway.
So I need to back up hard drive data first. But new problems prevented me from doing it...
Info on my Precision 3520:OS: Ubuntu 16.04HDD: Seagate ST500LM021, 500GB 7200RPM
What I did:Take out the Precision 3520 hard drive, and connect it as a USB device to my old Inspiron N5050 laptop (runs windows 7). The connection is done via an Insignia SATA-to-USB 3.0 converter, it worked fine with other HDD of comparable model (a Seagate Momentus 5400.6, 500GB 5400RPM).
Problem:Upon connection, the driver is successfully installed, but the HDD shows up as having only 2GB size, with only OS files inside. The rest 400+GB of disk, with user data, can't be found.
How to solve this?
Just in case if you need this -- the Precision 3520 can't enter OS desktop. After displaying the Ubuntu start up logo, it got stuck there with black screen, keyboard not responsive, but the following error message pops on and off once every 2-3 seconds:[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: PCIe bus error: severity=corrected, type=data link layer, id=00e0(transmitter ID)[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: device [8086:a111] error status/mask=00001000/00002000[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: [12] Replay timer timeout (Note: those *** are some random numbers)
Running the pre-boot hardware diagnosis shows all devices are normal.And it can still enter BIOS setting.
After clearing... Read more

A:Problem extracting / backing up hard drive data from Precision 3520

Instead of removing the hard drive I would have used another PC to create a bootable DVD of some flavor of Linux.
Anyway, I wonder if it is something to the partitioning of the hard drive.

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my computer has a weird file named "mr.bean on show.avi" 331kb
and its wierd it is located in almost all main folder of my computer such as local disc C,D and even all of my documents main folder i tried to delete it but it back and back again T_T

it crashes and slows my pc when i try to open any folders it not responding and resulting "end now" and freeze my pc its so damn.. so i restart it after i restart, it change my login password!!! so damn!!!! my solotion is go to safe mode log in to admin and remove its login password

also i can't access to task manager when i alt+ctrl+end+delete,my task manager opens up for a secs and it closes automatically and showing up a command prompt for a sec and closes too..

i've tried full system virus scan using AVG full update anti virus but it cannot find any virus on it i dont know if it is a virus,trojan,spy or?
my final plan is to reformat it,but i dont want to delete my very important files

any idea what is it? and how can i rid of it?
thnx a lot

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Hi this error message has been floating around for a long time.  I have yet to find a solution that works or that I can understand.  Why is the error message not resolved after 6 years?
Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\SyncUP. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))

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I have a Windows 8.1 computer that has a virus. I pulled the hard drive out of the Windows 8.1 computer and hooked it up to my Windows 7 computer via a data transfer kit that hooks up USB. I booted my Windows 7 computer up into safe mode and took over ownership of all the folders and files on my Windows 8.1 hard drive. After I took over ownership I copied my user folder that had 200GB of data to my Windows 7 computer to store my data temporarily while I formatted the Windows 8.1 drive to get rid of the virus. After I formatted and reloaded windows 8.1 I pulled the hard drive out of the computer and  hooked the drive back up to my Windows 7 computer. I then cut and paste all of the data back to my Windows 8.1 hard drive. The data copied correctly no problem but when I put the Drive back into the Windows 8.1 computer I cannot see any of my data that I copied from my Windows 7 computer. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Problem Backing Up Data from Windows 8.1 Computer To Windows 7 Computer

HDDs/SSDBs have identifiers which are are recognized from the motherboard it is installed with.  Before moving a hdd/ssd to another motherboard you need to remove these, to do this you generalize the operating system by using sysprep from the command prompt.  This must be done before moving the HDD/SSD.
In the Elevated Command Prompt type in CD C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep, then press Enter.  Then use the command: sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown, then press Enter.
If you do not do this prior to moving the drive you may only receive error messages.
Are the data that you can't read encrypted?

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Hi There; The last time I was here I was in trouble with a few things on my cpu, this time I want to make a bootable recovery that will bring my sus back.
I have Win 2k Pro, 100 Gb Hdd, HP 9110i 8x CD R/W, 256 Mb Ram Nvidia 64mb Vid
I purchased Backup my PC I took everything off that was not essential so I only have 6Gbs stored when i do the Backup I type in the usual stuff like the prod #'s for the os, and 5 FD's & 8 80 min CD's. the problem is when I get toward the end it comes up with a error (sorry) I did not write it down it basically said prob w table of contents (I think) these are good quality CD's , I write at a lower speed. one thing I think may be a prob is I also have EZ CD Creator 5 Palt and sometimes Dir CD will lock up & I have to beboot. I have all the updates from Roxio for current apps.
I hope that I am clear enough so someone can help. you guys have been there in the past & I am sure in the future.
Thanks in advance


A:Backing up My PC

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Im trying to install win xp home on my friends computer but ran into some problems.She didn't have her startup disk that came with the computer so I decided to try to install win xp from someone elses disk of win xp on it,but was unsuccesful when trying to use the origanal oem product key that came w/ the preinstalled os.
My other friend has the same dell pc withe the same oem win xp installed on it, is there a way to copy the required files from the running dell pc,and make a bootable disk to install it on the one without an os?If so how would I go about doing so.

