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Question regarding Trusted Vendors List (TVL)

Q: Question regarding Trusted Vendors List (TVL)

Hey guys,
I've been using CIS for years and it's great, I played with the configuration lately and found out that TVL is full of alot of vendors I don't know and never use their software, I would like to remove everything from there and let CIS rebuild this list with software vendors from my computer, is it ok? I read somewhere that I might encounter issues with drivers and BSOD if I clear this list, is it true? would I encounter any issues with my Windows installation if I do this?
I also remember that if you cleared this list in version 7 or below the the TVL list will get recreated if CIS get updated ,is it still an issue? will it happen again or my list will be fine?

Preferred Solution: Question regarding Trusted Vendors List (TVL)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Question regarding Trusted Vendors List (TVL)

Theoretically, I think it would be fine if you enable Cloud Lookup and "Trust files installed by trusted installers".

However, "theory" can be different from "practice". So, I think reserving Microsoft and vendors of the drivers in your TVL could be a good practice.

Please note that, when the Cloud Lookup is enabled and you execute a signed file that is recognized as "Trusted" by Comodo Cloud, then the digital sign will be automatically added to TVL.

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Cruelsister's video regarding her procedure to edit the TVL is very helpful but I discovered that it was applicable to version 8. When I tried the same to v10, every time I de-selected what I wanted to keep, it also de-selected the ALL check box as well, so I could not remove all of the selected items.

I posted on the Comodo forum, and they were telling me that this is normal behavior:

Editing the Trusted Vendors List in Comodo Firewall v10 - Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS

That being said, I found a workaround where I deleted all entries in the TVL, and then ran a Ratings Scan which repopulated the list with almost all the software on my PC except for Unrecognized which I then submitted for analysis.

I am not saying this is the cure but it might be useful to others here facing the same dilemma in version 10.

In my case, it proved satisfactory but I caution others here to use it at your own risk, and think it through.


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I have setup CF according to Cruel Sister's settings.

In the course of installing the new KAF, I posted questions about using it in conjunction with CF and a BB and came across a posting by Umbra referencing the Trusted Vendors List being the weakest link of CIS in his opinion. That posting is here:

Comodo Internet Security Setup/configuration thread (Setting Only)

Now Cruel Sister does not reference this in her video in terms of unchecking the option, and I would not think to question Comodo being a top notch security firm, and left this feature activated in File Ratings.

However, after reviewing this list I came across the following which gave me pause. There were three vendors listed entirely in Chinese, which I can neither read, nor speak. Should I trust these unknown vendors? If this be the situation, and Comodo is able to list these as supposed "Trusted Vendors", any vendor could be listed, in any language, compromising one's security by allowing software written by them to operate if one were not a linguist to try and interpret it, and decide whether it could then be trusted.

Maybe Trusted Vendors should be unticked?

I am hoping Cruel Sister weighs in on this, too.

Maybe this is of no concern but listing an indecipherable unknown as a Trusted Vendor could be considered a vulnerability in my opinion.

(See Thumbnails below)

Your thoughts?

A:CF/CS Settings/ - Trusted Vendors List - A Vulnerability?

I am also a bit confused why they not translate the list so all can read it?
The first thing i do is to remove the Chinese and Russian certificates in that list.


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Where is the tab? Looking at the manual for v2.7.8 and there is a Trusted Vendors tab under WhiteList. Not seeing it there in v3.0.0.

Added a vendor to the Trusted Vendors to see if it would appear, it did not. Now I don't even know where the vendor I added has been stored.

A:NVT - Trusted Vendors?

after click Managed Trusted Vendors > right click Vendor list for options

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Kaspersky Lab's ongoing fears that it would lose US government contracts due to its alleged links with the Russian government have been realised. The Trump administration has removed the Moscow-based cyber security company from two lists of approved vendors covering IT services and digital photographic equipment.

According to a spokeswoman for the US General Services Administration, the decision was made "after review and careful consideration". However, the move represents the most concrete action taken against Kaspersky since US government officials became suspicious of its involvement with Russian authorities.

Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly stated that it "has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage efforts," with founder Eugene Kaspersky claiming he is willing to provide source code to demonstrate his company's innocence. The American government, however, has proven unreceptive to Kaspersky's assertions, with reports suggesting the Trump administration is considering implementing a broader ban that would block all agencies from using Kaspersky software.

In a statement, Kaspersky Lab said it had not yet received updates from any US government agency abut its vendor status, but added that it believed it has been "caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight where each side is attempting to use the company as a pawn in their political game."Click to expand...


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Hi All,

I have a list of over 20 or so web sites and their corresponding advertisers and how much money they spend with each web site.

The list of web sites looks like this:
Weather Channel............Dollars..............About.com.......Dollars......etc...for 18 columns

My goal is to consolidate all the advertisers into a SINGLE COLUMN then to the right of it, have all my web sites across as COLULMNS reporting.

should look like this:

............................Travelocity.............. Expedia ....................Orbitz
AT&T Corp...............$78,100................$94,700....................$271,200
Starwood Hotels.......$696,500...............$30,600....................$124,100
Hilton Hotels............$306,700................$900........................$64,200
etc....(for at least 150 rows)

I'd like to be able to have the flexibility to add as many columns (Web sites with advertiser dollar amounts) as possible but have the macro paste the result to a NEW worksheet.

Does anyone know how to do this?


A:Consolidating list of web sites and their vendors into one column - EXCEL Macro

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Dear board members,
I have a Dell Studio 1558 Laptop, its motherboard (graphics card) is not working.
I know its old system but wanted to replace the motherboard.
So does anyone have a list of genuine motherboard vendors in India (Bangalore), Or international one?
Thanks and regards,

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WHat do PC vendors use to create a system restore CD, and how do they make it so that that CD only runs on their machine?

A:Question about PC vendors?

the program to read the resore cd is usually a dos based system but they make alterations that make it only capable to be ran by certian bios.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but as its related to IE I am putting this here
What difference does it make whether or not a website is added to the trusted Sites list. The reason I ask is some of the icons on a website do not show up when not in the trusted sites list and I cannot figure out which setting I can change to make this
work without adding this to the trusted sites list.

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Just purchased a new Dell 4700 desktop. SOftware was previously installed. When accessing Window Media Player, a Security Message pops up and reads "The current web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted Site list. Do you want to allow this?
Current Site: go.microsoft.com
Trusted Site: wwwp.musicmatch.com.

Regardless of the answer I select (yes or no), this message appears every time and it is getting annoying. How do I fix this problem?

A:Trusted Sites List

Copy your link (http://wwwp.musicmatch.com/) into the buffer.

Go to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites". Paste your link in the upper window and click "add".

It may "choke" on your link because it wants a secure connection. Add an "s" to the "https:...". Maybe that will work. Maybe that is why it hasn't been working in the past.

If there is already a similar link in there, delete it.

See if that helps.

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What's the best place to come up with a rock solid list of Trusted Publishers for NVT ERP? I want the pop ups to mean more and so happen less.

Does making the list long slow down a PC substantially?

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I've been having some serious problems getting my IE trusted sites list configured properly via InTune.  I've gone over it a ton and still cannot figure out why it keeps failing to deploy. 
Not really sure what i'm doing wrong so any assistance would be great.
Configuration profile info is as follows:

UMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/InternetExplorer/AllowSiteToZoneAssignmentList

<Data id="IZ_ZonemapPrompt" value="
https://mail.mot... Read more

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Where is a listing of trusted and blocked apps in Comodo 3?

A:Solved: Can't find list of trusted/blocked apps in Comodo 3

if you mean for the firewall trusted and blocked then
firewall tab > advanced in the left bar > Network security policy

if you mean the defense+ part of comodo firewall then
Defense+ tab > advanced in the left bar > computer security policy

those places are where you can set rules for blocking and allowing applications the network security policy blocks and allows internet access for apps and the security policy blocks and allows access to apps and what those apps can do on your computer,

is this what you mean?

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We have many trusted root and intermediate certificates in the cert's store by default. Where to check these lists? To exclude "not default", "maybe potentially mаlware" root certs.

A:Trusted Root&Intermediate system certificates. Where check the list?

