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Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

Q: Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

Hi there, My sound is not working. I only have a HDMI Sound output. However, I don't have any HDMI Output in my computer. I reinstalled windows a couple of times lately, but i don't know for sure if thats the problem.
Right now im using Windows 7 32-Bit, My hardware specs are: CPU: Intel Duo 2 Core. Graphics Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. Any help or such will be Very much appreciated

Preferred Solution: Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

the HDMI sound is most likely off your GPU but that series seems to not have a HDMI port so that is odd. If you can make sure your onboard audio is on in your BIOS and also run the tool on this page so that you can update all your system info for us. System Info - See Your System Specs

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Hi, I've a strange problem with the sound output via HDMI. If my T460 is connected to a dockingstation and my monitor is connected to the station via HDMI cable I've sound output from the speakers. So everything works fine and I can also the monitor as device for sound outpu at the sound options. Then I change only one thing at my setup. I directly connect the monitor with the same HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port of my notebook. The video signal is still transmitted perfectly but the sound is gone. Also the device for sound is gone from the sound options. I've only graphics from the intel on board chip and all drivers are uptodate. I also reinstalled them several times. What can I do to solve this problem? Always use the dockingstation is no option, because I also want to connect the notebook to a TV or so and I can't carry a dockingstation with me all the time. Thanks for help!

A:T460 sound via HDMI with dockingstation, no sound via direct connection to HDMI port

I found a workarround, but it isn't the ideal one.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T470p-no-sound-via-HDMI/m-p/3807333

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Using an XPS Studio 16 recently the HDMI port I have been using to connect my laptop to my speakers has been acting up. After connecting to my speakers the output automatically shifts to the speakers, however there is no audio. When I open the volume control panel it shows audio output being sent to the speakers. So far, the only thing that has resolved this issue is a restart, however after restarting no settings changed from the time when the issue occurred.

I have made sure my speakers are searching for input from the port I have connected it to.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, tell me any information I need to give you in order to help you, help me.

A:HDMI Audio Port Showing Output w/ No Sound

When using HDMI, the HDMI needs to be set as the Default Audio Device in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound Panel. If the "Speaker" is set as the default audio device there will not be any HDMI audio.

Best option for Dell support is the Dell community users form, Laptop Section. HERE It is a users helping users forum, like this one, and some very knowledgeable Dell hardware users there.

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Hello everyone,
I have a bit of a problem here. My AMD HDMI Output Audio Device is not working even though its set on default on playback devices and the computer and monitor sound is on. Was wondering whats wrong here.
My apologies if there were similar threads about this, as I just made an account and didn't get to check them up. Although I did search google and there were few cases with people that were using NVIDIA, since I'm not using it I would like to know how to solve this. I'll keep in touch and add additional info if needed. Thanks in advance.

A:AMD HDMI Output sound not working

My AMD HDMI Output Audio Device is not working even though its set on default on playback devices and the computer and monitor sound is on

Welcome to the forum, we will try to help you. Please fill in the "My System Specs".

That statement is a little confusing. How is the Computer and Monitor sound connected?

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My playback device for my HDMI output is an AMD HDMI Output. I just got a new Bush Smart TV after cracking my old LG. HDMI output sound worked perfectly fine on my old tv and it works fine on my other Samsung TV. However the soud only refuses to work on my new Bush TV.

The picture works fine and I can see everything perfectly on the tv screen, but the sound just wont work and only works on the laptop.

Whenever I test my AMD HDMI Output with this TV, I get the error message saying - This Device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing audio to this device and try again.

I don't get this error message when connected to my other TV(s). Sound and Picture works perfectly fine, yet the sound doesn't work on my new TV.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I tried to update my sound driver, but it's up to date, and I've made sure that it is the correct playback device selected. Nothing seems to work though.

A:HDMI output not working (just sound)

I've got the exact same problem with a different type of bush tv, I get the same error and I cant play any test sounds
I've updated all my amd drivers,tried different cables, the tv works fine with my playstation but no sound at all from the pc.

Have you had any luck in fixing your problem?

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I have a Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14. All of a sudden my HDMI port does not work and my system says there are no audio devices available. When I go to device manager, the sound, game etc option is hidden. I updated my audio driver, in instilled The Conexant audio driver and rebooted my computer, but now it is not getting reinstalled. Every time I try to reinstall that driver, it says no audio device found, cannot reinstall. I?ve even reinstalled windows but even that does not work. Need some help badly!!

