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scroll of touchpad doesnt work win7

Q: scroll of touchpad doesnt work win7

i installed win7 days ago, but any driver of sony can fix the scroll of my touchpad, some help please!

Preferred Solution: scroll of touchpad doesnt work win7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: scroll of touchpad doesnt work win7


Try this driver: Sony eSupport - VGN-FW280FY - Actualizaci?n de Software y Controladores

Good luck!


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Ive seen 1 post about a similar problem but noticed you guys never really paid attention to his post.

tired adjusting the settings under the touchpad application, no success
tried uninstalling from device manager, no success (software doesn't want to uninstall)
tried looking for software in programs and features, found nothing
tried to overwrite existing software by downloading the drivers again, install fails
Ran diagnostics on mouse and keyboard, just keeps running for over 30 mins and i cut it off maybe im not doing it properly

please help guys
Please help guys

A:touchpad doesnt zoom/scroll inspiron 13z 5323

I had same issue, and solved with this: downloads.dell.com/.../Input_Driver_FGG85_WN_8.1200.101.214_A02.EXE


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A:notebook 3000 N500 touchpad doesnt work (touchpad funktioniert nicht)

Hi,  Today I bought this model and have the same problem. If anyone know the solution, please share it here. thx arghhhh!!!!  there, in a top right  corner of the laptop, is a sensor button. Just press it and touchpad becomes alive (it dosn't look like a button at all) ADMIN EDIT - There is now an official tip which explains the N500 trackpoint function and the button to enable / disable it.Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 03-04-2009 01:28 PM

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I have looked at dozens of posts for this, but have as of yet not found a single solution that works. I have a Toshiba satelitte laptop running windows 7 and the touchpad scroll doesn't work at all. I have tried downloading the Alps drivers and the Synaptics, but neither of them solve this issue and it is really annoying. PLEASE HELP.

A:Touchpad scroll doesn't work

Please post your system info, ( http://www.techsupportforum.com/f104/please-read-before-posting-209061.html)

Did you just upgrade to Windows 7 or was it pre-installed?

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for some reason randomly a message will pop up that the symantics touchpad has shut down. this has happened three times in the past hour, but never before. i downloaded the driver from the dell site and when i installed it and restarted my computer it worked fine but about an hour later it happened again. and again.

dell support has been no help at all, cant even contact tech support because my warranty ran out.

i have a dell vostro 1500, XP, two years old,

anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

A:laptop touchpad scroll does not work

Can you quote the exact text of the message.
Also can you have a look at the event logs and see if there is something there that gives a clue.

By the way, it is Synaptics not Symantics

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Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, the touchpad scroll settings stop working. I have to manually go into the control panel and turn it off and back on. The touchpad itself works fine; it's just vertical and horizontal scroll that doesn't work. Is there a driver or something I can download to fix this? Thanks!

A:Touchpad scroll doesn't work after shutdown or res...

tnhaswell wrote:Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, the touchpad scroll settings stop working. I have to manually go into the control panel and turn it off and back on. The touchpad itself works fine; it's just vertical and horizontal scroll that doesn't work. Is there a driver or something I can download to fix this? Thanks!  Hello, Try this link to obtian the drivers you need  http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Joe

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I updated my computer about 1/2 weeks ago and the 2 touch scroll feature doesn't work. I went to advanced touchpad settings to see if I could fix it there but the results were that it is on. I went to check if maybe I did it wrong and sure enough it still
didn't work at all. Can you please either give me a step by step guide on fixing this or a link to a bit of software that fixes this?
And yes the touchpad is up to date, the system won't even let me click it.

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Hello, I can't get the touchpad scrolling to work with Windows. I tried installing/reinstalling and updating the driver but nothing worked. I tried installing Ubuntu on the laptop, and there I got multitouch scrolling even without drivers, so I don't really think the touchpad can't support scrolling.I'm running latest Windows 10 with latest drivers from Lenovo support page. Why is this problem? Is it the Windows or the official drivers for Windows are bugged?(It won't work with 7/8.1 either, tried them all)

A:Lenovo Ideapad 100 15-IBY touchpad scroll not work...

