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Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option

Q: Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option

My monitor uses the resolution 1024 x 768, but this morning it's on 640 x 480?
I try to change the resolution back, but the Resolution option is greyed out?
A warning underneath says: If your resolution is below 1024 x 768, some items may not fit on the screen.

Any ideas how to fix yet another Windows problem?

Preferred Solution: Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option

Check your display adapters under Device Manager (Right click My computer>Properties>Device Manager). If there is an exclamation mark next to your video adapter, then there is an issue. Try resintalling the driver (online or CD that it came with, doesnt matter to start). After the install, reboot the system and then verify that the resolution can be changed.

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Hi, I came across this issue while trying to solve another, the issue of the annoying on-screen caps lock indicator (solved using this method). Many of the solutions I found involved going to control panel-->Display and choosing "Advanced settings" or right click on desktop-->screen resolution-->advanced settings.  My computer does not have a "Display option" in the control panel:It also does not have an "Advanced settings" or similar option in the display settings in the settings menu/through right clicking on the desktop and selecting screen resolution. Why is it seemingly impossible for me to edit anything to do with the display beyond a very basic level? Thanks. 

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Window is too big to get to the buttons at the bottom of change resolution display. Tried left-clicking to move screen but it only moves it a 1/4" All 5 restore points do not work, there was an error when they were saved. Windows Backup and Restore does not work. It got thru 2 1/2 discs, twice before it said there was an error. I have run scans for Virus and Spyware, Nothing was found although i did remove Marketflip.FakeSearchandDestroy about 4 days ago. I'm thinking it's from installing Vista SP1. Vista did run faster after installing it for about 1 day. I've been all over the Internet checking out Vista forums, with no luck, it seems Vista is too new or i did something dumb that nobody else has done yet. Think i'll check into uninstalling SP1.

A:Unable To Change Resolution In Display Option

Hello Winger84 and welcome to BC The issue you are having could be related to the malware on your system. I see that you have an HJT log posted here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/137270/marketflipfakesearchanddestroy/ Because you have that log posted, DO NOT make any further changes to your computer: deleting files, editing the registry, using special fix tools, installing or uninstalling software etc. as this will make it more difficult for the HJT team to help you.Please be patient as the HJT team is EXTREMELY busy. DO NOT bump your log as the team may think that someone is already helping you. If you have not had a response by, let's say, April 7 add a response to the five days no response topic and paste in the link to your thread.To avoid confusion I am closing this topic. Good luck with your log. Once you have been declared clean and if you are still having problems with the issue outlined above and need the topic reopened, send a PM to a moderator.Orange Blossom

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OK,I have all of my regular items on the right side of the start menu set up to display in menu form.I like to see everything available to me with a simple mouse over.In the case of Control Panel,the list is "taller" than my screen.This annoys me to no end.Is there a way to make this display as two columns? In XP this was a simple check box for "scroll programs",though I can't find anything to make this display change.Same goes for the All Programs menu-I hate the right side column slider,and would love to see the taller all inclusive list as in XP.Any work around for these?On a side note.I've gone from XP straight to 7,and never even booted a rig running Vista,so be gentle please.

A:Change Control Panel Display

Detailer. God Bless Horsepower & Mark Martin! Dang right.
Welcome to SevenForums, Try this tutorial for the all programs nuance.
Start Menu - Change Height
That will make your start menu longer so all programs will also be longer. Hope this helps. Some other tuts on start menu changes too.
Windows 7 - Tutorial Index
Just in case you have not found this yet. Hope you enjoy the SF and the Chase also.

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I recently upgraded a laptop to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 8 Standard.  The sole reason I upgraded to Pro was to be able to join to my companies domain, but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire
domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command from a local administrator account on the computer with the appropriate permissions, not from a Live ID.  I can access everything on the network just fine (aside from
the network drives, obviously,) and I can ping to the DNS server and get to the Internet.  There are no connectivity problems.
The upgrade was successful the first attempt, and as far as I know there were no files corrupted in the process. My guess is that there is some configuration file that the upgrade failed to change somewhere, but I'm really not sure what exactly the issue


A:Windows 8 Pro - Domain change option greyed out in System Properties

... but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command
from a local administrator account on the computer with the <strike>appropriate permissions</strike>, not from a Live ID. 