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Had to replace motherboard from authorized acer parts dealer now I get no sound through HDMI port. I did through the original board until it got fried by electrical surge. Can any one help or send me a picture of the inside the same model to make sure all jumpers on the motherboard are in the right spot. Or if any one else had this problem tell me how you fix it. It does not have HDMI sound icon in the mixer. What I have done:
1. I have looked for disabled devices.
2. Tried looking in sound mixer settings for the default audio.
3. New install and drivers.
4. Tried a system utility software RegInOut. Looking for serious replies on fix even if it was not an Acer.

AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core Processor 640,
Windows 7 Home Premium,
NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Chipset, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Graphics Integrated ,
4096MB DDR3 Memory,
1TB SATA Hard Drive (Green Product ? variable RPM),
16X DVD?R/RW SuperMulti Drive,
Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader,
802.11b/g/n Wireless,
High Definition Audio with 5.1-Channel Audio Support,

Any help appericated

A:NO SOUND TROUGH HDMI ON ACER AX3400-U3032 and No HDMI Icon in sound se

Welcome to the Seven Forums

One thing you could try is to open up the Control panel then click on Sound and then go to the Playback tab and see if there is anything in there to enable it that's what I had to do on my laptop.


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GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1)

(Note 3) Simultaneous output for DVI-D and HDMI is not supported.

What I'm trying to do is output just my sound to the receiver via HDMI cable, but still use the DVI to my monitor for video. From the note above taken from the MB specs, sounds like this is not possible.

This is new business to me and wondering how others do this, seems little information I can find. I am ordering a HDMI to DVI cable so I can disconnect the DVI cable from the computer and instead run both video and sound through HDMI to the receiver, then the video to the monitor. Hoping this works.

If all fails then I am relegated to separate digital through S/PDIF optical link, to my receiver. According to the experts this is less than ideal since now, the multi-channel dolby and DTS signals can only be received via HDMI.

Wondering if I get a Blu-ray player for my computer how this is going to all work out. Hoping that HDMI to DVI cable does the trick.

Anyone with experience with this kind of set-up and the aforementioned hardware greatly appreciated.

And Happy NEW YEAR!

A:Gigabyte HDMI output to Yamaha receiver - no sound output

As you have a separate video card, its capabilities should determine how the video works, not the motherboard. The video is routed to the video card.

If you had some type of integrated Video on the motherboard then the motherboard's specs would apply. For example, I have an Intel i7 3770 CPU and this model has built in Intel HD4000 video which is routed to motherboard video connectors and thus the motherboard would determine how the video is distributed. However, I'm using a separate video card and thus that determines how video is distributed.

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Hello, please help.

I have my laptop Dell Studio connected to Hitachi HDTV input, the problem is that the TV displays picture (although not in full recommended resolution, not sure why either), but the sound is not coming out from the TV speakers. The audio device manager shows as if sound is being used, the little green bars move up/down when something is being played but no actual sound is heard.

I have attached a picture of the audio device manager page to show you how is configured right now.

I'm desperate and I don't know what to do.

A:No sound on HDMI TV Output

Please somebody help!

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Sony PC to Toshiba TV- no sound. I have used this many times without a problem. I've checked the cable and tried other HDMI inputs on TV. Computer is Sony w/ I3 chip running windows 7. thanks

A:No Sound - HDMI output

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I have a HP pavillion dv6 and cannot get sound to transfer via HDMI ?

I have icons for Headphones/speakers and bluetooth handsfree but no icon for HDMI how do I restore icon as i think this may be the problem ?

Any shortcuts - advise will be appreciated on my old laptop there were function keys that controlled HDMI out put surely there must be one on this system ??


A:no sound output on tv through hdmi ??

did you download and install the hdmi drivers ? is it listed in (device manager\ sound)?

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Hey all,

I have a problem with the HDMI output on my laptop. I've tried to research the problem and for the most part the answer is to set the default playback device to the HDMI output. I do this, and even when I click the 'Test' button, the bell rings through the speakers of the TV, along with other system noises like error popups. However, when I try to watch movies or listen to music there is no sound from the TV. I can even be playing a song, press the 'Test' button, and it rings just fine.... but no music. It's making me and I need some help!

