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program for recording digital camera to hardrive

Q: program for recording digital camera to hardrive

is there a program that records the digital camera to the computer? like the digital camera is playing and it is being written on a SD card but i want to do it on the hardrive on my computer is there a program?

Preferred Solution: program for recording digital camera to hardrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: program for recording digital camera to hardrive

Video or still?

It would more than likely be a product your camera manufacturer would supply... I can run/download my camera direct to/from the computer...

You need to supply more info... IE: Camera make and model, Operating system, Software you have... blah blah blah

you have given basicly nothing to go on for anyone to try and help


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I recently received a JVC GR-D30 Digital Video Camera w/ i.LINK as a birthday/Fathers' day present. I do not have any experience with digital cameras. I would like to save what is on my Mini DV cassette to a disk (CDR/RW for now since I do not have a DVD burner at the moment) via PC. JVC provided MOVIEWOW! software in the packaging.

I would appreciate any suggestions on saving video/images to CDR.

Before that, though, I do have some questions that I know someone out there must know the anwers to:

1. What type of connector do I need to connect my camera to my PC (PC is an AuthenticAMD w/ AMD Duron processor)? IEEE 4 to 4 pin 1394 compliant?

2. Is CDR/RW an adeqate media type on which save video/images?

3. Are recorded video/images able to be played on DVD players that are advertised to play CDRs? How does this process work?

Thanks for your time.


A:JVC GR-D30 Digital Video Camera - Connecting to PC & recording to CD

ernie2 said:

I recently received a JVC GR-D30 Digital Video Camera w/ i.LINK as a birthday/Fathers' day present. I do not have any experience with digital cameras. I would like to save what is on my Mini DV cassette to a disk (CDR/RW for now since I do not have a DVD burner at the moment) via PC. JVC provided MOVIEWOW! software in the packaging.

I would appreciate any suggestions on saving video/images to CDR.

Before that, though, I do have some questions that I know someone out there must know the anwers to:

1. What type of connector do I need to connect my camera to my PC (PC is an AuthenticAMD w/ AMD Duron processor)? IEEE 4 to 4 pin 1394 compliant?

2. Is CDR/RW an adeqate media type on which save video/images?

3. Are recorded video/images able to be played on DVD players that are advertised to play CDRs? How does this process work?

Thanks for your time.

ernie2Click to expand...

See this thread:


1. You will need a firewire card for your PC like the one here:

Your video camcorder already came with the correct cable if it is ILink, but the card also comes with the cable. You might already have one installed in your computer.

2 & 3. There are two types of formats: CD-R/RW and CD+R/RW and either is an adeqate media type on which save video/images? The short answer to whether those will play on a DVD is yes, but the caveat is some DVD players play either one or the oth... Read more

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Please move if this is an incorrect forum.
I have a Kodak easyshare digital camera M381 and have used Picasa 3 for uploading pictures for several years. I now have 708 pictures in the camera. In the camera the pictures are fine. I tried twice today to upload onto my computer. Tried to exclude duplicates by checking that box (would have meant maybe 70 new pictures to upload) but both time error message. Can't exactly remember what it said, offered about 3 possibilities as to what went wrong.
I have windows xp sp3, avg, zonalarm, intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHx, 1.0GB RAM, plenty of unused storage. Picasa has worked without problem as late as yesterday when uploaded a single picture from a friend's e-mail.
Computer is working well in other respects. 
wondering if there is a better program for uploading. Picasa has never been ideal for me. Lots of overlap in albums, thumbnalis, other items I don't fully understand.
originally tried the kodak uploading program but that was worse than Picasa.
I would like something simple for uploading and then for exporting individual pictures to e-mail. Don't care about slide shows, facebook, etc.
Let me know if you need more info.
Thank you!

A:Problem loading digital camera into Picasa--different program?

thought I would add something: tried to upload to Picasa again today. A bar graph shows that all the pictures are uploaded. Then an error message appears that says: An error has occurred while attempting to import. Either the source is unavailable or the destination is full or read only. (1)

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to place the thread, but I just aquired a new digital camera without a CDROM disc of floppy disk for the manual or (even more important) to download my pictures from my camera to my computer. Now, I know it's possible to download this program and the disk is not really needed beacuse of this, but I'm not sure what program it is I should download, or where to find it. The camera is a CANON DIGITAL IXUS V3... 3.2 mega pixels.... and i think thats all you would need to help me out. If you have any suggestions or can point in the direction of where this download would be available, please post a reply, it would be much appreciated!!!
thanks a lot...

