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Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

Q: Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

I purchased an Asus ET2410IUTS-5 All-In-One PC. It came with a wireless full keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard works fine but the mouse does nothing. All properties say both devices are installed and working properly but the mouse still does nothing. Model number on each device is as follows:
Keyboard - AK1L
Mouse - AM1L
Receiver - AR1L

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Preferred Solution: Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

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Hi there! I have a Labtec Wireless Desktop Keyboard/Mouse Combo. Now, I know it says "Desktop" in its name for a reason, but I'd like to use this combo for my laptop if it's possible. The combo comes with a 25 Ghz wireless receiver (2 PS/2 Port), a wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse. I connected the wireless receiver to my desktop which is very close to my laptop. Then, I connected my mouse and keyboard with the receiver. On the receiver, there is a light called "Act". Whenever I press any key on keyboard or click my mouse, that light blinks so we know the combo is connected to the receiver;however, both keyboard or mouse don't work. I have Windows 7 on laptop and Windows XP on desktop if that helps

Also, my Desktop is very close to where I usually use my laptop so frequency range shouldn't be a problem (right?)

Is there additional steps to be taken next?

I know you can use PS/2 to USB wire, but is there any other way?

Thanks for reading and I will await your answers

A:Solved: Connecting Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo to laptop

In response to your report to have this thread closed; We don't close threads that are solved, however you can mark the thread solved yourself using Thread Tools located above the first post in the thread and if you wish to help others you may have the same problem, you can also post as to what the solution to the problem was.

FYI, the mouse and keyboard work with the computer or laptop that the receiver is connected too.

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Looking for some help with some new hardware. Running windows 98SE in a 233mhz older system. I have a hp keyboard and wireless mouse. The keyboard has one cord that has two ends, one to go in the keyboard part on motherboard and the other is for PS/2 mouse and goes in that part of motherboard. I have loaded the program from the disk that I got with it. No mouse working. I changed batteries just in case still no mouse. I have never seen a setup like this one. Keyboard works ok.
Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a IHome (I am not sure if it is wireless or infrared). It has a little device that plugs into a USB port. Anyways The mouse and the keyboard both run on 2, each, AAA battery's. The 2 AAA battery's in the keyboard last a real long time but the 2 battery's in the mouse I have to change quite often. A brand new AAA battery mesures 1.8 volts in my battery tester. But when the battery voltage in each battery is down to 1.5 volts (still well in the green good zone) the mouse movement gets jurky, sluggish and the aerrow lags behind the mouse. Why does this mouse use so much juce up?


A:a problem with a wireless combo keyboard and mouse

At the mouse, don't you have a button to synchronize sender and receiver?
I use to have this problem. It was solved by placing the receiver close to the mouse.

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I have a IHome (I am not sure if it is wireless or infrared). It has a little device that plugs into a USB port. Anyways The mouse and the keyboard both run on 2, each, AAA battery's. The 2 AAA battery's in the keyboard last a real long time but the 2 battery's in the mouse I have to change quite often. A brand new AAA battery mesures 1.8 volts in my battery tester. But when the battery voltage in each battery is down to 1.5 volts (still well in the green good zone) the mouse movement gets jurky, sluggish and the aerrow lags behind the mouse. Why does this mouse use so much juce up?


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I have the wireless 8000 keyboard & mouse combo the program come with when i install it. It show two icon in my system tray but when i let computer idel the hotkey setup icon in system tray goes away and i can adjust volume no more with my keyboard i dont know if driver need to be updated i never updated it but where do i go to do so link please.

A:Wireless 8000 keyboard & mouse combo problems

Are you concerned because the icons for mouse and keyboard aren't showing in the Notification area. Don't be. IF it bother you:
Right click on Notification area> Properties> /check 'Hide inactive icons'> click on Customize> find the icons you want> change dialog bot 'always show'> Clock.

A NOTE:: these icons have a reputation of not keeping the settings. Just ignore that- reset if it bothers you.

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my wireless mouse isn't working after i plugged the receiver in an HP laptop. the keyboard is still working, only the mouse isn't working. hope you can help me, i'm so helpless right now. Thank you in advance.