A:No Sound on HDMI Output to TV

I solved this by going in to the sound options on my computer (which you can access in your control panel or right click bottom of desktop speaker) then set your sound default as HDMI. thats what i did worked a treat

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A while back I purchased a Creative Labs external USB sound card for my notebook.
It seems ever since I installed the drivers for the external sound card,
I am unable to receive sound through my notebook's HDMI output.
Can anyone help with this?

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When connecting to TV via HDMI the picture and sound was working. However, the sound no longer comes through the TV but come thorugh the laptop.Could this be a driver issue?Note: HDNI cable works fine. Thanks

A:No sound output through HDMI when connecting to TV

Hi: Probably, but you haven't provided any details regarding what model notebook you have. Plus most new HP notebooks run W10 64 bit, so I'm not sure if you really have a 32 bit OS or a 64 bit OS. You can see this related discussion for what the problem probably is and how to fix it, but you will need to use the Intel graphics driver from your notebook's support page, if it has an Intel processor. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/No-Sound-through-TV-connected-to-laptop-via-HDMI/m-p/585...

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Hi there,

new to this forum but i've been searching around today trying to find an answer to this problem i'm having.

I've bought an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to TV, i've gone into the control panel and checked that "show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices" are both allowed and still i dont seem to get an option for HDMI for audio. The picture has come through fine, but nothing I do with the audio seems to work.

Any suggestions please?

A:HDMI Sound output issues

There might be an option in your BIOS for HDMI audio output. I have these options: Auto, Enable, Disable.

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I am astonished by how primitive the Windows 7 sound system is.

The setup:
An HDMI cable connects a Radeon HD 6870 to my Samsung TV.
I use the TV for both video and audio output.

Windows seems to detect whether the output device supports audio and how many audio channels it has. The problem is, it does that in a very unwise way.

If I turn my TV on, and then start Windows, things work fine.

Now, if I start Windows, and THEN turn my TV on, I get no audio. The only "fix" is to logoff and login again so that it re-checks the TV (now turned on), and sees it supports stereo audio output.

Even worse: if I turn my TV on, start Windows and for some reason turn the TV off, the sound gets disabled as well!

I have never seen a problem like this surface from the order of turning things on.

Sometimes I like to plug my PC into my Blu-Ray Home Theater. The wiring is very similar:
HDMI cable from the Radeon into a Sony BDV-E280 Home Theater.

It supports 5.1 audio. My card supports up to 7.1 channels output through HDMI, and I have tested two different HDMI cables.

However, added to the previously specified audio problems, for some reason Windows thinks the output source (the 5.1 home theater) has only two channels, so all I get is STEREO.

I have tried updating drivers, even downloading different drivers, searching for some hacks that could solve it at all...

I found a thread once of a guy who had the exact same problem and got it to work on Linux ... Read more

A:HDMI sound output problems

Just to add to the drama: today I left my TV on the whole evening, uselessly wasting its capacitors and shortening the screen lifetime, while I was out so that I wouldn't have to deal with the sound problem when I get back home.

That's a major OS design flaw and I haven't seen anyone that had any of these problems ever finding a solution.
Your help may help many others as well.


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I have laptop model HP 8530w. I got video as plug & play. But sound doesn't work until I restart. I have to keep HDMI cable connected while restarting. As soon as it works without any change right after the restart. In control panel there is audio manger indie speaker, headphone, digital audio(S/PDIF). If I change to speaker as default it works fine in laptop speaker. But same way if I set digital audio it doesn't work. It only works after restart. Also as soon as laptop goes to sleeping mode (hibernate), I have to restart to get the sound output by HDMI cable to HD tv.

How to get sound to hd tv by HDMI output without restart?

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Hi all.

I sucessfully got bootcamp to work on my iMac, and the only issue that I have run across is that I do not have any sound whatsoever coming out of my speakers.

The sound icon just remains at the speaker with a red cross, and no matter what I do, I just can't get it to work.
In Device Manager, the sound device that is being used is 'AMD High Definition Audio Device', and I can't seem to find an update for it anywhere. Under the sound area of control panel, if I go to the playback tab it says that the only available playback device is 'AMD HDMI Output', and it says that is "not plugged in".

