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Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit

Q: Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit

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A: Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit

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Intel 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz
6GB Ram
64-bit Vista w/ SP1
BIOS: American Megatrends 5.37, 2/23/2009

I just bought this new desktop and would like to use an old 500gb Seagate (Barracuda 7200.10) drive which used to work fine as the IDE slave on my old XP machine. I also just bought an IDE-SATA converter as my motherboard only has one IDE controller but for a floppy drive.

I've set the jumper cables to 'slave' on the new drive, and hooked it using a SATA data cable to the SATA2 slot on the motherboard. When I turn the computer on, I don't even manage to get to the BIOS Screen.

So I disconnected it, went into BIOS with my default settings (SATA0 for master HD, SATA1 DVD R/W), and changed the SATA1 control mode to 'IDE' from 'RAID', turned of the computer and reconnected the old HD to SATA1. This time I manage to get to the BIOS menu, but my old drive is not recognized. the computer just crashes if I let it boot normally without pressing F10 to get to the BIOS setup screen.

Am I doing anything wrong here? the IDE-SATA converter lights up, indicating that it should technically be working. are there any known issues with these types of converters??

Any hints/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

A:Installing slave IDE HD using IDE-SATA converter


from Bios - turn on all sata ports, then try to start up win.
maybe u have error msg at booting telling u that that no device at sata 2 or 3 , go ahead until ur windows load.

wait for 1 or 2 minutes to win detect ur HDD.

it will need to restart.

finally disable sata port that not used.

read carefully on the mother bord the sata number, its written in small font.

note; r u sure that ur ide hdd have power ? did u hear sound or shaking ?

good luck

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Intel 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz
6GB Ram
64-bit Vista w/ SP1
BIOS: American Megatrends 5.37, 2/23/2009

I just bought this new desktop and would like to use an old 500gb Seagate (Barracuda 7200.10) drive which used to work fine as the IDE slave on my old XP machine. I also just bought an IDE-SATA converter as my motherboard only has one IDE controller but for a floppy drive.

I've set the jumper cables to 'slave' on the new drive, and hooked it using a SATA data cable to the SATA2 slot on the motherboard. When I turn the computer on, I don't even manage to get to the BIOS Screen.

So I disconnected it, went into BIOS with my default settings (SATA0 for master HD, SATA1 DVD R/W), and changed the SATA1 control mode to 'IDE' from 'RAID', turned of the computer and reconnected the old HD to SATA1. This time I manage to get to the BIOS menu, but my old drive is not recognized. the computer just crashes if I let it boot normally without pressing F10 to get to the BIOS setup screen.

Am I doing anything wrong here? the IDE-SATA converter lights up, indicating that it should technically be working. are there any known issues with these types of converters??

Any hints/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

A:Installing slave IDE HD using IDE-SATA converter

Set the jumper on the IDE drive to Master. SATA drives don't have a master/slave relationship, setting the drive to slave probably confuses the SATA converter.

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I am fixing a Dell 5100 desktop with a SATA hd and have an extra SATA connector in the frame. I want to use her old hd as a slave or secondary drive, but it is a molex connector...how can I hook it up?

A:Solved: Question about using a old molex hd as a slave drive in a SATA connector syst

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I have gotten a load of spare parts, im building a PC for friend,,, just an old thing with P4, 1Gb - but thing is the MSI motherboard MSI MS-7211 keeps going into RAID mode or something? tried 2 drives and forcing 150 SATA1 mode on one of the drives to - there is not settings anywhere in the BIOS to change from IDE to RAID or SATA - theres just On CHip SATA and its on - ive been through every single setting

what happens is on POST it only sees the IDE DVD drives - if I go into Boot Order it see;s the SATA drives there labelled as SCSI: MAXTOR 200Gb or SCSI: WD 160Gb depending on drive - if I go to load an OS it just says no drive exists

if i dont press anything to get into BIOS it says something about RAID and to press TAB to go into it - when I do it says only 1 drive connected, needs another..theres no option to disable raid anywhere?

can anyone help with this?