Seems like the problem is that Lenovo thought this would be acceptable place to cut costs (not having any touchpad scrolling).  They are very very wrong, this thing is going right back to the store.

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I just installed Windows 7 (32bit) on my Toshiba Satellite L305-S5955 and now the scroll feature for my touchpad will not work! I know it's probably a missing driver that needs to be installed but I do not know which one... I had prev been suggested the Value Added Pkg but that didn't seem to fix the problem at all...

Help please!

A:Installed windows 7 now touchpad scroll won't work!

Try going to the toshiba page for your laptop, click downloads, and change the OS to Vista (or Vista x64). You'll notice if you select "Touchpad" from the list, they do not list Windows 7 at all, only XP and Vista. However, the Synaptics driver package for Vista should work just fine.

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Hi.I bought brand new laptop Lenovo ideapad 100 15 Iby.I got windows 10 Home edition.I download all drivers and my scrolling doesn't work.Did everybody know wwhat is the problem,and did this model support scrolling on it's touchpad.Thank you and regards

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A:touchpad scroll doesn't work ideapad100

Hello Vazi, welcome to the community,
unfortunately the information that I have is that the IdeaPad 100 15IBY doesn't support multi-touch gestures.

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Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, the touchpad scroll settings stop working. I have to manually go into the control panel and turn it off and back on. The touchpad itself works fine; it's just vertical and horizontal scroll that doesn't work. Is there a driver or something I can download to fix this? Thanks!

A:Touchpad scroll doesn't work after shutdown or res...

tnhaswell wrote:Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, the touchpad scroll settings stop working. I have to manually go into the control panel and turn it off and back on. The touchpad itself works fine; it's just vertical and horizontal scroll that doesn't work. Is there a driver or something I can download to fix this? Thanks!  Hello, Try this link to obtian the drivers you need  http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Joe

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Can somebody please help me? This is driving me nuts. 
For about a week maybe more, I cannot get the laptop screen to scroll when I use my touchpad.
I have Windows 8, 32bit operating system. I use Google Chrome browser, and my computer had/has Synaptics Device Driver on it. I went into the control panel Mouse section and I get this pop up message (attached). I am not sure if I can uninstall this because I don't know if my mouse won't work at all? I tried installing the driver again, but I don't know if that did anything?
I don't really know anything about this and would be grateful if somebody would help.

A:Laptop Touchpad Scroll Doesn't Work

Do you have an external mouse that you can connect?
The operating system should recognize it and allow you to do the necessary repairs for the touchpad
Keep us posted

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I cannot scroll the gallery in Microsoft Photo v.16.1118 using the pc touchpad.It works properly with external mouse. 

A:touchpad scroll doesn't work within Microsoft Phot app v. 16...

Hi, Does the touchpad work with other apps ? If yes then please ask Microsofr why its app does not work with touchpad. Hope this makes sense. Regards.

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hi,i had to format my S12, and reinstall windowns.iv'e installed all drivers, and the smart driver tool says they are all updated.but since the reinstallation, the touchpad scroll area doesn't work.whay can it be?thanks!


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A:S-12: touchpad scroll area doesn't work after format

Hi and welcome,
start--  control panel-- mouse
-- settings -- properties-- device settings

You can remove the tap tray from taskbar if you want and --> settings

On the left there is a menu ...expand by clicking on the +

under scolling you found the area section... and more

that marked field thats where you should found ...
i personal enable momentum and 

disable pinch zoom and  activate

tapping ...

sincerely KalvinKlein
that pics shown XP but similar in Windows 7 ... (and the way to go for different alp touchpad build in some S12)  

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Model: Dell XPS 15 9530.After a recent motherboard replacement my touchpad doesnt click (as in you cant physically press the buttons) and doesnt register that im pressing the touchpad down. I was wondering whether this is an easy fix or a common issue. Posting from New Zealand but the support over here is pretty attrocious and havent received an email reply for a few days so thought id see if anyone else had similar issues. Was done by a professional so I am wondering why it doesnt work and maybe if he just didnt screw some stuff back up right.

A:After motherboard replacement my touchpad doesnt click and doesnt register that im pressing the touchpad down.

