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Q: Webshots.com - Attorneys and More

I had an attorney contact me wanting $500 for using a webshots.com photo -Be careful-you could be next-- he wrote to me

"Webshots was never authorized to license my client's images and, in fact, my client has had prior infringement claims against them. Under the circumstances, my client is willing to resolve the matter by granting a retroactive license to you for a fee of $250 for each image, or a total of $500"

Preferred Solution: Webshots.com - Attorneys and More

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Webshots.com - Attorneys and More

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My Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen OLED laptop is recently out of warranty and an intermittent problem that began some months before the warranty ran out is now a consistent one. The screen does not display the Lenovo logo on boot but just has bands of multicolored static across the screen - exactly like the problem another user describes in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/3Fg764UIJUo On checking around the web and in many fora (including this one), this seems to be a pretty systemic problem with their OLED displays. Has anyone been in touch with their State Attorney General office about the problem? I will contact Lenovo tech support to get a quote but this seems like something Lenovo should recall and fix.

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Hello all. I installed a program that displays different nice desktop photos however, MS secrurity esentials indicated that it is a problem and requested to remove it. I allowed the removal of this "indicated" threat. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience or has any knowledge of "Webshots.com" and what risks it posed? I also ran the Hijackthis software which also detected remnants of the software. My desktop still displays the last image that the software installed as well as the last date on the calendar which has not changed since MSE has removed it. Can anyone advise? Thanks for your help.



Webshots is a large free online photo sharing site owned by American Greetings...Unbeknownst to its users, Webshots employed its Webshots Desktop Application (a free program that users can download from their site to manage their online pictures) to install the Kiwee Toolbar as part of a software update for this program. Once infiltrated in the user's computer, this piece of malware cannot be removed by regular means....Kiwee toolbar is potentially dangerous because it may install additional malware onto the compromised computer and collect user-identifying information possibly resulting in privacy violations and identity theft...About WebshotsSome anti-virus and anti-malware programs detect the toolbar as a non-viral threat or Potentially Unwanted Program, while others may detect or remove individual files and registry entries. However, even after these security tools remove files/registry entries, remnants previously undetected may still be found during subsequent scans. I would be more concerned about encountering innocuous-looking banner ads containing code which can trigger pop-up ads and malicious Flash ads that install viruses, Trojans, and spyware. Ads are a target for hackers because they offer a stealthy way to distribute malware to a wide range of Internet users.

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Does anybody know of any problems with running Webshots??? I love the program, but my tech support HATES it and always uninstalls it. I have yet to read where it causes problems, but maybe I'm not finding the right places.

Huh, I sit in front of a blank wall - no window, and I like that I can see "the great outdoors" on my monitor. Helps cheer things up at work.


I've used the webshots scenery for wallpaper for several years without any difficulty what-so-ever. Don't know why anyone would hate them.

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I dont know if I have the right thread but up to recently I have been able to convert webshots photos to JPGs using UWC convertor. This has now been blocked, can anybody give me an up to date version of this convertor?

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I just installed IE8 on my computer running Windows XP. The problem is that the wallpaper pictures do not correctly fit on my screen. I'm only seeing most of my pictures. They seem to be enlarged, even though I have the "enlarge picture to best fit desktop" option checked and I've tried the other options avaliable in the wallpaper area of Webshots. The same pictures fit appropriately when the screensaver portion of Webshots starts. This happened immediately after installation of IE8. I could always go back to IE7, but has anyone had the same problem and/or is there a solution. Thanks...
The enemy of good is better or perfect....

A:IE8 and Webshots

I had the same problem after downloading IE8, but fortunately, had just downloaded Firefox, so I was able to do the job. But I also wanted to revert to IE7 and was always blocked by IE with the reply that it could not be done, and that I had to stay with IE8! So much for flexibility!... Thanks..

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When I try to connect to the web from webshots I receive the message that the file may not be supported by aol. Then asks if I would like to open it as a text file, but says then it is too large. As they say in the inner city "Whattup?"

A:webshots and aol

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I installed a downloaded set of photos from "webshots", Desktop and screen saver. Unfortunately I can't defrag without turning off the desktop and screensaver but this file won't go away. I've tried to delete it but get the message "can not deleted, access denied" I even tried moving file to a diskette but I then get an error message "file can not be moved" How do I remove the file so I can defrag?


Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and endtask the program. Probably, the reason you can't delete it or move it is that it is running.

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I have two programs I'd like to use with Win7 64 bit. Does anyone know if they will work?