Try using a domain administrator account (regarding appropriate permissions for network administration).
The local administrator account only has administrative access to local resources on the PC - i.e. does not have administrative privileges on the network
Regarding access and use of a domain administrator
I.e. you're a user at your company - so you should contact your companys system administrator regarding company policy.

I.e. if this is BYOD (your own device) it will probably not be joined to the domain.
If its a company workstation (laptop) - he will rejoin it to the domain.

As a rule of thumb - and may be confusing you here, do not expect yourself - even though a superuser with local administrative privileges - to finalize redeployment of windows, apps and data in a company domain. I.e. in a company you usually don't control
access to payrolls etc. (you should not have that kind of administrative configuration access - even if a company owner you could mess things up giving "unauthorized" access. Even a domain administrative account is not used as a "user" account - only configuration).
I.e... Read more

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I cannot enable hardware acceleration when I try to do the steps above. I get a message saying "If your current display driver allows you to change settings, click this button to troubleshoot problems with your computer's display." Any ideas
how to use the button (it's disabled). Thanks!

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I need to block/hide/disable in the control panel the option "Change Adapter Settings". I have a DHCP server and I dont want my users configure a network adapter with a fixed ip.

I am looking for registry section or a directive that makes the trick.

Thanks in advance.

A:How can I block in Control Panel the option "Change Adapter Settings"

I found this software, but I wonder how it is made the trick.

I need to apply "it" throw an in-house application.

Edit Windows 7 Registry Software, Customize Windows XP Registry Settings, Tweak Registry Editor

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A portion of my Control Panel View Menu is greyed out. Starts at "Extra large icons and ends at Group by". All other items in Menu are fine. Also the View by: drop down arrow on the Right is OK for selections.

Is this normal for Win 7 or do I have a problem? If I do have a problem with the greyed out portion how do I correct it?



A:Control Panel View Menu Greyed Out

Quote: Originally Posted by ColTom2


A portion of my Control Panel View Menu is greyed out. Starts at "Extra large icons and ends at Group by". All other items in Menu are fine. Also the View by: drop down arrow on the Right is OK for selections.

Is this normal for Win 7 or do I have a problem? If I do have a problem with the greyed out portion how do I correct it?



Not sure I am following. Are you referring to Windows Explorer window perhaps? I do not see those things on my screen that you are referring to in the Control Panel.

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It appears I meet the pre-reqs but when I go to enable Hyper-V via the control panel the Hyper-V platform option is greyed out.

I have Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and run both coreinfo and the AMD tool (amdvhyperv) which suggest I'm set to go.

Not sure what else to check.

AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor
AMD64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3, AuthenticAMD
HYPERVISOR - Hypervisor is present
SVM * Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization
NP * Supports AMD nested page tables (SLAT)

AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor
AMD64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3, AuthenticAMD
HTT             *       Multicore
HYPERVISOR      -       Hypervisor is present
VMX             -       Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
SVM             *       Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization
EM64T           *       Supports 64-bit mode
SMX             -       Supports Intel trusted execution
SKINIT          -  ... Read more

A:Hyper-V platform remains greyed out in control panel

Same problem for me:
I ran Coreinfo.exe -v and all 3 are supported.
Windows 8 Pro (upgraded from Windows 8 Home, maybe the issue?)

no, you have a different issue. Core2Duo DOESN'T Support SLAT!

The "-" in CoreInfo means NO support for this feature.
try to activate Hyper-V via DISM and also update the BIOS.
"A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"

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Trying to make changes to my firewall but the button that says 'Change Settings' is greyed out. Already checked to make sure I'm Admin.

A:Firewall 'Change Settings' Option Greyed Out


The Change Settings goes gray after you click it. You will notice that your checkmarks are not grayed out, meaning you can check and uncheck programs in that list. So you are already in "change settings" mode. Just go ahead and make the changes you want.

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After reading several threads, I am still not clear: Altho I uncheck the display preview panel button in layout, the panel re-appears every time I restart Mail. This is driving me crazy. Any way around this?

A:Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

Hello Decorlady, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might consider giving Windows Live Mail a try instead. It is better in my opinion.

It supports Pop3, IMAP, HTTP website (EX: Hotmail) email, and is a lot more stable. Plus, WLM will minimize to a tray bar icon, checks spelling as you type messages, and has a separate Inbox for each email account. WLM will automatically import Windows Mail messages, accounts, and settings into it. Contacts will have to be manually imported from within WLM. (Tools, Contacts, File, Import, Address book for current Windows User.) To see the Menu bar, press ALT+M and check "Show all menus".