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to first uninstall the touch pad driver and then restart the system install the latest drivers from the Dell site .
Use the link for the latest drivers :www.dell.com/.../diagnose
Once the drivers are update check if works fine.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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my touchpad doesnt work, pointer doesnt respond and clicking doesnt work. when i connect a normal mouse to a usb port the mouse does work. i have reinstalled windows and installed the drive but it both dindnt work. when i tried to to do the hardware test in the menu that you get when you press f2 while booting up my pointer reappeard and i was able to use my touchpad. but when i went out of the menu and went to the desktop the mouse didnt work again.does anybody have a idea to solve it? thanks for the responses in advance!

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I turned of my touch pad using 'FN+F9' and now my 'FN' key is spoilt. Is there away to turn it back on without the 'FN' key?

A:Touchpad DOESNT work

Quote: Originally Posted by tim123abc

I turned of my touch pad using 'FN+F9' and now my 'FN' key is spoilt. Is there away to turn it back on without the 'FN' key?

You have a laptop I think.
What brand and model would be helpful if you want someone to help.

You wrote " 'FN' key is spoilt." What is spoilt?

Thank you

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i got a labtop model (HP envy DV6)i have updated win 10 it was very hard to deal with then i switched it back to win 8.1 but the problems didn't got fixed and it got worth beside some softwares doesn't work anymore and the touchpad is dead and i tried everything by mistake i deleted the hardware also the synaptics  touchpad v1.7 shows this message    i will be very thankfull for your help  

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Hello everyone. I have one big problem. I reinstalled my 8.1 pro (legal copy, disk been fully formatted) and it was okay for few hours. Next time im starting the laptop, my keyboard and touchpad doesnt work. I plugged USB mouse and keyboard and it works just fine. I went to device manager and besides Standart PS/2 keyboard and mouse icons there was orange triangle meaning that i have problem with drivers. I searched drivers online, but unsuccsessily.. After few hours of trying to fix it, my Standart PS/2 Keyboard turned into Unknown device and now im completely lost. Adding photo of device manager, i hope someone will help me here.

A:8.1 pro laptop keyboard and touchpad doesnt work

Since we do not know the make and model of your laptop.
Should try the laptop manufacturer's website to see if you can find the drivers for this. Does look like there missing.

What does it tell you when you right click the ones with yellow exclamation points ?

You can right click and select update driver software, either search automatically or browse your computer, select signed driver from the list is shows you.

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My laptop is HP envy 15t-ae000 CTO which run windows 8.1 . Today i updated my OS and restarted the system and found out that i am not able to use my touchpad.  I tried reinstalling the latest synaptics touchpad driver from the HP support center, but unfortunately it did not fix the issue. I tried to run the HP diagnostics during bootup for the touchpad and was not able to move the mouse pointer. Although the status of the diagnostics run says cancelled rather than failed.  If someone could suggest some probable solutions, it would be of great help. Thanks in advance. Regards,Srijith 

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I just bought a Toshiba laptop and am running windows 8. As soon as i got it out of the box, i immediately installed my Logitech wireless mouse...but now i notice that my touchpad doesnt respond whether the mouse is plugged in or NOT! i need my touchpad operational but cant find the control on this new Windows 8 layout.
Can someone please help?

A:Solved: Laptop Touchpad doesnt work

laptops usually have a third party software that controls how the touchpad operates, however even without that software the touchpad has basic functionality. Check your hot keys (the F keys) in case you accidentally disabled it. The synaptics software can also be used to disable the touchpad, so research how to do that for your model and attempt to re-enable it. Since it is under warranty, if you get stuck, contact Toshiba tech support and they will help you.
The Cleaver

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Hello everyone!
I have just bought new Satellite Pro L850 with windows 7 64bit on recovery partition.
I have a big problem cause internal keybord doesn't work under the windows. Under the bios i can do everything i want. But from windows first configuration ( i cant even set computer name and user name) , keyboard doesnt work. I have clean windows version ( with toschiba programs - recovery partition).

It seems that is not a hardware problem cause under the bios keybord working.

Extra i have update the bios to newest version 6.50, but didnt notice any change.

Please help me with this issue, cause i dont have any more idea what to do now.

Good day and w8 for answers


ps. external keybord on usb working!