A:Solved: motherboard wont see SATA drive?

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

A:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!


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I recently installed a Seagate 2TB Barracuda Sata drive on my PC to use is as a slave drive, but the computer is not showing the drive when I click on My Computer, but
when I check the device manager, it is there. What's going on?

A:Sata Drive as a Slave Problems

Welcome to SF!!

Start > type 'diskmgmt.msc' and run it > it is listed there? (possibly saying unalloacated?)

If so, check this out:
How to Create a New Partition or Volume in Windows 7

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I just installed a new SATA drive as my master drive, and I have another SATA drive installed as well. I have two IDE drives I also want to add, but everytime I connect them my computer sees the IDE drive as master and boots to it (XP is installed on it). My boot setup is like this:


I've googled for help and a couple of other places say you can't run anything on your IDE channel if you have SATA as master. Is this true? I need all the hard drive space I can get and wanted my 300Gb sata drive as master. It will suck if I can't use the two additional 200Gb IDE drives I have. Also, right now they're both set to cable select and running on the same IDE ribbon, to an Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo. I know nothing about Raid arrays and don't have mine setup for one. Thanks for any help!

A:Running an IDE drive as slave to a SATA?

Well, that's total BS, it's not problem with a modern MB to run the SATA drive as the boot drive and have one or more IDE drives. If that were not true, I couldn't be typing this!

The trick is to get the drive controllers properly configured in the BIOS. There should be a setting that allows all the drives to be active, then you have to make sure you have the SATA drive as the first boot device.

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When I looked inside the tower, there was a sata power and sata data cable going into the main drive and the same going into the DVD device, but other than that, there were normal white power connectors like this;


except they were wired into the power system, as you might imagine, same as the sata power ones are, and two free sockets on the motherboard where the sata data cables go in, so I'm wondering, what to ask for, I've never dealt with sata before, so I imagine if I get a sata drive it won't have any extra cables? Or should I have to get a special cable adapter to go from the white power socket (as in the pic) to a sata connector to fit the new sata slave? If that makes sense..

Also when you get a new drive should it have the same rpm and GB too as the primary one?


A:Putting a SATA slave drive into my PC, although..?

You should be able to get a sata cable from your local PC store.
If you have no spare sata power connectors but have a spare molex connector you can use an adapter like this http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=36039
You can use any size / make of hard drive, all you need to do when installed is initialize and format the drive through diskmanagement

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My wifes old IDE master drive started acting up and I had another some faster PC parts (essentially a new PC) waiting around for a rainy day so I went ahead built the new beast. She has a ton of data she wants to save from the old drive which may still be accessible. Here is my problem. The new PC has a single SATA drive, when I connect the IDE drive with the jumper in the slave position, it still tries to boot from IDE drive and not the SATA drive. All I want to do is to have the IDE drive as a data drive so I can pull any savable data off it.

New Drive Western Digital 800JD
Old Drive Western Digital 800JB

A:IDE Slave Drive with SATA Master

You need to change the boot options in the BIOS. I have several systems with SATA boot drives and IDE slaves, that's all I've ever done to get them booting.

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Hi, im having a bit of an issue..when i post i get a "verfying dmi pool data" message and the pc proceeds to post..i've googled it but only seen problems where the pc never posts..so im here thinking that maybe i dont have the hardrives set up correctly..the main sata drive is in port 4 on the motherboard(port 2 and 3 are blocked by my huge video card and the pc wont post if i put it in port 1) i have a ide hd and ide dvd burner which i have on one channel..the hd is set to master..and the dvd burner is set to slave..am i doing anything wrong?

A:Sata main drive ide slave

Everything looks Ok

"verfying dmi pool data" message and the pc proceeds to postClick to expand...

So it then posts, and Windows starts ok ?