Would anybody have any advice whatsoever? I honestly don't know what to do at this point, I have tried to search on this topic but it just always seems to lead me to a completely different problem that doesn't help me.

Thank you very much in advance.
Sky W.

A:AMD HDMI Output 'not plugged in', no sound

I've attached some photos for your convenience and understanding.

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I have a mobo that supports optical out, along with a GTX295 that has HDMI. The problem is, I broke the S/PDIF connector pins on the GPU, so I can't connect it to the mobo pins. I need this cable for sound-over-HDMI to work, correct?

The second question - I am connecting to TV and home theatre, by the way - is what's the go with the optical? I did try for about half an hour, but no dice. The Yamaha receiver simply didn't get any sound out of it (TV optical out works). I did change audio output in windows, tried 'HDMI - no audio' mode in Nvidia settings, etc.

Is there some sort of option that is overriding my mobo optical out with the (faulty) HDMI out on GPU? I'd love to get this working..

Edit: Third question.. I am of the belief that the optical will only give me 5.1 in games if the receiver and game are both in a supported format, e.g. Dolby something-something. Is HDMI bound by these same rules?

A:HDMI/optical sound output

Bumpity bump.

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So ya title saays it.
but there is on thing tht i want to add is tht i hav tried going into playback devices but for some reason it says nothing bout the hdmi. It just says "speakers" and "realtek digital output".

A:Can't get sound to work through hdmi output through my tv!

I do this with my TV too

The first place I would look is to make sure that Windows detected the HDMI display properly.

Look in Device manager with the TV connected and turned on.
Click the Windows Orb (used to be the START button in XP)
Device Manager
and you should see a link to click for it.

In the Device Manager window see if there is anything under
Other Devices
or if any items have a question mark or exclamation mark on them.

If you see anything like that let us know what it is and someone can tell you what to do next.(it depends on what exactly you see)

Also what kind of video card are you plugging the HDMI into? I use an ATI card.


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Problem: AMD HDMI output would not play sound via HDMI cable to monitor speakers.

Testing the AMD HDMI sound output gave the following error message:

Device in use by another application?

This FIX worked for this hardware configuration.

? MSI motherboard
? Realtek Audio onboard (built into motherboard)
? AMD Video board installed withHDMI cable to monitor
? See how the Device Manager sound devices should look when correctly configured below.


1. The Realtek HDMI Drivers had been assigned to the AMD HDMI card under Device Manager, Sound, Video and Game Controllers.

2. There are multiple hardware devices/drivers that are conflicting.

Actions Required:

1. There are 2 instances of the AMD HDMI card that should be shown under Device Manager.

2. You must uninstall the Realtek hardware and drivers so that only the AMD HDMI device is showing.

3. The AMD HDMI and Microsoft device drivers must be assigned to the AMD hardware.

How to fix:
1. Under the Device Manager sub-heading ?Audio inputs and outputs?
? AMD HDMI Output (High definition Audio device)
? Right click and select Properties, Driver, should show driver provided by: Microsoft

2. Under the heading ?Sound, Video and Game Controllers?
? AMD High definition audio device
? Right click on the device to display the menu window
? Select Properties, Driver tab
? Driver Provider should say: Advanced Micro Devices
If t... Read more

A:FIX - AMD HDMI no sound output to monitor speakers

Originally Posted by laserlight

Problem: AMD HDMI output would not play sound via HDMI cable to monitor speakers.

Testing the AMD HDMI sound output gave the following error message:

Device in use by another application?

This FIX worked for this hardware configuration.

? MSI motherboard
? Realtek Audio onboard (built into motherboard)
? AMD Video board installed withHDMI cable to monitor
? See how the Device Manager sound devices should look when correctly configured below.


1. The Realtek HDMI Drivers had been assigned to the AMD HDMI card under Device Manager, Sound, Video and Game Controllers.

