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New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

Q: New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

I have a Dell M1330 Laptop that has served me quite well for several years. I just replaced the keyboard the other day and everything is working fine, except that the new keyboard has a slightly different layout than the old keyboard did. For example, with the new keyboard all the F1, F2, F3, etc.. keys have function secondaries on them like multimedia, brightness, antennae toggle, and so on. My old keyboard didnt have most of these and so when I attempt to use them on the new keyboard they simply do not work. In fact when I use function keys as if I still had my old keyboard installed the functions work, which means it is the software interpretation of the keys that I need to change. Does anybody know how I can fix this so that the keys of the new keyboard and functions match what the keys actually say?

Another thing to add is that some of the new function keys on the new laptop such as antennae toggle were not on my last keyboard at all because they are softkeys on the case of my computer, and I am not sure a function like that would be able to be added to the keyboard mapping at all, but I'm not sure.

Also, I would prefer to not install third party software to accomplish this, even if it means I need to delve into the registry manually. Can anybody help??

Preferred Solution: New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

You might try holding the 'fn' key while you tap the fnumber key.

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Hi all, used to frequent this site many moons ago but I'll be darned if I can remember my name!

Ignore my system specs; this is for my Acer Aspire 5551 laptop running Windows 7 64-bit, 6GB 1333 RAM.

The keyboard was second hand from eBay two or possibly three years ago. From the get-go the 'h' key never played ball, sometimes having to be pressed hard in order for it to respond (and then sometimes logging multiple instances). I could just about cope with that.

Now though, among others the following keys have utterly ceased to function.
So far I've tried the ol' method of taking out the battery for a minute. I've had the keyboard off and examined the ribbon; no unusual kinks or damage are visible. I also kept pressing the afflicted keys while moving the ribbon in the hope that it was a kink. No joy there.

Before I relent and buy a new board (they're cheap enough, but if I can save money this close to Christmas then everyone's a winner!) does anyone have any clues or experience with this kind of issue?

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Brightness key ( F2 and F3) key stopped working suddenlyI am using the HP 15-af114AU Notebook (AMD A8 Processor) . Operating on Windows 10 -64 bit Its been just 2 weeks I bought. The brightness key i,e, f2 and f3 were working then after some days i noticed it wasn't working ,I tried doing it manually through the brightness option on the settings ,still it wasn't changing.From the time i have bought this notebook i have downloaded only  SKYPE, Chrome and few THEMES for google Chrome.All the other funtion keys are working except these .Please help me with this issue. 

A:Brightness control keys (Function keys) on the keyboard stop...

Hi, Try the following. Download the AMD HD Graphics installer on the following link and save it to your Downloads folder. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp74501-75000/sp74716.exe When done, open your Downloads folder, right click the AMD Graphics installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation. When this has completed, shutdown the notebook. Unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter. Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to launch the Start-up Menu and then select f10 to enter the bios menu.  Press f9 to load the defaults ( this is sometimes f5, but the menu at the bottom will show the correct key ), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter.  Press f10 to save the setting and again use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter. Start the notebook and let Windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K

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I have installed the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 (a 32 bit program) in a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook with a 64 bit operating system and an Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz processor, and it works fine, showing all the keys in my keyboard; I was able to create a custom layout that worked without a hitch. However, when I tried the same procedure on the computer described in my SevenForums profile, the program showed on screen only the external frame; it does not show any key, thus the program is useless to create a custom layout. So far as I can understand, it seems a rendering error, but I am humble user, I have tried downloading and installing recommended Microsoft updates and the software suggested by the MKLC 1.4 page, but to no avail.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

A:Invisible keys in Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 user interface

I'm having the same issue. I used the MS Keyboard Layout Creator on Windows Vista without a problem. Now I have a new computer running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, and the keyboard on the creator does not appear, making the program useless.

I've looked on the Internet for solutions, but it seems no one with this problem has gotten an answer.

