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Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

Q: Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

Hello, I am a bit of a hard time with 2 routers on one network and unfortunately as things stand now they both have to be there. So I just got ADSL and the only modem option available to me was one with a 4-port wired router, I hooked that up into my existing network of about 9 computers (5 laptops and 4 desktops) which is connected by another 4-port WiFi router.

I started out with my only goal of hooking 3 of these computers to the internet after I got the DSL by some MAC filtering configured in the WiFi router. But, having the DSL modem/router has created another issue. I am using 2 separate IP gateways for both the routers which are in the same subset, I can connect to both of them from all my machines. The problem is I don't have any control over which computer connects to what router. I am trying to avoid setting each PC up with a static IP that needs internet access.

Here is my setup in more detail. My ADSL router is and my WiFi router is and both have the subnet My ADSL connection has dynamic IP and the modem/router is connected into a LAN port on the WiFi router. I have tried disabling DHCP on the modem/router and changed my WiFi router IP to that of the modem (which was counter productive) to no avail. Someone mentioned MAC address cloning but I am not sure if it will work in this setup. Since I configured this I am seeing quite a few IP conflicts, which are probably my fault as I didn't check when I was setting up static IP on computers that needed internet access.

I just want these 2 routers to work in harmony if possible. Can I just use one of them as a DHCP server? I do not want to use static IP for any computer whether or not it connects to the internet. Right now I am using it for computers that want access to the internet by guiding them to right gateway and the computers that need not be connected just have auto IP configured. I would rather use MAC filters for this.

I am going to stop typing now before I dream about this mess I have on my hands. Any help here will be welcome. Thank You

Preferred Solution: Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

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I have ADSL Internet
An ADSL Router

i also have a Freecom DataTank Gateway WLAN

I want to connect the datatank to the adsl router and use it as a switch but cannot seem to do it.

I set the datatank ip to and told it to run as a switch
I set my router as a DHCP server with the ip

I Plugged the datatank into the router and can access the internet but cannot access the datatank user interface at

Anyone help please!

A:ADSL Internet, ADSL Router. DataTank (Cable Router) Daisy chain off ADSL?

problem solved.

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Hi all,
I want to set up a small web server that would run on my home computer.. he's connected to internet through wifi Canyon wirelles router, and the wifi is by cable connected to huawei adsl modem.. I allready have set on adsl dmz rule for wifi router, and on router I have opened up both port forwarding and virtual server to my pc to port where is web server.. but when I try to connect to it on predefined port as MY.dyndns.orgort, or directly on iport, page is unavailable, but if I just connect to MY.dyndns.org, adsl config page appears..
so, my question is, How to set up routers to get it through to my pc?..

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HEY Guys,i am new to this community.
Now,I have been dealing here with a problem.I am buying a WIFI ROUTER+MODEM under INR 2500.Now the problem is that.....
First see the picture of the router i am thinking of buying.

Now will this support DSL connection or not because in the amazon questions menu somebody answered to it as to being a DSL router.
This is its NAME:
TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless N450 Home Router
Now,if the above is not the one i am wanting then please suggest me some under INR 2500($37.50 as on 23/07/2016).
Also please tell me what can i do if i have bought the modem but want to use DSL conection.If DSL doesn't work then other options are also invited.

A:Wifi Router+ADSL Modem.CONFUSED!

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hello, I have a problem connecting wifi router(airlive wt-2000r) to my ADSL modem(webstar epc2203ed2.0) using utp patch cable. When my PC is connected straight to the ADSL modem everything works like charm. But when I connect modem with wan port on the router and router with my PC I get no internet access. The network shows as unidentified network and win7 troubleshooter says: Default gateway not available.

Connecting them two devices seems pretty simple and I donīt think I am doing anything wrong so what could be the problem?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you. This is my ipconfig /all
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Milan>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Milan-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : BC-5F-F4-17-54-DF
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2171:2f34:e005:45d8%10(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 22. listopadu 2012 16:35... Read more

A:connecting wifi router to adsl modem

can we see an ipconfig /all when connected to the webstar epc2203ed2.0 only
its possibly showing as a router

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Hi, while scanning with avast network scan, an option in avast free antivirus, it shows a rom 0 vulnerability in the router. The check shows port 80 and 21 are shown as vulnerable ports.
I have enabled SPI along with firewall in the router settings. Still this vulnerability, which occasionally changes my dns server address to unknown sites.
Any body heard about this and how to cure this .
once i noted that it is changed to, which does not my gateway

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I have a laptop and a desktop - both running windows 7 ultimate.