2. There are multiple hardware devices/drivers that are conflicting.

Actions Required:

1. There are 2 instances of the AMD HDMI card that should be shown under Device Manager.

2. You must uninstall the Realtek hardware and drivers so that only the AMD HDMI device is showing.

3. The AMD HDMI and Microsoft device drivers must be assigned to the AMD hardware.

How to fix:
1. Under the Device Manager sub-heading ?Audio inputs and outputs?
? AMD HDMI Output (High definition Audio device)
? Right click and select Properties, Driver, should show driver provided by: Microsoft

2. Under the heading ?Sound, Video and Game Controllers?
? AMD High definition audio device
? Right click on the device to display the menu window
? Select Properties, Driver tab
? Driver Provider should say: Advanced Micro Devices
If the driver provider is wrong you will need to... Read more

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Hi, I have a soundmax HDMI Audio Intregrated Soundcard
I want to use the SOUND OUTPUT, that comes from my computers
Lets say Im using itunes, i wanna play that music to someone else through msn.
Its not working.
I've checked the settings for msn, for recording devices.
I've uninstalled, restarted, but still no.
Theres no sound coming from ANY of the microphone devices.
im using speakers as my sound device for normal audio listening not sending.
additional details please ask


adittional details

( when i go to sound, recording devices, microphone as default or line in)
there is no sound levels at the blue bar with horizontal lines, that's suppose to have green bars appearring to show activity, there is nothing on each of em i try)

A:Recording Sound With HDMI OUTPUT DEVICE

no tips?

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Hey Guys, I have a brand new Thinkpad P52 that seems to be having issues with HDMI audio.Essentially what happens is that when I restart my computer, all is well and sound starts playing from HDMI as expected.  But overtime, if I put the computer to sleep or let the computer idle so that it goes to the lock screen and then turns off the screen, when I return from either state, very often the HDMI output playback device in the Windows Sound playback settings just dissapears and I lose all HDMI audio (video works fine).  I have to restart my computer at this point for it to come back.Sometimes when I resume my computer from either sleep or the screen turned off state, the HDMI audio device will still be there, but the sound quality suffers substantially and sounds very "wavy" instead of a clean crisp sound.  Usually after that state, follows the HDMI audio device dissapearing entirely after a sleep or screen turn off state again. I have all the latest lenovo drivers installed from Lenovo Vantage including the Thunderbolt firmware.  I have even tried this same HDMI setup I have on my older Lenovo W540 laptop and that has no issues whatsoever. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is on the Azulle Access PC stick with a Westinghouse TV. Video output through HDMI is fine. But no sound goes through. TV speakers work fine with different sources, so it's not the TV.
I updated the audio driver. No change.

Here is my audio devices: http://i.imgur.com/WGsur4M.jpg

A:No sound through HDMI output - Azulle Access

I have the exact same setup, Azulle Access connected to Westinghouse TV. I'll look at my drivers when I get home. I would look at updating drivers online for I2C controllers and GPO controllers under system devices. Those all pulled new drivers. Also check the Display Adapter controller driver for updates online.

You didn't really post a screenshot of your drivers - only your sound control panel. For the actual drivers you want to look in Device Manager. Do you have any unknown devices or exclamation points in Device Manager?

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I have an Acer Aspire laptop.
Playback devices show SPEAKERS - Real Tek High Definition Audio.

The computer will not play surround sound when plugged into my SMART TV. The HDMI output is not disconnected or disabled.

I think it is a driver problem. I recently reinstalled my sound drivers and now have a problem playing off this laptop onto the TV via an HDMI cable (movies, You tube,etc.) My other laptop wrks fine and the ATI HDMI output icon is alive and well

I have been screwing around with this problem for close to 3 hours and despite researching this on the Intenet, I cannot find a solution.

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Hi,I have a X240 Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20AMS05D00.I connected an Asus monitor with integrated speakers to the mini displayport with an mini displayport to hdmi adapter.I'm using windows 10. The display is shown good, but i can't get any sound output...The external device is not listed in the device manager and not in the playback device section (right click on sound symbol in the bottom right corner).At this moment i tried to turn it off and on again..., uninstall audio drivers, check if there are new drivers with lenovo update tool, updated all other drivers and restarted the windows audio service (it was running). When i change to Ubuntu 14.04 the sound output is working fine! So i think it should be a driver problem.Are there any solutions for this?