Family Tree Maker 9


Thanks, David

A:FTM 9 and Webshots?

FTM 9? Is that a really old version? I know FTM 2009 works with Windows 7.

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Anyone a really pro with webshots?

I got an invite from a friend to view their album. Neither of us is a paying member, perhaps that matters.

Anyways, I want to download the entire photo album she shared. Is there a way to do this other than picture by picture?


A:Webshots help?

You have "download" limitations when you are not a premium member, but if you can view the image in Webshots (either regular size or full size), then you can right click and 'save picture as'. There are no shortcuts that I'm aware of, but this will get you the images.

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I am having a great time with Webshots on my screen. I have set it up so that every 15 minutes a new picture appears. But I want to add more. When I am notified that there is a new picture available, how can I add this new picture to my "collection" that I already have?

Perhaps someone with more computer knowledge than I can run the "webshots" site/program and figure out how to add new pictures.



It is really quite easy, right click your task bar Icon near the clock,select photo manager , this will open a menu, from there you can go to the web for more pictures, add pictures from your pc and share your picts with others, help file is there also, add new photos on your computer by selecting collections and then new, Good luck...Rhett

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I have used Webshots screensaver and wallpaper software for years and I am a Premium member. I need to update my billing info. For whatever reason, I cannot get into my account---their web site doesn't even seem to be working, yet I get the daily featured photos---I just can't download them until my billing info is updated. Does anybody know what is going on with Webshots? I emailed Support twice, but I have received no response. When I go to Webshots.com nothing on the site works. I would appreciate any help.

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A question for hewee to answer, I expect

I can't seem to find out how to change the picture that shows when the albums are first displayed on my page at http://community.webshots.com

i.e. I want to change the order of the photos, so another one is in the first position.

Any idea, hewee? or anyone else



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As my iphoto library continues to expand, I feel that the time has come to create an online gallery for myself, where my friends and family can see and access my photos, and, hopefully, add to the albums themselves.
I'm presently deciding between Ofoto and Webshots, two free online sources that have been recommended to me by different peers, and I'm trying to determine which one is "better." I'd appreciate any advice from someone who is familiar with the pros and cons of both of these websites with the caveat that I am a mac user.

A:WebShots or Ofoto?

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I have seen Webshots installed at my friends computer. I really like it and I would like to get the free version. But with things like this I'm always afraid of Spyware. Therefore I would like to know if it comes without Spyware. Does anybody of you know more about that ? THX !!!

A:Is Webshots secure ?

Hi piccolo2, I was just searching this site for questions about webshots and found your unanswered query. I have webshots and have found it to be terrific. Like you I was unsure about it but I tracked hewee down and bombarded him with questions about it. Seems pretty safe to me

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I have a computer that already had Webshots installed on it. I want to send the computer to my sister, and I think she would enjoy seeing some of the photos on it, but generally I think she, like I, would prefer a less vibrand screen background. But when I got to msconfig and unclick the check mark for Webshots, and then boot up again, the check mark reappears and Webshots again furnishes the screen background. Is there a way I can control Webshots so that it works only when I turn it on myself? grandpaw

A:webshots: how to turn it off

I don't know the program, but often somewhere in the options there's a box 'start Webshots when Windows starts' or something similar you can uncheck.

Have you looked there already?

Good luck,

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Im trying to uninstall Webshots but in Programs there is no uninstall option,if I go to add/remove and click remove it says an error occured while trying to remove Webshots perhaps it has been uninstalled (well it hasnt) its like it doesnt want to go but it has to so has anyone any ideas how to get rid of it?

A:Cannot uninstall Webshots

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Webshots is closing down so anyone with images they want may want to download them.



Do not login at "smile.webshots.com" or it will move your account over and the new site will cost what ever that is not known yet.

All of your old content will be available on Webshots.com until December 1

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how do i uninstall webshots

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Is there a way to download webshots latest program on a fast internet computer and install on a computer connected by vodafone (slow/unreliable/expensive)? I downloaded the setup file. It didd nothign except bring up Zonealarm asking to connect to the internet. On the computer using broadband it downloaded net framework which must have been huge. I already have net framework 2.


A:Webshots setup

This version is extremely slow compared to the previous version. Version 2 (XP - a few years old) is better still but lacks the remaning of groups.