If so, all's ok

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I am new to the forum and have a question. I have a computer running XP which I would like to install a SATA slave drive in. I have not installed hard drives before and wonder if there is a tutorial available on this site regarding it. I am unsure as to whether or not the slave drive must be partitioned and formatted or not. The drive in question is a new Western Digital 500 Gb SATAII drive.
Thanks in advance.

A:SATA Slave Drive Installation in XP

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I've got two 320GB WD Caviar (SATA2) HDDs, and I can't seem to get the second to read as a slave. This is the first time I begun using Serial ATA, so I'm used to the IDE jumpers. The packing that came with the HDDs (from an Internet company) was just anti-static wrapping, with no instructions, and I can't seem to find the proper thread over on the WD site.

Can anyone help me out with this?

PS is it better to have "Spread Spectrum Clocking" enabled or disabled?


EDIT: My motherboard is an ASUS P5K and the HDDs are hooked into the SATA1 hookup (my boot drive) and the SATA2 hookup (of the 4 possible mobo hookups)

A:Installing a slave SATA drive

I think that you need to remove the jumpers from your drive in order to set it as slave.

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Or, more specifically, will my old hard drive work with my replacement motherboard?

Likewise for PCI Express 2.0 16x and PCI Express 16x? Old graphics card

Also, if anyone wants to look at a couple other replacement parts I'm thinking of getting and let me know what they think, I'd appreciate it.



Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Would an SATA 1.5 Gb/s hard drive work in a 3.0 Gb/s motherboard?

Yes the old hard drive will work at 1.5 Gb/s transfer rate, and the old PCIe graphics card will work at PCIe 1.0 speed.

Regarding the 8GB RAM, I assume you plan on running a 64-bit OS? If running a 32-bit OS, it won't recognize more than 4GB.

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for my laptop?? I tried every outlet in my city, nobody has an IDE laptop drive (new/old)...Should I try sata drive with a SATA to IDE converter pin?? I need help. Right now there's no hard disk in my laptop..

A:What's better?Original IDE or SATA drive with IDE converter

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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help me. A couple weeks ago my hp pavilion dv6000 crashed (again). Last time this happened I was able to recover to an old restore point wih my vista recovery disk and save my files, but no luck this time. I'm a writer and I have a decent amount of writing that I'll lose if I can't recover my files. I have a sata USB cable that I'm using to connect the drive to my old working pc (windows xp). When I hook it up, I hear the drive powering up and the computer makes the USB detect sound, but the drive never shows up in my computer. How can I get my pc to detect the drive? Is all lost? thanks so much for any help. I know more than average about computers, but I'm mostly a beginner so please explain in simple terms. Thanks in advance

A:Sata USB slave drive to recover crashed drive

the noise you are hearing is a good sign, but maybe windows is assigning the drive a letter that is already in use? if you right click "my computer" and go to manage. then click on disk management, take a screen shot of that and attach it to a post on here..i might be able to help.

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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

A:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.

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I have a Maxtor SATA drive as my master drive and i'm wanting to install a secondary Seagate Barracuda (IDE) as a slave.

I don't have a jumper on the IDE drive as this is the slave setting.

However, i don't have a jumper on the SATA drive either (don't know if i need
one or not to set it as primary)

I installed the HDD's and booted up but it recognised the Seagate on the IDE channel as the primary master.

Any help would be appreciated greatly...

A:Installing an IDE drive as a slave with SATA as master

No you don't do it that way. SATA drives don't have master slave.

Put the IDE as master, put the SATA in as normal. Check your BIOS and set it up so it boots from your SATA.

If you did look in your BIOS you may have gotten thrown off a bit because you can 'emulate' IDE with SATA to prevent needing to install SATA drivers for XP, but only on some motherboards.

Basically forget all you know about IDE master slave bs when dealing with SATA, and look in your bios to set that SATA drive as the boot drive (after cd or floppy if you like).

