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[G50-80] Delete key gets automatically pressed for infinity when pressed once

Q: [G50-80] Delete key gets automatically pressed for infinity when pressed once

From the last 2 days, I suddenly started noticing a very weird issue. When I pressed the delete key once, it automatically kept deleting for infinity until I pressed that key again or some another key on the keyboard. Also, sometimes, it automatically keeps pressing itself even if I didn't press the delete key even once. The laptop is G50-80 (not sure about how to see the model number). Any help is much appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: [G50-80] Delete key gets automatically pressed for infinity when pressed once

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Recently we have had a strange issue. We are ruining windows 7 and on few systems it automatically presses the Ctrl key. It is not possessed through keyboard (physical as well as virtual keyboard).. It happens in itself.

Windows is updated with latest updates.

Same goes for the keyboard drivers.

A:Ctrl key is pressed automatically randomly itself

OK, I've got to ask....

Are you saying that you can see the CTRL key being pressed by a spirit or poltergeist, or that a function that is usually controlled by pressing the CTRL key is happening without pressing the CTRL key?

If it's the first thing then call your local news organization.

If it's the second thing, please describe exactly what is happening that leads you to this observation. What you've given us so far is not much to go on.

I assume you have checked the physical keyboard for a stuck key?

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My computer has started going insane and seems to have f11 being pressed constantly, which toggles the fullscreen on and off repeatedly and endlessly- effectively making my computer unusable .
I have to press escape to stop the filckering ( toggling between normal and full screen mode continuosly) It stops temporarily and then starts again.

A lot of people have similar problem but there is no solution given on any forum.
On this forum too there were a couple of such posts with no replies.

A:F11 gets pressed automatically. Windows flickers

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Hello Team,
I need help with the issue that I am facing recently. My machine does not boot up automatically. If any key is pressed it loads absolutely fine. I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit OS on the laptop and it does take 3-4 seconds to boot up after pressing key. After
a week time it was booting automatically. 

Kindly suggest me the resolution.

Many Thanks
Rohit Thakur

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I need help with the issue that I am facing recently. My machine does not boot up automatically. If any key is pressed it loads absolutely fine. I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit OS on the laptop and it does take 3-4 seconds to boot up after pressing key. After a week time it was booting automatically.  I have changed startup settings in My Computer advanced settings and it does not work.Kindly suggest me the resolution. Many ThanksRohit Thakur

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I  have purachase HP Pavilion on 8th July 2015, and now i am getting one strange issue in it. Its Enter Key is getting pressed automatically sometimes. I am sure there is nothing dorpped over keyboard before such as any liquid or so.  All its keys are clean. Kindly check or suggest me the solution on it.  Please reply. Thanks

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every time i start my laptop it works fine for first 5 min then the last icon on my desktop get automatically selected and tapping of my touch stop working. if i select any other icon on my desktop or in any drive the last icon get automatically selected it seems like some down arrow key is pressed regularly.and if i restart my computer at once it start with a beep noise upto 10 sec and if i shutdown it and then start after 5-6 hrs it starts normally and then again after mins it start creating the same problem. plz help me out i am using lenovo z560 idepad plz mail me the solution at [email protected]

A:it seems like down arrow key is pressed and hold automatically and tapping on touchpad do not work

I have the same problem. I press the UP ARROW key once the laptop completes booting. This solved the down key lock problem. I started hearing the beep sounds when I upgraded to windows 10. When I went back to windows 7 the beeping stopped during boot up but the down key problem exists. I am thinking of downgrading to XP to see if the noise problem and the keyboard works. I hope its not due to my ram upgrade.

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I have noticed this issue only with built-in Dell's keyboards (working fine at different laptops or with external keyboard) - Precision 4400 and Inspiron 7566.
While playing a racing game when I hold a key to accelerate (whatever it is, tried many) and when I press second one to turn, once for a while - sometimes 1 minute after start, sometimes 5 - it's getting interrupted for around a half of a second (so I drive straight for this short period of time).
I have tried to disable as many services as I can, turned off anything I could and I'm still getting it, installed all drivers I have found

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My brother's laptop is a Packard Bell EasyNote TK87, Like mine, it runs w/ 7 32-bit.