Desktop is connected via LAN cable to a TP Link ADSL cum Router. Laptop is connected to router via wireless access point.

I want to transfer files between laptop and desktop

I have assigned home network to both of them.
Turned off password protected sharing
Shared Drives in both of them with full access to everyone in settings.

Still I am not able to share files between them.

Any suggestions?

A:File sharing between Desktop and Laptop via ADSL Wifi router

What type of error message are you getting?

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Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...


A:how to configure Dlink ADSL router and Netgear Wireless router for internet distrib

Ndhingra said:

Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...

http://www.techspot.com/vb/images/icons/icon5.gifClick to expand...

The easiest way is to run the CD that should have come with the Router, if you havent got it then you will have to configure it manually.

Full instructions can be found on the netgear website here.


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Is it possible connect one DSL router with RJ45(LAN) output to Wifi ADSL router with RJ11 (telephone) input?

I want to use the wifi only on this adsl router.

a had find also
RJ11 to RJ45 Adapter

Converts RJ11 to RJ45 and Visa versa. Useful for connecting ADSL broadband modems to network switches etc. Uses the middle 4 cores to transmit the data.

Is this adapter work also in other way RJ45 to RJ11?
Enyone tried this?

Thanks for advice.

A:Connect one DSL router with RJ45 output to Wi-Fi ADSL router with RJ11 input?

steveke999 said:


Is it possible connect one DSL router with RJ45(LAN) output to Wifi ADSL router with RJ11 (telephone) input?Click to expand...

only if connected in a not obvious manner

I want to use the wifi only on this adsl router.
a had find also
RJ11 to RJ45 Adapter

Converts RJ11 to RJ45 and Visa versa. Useful for connecting ADSL broadband modems to network switches etc. Uses the middle 4 cores to transmit the data.

Is this adapter work also in other way RJ45 to RJ11?Click to expand...

no, that will not work as it is only a 'wire connector' and not a signal converter.

here's how; do not put anything into the RJ11 slot on the ADSL WiFi router.

connect an ethernet cable from a LAN slot on the router connected to the phone line
TO another lan slot on the WiFi router. This will cause the WiFi router to act very much
link a switch. Just be sure the DHCP service (on this device) is disabled and only the primary router has DHCP active.

You will still need to setup the WiFi configuration (but do so ONLY with a wired connection to it).

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

A:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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I was looking at getting a wireless router (either a D-Link 615 or a Netgear Rangemax WNR1000) and I'm not exactly sure how to set it up. I have a BEC Technologies 7402 TM (NOT GTM) adsl wired modem/router that my telephone company gave me when I switched to DSL. There are 4 LAN ports on the back of the modem/router, a line port that my telephone cable is connected to, and a console port that I don't use. 2 of the LAN ports are being used. One is connected to my cable box, the other has an ethernet cord that runs halfway around my house, through a wall and into a wall jack that my desktop computer is connected to. I only want to use the wireless router to connect to my Wii and one laptop, I would like to keep my desktop connection wired. I had previously tried to connect to xbox live by connecting my xbox to one of the LAN ports but I could never get it to work, so now I just switch the ethernet cords between my xbox and computer in the wall jack whenever I want to use one or the other. Will I be able to connect a wireless router to one of the LAN ports and receive a signal or will I have to connect the wireless router to the wall jack that my desktop is hooked to, and run the connection through the router? I've never setup a wireless network before so I'm a little new to this subject.

A:Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

Hi:here are links to sample dsl modem router to wireless router configurations..
And for dlink:
And the tried and true Johnwill,TSG tutorial on the same subject.
Your modem probably is a modem/router combo.Here are some possible fixes .

a. Bridge the modem/router unit so that it bypasses the router function and acts as a modem only. Or,

b. Change the address range used by one of the routers, say, to 192.168.3.x. Or,

c. Use the second router as an ethernet switch and wireless access point per the following recipe.

Connecting two soho routers in a network

Tutorial from Johnwill from the Networking Forum

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining chan... Read more

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Hi there!

I'm having some networking issues that I'd really like to resolve once and for all.

I purchased a new laptop and I'm attempting to connect it to the internet via the wireless network in my home. I have successfully had internet for about 30 seconds before it dropped the signal (this is after I have restarted the modem, router and vonage device). It will keep picking up the signal and then dropping it. A similar situation happened before when I brought a work laptop home. It would knock all the other computers of the network and only log on for a minute or 2 at a time before losing it's connection. My mother's laptop, on the other hand, always connects just fine. All 3 pc's in my house, the desktop and both laptops, are running windows xp pro. My router is a linksys wireless-b broadband router: BEFW11S4.

