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Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template

Q: Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template


I am relatively new to VBA so please bare with me.

The company I work for has multiple business divisions and each business has multiple branch locations.

The letter template needs to allow the user to select their business division in a combobox in a userform which will populate that field in a table in the footer.

I then need to populate the address and contact details, also contained in a table in the footer. I would like this information to be pulled from an excel spreadsheet which will allow for updates by administrators who may have very basic level knowledge of Word. The other option, I believe, is to use docvariables, but I am unsure of how they work. I can only assume that the information is manually entered into the userform and that the document remembers the information?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Preferred Solution: Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template

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A: Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template

Can you post a sample letter showing how the completed letter should appear?


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I'm trying to build a template which basically needs four input fields + the actual letter text:


The date field I've inserted via Insert -> Field.

The Address field should just accept text. It won't be linked to a database.
The Refence should be entered manually.
The subject should be entered manually.

What I then want is that when the user saves the file the default file name should be based on some of the above fields, i.e. "Reference, Date, Subject.doc"

A:Word Letter Template

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We currently switched from WordPerfect to Word 2010. In WordPerfect we had a macro for the letterhead where you typed in your information (or picked from a drop down list in some places) and then it would bring up your document for you to continue typing in. I need to set up the same thing in Word and thought of using forms etc. but I want to keep it as close to the WordPerfect way as possible.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can acheive this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4011 Mb
Graphics Card: DameWare Development Mirror Driver 64-bit, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 57138 MB, Free - 18546 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DQ67SW
Antivirus: ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0, Updated and Enabled

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According to the site below and a few others, the template folder is at

BET: Microsoft Word Templates - Normal.dot
C:\Documents and Settings\"user name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and there is no Document and Settings Folder in Windows 7.

I can't find a Templates Folder in App Data either.

Please help, thanks.

A:Where is Office 2010 Word Template Folder?


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In word 2010, is there a way to have a Customized Ribbon Tab open on the ribbon when a new document is opened based on a template other than the Normal template?

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Ok, so I created a custom template and saved it as such (.dotx). And when I want to use it, I go File>New>My Templates>APA Format.dotx. All of that is fine, and the template works fine.

My question: can I have my custom template show up NEXT to the My Templates folder, Blank Document template, etc. Right now that top row of Available Templates has: Blank document, Blog post, Recent templates, Sample templates, My templates, and New from existing. I want to simply add my custom template to this row of options. That would allow me to select New> APA Format.dotx.

If you need a better explanation, please ask.

I appreciate any and all help!

A:Word 2010 Custom Template Change Location Help

Nobody knows how to do this?

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I am trying to make Avery 5168 Labels but get this message:
"The margins, label size, and number across or down values produce a page that is larger than the label page size."
I'm not entering my own custom label sizes here - I'm selecting an Avery label from Word's own list. After selecting the Avery product I click on Details. There I can go down to page size and select Letter or Letter Landscape. Both are 8.5 x 11", but for some reason Landscape gets me the error message.
I have already set my document to Landcape in page layout thinking that might be the problem but that didn't fix the issue.
Any ideas? Thanks, H.T.

A:Error message when using Avery label template in Word 2010

This Avery website may be useful for you as there is a program download there for creating Avery labels.

Avery Wizard | Microsoft Office 2013 | Mail Merge | Labelling | Avery Australia & New Zealand

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I am running Word 2010 on a PC, running Windows 7.

I cannot figure out how to make changes to the "normal" template and have those changes apply to old word files.

In old versions of Windows and Office, I used to be able to make changes to the normal template by going in through the Appdata, and the changes that I made would be reflected in both new documents created, and old documents when selecting "normal" as a text style. However, now I cannot even make changes to the normal template by going through file locations and saving changes.

I can only make changes to the normal quick style icon (by right clicking on "modify" and then applying all changes to "new documents based on this template.") However, this does not alter the "normal" quick style icon in files saved prior to making the changes to the normal template. How can I get my updated normal template to apply to all documents, not just new ones?