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After searching on this forum for a solution to the above problem, i found this useful tool http://www.keyboardtester.com/tester.html in this topic https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-510-14ISK-quot-%C4%B1-quot-quot-o-quo.... After using the keyboardtester, i noticed that my arrows keys in all directions were simultenously but erroneously also activating the DELETE key when pressed. This meant that whenever i am typing and  i press any of the arrows keys, I end up also deleting some of the letters I had typed (see screen shot below). How do I switch off the linkage between the DELETE Key and my Arrow Keys? Your help is appreciated in advance.  

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I had a problem with my laptop which is certain key on my keyboard is not functioning. The weird is, it happened without a reason. because after I shutdown doing my work when I turn it on again, I discovered my "s", "d", "g", "h", "\", "m", " left shift", "caps lock" and "~" key did not work at all. I try taking the key off, cleaning underneath, but nothing seems to be working. After that I try to use usb keyboard and it seems the key can be entered. So I thought my hardware is the problem. than I replace into the new one, but still having the same problem. I already waste my money buying new keyboard. Does any one happen to know what sort of problem this is and how I would go about fixing it? Is it related to the registry. My laptop is Acer aspire 4740G, ram 4GB, processor i3 2.4GHz. I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

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I got replaced the keyboard for my Inspiron Dell XPS laptop as the original got damaged. The new keyboard does not have function keys such as F1, F2 F3 eic ..now the system while restarting asking for pressing one of these keys to continue..is there a way to resolve this ..pl help

A:Keyboard is not having function keys

Sorry ..actually the keys were there ( I failed to notice them  as they are printed in a very small font and dull ..

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  The problem I have is that my function keys are quite messed up. Such as my mute buttons as well as the volume buttons do not work at all. My brightness button actually enables the find option when pressed (usually happens when you press ctrl + f).  I do not have any aditional keyboard langugae options. I'm only using the English one. I do not have Num Lock on. I've restarted my laptop. I don't know what to do, please help. 

A:keyboard function keys

Hi, What is your HP 15 Notebook  ? Did you upgrade/downgrade your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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Usually when I press the function key to enable the mouse touch pad, it indicates in the display that it is on but now it doesn't indicate when i press it however the touchpad works. Can someone please tell me to resolve this issue so that I can know whether my touch pad is on or off. And btw the volume control buttons are working as well as the screen brightness buttons. Can someone please tell me to resolve this issue?

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Hi,I just purchased a ThinkPad X1 Carbon.From the beginning the keyboard keys 8 i k , ´+ did not function properly.Started to search on the web for a solution, tried some short cuts (shift + num), got them work and thought the problem is solved. Unfortunately it was not.Then I updated all drivers and windows (windows 10 pro) and the problem is still there.The same situation appears always when the computer is not used a while (it goes into sleep mode or is shut down). Then I open the keyboard on the screen and type any of these letters. After a while they work but I do not know why.Can anyone help?Thank you.RegardsKhallad

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So my G key on the keyboard sometimes doesnt respond when i press it down also some oher keys as well but most the G key.  Can't find anything how to fix it or make the keyboard more sensitive, is this an issue with this model or what ?   Very happy with this computer but a new computer to my can't have keys that you need to press down 2-4 times before it responding. 

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Still searching for a way to switch off Fn+ on the keyboard. Hp support no help as F10 on boot up does not bring the same menu choices with this machine's BIOS a fix would be much appreciated. Driving me crazy having to use two keystrokes and often two hands

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hey guys i just got a mac aluminum keyboard from goodwill for 20 bucks (i know win) but the keyboard works fine but i was wondering is there a way to make the function keys work like they do on a mac in windows 7? like there is function volume up/down and brightness up/down and like the dashboard button. could i make the volume/brightness buttons work and map the other function keys to other stuff in windows? like map the dashboard key to minecraft or something?

A:mac keyboard function keys on windows?

Key mapping is typically a function of the keyboard drivers/software. The name brand models (ie: Logitech, Microsoft, etc.) have this built into their software/drivers. There isn't a Windows feature or standalone/freeware option that I'm aware of.

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Since the last windows update, the Function keys (F1 to F12) are not working anymore and the keyboard lighting also stops working. How can I fix that?
Thank you

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hey, I have one of them microsoft keyboards, with those function keys on the top - like back, forward, mail, etc. well, finding those particulary useless, I was wondering if I could possibly redefine them ? well, I know I can, but I dont know how ..

