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Laptop screen not working/Laptop not starting

Q: Laptop screen not working/Laptop not starting

This laptop has been owned for a few years, I'm not quite sure how many since it isn't mine. My phone was propped next to the laptop and fell on it, and the screen when dark. Tried restarting it but the screen still didn't work, this went on for around a day. Eventually when I tried to restart it, the laptop would begin to boot but shut down two or three seconds into a power up. Tried a hard reset, but it did nothing. After the hard reset the computer started, but froze on the Windows start up screen. Afterwards it still quit booting after two or three seconds. Stayed away from it for a week or so trying to figure out what was wrong with it/where I could get help. Came back to it today to try and it turned on again, but this time it stopped on the initial dark screen and now it is a black screen with green lines all around it and some blue lines. Do I need to take this laptop to a nearby technician or is all hope lost for it?

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Preferred Solution: Laptop screen not working/Laptop not starting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop screen not working/Laptop not starting

Never mind, hit the laptop hard on the bottom and restarted it and launched the command prompt. Stupidest way to fix a laptop but it worked so hey

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Dell Inspiron 15-5555 laptop screen brightness is low.almost like screen is black, but we can see the dell logo and windows signing in.What can be the issue?Since the display is touchscreen is there any inverter that can be replaced or the entire LED screen needs to be replaced? What are the steps to diagnose the issue?

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Hi i Need Help Anyone?
When i turn my Laptop on theres just a black screen i have Windows Vista .. its doest even go to the log in screen and i do hear my laptop starting up and i left it on for an hour still just a black screen could anyone solve/help me with the probelm and i have had the laptop for about 3 years

A:Black Screen When Starting My Laptop

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Hi Guys,

I've got a Dell Studio 1537 running Windows Home Premium SP2.

The screen has always been an issue, but recently appears to be worse. Most times I restart the machine, it starts up with a blank screen. Luckily I have an external monitor (that I would prefer to use to extend my desktop) so I can still use it, and there's absolutely no problem displaying externally (I've used both VGA and HDMI - both fine).

If I continuously switch the laptop off and on it will eventually start up on the main screen, so I know it's not broken, but 9 times out of ten when I restart next it will be back to black. (By the way I sometimes need to switch off/on 30 or 40 times before it works).

I know it's not drivers because it's black from the start (I don't even get the DELL logo), I've also formatted the whole machine a number of times which did nothing to help and checked all drivers with 'Slimdrivers'.

Does anyone know what might cause this? Can it only be hardware related at this point? A loose connection or problem on the motherboard? Does anyone know a trick so that I don't have to do the afore mentioned 30 to 40 restarts everytime? Something that will force the laptop to recognise the screen?

The main screen also lights up very slightly when it's switched on so it's not like there's no signal at all reaching it.

My warranty is gone so there's no point in me contacting Dell. Any help is much appreciated... Read more

A:Laptop starting up with black screen?

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Since a few days, I have a black screen after Bios finnished starting and before the 'Microsoft Corporation' bar at bottom is blinking, so that I need to manually shut down drastically with the power OFF button.

This occured only if I 'm working on my laptop during a few hours.

If I'm working for a few minutes and I shut down my laptop, I can start without any troubles.

I tried to fix it with 'Repair my Computer' (F8) at starting up. Also I tried SFC and CHKDSK command in normal mode during the user session and a restoration to a previous point.

Please, help me to fix this issue, thanks.

A:Black screen when starting my laptop

I've just noticed that if the laptop is off during a few hours and I start again after hours, I got this black screen. I meant that when I'm working during all the day and then I go to bed. I will OFF my laptop but on the morning, when starting again, this black screen is appearing and I couldn't reach the session windows page.

This, not occured if working a few hours and after a few minutes, I start again my laptop.

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God.. I hate to return to this forum (sorry nothing personal =P, but I don't want to have any problems with my laptop ) Anyways when I start up my laptop this morning. The screen was blank/black as it didn't turn on, but it did. I could open the dvd drive. I tried running my laptop without my battery so just only the adapter, still same thing but the weirdest thing was. It could randomly turn on by itself when I close my laptop and num lock and caps lock was also on.