Hope this helps,

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Hey. I recently reformatted my hard drive. Although I have a Dell XPS laptop, I didn't have the disc and reformatted it using my friend's Dell Inspiron disc. We did, however, log into my account on the Dell site and we installed the drivers that originally came with my system.

Everything seems to be fine, except for two problems... (1) the screen resolution feels "squished", like the dimensions aren't right, and (2) when I go to shut down, the option to stand by is greyed out.

Any thoughts?

A:"stand by" option greyed out / screen resolution squished

This seems like your video card drivers aren't installed correctly. I would double check what model video card you have. Go to the Dell site and plug in your Service Tag #. That should pull up what drivers you need to load. If the video drivers aren't loaded correctly it may very well cause the standby/hibernate function to not work.

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Quick question, i am using a ATI radeon 700064mb pci and i was wondering what is the difference between, Display:

Plug and play = (name of card)


Default plug and play = (name of card)

What happens when i put it on default, more graphics, sound better, faster load times , what?


A:Question about an option in my control panel

Hi U2K,
My guess is probably nothing. If the default means regarding a monitor that doesn't return a plug and play code to the os, it only allows the most common refresh rates at common resolutions.
If the card identifies the monitor properly, it should disable any resolutions or refresh rates that that specific mon can't or shouldn't run.

Just my .02

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How can a remove or add options to the control panel? in Xp Sp3. Freeware maybe? thanks

A:Control Panel Option Removal

what options? You can use group policy to hide/show the control panel and/or allow/stop users fiddling with it.

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I have been trying to get bluetooth to work on my computer but keep failing.

When I went here ...


.. I noticed there should be a bluetooth option in control panel requiring it to be activated. I dont have this and I am running XP with SP2.

How can I get this onto my computer?


A:No Bluetooth Option in Control Panel

Hello Dezzmo, Welcome to TSF!

Have a look at this article... A User's Guide - How to navigate the Windows XP Control Panel.
(Click the coloured link.); then, scroll down to around Figure 20: and I think you will find the answer, under Portable Media Devices.

Post Back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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1. When trying to open existing or new graphic email attachments, the following error message appears: "This file does not have a program associated with it to perform this action. Create an association in the Folders Option control panel." Where do I find this?
2. Have not been able to download Adobe Flash Player. Each time I click "Download" nothing happens. Could the Norton security program be part of this problem?

A:Folders Option control panel

Right click on the attachment that won't open and 'save as', save to your desktop. Right click the file and go to 'open with' and choose which program you would like to open the files as a defualt. Make sure the 'Always use the selected appication for files of this type' checkbox is checked and open. Now when you open the attachment in outlook, it should load in the application you selected.
For Flash, go to www.adobe.com and search for standalone flash install. You should find the download page and be able to download a setup file to run locally which shouldn't be affected by norton or any other programs,
Hope this helps,

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What i like to ask is > why i cant see my control panel/adjust resolution to 1280x1024 resolution? Same place advanced settings i see a 1280x720 resolution, but not 1280x1024. On the same time i can change my resolution ATI catalyst control panel 1280x1024, but i cant do that for window panel. I am missing here something?

So why i ask for this, because i like to play my old AOE2 game, but i cant play 1280x1024 resolution - on down here are link my question for gaming-section

Age of Empires 2: AoC expansion

Anyway i hope some one could help me for this, or other choice is buy new monitor.


A:Control Panel/Adjust resolution ?

Can your monitor support this resolution?

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I have XP Home SP3 generally running quite nicely but the other day I noticed when I opened Control panel that the Task Pane no longer gives the option of viewing it in either Classic view or category view.

I have it set for classic view as this is my preference. So there is no problem from my angle. It's just not possible to switch back to category view if I ever choose to in the future.

Kelly's Korner gives a tweak to set the view either way but this does not reinstate the option on the task pane.

Just in case someone is going to suggest it, No I can't do a system restore because it is turned off.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


A:Control panel no longer gives a viewing option

Hello jackisback

This may be what you are looking for.

Open Control Panel > click tools > select Folder Options > under General tab select

"show common tasks in folders"

This should get the task pane back if you want it back in the future.