PS. it is a wireless keyboard and mouse set

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I got the mouse (which came with the keyboard as a wireless combo with my HP AIO Envy Desktop) 11 months ago...just a few days ago, the mouse's red light started blinking... I thought it was the batteries so I just kept using it till it shut off... and today it did...!I replaced the batteries, same blinking thing happened... everytime for like 2 mins, then it DIES!I restarted the mouse, it worked again, but with the same issue...Keyboard is working just fine tho, did try unplugging-replugging in the USB receiver, still the same... What is going on..... T_T

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Hi all,
Does anyone know why a Microsoft wireless mouse / keyboard combo. would cause a computer to be very slow booting up? By slow, I mean many, many minutes. I think the wireless receiver says it's version 2.1 This is a friends computer, and I don't have it in front of me right now. It is a newer computer, with XP so there isn't a problem with it being short on memory, or processor speed.

A:Microsoft wireless mouse / keyboard combo causes very slow boot.

Have you tried ps2 mouse and keyboard and are saying it is slow with the wireless setting ?

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I have more than one OS on my computer (Windows 2000 pro and Ubuntu Linux) and I am having a problem with a new Wireles keyboard/mouse combo. The wireless receiver only has 1 interface (USB). The keyboard and mouse work fine inthe BIOS area and once the computer has loaded an OS, but before the OS starts to load I get the "Choice" menu where I get to choose which OS to load (bootloader menu). Here the Keyboard does not work at all and I can not choose which OS to load, it simply loads the default OS after the timer expires. This happens to me in ALL computers which have multiple OSs installed when using wireless keyboards with USB. If the wireless receiver has a PS/2 interface for the keyboard there is no problem. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi guys, the title pretty much sums up my problem. I've had this keyboard for 2 years and it worked fine until a few days ago when it just stopped working. The mouse works perfectly find.

I've checked device manager and it say the drivers are up to date and that the device is working properly. I've looked around on the internet and someone mentioned it might be keys that are stuck to the keyboard or something, so I've checked for that and problem is still there. I haven't tried to open the keyboard up to see if there's a problem cos i wouldn't know what I'm looking for.

The receiver doesn't have a reset button on it (I didn't notice one) so that method cant help me. I'm not sure the exact model of the keyboard as I'm in a different city due to term time and i cant remember if i retained the box or threw it away.

Is there anything else i can do? its a really good keyboard and I'm so used to it now, having to buy another one would be a pain

I can send images of the keyboard, receiver if needed!


A:Solved: Sumvision wireless keyboard not working but mouse is.

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hi there, my mouse jumps around the screen, and upon restart neither my mouse or my keyboard would work without unplugging them and re-plugging them in...also i have alot of suspicious processes running that wont turn off and my internet is very jumpy and pages take along time to load...below is my HJT log...thanks for looking

Hello there thank you for taking the time to help me i really appreciate it..

below is my HJT log file, i also have an active scan log file which found a trojan i believe...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:10:12 PM, on 10/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Airlink101\AWLH3026\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Airlink101\AWLH3026\WLanCfgG.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\WINNT\system... Read more

A:Solved: mouse moving irradically, keyboard and mouse not working on restart, trojan?

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Hello -
I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga laptop running Windows 10 for the wife, along with a travel docking station. She wants to be able to run 2 external monitors, which is no problem, and I got all this running well. I then got her a Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo (I've been using a Wireless Microsoft Keyboard 800 and a Wireless Logitech Mouse M510 on my own Windows 7 setup for a couple years now with no problems.)

With my wife's Windows 10 setup, I plug in the docking station to the laptop's serial port (the unifying receiver is plugged into the serial port on the docking station), and the wireless keyboard and mouse become activated. However, although it seems like the wireless devices seem to TRY to work, they don't really. It might take minutes for the mouse to be more than just partially responsive, sometimes the keyboard is completely unresponsive, or the mouse might work perfectly at first, only to become unresponsive minutes later. I've noticed, too, that the left and right mouse buttons may even behave in reverse. IDK - I guess it could be the driver, or maybe a port conflict, but not sure how to solve, as I'm a Windows 10 novice.