I was thinking that the fuctnions are written into windows, not the keyboard - so im not sure what part they're written in to - keyboard protocal ? driver maybe ? registry ? some random dll ?

any help would be wicked, thanks

A:rebind the keyboard function keys ?

the keyboard should have come with the software to do that with. If not go to Microsoft page and download it.

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I just built a new computer and installed a new Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Everything works except the function keys. They give no response at all on this computer but on my old computer they work fine and my old keyboard works good on the new computer.

I like the new keyboard better than the older one so want to use it.

Would there be drivers or something else needed to get this keyboard to work on the new computer?


A:New keyboard function keys not working

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I'm curious if such is possible. I have this keyboard, "Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad":
Amazon.com: Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad: Electronics

It comes with a row on function keys on top (F1 thru F12) that are mixed with different multimedia keys (play, fastforward, rewind, sound volume, etc.) It uses multimedia keys by default, and to use function keys I have to press and hold down the Fn key. For my purposes, I'd like to set up the function keys F1 thru F12 to work by default without the need to hold down the Fn key.

Can I set this up?

PS. Oh yeah, forgot to say, I'm using Windows 7 Professional.

A:Trying to set up function keys on the Logitech keyboard

Hello dc2000,

Take a look here: Can I change fn key settings?

Hope this helps,

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I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to set your keyboard's function keys to act as shortcuts to certain folders or network drives. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Shortcuts using keyboard function keys?

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts

Displaying the available keyboard shortcuts, Editing and assigning keyboard shortcuts ,Assigning keyboard shortcuts to styles

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Hi. I have a Lenovo 3000 v100 laptop, and it comes with its own set of function keys. You press the "Fn" key and then whatever corresponding key for various functions. However, recently I had a malware attack, and although I think it was fixed (in this forum), some of these Fn keys don't work.
Specifically, Fn + F7 (Monitor Control) and Fn + F12 (Hibernate).
Also, the "Lenovocare" hard button and the "multimedia control" hard button also do not work.
This link : ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/41w3465.pdf
has a bit of infomration on the Fn keys in general.

Also, around the same time (I don't know if this is related), but when I go to Power Management in the Control Panel, the dropdown list of Power Schemes contains nothing and I cannot set any of the options (i.e. when to turn off, standby, etc).

I have tried downloading and installing the drivers again, as well as various antimalware scans. The keys by themselves work (f7 and f12), and the Fn key in general works, just not together.

Can anyone help?

Or can anyone perhaps suggest a more appropriate forum?

A:Keyboard Function Keys Not Working

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My G50-80 laptop is facing issues with keyboard.When booted initially, only few keyboard keys work. While other keys cannot be entered, Enter key doesnt work. At the same time, same keys dont even work from on-screen keyboard either. So I cannot even enter my password.I can hardly login by clicking forgot my password, then again switching back to login page, suddenly keys start working! while being logged on, same keys problem reappears, this time I again use bypass to logout and login.Then keys start working.Pleaseee can some one help for this issue.My OS is windows 10. 

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What kind of problem is this? Pressing any function key disables the entire keyboard except for the function keys themselfs.

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What kind of problem is this?

Pressing any function key disables the entire keyboard except for the function keys themselfs.

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Hi all,
I want to know whether anyone can please tell me how I can change a few of the extra keys which run at the top of the keyboard (Home, Pause Audio, Volume controls, etc..) to do something else such as play the next audio track?

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, the pc is running Windows xp Pro and it is a microsoft natural keyboard if that makes any difference. I have managed to do it using a program (Keystroke Converter) but I want to be able to do it more permanently as I cant afford to pay for this program.


A:Change Function of Keyboard Extra Keys

Try this:

Microsoft Link

You should have got some software with the keyboard.......

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looking for a manual that describes keyboard function keys for paviilion dv5 notebook pc

A:Can I get a manual for pavilion dv5 keyboard function keys

Hi, What is your dv5 ? The following image shows keys or a normal keyboard on many machines:       Symbols say all. F1: HelpF2 & F3: Screen brightnesss adjustmentF4: Send screen to external screenF5 to F8: For media playerF9 to F11: for speakers controlF12 for wireless Regards. 