Hope this was helpful

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A:Not able to open Add/Remove option in COntrol panel


os windows 2000 pro if u want to shutdown the system auomatically rastart the system but not shutdown. what kind of problem pls anyone idea please tell.

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My Control Panel has for some unknown reason changed from showing the Icons and Titles in rows, left to right to a single column list. I cannot get it to view in the manner I prefer (left to right in rows). There used to be a clickable way to change it back and forth but nothing is allowing that change anymore.
Edit addition: I also notice that in Control Panel I no longer have a "Display" icon.

A:Solved: Control Panel view option

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Recently I started getting the message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Option Control Panel" when trying to access several files such as Favorites, shortcuts, my databases, etc. and I don't know how to eliminate the error messages. Any help?

A:Solved: Folder Option Control Panel

What file or program are you having a problem with?


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Ive just switched From win 2k to xp pro (no sp yet) so i hope this isn't just me being dumb

I'm trying to resolve some hardware issues by installing / reinstalling but when i go to the control panel all there is is "ADD HARDWARE"

unless I'm mistaken this panel should read add remove hardware? This is the same for all user accounts including the default administrator account which i have never used or altered.

Please could someone give me a clue as to how to restore this option, or let me know if I'm being dim and its supposed to be that way.

A:Solved: missing control panel option ???

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Hello All,

I have been trying to solve a Zone Alarm problem, but the fix seems to have turned into a Windows problem. I hope someone can help me.

I've used ZoneAlarm Security Suite for several years now, but during the past year I have been unable to install upgrades. Usually the process gets stuck during the uninstall of the old version. SO this time I tried to manually uninstall first. It seemed to work (via Add/Remove Programs) and then I tried installing the new version, but it got stuck while copying files over.

On the Zonealarm Forum I got some help from someone who gave me some instructions to follow to "completely" uninstall all zonealarm (zonelabs) files. Following these instructions (which I'll post below) appeared to have removed Zonealarm, but I still could not install the new version - it got stuck at the exact same point while copying files over.

So now I don't have the old version and can't install the new version.
Now to the Windows problem. (Thanks for your patience)

Everything else on my PC seems to be working fine. Email, internet, other programs...but then I went to use Photoshop Elements and it started up by showing me the user license and asking for acceptance (which it hasn't done since I installed it over a year ago). I accepted it and then got the following message:Your Adobe Photoshop Elements username, organization, or serial number is missing or invalid. The application can not continue and must close.So I figured this m... Read more

A:Missing Add/Remove option in Control Panel

Hello and welcome to TSF

Click Start, Run and type REGEDIT. This starts the Registry Editor. Navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Uninstall\<Program Name>
( <Program Name> here is Adobe Photoshop Elements)
In the right-pane, do the following:

Double-click NoRemove (REG_DWORD) and set it to 0
Double-click NoModify (REG_DWORD) and set it to 0

If NoRemove is set to 1, the Remove button will be unavailable
If NoModify is set to 1, the Change button will be unavailable

This should help with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Now, for ZA.

Try using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. As long as you installed the application using the Windows Installer, this utility will remove all the folders, files, registry keys, and entries from your system and allow you to start over with a clean slate.

Download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Locate and run msicuu2.exe to install the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.
Locate and launch the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility on the Start menu.
From the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility window, locate the application in the list and click the Remove button.
Once the application has been removed, click the Exit button to close the utility.

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Hi, A few days ago, I made a small purchase.
I bought 2x ZOTAC nVidia GTS 450's and a SLi Bridge connector.

I've read around that the SLi enable option should be available under the 3D section, with the PhysX configuration, but it's just simply NOT there.

Even GPU-Z says that SLi is disabled!

The video cards are installed, I disabled my onboard video from my Motherboard Bios.
But still, it does not let me SLi those bad boys to squeeze max performance out of my pc.

What should I do?

Video Card:
2x http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500187&cm_re=ZOTAC_GTS_450-_-14-500-187-_-Product

SLi Bridge connector:

A:Dual GTS 450's in SLi. Option does NOT appear in nVidia Control Panel.

For starters you cannot run SLI on an AMD chipset, you need a motherboard with a Nvidia chipset. Short of replacing your motherboard or running a single card, there isn't much you can do other than returning the cards and going with a single card or getting two AMD cards to run in Crossfire if you want dual cards.