A:Solved: program needed for canon digital camera IXUS v3

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When I plug the Olympus camera into the usb port using Camedia the pictures are recognised and can be downloaded, but the program does not seem very user friendly, so I tried to use the XP picture download facility but it does not recognise that there are any pictures in the camera. Any ideas ?

A:Olympus digital camera + Camedia program for downloading pictures

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(Edit - Subject should read 'Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anymore with Canon digital camera')

I have a Canon SD 700 IS digital camera bought about 15 months ago. Until recently, I could connect it to the USB port (same one each time and that port is not used for anything else) of my Windows XP PC (1 year old, bought new) and the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard would appear allowing me to use that software to transfer my digital pictures to my PC. Now, that does not work. I tried reinstalling the Canon EOS utility that came on a CD with my camera - no success in getting pictures transferred with that. The only way I can get the pictures to transfer, is to open Windows Explorer, the camera shows up under My Computer, but if I right click on Get pictures highlighting the camera listing, after multiple trys and 30 minutes, I get the few dozen pictures to transfer.

Anyone know what to try? I am suspecting it has to do with a recent overhall of my PC anti-spyware and security software (details below) as was using Lavasoft and Spybot before and found them becoming less effective. My computer is anti-malware free as far as I know from anti-spyware scans with multiple products (at least twice weekly) and real-time protection and anti-virus scans a little less frequently which Zone Alarm has never from day one found any viruses.

The computer is recognizing the camera in the USB port (it is enabled) and camera powered on and has no issues when taking pictures.... Read more

A:Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anyone with Canon digital camera

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Hi, I'm having trouble with my digital camera software and/or transferring pictures from my camera and dock to pc. I have a Kodak cx7525 digital camera. The software loads normally, but when trying to open the software or trying to transfer pictures to the pc, I get an error message that states a .dll file is missing. The dll file is LOCACQMOD.DLL. I contacted kodak and they sent me new software but that didn't help, still get the same error message. The camera works fine but cannot get the software and camera to work on pc. I have searched for the dll file but cannot find it and have no idea what it is or what it does. I'm guessing something is missing from the pc instead of the camera software. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have family photos stored on it that I would love to be able to save them and not lose them. Again, thanx for any help I can get. You guys and gals are the best.

A:Cannot get digital camera software to run and pictures will not transfer from camera

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I have an older Sony digital camera and I have had no problem downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC which is 8.1. Now I have windows 10, and win 10 does not recognize my Sony camera anymore. I've heard it is a common problem, but I'd like to know what people are doing to get their pictures off their camera now?

When I plug in the camera, the pc ding a lings, but when I go to file explorer it shows everything on the pc like normal. I click on "this PC" and it shows the c drive and the DVD . No removable drive like camera. I've done a google search and it is a common problem with win 10. But what is the answer?

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I recently purchased a digital camera for ordinary use with my pc. Everything seemed great until it was time to connect the camera to the pc - directions: "connect the USB end to any USB port on your pc" I have a reason to believe I don't have a USB port.

I know I must clarify that my computer is extremely outdated by today's standards. It has Windows 95 and is about 5 years old.

My main problem:
I have a digital camera with no way of transmitting my pictures to my pc for viewing and sharing.

I did some research. Along with my camera I have a 32 MB memory card. I went to the site prescribed by my digital camera manual and I found this:


By chance, would I be able to put the memory card with my pictures on it into this card reader and would it work? It says it is compatible with Windows 95.

The type of dig. camera I have is an HP Photosmart 318.

I am extremely grateful for any tips or help anyone has to offer. Thanks a million!

A:Digital Camera/Camera Software Expert, Anyone?

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I have an hp 535 pavillon. I recently installed a 250 GB Western digital hard drive. The ORIGANIAL hard drive was a 40 GB Western digital. I installed it in the other bay and used Norton Ghost to clone it. everything is fine except I can not change the drive letter or get my pc to boot off the new drive. Help!

A:Western digital hardrive

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I just purchased a new digital camera and when I went to install the driver cd that came with it, it said the driver is not compatible with my version of Windows (7). Is there anyway that I can find a new driver? I'm not very knowledgable with drivers and if this possible. Or if not a driver is there anyway that I can get the photos off the camera to my computer...took alot of photos I don't want to lose.