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I'm using Windows Vista and I've used Webshots for 9 years moving it to computer to computer with me. It's always worked fine but somehow the program files are gone with no icon in my tray and no program listed in my directory. The desktop icon says that the action that the shortcut points to is missing. I've tried redownloading it and it says that the download was successful, but there is still no program even after restarting the computer. I have all my webshots data (downloaded pics) in my documents folder, but of course it doesn't work without the program. There's no "old" program to remove before reinstalling. I've gone through their support FAQs but nothing fits this problem. Any help is MUCH APPRECIATED!

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Hi all,

Whenever I try to access my Webshots, the page reads "done" or "done with errors" at the bottom of the page. Also, when I try to view my photos in full view, they take up the entire screen, instead of the pictures automatically resizing on their own, like they used to. Do you think this is a problem with my computer or with Webshots? Every other website seems to be working well as I don't have any issues with images. Appreciate the advice! Thanks!

A:Webshots and IE Errors

Hi CrissyCakes,

If you take a look at these search results, it seems that quite a few have had problems with this site. Perhaps you may want to think about changing to one of the bigger, more well known sites such as Photobucket.


Only thing i can think of just now is, do you have the latest version of IE, and have you tried cleaning out your temp files? (but not your cookies)

Also you could try reinstalling the Webshots software but make sure the old one is properly uninstalled before you install the fresh one.

Post back and let us know if you have any luck.

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Hi,I have Vista Ultimate with a free AVG that I added.I downloaded the webshots desktop into my bot without a problem, yet now when I try to visit their site I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".I've tried using IE & Firefox, nothing works.I tried turning off the defender firewall, ditto.Any ideas,ThxEdit: Moved topic from Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal



Probably because the server was down for some reason. I just tried it, and it's fine (tried on Vista, with both IE & FF). If you use IE8, that's probably the reason you can't view it using IE.

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I notice that a lot of TSG members use WebShots for their online photo hosting. Is this a free service? Also, because so many of you use it, I am assuming you think it's a reputable site.

Any thoughts would be appreciated because I am looking for an online photo hosting service.


A:WebShots for online photos?

It is a site I and others use.
You can upload very big images there. You can also hide albums so no one else sees them.
But you have a limit of how many picture you can have. If you pay then you can have more albums and images and you can also download more images per day and download the bigger ones too.

Then there is ImageShack that lets you upload images that are 1 MB or less but I don't think there is a limit on how many you can have.

I use both sites. Webshots you have to download there program I think. You may be able to upload just tru the web site but you need the webshots program to download.
ImageShack you don't have to do anything. But if you want to get track of your images then you have to sign up.
All I did was give a email address when I signed up. They also have a PhotoBlogging now and I think you can have it so anyone can see the images you have. I have not used it.

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I keep getting this error message whenever I use Suprnova.org or when I try and download new Webshots photos.

The screen looks like this :

And the message says :

problem getting response info - [Errno 2] No such file or directory : 'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Thomas\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files\\Content.IE5\\OBDZM23T\\PINK%20FLOYD%20Trance%20REMIXES(7cds)-ZIP[1].Torrent

Anyone else had a similar problem or know what to do?


Isnt bittorrent a file-sharing program? If so that is against TSG rules.

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I would like to add webshots to my trusted sites. I have already tried *.webshots.com
It doesn't work. I remember once seeing 2 addresses that need to be added to the list
for webshots.
I don't remember them. I am a free member so I cannot
get direct help from webshots.


A:add webshots to trusted sites

I don't use IE do don't have to do this but webshots has lots of address and cookies.
I think it is www.webshots.com you need to login.

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hello. i have over a 1000 pictures saved in my webshots directory. however i recetnly bought a laptop that has a widescreen and the wallpaper looks weird.

i read on cnet that you can tweak the settings for the pictures to be fit into a widescreen, but i dont know how to do that, nor did cnet state how to do that.

please help.

A:Webshots widescreen problem

Use FastStone Photo Resizer: http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm
It'll resize pictures in batch mode.

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Ever since I installed the new version of Webshots Desktops the "Use Webshots wallpaper on desktop" option button will not stay checked. If I check it and say ok it starts to work, but after shuting down and restarting, it is always unchecked. All the other option buttons stay checked. I'm running Windows Xp Pro with update 2.

A:Solved: New version of webshots

This is Webshots support site check here to see if there is an answer http://www.webshots.com/support/help/10966.html

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Hi,I have tried to install Webshots Desktop but every time it attempts to install i get this error message.Access to registry key HKEY CLASSES ROOT RECORD is denied,plus alot of things about win32.Any idea how i can resolve this.Regards Martin.

