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Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

Q: Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel


Recently, I'm having slow file loading while opening ms word files and excel files directly from windows explorer. It takes a minute to load, however it opens immediately if I open .doc files or .xls files directly from their application software. It also take a minute for MS Word and Excel software to shut down.

I have run my antivirus (Symantec) and MBAM but they all show no virus was found. I'm not sure what should I do next, please advice.

Preferred Solution: Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

What version of Word & Excel?

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Windows XP
Office XP 2002

Some files - not all, don't open when double clicked. Word (or excell) starts up, the hourglass sits there for a few seconds and then rotates once, then the tail of the mouse cursor turns multiple colors for a short time, then nothing. Word stays open but the file never opens. Shut down word and double click on the same file again and it opens right up. Again, not all files. Happens consistently with the same files (i.e., open it twice to actually see it, edit it, close it, have to open it twice again to get it to come up).

Office problem or Windows?


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On my desktop with Windows XP Service Pack 2, i recently installed Office 2007. Whenever I want to open any word/excel files, I receive a message "Please wait while windows configure ms office word/excel. After waiting for about 1-2 minutes the file is opened.How to resolve this problem?

A:Solved: Problem in opening MS word/excel files

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Hi Everyone,

I'm using MS Office 2003 on a PC, and tried to send Word, Excel & .pdf files to a Mac user. She has Office for Mac 2011 installed on her computer.

She cannot open any of the files. I think she may not have Adobe Reader installed, which explains why the .pdf will not open. So far as the .doc and .xls files ... I'm stumped. Other than recommending that she download Open Office, does anyone have any ideas?



A:Opening MS Excel, MS Word & .pdf files on a Mac

A few suggestions:

Visit this page to see if she can update her Office software.
Also, try the Office Open XML File Format Converter from Apple.
If that fails, and you don't want to use Open Office, you could save Word docs as RTF Rich Text files, and Excel files as CSV, comma seperated value files.


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Dear Techies,
Please help me to recover files.  I am unable to open PDF, Word, excel, DWG etc files.
There many folders shared from server but it has affected to my 4 shared folders.
There are some PDF files I can open.  i.e.  out of 20 files 2 to 3 files.
Not able to figure out what exactly causing this issue.
I have done Antivirus scanning, but nothing found.  (From Server as well as from Client --(Mapping share drive)  - )
Please find attached screenshot for more details.
I have gone many of forum, it says ransom virus.  cryptolocker.  Tried with Malware tools and antivirus nothing found and nothing could recover.
Tried recovery softwares also.
There is no option from server to store previous version so tried from client windows 7 machines but there also unable to restore
Copied files to freshly installed machine and with all updated of windows and antivirus tried to recover but not succeeds.
Please help me to diagnose this problem and let me know the solution.
If i check at what time it has affected.  Below is the files screen shot
I have tried all recovery softwares and ms tools and word excel repair tools but not worked

A:Word, Excel, PDF, DWG, files are not opening

Are there any file extensions appended to your files...such as .ecc, .ezz, .exx, .CTBL, .CTB2, .XTBL, .encrypted, .vault, .HA3 or 6-7 length extension consisting of random characters?Did you find any ransom note? These infections are created to alert victims that their data has been encrypted and demand a ransom payment. Check your documents folder for an image the malware typically uses for the background note. Check the C:\ProgramData (or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data) for a random named .html, .txt, .png, .bmp, .url file.These are some examples.HELP_DECRYPT.TXT, HELP_DECRYPT.HTML, HELP_DECRYPT.URL, HELP_DECRYPT.PNGHELP_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.bmp, HELP_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.txt, HELP_RESTORE_FILES.txtHELP_TO_SAVE_FILES.txt, HELP_TO_SAVE_FILES.bmp, RECOVERY_KEY.txtDECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT, DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.HTML, DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.URL

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For past few weeks I have noticed that I cannot open any word/excel file when broadband internet is running. The moment I click the icon 'safely remove hardware' from the system tray to disconnect the modem, all the word/excel files start opening swiftly. I have windows xp SP3 & 768 MB RAM

A:MS word/excel files not opening while internet is on

Is that the only USB device you have?
You do not use a printer with a USB connection?