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Gday all,

I have Vista x64 Ultimate installed on my 500gb Sata I drive. I also have Windows xp x64 pro installed on an older 250gb IDE drive. Just fyi I also have an optical drive daisy chained on that IDE drive because the motherboard only has one IDE slot, and 4 sata II slots. HDD is set as channel 0 master, and optical drive as channel 0 slave. and the Sata HDD is set as channel 2 master.

After i installed Vista and then tried to unplug my old IDE, it decided that it will not boot Vista. I get to the 'verifying DMI pool data' and the bunch of dots and that's where it crashes.

In bios I have enabled allowing multiple OS's. Ive tried disabling IDE channel 0, done about every trick in the book short of formatting both and trying again which I havent done because of need to backup photos etc. But that can be solved with buying a 1tb which I aim to do really soon. (and a sata II one at that >_< )

Should also note that when the IDE drive and sata all plugged in with the said configuration above, it runs fine no problem what so ever. Only thing I've noticed is that I cannot format the older IDE drive from Vista's disk managment.

What I want to do is to be able to run my SATA drive solo, so I can test windows 7 on the old disk.

Any and all help would be hugely appreciated.


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My old hard drive had a lot of error messages which I found in device manager. It all of a sudden would not load windows so I then bought and installed a new hard drive. The new hard drive works perfect and I have Windows XP Pro as my operating system. I am wanting to attempt to recover some of my data off the old drive and transfer it to the new one. The problem I am having is getting my computer to power on with the old hard drive set to slave.

Whenever I plug in the power connector to the slave hard drive my power light starts blinking and my computer will not power up. The moment I insert the molex connector it starts blinking. Whenever the slave is unplugged and I am only using the new master hard drive everything works fine. I have tried to rearrange the jumper settings on both drives to a number of different positions but have no luck.

One other thing that might be of some importance (but probably not), is that whenever I am only using the new drive and everything works, the ROM BIOS page appears. Once I hit F1 Windows loads up and everything runs perfectly. I have went into F2 and changed the order of the boot sequence so that the C: is the first thing in the list but it still shows up. My ROM BIOS page never came at all with my old hard drive when it was working. It only started to show up once the old drive started to have problems. I was getting the diskette seek failure message with old drive, and it now says that primary drive not found (but once I hit F1 ever... Read more

A:Trouble connecting slave hard drive

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I have an ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX motherboard which has SATA 2 and SATA 3 ports. I've tried fiddling around with BIOS options and my hard drive is recognized by the motherboard as seen in this picture:
The computer will boot to the screen where I can select to boot into safe mode or normal boot. Regardless of which option I select, the computer will restart right after, as seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2IKg4C_UYE

I've tried booting the hard drive with another board and everything works fine (hard drive isn't the problem). I've also tried booting the entire system using another PSU and I get the same result as in the video linked above. I've come to the conclusion that it's the motherboard that's causing the problem and that I should RMA it. What is the community's opinion?

A:Solved: Motherboard won't recognize hard drive, SATA port issues?

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Hey Everyone,

I have been searching around forums for answers and the best option to take, I am currently selling used and old PC parts but have come up against a very rude buyer who is wanting a refund for two HDD's that he believe are DOA although they were taken from working tested PC's.

The two HDD's are SAMSUNG Model HD040GJ

This is the email I received from him.

Hi, I have just received these two HDD. One of these drives fails to be recognized by the BIOS! This drive is as dead as they come! The second drive fails to be Formatted by Paragon Partition Manager and will not be recognized by Partition Magic at all. Both of these drives are dead and can not be used! I do expect that you will refund both of these drives as well as the postage cost. Rex

I have tried to be patient and polite as much as I can but the further emails have been very rude, Any idea's on how these problems if they can indeed be fixed would be great. Thank you in advance.

A:Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format

You can't use SATA drives as slave, they don't have a Master/Slave relationship like PATA/IDE drives do. So if the buyer is the one that used the slave term, perhaps he's jumpered some of the pins ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Image... RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -Bare Drive ) If he did that, then yes, I could see that the drives may not work as expected.