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My apologies if this is not the correct sub-forum, I tried the peripherals section, but couldn't find the correct one.
The question is that I want to change the function keys on this keyboard because the F1 key has the sleep function and it's too close to the escape button. Therefore I want it a bit further away or even completely get rid of it.
Is this possible?

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I picked up a used Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 off of Craigslist and really like it a lot - except for one very annoying thing - the function keys don't work as they are supposed to! Specifically, I always used the "save" function key (formerly F12 on my old, wired keyboard) and made things much faster for me when transcribing. Now, if I hit the F11 key (which is supposed to be the save key), it starts my transcription software (ExpressScribe) dictation and starts it in the v-e-r-y slow speed. What's up with that? It doesn't help if I try to reprogram the key - and yes, my function lock key is on. Any thoughts? I have to physically pick my hand up off the keyboard, go to my mouse and hit the little "save as" icon that I have added to my quick access toolbar ribbon (sigh) - really slows a girl down, ya know? Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 Function Keys

Did you install the intellitype software?

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When depressing Power button, machine will not Boot. Screen is blank. Keyboard Backlight, LED Function Keys and Power Button Light flashes. Backlight and Function Keys would flash in a 1,2,3 cycle. 1 = Backlight2 = Function Key3 = No FlashPower button light would flash 3Xs stop 3Xs stop continuously.Cannot power off computer, even while holding down button for any amount of time.Did the battery thing. Disconneted, removed, pressed and hold power button up to a minute at times.   Connected power adapter and battery one at a time with no results. Also did the reset button thing a couple of times. Been up and down Google and YouTube cannot find anything that exacts the issues of my computer. Been working fine. Didn't use for about 3 weeks. Worked alright for a couple of times before problem occured. It's possible that I may not have shut it down it just went to sleep.Appreciate any help on this.

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On my laptop, the positioning of the Fn key is reallly annoying. Is is possible to make the Fn key act like pressing control and vice versa? That would make it much easier for me to press control shift escape to open task manager.

A:Laptop Keyboard Layout

Quote: Originally Posted by Windows i7 920

On my laptop, the positioning of the Fn key is reallly annoying. Is is possible to make the Fn key act like pressing control and vice versa? That would make it much easier for me to press control shift escape to open task manager.

Yes it is. google keyboard remapping software

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Flex 2 14 which came with a British keyboard but I noticed you can take off the keyboard and swap it out for another one - you can find backlit versions, or a version with a different layout. I got a keyboard for it with Japanese hiragana on it, but the laptop doesn't seem to recognise any of the extra keys this keyboard comes with which have key codes not used by other languages. These keys include: | ¥ -? \ ??????the ????, ???? and ???? toggleI would have assumed this was to do with the fact that these are keys from a 106/109 key layout as opposed to the standard 102 key, so I replaced the keyboard driver with Microsoft's 106/109 key keyboard driver, but that hasn't had any effect - it still can't see these keys being pressed. The ??/?? ?? key works because it uses the same key code as the tilde on other keyboards, but that's all. My hypothesis for why this might not be possible to fix is that the ribbon connection between the keyboard and the motherboard could only support 102-key layouts in Europe, and therefore the only way to be able to use these extra input conversion keys without a different motherboard altogether would be to use an external USB keyboard. I may have just made up what I said about the motherboard though, so does anyone know if there's a driver I can use to solve this problem and be able to use the extra keys? I can't just use a key mapper like KeyTweak ... Read more

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I got a laptop from work, and it has a very funny keyboard layout. In addition to English and Hebrew letters, some letter keys have numbers on them ('U' has the number 4, 'I' - 5, 'O' - 6 etc). I cannot type any of those letters.... the number keys from 7 to 0 do not produce the characters '&','*','(' or ')' when pressed with Shift held down, but rather behave like function keys or arrow keys.

Any idea how to make this keyboard behave more sensibly?