You can find certs as shown in the guide here: https://www.sslshopper.com/move-or-c...ws-server.html

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I am having difficulty adding myself to the Trusted developer list in Excel 2000.

I have a digital signature (unauthenticated) that I have used to sign the macro I recently developed.

The Security Level is set to High.

I am using MS IE6.0

When the Security Warning Dialogue Box comes up, the Always trust macros from this source check box is greyed out so I am unable to check it to add myself to the Trusted List.

Does anyone know how to get the Always trust macros from this source check box highlighted so it can be checked and the developer listed in the Security Warning Dialogue Box added to the Trusted list?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Why do I have so many lists of svchost files?
Please see the attachment of the screen shot
Task Manager List. Does anything in this list raise a question?

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Greetings All,

I am interested in opening a discussion on the following scenario:

A good friend of mine and me both have Yahoo E-Mail Accounts. Several months ago, evidence showed that his account was getting hacked because about 40 people in his address book were getting spam sent from him that he obviously did not send. This was happening about once every two weeks.

I said the first thing to do would be change your e-mail password. I think he must of done this, because for about two months, everything was fine, until today, when his contacts, including me, got spammed again.

The thing is, I don't want to just click the Spam button, because he is a friend and trusted sender. Than, it is going to block good e-mail, legitimately sent by him from getting to me. If you are familiar with Yahoo Mail, there is the default option, where you can read e-mail from your contacts first. Good e-mail comes in with his name from my address book. Every couple of months, the spam comes in, and when it is the spam, it is shown as being from his e-mail address domain name:

For example: Let's say that this his name was "Joe Blow." If it's legit from him, it shows his name with the Subject that he tells me the e-mail is about. If it is from the Spammer, it just gives his e-mail address often with no subject in the subject line, so at least I can tell between the two.

I used the Yahoo Mail Spam Report Form, which asked for Full Headers and the Content of the E-Mail ... Read more

A:An E-Mail Spam Question? Dealing With Spam From Trusted Senders

For your friend, I would suggest doing as many antivirus scans, spyware scans and malware scans as possible. There are numerous online scanners, like Housecall, ESET, Panda, BitDefender and Kaspersky.

Ask him to take a look at this:

He may also have fallen victim to this over the holiday season:

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Hi i can't find the driver: ACPI\VEN_ACPI&DEV_000C Can you please help me.

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Can someone recommend a good antirootkit vendor ?Edit: Moved topic from All Other Applications to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Antirootkit Vendors

got my answers from another forum. thanks anyway.

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I am really confused and when making decision regarding the purchase of HP laptops in Pakistan customers are in doubt that HP laptops sold by the local vendors are either refurbished or the warranty which they claim is fake. I recently bought HP probook g4 450. While I was surfing the market there was an opinion that was revolving i.e. if you'll buy this notebook and if its without the backlit keyboard then it is refurbished. Is it so ?

A:Confused whether the laptops I buy from the vendors from my ...

Look at the Product Number on the box or in the system properties...fn + esc. If there is an R in it then the unit is factory refurbished. Can't really tell if a unit is privately refurbished. Official specs say the keyboard is backlit so if you run across one with a non-backlit keyboard I would be skeptical as refurbishers will often apply a new keyboard of the cheapest type so it looks new. This laptop, however, has a 7th gen Intel Core processor so there is not likely a supply of used laptops in service long enough to have worn keyboards. 

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This item was thought provoking.


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Making a PC to watch movies on. It has 4 RAM slots and at present time has 2x512mb in the first channel and a single one gig stick for the second channel. it maxes out at 4 gigs want to buy approved RAM

A:HP DX200 approved RAM Vendors

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Legitamate Website?

I am looking to buy a monitor for my new comp. Pricewatch.com came up with a good price for me at www.partspc.com
have any of you heard anything about this site or know it its safe to buy from? i dont wanna get ripped off. Thanks

A:PriceWatch vendors legitimate?

also what about www.emscomputing.com ???

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If device manager is happy that W7 has managed to find drivers for everything automatically, would the team recommend leaving well alone or going for the mobo vendors drivers?

(I ask because all was well until I installed the Asus W7 drivers for my P5Q...)