Personally I would return them and go with a single card. For what you paid for those two (or at least the price on Newegg at the moment) you could have got a GTX 470 or HD 6950, either of which performs about the same (or a bit faster in some cases) as 2 GTS 450's in SLI.

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Dear Team,

I want to disable Date Time Option of Control Panel in Administrator User of Windows 7 on more than 100 Individual Computers which are located on different Places.

I can do with help of Group Policy on Single Computer but I want now Automated Process (Like Batch File etc.) which I can made and run on Multiple Computers to Enable and Disable Date Time Option of Control Panel

Please Support for same.

Harvinder Singh

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I would like to uninstall a number of programs which I think may be running on start up - the problem is there is no uninstall option when I click on the program in the control panel there is no uninstall option in the program group. Some programs have this option - some dont.

The programs include Yahoo Messenger, McAfee Anti Virus, Norton Internet Security and a few more.

A:There is no option to uninstall many programs in Control Panel

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Do you see an option in the Nvidia control panel for the card specs / increasing clock freq, fan info, etc?
(it is set to Advanced mode)
I removed .75, rebooted into plain VGA and put these new ones on and did another reboot - but i dont see all the info that I used to see previously...?

A:Nvidia control panel option for the card specs?

Cards ID and driver versions should still be there. Increasing clock freq, fans etc is handled by a seperate program - nVidia System Tools with ESA Support. Reinstall this program.

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i want to disable access to the power option on my pc u know where u can change the power button to do a certain thing cos i want to block safe mode with networking on my pc

1. is there a reg key or cmd line to disable safe mode in windows 7

2. is there a reg key or cmd line to disable the power options in control panel

A:how can i disable power option in control panel via cmd or regedit

please help

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Nothing happens when I click on Add/remove programs in Control Panel.
I am also getting a dialog box at the end of log in saying" Error loading C:\Windows\System32\NvCpl.dll. A dynamic link library initialisation failed.

A:Add/remove programs option in Control panel does not respond

Hello; Try this:

Click Start, run, type cmd /k and press enter.

Type regsvr32 appwiz.cpl and press enter.

Type regsvr32 mshtml.dll and press enter.

Type exit and press enter.


Any improvement?

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I have a Creative Labs and a Logitech z-5500 5.1 sourround system. Originally, everything worked fine so I know this is not a hardware problem. I've recently had to reinstall Windows 7 Ult 64, and now I'm only getting stereo sound out of my 5.1 system. Going into Sounds/Diagnostics in control panel I see there's only an option for STEREO, not 5.1 Surround. When I go to the Creative diagnostics and switch from 2/2.1 sound to 5.1 sound, the drop down menu immediately switches back to 2.1. Any suggestions on how to get my sound system fully functioning? I've disabled the onboard sound in the BIOS of my motherboard and made sure the connectors are installed correwctly.



A:Stereo only option in Sounds applet in Control Panel

Download the correct 64-bit driver from the Creative support website if you haven't already.
The one installed by Windows 7 Setup may not allow the device to be fully functional.
Creative Worldwide Support

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So all of a sudden I can't connect to the Internet. I have my wifi switch on my laptop turned on, I've done everything so far so I could get my wifi back on, but it just won't happen. I've rebooted my laptop three times already, did the same thing with the modem, and nothing.
Refreshed and still nothing.
I've uploaded an image so to have a clearer picture of things. Hope it helps.
Please help. I need internet on my laptop.
My OS is win7

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Have a program which needs 1024X768 screen res. This program works fine on other systems, a laptop with 15" LCD monitor, a desktop with 15" LCD monitor and a desktop with 17" LCD monitor where program was originated. All are set to 1024X768 for the display and all are WINXP Home systems.

Another WINXP Home system with an older 15" LCD monitor appears not to attain necessary resolution in that the screen is cropped on the right and the bottom even though the resolution is to 1024X768. The adapter is apparently allowing the 1024X768 res. because the setting takes via control panel. The LCD monitor should have a native 1024X768 res. but maybe not.

Anyone have any thoughts on other possibilities to explain the Problem?


A:Limited Screen Resolution Even if 1024X768 is set in Control Panel

Do you have the correct drivers for the adapter and LCD?

You could try different refresh rates and color depths too.