OR- maybe there is another solution...

The reason I need the normal template to apply to all documents is that in the new word, I cannot copy and paste and maintain source formatting (even when pasting special and selecting "keep source formatting".) The paste always takes on the destination style, and if the destination style has a "normal" template that is different from the source "normal" style, it automatically selects the destination style and WILL NOT keep source formatting. I have ... Read more

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Hi, I have a .dot template containing vba that i would like to use for new documents. However, as soon as I rename or relocate this template, any document that I have previously created from it loses all inherited vba. I was under the impression all elements of a template (such as vba) were meant to be passed on (embedded into) to the new document at creation, instead of just the template passing its own path/folder reference so that the new document can be directed back to the template to read the vba when required.

As the documents created from this template will be distributed to various computers which may not even have a local copy of the template, this is a big issue. I am using Word 2003.

Thanks for your help.

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...will the document update automatically?

A:Word 2013: If I add a template to a document then update the template

Do you mean if you created a new document from a template. Your very brief question is not very clear.

If you created a new document from a stored template then altering the template will not alter the document.

A template is a stored base design that you have stored for future use, so that it can be used to create a new document with the same format. Once that new document has been created & saved it is no longer connected to the template.

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Can anyone help me. I used to have access to Microsoft works on which their was a great section of templates for anything you could desire. I was able to get layouts for all sorts of things; Invitations, programmes, and most important of all, differing layouts of letters. A few months ago my son gave my computer to a friend, supposedly a whiz at all things computerish. All I wanted was to speed the darned thing up. For some obscure reason he deleted just about everything you could think of, including my Microsoft Works, away went the copy letters that I had stored. People say I should have backed everything up but I'm not that computer literate. I thought 'saved' was enough . I gather that it is impossible to bring everything back to its former state once it has been deleted. Is there anything other than Works can give me access to letter writing etc

I use Windows 7 Ultimate
I'd love it if you would help a 'silver surfer' - well actually, I'm blonde, but should be silver if nature had been allowed to take its course.


A:letter writing template

If your now using Microsoft Word this link might be useful http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT010117256.aspx

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Hello Techies: I'm looking for an easier way to have a table checklist (it was copied and pasted to email from Excel) on outlook that's emailed to me daily to be a saved template on Outlook as opposed to the person sending it to me to go back into the previous email and write over previous data?
This is a checklist a person does everyday and updates a grid like table which I had copied into an outlook email. The subject is always the same so I have a folder rule whereby these daily emails are stored. The person goes into the previous day's email and copies the grid/template to a new email with the same subject tittle and enters the new data. I wonder if I can save a template of that grid so whenever the person clicks new email the template/grid automaticallly appears with the same subject tittle, thus avoiding the extra work of copying from an old email?

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I created the following outlook template and would like to auto update <yesterday’s date> everytime I open my template. Any idea?

Subject: daily report for <current date>

The first attachment is for <yesterday's date>
The second attachment is also for <yesterday's date>
The third attachment is for <today's date>


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On one computer, when I open Excel 2010 templates it doesn't open it in Excel. It previews in my explorer window as shown in this screenshot but doesnt open but on another computer it will open as normal.

A:Excel 2010 Template Issue


Turn off your preview pane, which is that square box on the upper right. That should disable the preview and open the document in Excel.

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A few days ago, I started getting "The add-in template is not valid.
(C:\Users\...\~$nereader6.sprint.dot)" when starting up MS Word in Office 2010 under Windows 10. Any ideas on how I can stop this message appearing?

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My operating system is Vista. I have been using it since I bought a HP Pavilion. I am using Corel Word Perfect for my written documents. Just the other day when opened Word Perfect the TEXT looked like half inch black block on the top of the page. It looked liked there was on spacing between letters, all there was black spots on the top of the page Nothing worked on this page. Yet when I COPYED and PASTED the document into Microsoft Word it was all right.
Is Vista causing this problem? How can I fix Word Perfect?
PLEASE HELP – Pastor Harvey

A:Word/ Letter/ Spacing problen in Word Perfect

I found out what the problem was. The problem in Word Perfect was coused by the printer. The driver in the printer was out of date and coused a malfunction which caused the text to pile up in the corner of the page. We instaled the update driver and it worked.
Pastor Harvey

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I want to save a new template under excel office. The error message is "Progfile (X86)\microsoft office\office14\xlstart\book.xltx You dont have permission to save to this location. Contact Administrator to obtain permission."