A:Mobo Drivers - MS or vendors?

Personally, I would get the latest drivers I could from the manufacturer. If anything goes wrong, uninstall them and let Windows Update install automatically.

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i want to buy a new laptop that would be good for gaming and stuff and i live in australia. i also want the stuff to be cheap but godd quality
please help

A:Boutique laptop vendors in Australia

Try using Google.com...

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How long does the AV vendors keeps their malware sample signatures? I know a fact that Malwarebytes will not detect malware that is more than 2 months old, but what about the others such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, ESET, Avira and others you name it.

A:How long does the AV vendors keeps their malware signatures?

user102 said:

How long does the AV vendors keeps their malware sample signatures? I know a fact that Malwarebytes will not detect malware that is more than 2 months old, but what about the others such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, ESET, Avira and others you name it.Click to expand...

They should put malware older than two months old in the cloud, so users are still protected but signatures are not taking up a lot of space.

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TPM chips can be used for a variety of purposes, but are principally employed for data encryption or DRM. The basic concept behind a TPM is that it has "write-only" memory. A cryptographic key is baked into the chip when it is manufactured. This key can be used to decrypt data, but is only accessible to the chip itself and can't be read.

I have a MS Windows 7 64 bit Dell Notebook and have been told (several months ago) that Dell doesn't provide these TPM chips period! I'm wondering if anybody here knows if this is true and if not, what models of Dell or other vendors do offer these chips.

Please don 't guess the answer. If you know and have a link or two for me great!

Thanks in advance

A:Which PC Vendors provide TPM chips on their Products?

IBM (now Lenovo) has been doing this for years with ThinkPad notebooks. You can set passwords that effectively lock both the hard drive, and the computer if they are not typed in.....

Fingerprint readers can use the same technology.

Takes a re-programming if the chip itself to release the password. (unless you can answer the security questions in versions that use that method) I have an older ThinkPad that has both the drive and the comptuer locked, the drive cannot be used or even formatted at least in a Windows computer.

I caused the lockdown by trying to set defaults in the machine's BIOS- when the CMOS battery is taken out, it must be being detected as a threat.

I have nothing further for you.

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Here is a quote from Eric Howes(eburger68) from a thread over at DSLR:Hi All:If you were ever wondering where so many of the anti-spyware programs listed on the Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware page come from...?www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyw.....the post leading off this thread is a good start at an answer. Right now the anti-spyware market is hot -- see:?www.internetnews.com/security/article...?www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=pr2..Because the market looks so lucrative, we have a large number of people and companies jumping in with whatever they can get their hands on in the rush to get an anti-spyware application to market and start cashing in.The problem for these people, of course, is where to get an anti-spyware application quickly and on the cheap? They usually have no experience in the anti-malware industry and they're not that interested in investing the effort to hire a quality research and development team to create an anti-spyware application themselves and do a proper job of it. That would simply take too much time and money.Depressingly, there is a market out there for "rent-a-coder" anti-spyware applications and definitions databases, and many individuals and firms are perfectly happy to snap these up in order to speed the process of getting an application to market.Anti-spyware applications are tough to do right, though. Not only are the spyware and adware pests we're seeing becoming ever more devious and difficult to remove, but the numb... Read more

A:Anti-Spyware Vendors Buy Databases?!

I know that to be absolutely true. I have the source code for AdAlert. AdAlert?, a complete spyware/adware/trojan scanner for your computer. It features a powerful and neat GUI, quarintining of malware files, 3 scanning modes (COMPLETE, CUSTOM, and QUICK), Active Malware Scanning that alerts of you of ANY adware/spyware running in the background, and then suspends the process from running (warning process monitor will not work on 9x OS), live updates and defintion downloads off the internet, a comprehensive help, and plently of customizable settings. --- What is AdAlert? 1.0 Personal? --- AdAlert? 1.0 Personal is an adware, spyware, trojan remover, it also is able to detect some viruses.With bad intentions I could modify it and sell it to these "band wagons". Stick with the reputable ones:Lavasoft, JavaCool, Spybot S&D.Don't be taken in by a program claiming you have spyware and for 30 dollars it will remove it.