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Do I need to remove the jumpers from my IDE drive..if not does anyone know what positions they or it must use.. Can it be done this way..? Mods may be wrong forum..sorry if it is..

A:Old IDE drive to Sata with converter connections etc to transfer data

Usually with a 1 connection drive, set it for "Master".

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There are these kind of converters available. I don't understand how such a converter can fit into the hard drive space for instance T43? Is there any kind of converter which fit?

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Ok so after i unpluged my hard drive. i plugged the slave cable back in and it still don't work. Anybody got any ideas. It made error beeping noises . PLz get back to my soone

A:I was Cleaning my Computer and i unplugged my the slave connecting my hard drive

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I have 2 IDE drives and just tried to hook up a SATA. BIOS sees all drives and I have got it to boot from my master IDE running WIN XP Pro. SP2. But it doesn't show up in WIN just in BIOS. I tried unhooking the IDE slave w/no help. I would like to run it this way for a while till I get a Ghost program to ghost my IDE Master drive to my SATA drive. I can do that right???
any help would be nice.
Thank you,

A:Solved: IDE master/ SATA slave?

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Well I got into a little crunch and wasn't paying much attention and I accidentally bought a "Fujitsu 147GB 10K SCSI HARDDRIVE MAT3147NC U320 80 PIN" thinking for some reason that it was an SATA drive *hits self on head*.

Anyways I'm looking for a very simple and low cost solution to be able to run the SCSI drive in my computer. I've seen all types of converters for 80 pin and such, but I don't really know which one is applicable with the hard drive I got. Are there any SCSI to SATA converters out there? or is there anyway possible to run a SCSI drive from my home computer, without spending too much money? or should I just sell it and just stick with SATA?



A:Solved: SCSI to SATA converter???

Sell it and get a SATA drive would be my move. If you cant return it Ebay it.

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Even though the following is a question, I do welcome opinions on what the right answer is to my situation: I have an IDE type motherboard. The motherboard model number is SV266M (See http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813183009 [Date accessed: 02-28-2015 @ 7:37 PM]). I am not sure but I believe my motherboard was made in 2004. Is there a way I can connect a 1 Terabyte Sata Hard Drive to my SV266M motherboard? I have heard of a Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE). I have not used one before. A matter of fact, I have only seen the Youtube Video below.
How to connect SATA devices in a PATA (IDE) only PC system
(Date accessed: 02-28-2015 @ 7:40 PM)

They even sell this bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) online.
Kingwin SATA to IDE Bridge Board ADP-06
(Date accessed: 02-28-2015 @ 7:45 PM)
The bridgeboard above above has a 3.7 out of 5 stars. However, I am not sure if this bridgeboard would be compatible with my motherboard. If there is a better bridge board (SATA to IDE) that you know of, please let me know. Do you think the Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) would work with the SV266M motherboard?

A:Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard

They sometimes work and sometimes they don't. To make things worse your motherboard is really old and uses a VIA chipset which had a lot of compatibility issues.

You may want to look into a PCI SATA Controller card instead if you need to use this dinosaur: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100007863 600022728

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Hi there, i have recently bought a new Sata DVD drive for my desktop machine, it came with no instructions or cables.

I have a Sata cable which connects into my PSU, does the drive also have to be connected to the motherboard?

I have attached a picture of the cable i have.

Many Thanks

A:Connecting Sata DVD drive

You'll need a SATA data cable to connect the drive to a SATA port on your Motherboard. If your motherboard does not have SATA ports, you will need to install an adapter in an available PCI or PCI express (preferred) slot. Search for "pci sata card" or "pci express sata card"
a picture of the connector is here:

You can get just a data cable, or a combo data/power adapter, a picture of that is here:



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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 531S desktop and wanted to move my IDE 200 MB HDD from mo old PC to the Dell.