A:Webshots error message

Have you tried a registry cleaner? personally I don't think Webshots is worth it anymore.
You can reproduce the effect using
for the registry cleaning try:

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Also I was wondering is there a Open source software that is exactly like The Webshots Desktop software but with unlimited pictures per album.

A:Need help with Webshots desktop software

So does anybody konow open source for my question.

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Text from error.
the instruction at 0x7c90100 refferenced memory at 0x00000034 The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate program
The computer then locks up and requires a pull the plug boot. Please Help!!

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I received a new computer at work today and tried to install Webshots desktop. (I have had it on my computer at work since 1999) and I Keep getting error messages. "Error Occurred and we must quit. Installer must quit." Can anyone help me?

A:Webshots Desktop error on XP

I don't have a fix, but I just received a new computer also (with Office 2003 -not XP) and am getting the same error message. Thought it might be new encryption software, but if it is happening to you - maybe not.

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I continue to get this error message after I recently downloaded the Webshots program for screensaver.
Thank you.

A:Webshots Error Message

From WebShots support site:

This error is often caused by a corrupted collection file in the software. To fix the problem, you will need to download and reinstall your Webshots Desktop software.
If you still are experiencing problems, try uninstalling before you reinstall. Please note that uninstalling will completely remove all your collections. Be sure to reboot your computer after reinstalling.

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Hello All,
I have a customer's machine here, and I can't seem to find anyone ever having had the same problem as me. This comp's got the "Personal Antivirus" virus on it, and I found a program that several sources say will get rid of it, so I put it on a thumb drive since Personal Antivirus hijacks IE and anyone who would get infected with Personal Antivirus would not know well enough to have a second browser handy for emergencies. When I goto My Computer & try to open the thumb drive, it open Webshots, which I'm pretty sure is about the same type of program as weatherbug. Anyway, when I goto Add/Remove Programs, none of the webshots programs will uninstall. When I click on the button, absolutely nothing happens. I thought if I took Webshots from Startup, it might allow me to uninstall it, but when I rebooted, it was right back in Startup.

Also, FYI, I already put the HD from this computer into mine as a secondary & ran 2 full Mcafee Scans w/0 items found. It also does the same thing in safe mode. Anyone who can offer some advice, thank you in advance.

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I've used the Websthots 'program' (free membership) since 1999 and have been 'saving' the free Daily Pro Photos since 2004.
Today I discovered that since Aug 20, 2010 the photos have been 'saved' into another collection (not the Daily Photos as before) BUT I had made NO changes whatsoever. Obviously the Webshots people made a change BUT being that I am a free member, there is NO SUPPORT (or even a place to ask questions or make a comment).

So, is there anyone using Webshots that can make a suggestion?

A:Webshots - Collections Problem

Every collection will hold only certain number of photos. I don't recall, what the exact number is, but if number of photos reaches that limit, a new collection will be created.

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I've got a customer who uses a program called "Webshots" Webshots HomeAll he uses it for is for his desktop dynamically changing pictures, from his my pictures folder (he's got a lot of soft core porn and I guess he likes to see a different girl on his desktop every 3 minutes lol) Webshots actually offers a service that pulls pictures from the web, however he doesn't use that function.The program, for whatever reason runs at 90,000 k, and ever since he got AVG Internet Security he's been having problems with it. I called the Webshots software people and they notified me that AVG's firewall is blocking the program from having web access. (Which it doesn't need in the first place for this customer) The software guy wouldn't tell me what, if any ports to forward on the firewall or anything of any use, and I can't find information about it on the web.Has anyone else had simmilar problems in this area? I either need a fix for it, or a simmilar program that makes your desktop background dynamic, and it doesn't have to have any access to the web.Thanks in advance guys!

A:Webshots program problem.

I use Webshots and it uses less than 10K, so your usage seems to excessive.
You don't say what the actual problems are.
Webshots doesn't need any web access in order to function, if you don't use any web features (I don't).

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Can't install on Win 7 ... anyone using it on Win 7?

A:Does Webshots Desktop Work for Win 7 ??

Good question.

I installed Win7 Ultimate x64 last night and installed Webshots just now. Copied the Webshots Data file from XP into the same file in Win7 and found that I had 8813 Webshots photos. LOL.

So far seems to work fine.