I've seen online references to getting a driver for my K270 combo, but nothing definitive. Also, i've gotten great guidance from this site for past issues, so I like to try this support community pretty quickly. As a side issue, can I assume that a Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo would have worked o... Read more

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This is probably a stupid question, and if so I apologise in advance! I have just replaced a five year old Logitech keyboard/ mouse combo with a more up-to-date version. The keyboard is great, but I am not too keen on the mouse, although it functions OK, it just doesn't feel so good in use. Is there any means of replacing my new mouse with my old one, or am I stuck with it?

A:Solved: New Logitech Keyboard/Mouse Combo

The only way to replace it is buy using a wired usb mouse or buy a wireless mouse on it's own, but if you decide on the latter option you'll have to have two wireless dongles plugged in, one for the keyboard and the one that comes with the new mouse.

I've got two identical models of a microsoft wireless mouse, but the USB wireless receivers for them are not interchangeable. All those types of wireless adapters operate on a slightly different wavelength to avoid "crossover" when someone else is using a wireless mouse or k/b in the same room as you. So even if you buy another Logitech wireless mouse, it won't work with your existing Logitech wireless receiver. So you would need to have two receivers plugged in.

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It started out yesterday, myt keyboard and my mouse are both wireless as seen in the title. They are not working in Windows or login screen but works in BIOS and advanced settings options. Can we try to avoid using a ps2 and keep things simple as possible?
I am open to any suggestions, 
My mouse is a pcgearhead and I got it yesterday
My keyboard is a k800 wireless Logitech keyboard,.
This started happening when I uninstall the driver in the USB of device manager.
Can we get a reply as soon as possible ? =) 
Remember I can't use a mouse and keyboard when the login screen appears 
I tried the legacy and unplugged and plugged in like a billion times. 
Yes, I have tried multiple mouse,stuck in Windows login right now
I don't think I put my forum in the rightcatagory. If not tell me.

I am writing via my tablet

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I got a wireless mouse Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse | Posturite. It is supposed to use generic windows 2.4 Ghz adapter. However, windows 7 is unable to find any drivers. The screenshot of device manager is appended. I tried various other ways e.g. take out other USB devices, reboot etc. I tried sfc /scannow . But the error persists. There is no usb.inf file in the C:\Windows . It works in Windows 8 machine but not in windows 7. other 2.4 Ghz mice work. The manufacturer says that they don't provide the drivers because the mouse uses generic drivers
Please advise what can be done.

A:2.4 Ghz wireless keyboard mouse driver not found (Penguin mouse)

Did you do a Search of the Windows Folder including subFolders and hidden Files? My Win7Ult has several such files but only 2 that are usb.inf only in subFolders of Windows, others have longer names but most appear to be associated with my AMD CPU/Gigabyte Motherboard setup.

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I use XP pro, IE7 and chrome. When I started the computer the mouse and keyboard would not work.I also have an Arris cable modem and Linksys wireless G 2.4 GHz broadband router,54Mbps.After several restarts, including unplugging modem and removing battery, unplugging router and restarting all, they finally came back to life. However after a few hours, the screen freezes and they quit again.I've run MS Security Essentials, Malware Bytes anti-malware and adaware. All clean. Anything in Bios or else where I should look. I'm not too savvy with the tech stuff, but can follow directions. Thanks in advance. IJEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Wireless mouse and usb keyboard quit working

Please download MiniToolBox, and save it to your desktop and run it, and checkmark the following checkboxes:Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.Please perform the following, so that we can get the exact specs of your computer. This will better assist us in helping you more.Publish a Snapshot using SpeccyThe below is for those who cannot get onlinePlease take caution when attaching a text file to your post if you cannot copy/paste the link to your post, you will need to edit it to make sure that your Windows Key is not present.

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After about 1 minute the mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until I left click mouse. Tool bar on browser also greys out but comes back after left click. Video and sound also are choppy. Not sure if this is related. Flash keeps crashing. Any ideas whats wrong? Windows 7 pro. Asus desktop. This occurs on Firefox, Chrome and IE. This seemed to start after Microsoft update and Flash updates

A:Mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until left click of mouse

Hello mpmckee,

First run Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware scans. Remove anything the programs find.

Note: if you need some suggestions on which tools to use, let me know.

Afterwards, test functionally of mouse and keyboard.

If no change, run System Restore, choose a Restore point before the issue started.

Again test behavior of mouse and keyboard.

If the issue has been resolved, go ahead and reinstall windows Updates.