We tried connecting the IDE HDD as an external drive but the Dell would only recognize the case and not the HDD.

The TechSpot Q & A have saved me in the past so I hope someone can give me a solution

A:Connecting IDE Hard Drive to SATA PC

It dosen't have any IDE connections at all? You could always try a PCI card that will allow you to use IDE drives, however be warned that it would only be like ATA66.

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Hi, I currently have a IDE dvd drive, and now want to install a Sata DVD drive. I had a card adapter (for sd, xd cards etc), but I did not have another Sata cable, so I have disconnected the card reader, and used the cable for the DVD drive.

Now when I start up the computer, it is continually coming up with "disk boot error please insert system disk and press enter". I have searched google and this forum, but don't understand a few things.

Firstly, I am using IDE cables for one of the DVD drives, and a Sata cable for the other. I was reading that is might be changing it to a master... Not exactly sure what this means, but in Bios, is says 0 Master: Old dvd drive, 2 Master: New DVD drive. What am I doing wrong for this to be coming up? I know the new one should be coming up as 0 Slave, but its not...???

I have disconnected the new dvd drive, and connected the old one (as it was), and it is still coming up with the same error... Have I dont something wrong?

Thanks in advance. I apologise if I haven't included all the information you need. Just reply back with what I have forgotten.

A:Connecting a new sata DVD drive - problems

Hi and welcome. Did you disconnect the hard drive?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3967 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1791 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 448568 MB, Free - 399972 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XFWHV
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I am trying to connect an internal SATA HDD as an external drive for use as a backup medium for my system.

To connect the HDD, I am using a cable-set, consisting of a power-adapter, a cable adapter (6" long, 4-pin to SATA power fitting), two-sided femaile receptacle and ribbon-cable data fitting with a shielded UBS cable attached, 6" ribbon-cable.

With no power on, I connect the power-adapter and assorted cables and adapters to 125V AC power and to a USB port of my computer and to the SATA HDD. Everything seems to fit, mechanically.

I apply power to the computer and to the assembled SATA HDD components. The computer starts normally, but I do not notice any vibration, stirring, whirring of the SATA HDD. Also, when the computer is full booted, and I look at My Computer with Windows Explorer, I find that it does not recognize the presence of anything at a USB port, particularly not my SATA HDD.

I have tried fully booting the computer and connecting the HDD to the USB port afterwards, as I might a memory stick, but it is not recogniz... Read more

A:Connecting internal SATA HDD as external drive

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I connected a second Sata drive and it now seems XP is trying to boot from that drive instead. When I disconnect the second drive it boots normally. The thing is it worked fine until I installed Linux (Debian) alongside XP but I'm not sure why that would cause the issue.

Anyway, what happens is after I connect the drive I get the following:
"strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"

When I go into setup utility and drive configuration I see the SATA primary drive is the new drive whereas the original drive which I want to boot from is listed as the primary master drive. SATA secondary drive and primary slave drive are listed as "off". Do I need to reconfigure this is some different way or is there perhaps something else going on?


A:Having problems booting after connecting second SATA drive

Sounds like your new drive is probably connected
to a sata connector that has priority over the other.
You should just need to change the first boot device
back to the original drive in the bios.

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My computer motherboard Gigabye 7nnxp would not boot with Seagate Baracude SATA drive any more. Nothing changed since last use. I tried all troubleshooting techniques and found no problem elsewhere. The SATA plastic cable has a crack on one end. When remove the power cable and SATA connector, the mobo will boot. As soon as the connector and power cord are connected. The computer just has front power switch light on, the computer won't boot. Does this mean the SATA drive is fried or I need to replace with new cables. I know the sATA cable is very flaky. Is this the source of the problem.

A:Motherboard and SATA drive

What it presently means is your Sata cable is cracked and may be shorting or at least confusing your OS so it needs replacing.

After that, then other things may come into play.


