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Converting a movie file...

Q: Converting a movie file...


I really searched all the forums here in order to put my thread in the right place, but I didn't find any forum to be accurate for that purpose so I put it here...

To our buisness!

I have a movie file with extension NSV (a legal one of course) and I want to convert it to AVI or MPEG...

so please give me a good program to don that or a tutorial!!!


Preferred Solution: Converting a movie file...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Converting a movie file...

6 pages of possible solutions here www.moviecodec.com/topics/3361p1.html

and check out the links here http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multime...ng-Tools.shtml

Nullsoft/Winamp's Forums should give you some ideas as well http://forums.winamp.com

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I want to convert a 352x240 video file into a full screen 1920x1080 that can be played on my HDTV. Do I need to change the aspect ratio along with the frame size with a converting software? or just the frame size? How do I do this quickly without waiting for the file to convert and wait hours for it to convert?

A:Converting movie file frame sizes?

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I was playing my game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and saved a replay that I would like to upload to Youtube. Before doing this, however, I have to convert the .bin file on my SD card to a video format (any video format is fine).

I've tried using Google, and many results tell me I should use vcdgear or a combination of Daemon Tools and other assorted programs, but I fear most of these results are also in reference to movie files (so they include .cue files, which are not present in this case--therefore, these results are of no help to me).

Other results have stated that simply changing the extension from .bin to .avi would be enough to be able to upload it, but the extension is not present on these filenames and I don't know how else to change them.

I'm using Windows XP Professional. Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: I just realized this might be the wrong place for this thread...I can't seem to delete it, so if this is the wrong place for it, I apologize.

Edit 2: Never mind. Apparently Brawl replay data is basic commands and not a video file so it cannot be converted.

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i have a question about saving a movie i made.
i took a bunch of videos with my friends and i made a compliliation of the videos with wlmm- i took parts from each video and edited them together. i added captions and a song. i've edited movies before with this, and saved them and they were able to go onto facebook. well this one video i edited and put on facebook, i had to change the file so it was compatible with facebook. i told it to open with easy media player and it changed the file to a vlc file which is compatible with facebook. but when i tried to change my new video to open with easy media player it wont change the file. the file right now is a wlmp file. and when i try to save the movie to my computer, at around 20% it just stalls and wont go anymore. and also it only will save as a wlmp file. my other videos have been fine going on facebook, but this one isnt and i cant figure out why. HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

A:movie file converting problems. from wlpm to vlc

Sounds like the file is corrupted somehow or you don't have enough disk space.

I can't help further as I don't know the app "wlmm" and I've not seen nor heard of "vlc" files. I know of VLC player, but I've not seen that file extension.

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I have a file that i made in Windows Movie Maker, I have saved the movie and i need to change it to a format in which i can but it in sonic dvd burner. And i have tried to use tmpgenc and it also says that it cannot support this file. When i open sonic and try to add the Movie Maker File it says that it cannot support that type of file. So does anyone know how to do this? Thanks alot.

A:Solved: Windows Movie Maker Converting File

Save it as an AVI file from within Windows Movie Maker.
When you save it to your computer click on "other settings" and select DV-AVI

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how do i converting avi, mpg to the a movie with chapter and a menu

A:converting avi mpg to the a movie

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Is there a way to convert Quicktime files (.mov) to Mpeg files so that it would be able to be put on a CD (VCD) to play through a DVD player?

A:Converting movie files

try here


thank my kid, smart A$$

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please help

thanx in advance

A:converting movie in *.avi ,not increase in size

Convert it to what format?

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If you record something on your camcorder in HD 1280 x 720 format, I'm assuming you can only play it back on a TV with HD capability (or burn it to a HD quality DVD).

Is there a way you can convert it, reducing the resolution, thereby allowing you to share it with people who can't view movies in HD?

A:Converting a Movie Shot in 1280 x 720

you can't convert it without loss either of picture quality or cropping it.
there are several programs out there that can do the conversion.
vlc media player can do video and audio conversion but remember it will be lossy.

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Hey Folks,
I have old home made VHS tapes with no camcorder available. Are 4-Head VCR's on the market to connect good DVD players? What kind of VCR do I buy? Do I buy Blu-Ray or just a regular DVD recorder? What components do you suggest to put together to copy and preserve my old tapes.

I want to buy this equipment at a fair price and what kind of components do yoy need to put all this together?

Is it better to buy a combo player or what do you suggest?