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Hello, I have a Horizon 2E AIO that is just about 2 years old. It came with a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, SK-8861, which have an integrated dongle within the body of the machine (IE, no user-inserted USB dongles). It runs Windows 8.1. About half an hour ago, both of these devices stopped responding, with no apparent provocation or reason. I have replaced the batteries in both devices, and I have attempted the pairing procedures with both devices multiple times, but they are still unresponsive. How can I restore functionality to these devices? Currently stuck using touchscreen only. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a Logitech MK270 wireless mouse and keyboard and today they just stop working.

I verify batteries and they're ok.

Windows 10 device manager show "USB Receiver" and in the Properties window it apeears that the driver isn't installed. But until yesterday it worked.

Can you help me, please? Thanks in advance.

Alan Carvalho

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I cant decide between the Logitech Cordless desktop LX 710 Laser, And the samsung Pleomax cordless desktop PCC-4600, The samsung one willl look better with the monitor and speakers im getting, but it has a kind of a too fat mouse, while the logitechs keyboard wont look as good as the samsung does with my monitor, speakers etc, but it has a slim mouse. I dont know wich one is better so could you tell me wich one is? im gonna game alot, so.. wich one? theyre the same price BTW

Heres the Logitech one:
And heres the Samsung one:

Help me decide please xD

PS: Im looking for a keyboard with soft keys, you know, like microsoft keyboards usually have soft keys Those keys.

A:Wich Keyboard and mouse combo should i buy?

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Hey there-

I recently bought a wireless keyboard and mouse (Creative Desktop Wireless 8000) for my XP Media Center Edition computer. However, ever since installing, the volume controls on both my normal keyboard and my remote control don't work. In order to change the volume, I have to go to the actual volume control in the taskbar.

I uninstalled the software for the wireless stuff and my volume worked fine again, so I know it's the new software. Anyone know how I can fix this? I really want to be able to use the wireless stuff, but I absolutely need my remote control volume working.

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Hey guys, I've had this problem forever now and nothing I try has fixed it! I'd SOOOO appreciate any help I can get. I have a Rocketfish Wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they have worked great for quite a while, but not anymore. I forget exactly when the problem started, but I have upgraded my motherboard and everything else that matters in my computer and reinstalled a valid windows vista basic OS on my PC and the problem still persists.So the problem is that both, the mouse and keyboard, keep freezing throughout the day usually at the same time as each other or one after the other. But after about 30-40 seconds they start working again. I notice it happens more frequently when I'm running more apps or playing a high demanding game, but my computer always has leftover resources for anything that may need them. So makes no sense. After this this problem occurs Event Viewer will show two similar errors:Warning Source: HidBth Event ID: 2"Bluetooth HID device (00:02:76:12:fe:ec) either went out of range or became unresponsive."and"Bluetooth HID device (00:02:76:12:9e:86) either went out of range or became unresponsive."(Notice the only difference are the device numbers... I figure one for the mouse and one for the keyboard)I've tried everything that I know to do. I have the latest drivers from Microsoft although I have tried to install product drivers for my Rocketfish Bluetooth 2.0 EDR Class II Wireless USB Adapter from the rocketfish we... Read more

A:Wireless Bluetooth HID Mouse/Keyboard randomly stop working ALL THE TIME!! :(

Awww man, seriously? No one has any ideas huh? It's the biggest hassle ever and the problem doesn't even seem THAT complicated... but I guess it is. I'm completely stuck and don't know where to go from here Again, if anyone has any suggestions or even an idea of where to go online for some help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again,

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I just got this Logitech LX310 combo and nothing but problems from the start. Windows constantly freezing, high CPU usage, and not responding. I downloaded the updated software and no improvements. Any ideas what to do besides putting my recliner back in the living room and plugging in wired keyboard and mouse?
Cordless Desktop? LX 310 Laser

A:Problems with cordless keyboard/mouse combo

Dan Friday,
I searched the Hardware Qualified List for your model and your model was not included. This a list of hardware that has received the Windows 7 Compatibility Logo.

The following URL is only reachable with Internet Explorer:
Winqual Help

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I recently bought a new Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse bundle and ever since I installed it my screen saver stopped workin. I've tried everything in terms of changing delay times, enableing 7 diabling it etc, nothing seems to help.