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I recently did a new install of Windows XP, having been using Windows 2000. I backuped and formatted the disk and the install went with out problem. I also installed SP3.

The main problems I'm experiencing are with Word files taking a very long time to load and being unable to access the internet/network for about 40 seconds when booting up.

I wonder if I'm infected or perhaps there is a network issue?

Here's a detailed description:

On startup items load as normal, then there is a long delay of about 30-40 seconds when nothing happens as if it's finished start up, however I can't access the internet or the network. Then the remaining startup programs suddently load (such as the Wacom graphics tablet driver) and I can now access the internet and network.

When I click a Word or Excel files from a shared drive it 14 seconds to load Word/Excel then another 3 seconds to load the file itself! However when I load Word locally it loads instantly and load a new document instantly. (Office 2003).

After the computer had been on for about 5/6 hours Word/Excel loads files from the network instantly. Really weird and annoying!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, John

A:Slow Opening Word/excel Files

Here are a couple of things to try (if you have not already done so):
1. Run scandisk/checkdisk
2. Run defrag
3. Check to see what applications launch on start up. If you re-installed a ton of applications (Office, for example) these may be launching their quick starts on boot; also review your Anti-Virus's settings.

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I get the following message when I open Excel, Word and Powerpoint (Publisher works, but dare I try any others?)

Excel Failed to start correctly last time. Starting Excel in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem in order to successfully start the program. Some functionality may be disabled in this mode.

Do you want to start Excel in safe mode?

If I click yes or no it doesn't do anything, (on occasion Ill get a message prompting to diagnose and repair, a couple of minutes later it says i's successful but back to square one)

I have just installed SP1 in hopes there's some sort of fix, to no avail
I have tried a repair via the installation disc
I am hoping I don't have to uninstall / reinstall because I don't know if the licenses are limited

If anyone could shed some light on how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it!

OS: Windows XP with SP3
Model: Compaq Presario V5000
Office: Microsoft Office Home And Student 2007
Specs: Pentium M 1.46Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM

A:Issues opening Excel, Word and Powerpoint - Microsoft Office 2007

A reinstall of Office 2007 will be the quickest fix.

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I recently purchased a new computer and transferred my files from the old one. Both systems run Windows 7 with the same version of Office (2007). After the transfer, Excel files will only open when accessed from Excel - otherwise, they try to open in Word. If I click on a file and select "open with," the only option is to open with Word. Any ideas?

A:Office 2007 Excel files opening in Word

Try clicking on the Win7 Orb and selecting "Default Programs" and select "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". Scroll down to .xls and change the program that it opens with to Excel by highlighting it and clicking on the Change Program button in the right hand corner. You will recognise other Excel extensions in the same area which you might want to change in the same way.

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After an automatic HP update, my Microsoft Word and Excel programs won't work and my files won't open.  What caused this and what can I do to fix the problem without losing my files?  I have files that are part of my work and I HAVE to have them ASAP.  Please help. Thanks in advance.

A:my microsoft word and excel programs won't work and files wo...

Hi: Try running the system restore utility and select a restore point to a time before the automatic HP update ran. If you are unfamiliar with how to use this program, please read the info at the link below. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/system-restore Then change you HP update program to notify you that there are updates and you choose when to install them rather than it being done automatically. That way you can run them and find out which one is blowing up your system and you can prevent that one from running the next time. Or you can just leave things as they are if they are working OK for you. Paul

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The only way I can get any MS office programs to open is to right click and choose the "open with" option. I check the box to Use as default, but they still won't open the next time.
I tried run > winword /r to reset word, but that didn't help either.
All the icons are the same, a little blue chemistry beaker.
In properties, the type of files say they are, "FFV files (docx), FFV files (xlsx), etc".
How do I get these files to open the normal double click way?