The camera is from a company called Digital Concepts, the driver cd has a company called Sakar International on it. I hope thats all the info that would be needed for someone to help me!

A:Digital Concepts Digital Camera

Hello Alabama Belle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do you have the model number of the camera? You can also check at the manufacturer's website to see if they may have any drivers available to download that may work for you.

In addition, if you have a media card reader installed on your computer, you can take the card out of the camera and plug it into the media card reader instead to upload your pictures.

Hope this helps,

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Hello, i have a Western Digital 160 Gig External Harddrive, but it is not showing up in "My Computer" after i reformatted my harddrives and those external harddrives have alot of really important things of mine
so please if you know how i can get them recognized or accessable please reply to me.

A:Westernd Digital External Hardrive HELP!

Is it in Disk Management?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

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...why for my digital it is telling me Camera not connected when it worked fine before I tried to get my new Veo Web Camera to work.

I just bought and ran the software to install my Veo Web Camera, but it's not working. In my device manager it is listed under imaging devices and under USB Controllers the things that are supposed to be there are too...I've uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing...anyone have any idea what's going on?? I'm getting so aggrivated! I know my computer is a piece of you know what, but this camera should work dang it!

A:Web Camera, Digital Camera Question about...

Just wanted to post that I downloaded the directx drivers from the Microsoft website and it worked.

Still says "camera not connected" for my digital? Any ideas!

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Hello, basically I want to know if it's possible to change the status of my digital camera when I plug it in. It always loads up as a "Removable Disk" because it has photos and videos on it, thus I cannot record or go on video conversations with people I know, but I want to be able to use it as a web cam so I can record myself through the computer like that the camera doesn't die on me while I'm recording. I've read the "Owner's Manual" and I did not find a single thing about setting it up as a web cam.

My digital camera is Centrios Digital Camera 6MP/7MP 2518151 (Silver).


A:Digital Camera showing as "Removable Disk" instead of regular camera/web cam.

Not every digital Camera can be used as a Webcam, your best bet is to email the mfg.

I tried looking on their web site but it didn't even show Camera's as a Link?

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Are there any Digital Recording people out there? I'd like to start this thread for comparing some notes\hardware specs etc, as well as being a general thread for questions that myself and other people might have. The topics I am primarilly interested in are:

1) Soundcards
2) Signal routing
3) MIDI devices
4) Digital studio softwar eapps (Cubase SX, ProTools etc)
5) Systems used for DAWs

Thanks all...let me know what you think...:grinthumb

A:Digital Recording Workstations

No Takers

There HAS to be some digital recording people out there...

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I was told that I could connect a usb cable to my computer and my verizon digital cable box in order to record tv shows directly to the hard drive of my computer. But I don't know how to record. I opened Widows Media Player, but it doesn't tell me what to do. Can you help me?

A:Recording Digital TV to computer

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Part of my job is to video patients. I Use Avid Liquid 7 and capture straight through to my laptop. On the way I have a Marantz voice recorder that is linked so I get the quality sound in the capture.

The video camera records onto Mini Dv as well for a back Up.

The last session I done, had interference on the mini dv recordings, this wasn't a prob as I had captured them onto the laptop anyway. However, these few vids on the Mini dv are no good as back ups really so I was wondering if I could play the videos I captured, on my laptop and record them back onto the Mini Dv ?

I have had a go with no luck as it seems it will only record one way



A:Recording to Video Camera

Depends on your camera. Check the instruction manual to see what your camera can do.

I've owned two miniDV's. The latest one has two way firewire. The previous one could only record via its analog inputs.

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From "My Pictures", Windows XP Home, how do I record and separate multiple picture albums on one DVD-RW disc or on a thumb drive.

Computer has USB 2 ports and an external DVD recorder

[email protected]

A:Digital Photo Album recording

welcome to TSG

1.) do not list your email address unless you want tons of spam.(delete it asap)

2.) I usually just copy all picture files to a disc or thumbdrive (USB stick).
most DVD players will show a slideshow as is.

You can try Irfanview (download it from here)

and read through it, it does a lot of things, it is free and for many years many of us use it.

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I have a pretty weak Dell E310 (specs) that I have hooked up to my 42" LG HDTV as a monitor and I use it for watching hulu, you tube, videos etc..
I am working with Windows XP 32-bit.