A:blank screen when starting up laptop

The following steps will rest your hardware/software connections through the BIOS and clear the temporary memory of any corruption.Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

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Please could someone help me,

Recently i had my LCD screen on my 'Toshiba Satellite c660-119' replaced because it had become cracked, so i got it fixed and now started up my laptop, it boots up fine goes past the toshiba inavations screen and then goes to the ''Windows starting'' screen, it loads up the windows animation logo and then just stops and freezes on that page, if i leave it there i can then hear the computer make the login sounds and it loading up programs ( the skype sound) but the screen is still stuck on the same page, its like the laptop is still running normaly but the screen is just frozen, so i turned it off and then loaded it in 'safemode' it loaded fine and i can use web stuff ect.. so i wrote this article, please if anyone can help me fix my screen freezing problem it would be great,

Laptop specs:

64 bit Windows 7 home premium,
3 GB of ram
i think its 500 HDD but im not sure,

Thanks in advance if you can help, i rearly need it fixed soon

Best regards
Nathaniel Richards

A:HELP: New screen on laptop, Gets stuck on 'Windows starting; screen

Hello and welcome to the forum Nathanielbot

*Try following the steps in the tutorial below.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Post back what you've done for further suggestions.

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As per the title, my Windows 7 won't go past the 'Starting Windows' screen. It's just a black screen, no matter how long I leave it. However, I can still boot in safe mode, and I can boot in my old Ubuntu installation just as well.
The problem appeared right away after the computer failed to go in hibernation after closing the lid - it hung up instead with a black screen. System restore brought no result, nor did Windows automatic repair.
I'm pretty sure I can rule something as simple as Windows booting fine but me not seeing it because some graphic driver problem make it so the screen isn't displaying anything. The keyboard lights indicating whether or not the numerical pad or shift lock are on/off don't change when pressing the relevant keys.
Here's my speccy link, if it helps: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/0FxBnWImgJqZVGEOHoJwaLA
It was done in safe mode as this is the only thing I have access to.
Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop won't go past the 'Starting Windows' screen.

Sounds like a damaged video driver, IMO.  You might try the following procedures to uninstall the current graphics driver.

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When I open my laptop it shows the hp starting screen then after that it goes off then restart the hp starting screen again..I cant open it.It only goes that far

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My hp laptop freezes at the starting Windows screen. I have tapped the esc button, hit f10, but bios wants to totally reset my computer and it says I will lose everything, don't want that....

A:My hp laptop freezes at the starting Windows screen.

Lee72 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Next time, repeatedly press F2 and when the diagnostics menu comes on screen, select the option to test the hard drive. Sounds like the drive might be failing. IF it passes those diagnostics, then the problem is more likely that the boot files have become corrupted. To help with that, we would need to know the version of the OS running on the PC (i.e., Win7, Win8x, or Win10).We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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My laptop screen is black when booting up  and unable to safemode. My HP computer running Windows 8 (32bit), appeared startup screen just to be original windows 8 and do not see anything on the machine, and still recognize the mouse, the cursor was still displayed on the screen. But I can not reboot into safemode also be impossible to use the Ctrl + Alt + Del, the screen stays black. So  how to fix it? Thank you!

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I started the laptopi connected mousse and laptop crashedi can't start it on againi have pressed the start button holding iti removed tge batterythe light of Fn the volunme mute and microphone remain on  on the keyboard but thelaptop died.. this is urgent i need tge laptop as it is a work business laptopi was connecting from home. Please help

A:Urgent help laptop Thinkpad can't turn on. It was working fine and when i was starting crashed

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system (model, OS, recent updates, etc), otherwise it will be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.

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I started the laptopi connected mousse and laptop crashedi can't start it on againi have pressed the start button holding iti removed tge batterythe light of Fn the volunme mute and microphone remain on  on the keyboard but thelaptop died.. this is urgent i need tge laptop as it is a work business laptopi was connecting from home. Please help

A:Urgent help laptop Thinkpad can't turn on. It was working fine and when i was starting crashed

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system (model, OS, recent updates, etc), otherwise it will be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.