A:Excel and Word files will not open in Excel and Word

Have you tried repairing the Office installation (via Start > Windows Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features > Microsoft Office (version) > Change > Repair)?

Aside from that if the file types are "FFV files (docx), FFV files (xlsx), etc", that suggests you've installed some other software that has taken over the file associations. In that case, you might consider uninstalling that software; otherwise you'll need to reset the file associations, by right-clicking each Office file-type (docx, xlsx, etc.) and using Open With>Choose default program to re-associate them with the correct Office application.

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When I try to launch Excel or Word I get the screen: "Please wait while Office prepares the necessary files". I then have to wait for the procedure to be completed.
In addition, on launching Excel I get a box showing stdole32.tlb.
I have tried to replace that file with a copy but, in spite of logging in as Administrator, it won't copy and replace.
I have carried out a Repair of Office 2007 but it makes no difference.
Help would be appreciated.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4060 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 1806 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461899 MB, Free - 164566 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0J190T
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled
Office 2007 Enterprise Edition

A:Problem Opening Excel and Word in Office 2007

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Everytime I go into Word, Excel, etc. after about 15 seconds it tells me that Word has encountered a problem and that it needs to close. I can't do anything. Print, open attachments, start on a new doc, anything.
It ask me to send an error report, I do, but I still basically am locked out.

Any suggestions??

Thanks for the help!

Please reply......

A:Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. for XP Problem!!!

In the absence of other information, go to add/remove programs in Control panel, uninstall and reinstall. You won't lose any of your documents.

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In both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, when I do a "File, Open" command, a box comes up showing the contents of the last directory I used. If I then attempt to use the drop down from this box to navigate to a new directory, it takes 65 seconds before the drop down list appears, and then another 30-40 seconds before the drop-down menu responds to my request for a new directory.

I have uninstalled and re-installed Microsoft office, and I have run the "detect and repair" option in the help menu. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I have no idea why this is happening or what Microsoft Office is doing during those 65 seconds to produce the drop down list and during the following 30-40 seconds to navigate to a requested directory in the drop down list.

I do not have this problem with other applications such as Lotus 123.

Any ideas?

A:problem with microsoft office xp word and excel

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Here is a strange one. I have Microsoft Word 2000 on a computer running Windows XP SP3. I just began having a problem opening documents directly in Word. The documents will open but they are not right. For example, I have a document that is passworded out. Within Word, the document will open, but it does not ask for a password, and the contents of the document come up scrambled. Here is an excerpt of what it looks like:


This goes on for 20 pages.

However, if I go into Windows Explorer and open the document by double clicking on it there, it correctly asks for the password and opens fine. Weird, no?

I tried opening other documents from Word that do not have passwords. They open, but the documents include a bunch of formatting instructions that usually remain hidden. But from Windows Explorer they open fine. Here is an example:

Document opened with Windows Explorer

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Same document opened from within Word:

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Default Paragraph Font
Default Paragraph Font
aC:\Documents and Settings\Doug\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\AutoReco... Read more

A:Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word

I would be hard to tell with your infection
You have an open topic in the HJT forum. You really should not make any changes until you are done there

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Client has SharePoint 2010 project server.
When the user clicks on a Excel file, the file open in the browser and when the user click on "open in Excel" we receive the below message 
"To open this workbook, your computer must have a version of Microsoft Excel installed and your Web browser must support opening files directly from Excel in the browser."
Below is the browser version 

However when the same is tried/accessed through a browser deployed on a dev machine, it works normally. Below is the version of the IE on the DEV server

What is causing this to happen?
Is there any tool to check the difference between the IE settings on my Desktop and the dev box.


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I am still running Windows XP with Office 2007. Suddenly neither Excel or Word will automatically open existing files when I click on them from windows explorer. I can go to the Open option in the menu bar for Excel or Word, select the file to open and it will then open properly. Are there any option settings that allow for the files to open when click on them? I do not receive any error messages nor does the event viewer provide any error messages.