I am the administrator. I am the only user account setup. What is causing this problem?

A:Excel 2010 will not allow template to save due to not administrator

Enter the .reg key into your registry by double clicking on it and then navigate to the said folder or object you are trying to save to and right click on it and "take ownership" of the folder or object. Then try and save it again. Hope this helps,


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I just picked up an Acer Iconia Tab W500 series tablet pc
It has Microsoft Office Starter 2010 and I'd like to create a Word template without upsetting the default template or any others
Can you help me figure out how to do that?

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 template

I found a link to work on what I'd like to work with
Learn about templates in Office 2010

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Okay, so when I use a template for an email, it messes the whole thing up. Colors disappear, font changes, even bolding and underlining vanish, and I believe links no longer work. That is once it is sent, the "draft" everything looks perfect.

However I can take all the text from a template and put it in a new email and it will send as it should. I can even Forward the copy in my Sent Folder in Outlook and it will forward it as a Good email with no mess ups.

I could really use help with this as it is a nuisance when doing 10 or 20 emails based off of templates... I have tried to recreate the same templates but still have no luck with them. They were originally made with Outlook 2k3 if it matters.

Outlook1.jpg is how it looks before sending and how it should turn out..
Outlook2.jpg is how it gets sent back to me and anyone else viewing the email..

A:Outlook 2010 Template sending in wrong format

Maybe something in this link will clarify the matter for you:
How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook 2010 - How-To Geek

Or perhaps this one:
Send an email message based on a template - Outlook - Office.com

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MS Office Suite XP installed on Win98 computer. Was working ok, but now when starting to type a new document, a black line appears across the page where the character was typed. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the software but ptoblem persists.

A:MS Word Template

It might be a corrupt normal.dot file. Find all instances of this hidden file and delete, then launch Word again. Should fix it, if that's the problem.

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I have microsoft office 97 and work and am having problems with the tracking changes feature. Someone at the office has created a template and we use the normal.dot that came with word. If I get a document from someone that has previously had the tracking on with revision bars the first thing I have to do is accept all the changes and the revision bars are gone. Then I double click on the TRK at the bottom of word to turn them back on so I can make changes to my document and all of a sudden there are a lot of revision bars. Apparently, there are a lot of us with this same problem. Some people double click the TRK at the bottom then immediately click on undo and it gets rid of the revision bars, however that does not work for me. How do I fix this problem? Is this problem within Word, the template or what. Thank You.

A:Template - Word 97

When you send the document to each other, do you use the File - Send to: feature ?

If so, do not use the Send to "Mail Recipient" (for Review), use the Send to Mail Recipient (As Attachment) option, or the review bars will come up every time for the recipients.

Everyone has to do it the same however, if just one recipient on-sends it "For Review" it starts again.

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I created a Word form template with check and text boxes. Close to the bottom of the page I placed a check box, then a description, then text box for a total of three across and seven down. I used the tab so the check boxes would appear in straight line down.
The problem is when you type in a text box the rest of the across line will move over and not maintain down alignment.
If someone could assist me with figuring out how to allow typing in the text box and not move the others, I would greatly appreciate it. I would send the form by email if you need to look at it.

Thank you very much for any assistance anyone could provide,


A:Word template

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In an existing word template, i have inserted one new form with two options.First time when i produce an adhoc letter using this template the value gets updated in one table. When i try to view the letter am getting the following error,

Word viewer experienced an error when trying to open the file.
Try these suggestions
*Check for the file permissions for the document or drive
*Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space
*Open the file with the Text recovery/Converter

Could anyone help me to resolve this ?