I am running Xp SP2 and the keyboard & mause are: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Comfort Edition.

any similar experiences?

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I have a wireless keyboard & mouse & do not like it. I loose the signal from the transmitter once in while which means I have to shut the computer down & start over in order for the mouse to work. I have an old hard wired mouse that I'd like to use. Does that have to be used with a hard wired keyboard, which I also have. How do I go about making the change to my system?

Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Wireless mouse & keyboard

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Hi, My wireless mouse and keyboard combo (Model no 5189URF) came along with my desktop which is 3 years back (I guess). Recently the receiver/dongle blue light is on sometimes or totally off/dead. Therefore i need a replacement for that little thing instead of having to get a whole new keyboard and mouse because current receiver is not working. My receiver/dongle part no is 5188-6928. How and where can I order replacement usb receiver in India? Appreciate any help. Regards,Siva

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I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Have been working fine until a few hours ago. Mouse is still fine. On the keyboard at times I was having trouble connecting but tinkered around and that's all good. But some things arent working. The main thing is alt-tab, that's not doing anything. Pressing F1 isnt pulling up the help screen either. Typing etc is fine. I just pressed alt-F to try it, that's fine too.

I should mention this strange phenomenon - if I click on something in my taskbar that's not opening either. Dunno what that's about. So for example I have a pdf open, but if I click on it on the taskbar it wont become the active window. I have to move my browser out of the way so I can read it. Not sure what that's about?


A:Solved: trouble w/ wireless keyboard and mouse

See if new batteries in the keyboard makes any difference.

For the taskbar issues make sure you restart before doing much troubleshooting. Now that I think of it, maybe a restart should be done before trying new batteries.

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The last several days the wireless keyboard/mouse that I have been using for over a year are being very erratic. Sometimes the keyboard will repeat a letter many times, then you have to wait for several seconds before it will allow another letter to be typed. The mouse will jump around.
I have replaced the batteries in both with new batteries. Seems to work fine part of the time, but come evening starts giving me trouble.
Any suggestions I could try to correct this problem?

A:Solved: Wireless Keyboard and mouse erratic

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My brother received a wireless keyboard and mouse and asked me to install it tomorrow, i dont have one and never installed one. All i know is it is made by microsoft, he is running XP
Is it difficult to install

Thank you


A:Solved: Microsoft Wireless keyboard and Mouse

Nope, real easy. I have a Logitech set, and all it took was plugging it in to a USB port (mine has a 'base station' for the wireless mouse which is also the receiver etc), and installing the drivers. Then once installed, press the 'connect' button on bottom of mouse and kb. Yours is probably very similar.


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I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo (Logitech LX310), which I've been using for roughly a year. In the last week or so, the combo started freezing up at random times, without any apparent rhyme or reason.

Usually, they will both freeze up within 20 minutes or so of a boot; sometimes they will go for hours without freezing. There is no correlation to apps open, since it will happen when nothing is open. Most of the time, there is no notice that they are going to freeze. Some times, though, I will get a "2 minute warning" because either (a) a key "sticks" for one or two seconds, giving me a line or so of the same letter, (b) the mouse "skips" instead of slides across the screen, or (c) I hear the sound of a USB device connecting and then disconnecting. Curiously, the keyboard and mouse don't always freeze up exactly at the same time, though usually they do.

Other USB devices are not having any issues except the one other USB composite device I have (a MS webcam). I'm not really sure if it's having issues because I seldom use it. I don't know if it's freezing up too, but I have noticed that, since the keyboard and mouse problem started, it does not always function on the first boot.