I'm also having problems when trying to log into my wireless router's web interface. The username and password were not working so I attempted to reset my router and log in with a blank username and admin as the password. I got an Error that said: "Error: User not allowed to log in the User level". When resetting a router, is there a specific procedure aside from pressing in the reset button for about 30 seconds?

I believe this might be a dynamic vs. static IP issue but even if I'm correct I'm unsure how to go about fixing it.

If someone could help me figure this out or at least point me in the right di... Read more

A:Laptop Connectivity And Wireless Router Issues, dynamic vs. static IP conflict?

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ok so i hav an adsl router modem. It has 1 ethernet output and 1 usb output.
I bought a wireless access point 2day and tried 2 connect it up so i can connect to the net on my laptop.

The adsl modem is connected to the desktop via USB. and then connected to the wireless access point via ethernet. However the access point does not seem 2 b picking up the adsl modem. The modem can be used with the ethernet and usb cable at the same time.. But the router has no internet connection. any1 know wat i need 2 set up or anything? thnx

adsl modem router - iConnect access 621
Wireless access point- TP-LINK TL WA601G
Diagram of wat im trying 2 do---

Desktop -----USB----- ADSL
modem/router ------ETHERNET-------Wireless
access point ------Laptop

A:Wireless router connection to ADSL router

You might need to check the settings of the ADSL modem, perhaps it has a Mac filtering option enabled which prevents another computer from connecting to it without first adding the Mac address in a list of authorized devices on the modem.

Also in the WiFi router's web interface, can you see the status of the Ethernet port ?

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I have a DLink 502T ADSL router, and a DLink 824VUP+ wireless router.
I realise my problem is having 2 DHCP servers.
I want my WR (Wireless Router) to be my DHCP server as it has more security features and functionality.

Say I get the internet going on the AR (ADSL Router) and then assign it a static IP (DHCP off) of
Then I setup my WR with LAN address and range - ...
I can ping both routers, can only log in to the WR, and cannot get internet.

I have been going for hours trying everything any advice would be excellent. Thanks.

A:1 ADSL router, 1 DSL wireless Router 1 internet

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We are moving our small office a few hundred yards to a new building, and as our telephone provider cannot hook up the adsl line in time, we have to temporarily rely on a 3g router (Teltonika RUT104 (HSUPA router) or accessing the internet. The router simply has a sim card inserted (that has a static IP), and can be connect to a switch for other users to have an internet connection.
My question is:
As our existing ADSL router (Draytek Vigor 2820) has a SPI firewall for protection, if we are to just use the 3g router in place of our regular router, then we wouldn't have the same protection from attack with the 3g's standard firewall. (Our server is protected by the hardware firewall built in to the router). So can we connect the 3G router to our existing router, so that we benefit from the firewall protection, and also make use of the 3g internet connection?
I presume we just connect the 3G router to the existing router (DHCP supplied by the server), but unsure what changes we should make to either router for them to work together.
It's basically the uncertainty of the 3g's firewall protection, which got me asking the question.
I hope this makes sense!!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, my friend is in Japan, and he's signed up for NTT's ADSL service, They say he can 'rent' a modem, but he would need to get a router too if he wishes to use more computers. However he doesn't want a 'multi-box' solution, he wants it in 1 box (like in other countries), a combination ADSL Router/Modem with Wifi. However, he cannot buy them in a few computer stores he has visited. I am visiting him soon, and we're trying to understand if I bring over an ADSL router, if that would work.. I know about the power limitations, but that aside, can it work?

ps. Thinking of bringing something like the following models ( I will purchase once I know for sure )...
Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem
Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-in 125g Wireless Router
Linksys by Cisco WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Modem Router

pps. I see a lot of modems listed on Amazon with ADSL2, I don't think they have ADSL2 in Japan (according to wikipedia), would ADSL2 modem work with ADSL.?