A:Converting Home-Movie VHS Tapes To DVD

The easiest way to do it is get a VHS/DVD recorder. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-DMR...ef=sr_ob_9?s=tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1280757185&sr=1-9

You could probably find something a little cheaper, like one without a built-in tuner.

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I have some clips saved as windows movie maker 1.1 files that i need to put in a powerpoint presentation but pp will only insert mpeg files.
I had to edit them in movie maker first because they need trimming but now need to use in powerpoint.

I have tried saving the files as xxx.mpeg in movie maker but when i try to insert them in powerpoint it says "Powerpoint couldnt insert a movie from the selected file"

Is it possible or am I fighting a losing battle trying to do this?!


A:Converting files from Movie Maker to mpeg?

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I have just gotten myself a PC with TV card, media centre and recording to hard drive. I have found the recorded files on my hard drive and they show as Windows Movie.

I am curious as to whether I can convert this file into a format which I can burn onto CD or DVD. I have tried to convert to mpeg using WinAvi Video converter, FX Video converter and EO video.

Any kind of guidance will be appreciated.

A:Converting Windows Movie to disc format

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Ladies and Gents,

I've just gotten a Flip HD cam. It's a great little thing. The problem is that Windows Movie Maker, the software that came on the computer, will not accept MP4 format. I've tried converting (using Magic Video Converter) to AVI, but all I get is audio without video. So I download codec packs (ffdshow, Divx H.264, etc), with no result. I've got to be doing something wrong.

So, here are my questions:
1. Is there a free movie editing software that will let me play with MP4s, making the whole problem moot?
2. Is there a better file converter? Magic, in addition to not working well, constantly reminds me to pay, which is mildly irritating
3. Is there a better set of codecs? Maybe that's something I'm not doing to activate them?

I'm leaving in a couple of days for a place without internet, where I'll stay and (try to) put together some great videos. But I've got to get this up and running beforehand. I'm only semi computer-literate (limited to big shiny icons and unadvanced preference menus). The people of this site have saved my ass from a number of computer ailments before, and Google brings so much conflicting information on the issue I'm not sure where to start. Can you help me?

UPDATE: MP4-AVI converters seem to work fine -- I can play the converted AVIs in Windows Media Player, but still no image in Movie Maker. WTF?

A:Windows Movie Maker / Converting MP4s

VLC player is able to convert video files, and it has support for MP4 so in theory it should convert MP4's. I don't know cause I never tried. But VLC player is free and stable so you can't really go wrong. Alternatively, you might look at Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod. They are advanced, open source video manipulating utilities, but I don't know if they are still updated and have support for mp4's.

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i wanted to upload my youtube video, but when i use windows movie maker to edit it, it wont let me. it says it cant read the file. any suggestions?

A:converting windows movie maker files onto youtube!

im assuming you are using windows xp? to upload a video u have made to youtube it has to be 10 minutes long or less, 100mbs or less and it should be in wmv. format. thats the way ive always done it and had no problems.if u need a good video converter that converts all formats prism video converter is a very good one and its totally free and easy to use. hope this helps u.

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how i add a file that i made from windows movie maker in the movie factory wheni try to pen it says file mismatch

And another question can anybody tell me how to speed up the burnin process with moviefactory ,, i know it goes to 1X to 16X speed ....it says mine was wriong at like 6.4 speed

A:Solved: burning a windows movie maker file to ulead movie factor 4.0

??????anybody know

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Hi there,

I have been unable to import any of my video files (in MPG4 format) in Windows Movie Maker. I read an old thread here that there was a converter that can be downloaded and it coverts the file to AVI. I ran the recommended file (mp4cam2avi.exe), converted and imported the new AVI file successfully. However, only the audio works, not the video.

Do you have any recommendations on a solution for this? I have Windows Vista.


A:Need solution for converting MPG4 files to AVI for Windows Movie Maker

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So my windows movie maker 2007 wont save my edited video that took me a long time to edit to my computer. I Need to save it on my computer in order to upload it on youtube. All My files were converted into wm

It will start saving and after 10% it says your movie was not successfully saved...
Please verify the original source files in your movie are still availablethe saving location is available and there is enough free disk space

Please help me thanks A lot

A:Windows Movie Maker wont let me save The Movie File

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the suggestions here can help How do I use custom settings to save videos? - Custom settings

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I am creating some slideshow scenes to import to DVD Maker from Live Movie Maker.

Each scene starts with a 'title' frame so it would be easy to identify on a dvd menu. I have done all the 'scenes' and all but two saved correctly as .wmv files with the title frame showing as the thumbnail for the file. The fifth scene did not use the title frame but the first photo and the last scene actually skipped to the ninth frame instead (neither will work to identify the photos in that scene for my dvd menu).