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I have created a word template which I have saved into a directory on a shared drive (not the template directory on my c drive that it defaults to).

When I open the document and enter data into it and then try to save it as a word document (and not a template), the option to change the document type is greyed out (so I can only save it as a template).

Is there any way of saving the template as a word document??

Many thanks


A:Word Template

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I am trying to create a simple letterhead for my agency. I made it and saved it as a template, whcih I thought would mean thoat it woulodn't shift if I wanted to type something on it, but apparently I am not bright enough to figure this out so i will ask you all, does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I am attaching the file. OK, well apparently I can't attach the file because TSG doesn't allow for .dot files. so suggestions? Cures? Curse removals?

A:MS word Template

Send me the file... LOL!!
I'll bail you out....

[email protected]

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I have created a MSWord Template, using MS Office Word 2003. I have established header and footer. In the footer, using "auto text", want to create the "filename". Once the header/footer info is set up, I save the template to be used later, However, when I open the template, the "Document1" or whatever the document number is, appears in the footer as the filename. I have tried to save the document with the name I want, but it remains as "Document1" (or whatever). It doesn't capture the filename on save.

What do I need to do?


A:Word Template

Does it update after you do a print preview? The following are methods of updating fields:

Ctrl+A, then F9
Print Preview


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I'm creating a template in MS Word 2000. What I'm rying to achieve is to have a drop down list with client names and when a name is selected, the diagnosis for that name is automatically entered in another field (labeled diagnosis). Can this be done with macros? I have no experience using macros but vaguely understand where they would be entered in the drop-down form field options. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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Hi all!
My daughter saved a document in Microsoft Word. Now whenever I open a new blank document her science report comes up as my blank template. She doesn't know what she did and I don't know how to undo this. I've tried deleting the text and saving it as a new document template but to no avail. That dang report is haunting me whenever I need a blank new document. Can anyone help, PLEASE?
Ms. Froggie

A:Word template

Unless you want to keep it, the easiest way would be to delete the template. You didn't say what your operating system is, but should work in all. Go to search and in search files and folders> type: normal.dot this is the word template. Just delete it and Word will create a new one when it is opened. You can save the deleted template in the recycle bin and if you want to restore it, just open the recycle bin and restore the file.

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OK...the user is an Office Assistant for an Attorney and they use this particular legal template when doing documents. She is running Office XP on a Windows 2000 Professional Operating System. There is a strange situation with this template. The Attorney would like the documents created based on the template to have page numbering starting on page 2. The problem is that when this is done the template's numbered formatting on the left margin disappears on the first page! If, on the other hand, numbering is started on page one the formatting does not disappear. I have attached a document created based on the template with some generic text pasted into it. Please try inserting page numbers (bottom center) and beginning on page 2 and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you can help resolve this issue you'll make the user very happy! : )


P.S. Hi Dreamboat! ; )

A:MS Word Template issue...

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I am trying to add a template page to a multi-page word document. I have about 100 pages to do and they are all the same layout with different information on each page. I have made a template and done all the instructions using the Add-in to add it to the document but nothing happens and the template is not added. Can anyone help? Thanks, Chuck

A:Can't add template to MS Word 2007

Hi Chuck,

I don't know if you tried this, still if you want give it a try.

4 Ways to Add Templates in Microsoft Word - wikiHow

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I found a few previous questions dealing with this Global Template mystery, but the answers don't really clear it up for me, an inexperienced Word 97 user. After typing documents, when I'm trying to close Word, I sometimes get a message that says "You have made changes that affect the Global Template, do you want to save those changes?" and says something about saving changes as Normal.dot. All I did was type my document, I didn't change anything! and I wouldn't even know how. It will not allow me to exit until I click Save, it keeps popping up if I say Cancel. It FORCES me to Save these mysterious "changes" or else I can't get out of Word, it simply WILL NOT allow it. My documents are saved okay (from what I can see, that is, I only look at the one I was doing at the time of the message), and when I reopen Word, everything looks the same (I think). What is this all about? What am I doing that I don't even know I am doing? And, what changes are being applied? To what? (If my document seems okay, and I can't see any changes in the way I have my Word screen set up, what is it doing?)