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Greetings from me in St'go de Chile,

Finally my eBay ("China flavored") 2.5" / 3.5" Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD arrived!

Now my problems start:
In USB mode 263Gb free HDD space is shown, yet when I connect with the SATA to ATA IDE adapter BIOS shows 137.4 Gb.
Using "Paragon HDD Manager", I tried to copy the OS & data of another HDD to this new 300Gb HDD.
At first it all went well, yet about half an hour later I got error messages:
Disk I/O error.
When I try to format it: Drive not read error
And now Paragon HDD Manager does not even allow me to see the disks.
When I go back and plug in the USB front part of the new HDD, everything seems OK, just like before.
Maybe the new HDD need to have the pins (for Master, Slave etc.) assigned?
I just left them as they came and wouldn't know which ones to assign for "Master".

A:My 2.5" / 3.5" Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD arrived!!

What type of drive are you attaching, IDE or SATA? There are no jumper pins per se for SATA drives. If it is an IDE drive the jumper should be in the CS or Master position. Are you using the power adapter with the USB Adapter? If you are attaching this to a Windows computer go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. In Disk Management, what does the drive look like? You may have a 137 GB partition and the rest could be Unallocated space.

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Hello, this is my first post here. I have an HP Workstation x4000 I use at work for Designing CAD Models. This is an old computer. My problem is that I am out of room on the Hard Drive. It is a 58 GB SCSI,68pin HP Hard Drive. My IT support guy purchased me a 1GB SATA Drive,Raid Card,enough Memory to fill the MEC Card, and Norton Ghost to flash over the new Drive. My problem is, the Card he bought will not fit into the Mobo. The ribbon in the Computer has an empty plug and a power plug,but they are for a 68 pin SCSI Hard Drive. Is there a cable made that I can use to simply plug the SATA Hard drive into the 68 pin ribbon,or do I need a card? Do they make such a thing? My boss is extremely frugal and doesn't want to hear that the best thing would be to replace the 12 year old computer! Thanks for any help you guys can give me

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Hello, My WS external hard drive mini usb connector fell off.

Iv'e tried to weld It back to the usb adaptar on the external hard drive, but without succssess.
thus Iv'e totly dissconnected the usb adaptar from the hard drive and tried to connect It directly to the pcs motherboard via a SATA connection.
The Drive shows up on my computer as D: and seems to be empty...
From what Iv'e read from the web, WD drives could It be the encrypted, In that case how do I deal with It?
If you know somthing that might help, It'll be great.

Please help the info on this drive Is very important

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i have 2 old hard drive's with some data in them and im trying to retrive it back to my current computer.
one of the drive's works perfectly, but when i connect the second drive it kills the cable totally.
i cant use the cable anymore.. even for the first drive.
it happend for the second time already so i figured out the hard drive is the problem..
any ideas how to fix the problem? what should i do?

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I connected a Sata III 240G SSD drive to my computer as an extra drive and it prevents Windows from booting from the other main "C" boot drive. The bios boot sequence is configured correctly. The system hangs on a black screen with a dash. The bios can see the SSD. I can also boot into other programmes from a CD like Aoemi backup or disk genius etc and they can read and copy partitions from the Sata III. Is there anything I can do to be able to boot into Windows and use this Sata III SSD drive?

Kind regards

A:Connecting a Sata III SSD drive prevents Windows 7 From Booting

Was there another disk in the machine that this SSD replaced by chance?

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I installed a IOCrest Sata III 6GB PCI Express Card into my "Dell Inspiron 560". I installed the necessary drivers, as per the instructions that came with the controller card. It is now registered as a: "Marvell 92xx SATA 6G Controller" under Storage Controllers section in the Device Manager.
Here is a link to the card: SYBAUSA - SI-PEX40064 >> 4-port SATA III PCIe, x1, Revision 2.0, (Full & Low Profile); Marvell Chipset

I do still have 3 drives connected to the motherboard -- SATA... 'AHCI'. Assuming I get this card working. I was planning on moving two of those drives over to the new reportedly 'faster' card. My motherboard is only 'SATA II'. This is with the idea of not using my motherboards Sata Connectors anymore.