Here's what I've done to try to remedy the problem:

1. updated the Logitech driver and software
2. tried to update the USB composite device driver (which is 51.2600.5512, and windows says there are no updates, though it... Read more

A:Solved: wireless mouse & keyboard freeze up

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Recently I installed a Microsoft wireless mouse and it is working. But the wired mouse is now sporadic and at times freezes. I have unplugged the wireless mouse and rebooted several times. Even did a system restore.
Also an Excel spreadsheet stopped working with the wired mouse just freezing the screen completely. Even after rebooting, the Excel will open and eventually I will get a cross hair image. I have tried to update the driver on the wired mouse but it says I already have the most uptodate one. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I scanned with Malware antimalware and it eliminated over 300 items. I am not sure what is going on.
I hope I don't have a virus. I have Norton 360 with my Comcast subscription but now I cannot even see it in my taskbar. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but nothing happens in Control Panel when I try to uninstall.
I have a Dell XPS desktop. As I write the wired mouse is not functioning. If I unplug the mouse and put it back in the mouse port it works for a minute or so and then just dies. I don't even see the red light at the bottom of the mouse sometimes. I just unplugged the wired mouse and now it is working. So it is very odd behavior. I imagine by the time I post this the wired mouse will freeze again as has been the case. In the interim while I wait for a reply, I'll contact Comcast and see if they can help me with the Norton virus software issue.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microso... Read more

A:wired Mouse not working but wireless mouse is

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Hey. Here's the poblem:

I'm using windows Vista 32bit...I recently updated my computer. After the update, my mouse wouldn't work. It's a PS/2 mouse. I unplugged it and replugged it. I restarted and replugged. I tried a USB mouse. I tried different ports. Nothing worked.

I used my keyboard to go to the control panel to see what the problem was. It said the mouse properties (in the registry) is corrupted or missing. I think it also said the problem was code 9 or something.

So I tried a system restore, to before the update was applied. (I've had more problems after windows updates than you could possibly imagine)

So after the restore, windows booted up normally. The mouse still didn't work, so I browsed the web to try to find solutions. I didn't change anything and I ended up restarting my computer and trying safe mode. The mouse still didn't work, so I went back to normal mode to try to uninstall the driver for my mouse. That was when my keyboard stopped. Then, the computer itself freezes. (both after about 2 minutes)
(if you're wondering how I would know the computer froze, it's because any window that is loading doesn't come up after the keyboard stops)

So now I go back to try safe mode. It freezes after about 2 minutes as well. I try the system repair boot option. The damned mouse works, but no window shows up. Just a black screen.

So I went back to normal boot (thinking the mouse will work) and nothing. I try to q... Read more

A:Solved: Mouse and keyboard not working.

Does not sound like the Update caused your problem, more like a virus on your computer. I'm sure one of the Tech's will be along to help you out soon.

Good luck

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since I got a laptop I haven't used my desktop pc but I tried recently and neither one works, dead as a doornail! they work fine plugged into my laptop,I've tried using different slots, front and back, any idea what can be wrong?

A:Solved: keyboard and mouse not working!

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Ok i'm running windows xp sp2. The problem i have is that once it boots up to the logon screen whether normal or safe mode my keyboard, and mouse seems to freeze up. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how I may fix this problem?


A:Solved: keyboard & mouse not working!!

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Put my computer back togethor today, and got it to power up after some troubleshooting.

One problem: Mouse and keyboard do not work.
They were both working fine minutes before on a different computer, so I know they work.
Im running a wireless mouse setup, so I tried a wired mouse and it still doesnt work.

I get a single "beep" when I disconnect the mouse from back panel, doesnt beep when I disconnect keyboard.

A:Solved: Mouse & Keyboard not working

This seem to be very annoying

1.Check if the wire of the wired mouse is well connected to the mouse port on your motherboard.

2. Check if the mouse port is well connected to the motherboard

3. Try to test it once more on the other computer as maybe when pluging out of the other computer or pluging in in the new one it may have been damage.

If it you retry it on the other PC and it work once more and on yours it don't then it maybe be a problem of humidity or the PC mouse and keyboard port on the motherboard get damaged.

For the beep it may be that there a problem on the motherboard mouse and keyboard port.

Try that I ask you if it still not working just come back and ask me I will try to find another solution...

Keep me updated on the problem

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i can not get a line on my mouse to let me type. My right click will not let me delete. I am unable to type an email or any other typing using my keyboard. My system restore disapeared too. swapped mouse and keyboard to no avail. No viruse detected. I really need help. Thanks for your reply.

A:Solved: mouse & keyboard not working

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I have a virus, but before I can even begin to solve that problem, I need to get my computer into safe mode.
I have a Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 keyboard & mouse. There doesn't seem to be any connection at the time when I am supposed to push F8.

Do I just need to go buy a wired keyboard? Is there any way around that?