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A:Satellite Pro L850 - keyboard/ touchpad doesnt work

The whole story sounds unbelievable. Brand new notebook and keyboard is not working???
Install recovery image again and check if the situation is the same. If the problem persists contact your local dealer, explain the situation and ask for exchange.

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I am using a Satellite Pro S500-139 and am having problems with my F9 key. When i type my palm touches the mouse and send the cursor somewhere else on the page. I have reinstalled the ALPS pointing device and now have access to the advanced setting that i wasn't able to get.

Although i can adjust the sensitivity etc i would really like to be able to use the shortcut to disable the mouse momentarily whilst typing. My keyboard shows that if i press fn and F9 the i should be able to disable the mouse however the function doesnt work. all the other F9 functions appear to work.

Do you know if there is a resolution to this?

I am running windows 7 pro 32 bit service pack 1.

A:Satellite Pro S500-139 - FN+F9 button doesnt work to turn touchpad off

What you can try is to reinstall Toshiba value added package.

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I have been seeking through the whole internet and didnt find any useful solution to my problem, please help my because Im going nuts, I cant find the source of the error!

Ok, so the problem is that:
- I cant load any website that is prefixed with https (on every single browser -chrome, firefox, IE)
- I formated OS partition for 3 times, installed 3 different windows versions, now i am working on Windows 7 Home Premium X64 (from recovery partition, this was the original system on my notebook ASUS k52jb)
- I can't log to Steam because of the connection error
- BUT! i can play counter-strike on nonsteam, i can play wolfenstein enemy territory so the internet connection works just fine
- WINDOWS UPDATE doesent work, two errors
80000FFFF - google finds solution for this but it isnt helpful (i used microsoft fix it tool, or tried to do it manually but didnt find records in registry that were stated at microsoft webpage)
c80001F5 - google doesnt find this kind of error (SICK!)
- Date and time is 100% correct
- I scanned whole computer with antivirus, malwerbytes - there was no infected files.
I dont know what else can I do

A:SSL doesnt work, fresh installed Win7

Make sure that port 443 is open on both your computer firewall and your router.

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I have a Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 speaker system and all of the drivers work pretty much accept I cant get the EAX CONSOLE to work! I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Can someone please help me or let me know where I can get a version of the EAX CONSOLE that will run on my win7 x64?

A:Audigy2 NX. EAX console doesnt work on win7

You're not going to find a version of it that works with Windows 7 as Creative never made one. What they did do was roll most of the functions from it and a few of the other small apps into one program, the Creative Audio Console,

which if you installed the latest Windows 7 driver for your 2 NX (which surprisingly considering how old that external sound card is, was released just yesterday),

Creative Worldwide Support > Audigy 2 NX

you will find in the Creative folder in your Start menu.

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Hi, i seem to be having a problem. I installed win 7 on vistax64 bit but i did a partition on the same hdd well that worked fine but i wanted my space back for vista so i formatted the partition and extended back now my vista is all on one hdd. i then installed a 100gb hdd so that i could clean install 7 on it well it installed fine but when my pc restarted i noticed my boot for vista was gone. i then took out my vista disc and did startup repair well now my vista is back but my win 7boot is missing. any help with this would be appreciated a lot. i really hope ms gets this one perfect.

A:dual boot vistax64 and win7 doesnt work on sep hdd's

EasyBCD is your friend, that will allow you to recreate your boot options.

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Yesterday I have updraded my XP to WIN 7 and after the upgrade my sound stopped working. I tried to search for drivers online, I tried reinstalling existing driver, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my device all of it didnt work.
I have a ASUS P5GPL-X Revision 1 motherboard with onboard sound card ADI 1986A High Definition Audio 6 -Channel CODEC S/PDIF out on back I/O port(this is the sound description on ASUS website)

I am very fraustrated with this because I tried to fix this for the past 30 hours for no luck. did somebody encounter this once before? do you have any solutions? please this would help me very much! thank you!