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Is there a way to check if notebook hardware is native or has been replaced? Is it possible to check vendors and id of Wi-Fi module , RAM module, motherboard, CPU and drive by notebook serial number? Thank you.

A:HP ProBook 430 G2 (J4T97ES) Hardware specifications (vendors...

Hi, This ia a series of many laptops using the following parts:              http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=J4T97ES You can check (can not check from serial number): (a) RAM, using the following tool (look at SPD tab):          http://download.cpuid.com/cpu-z/cpu-z_1.77-en.exe (b) Wifi: Using  Hardware id from Device Manager       http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hardware-ID (c) Motherboard: it is from HP. (d) Drive and CPU : also using Device Manager, Regards. 

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So just a brief question. I am going to be reinstalling windows again, so I want to grab all the latest drivers while I am at it. Question is, should I take the drivers off the website of my motherboard manufacturer (ASUS), or from the actual chipset providers.

I have a last gen ASUS Socket 1155 P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard, and many of the drivers ASUS provides for it seen out of date, e.g. the chipset driver they provide was updated in September 2012. Whereas Intel has some very current chipset drivers. Can I rely on ASUS to be providing the latest and up to date drivers which are relevant to my motherboard? Or can I use newer versions I find on the websites of the other vendors like Intel and Realtek?

For example I can get the 2012 driver from ASUS' website, or go to Intel's website and get the Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility), which I imagine is more likely to give me an up to date and appropriate driver.

Edit: Whoops this should have gone in the drivers section, my bad..Can someone move it please?

A:Should I use drivers from motherboard manufacturer, or chipset vendors

Hi there .. If its only the Chipset Driver you are after go to the Intel Website ...

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AMD graphics chip shortage hitting PC vendors

Offshore TSMC foundry slow to ramp up production of AMD's new 40-nanometer GPUs

By Sharon Gaudin
November 6, 2009 01:44 PM ET

Computerworld - An offshore Advanced Micro Devices Inc. foundry is having trouble ramping up on production of a new 40-nanometer graphics processing unit, forcing PC makers to delay shipments of desktop and laptop computers, AMD confirmed today.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is struggling to get up to speed manufacturing AMD's 5800 series, 40-nm GPUs (graphics processing units), according to Jim McGregor, an analyst at In-Stat. He added that the foundry is in full production but so far yields are below expectation.

Matt Davis, a spokesman for AMD, confirmed to Computerworld that TSMC is having issues in ramping up production of the chips. He added that it's not clear how far behind the foundry is on production expectations.

"The design is sound. It's just a matter of trying to get TSMC to a point where they can yield. They're feeling the manufacturing crunch," said Davis. "We're a little bitter under yield but we're working back into a manufacturing schedule we want for these parts. TSMC can only kick them out so fast at this point."

Davis said that PC vendors are being affected but declined to say how many vendors are feeling the pinch or which ones. "It's the end of the whip," he added. "[The vendors] are going to ... Read more

A:AMD graphics chip shortage hitting PC vendors

I know that 5850's and 5870's are becoming as rare as hens teeth in Australia because of this.

It looks like I'll be hanging on to my cards for just that little bit longer

It's good news for Nvidia though.

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I don?t know if this is the right place to ask these kinds of questions.

CyberLink PowerDirector 12 (Video Editing Software ?CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Ultra) creates the reg data listed below into the Windows Registry:


Why is it creating an extra ?Software? key into the Windows Registry? I asked CyberLink support and they said it is normal. So basically software vendors can play with the Windows Registry the way they want?

A:Can software vendors play with the Windows Registry the wa

The registry keys have a specific purpose.