I realize it's not the best setup, but I've been making do with it for my "media center". I also have Time Warner Digital cable service that runs to my TV via HDMI.

I am looking to find a way to record shows from the cable box onto my PC for later viewing and I'm not sure how to approach or if I have a good enough system to attempt.. I also have a MSI Core 2 Duo P7350(2.00GHz) 16" Wide XGA 4GB Memory DDR2 800 320GB HDD DVD Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 that could be used as well..

I've been looking at a couple of PCI x1 DVR recorder cards from newegg.. In specific, I've been looking at this AVerMedia card and this Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 card , but I'm not sure if my system is stout enough to run either of these cards or if they will serve my purpose.

I would be willing to use my laptop if this was a better possibility as well.. I'm not completely concerned with HD capabilities, but would really like to record shows, etc while I'm away and don't want to have to pay the monthly service to Time Warner for their DVR recorder services.

Could anyone please provide any insight on how to approach or what is my most manageable option to work with using the systems I have?

Thanks in advance!
... Read more

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Hi. I'm sorry if the description of my problem isn't as comprehensive as the examples. Unfortunately, other than simply cutting out or fading volume, or just plain refusing to record, Windows doesn't give me any kind of message at all. There's no error code, or anything.

I've tested the mic. The recording is on there, but Windows 8 has, on a number of occasions, deleted or skewed my recording in some way. My question is, Do I need some additional app? So far it seems I've had nothing but problems with Windows 8, particularly where sound is involved. The sound card, by Realtek, seems useless. The Realtek Manager shows an empty page.

I downloaded Easy-Hi-Q Recorder. It seems to me this is for an analog mic.

I had a similar problem with Steinberg Cubase.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had experience with recording, esp. in Windows 8. I'm about to give up on Windows 8 altogether if things don't work out.

Thanks, very much appreciated.

System Specs: Processor: AMD E1-2500 APO with Radeon (TM) HD
Graphics 1.40 GHz
RAM: 4 gigs
System Type: 64 bit O/S , X64-based processor
The computer is an Ace Desktop


A:Windows Deletes Digital Mic Recording

I have a Recording Studio, using both Win 7 and Win 8. My recording studio software and hardware work equally well in both.

From your description, it seems there are several problems, at least that are in your post, and maybe more.

By "digital" mic, I assume you are using a USB connected microphone? Is this correct? A digital microphone does not use the PC's sound card for recording. But, whatever is recorded uses the PC's sound card for playback.

But, the first thing is to get the sound card working correctly. First thing, as this is an "Ace" (Acer?) PC, the Model Number would be helpful. If its the typical RealTek, you can download the Windows 8.1 driver directly from RealTek. But, before you do that, do you have the Windows 8.1 update? Windows 8.1 changes some items and that should be installed before updating/installing the RealTek drivers.

Here is the link to RealTek and the High Definition Audio Controller (driver). Realtek

Get the PC sound working correctly and then we can try getting the USB mic to work properly.

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I'm looking for a way to connect the voice from my NEC NEAX 2000 IPS phone to Audacity to record customer calls for quality control purposes. Right now I received a device that I must use in conjunction with the speaker feature, I'd like to have a set up where I can go direct from the phone to a line in on the pc.

A:Solved: Digital Voice Signal Recording

You can get adapters from many sources.

Here's a schematic of an adapter I made from Radio Shack parts ~ $10
The RS transformer is much smaller than the one in the pic.
The potentiometer is not necessary.


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I tried recording a movie on Encore Western a couple of days ago and my Philips DVD Recorder 3475 told me I couldn't record in +VR mode. At the time I was using a Verbatim DVD-RW disc. I also tried a Vertbatim +R disc and it still wouldn't work.

Today, I found a TV Show on demand that I wanted to record, but couldn't record it with the DVD recorder (said I couldn't record it) and the VCR recorded it but it came out gray with tracking problems.

Please tell me there is a way around this. I'm trying to record programs and movies that you CANNOT buy on DVD. Really they aren't. The movie I tried to record is very rare (from the 70s) and I'm surprised it was even played on a movie channel. It's kind of lame that you can't record shows and movies that aren't available on DVD and probably never will be. I could see the point in banning ones that are, but the rare ones that aren't is discouraging and making me not even want digital because there's no point in paying extra money for shows/movies I can't grab while I'm not home. I also want to be able to watch these in my own room where I don't have digital.