(Pc that needs an os)
Pc spec;
Delll dimension 2400
256 mb ram
(had)win xp home oem
30 gb hdd

Not sure the others pc specs but it is a dell dimension 2400

Your help is appreciated

A:Backing up win xp


To install an OS from any disk that was not specifically purchased for this computer is not legal. Therefore, we can not help you. This thread is closed.

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I just purchased an external Harddrive, I have a couple of questions on backing up my system.

First off, I want to know if it's possible (with any freeware programs preferably) to back up the entire content of my C drive, so it will work, in the case windows crashes.

Secondly, if I do back it up like that, would it be possible to say...remove programs from my PC, and if I need them, access them from the external hard drive? If not I need to do two-seperate types of backups. Because part of it was I'm attempting to clear space on my C drive, not just back it up.

Also, if it is possible to do both, can I do it two seperate PCs on the same external HDD? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Backing up

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Hi, im thinking of formatting my computer, I am going to back up my mp3's onto dvd's, Am I best to burn them as mp3's or make data disk ?

A:Backing up mp3's

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I was trying to do a back up on my Dell Inspiron i3, i put the disc in, it ran so it said put another disc in i did it ran.  Then it says there were errors and the discs i had made were not any good to use for restoring system cause of errors & to put another disc in. I decided not to put more disc in until i can resolve what all errors & fix them.
Should i continue or what i don't know what to do.  I've been having some trouble with my keyboard on pc will type something totally different than the keys i'm pressing.  It's listed under Forum: Keyboard Problems if someone wants to take a look & tell what i should do, i'm very confused. 

A:Backing UP

I would not recommend using DVDs for doing a backup. Use a USB external hard drive instead. Is this a file backup or a complete disk image backup?
The keyboard problem seems to be hardware related. Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode?

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A:backing up cds

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So I'm constantly seeing people advising "frequent backups!", but they never really clarify. I've googled and come up with a couple of fairly short lists, most of which say "this isn't everything, but...". I'm just wondering if there's somewhere out there that lists what 'a backup' means, exactly? I've backed up our "My Documents" folders, our individual mail profiles and address books, and I'll probably throw in bookmarks as well, but... what else is there?

A:backing up... what?

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Hi! A friend has a computer running XP. The computer is about 10 years old, so it's going to go soon, not to mention that it's soooo slow. He's not very computer literate, so I figure the best OS I could put on a computer for him is Windows 7 as it's close to XP without much of a learning curve. I've picked out a nice computer for him, but it comes with a SATA3 hard drive. His current drive is HDE. He needs to keep the software programs he has on it and the data in them. What can I use to copy/backup these programs so they will be usable in the new OS? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Let me start by saying I am a student studying computers and networking. I obtain PCs/laptops from family and friends to work on. What I want to do is back up the PC/laptop prior to working on it. When I say back up, I mean everything, (apps, OS, files, etc...). This way if I really mess it up, I can get the PC/laptop back to where it was before I started working on it. I have read about clone and image, but am still a little unsure as to exactly what they are and how to do one and then put it back on the PC/Laptop. I see XP,Vista,7, and 8. Any guidance in this area would be very helpful. Also, at this point, I'm only concerned about getting the thing back to where it was. Not concerned with continual back ups at this time.

A:backing up PC

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I am trying to find the 'right' software that will allow me to backup my system and allow me to restore it exactly as it was before a crash, like partitions, data, OS, etc.

I have Norton SW 2005 and Windows XP.



A:Backing up XP

I am trying to find the 'right' software that will allow me to backup my system and allow me to restore it exactly as it was before a crash, like partitions, data, OS, etcWhat system???????I see you have XP. Sorry about that.

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How do you do it?

A:Backing up the MBR

Here are a half-dozen links involving answer(s) to your question 8-bit, I'm not exactly sure of your particular circumstance(s) ...123. seems the best link, IMO456. Interesting command prompt instructions.

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I just was given a PC, it has XP home on it. I used the installation CD and installed Windows backup program onto it. When I open up the backup program the only drive it shows that I have on the PC is drive A. I actually have a CD-RW drive which is D and a DVD player which is E. If I go into My Computer these drives do show up. Now if I put a blank CD in the CD-RW drive a message will come up and say that the drive is not accessible. I would like to back up some of my files onto a CD but I cannot for the reason explained. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Backing up

Hi as well as the windows cd where you given the systems disk as well this is the one that comes with the mother board.