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My Laptop is giving sound as TUK TUk TUK and with blank screen.
After several restarts only it is starting.I searched here for answer and all are asking is it two times tuk sound or 3 times.For my laptop it is continuously giving the sound.
I Heard that is common problem for Inspiration 3521 models and i am able to see the posts from 2007 and Still Dell not found any permanat solution for this instead of changing Mother board which costs 10k.
Can you please help me to understand why this problem occurs and how it can resolve with out changing Mother board.


A:My Laptop is giving TUK TUK sound and blank screen while starting

Remove the hard drive - if that stops the noises, you've found the faulty part.
If it doesn't, the mainboard is indeed bad and will need to be replaced.
This system was released in 2013, so any complaints about it from 2007 are suspicious.

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Hello sir,i have hp pavilion dv 6700 laptop, i face booting problem , when i press power botton ,laptop get on and come windows starting windows and system get hang, after hang i press the power botton and restart again some time laptop able to boot and working properly but after shutdown , when i on again sytem hang on starting windows screen, i need to restart the laptop 2 or 3 time than laptop get on, i have replace battery ,and change ram ,but prblem are not solve, i run system dignostic test for hard disk and ram, test passed no error there , i tray after new installation but not solve, please help me,,

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Day before yesterday when I was trying to start my laptop, the light turned on-off continuously several times, and finally the power key light turned on but the screen was black.And yesterday the light turned on-off thrice. But after that every time I turned it, the power button light got on, but the screen was black.Present situation: On starting my laptop, the power key light is on, but the screen persists to be black, not getting on-off on it's own. I found one solution, of removing the battery as well as charger and pressing the power key for about 60 seconds. But it didn't help.Please suggest what might the problem be and solutions!!

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So when i start it up it asks to run the repair or start normally, both of them eventually take me to the Starting Winodws screen and freezes. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5040. I dont have any windows discs but i tried to use a windows xp disc to boot the computer from the CD Drive and it wouldnt work. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)


Hi pelichjohn,
I would suggest you to run the Dell Diagnostics to check the hardware functionality. Power off the computer -> restart the computer, press 'F12' key on the Dell logo -> Select ?Diagnostics? from the boot menu.
Please share the findings.

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Hi, my aunt gave me her laptop, which, she says, is not working anymore. She wouldn't tell me the reason why, so I have no idea as why it isn't working.

This laptop is asus F3, running Windows Vista. When I boot it up, its screen immediately doubles, like so:

(note that can obviously still access BIOS, just showing how the screen looks like)

Everytime I boot it up, it displays Windows Error Recovery Screen, with two options: Launch Startup Repair which doesn't work and reloads the screen after a few seconds, or "Start Windows Normally", which then displays BSOD with code 0x0000008e, but no driver is identified.

Now, I'm a complete noob when it comes to things like these, but I still know some stuff about computers. Do you know how to fix this problem? Is the screen fixable? Should I just do a factory reset or is there another way?

Thanks in advance.

A:BSOD, double screen, laptop no longer starting.

The quickest way would be to do a full factory recovery, on most ASUS you should be able to press the F9 key once the ASUS logo appears and access the screen for the recovery options. After the full recovery has completed and you can boot into Windows, you can attach an external monitor to the laptop; if the screen issue persists, then the video card / controller has gone south, if not, then is the screen on the laptop that has the problem.

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I have HP laptop, after performing a system recovery, everytime i start the laptop it goes into the recovery screen.And when I did reach the command prompt screen, This is what I noticed: C: is the recovery partition with only 1 directory named recovery. d: is reserved for system usage, e: contained windows directories appear to be a normal window partition.What went wrong, pretty much I have selected wrong options. any help is appr;eciated.