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Early word of a class action law suit filed against Direct Revenue emerged today:http://www.courtbriefs.com/PDF_Files/CCCOOK05CH05883CA. pdfSee also the front page of this site (which could change) for a plain text summary:http://www.courtbriefs.com/From the summary:said by CourtBriefs.com:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summary:A class action lawsuit claims that the Defendants are involved in installing "spyware" on millions of computers without the computer owners' consent, utilizing it to track the Internet browsing habits of the owners and then send them intrusive targeted "pop-up" ads. Plaintiff Stephen Sotelo, individually and on behalf of all persons similarly situated, sues Directrevenue, LLC, DirectRevenue Holdings, LLC, Betterinternet, LLC, Byron Udell & Associates, Inc., d/b/a Accuquote, aQuantive, Inc., and John Does 1-100.The Complaint claims that the Defendants, who are allegedly either members or advertising supporters of the Internet "spyware" industry, have unlawfully used and damaged many individuals' computers to make money for themselves, while willfully disregarding the computer owners' rights to use and enjoy their personal property.Defendant DirectRevenue allegedly deceptively downloaded "harmful and offensive" spyware to the Plaintiffs' computers which tracked their Internet use, invaded their privacy and damaged their computers. Relying on Direc... Read more

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AV Vendors Detect On Average 19% Of Malware Attacks.

That detection rate increases only to 61.7% after 30 days. Even after 30 days, many AV vendors cannot detect known attacks.

-- Tom

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I'm going to speculate that the answer to my question is "no".... buuuut:

Is there a way to create a custom jump list item for an application WITHOUT resorting to a third-party launcher? (I don't mind a third-party utility to edit the list, but not a third party program that has to act as the "host" item pinned to the start-menu / taskbar.)

So far, every search result I'm finding doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for, such as the Jumplist Launcher.



A:jump list question

Not that I'm aware of. There are a few ways you can customize jump lists within Windows, however; this article explains changing the number of recent items in the list, for example.

JumpLaunch is a third-party app but it's very unobtrusive and has the simple function of turning your Quick Launch folder into an application jump list.

Hope that helps.


Windows Outreach Team

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 700, and when I go to this laptop's IWS page (after I detected my device with Service Bridge), there is nothing under the contact list. Does this mean that there is no IWS for Yoga 700? I need help...?

A:IWS Contact List Question?

HelloInformation from the same page you requested, in case laptop model has been selected:United States - 1 877 453 6686

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hello all,

I run windows XP pro and IE 6.0, with all the updates, when I acess my favorites list it opens it up only 1/2 as much, I have to scroll down to the arrow to open the favorite list open all the way to about 4" wide and lets me see all of my folders, where the more narrow list doesnt show all the folders unless you open it all the way up.

my question is, is there a setting where I can set this so that the favorites list opens all the way the first time you open it. Is there a registry change, or a simple box to check or uncheck in the tools, views, or folder options that I am missing?

appriciate your help and this is the best site hands down.

take care all


A:question on IE 6.0 favorite list

If I am not mistaken, you have personalized menus turned on.

In win2000 you goto, start-settings-tasbar and start menu and uncheck "use personalized menus"

you should be able to find it in xp no problem.

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 700, and when I go to this laptop's IWS page (after I detected my device with Service Bridge), there is nothing under the contact list. Does this mean that there is no IWS for Yoga 700? I need help...?

A:IWS Contact List Question?

HelloInformation from the same page you requested, in case laptop model has been selected:United States - 1 877 453 6686

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Hi, I noticed a program that I installed recently that is not on the add and remove program list. Does this mean the program was never installed or what? I can still run the program, but it doesn't show up on the add/remove list. Thanks for the help


A:If not on the add/remove list question

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If I use AIM Instant Messaging and put JOEBLOW1234 as one of my buddies will MY screen name appear automatically on HIS buddy list?



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Is there any way a file could be displayed in an application jump list when you haven't actually viewed that file?

A:Jump List question

I doubt it, presumably the application would have no way of knowing that file exists.

What application is it ?

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Okay I was browsing through the free software list and I came across two things I was interested in:

VistaBootPRO - Go PRO with Microsoft Windows Vista Boot Manager


Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

tell me about these, and how would I actually put another os on my pc
or something.

A:Software list question.

Originally Posted by adeang

How would I actually put another os on my pc
or something.

Hello adeang.

Have a look at some of these.

Dual Boot - IE7Pro Search

Later Ted

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Please participate in this poll -- the information is important.

If enough people participate, then I can point some development teams to this poll. They might find the poll results very useful.

* * * * *

Because there is limited space in the poll fields, the first answer option is meant as - "Fix only bugs first, then afterwards focus on vulnerability fixes" = fix what is already there and broken before introducing new bugs.