More Detail of problem:
When I click the power button it has the logo and option 'Click F2 for startup menu' I don't click the key and it says 'loading...' and I'll just rebooting the laptop. How to resolve this problem

A:Everytime My Brother Starts His Laptop The Shortcut Key For The BIOS Menu Automatically is pressed.

Go here and make sure u don't have a key stuck. http://www.keyboardtester.com/

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Hi everyone,

I was trying to turn up the volume by pressing Fn and then F4 but i accidentally pressed F5. This notice came up saying LCD mode only. Then the whole screen changed. It is now slightly zoomed in but squashed. The top of say Internet Explorer has gone wierd and is no longer seethrough like you can make it on Vista. Ive tried restarting the system. I could really really do with some help on how to reverse this back to normal. Any help?

A:Pressed Fn and F5!

Posted via Mobile Device
keep toggling the function keys you pushed.

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`My laptop was working fine then suddenly started acting as if the ] key is being pressed. I've performed a factory restore on it so now im back to 8.1 from 10 and is still not fixed and now I can't log into windows at all if I plug another keyboard into it the keys are functinal on it,but doesn't change anything. The pointer and touchpad seem to be working properly and none of the keys on the laptops keyboard are working but when I click the EOA icon to activate the OSK it only flashes momentarily so I'm not able to click it! I've tried resetting the battery and still not working. I've called tech support and they said since I've done the reset to factory condition theres nothing else that can be done and to mail it to them. I'm at witts end on this situation and appreciate any advice from this community. ES1-512 series MODEL# MS2394                                                                                                                    sinceraly David Mason

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Hi there,
I'm in the process of creating a fairly simple number game in VB .NET, using a simple form with labels etc., to act as a prototype for the full thing.
As control arrays are no longer supported, and I wanted something to that effect, after having put 10 labels on the form I used:

Public Cells As New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of Label)
'And then, later on, populated Cells with:
Now, I would like to create a function that will be called whenever any of the labels is pressed and will then wait for a keypress indicating a value, to be entered into the pressed cell, or a click on another label.
However, I am a little stuck as for how to do this, so any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello! today a friend of mine sent me a messege in facebook telling me that someone stole my facebook profil and he also included a zip so pressed on the zip saved it to my computer opened it but nothing happened it showed me a black box with some letters for a split of a second and then it dissappeared, as if it couldn't open.  So I asked my friend what that was and he said that he diddn't sent it that it was sent automatically to me and that it was a virus and not to open it. But I did so I tried to erase it and I did erase the folders inside the zip but I couldn't erase the zip itself because it said that it was open in a programm but the only programm I had open was 'my files' then I closed the PC and reopened it and erased it succesfully but I want to know.. did I get infected? How can I know that? And if I did how can I get rid of the virus?Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:how can i know if i have a virus after i pressed on a zip someone sent me?

I would run a full virus scan with your antivirus and with malwarebytes or an equivelent malware scanner. Then I'd change my Facebook password. Never assume any zip file is from the person who supposedly sent it. 90% are viruses. Also warn your friends that  you've been hacked and not to accept any files form you. or  any friend requests the hacker might send.

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My baby nephew smacked a few keys on my T450s. The keyboard now seems to think the Fn key is pressed. All of the keys are unresponsive except for the top row (esc, function keys, etc...) and the space bar only changes the backlighting. The function keys work as typical F1-F12 keys rather than the special functions which are the default. An external keyboard works just fine, which tells me that it must be some sort of hardware issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Just now I came back to my computer after being afk for about an hour and found that my W key was being pressed as if it was held down. I couldn't type in any search bar or chat because it would just repeat "wwww..." and the only way I could fix it was to power down my computer and restart it.
This is the first time that this has happened to me and I'm wondering if I should be concerned?
I am using Windows 7

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how would I do something like this

MsgBox"do you like pie?", 1, "Question"
*******something would go here to make it do this if "yes" is pressed: MsgBox"pie is good"

and something like this:MsgBox"why not?" if no is pressed

I know this is possible, but I can't get it to work also, can you do the same thing with InputBox?