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My son's laptop monitor hasn't been coming on in a few days. When you push the power button the monitor lights up, and everything appears to be booting just fine, other than the fact that there is no picture on the monitor.  We have tried taking the battery out and doing the 30-1-2 test, and that did not fix the problem. We have also hooked his computer up to an external monitor and it works fine. Could it be the inverter? I do not want to rip the whole thing apart to replace this piece if it isn't that, and I honestly don't want to pay to have it fixed. Can anyone give me some advice? Should I just buy the new inverter and try it? Thanks in advance.

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I am using an Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-571-38WL) laptop with Windows 10.
First some background. My laptop screen was cracked when my earphones were crushed between the keyboard and screen as I closed it. Although the keyboard part was undamaged, the display on the laptop screen now only shows some flickering stripes with a black smudge in the middle.
I connected the laptop to an Acer LCD screen using a regular cable through the "screen socket". It seems that the display can only be switched to the secondary screen after Windows have loaded. When you turn the laptop on, you still can't make anything out on the laptop screen - however, because I knew the "startup sequence" I could still get it to load Windows and get to my desktop menu, then switched over to the secondary screen - In other words, when I turned the laptop on (without being able to see anything on the laptop screen), I knew to wait for the "Password Screen" to come up, enter my password and then wait for the desktop page to load and then use Fn+F5 to switch over to the secondary screen. Basically working blind until I could switch to the secondary screen. Apparently, you can only use Fn+F5 to switch to the second monitor after Windows has loaded, but I am not sure.
Now for my problem. I recently had to restart my laptop to install updates for Windows 10. The laptop shut down fine as I could still see on the second monitor (the usual message of Windows is updating, don't switch ... Read more

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I have a hp x360. This morning, when i attempted to turn it on, the screen is black, the fan goes on for about 2 seconds and the caps lock key flashhes. Then the screen remains black, with the caps lock key flashing. Also, when I have it plugged in, the recharging light sometimes goes white instead of red. Not sure what to do, any help would be great, thanks.

A:laptop blank screen, caps lock flashing, not starting

Hi,  Welcome to Support Forums, thank you or posting your concern and I'm sorry that you are having that issue, I would be able to help you in identifying the cause of the issue, I would need few infomration though. How many times is the caps lock flashing ? I mean (ok it may souind funny but please bare with me) - Blink - pause- Blink - pauseblink blink -pause- blink blink -pauseblink blink blink-pause-blink blink blink- pauseYou got what I mean right ? Please write me back this details and product number of your unit and operating system I would be happy to help. To find the model number here , check this -  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0003 Although I work for HP but I'm speaking for myself. Please click ?Accept as Solution? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution. Click the ?Kudos Thumbs Up" on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!RegardsAks3621

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Hey guys. This is a pretty detailed explanation of what's been happening while skipping over the petty details.

On the web, trying to order take out, suddenly the screen goes black, fans go into overdrive and continues like this for about 20 minutes.
Hold down power button to fully shut down and then restart. On restart, system hangs at "Starting Windows" screen and again, fans go into overdrive.
Eventually, after a million way of trouble shooting - find out it was the video drivers causing the issue. HOWEVER no matter how many times I removed old drivers and installed new ones the problem persists and eventually, decide to completely uninstall and do a clean install of Windows 7 Enterprise.
After the clean install, attempt to install drivers once again and it begins causing the same issue - hangs at "Starting Windows" screen and fans go nuts! Decide to just soldier on and go without pretty graphics.

Honestly, though, not being able to play any games means this laptop has essentially become an unwieldy tablet for all intents and purposes.

My suspicion is it may be a bad PSU causing the issue by not powering the motherboard enough to properly run the graphics card. Does anyone else have any ideas, though? If it IS the PSU, being that this is a laptop and all, are there any realistic/cheap options for repair? I've repaired internals of my previous laptops before but nothing as vital as the PSU. Are there any programs or utilities out there that I mi... Read more

A:AMD Radeon™ HD6490M drivers hanging Starting Windows Screen (laptop)

Welcome to the forums.