A:Excel / Word File Opening

does it give any error messages

in the file manager
do you have the word/excel icon next to the file ?

if you right click on the file - do you get an "open with" option

have a read here - see if the file is associated with the program

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I hear that it's possible to open word documents in excel. I have lots of long tables in word that I need to transfer to spreadsheets and it'll take me forever to cut and paste them. What can you suggest? My laptop uses windows xp. Thanks.

A:Opening word document in excel

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I had this issue when I first installed the 2010 beta last year. I can't remember how I fixed it. It has been running fine until a couple weeks ago. Every time I open a word, excel or powerpoint file, the windows installer reconfigures like it's reinstalling or something. Just clicking the word, excel icon doesn't do it. It only happens with saved word, excel, powerpoint files. Any clues?

A:Word, Excel, Powerpoint reconfigure on opening

Did you try to turn the autosave off. E.g. in Word Options > Save

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Is there any way to change the name and company name that show up when you open Word, Access, Excel, etc. When installing I accidentally typed the user's name incorrectly and would like to change it so that it is not displayed incorrectly.


Jason B.

A:Registration name displayed when opening word, excel, etc.

When you open Microsoft Word, go to File and choose properties. From there you can change the owner and company. I'd assume it's the same for the other applications.

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Suddenly, I can't open Word 2003 or Excel 2003 at all. Both programs were working just fine about 1/2 hour before I ran and installed the usual monthly Windows Updates and restarted my computer. Windows Update found some more updates (including 2 that affect the Office "conversion" toolkit). While I waited for those to install, I tried to open Word, and couldn't.

At first I thought the problem was caused by EMET 5.5, the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, because it kept saying it detected "SimExecFlow mitigation" at the same moment Word failed to open and "stopped working". I thought EMET was blocking the Office programs.

I tried opening Word by itself, without opening a document. I tried opening Word in Safe Mode. I tried opening Excel by itself, without opening a spreadsheet. Both programs always stopped working while trying to start, and EMET always detected "SimExecFlow mitigation". I had just scanned the computer with MalwareBytes and found nothing, but I scanned the entirety of Microsoft Office in Program Files with Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE also found nothing. I restarted again after Windows Update finished the second round of installs. Word and Office still wouldn't start.

I tried using Task Manager to stop the EMET program, as a temporary solution. But even without EMET running, I still can't open Word or Excel. Word starts, and then immediately stops working and has to close. Excel... Read more

A:Trouble Opening Word and Excel 2003

Is the premium version of Malwarebytes still installed ?
If so to prove that it is the problem, uninstall the version 3.?.
Restart your machine.
Then if Word and Excel now works, I would find a copy of the Malwarebytes version 2.? and install it.
Do NOT upgrade to the version 3 as it has all kinds of issues as it include a AV and must fight your already installed AV program.

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I've done a bunch of searching on these forums (and elsewhere) and found a few suggestions on how to fix this error, but I can't seem to find a solution that works. I just upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate (64-bit) and I installed Office 2007. The programs themselves work fine - but whenever I click on a shortcut to either a Word or Excel doc, I get the following error: "There was a problem sending the command to the program." The program will open, but the document won't. I can easily open the doc from the program once it's open, but it's annoying to always have to do two steps (and to see that error) The big solution I keep seeing (for Excel, at least) is the "Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)" option and to make sure its unchecked (which it is).

Any ideas what I can do to fix it? I haven't tried any other Office programs, so I am not sure if it's all of them, but it's quite odd.

A:Error when opening Excel or Word doc (Office 07)

Have you tried re-installing Office 2007??

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Excel and Word are fine if I open a blank doc from the Quick Launch bar or even My Docs. but if I try to open either from an existing doc on the desktop, it takes forever and sometimes opens empty. Also if I try to open an attachment from Outlook Express. I have tried:
1) Making sure file associations are OK
2) Re-registering
3) Repairing Office 2003
4) Running sfc

I also sometimes find that if I have this problem, then I cannot get at my drives via My Computer.

Any ideas someone????