MANY MANY Thanks if anyone can answer this

A:Can an ADSL Wireless Modem Router work with NTT's ADSL service in Japan

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I have a ADSL router and wireless router. they connected together the wireless router connected to the adsl router by ethernet cabel but when i try to acces to ping ip that in the wireless router from the adsl router i faild and when i try to ping ip that in the adsl router from the wireless router i Succesed what can i do ?

sorry about my low english

A:Adsl router with wireless router

What are you trying to do? If you want everything to be in one Local Area Network connect/configure the wireless router as follows.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. [You will not need a cross-over cabl... Read more

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Please help! ive had this problem for 5 months now and STILL no solution.
I have tesco ADSL broadband, a dlink router with a pc and laptop running on it via ethernet cables. The pc is fine and has no problems whatsoever, however the laptop cannot access secure sites such as hotmail, messenger, banking, ebay etc. Seeing as the other pc works fine - it cant be the router, however i have tried altering MTU values and firewall controls within the router to no avail. It must be a problem with the windows on my laptop. I have checked for viruses and spyware - nothing. The strange thing is the laptop CAN connect to secure sites when it is connected to the phoneline directly via tescos USB ADSL modem. SO what the hell is going on? Can anyone help????

A:adsl and router probs but its not the router!

Thread closed (double post)

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HI there, greetings from Croatia!
I need some help here. I this possible (picture)? If it is, where I have to input LAN cable from Thompson router to Siemens router?
Here is the problem: In my home there is 3 PC, 2 laptops, 4 mobphones. They are all on Thomson, LAN or WiFi, everything is working fine. But.. Yesterday I manage to repair older PC (PC2 on the picture) for daughter, and encountered to a strange problem. PC is working fine ( celereon 2.8 occ, 2GB RAM), but WiFi is not. I have 2 wifi adapters (Siemens&Realink), tested them at others machines, they works. Normally, password, user name, whatever.
Then I passed through The Calvary- installed XP media centre, XP black edition, Vista extreme, Win7, -same problem. LAN is working but WiFi finds router signal, try to connect and falls without explanations(like connection is out of something, or password is incorrect). I tried with installing original Siemens and then Realink software, installing just drivers, didn't help. Don't know what to do next. Maybe somebody here know? Any help will be welcome.
So, I will try to solve this problem by adding one more router so PC2 can connect to Internet via LAN. Is it possible?
Thanks everybody for reading such a long post.

A:Router + router on one adsl line, possible?

Maybe you didn't realize this but both of those router's aren't actually router's, they are both modem/router's which means you can't use them together. The secondary router needs be a regular router not a modem/router.

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I've currently got a 512kb/s adsl connection but will be moving to a faster 1mb/s connection in next 2 months.In meantime I need to get my other PC to share same connection. So must be wireless. As I understand it a 4 port wireless adsl router means that basically you have an adsl modem that not only controls upload/download link to the internet but lets u plug in 4 PC's hardwired into modem? and then as well as that connect wirelessly?

I'm only looking to connect two PC's to it...one hardwired in and the other wireless equipped with a USB wireless stick.

Would this be suitable?


A:Sharing internet using ADSL. Which router/adsl modem to buy?

I suppose this is what your ISP is trying to sell you..

It will probably work, but I would recommend a product from a brand manufacturer who will actually release patches and support you after two years.

Look for similar products from Linksys, 3Com, SMC, D-Link, Netgear

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I recently bought dlink D2750U WIFI ADSL modem/router, for my ADSL internet connection.

But I have now changed my ISP, who provide internet via cable(not telephone line). The ISP guy provides a cable modem(old modem) along with it.

I have connected my PC this way:
Cable modem -> Router -> PC through RJ45. I am able to access internet from my PC, but I am not able to get wifi working on the router. And I am logging onto internet through a dial up connection.
1) Please help in configuring the router to get wifi working.
2) Also, my default gateway seems to be either or blank. So, I am not able to login to the modem unless I remove the modem connection. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

Here are a few more details:
Output of ipconfig: http://pastebin.com/Zr9Eb7L7

A:Using dlink D2750U Wifi Modem/Router As a Wifi Router

Hey Narain. The D-Link unit you have appears to be a combo unit (modem and wireless router) since it connects straight to the RJ-11 phone line. This unit won't work with an ISP that provides service by way of coax cable. The D-Link will work if you want to use DSL, but you need a cable service compatible modem or combo modem/router if you use cable service.


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i have new netgear router wifi and don't know how to set up with my lenovo/windows 10 laptop.

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I am confused and have no idea where to start... I apologise in advance for the wall of text.

Recently I have been experiencing odd issues with my WiFi router ( at least I think its the router) ZyXel Keenetic Giga II. The most annoying of which is the periodic inability to load random webpages. For example, I might be able to load google but not any of the search results while at the same time being able to browse reddit on my phone or tablet. The pattern changed constantly and it doesn't seem to affect any particular web pages. Like I said - random. This happens once or twice a week and seems to be increasing in frequency. I have tried rebooting the router. Rolling back to factory settings, changing DNS. With no result. It only resolves itself when it "feels" like it and usually lasts from 5 min to several hours. It is also worth mentioning that I hardly ever use my laptop and most of the browsing and streaming is done using various mobile devices.