Here's how I had everything connected. On the back of my digital box I had an RCA plug in the out plugs and had that going to the in plugs on the dvd recorder. Then I had another set of RCA plugs going from the out plugs on my dvd recorder to the ones on the TV. The same setup was used for my vcr as ... Read more

A:Problems recording with DVDR and VHS on Comcast Digital

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The Inspiron 13 5378 has two integrated webcams, the first is a hd 720p, the other is a Infrared Webcam. Both are working. But infrared only works on windows hello, and I can not record videos with it. The option to switch to infrared camera, is not enabled in the camera application. But when the Inspiron arrived from the store this option was possible.
I believed that this could have been caused by updating drivers, I use Auslogic Drivers Updater. But even excluding the driver, downloading and installing the driver of the official website, the option of recording using the infrared camera is not yet available.
How to solve?Gratidão!

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The camera apps recording after 9 mins of recording, how do I extend recording time?

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Ok...I am in serious need of instructions on how to take a picture with an Olympus Camedia E-20n.

I am in the middle of installing a wireless modem on a laptop and the support guy wants me to take a picture of the motherboard.

This is my bosses camera and he is not here. No instructions and website is no help.

Can anyone help me please? Just need one picture.

A:How to use digital camera

Since I couldn't delete this post (tried) I just want everyone to know I figured it out. This is a huge camera with tons of settings for a professional...which I'm not. But I finally figured it out. Now to download them!!

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my computer will nt recognize my camera ever since i reinsalled win98. but it recognizes my scanner on the usb right next to it

A:usb digital camera

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I need some help my DVC 325 I have it installed but I don't have an application to view the pictures and when I go into Printers and other devices in the control panel there are no programs available to get the pictures . So what do I do now? I have tried several diff free programs but none have helped.

A:Digital Camera

I did a search nd found this.


Scroll to DVC325, and read.

Brief coverage

"WINDOWS XP blocks the installation of this software from your KODAK DVC325 Digital Video Camera software CD. To use this device with WINDOWS XP, you need to install the WINDOWS XP Driver Software available on the DVC325 download page ( http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=5764 ). If you would like to install the Presto! software bundled with your camera, please contact NewSoft at http://www.newsoftinc.com ."

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I recently purchased Dell computer with Windows Vista. I have a CD to install canon A510 digital camera but cannot get it installed. When I put the CD in nothing comes up on the computer. Do I need to download a new driver and if so, what driver should I download? please HELP!!

A:Digital Camera

As a rule I NEVER load and software that comes with a camera.

What happens if you simply plug the Canon camera in, does Vista recognise it as an external drive and allow you to browse to the DCIM folder on the camera card and copy/past the images to the flder of your choice on the PC?

If so, simply do not use the Canon software. I am aware that some Canon cameras do require a driver for some Windows versions, but that is a minority of cases. Try it and see?

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for some reason when i plug my camera into the usb port and i select "run on pc" on my camera, nothing happens on my PC when the last time i performed this precedure, everything worked perfectly?


k thanks

A:About my digital camera and USB?

Uninstall and reinstall the USB ports through Device manager. Just right click on each entry, click uninstall, and once all are gone, right click anywhere in the window and 'scan for new hardware'. Windows will then reinstall the usb ports.

If that doesn't work, come back.


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Hi All,

I have recently become aware of an item in my "My Computer" folder called "My Digital Camera". This is what it looks like:-

I did not install this and don't know where it came from. There is no install information and I can't even find where the main files are located. Right clicking only produces "Explore" and "open" options. When I open it, I can then select the help/about menu and get the following.

Note, the date is 1998. I would have expected an installation folder somewhere, but can't find one.

While this doesn't appear to be malicious, I would still like to get rid of it. Anyone any suggestions?


P.S. HJT log

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:38:55 PM, on 11/07/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Canon\MultiPASS4\MPSERVIC.EXE
C:\Progra~1\ASUS\Power4 Gear\BatteryLife.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\OmniPageSE\opware32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasServ.exe
C:\WINDO... Read more

A:NOT My Digital Camera.

hi, welcome to TSG.

download ccleaner

* Install CCleaner
* Launch CCleaner and look in the upper right corner and click on the "Options" button.
* Click "Advanced" and remove the check by "Only delete files in Windows temp folders older than 48 hours".
* Click OK
* Do not run CCleaner yet. You will run it later in safe mode.