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Hi there, I have been suffering from a repeating crash whenever I save word or excel files or open up pictures. It is the same error popping up over and over again, I ran the mem test 6 times, 5 regular and 1 extended everything checks out. BIOS on mobo has been updated from website, I have no idea what it could be. Please any help is greatly apreciated. Otherwise the computer is working perfectly, no crashes doing anything else. I am running the 64 bit version of windows 7 and have an asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard.

A:BSOD when opening pictures or saving in word/excel

Quote: Originally Posted by puga855

Hi there, I have been suffering from a repeating crash whenever I save word or excel files or open up pictures. It is the same error popping up over and over again, I ran the mem test 6 times, 5 regular and 1 extended everything checks out. BIOS on mobo has been updated from website, I have no idea what it could be. Please any help is greatly apreciated. Otherwise the computer is working perfectly, no crashes doing anything else. I am running the 64 bit version of windows 7 and have an asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard.

your error shows as APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bugcheck 1 which is a rare one ?

this is likely to be a bad driver which if allowed to run could damage your system software environment so the bsod is saving you

do you have any external video devices or specific video\audio equipment with installed software ?

this is an old driver and needs replacing

ElRawDsk.sys fffff880`02db4000 fffff880`02dbe000 0x0000a000 0x488b65ed 26/07/2008 17:59:09

this appears to be the process RawDisk Driver. Allows write-access to raw disk sectors for user mode applications in Windows 2000, belongs to the software ElRawDisk by EldoS Corporation ??

which memtest did you run ?

what's your AV and any third party firewall ?

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Hi guys,
Am having a strange problem for the last few days.Everytime I start Word,XL or PP it closes down automatically after a few seconds.I didn't ave that before,and it is quite baffling.I am using Win 2000 SP2 and Office 2000.


A:Microsoft Word,Excel and PP problems

In word, excel & pp:
1. from the application menu select HELP
2. select DETECT & REPAIR


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My desktop pc is a Compaq Presario with Windows 95 and Microsoft Office. Recently it has started taking forever to close down a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. The program itself closes out in normal speed but its the separate documents that take forever.

I have checked disk space - plenty available. I have done the usual maintenance ie defragmentation, scan disk etc.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


A:Microsoft Office-Word and Excel

If you're using office 97, according to microsoft, one possibility is that outlook is journalizing your other office documents. They say to start outlook and under tools / options / journal clear all the check boxes under 'also record files from' list. They say this can cause files to close slowly even if outlook isn't running.


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It seems to me (but I might be mistaken on this) that there is a Microsoft program that will let you open and view a Word or Excel document without having to purchase the Microsoft software. It's not an app that you can edit a document or write a new Word document or Excel document but you can just open them to view them only. Sometimes I get a Word doc or Excel doc and can't open it because I don't have the Microsoft programs installed and I simply can't afford them. Anyone heard of such a thing? If so, please advise where I could download this at or the name of this app. It's been years ago but I think I downloaded it on an old computer (I think - if my memory serves me right - and it doesn't always) which I no longer have (the computer that is)

Any help would be appreciate.

A:Need to open a Microsoft word and an Excel - need help

Microsoft's Office Viewers were retired in April of this year.

Google Docs lets users open Excel, PowerPoint and Word files in an Office Compatibility Mode (OCM), then save the results as Sheets, Slides or Docs files, respectively, and Office files can be converted to Google's formats from Google Drive.

A Chrome add-on, Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides, simplifies this further by opening dragged-to-the-browser Office files in the pertinent Google online application.

The open-source OpenOffice and LibreOffice can also open Microsoft Office-formatted files.

Source: https://www.computerworld.com/artic...-cutoff-date-for-free-office-app-viewers.html

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Hi there,

After some of your wonderful help please.

Computer has been getting slower and slower, now have issues opening word and excel files from outlook, as well as adobe files, they open but take at least 2 minutes to think about it. Constantly getting the "Not responding" message. Also Bluetooth now not working either. Not sure if it is anything malicious, but am not sure what to do next.