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Catalyst 5.11 drivers were the last to be bundled with the old control panel. At least with 5.11, there was an option between the old control panel and the new CATALYST .net control panel. We are up to version 5.12 and 5.13 and you are now forced to use the new .net Control Panel, the old control is now not an option anymore. By signing this petition you are telling ATi you might be boycotting future purchases of ATi hardware.

If it's possible, spread the word.


To: ATi

It's time to boycott purchases of ATi products until the old control panel is brought back. We want the option of the old control panel back.

I am an outraged customer of a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9500 Pro. The last set of drivers to support the old (good) control panel has disappeared in Catalyst drivers 5.12 and 5.13 and you are forced to use the CATALYST .net Control Panel. Bring back the old control panel

The new Catalyst Control Center, is

1. Slow

2. Memory hogging

3. Unresponsive

4. Crash prone

5. Requires the Microsoft .net Framework which is a 23.1MB download from microsoft

6. Takes longer to download than the old control panel.

7. Loads unneccary processes to your system (CLI.exe) which can't be disabled anywhere in the new Control Panel, no for reason at all CLI.exe is loaded


8. Killing CLI.exe process, the new Control Panel does not load at all, no error message or anything... Read more

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Hey there, i had vista on my laptop, i formatted and installed XP, went to the Sony website got the Audio Codec driver for my Model which is VGN-CR22G installed the driver, rebooted and Sound in Control panel is still greyed out! Windows Audio is Enabled

A:No sound device, Sound in Control panel is Greyed out

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I'm running windows xp home edition, up to date on critical updates.

grisoft free, free zone alarm, ewido free spyware, spyware blaster, etc etc and none of them show a infection.

computer is about 3 years old a compaq presario with 512k real memory.

It came pre installed from compaq with XP home so I do not have a windows xp install diskette altho I think I did make the cd restore copies when I got the computer new.

My problem is when I go to control panel, remove software option, the screen displays Please wait while the list is being populated and it just runs and runs. I do a ctrl alt delete and bring up task manager and it shows 100 percent CPU utilization with rundll32.exe showing 99 percent cpu utilization.

computer seems to be runing ok, except for this.

my question is does anyone know what is causing this? If I delete rundll32.exe, can I restore it from somewhere as I do not have the XP install disk due to the factory XP install.

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I was trying to start playing on full screen mode but when I changed my display option I got a black screen and still

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I have an HP Pavilion Ultimate D4999T PC with a Nvidia Geforce 8800GT video card. I am using a 32" LCD Samsung TVas my monitor. The test photo on this screen is amazingly beautiful so I cannot understand why the fonts on websites I look at are fuzzy.

There are two issues here: the main one is how do I improve the look of the fonts? The second issue is that I went into the Nvidia control panel to see if there was anything I could tweak. In order to try tweaking the fonts, I went to the "Change flat panel scaling". Once there I saw a horizontal button near the bottom that had not been clicked down which said "Change to the Native Resolution". The "Do not scale" radio button was also chosen. Thinking it might help, I clicked on the "Change to the Native Resolution", not knowing that there appears to be no way to click back off it again. I also noticed that the "Use my display's built-in scaling" radio button was now checked instead of "Do not Scale."

My resolution is much worse now and I cannot go back to the way it was; the button for "Change to Native Resolution" is now unavailable to click on. Is there any way to reset this? this? I did try to click on "Do not scale" again but when I clicked Apply, it just reverts back each time to "Use my display's built-in scaling". So that is not an option.

Do I need to uninstall the Nvidia driver and reinstall? How do I do this safely? Th... Read more

A:blurry fonts and problem with Native Resolution button in Nvidia control panel

Hello Horgycat,
If you are having problems then its always a good idea to start with a fresh clean driver.

Use option two on the NVidia site.

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Boot into safe mode and use Driver Sweeper to get rid of all the old NVidia components.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from Guru3D.com

Reboot and install the new driver.