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With W7 backup, is it still necessary to use proprietory programmes such as Acronis?

A:Backing up

Necessary? No, but I like and trust Acronis more than W7's backup utility. Many use it without a problem, but when it froze the third time that I tried to use it, I gave up on it. If you don't want to pay for Acronis, there is also Paragon, which has a free edition, and some use Macrium Reflect, which is also free.

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Please forgive me if this is a really stupid question & I read few posts to get some idea & downloaded some necessary software too.

I just got my first video DVD whch is sort of an instructional video DVD for my business..

I want to make a back up copy of it.

I have never ever used a movie DVD or any kind of video DVD before.

I do back up regular data from my hard drive to a 4.7 GB DVD using Sonic software provided by Dell.

This is the first video DVD I played using Roxio CinePlayer.

I know nothing about DVd protection. How do I know if there is a protection on this DVD ?

I have just downloaded the DVDFab Platinum a DVD copying software suggested in this forum.

My questions are :

Can I just copy this DVD using my regular Dell provided Sonic software ?

Can I copy this DVD using DVDFab platinum software & if yes, do I need to remove any kind of protection before I copy ?

Trying to copy this DVD by using either software would hurt the original in any way ? ( This probably might be the stupidest question )

I might have to return this DVD to the vendor if the product with which this DVD came with doesn't work out for me after 30 Day trial period.

Thank You.

A:Please Help Backing Up my DVD

Robert, not a stupid question at all!

Most video DVDs, at least those that are sold and copyrighted, have some kind of encryption to prevent illicit or even illegal copying. But the encryption technique doesn't use any encryption keys (actually, they can't use them, it's impossible!), so it's just an algorithm. Eventually, someone cracks the code and a program is developed to "rip" the DVDs. Anyhow, I don't condone the use these programs although I did help a friend make a copy of a DVD movie he bought at a store.

robertq said:

Can I just copy this DVD using my regular Dell provided Sonic software ?Click to expand...

No, you need to find the freeware program someone has developed over the Internet.

robertq said:

Can I copy this DVD using DVDFab platinum software & if yes, do I need to remove any kind of protection before I copy ?Click to expand...

See answer to previous question.

robertq said:

Trying to copy this DVD by using either software would hurt the original in any way ? ( This probably might be the stupidest question )Click to expand...

No, the origianl DVD is a read-only DVD, so it cannot be overwritten or changed.

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I want to back up inbox and contact of out look. Do anyone know how to back up. My Windows 98SE got too many bugs. So I want to format hard drive and re install everything. But I don't want to loose emails in the inbox and contact address.

A:Backing up Out look

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hi.i have about 80 gig on a back up hardrive and was wondering what was the best way to back that up as i have nearly just lost all that!
i have heard of progs that make an image(iso?0 of the hard drive.
anyone know any more about this??


A:Backing Up?

There are several progs that can create a backup image of a hard drive's data, but they don't make an ISO, they use there own proprietary format so you will need to use the same prog to access any files on that backup image.

The two most popular are "Norton Ghost"

and "Acronis True Image"

You will need to have at least 60Gb spare drive space on which to create and store the image as that will be the approximate size of a compressed image file from a full 80Gb disk. It should ideally be on a separate physical drive not your system drive, since if your system drive should fail your backup image file will also be lost. That's less likely to happen on a separate drive which isn't reading and writing all day long.

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Hi everyone,
I bought a Verbatim external hard drive and it has Nero BackItup 4 Essentails on it for backing up.The thing is I can't understand it,so far I've just been sending to if I want to save a folder or file. Does anyone know if there is a tutoral that I can can understand. I have Googled this and found a tutorial but the interface doesn't look anything like the software I have for Nero Backitup4. also at that site and any other Nero site it wants me to back up to an online storage.
Ive never really been a fan of Nero so wondering if I should uninstall it an try something else. I wanted to do a full image back up of my computer and incremental back ups but cannot see anything on the program to do that, its very confusing. I have Windows XP, 40 gig hard drive, no partitions.
thank you for any advice.

A:need help with backing up

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I want to start doing automatic backups with xp's backup utility, for a home user that does pics and music. should i do one full backup then weekly incrementals or differentials, or monthly full backups. any body have a good backup stratagy that would not be hell to recover in the event of a disaster. thank you.

A:backing up 101

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Hi I just got an external HD,(WD),
My question: Is there a way to back up using XP and on a scheduled basis, or do I need an application.. If so does any1 know of good free one?