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Hey,This is Aneesh. I have a issue with keyboard. Tab key is continuously begin pressed. It is like running in a infinite Loop. I tried hitting it hard and removing it, but didn't workout. So, My question is weather it can be repaired or I need to replace it? If so, how? And please let me the cost.System configuration : HP Pavilion 14-n296tx TouchSmart Notebook PC with 64 bit windows 10

A:Tab key is continuously begin pressed

Now when I run a Keyboard diagnostic test. I got following resultsKeyboard test : FAILEDFAILURE ID : M0E4R1-779876-MFPV7G-G04C03PRODUCT ID: J8B57PA#ACJComponent test: FAILED

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I am currently traveling for work and I am using my personal, HP laptop to connect back to my office, via Cisco VPN. When connected to the tunnel, I am able to launch MSTSC to access my machine back at the office without issue on that end.

The problem I have noticed is that, when switching back and forth between my remote desktop session and my local desktop, the operating system seems to think that the Windows key is pressed on my local keyboard. So, when typing any hotkeys that would be active, such as "u," "e," or either of the "up" or "down" keys, Windows responds by launching Explorer, Ease of Access, minimizing/maximizing the active window and so on.

I have done several searches on the web and found that I am not alone in this issue, but I have yet to find any type of resolution. I am unaware as to whether or not Microsoft knows that this issue exists.

The operating system on my laptop is Windows 7 Pro and the OS on the machine I am connected to through remote desktop is Windows 7 Enterprise. According to some of the links I've found on the web, this has also occurred when the local OS is XP and the remote OS is 7.

My system specs are in my profile. Any information or helpful tips are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:RDP Makes 7 Pro Think Windows Key is Pressed

No reply to this old thread, but following is offered for others who land here looking for a workaround (aka MS solution)...

This happens to me when the RDP session is focused and I lock the local workstation with "win + l" (lower-case L)...

Upon logging back onto the local workstation, keys would behave as if the windows key was pressed as well.

Microsoft solution is to use one of the following:
1. Use "ctrl+alt+del" and select "lock this computer".
2. Use the start menu and select "lock"
3. Ensure focus is other than the RDP session, then use "win+l".

I feel the above are workarounds, but I have been using number 3.

Hope this helps, especially for anyone else that has landed on this thread.

Windows 7 Enterprise

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I could not connect to a hotspot I frequently use so I refreshed my computer. It removed my Windows 10. I simply want the computer I had before I refreshed it. Is there any way to turn back the hands of time? At the moment, I am using a tablet because my computer is now super slow and I can not do this on it.

A:Want the computer I had before I pressed 'Refresh'

What, precisely, did you do to "refresh" your computer?

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Similar to what the topic title says when the start menu is open I can't right click. It does nothing. I haven't tried anything to restore. Anyone know why? If you want to know what programs are in my Add/removal screen i'll post a screen shot. If it also helps, might not but, after i restroed this computer the last time I have not uninstalled nearly anything XP Service Pack 2 installed.

A:Not Able To Right Click When Start Is Pressed.

ldf:I found this in my searches...From - http://www.duxcw.com/faq/win/xp/rtstart.htmRight-click Start Menu ItemsLast updatd: 1/18/04Q. Right-clicking Start Menu items has no effect...A. Start, Control Panel, Taskbar and Start Menu, Start Menu, Customize, Advanced, check Enable dragging and dropping.Let use know if that helps,

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My pc seems to think the shift key is pressed down, it is not a hardware issue as even when my keyboard is not connected it still acts as if the shift key is held down. So I am constantly typing In Capitals and cannot scroll up and down, I have tried holding it down for for a long period of time and it still makes no difference, I have tried the refresh setting and no change. Any ideas?

A:Shift key 'virtually' pressed.

...even when my keyboard is not connected it still acts as if the shift key is held down.

How did you determine this?

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I recently clicked on the fn and f5 key together on accident and it messed with my screen and now my background is no longer full screen but small and centralised and everything has become smaller. I have tried adjusting my display, restarting multiple times and repressing the fn+f5 key but nothing seems to be working. Please help.

A:I pressed fn+f5 on accident and it messed with my ...

right click on your desktop, display settings, advanced display settingscheck your monitor resolution and set it correctly.

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i have a problem with my keyboard the letters b and n when pressed do not respond the rest of the letters work fine,can you give and idea what could the problem be thanks.

A:keys b and n when pressed do not respond

A piece of a Dorito stuck beneath the two or jammed between? ANYthing under those two keys?