The scenes are different sizes - that doesn't seem to matter since smaller and larger ones are saving the way I want. I keep looking for a 'glitch' but can't find anything different between the ones that saved correctly and the ones that didn't.

I used the same camera so all the photos are the same - I am using the default settings in Live Movie Maker so all the settings are the same.

Any ideas?

Why would Live Movie Maker use the first photo rather than the first frame? Did I press a key that set that up?

I tried starting the save with the cursor at the beginning or at the end - it jumps to the beginning each time. I tried those photos by using just one photo with one title frame - that didn't work, I added two title frames - that did work, but when I added more photos it jumped the the ninth frame which had a title frame in front of it.???

By the way, I did upload the file into dvd maker to see if it showed the titl... Read more

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I use a flip ultra to make videos to publish to YouTube, so I first download my flip videos to realplayer once I plug in my flip. Then, I send my specific videos I want to my realplayer library. After, I convert it to wmv generic in winFF converter. Finally, I take the wmv videos from my folder I sent it to into my windows movie maker, When I'm done making the video, I "save movie file" to be able to publish to YouTube. However, it says it cannot save to the specific location. Idk what I did wrong at all! All help would be so helpful! Thanks!
(p.s it is not too large of a video)

A:Windows Movie Maker save movie file not working?

Try saving to a different location, possibly one with a shorter file path.

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I have a valid .wmv file that I need to put into a movie maker project. It plays fine in media player.

When I attempt to import it into a project, I receive a message, saying that
<blockquote>The file C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Videos\russian.wmv is not indexed and cannot be imported.</blockquote>

I have verified that the indexing service is turned on, and even left my computer idle for extended periods, because my settings for the indexing service say that indexing occurs during idle periods.

I have the file set to allow itself to be indexed.

I am not sure whatelse to do. The only other strange behavior which I cannot explain is that fact that when I view my videos folder in thumbnail view, only this .wmv does not get a thumbnail. I am not sure exactly what to do. Any help is appreciated!

I am running windows xp home sp1, with all current patches installed...1.9 ghz pentium 4, 512 mb of ram, also logged in under and administrator account.

A:(Resolved) windows movie maker 2 - movie file not indexed?

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here is her post in another forum. the other forum wasnt really a computer tech-based forum, so i am not surprised that she didnt find the answer.

my friend :) said:

I've made a yr 12 formal video and edited it in movie maker and stuff. I keep trying to save it as a finished movie file so that i can burn it off and give it to m class mates, but my laptop isnt capable of saving it because the virtual memory on my laptop is too low. Is there any way to increase it so im able to save the video as a finished movie file?Click to expand...

here is the original one, with the solutions presented to her. http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=95315

one of the solutions involved increasing the virtual access memory... could someone read it and elaborate if it is a viable solution?

A:friend cant turn movie maker file into movie

They told you to adjust the page-file size, which should solve the problem really!
An 11MB file is really nothing, and should fit in a normal pagefile without any problems.
Some PCs have a small pagefile of 10MB on the C-drive and a larger one on another partition/drive. That would then coincide with her problem.
In a managed pagefile, the size is as big as needed.
You can try and set it to MIN 512MB and MAX 768MB, see how that goes.

Ask her also to try 'Save as [different file-name].....' instead of 'Save'

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite, or possibly converting it into a ISO file.

Daemon Tools Lite should be able to mount NRG files. Make sure you are using the latest version:
Daemon Tools Official Website:

You might also want to try these other virtual drive, image mounting software (both freeware):

Alcohol 52%
Alcohol 52% Official Website


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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Duplicate post. You have the same one here - http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/816942-mounting-nrg-file-daemon-tools.html

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So I made a montage with Windows Movie Maker, however it simply won't save the movie file, although it will save the project. I've never encountered with problem with my other montages.
Seeing some other questions on these forums I checked my amount of ram, and ended some processes to increase it, currently I'm at 572M/5210 M (Commit Charge), Fluctuating between 6-15% computer usage, and 2.79 GHz, 3.25 GB of Ram. This is with google chrome, task manager, and WMM open.
To check if it wasn't the montage itself I made 2 others, one of the same length, and one about 8 seconds long, both of them caused an error that caused WMM to close immediatly, although it appeared the 8 second long one was going to save. The error message says something went wrong, but the message after it doesn't save is the usual, check if the files are still there ( they are ) and check if you have enough memory (I do).