Any help in defeating my router would be greatly appreciated.

A:Strange issues with WiFi router

Describe "The most annoying of which is the periodic inability to load random webpages" in detail please - -

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In my house we have had various problems with our previous router.
It was always playing up, it wouldn't connect to websites it would randomly lose connection to the entire house occasionally.
Therefore we bought a new router which works perfectly through the Ethernet cables and on lan etc.
However there is a huge issue with the wifi, it will work for about 1-2 hours and then it will lose all connectivity on the wifi until you restart the router, which is an inconvenience to my brother who plays world of warcraft alot and always seems to be something going on. We have tried various channels through the router configuration, including 1 and 11 the latter of which it is currently set to. There is one other router in our area set to 7 so technically there should be little interference.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The make and model of the new router is...
Draytek Vigor 2600 G

A:Solved: Wifi issues with new router

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I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite L75-C7250 w/Win10. I can access the internet on an unsecured network or hot spot, but I cannot log into my wireless router. All of my other devices login properly. I have tried every "fix" from the internet, and it still will not recognize or accept my password. I've updated all drivers, disabled all firewalls and anti-virus software (even deleted the McAfee that came on the machine). I've unplugged/reset the modem and router.

Any new ideas out there?


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Hey everyone,
I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give on the issue...I'm at my wits end at this point...

So anyway, about a month ago my old 2wire modem pretty much kicked the bucket for good (after about 4 years of more or less dedicated service with the occasional hiccup here and there, I was kind of saddened yet relieved) and I was left without internet for a few days. I contacted my ISP with the issue, and after a bunch of failed restart attempts on their end (I told them the damn thing was dead already, but they were insistent on making sure I wasn't bs'ing them) they finally relented and decided to send me their new Pace 4111n router/modem.

A few days later, low and behold, I had a new Pace and guess what? IT HAD WIFI!!

The reason why this came as such an interesting surprise was because my old 2Wire that my ISP had originally provided us with was simply a modem with no router/wifi capabilities on it. In order to bypass the lack of Wifi, I had to purchase a Netgear N300 router and had it hooked up to the 2Wire for years with no connectivity issues.
Anyway, with the new Pace in hand, I put my old Netgear away and plugged the new baby in....and here is where things kinda went downhill....
Now...my old set up was kinda strange...I used to have the 2Wire modem hooked up to the Netgear router and in between had a Grandstream HT502 Voip phone adapter plugged in (we have the need in my household for long distance phone service, and in order to ... Read more

A:WiFi Connectivity Issues with Pace 4111n Modem/Router

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Hi All,
I received my brand new Kaby Lake powered Dell XPS 13 9360 a couple of weeks back and I have been suffering from wifi disconnect issues since then. The USB LAN connection works perfectly using the Dell USB C adapter.
I have tried all the standard troubleshooting steps:
1. BIOS and Killer 1535 Wireless Adapter Driver updated to latest version  (including uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless drivers)
2. Updated Windows 10 to the latest anniversary edition
3. Changed Power Saving settings on the Wireless Adapter using Powershell commands as there are no Power management options for the Killer Wireless adapter in Device Manager 
(Disable-NetAdapterPowerManagement -Name "Wi-Fi" -NoRestart)
After running the above command I get the status of the relevant power mgmt parameters as below (though not sure if its really effective)
DeviceSleepOnDisconnect : InactiveWakeOnMagicPacket : Disabled
 4. Installed the latest Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 10
Even after running step 1 and then later step,2 the wifi connection used to disconnect after some time (especially when a large file was being downloaded or any high network usage activity). Running a speed test of my broadband connection is a sure way to disconnect from wifi. More importantly this disconnection used to crash the Access Point on my TP-Link WR841N router which caused all my other devices to lose network connection as well and required a Router restart.
... Read more

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Hello one and all,
I am sincerely hoping someone can assist with my little networking problem as i'm tearing my hair out now..

Here at work we have a Vigor Modem/Router hosting our connection to the world. It was originally on DHCP & the 4 computers & 2 printers found their own IP addresses without problem.

We added a Linksys router via ethernet (to a lan port not the wan) in another area of the yard. This was fine also on DHCP and connecting wirelessly from a laptop or mobile phone was a doddle.