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So the right Ctrl key on this laptop gets stuck too often without ever being pressed. The only way to fix it is to press the key. I'll just be playing a game or browsing Reddit and my computer will act as if I'm holding down the Ctrl key when I've never touched it. Its a hp pavilion g7 laptop. Thanks.

A:Key acting like it is stuck down without ever actually being pressed?

It look like this is a common problem that has been going on for some time.
See the following. I didn't read it all so I don't know the solution.


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Does anyone have any idea as to whay when KaZaA is running, my IE6 will launch and go to my home page (google) but if I type anything in the search box, the moment I type, IE6 crashes and locks up.

I can however use cut and paste to get text into the google search box when KaZaA is running. All works fine when KaZaA in not running and is the same with KaZaA and KaZaA Lite.

Any ideas?

A:KaZaA - causes IE to freeze when key pressed ????

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Was trying to get to safe mode and used the old key combination.
Has anyone at Dell made any headway on fixing this problem?
From what I've read the only way it can be repaired is by replacing the motherboard.
My warranty is expired but this is pretty clearly a manufacturing defect (why in the world would they have it setup like this).
How much does this repair cost?

Any assistance is appreciated. Sadly I was going to sell it tonight but I was trying to get the cache drive working (rather than being a separate mini solid state.

A:Pressed F8 on my XPS 15 and now I have a boat anchor....

This is unfortunate. A number of posts here mention that pressing F8 when booting the system will brick it. F8 for entering Safe Mode no longer works in Windows 10 although it can be changed to do that. To enter Safe Mode in Windows 10 you should hold the "Shift" key and then click the "Restart" button. Why some Dells are set up to brick on F8 I don't know. Your only choice is to call Dell and see what they can do.

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Hello, I have a Y50 70 with trackpad buttons that have to be pressed very hard in order to get them to register. Does anyone have any advice about how I might fix this? Cheers

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plz plz plz help me i press recall on my moniter options now the screen is to big and when i resize it it is to wide or not wide at all
i can only select 100% or 0% wide help me also my moniter is bending at the sides plz help.

A:i need help i pressed recall on my moniter

whats the make and model of the monitor

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I'm still still kinda stretching my legs in the C/C++ field and was wondering whats the best way if you have and exe application running as a Windows service to detect if the keyboard has CTRL+Alt+F4 pressed down (Using VS and .NET framework so feel free to utilise .Net functions)?

Also keep in mind this is running as a service so the smaller the resources used the better

Any help would be great!



A:Solved: See if keys are pressed

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Hello everyone!
I'm having trouble with my laptop's keyboard, specifically with letter x.

I press it once and nothing happens.. but if I immediatly press it again, it writes the letter.

What happens?
This works almost like when you open a folder on the pc. You need to click two times quickly to open it.

I tried running the Safe mode and writing and it worked perfectly!

At first I thought it was just dirt or a piece of something that was trapped under the x key but I removed it and nothing..

Please help me.

A:Keyboard writes key once when it was pressed twice

It sounds like there is some program or service running in normal mode that is keying off the 'x' key to see what follows. I've never heard of something like this and have no guesses on what it may be.

Did it work OK at one time? If so, did you install some utility or toolbar around the time the problem started? Can you try a System Restore point just before the problem started?

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Dear all how do i reverse the process of pressing the network ID button under name change in system properties and going through that process which seems to have lost my original adminstrators logon and files to be replaced by a different account called your user name

can anyone assist me to reverse this process please

alienware P4 550 3.4 1 MB L2 Cache 800MHZ FSB LGA775
abit AA8XE 925XE
Samsung 512MB DDR2 PC4200
XP proffessional SP2

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Hi all,

I work in a school environment and have come across an intermittent, non-user specific and non-machine specific issue.

Sometimes when people log on and start typing it will open up a piece of software, and always the same one and the same 'A' key on the keyboard.

It is not a huge problem, you can minimise the program and it wont keep opening up, or you can log off and back on again to cure the problem.

I am just curious if anyone has seen this before, or maybe has an idea how we can prevent this. I have search many forums for similar problems people have experienced, but never found anything helpful.