I don't want to see the scary James Bond-ish term "Global Template" anymore, and I definitely don't want my daughter to see it after typing a high school paper, she won't know what to do and might lose her paper in her confusion. (I'm an inexperienced Word user, but she is even less experienced, I know she'd... Read more

A:Global Template? (Word 97)

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I need to get into a word template that I forgot the code to can anybody help?

A:Hacking word template

a mod will probably delete this post but oh well. For a good pwd cracker for word goto:
i reccomend you do a brute force attack, but its up to you

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Hello I was curious if someone could help me. Im trying to do a template for writing a science-based book. The “main feature” is hyperlinking: authors, titles, articles, universities/research institutions, bibliographies, and maybe even a glossary “for instant access” to said information. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly apprecaited also idea how long it would take me?


A:Word and hyperlinks Template

This web site should get you started:
You don't mention which version of Word. I think the above site is for 2003, but the principals for creating hyperlinks are the same in all versions.

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When trying to open a new word document (ie clicking on the blue and white W icon) I get an old word letter coming up. if i then click on the white page icon (top left ie new blank doc i get the same page coming up.
I have recently installed photoimpact and have de-installed this and tried to reinstall office 2000 professional but it still happens
Any thoughts? have I a virus?
Running windows XP on a dell laptop
Many thanks

A:word blank template

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Hi guys,

I was hoping someone has the solution out there to the following. I have x2 serious and re-occurring problems on word a word template.

(1) The Outline numbering goes off. I send a locked template out to users to input and update and receive it back and every time the Outline numbering is off, in other words not aligned. They don't sequence correctly, for example the sequencing is correct for a portion of the document and then reverts to 1.1. I've tried re-setting the numbering value and the 'continue' numbering functions but neither of these functions work in this instance. What is the best way to manage numbering in a word template?

(2) The numbering that I do have goes completely black/ dark in the background, and there's no way to fix this, it's not a highlight or a background colour or anything like that. So I believe this is potentially a corruption issue?

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Know of any avenues I can go down in order to rectify?


A:Serious problems with Word template


What OS and version of office are you using. Numbering etc can be notoriously erratic but there are some things you can do depending on your version


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I'm using a Word template with background image and a text-field for the address. I use some macrobuttons to enter the text. In this case the template gets very slow.
When you type the letters, they appear a second later...

Anyone seen this problem before? And knows how to fix it?

Word 2007 - Windows Vista

A:Word template slow

it could be the virus scanner that is triggered when macro's are activated and another thing could be that it searches in folders for 'something' and that the timeout is what is slowing it down.
I think the virus scanner could be the issue, you could make sure that the folder you start it from is in the 'safe or trusted list'

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Hi Guys
When WORD starts it shows a blank doc screen by default.
Is there a way to have NO template, and always have the
gray screen showing upon start-up? That way I can choose
to either look for a file to open, or click on the new doc
icon and not have to wait to get out of the blank doc

A:Word openning template

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Alright, heres the deal:

I'm creating a template for labels we put on parts boxes for our company. The template contains a sheet of labels...They list a Stock field, Location field, Vendor field, and Part number field. In the middle of each label is a box, where two lines of description can be entered.

The only problem now is, when you go to type the Stock number next to the stock field, it pushes the Location field to the right, like any word processor would normally do.

My question is, is there a way to make all of the stuff in this template untouchable? So that an end-user can open up a new document using this template, and then throw down numbers and words in these fields without having to wrestle with the formatting every time?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Label template in Word

try using a table, with a cell for each entry item
then you can tab or mouse over from one to the next without disrupting the formating (unless the text entered is larger than the cell)

then adjust to look nice with the table options - ie cell margins etc

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I have a template for work that is in word with the suffix of .dotx. I use this document to complete a common report, but it has pop up boxes that allow me to fill in information which the document then populates the report with. For example, it opens with a series of boxes that allow me to input name, date of birth, location, etc etc. Then when I am done, this information is in the text of the report. It is a real time-saver for me and allows me to make sure I have the needed information in each report.