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Ok I have a Windows 7, and a Windows Movie Maker, My camera only does MP4 movies i dont know why either.
Anyways I did download the MP4 converter and i did convert it and importing it now works but there a small problem. The video won;t show up only the sound does when i put the video in the storyboard only the sound will show up but not the video itself can anyone help?!

A:MP4 converting problems and window movie maker problems

WMM is supporting your audio convert but not the video convertion, so need to convert to a better recognised file



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Can Windows 98SE .clp files be converted to Word2000 .doc format?
Have a 6K .clp file which I can't open, Can .clp files be converted to Word2000 format? If not, what can I read it with?

A:Converting a .clp file to a Word 2000 .doc file?

Well, it appears that it could be one of the following file types:

You searched for file extension: .clp

Clipart GraphicProgram: QUATTRO PRO
Clipboard fileProgram: MS WINDOWS
Compiler Script (Clip List)Program: CLIPPER 5

So that depends.

You can always try, from Word, File-Open. Change the files of type to "recover text from any file" and try opening the file.

Don't forget to change the file types back to Word docs after you've used that file type or you'll forget and be in trouble next time you open a file.

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Hi my Canon camera produces movies as MOV files & my dvd player plays DIVX video files with extension avi or divx is there a good free program for converting these? or others in the future?

Appreciate any help

A:Converting MOV file to Divx video file?

If you convert the movies to full DVD format (VOB's, etc), you can watch them on any DVD player. DVD Flick can handle Quicktime, which is MOV, hopefully the same MOV as the Canon. http://www.dvdflick.net/index.php

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Hello i was told by an embroidery shop that I need to convert my JPEG file to a DST file in order to avoid further costs. I was wondering if you could help. I have attached the Image. All I need is the lettering with the font.

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When i convert a (Bitrate - 320kbps, Channel - 1(mono), Audio Sample Rate - 44 kHz) 9.0 9mb mp3 file to a stero file using rip edit burn, I get a (Bitrate - 56kbps, Channels - 2(stereo) and Audio Sample Rate - 22 kHz) 1.59 mb mp3 file.
During conversion the converter shows the following message:

The currently selected mp3 encoder and bitrate does not provide optimum quality for music files. To get a better quality mp3 please use a different mp3 converter.

Available codecs - Windows ACM Default
Bit rate ( kbit) - 56

What needs to be done to achive a better quality stero file.

A:Converting a mono mp3 file to a stereo mp3 file.

Well, you can't really convert a mono source to stereo, think about it.

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These are the instructions handed to me:

1. Download VCF-to-23andMe. The two scripts in this directory require Python 3.

2. First, run the data_to_db.py script using your VCF file as input. This generates the genome.db file:

> python3 data_to_db.py input.vcf.gz vcf genome.db

3. Then run db_to_23.py script using the genome.db file as input. This produces a file in the 23andMe format:

> python3 db_to_23.py genome.db blank_v3.txt 23andMe.txt

So, I go on command prompt and tried copy pasting the 1st command and I got a genome.db file but when I copy paste the 2nd command line (the one involving db_to_23.py) nothing happens. Youre supposed to start off with a vcf file and 2 python scripts to convert it. Im not sure how to do this.

All I have are a VCF file and 2 python scripts. If someone could describe the process from a fresh start to how I would convert it to 23andMe then that would be helpful.

Just a technical maneuvering issue.

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As I could not find any FAQ pertaining to this matter in this website, I hope someone is able to guide me on

How can I convert my Powerpoint ppt files into Executable file so that it can runs by itself when double-click ?

If I do not have any MS Office with me, I can still rely on pptviewer.exe right ?

I still think the 1st Option is a better choice ! By the way, is my requirement similar to a pps file ? if yes, how can I convert my ppt file to pps form ?

Thanks for your kind assistance


A:Converting Powerpoint ppt file to EXE file

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Thanks for any help in advance. I already converted it down to a svg file for having shirts made, but I need it to be a dst file to have a hat embroidered.

Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk

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I downloaded a music file from the net and it plays beautifully on my computer. I added it to my song list and burned a new mp3 cd. It copied all the songs but omitted this one.

In properties it was listed as a Document File. htm

I have a software program to convert files to mp3 but this one doesn't recognize this Document .htm file. Is there a program to convert this to mp3?

Thank You!

A:Converting a file to MP3

HTM files cannot be converted to mp3. Chances are that you did not download the mp3 but rather a second web page that had the actual download link on it.

What is the size of the file?