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i got a new graphics cards fitted to my pc as my last one died the new card is a Radeon hd4770 the problem is that i cant get audio sound through hdmi wire when i am sending the signal to my tv

when i go on playback option on sound config page it says ATI HDMI OUTPUT not plugged in and wont let me enable it

as anyone got any clues

A:problem with Radeon hd4770 no hdmi sound output

when you got the card what came with it? was there a wee cable a really thin one with tiny plugs on it? (its an SPDIF connector)

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I've just received my Laptop back from repair and all seems to be well, I had my screen panel replaced, gpu replaced(from 570m to 670m), new hard drive and CPU fan. However the problem I seem to be having is that internal speakers are completely not working.

I can see that bolume bar in for my internal speakers is actually changing but there is no sound. My system is not muted (unless there's some secret button I'm missing out on) No matter what i try it seems that sound will not work through my internal speakers, I've plugged in my Razer headset(Kraken) that works with my other computer but is not even detected when plugged in the Audio jacks of my laptop(Doesnt even pick up the microphone) and this did work before I sent it out for repair. Sound only works through HDMI output into a TV/Monitor.

Now I'm not sure if this some software configuration that I have to do or something physical with the hardware but I would prefer to not have to send it back as it would take a month to get back to me and also the repair company states that if the problem is due to software then they will charge.

I assume it's a conflict that Realtek HD audio manager is having or something but none of my devices show up on the RealtekHD Audio Manager nor do I get a pop up when a device is detected(which is what normally would of happened)

I5 2430
GTX 670m
Win 7 64 bit
8gb Ram

Edit: After some more looking around, I really do believe that what I had thought earlier was causi... Read more

A:Sound works through HDMI output but not internal speakers.

What is set as default in the Output Devices?

Right click the volume control, select output devices, set realtek audio (or speakers) as default.

Repeat for input devices to get the mic working

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I've pluged a HDMI cable from my laptop into my TV and theres no sound coming from the TV just the laptop speakers. I've tried going into my control -> sound options -> playback -> and setting the HDMI output to default but still no luck, whats listed is :

Realtek Digital Output (Optical)
Realtek HDMI Output
Digital Output device (HDMI)

and next to each one listed is like a sound meter, the only one thats active is the speakers at the top which im guessing is the laptop speakers.

A:No sound output from HDMI cable in my tv, only laptop speakers

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I have a hp Pavilion dv5 notebook pc with windows vista home premium. I can't get sound from my hdmi cable to my tv. I've tried going to my
sound properties and switch my default from my speakers device to my hdmi device; but still no sound. The wierd thing is, I clicked the "test" and there was the sound from hdmi cable and I can hear the test "BEEPS" on my tv. However, I tried to play something on youtube and I can't hear a thing. ahh!!! Help please its driving me nuts!

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Hello everyone, you guys seem to know your stuff so Ill ask for your help:

I have a frustrating problem with my brand new XPC Shuttle computer. Everything works fine, just not sound. I tried hooking up the computer via HDMI to a TV for the first time as I didnt have a monitor - sound works just fine. Then later I removed the casing and installed 4 more Gbs of RAM for a total of 8. In order to do this I had to remove and reinsert the videocard. Computer was never on during that procedure.

Now, I cannot for the love of God make this computer produce sound trough the (correctly) connected audio jacks while it is hooked up to a proper pc monitor - Ive tried with numerous speaker/headphone devices which all are in mint condition (confirmed with other devices).

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. In the sound manager down in the corner it said at first only "Realtek Digital Output". I figured this could mean that somehow, using HDMI cable (as it was the first monitor I used the system on) that the system defaulted on a HDMI output for sound. It would not show bars for anything else, and Speaker/Headphone devices were listed as "not connected" - despite clearly being so. It seemed at first like a problem with drivers - classic stuff. Please dont go there: Drivers are installed, up to date.

Then I launched Realtek HD audio manager and checked the box "Disable front panel jack detection" - as instructed by the program in case I had proble... Read more

A:HDMI sound output works just fine, audio jacks not at all! New PC

My problem seems very similiar to this gentleman's:

No Audio Output via Front and Rear Jacks

He seems to not have found a fix to his problem too. About my system: Could you guys look at the pictures attached to this post?

Thank you so much for any insight or help!