As for the Font problem, i suspect that it is a resolution problem, i would play around with the resolution and see what happens, you may be lucky and find one that is acceptable.
As i have never used a TV for a monitor, thats the best i can do.
Give it a while and you may get some more information on the font issue.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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Can any one plz tell me how to Change Control panel background in windows 7. It's default white. Need to change black

A:Change Control panel background

Welcome to the Seven Forums
It's in the aero.msstyles in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero\ I use Ave's Windows7 Style Builder and it's a Fill Color at Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Control Panel > ControlPanel > ContentPane
If you are using the default aero theme I can change that for you and post it here.
If you are using a custom theme you will need to ask the theme maker. It's not cool to change someone else work.
You will need to do 1 of these 2 ways of Enabling custom themes for it to work.
Enabling Custom Themes - Windows 7
Theme - How to Apply Custom Themes


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My little brother has completely messed things up on his netbook. It has Windows 7 Starter on it. The sound doesn't work, and it doesn't give me a option to change it. Another thing is, it doesn't let me change any program ideas. If I go on to uninstall a program it won't let me press uninstall, or if I try to delete a user, it won't open up the program to change it.
I've tried to Restore it, but it says there's no restore points, which I know there are.
* Also, the programs like 'Windows Update' and 'Default Programs' have the icon saying they're not installed, and they can't find them.

A:Control Panel Can't Change Settings

Try starting the netbook in Safe Mode through advanced boot options. See if you can access control panel, restore points, etc. (Heed the warnings and tips for restore points.)

Advanced Boot Options

System Restore

If that doesn't work you might consider resetting to factory specs. I believe this should work: Turn the netbook off. Press and hold "0" (zero) key on the keyboard and then power on the machine. Keep holding down the zero key until, hopefully, the Toshiba HDD Recovery screen appears. You should be able to select Restore Original Factory Image. Follow the prompts and heed the warning that everything will be erased.

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Does anyone know how I can change the Control Panel icon? I have the Control Panel as a shortcut on my desktop. Can it be done with a reg key edit?


A:Change Control Panel Icon

Hello mandan, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Since it's a shortcut, you can easily change its icon to what you like in its properties page.

Shortcut - Change Icon - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hey Guys, I just got a new system , I always had in power options in control panel to "DIM THE DISPLAY" and now in win 10 there is no option to dim the display .. I thought it had to do with the Nvida driver .. or something like that ... Anyone know how to add this option? Thanks in advance!

A:Where is Dim Display in Control Panel?

There was a person asking the same question in this forum some time ago.
The only options we can find in Windows 10 is to go to Power Options and manually change the brightness slide.

In my laptop keyboard, I have 2 keys, one with an arrowhead pointing left, and one pointing right.
If I press the Fn key and hold > I can then adjust the brightness by pressing the arrowhead key point left for decreasing, and the other one for increasing.

I wonder if you have similar keyboard setup.

This ( the image on top left of the screenshot ) will appear if I use the Fn key + arrowhead key.

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I have not been able to access the display configurations in my control panel. I click on the icon and nothing happens. Anyone know what happened? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


A:Display in the control panel

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HELP! I can NOT change my wallpaper/background or my screensaver- or even access my "display" properties in control panel- each time I click on any of the display properties, I get the following message:

"Your system administrator disabled the Display control panel"

Since I am the only user (and only administrator) I do not understand. I can right-mouse-button-click on an image and set my wallpaper/background, but none of the other display properties.

Please send me help! You can also email me at-
[email protected]


A:Display Control Panel

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OK - I am starting my own "thread".

I can not get a photo or anything other than a "color" to be my desktop wallpaper. When I am in the control panel - display - the only buttons that are active are the "browse" and "color" buttons. The "position" button does not work. I can't even get one of the Windows backgrounds to display.

The photo I choose to use is there somewhere because it is visible briefly when I start mycomputer. Then it disappears and is replaced by a "color" only screen.

This is a very recent problem. I'm guessing some settings are incorrect.

Please help if you can.


A:Control Panel Display

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How do I change the default view in Control Panel, so that when it opens, it defaults to small icons view instead of categories?
What's the registry key (optional)?

A:Change Default View in Control Panel

Hello greek,

The Control Panel will open to the same view it was last closed with by default.

If you like, here are some options below you could do to always have the Control Panel open in icons view.

Control Panel View - Category or Icons - Windows 7 Help Forums

Control Panel Icons View Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

Control Panel Desktop Context Menu - Create in Windows 8

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..Programs anymore? I liked how Vista had that feature. Now it seems the only way to disable startup programs is by 'msconfig' right?

A:Why is there no Control Panel/Programs/Change Startup..

Hi Dizzy,

Unfortunately, they took out the Software/StartUp configuration option out of Windows Defender in Windows 7.

Like you said, you can configure with msconfig, or you can use a third party program like Autoruns, CCleaner, Glary Utilites to configure start up programs.

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