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Dear Tech Support Guy:

I bought a new HP Pavilion notebook computer with Windows 7 Ultimate and copied all of my Webshots photos from my old Dell notebook computer that was running Windows XP Professional. I downloaded the free Webshots Desktop application to my new HP notebook from the website and I'm now trying to "re-build" my photo collection from the copied photos from my old computer. My problem is that the Webshots Desktop application doesn't "see" the photos in the "webshots albums" located in the Webshots Data folder. I know the photos are there because I can "see" a list of them from Windows Explorer. The photos have a *.wb1 extension.

How do get my Webshots Desktop application to recognize these photos so that I can load them into my Webshots photo collections?


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Good Morning Folks,

When I click on the webshots camera in the win98 task tray and try and open the photomanager, sometimes I get the cursor arrow and hourglass and the app opens. Other times, I'll try the same thing and photomanager will not open.
I have a win98 system with 512 megs of ram, 2 -160 gig HD's and I use Norton Sys works 2004 pro, Zonealarm, Firefox browser plus Spybot and Adaware. Yall got any ideas?

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When I try to run Webshots Desktop on the other Administrator accounts on my computer I get an error saying, "Critical Error Your Webshots Installation is Corrupt. You must reinstall Webshots. " I reinstalled it and it still does the same problem. The only account it works on is on the Main Administrator account.

How do I fix this Problem????
Windows XP Pro.

A:Solved: Webshots Desktop

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I downloaded Webshots for the desktop (the free version). I have had an account for sometime. I couldn't upload images to the web site so from my networked laptop, but could from my PC. I downloaded the program to my laptop thinking it might be easier. Now I am unable log in to upload pictures from my hard drive. The program just "freezes" when logging in. Any ideas?

A:Webshots program locks up.....

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I have a friend that cannot download pictures from webshots. He uses Windows XP. When he tries to download a new picture, it goes through the motion like it is being downloaded, but when it tries to bring up the picture at the end of the download the following error comes up: "This data file could not be processed because of this error: C:\documents and settings\owner\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\ibsn19ge\bf72ba06211bb21a42708d16bae4656[1].wbz was not found." The numbers change in this message depending on what picture is being downloaded. How can he fix this problem? Thanks.

A:Error downloading webshots

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I have tried multiple times to uninstall webshots using the add/remove programs tool. It will not uninstall. My computer is an HP notebook dv-5t-1200 se with Windows Vista operating system. Thanks for any ideas. I have run Registry Booster and fixed all problems that it detected.

A:Solved: Can't uninstall webshots

Download Revo uninstaller from here http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html that will do the job there is a free version and also a paid for one,you can choose which...

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Hi to all on TSG,

I have used the free Webshots for years and years. I have a query regarding the pictures stored in the Webshots Data folder. I have only just come across this issue.

Each album contains so many pictures but the majority of them are not showing when I view them in Thumbnails mode.
However, when I am in Webshots program and go to the particular folder in question, all of the pictures are there.

The filename of the ones that do show in thumbnails, are JPEG. For example: ph number.jpg

The ones that do not show, are ph number.wb1
The other ones that do not show, are, th number.wb1

I just don't understand how come all my photos show in Webshots program but not when trying to view in thumbnails in their own folder. I have my photos all backed up and just as well because some Webshots photos are now not available anymore to non-paying members. Having said that, many that are not showing up in thumbview in the folders can still be downloaded so it can't be that Webshots have done something to those previous pictures.

Middle of last year, I had a problem with a blue screen telling me that Webshots was corrupted and there were a few numbers relating to some of the albums but it went on so fast that I couldn't take note. I recently downloaded a fresh copy from their website and put in all my old photos. So far so good, apart from majoriry of photos not showing in their albums.

Please help, anyone?

A:Solved: Webshots folders

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I recently UN-installed Webshots, but I am left with a shell [it appears] of some version of IE. It is not listed in the programs to be uninstalled, but it is still in my start programs list. If I click on it, it does come up, and gives me a message that "Smile" cannot find ... etc.. That's why I'm assuming it is something Webshots/Smile installed.

How do I get rid of it, if it's not in the uninstall programs list? I want to get rid of it before I install IE 10.

A:Internet Explorer installed by Webshots?

Right click on it in the start menu and click on Open file location and see whats in the folder. If there is and uninstaller run it, if you uninstalled it already then delete the folder and it will be gone.


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I have a user who has this error coming up. I removed and reinstlaled the webshots software, but the error remained.

Error MEssage:Swebexec.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being generated.

The webshots works after you click cancel.

So my question is: What the heck can I do to fix this and remove the error.

A:Solved: WebShots error message

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