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HELLO . MY lenovo v310-15kb havent hdmi sound output on my samsung 7970 tv . all driver is installd. whats the solution ? it is a hardware problem ?
em ?x
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

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I bought a new 2nd hand pc today when i put it up in my home there was no sound.When i checked the sounds it said amd hdmi output not plugged in.i checked the dxdiag and there was no sound card detected.Here is my dx diag
System Information
Time of this report: 12/24/2014, 21:02:14
Machine name: RYE-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 555 Processor (2 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3584MB RAM
Page File: 1944MB used, 5220MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: The file aticfx32.dll,aticfx32.dll,aticfx32.dll,atiumdag.dll,atidxx32.dll,atiumdva.cap is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.
Sound Tab 1: No sound card was found. If one i... Read more

A:AMD HDMI output not plugged in,no sound card detected in dxdiag

The AMD HDMI is ONLY for HDMI audio and not for regular PC audio. Unless there is an HDMI cable plugged in, you will get the no cable plugged in notice.

Please post the motherboard manufacturer and model number. Without that I can't say what sound is on the PC's motherboard (for regular PC audio). But, if the PC audio is enabled in the BIOS and is Windows 7 compatible, Windows would install the generic, basic function, HD Audio Driver (Codec) and the PC sound would work. If the sound chip on the motherboard is not Windows 7 compatible (an old Win XP hardware) you will have to install a sound card to have PC audio.

The DX Diag, because the sound is not there, does not help.

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Is there any driver / software (or hardware) available that can bridge the audio output for both the hdmi audio video card and the on-board sound card so that i can get sound from these two sources simultaneously?

using the audio settings in xp it only gives you one option to play sounds via one output, on my system one being the hdmi (ATI audio video card) into my HDTV which then cuts off the sound via the speaker system from my 5.1 audio from the motherboard. or vice versa.

can anyone help as i would like to have sound output from my HDTV and also the 5.1 speaker system at the same time? Cheers

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I have a DELL laptop, model is Inspiron 15-7569. I have updated all drivers (BIOS, Intel Graphics 520 driver, Realtek driver, etc) using the tool "DELL update", which is shipped with the laptop.
My Speaker is Vizio SB4051-C0. I used "speaker test" function on its remote, and I can hear all 5 speakers and the subwoofer working correctly.
But when I connected the laptop and vizio speaker via HDMI cable, and then played a youtube video called "5.1 Dolby Surround Test", I found that the two rear speakers and subwoffer not working. Does this mean my laptop does not support 5.1 channel over HDMI? If yes, then can I buy an external USB audio interface? I found a cheap one in ebay called "Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface". It has optical output but no HDMI output. Although my vizio speaker supports optical input, the user manual states that HDMI has better voice quality than optical.
Thanks a lot for help!

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hi, i recently upgraded my HP ENVY 23 from windows 8 to windows 10. my problem is that when i had windows 8 and i plugged my ps4 into the hdmi port everything worked fine. now that i have upgradded to windows 10 i still get the image but there is no sound. is there anything i can do to fix this? thanks

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So, the other day I decided to finally bring my parents into the 21st century and show them the wonders of HDMI... They were amazed. Anyway I plug the cable in and everything goes swimmingly. Until someone (my mom) decides that she wants the TV back to normal. So instead of switching the input on our multisystem TV, she pulls the HDMI cable (quite harshly) out of my computer, by the cable not the plug portion. I'm not sure what she did or how she did it... but my computer stopped reading its own speakers. I freaked and restarted the laptop. It came back on and it read the internal speakers again. Everything seemed okay, until yesterday when I tried to plug the HDMI back in. Now, it wont read the HDMI cable for audio. It transmits the picture, but the sound doesn't come out of the TV it comes out of my computer. I tried going to the speaker tab and opened the mixer, nothing was muted. I opened the device manager and it said HDMI audio was installed, opened that up and it said the device was working properly. I tried opening up the audio window to see if I could manually switch to HDMI and the option wasn't even there. I plugged in my headphones and they work just fine. I'm at a loss here. I'm beginning to think a pin was pulled out along with the HDMI cable the first time. But I don't know if its possible to replace just the HDMI port... Gah... Help me please...
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows... Read more

A:My HDMI Port Won't Transfer Sound :(

if you goto Control Panel - Sound - what do you see for HDMI sound, with the cable connected and then not connected - is HDMI sound selected at all ?