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I put a cd in my D: drive and copied some songs onto my hard drive. I put 'em in a folder called, say, uh, "songs". So I go into songs, I try to play any song, Media Player comes on, and it plays. Great.
Now: I'm on Yahoo Messenger, and I try to send one of those files to a buddy. It downloads, buddy at the other end gets it, but he gets a pop up that informs him that the format is not supported. He asks me if I can convert it to .mp3. I don't know: can I? How?
Thank you.

A:Converting a file into .mp3

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I was wondering if there is any program that can convert an M4P file (iPod) to a file that Windows Media Player could play. Is there any free programs that you guys know about? Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

A:Converting M4P file

welp - you could burn your m4p files to audio cd then rip the cd to mp3, yah?

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i dont know if this is in the right spot. i need to convert a Real Player video file into a wmp video file i want to burn it onto a dvd, and my dvd burner program wont do real player files, i cant find a conversion program for real player, does any one know what one i could use?

A:need help converting a file

look through here

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I have a file that was created in Word 2000 and I need to convert it to a .pdf format. Will someone please tell me how to do this?


A:converting a file

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Can anyone help me please. A work laptop went down and they provided all the information on a cd. The opperation system of that computer was xp professional. I have acciendattly changed this, how do i restore the default settings on that cd?
Is this possible, i really need help with this quick...

A:Converting a file

and welcome to the Forum

What was the original operating System? . . What did you c hange it to? . . How did you change it?

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What format will give me the best quality dvd video when converting an .avi file?

A:converting .avi file

For video to play on most standalone DVD players it has to be converted to mpeg2 and authored, specs are here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvd The exception to this is that some DVD players will play Divx encoded discs or mpeg's burned as data discs. That really depends on the player.

Final quality depends on many things like your source, the process you use, the encoder.... Lot's of variables. There is no best method, you have to take into account what you have and where you're going with it.

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Hello Techguy Forum,

I am hoping someone here can help me. Here is my situation.

My Chinese wife has a neat little audio device that she was given that lets her listen to Chinese preaching in her own language. The device has literally hundreds if not thousands of files on an SD card. I opened it up and tried to extract the files hoping that they were in .mp3 format hoping she could put these audio files in her own mp3 player as the device has a horrible interface and no way of knowing what file is being played besides going one-by-one.

But the files ended up being .jrc. I've never heard of this kind of file and have searched and searched but have found very little on this and nothing about .jrc as an audio file.

Is there anyone who knows anything about this or how to go about converting such a file into an mp3?

==> I tried to upload one of the files that I copied of the SD card to practice on but I got an 'upload error'. It may be too big of a file.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much.


A:Help converting .JRC file to .MP3

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i am using lanschool to monitor students and i have fully installed lanschool student and teacher on all machines. lanschool works fine on the PC's and laptops i have used, how ever to get all teachers to enter channel numbers i have run a .BAT file to enable channel select. i am wondering if i can use this .EXE file in a GP?

Many thanks for your help


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Hi, I need someone to help me convert a file to .dst so i can get it put on a hat for my son for his birthday!
Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Help converting a .PNG File to .DST

The hat embroidering company has told me the file has to be 2.3 inches max height and 6 inches max width with a 10k max stitch count or less.
Once again thanks for any help you provide!

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I made a logo using adobe cs6 illustrator and want to upload it but it wont allow me unless the file is a .jpg.
Any help or ideas are helpful and much appreciated.

A:I need help converting a .ai file to a .jpg

figured it out after some time nvm

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So I was going to order custom shirts and golf bags for my college golf team but the company told me that I needed to convert my PNG file to a DST file. I went online and googled how to do it but I couldn't really find any place to do it. Can anyone help? I attached the logo below if that would help. Thanks.

A:Help Converting PNG File to DST


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Can anyone help me? I need to create a dst file (for embroidering a hat [2" x 3" and a jacket 11" x 12").
I only have .jpg, files. it's a really simple design, only one color (white).
Is there any way to convert one to a .dst file?

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I have taken a few hundred pictures and music and put them in the Windows Movie Maker, intending to make a DVD for my high school class reunion. I have spent untold hours (months) putting it together to perfection. Now I want to burn it to a DVD, and find out that it's an .ink file, and that it's not compatible for that type of media.
(I'm not sure what it's point is then?) Anyway, my classmates are getting ready to burn my house down, waiting for their DVD. A friend told me to download a free program called ConvertXtoDVD, but I don't see .ink as one of the conversion options. Any suggestions?

~Ready to cry my eyes out in Henderson

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