However the moment I plug in a new SSD drive or any other drive into the device with a 'brand new' SATA cable. Windows becomes stuck at the start screen. I get 'Starting Windows'. But no swirling logo. I tried letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

But - The Bios Post screens do recognize the SATA drive, and it's size as 450GB. (That is when I attempt to connect it) Or any other drive I attempt to connect to it.

I've tried going into the BIOS, and seeing if there were any settings to mess with. The A06 Dell-Inspiron bios is rather limited.

When stuck: The only recourse I had was to 'unconnect the Sata-cable'...Then hard-turn-off, and then turn-back on. Then Windows starts normally. I haven't tried any Safe-Mode s... Read more

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I have a Samsung 160GB SATA drive as the boot drive. I don't have a problem with that - it works fine. The only problem is that I've tried to add a Seagate Barracuda 40GB drive on, and it's IDE/ATA100. The BIOS does not detect the drive and therefore neither does the OS. Basically, nothing is being recognized. What's going wrong?

I've got experience in putting them together and pulling them apart, but I've never come across this problem before. Got any ideas?

Things I've checked:

1) Everything's up correctly.
2) The cable isn't damaged (it's new, infact)
3) The drive isn't dead (it was working five hours ago and SMART reports didn't have any problems)

A:SATA Hard Drive with IDE "Slave"

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I have an old EIDE Seagate drive I would like to use as an external USB backup. I have an external USB connector for the Seagate drive. If I connect the Seagate drive via USB, will the drive work without causing data loss to the internal SATA drives? Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Can I use an EID drive as external with a SATA motherboard?

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I purchased an adapter on Ebay that was supposed to allow me to connect my ide hard drive to my sata mobo connectors. My mobo has primarily sata but it has one ide which is already connected to my ide hard drives.

I have tried everything I can think of. connecing this and that, reversing connections, nothing workd. The instructions I was given were awful and the person I purchased is not helpful in answering questions. He hasn't responded.

Once connected I can't get it to show up in the bios The hard drive is an IDE Seagate 400gb drive. I am connecting to a sata connector on my mobo. I already have two other sata devices connected, they are two dvdr's .

My computer specs are listed above in the computer icon. The converter I purchased is listed here:

Is there a trick to doing this?


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HI there, i'm having trouble with a new hard drive i bought, it's a seagate 80gb sata, my motherboard only accepts ide connectors so i bought a controller card with sata ports connected one cable (bought seperately) to the hard drive and another through a convertor to the power. When i start up windows it recognises the raid controller, that in turn recognises the hard drive but it seems to be under a seperate interface, the normal bios does not recognise the hard drive as slave or master or at all for that matter! Have i connected it wrong or is there something i'm missing? Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Problem connecting Sata hard drive via controller card

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Hello i have a custom built computer with MSI PM8M-V class v mother board and cannot get it to read my SATA hard drive. I have had this computer running before from the help of a no more available friend. I remember having to do something with a floppy driver and now tried to boot from the floppy i thought would do it but does not work any suggestions?

A:how to get motherboard to read SATA hard drive

You need to put the SATA drivers on a floppy.
Press F6 when prompted to install SCSI or raid drivers early
during the loading of the windows CD.
It will prompt for the drivers.
Follow the instructions.
The sata drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer website,
or are on the motherboard CD.

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Hi i recently bought myself a new socket a soltek motherboard (SL-75FRN2-RL) i installed everything fine then i plugged my SATA hard drive into it and set the jumper as it said but it wont start the raid setup, and the motherboard doesnt detect the drive, i used it with a different motherboard b4 so culd this be the problem? my system is amd athlon 2600xp+ 768mb ddr ram, 80 gig seagate barracuda SATA hard drive, geforce 6 6800 graphics.

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