Many thanks,


A:Program Opens when 'A' key is pressed

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[size="2"]Good evening all. A friend of mine is pretty distraught! He has a small business (making and installing countertops), and earlier today a vendor of his was putting some new software on his computer and he hit f10 during boot-up. It did a full system restore and, I think, wiped out all his data...inventory, invoices, proposals, bids. The works. Needless to say, he is about to jump off a bridge. Any thoughts on how he can restore all the data he is missing, as well as his CAD/CAM software that has all his proposals in it? I am desparate to help him. Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated. He currently employs about 7 people and himself with this business. His best customer is a large Home improvent chain. Thanks in advance.

A:f10 pressed during boot up - system restore run

It's pretty hard to do that by accident unless he was completely in another world, but at any rate you need to get some recovery software like disk recovery pro or Recuva and try to recover his documents at least. I don't think you'll be able to restore the computer completely but he could get his files and then reinstall the software needed to use them. While you're at it, stress to him the importance of BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. Especially on a business machine. Good luck.

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I have this problem with my other computer where it seems like the ctrl and alt keys are being pressed when they're not (double clicking a desktop icon opens up property, typing is impossible, pressing delete acts like ctrl+alt+delete, mouse zoom in and out instead of scrolling, etc)
I tried searching google but i found nothing helpful
Any advice would be apprieciated

A:[SOLVED] Ctrl+alt keys being used without being pressed

Hi gottostayawake, welcome to TSF...

have you checked the keyboard for a sticky alt key? Perhaps try it in another machine or try a different keyboard in your machine to see if the same happens again??

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computer freezes when keyboard key is pressed

A:xp freezes when key is pressed i/o confilct need to resolve plz

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My daughters new laptop with Windows 7 will not shut down the normal way when the shutdown button is pressed.

She must hold down the power button to turn the computer off.

What can she do to fix this problem...thanks for you help..it is appreciated.

Wayne Barnes Ewell

A:Windows 7 will not shut down when button is pressed

Hi Wayne,

Lets see if its an issue with any of the system files. Please try this:

1. Click
2. In the Search box, type cmd
3. Right-click on cmd and then click Run as administrator
4. When the command windows opens, type sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Report back the results of this process when its completed.


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As the title says, I've been trying for hours to get into the BIOS of my Lenovo PC and I simply can't. After searching online a bit, I came across a post that said (for an Intel motherboard) that the keyboard and mouse aren't recognized by the BIOS as they are USB devices and one must go into the BIOS and enable USB devices to be booted up before Windows... However, without being able to get into the BIOS I cannot achieve this stupid task that shouldn't even need to be. I've tried every combination of keys, with and without the Fn key. What brings me to the final conclusion that my keyboard isn't even recognized is the simple fact that popping a Windows disc into the machine and "pressing any key to continue" doesn't work, it times out and boots to the current Windows version. I've thought of using a PS/2 Keyboard but this Lenovo PC doesn't even have PS/2 connectors on it, so that idea had to be scrapped. The system is a ThinkCentre M82 with Windows 7 64-Bit on it. The manual itself says to use F1 at POST and when I see the Lenovo logo, it says to press Enter to interupt boot, I've hammered the Enter key and the F1 key. Nothing, absolutely zilch.

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Hello, so my T440s keyboard is registering two entries instead of one or even the wrong entry for at least these letters and numbers on the left side of the keyboard  S,D,E,2,&3.  The problem is now I can't login to my keyboard as some of the letters are part of my password. I went and bought a cheap keyboard at Target and it does not register when I plug it in. I don't know what to do. I tried backspacing each time I see a double letter but it still says wrong password which makes me wonder if it is registering two different letters/numbers also.

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As the subject says I can't use the keyboard and mouse at the same time. I have tried disabling Smart sense in the Symantecs click pad settings by moving the slider all the eway to the left but this has not resolved it. I have also went into the mouse and touchpad settings and set to no delay but this also has not resolved my issue. I have the latest drivers (  installed. Is there another setting that I am missing?