perhaps a screen shot

do you have a different cable you can try ?
To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Full details are here http://library.techguy.org/wiki/TSG_Posting_a_Screenshot

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Hi Folks

First question that I really need an answer for if possible!
I have an HP DX6100MT that i got from work - i installed an NVidia 9600 GT Graphics card. Thing is, in order to play sound from the pc onto my Sony LCD, i apparently need to connect the SPDIF. Fine, no probs, except - i dont seem to have an spdif port on the motherboard - i've looked and looked and nothing seems even remotely similar. I'm wondering if i'm going blind! Can anyone help - could it look or be called anything else? is it even possible that a computer that is like only 3 years old doesnt have an spdif out?

Damsel in distress call for help!


PS: running xp

A:Sound Via HDMI - Can't find SPDIF out port...

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MY screen has VGA hooked up from my graphics card to the TV. Is that why there is no sound? Other than that I put the TV as default sound and no sound.

A:Solved: Hooked up HDMI port and no sound?

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I am new to the forums, please take care of me. My friends told me to post problems on this site.

Yesterday, I bought a 10m HDMI cable and I plug it from my TV to my CPU. Everything was fine. The only thing was one of the games which requires Port COM1 and COM2 could not access.

I tried disabling the HDMI sound and it worked. Is there any way to change the COM port for the HDMI sound? I tried going settings on Windows and could not find any.

I just need the sound because it's a music game, from the Arcade. Everything was perfect before plugging my computer to the HDMI.

M:MiCmd: NodeAcs Task Start
M:MiCmd: BoudRate : 57600, ByteSize : 8, Parity : 0, StopBit : 0
M:MiCmd: COM Port 2 Open Error
M:MiCmd: Port 2 : Error 3 Node 2, step 1
M:MiCmd: MicomMain End
W:net: ctrl: sz_buf(4) < 8
M:xrpc: module_add: 0: game.get
M:xrpc: module_add: 1: game.active


A:Port got used by enabling HDMI Sound and cannot enter Game


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New laptop only shows internal card drivers so no chance to switch sound to HDMI. Are there any W10 drivers available for the sound on the HDMI port - image is fine.  Needed for church projection system.

A:No sound to TV from HDMI port Envy Laptop 15-ae107na

@fundif? Try these 2 drivers. "Then reboot." http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp74501-75000/sp74569.exe http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp73001-73500/sp73302.exe REO

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I've had my laptop connected to a TV through HDMI for years and it suddenly stopped working. The HDMI output is no longer listed as a playback device. It now shows spdif digital out via HP dock. The picture is fine but there is no sound. Also when you go to the playback settings screen the green lights are jumping next to the spdif which is set as default but there is no sound. I have tried everything if you do a Google search on this topic it seems like it is a common problem but there is no specific solution. I believe the HDMI playback device disappeared after the last Windows 10 update. The HDMI is not under hidden devices but it is listed under audio in the control panel.

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Does anyone know of a plug on the motherboard that could relay 2 channel sound output?
I have an Nvidia card, that doesn't have onboard audio, but does have a plug, to relay sound out thru the hdmi output.

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After I installed my new graphics card physically, I switched my display to a Sony LCD TV and plugged it into the HDMI port on the graphics card. After that, I installed all included device drivers and have since updated my Catalyst drivers. Still, I don't seem to have any sound from the TV, though I can still get sound by hooking up my speakers...

Despite that, I'd really like to get sound out of my TV. Any advice? Here are my specs:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 37 ?C
Yorkfield 45nm Technology
8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. CG5270 (LGA775)
SONY TV @ 1360x768
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Hard Drives
977GB Hitachi Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 ATA Device (IDE) 44 ?C
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device


A:No Sound from HDMI Port after installing ATI Radeon 5750 graphics card

Check your sound and see if your device is disabled.

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hi i need help ive recently got a pc where the sound was working fine from my PC to my TV via HDMI. windows installed a few updates and now the sounds not working but the picture is. i cant get any sound to work though different HMDI cables (like i said was working a fine previously). when checking the sound devices its saying that i do not have a HDMI plugged in to which i do. (thinking it may be a driver issue i deleted and reinstalled). ive tried with 2 other different hdmis also please help.

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