Then our oh so wonderful IT geek decided to put the Vigor on a Static IP along with all the computers connected to it. This has some how cut off the wifi capability of the Linksys router now.

It is basically acting as a hub for two laptops and nothing else.

In simplistic terms with some detail what settings need changing on the Linksys if any?

The Vigors internal IP is
Linksys is
both on subnet

I have been advised to set the Linksys to a static IP on the Internet Connection option but what set of figures do i need for that??

Fingers crossed...


A:Adding a wifi router to router on static IP

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Thanks for having me on your forum.

As the title of my post states, I'm having issues with my Windows 10 Wifi or lack thereof.

Let me clarify. I just got FIOS installed back in May 2016. Originally, it was supposed to be installed in March but then Verizon workers went on strike.

Anyway, before getting FIOS and the Quantum Modem/Router, I had DSL Linksy router. I attempted to access/utilize the wireless capabilities of the old DSL router and lo-and behold it worked. I was able to use the "Cast to" feature with the Samsung Smart TV. Everything was working great. Then I got the FIOS Quantum Modem/Router and now not only did the Wifi disappear from my Windows 10 "Settings" but the WLAN Network adapter is also missing from my "Device Manager". Basically I need to know if this is FIOS Modem/Router or something with my motherboard. I don't know if it's the motherboard but I'm not ruling the possibility out that it could be. I say this because there wasn't an issue with WLAN Adapter missing from the "Device Manager" before I got new so-called improved FIOS Quantum Modem/Router. Regardless of how things shake out I would appreciate any help that you can provide.


P.S. I might not get back to you quickly as sometimes when I get home from work the last thing I feel like doing to getting on the computer.

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Well, as the title says, I am experiencing difficultly in getting the NAT setting on my Xbox 360 to Open status. I've searched in many places on the internet, including these forums for an answer and I've yet to find one which solves my issues, so I decided it was time to finally ask for help.

What I'm working currently working with is the Embarq P600R ADSL modem/router combo (If there's a more specific name for it, I don't know it as I don't have the packaging - I'm simply going by what was printed on the modem itself) working through my Linksys WRT54GS router by way of the ethernet ports of both units. The WRT54GS is then hardwired to four different computers, and broadcasts to my Xbox 360 wirelessly via microsoft's network adapter specifically designed for the unit (compatability between the adapter and router isn't an issue, just trying to cover all my bases). Because of this, all of the LAN ports on my WRT54GS are currently being used, preventing me from attempting to simply make my WRT54GS act as only access point, since to my knowledge I would need to plug the modem/router into one of its LAN ports instead of the ethernet port.

Thus far I've tried enabling UPnP on both units, setting up a DMZ for my 360's IP on the WRT, and Forwarding Ports 88 (TCP/UDP) and 3074 (TCP/UDP) on the WRT, both individually and simultaneously.

I also had somewhat of a breakthrough when I switched the P600R to bridge mode, as it gave ... Read more

A:Xbox 360 NAT Issues with P600R modem/router and WRT54GS router

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I need help on bridging Belkin N150 F9J1001V1 modem router (primary, connected to internet using ADSL) and Linksys WAG54GS modem router (which needs to be bridged). I would appreciate if detailed step by step procedure is provided.

A:bridging ADSL modem router and another modem router

can you explain exactly what you want to do ?
and give IP address, of each router

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Have 3COM OfficeConnect ADSL Firewall Router/Modem set up for wireless access for laptop. This works very well.

Work are providing access to secure intranet via a work provided laptop. Access is by username/password and a security key on an flash drive over VPN connection.

Problem is they have said that I have to use their supplied router which is not wireless.

Okay if I can use two without unplugging the existing wireless.

Could anyone comment?

Should it be possible to run connection to secure servers over any router? I am sure that the security must all be controlled over the VPN from work end.

If they insist, is is possible/desirable to run two routers connected to same phone line?

If answer to last is yes, is there any performance hit?

Any replies gratefully received.

A:[ADSL] Second Router????

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I have PROLINK ADSL router.when i connect it with my pc, it work well but connect with hub it does not work ,pls help me

A:Adsl Router

you need a router and not a hub. The hub is a "dumb" device that just shares network traffic without any sense of where the data is going. The router has is like a hub but is smarter, which shares the internet conection and also acts like a switch.

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Hi what?s the best adsl router for streaming hd video and torrents? I am with aol as well. I was thinking of Belkin F7D4401uk Play Max Dual Band Wireless NN+ ADSL Modem Router but after reading so much review some people gave it 5 satrs other only one so I am unsure now can some advise me on with router to get?