Where did you get the graphics drivers from? For a laptop, you should only use the drivers that are provided by the manufacturer. In this case, Samsung.

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Hi guys

I have searched various places for a solution but not quite getting a complete answer for my problem or perhaps I'm just lacking the understanding.

I have an Acer Aspire s3 391 , preinstalled with windows 8. I used a bootable usb with windows 7 64 bit to try an install windows 7 instead. I initially tried to run the setup from my desktop and somehow I messed up the installation. I can now no longer start windows and get back to my desktop.

I am now trying to reinstall windows 7 again from my bootable usb which I now made using RUFUS from a tutorial on this website.

I have tried using the UEFI Boot mode.

This is my bios when using it

this takes me as far as the windows loading screen

thereafter windows starting and freezes.

I then tried using the Legacy boot mode using another usb made using RUFUS.
My bios was now

After going through the initial installation set up screens, I select custom install, and it his takes me as far as the step where you choose disk partition to install, but there are several disk partitions

and a message says that the main 450GB partition is of GPT style which doesn't allow.

I am unsure how to go about installing windows now, which method to choose, and which disk partitions to use as there are several.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Sorry about the long post just wanted to be absolutely clear!
Thank you

A:Installation stuck on Windows Starting screen - UEFI based laptop

Try clicking on the Drive Options (Advanced) to delete all partitions, as fundamental to reinstalling any Windows OS as booting the installer.

I notice when you try UEFI mode there are no UEFI devices listed to boot. Try it again and this time put in the DVD or flash stick formatted only with Option One of UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows.

Either way you must delete all partitions using the Drive Options pictured in Steps 7/8 of Clean Install Windows 7 during install to begin, then either create new partitions if you have a scheme in mind (e.g. OS on one, Data on another) or create and format one large OS.

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When I boot up my laptop, it shows the logo and the status bar. Then, the screen goes black with movable cursor. I tried alt+ctrl+del, but it doesn't work. If I press shift 5 times, it makes a sound. I already removed the battery and restarted it, but still the same. I can go into safe mode and scanned through there. Still, the desktop won't show up.
i don't know what else to check. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Our trusty ol laptop, Sony Vaio VPCCW13FD, refuses to load windows 7 home premium 64bit (original install since purchase). I get stuck right after the 'starting windows' logo at a black screen with a moveable cursor. Strange thing is that I can plug the hdmi output to the TV and I can move the cursor around on the tv as well and the display off/on physical button also functions normally, all the same in safe mode with/without networking and normal.

This happened when I tried to optional update the Nvidia video card through windows update (by itself). Mid-install it failed and displayed a message something like 'reverting to previous graphics controller' and then reboot now/later showed up and it has not boot up since.

I think it's just stuck mid-boot at the graphics driver part but I don't know how to fix it without doing a clean install, which is last resort. System restore seems to have lost all its restore points even though i remember seeing 'creating restore point' in the beginning of the update, and the recovery partition will only do a clean install - no repair options there either.

I then burned the win7HP x64 iso and tried to do a repair options from disk with no results. Thinking back to the XP days, I proceeded to try a non-destructive install on top of existing OS from the disk, but it then says that the upgrade can only be started from within a functional windows, and the only option is custom install which wipes... Read more

A:Vaio laptop won't boot, black screen with moveable cursor after starting windows logo

Hi have you fixed this issue or still require assistance??

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I just replaced the screen on this laptop. Only about 1/4 of the screen on the left side is working and is working right. The system is running Vista and it boots up right. Wonder if the inverter needs replaced. Other 3/4 is a dark gray with no cursor showing. Need to fix for Mom. Please help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Dell Studio 1735 Laptop screen replaced, only 1/4 of screen working

Check cable which connect display to mobo firstly. If not cable, rest you already said.

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my screen on my laptop is broken and we use a HDMI to see the screen. unfortunately my daughter accidental changed the setting to no external display ...how do I get the pc to where I can see the screen again short of replacement as it's not in the budget at this time

A:video not working on external screen laptop screen cracked s...