Consider your answer carefully -- but don't over think or over complicate the poll.

Think about this...


A bug or vulnerability fix can cost a developer thousands of dollars. For example, if a bug requires 3 development team members being paid $1000 per week - and it takes 3 weeks for them to fix the bug, then the payroll expense to the developer is $9000.


Developers use different scheduling methods to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. Some do it "on-the-fly" while others will adhere to a set calendar schedule. For example, in June they will fix bugs in one product, in July switch to fixing vulnerabilities in a different product - that might take two or months to fix, and then return to fixing vulnerabilities in the first product in September.


Developers have a difficult time recruiting and retaining talented staff. Under-staffed development teams makes bug and vulnerability fixes a real challenge.


The vast majority of bugs are merely an annoyance. Detrimental bugs (design flaws) and vulnerabilities are ... Read more

A:What Protocol Should Vendors Follow when Fixing Bugs and Vulnerabilities ?

Vulnerability first, then bugs. by Vulnerability i mean security holes; not protection features that was not present. for example, i dont care an AV introduce a security features like some shopping protection if they still allow a vulnerability to be present.

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Latest Gartner report on endpoint security vendors... Take it for what it's worth and it's focused on the corporate environment, not home users, but there's some good info here...

Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms
2 January 2013 ID:G00239869
Analyst(s): Peter Firstbrook, John Girard, Neil MacDonald
The endpoint protection platform provides a collection of security utilities to protect PCs and tablets. Vendors in this market compete on the quality of their protection capabilities, the depth and breadth of features, and the ease of administration.

Market Definition/Description
The enterprise endpoint protection platform (EPP) market is a composite market primarily made up of collections of products. These include:
? Anti-malware
? Anti-spyware
? Personal firewalls
? Host-based intrusion prevention
? Port and device control
? Full-disk and file encryption, also known as mobile data protection
? Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)
? Vulnerability assessment
? Application control (see Note 1)
? Mobile device management (MDM)
These products and features are typically centrally managed and ideally integrated by shared policies.
DLP, MDM and vulnerability assessment are also evaluated in their own Magic Quadrant or MarketScope analyses. Longer term, portions of these markets will get subsumed by the EPP market, as the personal firewall, host intrusion prevention, device control and anti-spyware markets have in the... Read more

A:Latest Gartner report on endpoint security vendors...


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Hello out there in TechLand,

I run a small computer repair facility and have noticed an odd series of laptop failures over the last two weeks. I'm looking for some advice, or possibly confirmation that I'm not losing my mind.

Problem: The laptops in question will not successfully load into Windows while the battery is physically connected. The machine will boot, pass the POST, begin the Windows load process and then completely stop responding to input the instant Windows Explorer loads.

Remove the battery and and boot with the A/C adapter, and the system loads and operates normally. Booting the system into safe-mode functions normally, with or without the battery.)

From there, made the assumption that the battery driver was to blame. I manually uninstalled the battery from Device Manager, deleted the driver files (cmbatt.sys, compbatt.sys) and copied fresh files from the OS install media. I even tried pulling known good files from a working system. The moment the battery is detected and drivers loaded, the system locks.

I have successfully duplicated this using two Linux live CD's (Debian and Fedora) as well as an older ERD Commander 2005 cd. As long as the battery drivers don't load, the systems operate.

Thus far, this issue has appeared on two Acer notebooks (an Aspire 3004wLI and an Aspire3002lci), an HP G50-112R, and a Dell Vostro 1500. I can find no common thread, as they have used various Processors, chipsets and battery manufacturers.

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A:Battery causing laptop lockup - multiple vendors

After many wasted days chasing dead ends and trying various suggestions I have finally identified the exact same problem on an Acer 1640.

Without the battery attached the machine boots and runs without an hitch.

Install the battery and the system freezes either before selecting a user or whilst loading a user's settings. CPU usage would be near or at 100% and would never drop down sufficiently to do anything no matter how long the laptop was left on.

I am now uncertain as to whether it is the battery itself at fault or the power management/charging electronics themselves. Buying a new battery seems a very expensive way to find out on a 3 year old laptop.

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