Running Vista,and Office 2010.

Tried to run DDS.com, would run then started processing, but then would shut the software down. No files generated.

Ran GMER, and have pasted results from that file below.

GMER - http://www.gmer.net
Rootkit scan 2012-10-19 08:43:52
Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\Ide\IAAStorageDevice-0 WDC_WD25 rev.01.0
Running: gmer.exe; Driver: C:\Users\~1\AppData\Local\Temp\fxldypow.sys
---- System - GMER 1.0.15 ----

SSDT 95F82A60 ZwAlertResumeThread
SSDT 95F82B40 ZwAlertThread
SSDT 95FA5450 ZwAllocateVirtualMemory
SSDT 94FB8DA8 ZwAlpcConnectPort
SSDT 95F88... Read more

A:Very Slow computer, issues opening word, adobe, excel

Hello and welcome to BleepingComputer! I am Elle and I will be helping you out with your problem. Firstly, you should know that we are working with specific tools which are used to identify the possible threats present on your system so I will analyze the results they produce. As a start we need to have some more up-to-date logs than the ones you have already provided. The current state of the files on your system might have changed so we need to get a clear look on that aspect. DO NOT bring any changes to the system except the ones I tell you to as that may produce more damage than helping us. If you will encounter a delay of over 2 days from me, please don't hesitate and private message me (link in the signature). Do not forget to check your topic periodically and subscribe to it so that you can receive notifications regarding my replies.Please generate another DDS log (download it from http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/dds.com'>here if you haven't already) and post it in your next reply along with other changes that may have occured since you last posted.Also download and run GMER from this link: GMER download link.Thank you very much for your patience. Regards,Elle

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Just recently my XP laptop has become really slow opening MS Office 2003 shortcuts. Both from the Quick Launch toolbar and by double-clicking an icon in a folder. The files are on my C: drive.

- opening an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the link in Quick Launch just took 57 seconds to launch .
- opening small MS Word file by clicking the link in Quick Launch just took 48 seconds launch.

Even if MS Word is already up and running, it still takes 20 seconds to open the small Word file from the Quick Launch toolbar. I had Firefox and Google Desktop also running when I made these timings, but nothing else. My PC is a recent Intel Core Duo laptop, so it should be fast.

If I open the same document from within MS Word, it opens almost instantaneously but of course that defeats the object of putting shortcuts on the Quick Launch bar....

I'm running F-Secure with virus and spyware scanning on and deepguard on; and I also recently had some viruses which it cleaned up for me. I also ran CCleaner to clean up my registry not so long ago. Don't know if this could have affected it?

Can anyone help please?

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Did Windows update last night on 2 Windows 7 computers. This morning, I can still access Word, Excel and Access documents from Computer 1 of files that are resident on Computer 2 via a mapped network drive. However they take an exceedingly long time to open, the splash screen comes up with Contacting..\\network computer\folder and it stays there a long time before it gets to Processing... after which the file opens.

It's Office 365 on both computers and this morning I updated Office on both thinking this might be the issue and the solution. But still the same.

I can open non-Office documents via the network drive instantly. Office documents open on both machines locally fine. It's just Office documents via the network. There is no network issue because I can access the drive quickly and open other files quickly.

I tried a quick repair of Office - and still the same problem, though my Access database now seems to open normally - but Word and Excel are still way slow.

I also restarted the computer but still slow. Anyone else having this problem? Seems to be just since the Windows update, was fine yesterday.

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I followed a couple of expired threads on here regarding saved documents opening up blank as if you've lost everything almost like the font has been changed to white. I recently experienced this with both Word and Excel and discovered what the problem was.

It seems to be a corrupt font (verdana in my case) and selecting everything and then changing the font fixed the problem.

A:Saved Word and Excel Documents Opening Blank - Remedy

Indeed, to me the same thing happened a few weeks ago. He opened a document on a computer and it worked perfectly well, yet he opened it on another PC other and not working. Eventually the problem was in a font that was not properly installed.