A:A laptop with a weird keyboard layout

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A few days ago i something happend to my laptop,the letters U,I,O,P,J,K,L,;,M... were replaced by numbers like 5,6,4,3,6,7,0.The rest of my keyboard is OK,i tryied looking into my settings,but nothing was changed i have it set on US layout.

On my keyboard i have printed numbers over some keys (i took a picture of it)
Please help

A:Wierd laptop keyboard layout

Try pressing the num lk button in the upper right of the screen shot along with the same key that allows you to select the other keys that are shown in a box .

It appears that those numbers on the letters U,I,O,P,J,K,L,;,M represent a numbers key pad.

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I hope someone can help with this new problem I've encountered on my Toshiba Z835 laptop that's running on Windows 7.
Two days after installation of some Windows 7 updates, I discovered that none of the function keys on my keyboard were working (neither the FN key, nor any of the F1-F12 keys); and also the wifi function had been disabled and couldn?t be enabled/turned on. I've compiled a list of the recent update installations in case I may need to uninstall one or more items to solve the problem, but I?m hoping that some of the Windows 7 users here may have encountered the same issues and could share how they were resolved.

I should mention that I came across a thread on this forum concerning a similar situation after upgrading to Windows 10, in which several posts (including one from a Windows 7 user) reported success in turning on the disabled wifi function by running TSBWireless.exe (found here: C:\program files\TOSHIBA\Flashcards\ButtonSupport\); unhappily, however, that didn?t work in my case.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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So I purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga in Japan and I absolutely hate Japanese keyboard layouts (anyone that has used one after using a US keyboard knows what I mean - a space bar that is smaller than the enter key, poor placement of certain keys, specifically ", ', and @. There is just no logic behind any of it and honestly, there is no need. One can easily type in Japanese, just fine, with a standard US English layout keyboard. Sorry, I guess I didn't need to state that, but perhaps it will help with SEO to ensure someone finds this page when searching for those keywords.  Anyway, I finally found the information I needed to swap this keyboard out (and throw it in the trash), even though Lenovo support in Japan basically told me it's not possible. It does seem like a huge undertaking though (as you basically have to dismantle the entire laptop to get the keyboard out). But it does seem as though the English keyboards are compatible with all X1 Yoga laptops (even my Japanese X1 Yoga). The Lenovo customer service staff told me to get FRU PN: 00JT864 (00JT864 N KBD,US,LB,screw,CHY,Backlit), which is the US English replacement keyboard. It's also specified on the PDF document  on this page (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/PD103738 ) for the 20FR and 20FQ. Scroll half way down and you will see it.  However, I am having trouble finding the keyboard from a seller in Asia, with the same FRU #. When searching for 00JT864, the only source I can... Read more

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I bought a N9Z-00003 all-in-one keyboard for my media center. I was rather surprised to see windows 8.1 doesnt have the layout.

This is the french canada version of the keyboard, and the layout is this http://cdn.overclock.net/b/bd/540x18...an20French.png

However, this layout is not advailable. the canadian multilingual and the french (canada) layout are different. Im stumped, and feel the pain of less computer savvy people buying that keyboard.

downloaded and installed the driver, installed a language pack and still no added layout

microsoft hardware, microsoft software ...

A:missing keyboard layout for new keyboard

If you want to go through the trouble and create the layout yourself, you can try this.

I think that may be your only choice. Have you looked on the keyboard manufacturers website to see if they have the layout for download?

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My Computer Specs:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3682 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 280501 MB, Free - 244332 MB; D: Total - 23953 MB, Free - 2893 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 188B
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2014, Updated and Enabled
The notebook that is having the problem is an HP 2000-2b19WM

When i turn on the notebook it would ask me to log in but none of the keys would work so i would have to press the button that allows me to go back to where i can choose log into another users account. Then i would click on my account
at which time all the keys on the keyboard would work except 5, 6, b, n, and the delete key. I reinstalled the keybaords software but that did not make the keys work. I looked online and on this website for solutions to the problem but none of the 4 or 5 solutions that i read about worked for my problem. I finally wiped the hard drive and reinstalled windows 8 but the problem is still there. I wondered if something got under the keys of the keybaord themselves so i took a couple off and looked and there was nothing. I pressed the keys while their cover was off and it still did not work. If the solution you tell me works for me, tell me how come wiping the drive and then reinstalling Windows 8 did not fix the problem. I googled my... Read more

A:Some keys on my keyboard are not working while other times no keys on my keyboard wor

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As I wrote in the title, my Shift and Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts. However, the Shift key still works when capitalizing letters.