Thanks much.

A:Solved: Safe Mode w/ wireless keyboard & mouse

You need to get a wired keyboard or else you may indeed be out of luck. You can try to get into bios and see if Legacy USB support is enabled. But I believe you might indeed need to get a wired keyboard/mouse combo. Luckily they are pretty cheap Might even be able to pick one up on your local craigslist.

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WTF? I install the Logitech SetPoint 4.8 software so that my new Christmas gift keyboard and mouse work properly, and lo and behold my CPU starts to idle at 40-60%(averaged out between the four cores) with seemingly random cores higher and lower. Any ideas? It's the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro kit and has the Wave keyboard and MX1100 laser mouse.

Also, just so everyone else knows, wireless sucks for FPS shooter gaming. If anyone knows a hint to make it work better there too I'd appreciate any help I could get at this point. I have went ahead and uninstalled the mouse and keyboard, but my system is still idling at that higher level according to the CPU gauges in Windows 7 gadget section.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Intel 9550 (stock, 2.8Ghz)
Radeon 4890 1gb
8gb RAM
plenty of hard disk left
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

A:Solved: Wireless Keyboard and mouse install affecting CPU

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Hi all --

Moving hubby's Windows system around and realizing what a pain these wired components are.

Can anyone recommend a decent wireless keyboard/mouse that isn't too expensive?

Thanks in advance!

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I just purchased a new PC with 16 GB of Ram and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. My USB mouse and keyboard stop working randomly and when the PC goes to sleep causing me to have to do a hard reset. I have researched this on the web and updated the USB hubs the devices to wake the computer but this has had no effect. My computer shop thinks that the problem is the 16 GB of RAM with Windows. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.


A:[SOLVED] USB mouse and keyboard stop working

The max RAM for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit is 192GB so that's not the issue. Since you say "installed", we'll need the rest of your specs to determine the solution.

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My client has a Vista 32-bit system with PS2 mouse & keyboard. Everything was working fine until bootup one morning. The system starts Vista just fine, but no mouse or keyboard. KB works in DOS & BIOS, nothing for KB or Mouse in safe mode.

System restored back two days before problem, no difference.

This was a few days after the monthly MS update day. Not sure if anything was updated or not.

Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Solved: Mouse & keyboard not working in Vista

Anybody? This is a desktop PC. No ideas?

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i had the power go off in the area and my computer was shut down when i
came home. i reset up monitor and computer. they both show power to them but nothing on screen. not gettting power to key board or mouse. i have
reinserted all electrical connections to check for connectivity. Help.........

A:Solved: monitor-keyboard and mouse not working

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Windpows XP is not picking up either on startup everything loads but can not use them any ideas on a easy solution?

Cheers Everton.

A:[SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

What sort of keyboard and mouse do you have? (wireless?...USB?)

If you have a USB keyboard and mouse, there may be a problem with XP and your USB drivers...the same applies to wireless.

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All the sudden the keyboard and wireless mouse quit working. I plugged in my wireless USB keyboard and mouse and they work but when I click on any application nothing happens, can't even open one of those simple games that came with it. The laptop has only been used about a month so it's still new. I don't have restore partition on the HD. This is the only computer I have and I'm in a remote location so I have to drive into town to the library. Thanks very much for any advice. Don

Acer Aspire 7720, 17" screen
250GB HD
Windows Vista Ultimate

A:Solved: keyboard/mouse stopped working

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Hi People ,

I recently got a system with following configuration

Intel Desktop Board DH67VR Media Series,
Intel Core i3 processor -2100 LGA 1155
4GB Ram,
PS2 Keyboard (thought the board doesn't have PS2 Slot for keyboard i have used PS2 to USB convertor),
USB Mouse

When installing Windows XP my keyboard is not working. When I was booting the system keyboard is working fine, I changed the Boot option in BIOS. But when the installation screen comes to "Enter" - to install, "R" to Repair and F3 to Exit. My keyboard is not responding.
I googled and i came across links to check Legacy USB Option enable/disabled, when i check in my BIOS it was Enabled.
Can any of you please let me know what could be the issue.


A:[SOLVED] USB Keyboard/Mouse Not working on Installation

Try using a usb keyboard, if you dont have one you can pick one up for cheap at any store.

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