A:backing up Xp

Hi .XP has its own backup program, which is gratis.I don't use it, but you can read up on it and see if it meets your needs/wants.Using NTBackup in XP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308422 WindowsXP Tips, Installing NTBackup on XP Home - http://www.onecomputerguy.com/windowsxp_tips.htm You may be interested in http://www.easeus.com/disk-copy/Louis

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On my system I have a 40Gb Hdd and a 1.2GbHdd. I used to back up the 40 Gb to the second one using the backup tool provided in WinXP Pro.

Now that the 40Gb has grown, the backup does not fit on the second hdd. I want to back up to CD-R/RW but the backup is bigger than 1 CD and the provided tool will not spread it over a few discs.

Does anyone know of any software that will let me spread it over a few discs? Or does anyone know of any other type of media that does not cost a fortune?

I did get a copy of Norton Ghost with my MoBo(Soyo Dragon+) but it does not work!rolleyes: I have not bothered pursueing it, I may bother if this will let me do what i want.

Please Help!

A:Backing UP

The easiest way and cheapest would be to buy a new HD, under $100. Another good product that can be PCMCIA or USB2 attached is at this location: http://www.cmsproducts.com/default.htm

Hope this helps!

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Hey guys,

What are the steps I have to take to backup my entire harddrive, so that when I get a new pc I can have a one-click restoration of all my installed files (skip the hassle of reinstalling all my utilities) as well as my media?

Is there an all-in-one programme that can do this for me?

A:backing up

The Windows Files & Settings Transfer Wizard is SUPPOSED to do this, but I've had about a 50% success rating with it. There's also the fact that files & settings saved in one XP Service Pack won't transfer to an XP installation with another Service Pack. I gave up on relying on it when I learned this, and that there was no "fix" coming to remedy the situation.

I mention this to get ahead of any recommendations to rely on this method. There may be a 3rd party alternative that is more reliable, but I'm unaware of it.

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Even though I back up my emails, I do not know which files to back up to protect my Signatures in Outlook Express>Tools>Signatures. Any ideas?
Any help would be gratefully received - thanks!

A:Backing Up.


Which version are you running?

Outlook 97


Outlook 98


Outlook Express 5


but it uses the registry so be warned.



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Hey I work for a local church and they gave me $300 to get a peice of software to backup our churches pc. Ive heard norton ghost is good but i wanna here what people think whats the best program to comletely backup your pc including your os and then easly restore your pc oh and there running xp home

any sugestions?


A:Backing Up PC

300$ huh buy a raid pci card and 2 hard drives,
when you write data with raid it writes the same data to all of the harddrives. and you get multipule copies

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Is it possible to back up my operation system windows XP? The computer did not come with the disk and I would like to reforrmat the hard-drive.

A:Backing up OS

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I had a lot of stuff I wanted to back up So I did. Then I tried to use the back up I couldn't seem to do it. But I just wanna do it right. So now can anyone tell me how to step by step backing up then loading it or use it. Just for instance i wanted to wipe or change os. Or advice...

A:Help With Backing Up Pc!

Not sure I can help, but those that can might like to know what operating system you're using and what back up prog? Is it one that's built in, or some other one?


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ive had my comp for about a yea and wen i got it i instored everything myself (os & software) the problem is that i havnt got a boot disk, i dont no wat a boot disk is or how to use one, and i dont no how to backup evrything, etc. wat is system restore, how do i use, etc. i hav a cd burner, if that helps. i really need a ''computer guide for dummies" type manual, or something. i no my way around computers more than ur average joe, but i need help on the 'essential' stuff. if u can help, or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated, THANX.

im running XP Pro (os)

A:Backing Up

unfortunatly XP has no boot disk that will allow you to do the same things as a win98 boot disk can and with that having been said a win98 boot disk cannot read the NT File system XP runs on

The best way to back up files in your case is to burn all the files you want to keep onto cd's using your cd-writer

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I have never backed up my system using a backup utility. I have always backed up important personal files manually onto a disc or other device. I want to do a thorough backup now as I may have a serious infection of which is posted in the HJT forum and to which am waiting for a response. I installed the Windows Backup utility from the operating cd. The problem I am having is knowing how to find the proper location in which to backup. Other than the C drive, the only drive options are removable discs and even when I choose one of these, I am told that I cannot backup there as there is not a proper path.

Can anyone help with this?


A:Help Backing Up

You cannot use the Windows backup utility to record directly to a CD/DVD.If you want to back and store those files on those media...you must first store the file to a partition, then burn it to disk just as you would any other set of files which you want on CD/DVD.http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=c...mp;aq=f&oq=You need either another hard drive or the means of creating such on your current hard drive (which means that you require sufficient space to do such).I've not used NT Backup...but I don't think it will allow a user to create and store a backup on the same partition which is being backed up. Many backup utilities won't.IMO, the smart solution is to add a hard drive to your system, which which you can use for backups and nothing else.Louis

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