Download the pocket killbox

* Download the trial version of Ewido Security Suite here

* Install ewido.
* During the installation, under "Additional Options" uncheck "Install background guard" and "Install scan via context menu".
* Launch ewido
* It will prompt you to update click the OK button and it will go to the main screen
* On the left side of the main screen click update
* Click on Start and let it update.
* DO NOT run a scan yet. You will do that later in safe mode.

* Click here for info on how to boot to safe mode if you don't already know
How to boot to safe mode

* Now copy these instructions to notepad and save them to your desktop. You
will need them to refer to in safe mode.
* Restart your computer into safe mode now. Perform the following steps in
safe mode:

* Run Ewido:

* Click on scanner
* Click Complete System Scan and the scan will begin.
* During the s... Read more

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I am trying to install a PC-camera, that's the name on the box. I get so far and get a error message that the camera has no record windows logo testing. I'm stuck..

A:PC digital camera

Are we talking about a webcam here or a digital camera?
As your specs indicate XP, if it is a portable digital camera, it may not require any drivers. If it is a webcam, does the box indicate that it is designed for XP?

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Ok I wouldn't usually post something like this but I don't know that much about digital cameras, I have a 1 gig SD card from a older one so I'm wondering of getting a new one that uses SD and willing to spend around 600 canadian. What are some good ones? I'm looking at canons and they can do videos of 30fps and ok quality, I was wondering if anybody has one is there a time limit on how long the video last or does it just countinue until the card is full, also has anybody bought water proof cases and took their camera swimming or something, I'm quite interested in underwater photography and i guess last what's better overall having more megapixels or more optical zoom? Yeah, so thanks suggestions are appreciated

A:Looking to buy a new digital camera.

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Hi, This is my first time here. I am a very illiterate computer user, so please don't laugh! I have a Windows ME, very old computer and a Vivitar digital camera that my computer won't recognise. The first time I installed the software for the camera, I was able to upload the pictures to the computer, but ever after that, my computer just won't acknowledge that there is a camera hooked up to it. I tried uninstalling the software and re-installing it and when I plug the camera in to upload, I get a little pop-up that says a certain file can not be found, please insert a disc labeled Windows ME. I tried doing that but nothing changed. Any ideas?? Thanks!

A:Digital Camera

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I am considering 2 camera's. Each one having a difference in Meg's and Zoom.

Kodak 12 mp with 5x zoom
Pentax 8 mp with 7 internal zoom

Kodak sales team outstandingly claims that undoubtedly 12 mp's are utmost important and no one has 12 like them and their's is the BEST.

Pentax claims that it's all in the zoom.

So, am I better off with which one.
The photo's taken shown by the sales team do look better with the kodak. I have a kodak now, 5 mp.

So who's right and which is better?

A:Digital Camera

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O.K. In Order To Print Picutures Using The Printer That Came With The Camera I Have To Insert The Memory Card Into The Printer And It Will Print From That. My Problem Is The Specific Picture That I Want To Print Isn't On The Memory Card It's In Favorites And I Don't Know How To Get It On The Memory Card. Can You Help Me?

A:digital camera

kimbersmama said:

O.K. In Order To Print Picutures Using The Printer That Came With The Camera I Have To Insert The Memory Card Into The Printer And It Will Print From That. My Problem Is The Specific Picture That I Want To Print Isn't On The Memory Card It's In Favorites And I Don't Know How To Get It On The Memory Card. Can You Help Me?Click to expand...

Usually you can just click the picture in question and "Send to" from the drop down menu back onto your memory card (Assuming you have it plugged in so it shows in "My Computer" from a card reader or other device)

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Hi, I just bought a new camera, Canon A40, and I can't get it to work. I have windows xp and it gives me a code 19 error "Windows cant start this device because it's configuration information is incomplete or damaged" I got the same error with a scanner that I used before the digital camera, I thought it would go away. I tried reinstalling the driver, please someone help me out.


A:Digital Camera

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Does anyone have any experience with the Fuji fine pix S 5200 camera?

A:digital camera

I don't...but what information are you looking for? maybe someone can help find answers

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I have a Xony Cybershot, about 3 years old. I take pictures and then view them on my computer or send them via e-mail. I have been doing this for 2 1/2 years. Suddenly, today I took a couple of shots at home and came in to view them on my computer and it acts as if it does not read them. Nothing appears????