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Windows XP - Office 2003 & Office 2007 - Sharepoint (not the current version) - McAfee Virus Scan

We have users who use sharepoint to open word docs. The Word docs were created in Word 2003 and when they were created they embedded Excel 2003 sheets.
We have since upgraded to Office 2007 and now SOME but not all users try to go into sharepoint and open those word docs and then try to open embedded excel sheets they are getting the message:
Microsoft Office Word Can't start the application required to open this object.
An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Would you like to repair this feature now?
If we say NO it gives another error message:
This object is corrupt or is no longer available.
If we say YES to repairing the feature then it goes through the install process and we have to restart.
This does not fix the issue.

I have tried several things to fix this and none of them have worked.
I have tried enabling the macro security and link security among other things.

I have searched this site and googled it and am not finding the exact issue or a resolution to this issue.
Can anyone give me any sound advice? or something else to try.

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Hi.. I have been geting a weird start up of Word, Excel and OneNote when I boot my laptop.. they are not set in the startup menu.. they give a error message..." excel has stopped working..sart in safe mode " then word does the same thing, then OneNote... I have done a virus and ,malware scan in safe mode and this reveals no infections...
It is annoying,, but if I want to use these apps they work fine after the booting issue first time..

A:Excel 2007 & Word & One Note opening up on laptop startp

hellocheck to see if they are set to start at startup in msconfig...start > type: msconfig hit enter > OK @ UAC prompt > startup tab > uncheck the programs in question > apply and reboot to take affect.... good luck, hope this helps!

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when i click on any word or excel doc, it takes up to 5 minutes to open and also freezes up my whole computer for a short period of time. i have done a defrag and have run adware alert a few times(i know that probably doesn't matter). once the files open, everything is ok, but it just takes so long to open? anybody know what is going on with this? thanks for any help you can give, Mike....

A:microsoft excel and word docs freezing up

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Don't know if this is the correct forum but hope you can help

I have all my ebooks in Calibre and through it created a CSV list of all my books
It saved them fine but the authors column is not in alphabetical order.
I basically want to keep the 2 columns of author and book still in line But get the authors alphabetical
Then maybe import in Word and save as pdf

A:Transfer a Bookilst from Excel to Microsoft Word

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This is a question about the search functions within Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Excel 2007. I want to be able to do searches that would yield both "e" and "" in the results of a single search. Right now all I can do is two separate searches. This may mean setting up a way to ignore accent marks, or a way of defining "e" as "e or " for the search process. My operating system is Windows Vista. Thanks for your help.

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Can anyone help me?

Everytime I open excel/word the application tries to run Microsoft Professional Front Page from the d: drive, problem is i dont have the original excel/word disc.

Is there anyway I can stop this from happening???

Many thanks,


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After searching online and in this forum l'm posting this question:
When a web page is open in Internet Explorer 8 you can edit that web page in a word document by going to 'file' then 'edit with Microsoft Office Word'. For some reason mine now says 'edit with Microsoft Office Excel'. I've got the 'word' checked off in the 'Tools-Internet Options'- Programs - HTML editing - HTML Editor - select Microsoft Word'... but for some reason mine picks excel when i go to use it why?? is there a glitch with IE 8? how to fix it! thanks in advance.

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I have recently installed Microsoft Office 2010 on a brand new computer running on Windows 7.

When I save a word document the only way you can view it is by saving it in Word document 97-2003.
When saving a spreadsheet in Excel, and you try to open it, it displays as a Adobe document which cannot be opened.

Can someone explain if I have done something wrong, and how do I rectify this problem.

Many Thanks.

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Hi I have brought a second -hand XP pro computer running windows7. I have the full office but on word & excel when clicked it it does the configuration process every time. Is there any way of stopping this configuration every time I want to use word or excel.
Thanks Genie

A:Solved: Configuring Microsoft Word & Excel

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I downloaded a registry checker program to fix my computer(win98SE). Now I can't open
none of the microsoft office programs, its saying no application found,need to install program again. Also some other programs on my computer I can't open.