A:Problem| Audio doesnt work after Win7 upgrade

Hi and welcome to TSF unfortunately there are no drivers for win 7 provided

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i have 2 laptops 1 is dell inspiron 3551 and the other is dell vastro 3446.
after doing a clean install of windows 10 my touchpad doesnt work even installing drivers from dell doesnt help.
in device manager after expanding the human interface devices section i get i2chid error 10 this device could not start properly.
but if i do a clean install of windows 7 all works.
please help.
this is all the info that i got from the utility.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3978 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2042 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 145 GB (91 GB Free); D: 319 GB (282 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0CMF7W
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Hi I have a problem where my microphone do
doesnt actually work what it does when i try to talk anywhere ,such as a game or skype, is that it will playback all of my computer audio(Ex if im talking to someone on skype they will hear themselves instead of me) ive tried many things such as getting a sound card and messing around in the audio device setting in windows 10 but nothing seems to fix it. I am slowly losing hope. I am pretty sure this is a software problem but i cant seem to put my finger on what it is.
My computer specs:
Phantom 530
MSI Gaming 5 z97
16 Gigs of Kingston HyperX Fury Ram
240 Gig Sandisk SSD
Generic 2 TB Toshiba 7200 RPM HDD
Optical Drive:
Generic (Rarely Use It)

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i havent done anything changing lately. but whenever i want to alt crtl delete to close off a web page that is stuck it doesnt go onto the thing anymore. when i goto cmd on run in start button it says this program is already being used. but when i type in command in run it goes on. are they the same things?

A:My Alt,crtl,delete Thing Doesnt Work And Cmd Doesnt Work?

Have you updated, and run your antivirus?Have you done any online virus scans?Have you run any Spyware/Malware programs?What Spyware/Malware programs do you use?Were there any error messages?If so, what was the exact error message?

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Hello, I own a Lenovo W530 (Machine Type 2438).After installing Windows 10 the Lenovo Solution Center recommended a battery update, which I did, but didnt work. Since that I had some problems with my BIOS, but they stopped (re-enter date) . About two weeks ago, my battery was empty and my laptop crashed.When restarting it my display didn`t work any more. I thought that my display / display cable broke (i had reordered a display a week before due to stripes on my lcd caused by dumb cleaning).After the new display didnt work I noticed that one cable of the intern display connection broke:so I ordered a new intern display connection  After installing it, it didnt work too and I observed, that I can connect and work via an external monitor problemless, but when trying to "duplicate" the laptop screen to the monitor it stays black, as the display does... What do you recommend?  Best regards!

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I just purchased a new xps 15 and, unlike my family's touchpads and my old xps's touchpad, this one does not have side scrollbar. If it does, I am completely dumbfounded on how to activate it. I love the option of scrolling on the right side of my touchpad and I would enjoy having it on this computer.
Please help and thanks

A:How do i get scroll on my touchpad for my xps 15

I had the same problem until about 5 minutes ago. Go to control panel -->Switch to small icons --> Click "mouse" (far right column for me) --> Click "Device Settings" tab on the top right --> Click "settings" (on the middle right hand side) --> Double click "Scrolling" (second on list below "overview") --> Click "One-finger" scrolling--> Check the "enable vertical scrolling"  and "enable horizontal scrolling"
- For some reason Dell set the default to two finger scrolling so if you can't find the above menu try placing your index and middle finger about half and in apart in the middle of the trackpad and pull down like you normally do to scroll with one finger
                         --Hope that helps :)

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I have some issues with touchpad scroll option, like there`s no one finger scroll option as most laptops have it, latest drivers TouchPad Driver (Elan, Synaptics) are installed on windows 7 x64 with no errors and works ok .. but, it confuses me when I looked: http://tinyurl.com/mmzdnue ..so, where is the one finger scroll option?.. is there any older driver with that option?  thanks for any advice!

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A:g50-70 touchpad/scroll?

hi fangovk,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you have an ELAN Touchpad, it's likely that the feature is disabled in the registry. Try to check this article on how to enable these hidden features then reboot the machine and observe if you now have an Edge Scroll (a.k.a. One Finger Scroll) option.

The procedure requires you to merge a registry file to enable all the ELAN features. Ensure that you create a System Restore point or a registry backup just in case you need to revert back the changes.