A:Best ADSL router ?

Any one?

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Having problems with my current set up Dlink modem going into Dlink router so going to buy an ADSL router so theres just one thing to worry about...sooo which is best.....?



A:Which ADSL Router

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I was wanting to know what the difference is between a IP to IP gateway/router and a broadband type gateway/router?


A:IP to IP router or ADSL?

Anyone know? Thanks.

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Anyone please help... I think I am missing something really simple.

I have just installed A shiny new Belkin 54g ADSL Router/Network Hub between a PC running XP Pro, and a new Sony Vaio Laptop also running XP Pro.

Both machines can connect to the internet Via ADSL, at the same time, no problems there. But.... I have enabled file & print sharing, and have seemingly setup the home network so that the two machines can exchange files, and use the printer that is connected to the PC. But I cannot access one from the other. In either direction. The PC is connected to the Router via Cat 5 cable, the laptop is wireless. Norton Internet security is on both machines, and the Windows firewall is switched off. Nortons firewall appears to be set to allow the IP range for the setup (it says it is anyway).

Would someone kindly take me by the hand, and walk me through what I may have done wrong, or not done at all. On the PC, I used View My Networks places, and the laptop was there, but I had no access rights. Apparently I need to talk to my administrator. Well, in this instance that's me and I don't know what to say to myself.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated (and needed).

A:New ADSL Router / Hub

Do the workgroup names match? Try disabling your firewalls(both NIS and NPF), you can sort out the config of it after you get it working without it.

You might also find this helpful http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...a632-076f98a351a2&displaylang=en&Hash=GYK7R74

also, www.homenethelp.com has a nice guide to setting up f&p sharing, you can also find info at www.practicallynetworked.com and www.wown.com

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I'm going to get ADSL from local provider. In their FAQ they say to get ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) standards supporting ADSL modem. It's 512kbps down and 128kbps up connection.
So getting a separate ADSL modem and connect it to a router or should i get a ADSL router modem both in one device?
If it's a ADSL Router modem what brands or products you think the best?
I am thinking to buy D-Link DSL-504T (http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=3&pid=373) Is it good choice? Anyother good ones or recommendations?

Other thing is if use this router modem to connect my 4 computer at home will it be possible to share files and do all the things like a normal LAN other than just internet connection sharing?

A:ADSL Router Modem

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A:Mentor Adsl Router

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I am attempting to network two computers together via a cable network and a "mentor" adsl router. I also have tiscali broadband to add to the equation.

I have had the broadband working via the router, although I dont understand how; when I connect to the router setup, it has the option to enter the ISP username and password, which I do, then it connected to the internet (I dont understand how without a number or provider name).
However the connection is shortlived and it keeps cutting off.

My second problem is that evertime I reboot windows server 2003 it takes about 15 minutes to load to the log on screen, as it says it is "preparing network connections", and it does this every time I reset the machine...

This is the first network I have attempted to setup, so I am a newbie!!

Can anyone give me any pointers?

A:tiscali via adsl router

Back again!

I am still having trouble; I now have the two computers networked and able to file share, but I cannot get the broadband working - the USB modem provided by tiscali will not work with my network cards, when I enable the usb modem in "Control panel>system>devices" the network closes down and the two computers wont communicate.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi, i have a network recently set up at home involving 2 desktop computers and a laptop, all connected to broadband via a "sitecom ADSL home staion". All worked well but uncannnily every 24 hours or so the entire network goes down, including internet access and the only way to set it up is to reset manually the router, rerrun the network wizards and then configure the router with a username and passwor dfor the broadband, which is suppled by BT by the way. The did supply there own modem but i never used it as i wanted the capcity to connect four computers. The only thing ive noticed is that when it goes down in the events section of the administrative tools the follwing probelm appears under DHCP

Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 0040CA85B04E. The following error occurred:
The semaphore timeout period has expired. . Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.
and then shortly after this, still under the heading of DHCP i get:

our computer has automatically configured the IP address for the Network Card with network address 0040CA85B04E. The IP address being used is

The main problem is that it works perfectly but just every day, almost like clockwork it seems, it goes down, Any help on this would be great, thank you....

A:ADSL router problems - never seen before

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Hi There

Newbie to these forums but have done some research within but can not find answer.

I have just purchased a Dell optiplex sx270 running XP home sp 3 from ebay for a friend.Before giving it I have updated it on my home network connected to my cable modem and router with no problems.