A:microsoft office : word,excel,powerpoint,etc

looks like you registry program may have deleted the links to some of your programs
did you make a backup of your registry at all -

try not to reboot - as I think win98 should back up the registry on each boot - but it only keeps a few copies - 5 I think

i know other members here are far more expert at this then I - so hopefully they will answer

but an answer to
did you make a backup of your registry at allClick to expand...

would be useful

also what was the registry checker program called - may help

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Just started using a new workstation with Office 2010 installed by OEM. Everything worked fine for a few days, and then every time i attempt to open a Word file or Excel file i get the MS Office dialog box that states "please wait while windows configures Microsoft Office 2010". The dialog box stays visible for 30-45 seconds and then the program opens and works fine.

Ran a repair, four times, didn't fix it.

All of my research leads me to a solution of uninstalling and re-installing. I'm not buying that if everything worked fine for several days, that a bad install will make the program stop functioning properly.

I also noticed, while visiting help within outlook, that the product was still a trial version and not currently activated. I have entered the activation code numerous times with no luck.

Any suggestions? This is becoming extremely inefficient.

A:Office 2010 runs product configuration when opening Word and Excel

Right click the Word or Excel icon and select Run as administrator.
This should allow the proper configuration to be written to the system and you should not have to do it again.

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I'm not entirely sure what is going on here as I've never really worked with Outlook Express.

What happens is the person will get an email with an attachment. When I click on the email attachment (double click) to open it, excel, for example, will pop up and go to not responding. Yet, if I save it to the desktop and open it that way it works fine.

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express 6 - Opening Attachments Crashes the Program (word, excel)

What's the antivirus?

You might need to disable e-mail scanning inside the antivirus settings.

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I don't really use Powerpoint, Excel or Word but do get emails with attachments using these products and would like to open and read them or print them. Can anyone provide me with a URL to download these viewers for my new Windows 7 machine if they exist?


A:Solved: Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint viewers?

Office Online File Converters and Viewers

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Hi all - would appreciate some assistance with this.

The OS is Windows 7 and I have recently installed Office 2010 Home & Student version.

However, this problem is a hangover from my old computer which ran Windows XP and had Office 2003 installed.

The problem has remained the same. Periodically when working in Word or Excel, it will crash and I am able to restart the program and recover my documents (mostly), but they all come back out of order which is a huge hassle in terms of the way my day to day work goes.

The error message that I get is this or a variation:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version: 14.0.5123.5000
Application Timestamp: 4c646b38
Fault Module Name: unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Offset: a1544203
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 00000008
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 5129

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 1033
Another time the Exception Offset was 000eedac.

Upon advice from an 'IT' person, I downloaded and installed Paretologic PC and it reckoned it had scanned and fixed everything. Lies (and yes, I had restarted it). Also, it asked me about a bunch of drivers - whether I should download them - but I'm not sure if I should.

I should also note that I am running a file converter, as I have documents which date back to 2002. Someone who came to check my system said t... Read more

A:Microsoft Word & Excel 2010 random crashes

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I am trying to make a database based on survey data collected in Microsoft Office Forms.

Each subject has submitted a word document which contains responses to survey questions filled out with Word's Form feature. I would like to automatically populate an Excel spreadsheet with the form fields from a large group (25-50 documents per batch).

I have seen questions similar to this raised in other forum posts, but I seem to be running into problems with the suggested macros. This might be because I am working on a Mac (the only computer at our company) in Microsoft Office 2011. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

A:Exporting Microsoft Word Form Data to Excel

Hi Sasha
If you are wanting to use VBA to copy / move between Word and Excel you will almost certainly need appropriate boxes ticked under references in the VBA editor for Microsoft Excel XX Object Library.
I've no idea whether the Mac version is set up the same and would imagine you would have a bit of work to do to translate VBA written for windows into a mac variant.
What you might do is consider providing some dummy data and files and seeing what we can do to help.

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