Windows key + p brings up the interface and tap the up and down arrows and enter key alternately until you get a display on external monitor then set it from there.  

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Hello, wondering if anyone can offer any advice please
Having a strange problem with my laptop screen. It's a Tiny 8399 laptop.
When I start the laptop up, it works fine, but after being on for a while, suddenly the screen goes very funny, with lots of lines - it gets worse and worse until it's totally unusable. Moving the screen changes the picture slightly but doesn't help. Then when I turn back on again it's OK again.
What is really strange is that last time I turned on my laptop I connected an external screen. At first both screens worked fine, then after about 15 minutes the laptop screen went funny as described, but the external screen went blank! So seems like it may not be the screen, but perhaps the grahpics card...? Or something else I don't know. But it's weird that when I move the laptop screen when this is all happening the picture does change slightly.
Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Laptop screen stops working after 20 min of use, and so does external screen


Sounds like a faulty card or cable, if your able strip the laptop down and find the cable that links the screen to the motherboard, it may be loose, if the graphics card is a plug in type then try reseating it.

Other than that your gonna need a visit to a pc shop....

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My laptop screen is half black.

A:My Laptop Screen Isn't working

The display itself seems to have gone bad, you should replace it

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I have a HP N5340 Laptop. I opened it up the other day and booted it up and the screen came up black. The computer is booting up b/c upon closer inspection I can actually see the HP logo faintly and the XP login screen. I am pretty good at fixing hardware problems I am just not so familiar with the LCD screen stuff on laptops. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Laptop LCD Screen Not Working

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After updating from windows 8.1 to 10 my laptop started misbehaving, the laptop screen is behaving as if its disconnected and i can only use the extended/External screen trough the VGA port to operate the laptop.how can i get this solved?

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My laptop was open and the screen was black like it is set to do after a certain amount of time if I'm not doing anything but when I pressed keys and things to use it the screen was still black. Then I closed and opened the laptop and for a second it showed the screen but it was all red tinged then it goes black.

earlier this week it was flickering on the left side some when I unplugged and was working off the battery to so I'm thinking the monitor just died? it seems to start up but I can't see anything to know for sure.

its a Gateway laptop if that helps, w/Windows XP on it.

A:Laptop screen not working

Welcome to TSG InfuedSour!!

There should be a monitor connection on the back of the laptop. Connect a monitor to it and if you get video it is indeed the laptop screen. If no video your looking at a motherboard/video card problem.

Hope its under warranty! Good luck

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Ive got a Compaq laptop, a few days ago the screen would go black after a few mins, rebooted then went black again. Now the screen wont come on at all. Ive shined a light into it and u can see the picture ok then.


A:Laptop screen not working

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My laptop screen is not working. My pc is under warrenty. Where i report this probe and how i get HP onsite support ??

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hi,I have lenovo ideapad y550 laptop. my laptop display was not working,when I switched on...however laptop is switching on,bus display is blank...plz help me...

A:Laptop screen not working

A quick test you can do to see if the screen has a problem is to plug an external monitor into the notebook. If the external monitor displays something then I would say the screen has a problem.

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When I turned it on, it's just one big blob of color

A:ES1-512 my laptop screen is not working.

I've only had this laptop for three weeks

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So my laptop screen isn't working.
I have a toshiba with windows 8
I hooked it up to a separate monitor and everything seems to be working fine, but the screen on the laptop doesn't display anything.
It seems to be lit up but displays nothing at all.
I've already searched it up on the internet and the "take the battery out, hold the power button, put it back in" is not working for me.
I really hope I don't have to get it taken in, but is be really grateful if anyone could offer me some help!

A:Laptop screen not working

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Is this at all possible? Pretty new at the whole DIY breaking computers open to fix them stuff but i'm learning quick haha.

Here is the toshiba and the screen:

Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-A5231 Laptop
Laptop LCD Screen for Toshiba Satellite C55DT A5231 15 6" WXGA HD | eBay

Here is the replacement screen for the Sony laptop(actually an LG screen):


What would I need to know in order to understand if this would work or not?