A:Touchpad not working when keys pressed

Hi, Normally, you just need to turn off SmartSense or PalmCheck the Synaptics control panel - however from what I've seen, this no longer seems to work for Windows 10 versions of this driver. You may be able to get around this as follows. First, download the Synaptics driver on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. Synaptics Driver Version Turn off your wireless card ( should be f12 ). Open windows control panel, open Programs and Features, right click the current Synaptics driver and select Uninstall. When complete, restart the notebook. When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder and run the Synaptics installer - when this has completed, restart the notebook again. Open the Synaptics settings panel, disable SmartSense or PalmCheck and then check if the touchpad will now work with a keyboard key held down.  If it does, turn your wireless card back on and use the utility on the following link to prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating the Synaptics driver. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/3073930 Regards, DP-K

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Hi, my Packard bell laptop has started displaying sequences for some of the keys when pushed e.g. When I push q, 3, t or u the sequence q3tu appears always in that order, it doesn't matter if I push the q first it always appears as this sequence. Some of the other letter are fine however x,r,n,h does the same. I don't know what I've done or how to undo this and am not very good with computers at the best of times. I'm hoping there's a solution as I'm off to uni soon and can't afford a new laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Keyboard is displaying certain sequences when pressed? Help please.

Hello and welcome crailboy mate try these first up then the third one

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Disk Check

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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Hello there!

Im new here so im sorry if im in the wrong place!

But, whenever i press the number 9 XP goes to standby and number 6 doesnt work, this only happens with the caluclator style buttons on the right not those above the letters. It happens whether num lock is on or off.

Also when the far left control button is pressed it has the same effect as pressing the start button????

Anyone any ideas??

A:Computer goes to standyby when the number 9 is pressed

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Okay to start off with, I think it's the motherboard, and not a connectivity error, but I just want to be sure. When I press the power button it blinks red and nothing happens, if I hold it in the light stays red. Everything is connected correctly, I think the motherboard is fried, but I just want confirmation (it's from like 2005 and it's a server motherboard because this is for a server). Also because of this, there is no OS installed. 

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I just got my new XPS 17 2 days ago, it was bought brand new off the Dell website.
Randomly it will act as though I'm holding down the ctrl key, when I haven't pressed it at all, and usually tapping both ctrl keys a few times gets it to stop.
Why is my laptop doing this? Is there anything I can do to solve it? I really don't want to have to send it back already, I was so excited to get it :(
Sticky keys is NOT on, by the way.
Any help is much appreciated. :)

A:Ctrl key acting as though it's stuck being pressed? New xps 17

Just got a brand new Inspiron 14R and having the same problem.  SO FRUSTRATING, and can't figure out what's causing it (I also ensure the sticky keys option is off).  Just got off an hour conversation with Dell support with no solution.  Any help apprecaited.

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I was playing a game earlier - 'The Division' and my enter key was pressed randomly without my doing so and then shortly after the backspace key was pressed and I know this because the chat window opened in game (pressing enter does so) and pressing backspace makes your character walk.

I've scanned my computer with Avast boot time scan, Super Anti-spyware and Malware Bytes and I am all clean. I am quite confident it is not an infection or key logger.

It hasn't happened since, so it is probably nothing, but just wondering what the cause of this would be if i am not infected? I assume it's a hardware glitch - perhaps MOBO or keyboard related?

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Starting Saturday , whenever I press my power button to turn on my computer it rapidly turns on and off. The LED lights on my fans are about half the brightness they regularly are. As well the lights from my audio card flash on and off. This leads me to believe its an issue with my power supply. I did some searching and came across THIS thread but unlike in that particular case, I can get my PC to turn on and run perfectly smooth after about 3-7 trys of flicking the switch on my power bar and trying to boot my PC. Having this though makes me think it may be an issue with my motherboard. I have tried checking the connections inside my pc, a different wall socket, and a different power bar.

Here is a video I managed to take with my iPod

Thank you for any help or suggestions

A:My PC flashes on and off rapidly when power is pressed

Hi! Shimmer93, welcome to 7F

The exact same symptoms I was having on my XP box, It took a new PSU to correct the problem.

If you don't have a couple of high powered cards installed you can get away with one that is rated for 500w. $45USD

If you do, go up to 700 or 800w. At the least match what you already have.

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Earlier today I couldn't press the shift key without my computer beeping.

I pressed it several times and was given the option to switch off 'sticky keys', after which the beeping problem ended.

This is suspicious because I never switched on sticky keys. Is there a form of malware that causes Sticky Keys to come on?

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