A:digital camera

Do you mean Sony Cybershot ?

How long since the memory was formatted ?
If you have all the photos on the cameras memory backed up you could try a format, but be aware this will wipe the memory clean.

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I am trying to install a hewlett packard model 315( which is maybe 7 yrs. old) to windows xp operating system. I can't seem to get puter to see it. Is it not compatable? Thank you.

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Hello guys, it's me again.

So today, I went to Walmart with the intention of getting a Canon Powershot A1200. Seems they do not carry this but could order online. So I could not see how it looks like, bulky or thin, etc. (and uses batteries, which I like).

The next 2 choices were:

1) Canon A2200 (floor model only, 20% off) from $79. Nice and thin, but don't know much about it.
2) Nikon Coolpix S3100, also floor model, 20% off) from $79. Nice and thin and likewise.

They are NOT re-ordering these models.

The rest were Sony and Kodak, nice and thin but didn't look at them.

I had actually preferred a camera that uses AA batteries, as opposed to lithium. I had a Kodak Easyshare that I had for many many years that ran on lithium and it just died after many years of service. I don't mind buying batteries, I only want a camera for my trip this year, otherwise, I'm not much of a picture-taker. That is why I need to keep it under $80.

[PS - I just saw a youtube video on the Nikon Coolpix and guy didn't seem to like it, too many features the guy didn't like, like the time between shots was too long, etc. I would not like that either.]

I'd truly appreciate any opinion or suggestion. Thank you very much.

[ I could also order the Canon A1200 online, no problem. I just wished I knew if it were thin and slick, the picture alone does not satisfy me.]

A:Getting Digital Camera

Canon website has some great information on both models you mentioned. I would start there with your questions about size, etc. This is the link to the A1200.


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Hi everyone.

I want to buy a cheap digital camera (under $200) but I don't know what to look for when buying one. Could someone tell me how to choose an acceptable, cheap digital camera? What brands/models are good? What do I need to know before buying one?

Thanks in advance.


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I was informed to download new driver for a xerox workcenter pro scanner and forgot to disconnect my camera and now I am unable to download the pictures to the computer.I am using vista premium.Can this problem be fix? Thank you

A:digital camera

Try the Device Manager with camera and scanner connected - Roll Back Driver option.

Still no joy try System Restore.

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I received a message on my digital camera that say format memory card. What does that mean?

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It means that the camera cannot recognise the memory on the card and assumes that it needs formatting (instructions vary by camera for this but it will be in the manual).

If this is a new card, that is not unusual, or if the card has been formatted by a computer it's not unusual.

If the card has any important images on it, and this message has occurred for no reason (i.e. it's not a new card or a recently formatted card from a PC card reader) then try removing and re-inserting the card, it may be just a connection issue.

It can also mean that the card is corrupted, and needs a reformat to try to fix it.

Just remember that formatting will remove any data on the card.

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Alright guys,

This is my first post on these forums, and this seemed like a suitable place to post this question. I'm sorry if there is already a FAQ or Sticky for this, but I wasn't able to find it. So here's my question...

Recently I've been taking a serious interest in photography and photo editing and what not. I'm really looking to buy a good Digital Camera, that would suit my needs. I have a budget of $500 or less. What I will mostly be taking pictures of, is me and my friends, or me and my girlfriend. Cars, sporting events and such. Now, it must be digital, I realize there are probably cameras that are suited for what I'm interested in that are better then digital, but as mentioned above, I'll be doing alot of serious editing and what not. Early next year, between January and Mid-February, I'll be purchasing a PowerMac because of the fact that Macs are great for photo and video editing. I'm 17 years old and would like to make this into a career if possible. Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks in advance.


A:The Right Digital Camera For Me?

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I've lost the software that came with the digital camera model DXG-308, is there anyway I can download that software

A:DXG-308 digital camera


Welcome to TSG.

There seem to be a number of sites offering the driver for download for that camera.

Just google "dxg-308 driver" and you will have a choice. Some are free after registering, some cost a little bit.

Good luck

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I am taking the plunge and switching from a 35mm film camera to digital. After doing some research, I have decided to go for good quality SLR. Since this will be a major investment, I would like some pointers from those of you who are more experienced in this area. What should I look for? What are the best buys? The best brands? Your opinions are appreciated! Thanks!

A:What Digital Camera do you use and why?

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