Also, here is the laptop w me holding up the screens:



A:Replace Toshiba laptop screen w Sony laptop screen? Same size. 15.6"

It's not the size of the display screen, these are all fairly identical. It is the connector socket and the rail screw positions that will bite you.

I suggest finding an exact replacement. If you can't find one on eBay then you certainly will at a store like this one:
LAPTOP SCREEN from $34.99, replacement LCD screens. Repair Tablet, Acer, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba, IBM Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Gateway.

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I have an HP Compaq 6515b laptop. Some days ago, when I switched on the laptop the screen never came up even though all the activities were happening. Hd was buzzing, lights were showing, etc. Just the screen was blank totally. Now I researched a bit and came to know that it could be a motherboard or BIOS problem. How this issue can be fixed is a totally different topic, on which I would like to have some solutions as well..

For the time that I don't get it fixed, how can I copy some of my important data from the laptop to a pendrive so that I can use that data on my other laptop? Is there any way I can do that? Please help!! I want some of the data, it's extremely important!!

A:My HP laptop screen not working. How to take backup for now?

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Last night, I was about to shut down my laptop. When the screen says "Shutting Down", I tried to close the lid and I heard a crack sound. I ignored it and closed the lid and suddenly the HINGE broke! I don't know what happened.Can someone tell me what happened? I searched last night that this is a common problem. Please anyone tell me why did my screen stopped working? I tried to open my laptop and.. well, it turns on I hear the Windows Startup Sound but my screen is like not working.. It's black. No cursor or anything.Please someone explain this. Is the hinge connected to the LCD Screen?Before I go to the Acer Service Center tommorow. Thank you.Help would be appreciated.

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Hopefully someone can help me.  My laptop worked one day, and the next, the screen seems kinda dimmed light and black, but works with an external monitor (typing on the tv as we speak)... it runs Windows 8 - though i am not sure which version.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  i did the hard reset and followed the steps to the driver downloads, but don't know which downloads to do or how to proceed from here.  TIA.

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Computer turns on and screen comes on with hp logo says preparing automatic update then stays lit up but not responsive. I have left it on for 24 hours and still will not boot up also did the bios reset still won't go past this screen

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I was trying a new keyboard for my laptop. Its pasiclly plug in and try thing.Lasy me and and so i did not shut down my computer for that . Pushed my screen down and screen went black... pulld it up and still was black. Restarted couble of times, dindt help.Took my laptop apart, looked over all connection, everything was correctly pluged in, no broken connection, nohting that can be seen was broken. And screen still aint working

When i star the comupter, it makes all the sounds it used to make (spinning fan etc). But when i force shut down the computer it starts to make "buzzing" sound . Dosnt too that buzzing sound when laptop is turned on.

A:Laptop screen stoped working

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I realize there have been a lot of these threads for the same problem... however mine is a little different. I have a 2005 Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. A few months ago, I switched to an external screen to have a larger screen (there was no problem with my current screen, I just wanted a larger one. About a month or two ago, my external screen got very dark, and it would flicker brightly when I booted up, but all of a sudden it would go dark again. I unplugged that screen and the laptop screen was working fine. I had to replace the hard drive a few weeks ago on my laptop after it failed and when I received it back, it was still working fine. However, a few days ago, my laptop screen had the same problem the external one did. Also, I tried plugging the external LCD into another computer and it was dark as well. So now I have two dark screen with the same problem. Also, when I change the resolution on the laptop screen, it goes bright for about 10 seconds and goes back to being dark.

Also, when it goes bright, it has a pinkish hue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Laptop screen not working but different case than others

I'm no expert, but the "backlight" of the external might be out. The backlight lights up the pixels basically, not an easy fix. The laptop screen might have the same problem as the external, but it may be an internal connection or failing hardware. Possibly try different drivers. On my laptop, I just move the screen up and down with it flickering until it displays w/ light. Some angles just don't work sometimes, but it's attributed to the backlight. Shop around for a local lcd repairman, but I hear they can charge 100$ for a job.

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