Taking it to her house the pc will not see her Maplin adsl2+ usb modem 4 port router/switch which works fine with her previous pc. I have tried connecting via USB and ethernet to no avail. I just get the cable is disconnected message/low connectivity.Whilst this is happeneing the modem-router looses the adsl light and searches across the 4 inputs.

At this point I found this lovely forum where a common starting point seems to be to do a stack reset so I did this as directed but to no avail.

I have done ip config onto a word document but cant work out how to upload it to here.

However none of the normal ip stuff is on there as it says media disconnected for the local area connection.

Hope you can help



A:New pc not seeing adsl modem router

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I want to know suggestions of good Wireless ADSL modem router combo (two devices in one) from experience people. I have two floors house build from concrete blocks and cement. However , I looking for a device that has WAN port so I can use the device as router only if I want.

I have no idea if ADSL modem-router has WAN port or only has the phone line as input and Ethernet and wireless as output without having Ethernet WAN port

It would be good if you give links from www.ebay.com or other ebay sites and an item can be sent to United Arab Emerate

My maxmum price $100 including shipping

A:Looking for ADSL modem and router in one but...

If you're looking for a device with an Ethernet WAN port, just buy a separate modem and router, problem solved. I doubt you'll find many options of a single unit with that capability.

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Is it possible to run two routers from a single ADSL line ?

Problem is my daughters computer in her bedroom gets a very slow/intermitent connection on wireless from my router because the signal is weak (15" concrete floor between the rooms). I have a spare router and a phone line not far from her room, so if I could connect this router in addition to the one in my study it would solve the problem.

Failing that are there any other suggestions other than running a 10 metre ethernet cable to her room ?

A:More than one router from one ADSL line

Quote: Originally Posted by Odd Job

Is it possible to run two routers from a single ADSL line ?

Problem is my daughters computer in her bedroom gets a very slow/intermitent connection on wireless from my router because the signal is weak (15" concrete floor between the rooms). I have a spare router and a phone line not far from her room, so if I could connect this router in addition to the one in my study it would solve the problem.

Failing that are there any other suggestions other than running a 10 metre ethernet cable to her room ?

Assuming her computer works where yours is, your best bet really is the ethernet cable. Its at least twice as fast as wifi, and not subject to disconnects (especially at 10m). If you must the wifi router can be installed on the phone line but it will decrease the signal/speed from both routers as it raises the impedance.
Ken J

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Just found out that the DSL that we get from our phone company is actually ADSL and the gateway that they gave us is by a company called SmartRG which is Powered by ClearAccess. I was wondering if anybody has heard of them because the ClearAccess site doesn't have much info about them and the SmartRG company site has nothing.

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Hi all ...

Wouldn't mind a little help with something im doing at home if anyone knows!

Basically, I have built a server pc running Server 2003 recently, and I built my client pc a while ago. My client pc has internet access through a Netcomm NB1300 ADSL Modem Router connected via USB. The router has 2 ports, one is running into the phone line & with the other one I have patch cable running to the server. My questions are as follows:
Should the Server pc be connected via USB & the client via patch cable? I am scared of losing my settings but atm server pc cannot connect to the net. Also, if I turn off DHCP inside the routers settings & setup DHCP on Server pc, will it continue to run the same? I noticed that if I only have the server pc connected to the router then it can connect to the internet. But in general what I would like to happen is to have both pc's able to access the internet & have Server pc looking after DHCP. (Do I need a working DNS maybe first?)

Anyway any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks ... MG :grinthumb

A:ADSL Router Quiery

The reason your server can not connect to the internet is because the USB/CAT5 is a way of connecting 1 device to the internet.

You can not use both as a means of connecting.

Your options.

1. run CAT5 from ADSL router into SERVER 1 NIC (NIC1WAN) then install a second NIC in the server that will connect via cross over cable to Client 1.
from there you have the physical configured now you will need to configure the software... which can be done a few ways. configure ICS on server to share connection with client 1. (Downside SERVER1 has to stay up and available at all times for CLIENT 1 to access internet. (probably not the best idea but cheapest ... retail cost about 30 bucks for another NIC and crossover cable.

2. Purchase yourself a Cable/DSL router. Cost anywhere between 30$ and higher.. to configure hardware. connect ADSL modem CAT5 into the WAN port on the router.
connect each computer to one of the ports on the router. Physical section configured..
Software configuration, go to the routers configuration page typically and configure router depending on the type of ADSL modem you have. ( best overall option and gives you much room to add other systems....

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