I've been dealing with this problem off/on for the past two weeks and haven't been able to figure it out. I've gone into Ease of Access features and turned on/off all of the available options (Mouse Keys, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys). I've pressed Shift for 8 seconds, and pressed it 5 times, and still haven't been able to correct it.

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Possibly helpful additional information:
I've got a Spanish/Latin American keyboard layout installed in addition to the US English keyboard layout. I toggle back and forth with Left Alt + Shift (which is how I noticed my Shift key stopped working).
I play a game whose controls rely on a lot of Shift key pressing and holding.

A:Keyboard - Shift & Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts

When was the last time you used a can of air cleaner on the keyboard? If it isn't from contact wear often keyboards tend to get loaded up with dust and debris!

One example of that is having any snacks onhand around a pc where little bits get passed along from your fingers onto and under the keys themselves. Keyboards are known to get loaded up fast with any foods present!

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I purchased a HP Pavilion dv4000, Serial #2CE6140029, in May of 2006. It is used infrequently, on road trips. Recently, after about two months of non-use, I started it up and was successful at the local WiFi Panera restaurant in getting my e-mail. After about fifteen minutes of use, when I hit the "k" letter on the keyboard an electronic stuttering sound started up and shortly, I had no keyboard use. The cursor works and I was able to go from program to program but, even in Microsoft Works Word Processor, no keyboard function. I have a friend who suggested that it might be a software problem. Please help. I understand very little about computers and computer jargon.



A:Fairly new laptop keyboard won't function

Welcome to TSG....

First thing it is advisable to not put your email address on any forum reason why spam bots just love them and you will most likely get a lot of spam. If you go back to that post and click edit then you can remove it.

Second with a non-working keyboard there are several things you can do.

1. Install a new keyboard yourself - a real pain especially if you never did this before

2. Try an external keyboard if the laptop has a PS/2 connector for it or a USB keyboard.

3. Contact HP and if the laptop is still under warranty they will tell you where to take it and if it is not under warranty they will still tell you where to take it.<g>

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I have an older Toshiba laptop- Satellite series- and two of the keys got knocked off. They are intact, so I was wondering if I can just super-glue them on, or is that incredibly dumb, stupid, don't I know that abcd......? How should I go about fixing these? I am NOT that handy with fixing things....thanks for any help!

A:How do I fix laptop keyboard keys?

Hi bj nick,

Perhaps this will help: Reinstalling a key on a Toshiba laptop.

-- Tom

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Hi guys, Something really strange started happening two days ago. Out of the blue the following keys stopped working: GHBackspaceWindows [email protected]' The laptop is a couple of years old and a bit dusty, so I took it to the local shop to get the keyboard replaced and cleaned. Seemed to be working fine when I left the shop. Then, a little while ago the space key and P stopped. Five minutes later they started working again but ctrl stopped and N is temperamental. I haven't spilt anything on it or knocked it. Any ideas what's going on?

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Hi all,

This is my system information :

Dell XPS 1530
Vista Ultimate
Intel Core 2 Duo T8400 2.4Ghz
nVIDIA 8600M GT 256MB

And my problem :

I want to change the setting of keyboard, so I go to Control Panel but can not find the icon of Keyboard function. I can see the Mouse, Game Controller and others as normal.

Can you guy help me on this ? Thank you very much.

A:[SOLVED] can not see Keyboard function in Vista on Laptop

Hi -

Check the device manager for any red/yellow flags. Expand the keyboard branch in Device manager and un-install ALL. Right-click on each, select uninstall. Then re-boot; Vista will re-install the drivers.

Regards. . .