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Hi i have got a proplem with my touchpad i can't scroll down or up by two fingers like any laptob and i can't solve this proplem please help me

A:TouchPad Scroll

 Have you gone to Control Panel and checked the Synaptics settings for the touchpad? Everyone is welcome here at HP Forum but you might get better responses at Dell's forum.http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f

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Hello everyone,

I just installed the Windows 8 consumer preview and everything seems to be working fine, except I can no longer scroll using my touch pad on my Sony Vaio. Does anyone know how I can fix this or of a driver that is compatible with Windows 8?

Thanks for anyones help!

A:Scroll on touchpad

On installing, Win8 doesn't seem to recognize the trackpad as a trackpad. If you go to control panel, you just see the mouse.

Are there trackpad drivers for Windows 8? Class drivers?

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Hello There,
I have a laptop with alps touchpad driver. I think it's a synatics touchpad. the scroll certainly does not works anymore. I still can glide and tap but not scroll. Any idea? Well, the tapping didn't work last week either. So I decided to roll back my driver. Now tapping is working but the scroll device is not.
Laptop: ZV5000 HP

A:Touchpad won't scroll up or down

What Make and Model is the Laptop?? I would go to the makers website and download the driver or any updated drivers for the touchpad.

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I opened up my laptop and suddenley I can't two finger scroll anymore. I tried opening upSettings - Devices - Mouse & Touchpad - Additional Mouse OptionsBut when I click it, it says, "control panel extension is incompatible with driver version" and once I click ok it kicks me out of the next page.How can I restore the two figure scroll settings?

A:Touchpad scroll not working

Hello, about when did this issue start? Have you done any updates recently, or downloading software from a website? What is the model of your laptop?

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My 2 finger scrolling no longer works and the mouse pointer seems slow. It was working until my PC randomly crashed and restarted and now it wont work.I already went into the settings and turned the speed up to max but it still seems pretty slow. Anybody have these issues, or more importantly, know how to fix them?

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I just bought a new laptop (HP Special Edition L2000) and I installed the latest version of Firefox but on the touch pad I cannot scroll down webpages, it works in IE but not in FF why is that? when I do try I get a small icon that looks like a mini scroll bar and it does nothing.


A:touchpad wont scroll

It's a Firefox problem.
It's well known, its possible that an earlier driver for the touchpad may work, but its a "variable" fix success wise.

Some other hints here:

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my touchpad on my notebook scroll has stopped working, could someone please direct me on how to enable this feature again. I have a hp dv4000. thank you!

A:touchpad scroll disabled

I'm going to move this to hardware -- this forum is for new articles.

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i hav scroll in my compaq cq40-601tu laptop but it doesnot work. i dont know which driver/software to download. please help me

A:enabling scroll on touchpad


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I have just upgraded to windows 8 and cannot scroll using the touchpad on my laptop. Have tried to access the touch/mouse in the control panel but it only shows me having a mouse, no touchpad?? Completely lost! Any suggestions? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4056 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 1804 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290204 MB, Free - 128832 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 03C1N4
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Solved: Touchpad will not let me Scroll

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I've upgraded my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit under free upgrade program recently.
Since then my touchpad vertical & horizontal scrolling isn't working in any application.
Touch pad model is Synaptics LuxPad V7.4 having driver software released on 15-July-15 (Latest)
My notebook model is HP G62.

A:Touchpad scroll bar not working

The G62 has a few sub-models, but have you tried the driver from HP? ( Rev. A; Aug 7, 2015)

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So i got this new HP spectre i7 that I am very glad for, but for some reason, I cannot scroll with the touchpad. It has worked a couple of times, but for the most part, the mouse just moves without the page scrolling. I have tried to update the touchpad driver, but was the system said that I already had the newest available. It is quite an annoyance since I have to use the scroll bar constantly instead of scrolling swiftly with the touchpad. 

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I reverted to V18 of the Synaptics driver as suggested. However, the scroll bar does not work.

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i m having pressario C772TU with windows XP Professional OS.
touchpad scroll is not working.

A:touchpad scroll not working

ntpahuja said:

i m having pressario C772TU with windows XP Professional OS.
touchpad scroll is not working.Click to expand...

Click Start, Right Click My Computer and click Manage then click Device Manager and check for yellow ? and red !

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