A friend of mine made this report for me but I can't get a hold of him. If I cancel through every pop up box it takes me to the text of the report where I can change that if need be. But, how so I change, add or delete any of these pop up boxes? Is there a way to view or edit those?

Any help is appreciated!

A:Modify A Word Template

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I have designed a template in word and when I turn the 'track changes>highlight changes' function on and then type into the template, word instantly crashes and closes down.

Does anybody have any idea why this would happen?

Many thanks


P.S this doesn't happen when I turn on highlight changes out of the template...

A:Word template Crashing

anybody any ideas at all?

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Hello all,
I am writing a menuscript according to the following design.

1. All odd pages are paginated with header and footer
2. All even pages are blank
3. Header should contain Main chapter title on the left while subtitle on the right side.
4. Page number on the footer on exterior.
I made the following template but its not working when I try to update the header for other Main titles.
Any help?

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What are the advantages of saving a form letter using the Forms tool bar to insert names, etc and saving as a template versus just a Word doc?


A:Word Template vs Document

If you create a form, lock it down and save it as a template, you can create other documents based on this document. Just use the Save As.. command and choose Document teplate (.dot) as the "Save As Type". CLick on the padlock in the form toolbar to lock it down and then resave the document. When you go to use the template, (File menu, New), you just need to use the Tab key to get to the first fill-in block. After the form is filled in you can save the filled-in form as a document (.doc) and reuse the blank form (File,New).

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My company has Word templates for the reports we have to submit, and one of them is a real pain because spellcheck won't work in it. Naturally its the longest (9 pages) and most detailed one.
Someone created it from a letterhead document in which spellcheck was not enabled for the blank portion of the page or something like that. I checked every option I could find, and checked the spellcheck option but noting makes a difference. I am not a Word expert nor do I know how to make templates, so my knowledge of how to correct it is very limited.

What happens if I click on check spelling, it says something like "spelling and grammar check completed. Text marked "do not check spelling and grammar was skipped".

I have repeatedly asked the people in my office to fix it or provide a new one, but so far nothing.

Is there any to change the "text marked do not check spelling and grammar" so that it will check it?

I get so frustrated everytime I have to use that template - I really rely on spellcheck because I am not the greatest typist.

I have Word 2002 on my computer, the version that came with Works 2002, but I previously was using Word 2000 from the Office 2000 Pro. My company is still using Office 97, if that makes a difference.

If anyone can tell me now to correct this template, I would be eternally grateful - and my blood pressure will stay down

A:problematic Word template

Hey Suzi,
This works on normal documents - it should also work on a template.

Select all (Ctrl + A) on an un-filled template and then go to:
Tools, Language, Set Language
Uncheck the box that says "Do not check spelling or grammar".
Re-save and see if it works.


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I was asked to revamp a number of documents for our condo association, and I wanted to do them in a similar style. So I created a dummy document I called a Style Guide.

I set up headers and footers and styles for all the contents the way I wanted them. Then to create each document, I simply pull up my Style Guide, save it with a new name, delete the contents and put in the appropriate contents.

Why would be using the Word template feature be better than what I am doing?

Thanks, Peter

A:Solved: Why use a Word template?

The only advantage that I can see is that you wouldn't have to delete the contents every time you use it and it would work well if others had to use it and they were not familiar with your current process. Cheers!

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I'd like to know if it's possible to create a MS Word doc that can have an input form (excel or another format). I'd like to set this up as a template for consistency as we will be doing roughly 200 reports with varying data.

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I've created a document template in Word but when I open it, it defaults to 150% view. I've tried changing it to 100% and then saving it but it doesn't "remember" the change ... is there another way I can ensure that it opens in the correct view?

A:Word template views

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