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Help! I have a new laptop and seven keys have stopped responding. The keys are 0), -_, pP, [{, ;:, '", /? (I am on my old laptop) I called windows support and we did the selective start up and the keys started responding and then when I tried to use it again the keys stopped responding. I have taken out the battery and took off the key caps and made sure there was no trash. I know nothing about computers but do some crazy things. If anyone knows about laptops I would like any information you can provide. Thank you

A:Laptop Keyboard-Seven Keys not Responding

If it is still under warranty, I'd stop fussing with it (save yourself the aggrevation) and return it to the place where you purchased it. Let them figure it out.

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I have an HP DV9700T laptop. Is there a tech that reads this forum?
My (9 O L . ) buttons are dead on my laptop.
I ordered a new one & installed it. I still have the same problen.
A friend told me it may be a component (chip, diode, or resistor) on the MB that died.

There must be a tech that knows what controls these keys.

Any help, Please??

A:dead keys on laptop keyboard

Have you tried an external keyboard? This will test whether your problem is with the keyboard, keyboard connector, or keyboard controller. Let us know how you get on.

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I have been having problems lately with some of the keys on my laptop keyboard. Sometimes when I press some of the keys they won't work, and sometimes pressing a letter once will make it register twice in a Word document. The laptop is about 4 years old, and I know that you can't do anything really about a laptop KB since it's built in, but is there anything I could try to see if I can fix the problem? It doesn't happen all the time...maybe I just need to buy some KB cleaning supplies to try and get under the keys?

Thanks in advance..

A:Keys on laptop keyboard won't work?

I had a HP that had similar problems, and it was indeed a bad keyboard. Luckily for me it was still under warranty. For low tech cleaning, you might try some compressed air to blow out dust/hair etc around the keys. If it is a bad keyboard, you may be able to replace it yourself.

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I bought a laptop that has a horrible keyboard layout without noticing (the funny thing is i inquired about the tiniest detail in the laptop, yet i didn't notice the keyboard's layout).

Anyway, the problem is that next to my space bar there are "| \", "Ins", "Del" and "Alt Gr" keys (i'd really love to shoot the guy who made it). Now what i want to do is remap those buttons to this order : "Alt", Windows key, menu key, "right Ctrl", just like a standard keyboard. How can this be done?

I already tried KeyTweak, but it's not working. Is there any other good utility i can use? i'm using windows XP Home SP2 on my laptop btw.

any help is MUCH appreciated

A:Remapping a laptop's keyboard keys

Microsoft has a utility that works for 2K and XP, it's called REMAPKEY.EXE. It's part of this downloadable Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, and will do the trick for you.

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Hi All,

Thanks for Support.

I have a Sony laptop with 64bit Vista. WHen I type O it prits 6 and when I type 'P' it prints '*'. I connect USB keyboard, it works fine. Please support me to solve the problem. I already uninstall the keyboard drive and also try with USB keyboard unplug. But the problem is there.

Please support.

A:Laptop Keyboard keys not type exactly

hi and welcome you could try going to start control panel regional and language and try to configure the keyboard options there

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The problem began almost a year ago where about three keys would sometimes work and sometimes not, but recently it became more persistent to the point where those three keys don't work at all anymore. Now more keys are starting to develop the initial problem (and soon will stop working entirely, also).

Laptop specs are...
OS: Windows 10 Home (was Windows 8.1)
Model: Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B (with touch screen support)
Processor: Inter(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.60 GHz
RAM: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor
I can't recall if the problem started before or after updating to Windows 10, so I haven't tried to revert back to 8.1 (and I don't want to if I can help it, quite frankly, but will if suggested necessary). Here are solutions I've tried to solve my problem, all to which none have worked...
Carefully removed unresponsive keys from keyboard without damage including the plastic clip that snaps between the key and the laptop keyboard, and thoroughly cleaned with compressed air.
Searched for a system restore point, but none dated further than a month from today, and the issue happened much longer ago.
Went into Device Manager, updated PS/2 Standard Keyboard driver, and rebooted computer.
Went into Device Manager, uninstalled PS/2 Standard Keyboard driver, and rebooted computer. The driver is automatically reinstalled upon start up, but still no fix.
Toggled sticky keys on and off.
Went into Registry Editor --> H... Read more

A:Some keys on my laptop keyboard are not responding.

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