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P52S Boot Freeze

Q: P52S Boot Freeze

Afer updating to 1903 my laptop will freeze at the login screen on first boot, then upon restart will either boot up or freeze at a blank screen. upon 2nd restart will always boot up. I have updated all drivers and bios, disabled fast boot, updated nvidia drivers manually as well. I have restored windows using a windows media creator image as well as lenovos update 1903 restore usb.

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Preferred Solution: P52S Boot Freeze

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Afer updating to 1903 my laptop will freeze at the login screen on first boot, then upon restart will either boot up or freeze at a blank screen. upon 2nd restart will always boot up. I have updated all drivers and bios, disabled fast boot, updated nvidia drivers manually as well. I have restored windows using a windows media creator image as well as lenovos update 1903 restore usb.

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I have a number of P52s units at a client site. They seem to be having some issues with a driver or two. Today on one of the P52s units, the system undocked wouldn't boot past the Lenovo Red Screen (BIOS)It just sits there until I hit enter to go into the configuration mode. We go to F1Under the Thunderbolt menus we have the following set: Thunderbolt BIOS Assist Mode: Enabled  (Was disabled, tech support said to turn it on for some reason)Wake by Thunderbolt : EnabledSecurity Level: I had User Authorization but tech support said to turn that off. Support for Preboot environment is enabled.  I was able to get the system to boot today, after changing through some settings. The end user was able to work with the machine docked but stand alone, it just hangs at the Red Lenovo Screen. I do have the graphics in the nVidia control panel set to use the Quadro adapter by default but this was happening before that was set. Today there was a BIOS update, THunderbolt update, Intel firmware update of some sort and some driver updates from Lenovo Vantage. They were all listed as Critical Each one pretty much required a reboot.  Once finshed with those I was able to get the machine to load up successfully like 4 times without hanging. The end user took the computer home again today and she is having the same issue. The machine hangs at the red Lenovo screen on boot. We can hit enter to get into the BIOS configu... Read more

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The first time I replaced the SSD I was able to disable the internal battery in the BIOS config settings as per manual instructions. However now my laptop just boots to a blank black screen, and I cannot get to config settings. How do I disable the internal battery? Can I just go ahead and try to replace the SSD without doing so? Should I let it sit there on the black screen and drain power? (but the fan is really loud while it does that)

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Hello,I have a T580 P52s 20LB with a 500GB HDD, a ThinkPad T580 P52s M.2 SSD tray and a 500GB M.2 Samsung EVO 970 Pro.  I also have an M.2 to USB-C adapter.  Samsung Magician will not detect the SSD using the adapter so I used a work-around to clone my HDD (all partitions) to my SSD.  Afterward, I installed the SSD using the M.2 SSD tray but I got the boot device not found error.  My tech tried and got the same results. A third tech tried and got the same results.  Even when I had the third tech wipe the M.2, install it and try to do a fresh Window 10 install, it did not work.  I know the drive is fine because it works in other machinces.  I got my SSD tray directly from Lenovo and confirmed before purchasing and after receiving it that it is the correct part. I know the machine is capable of supporting SATA or M.2 NVMe for drive 1 but I can't seem to get this to work.  I picked up a SATA EVO 860 in case help from this forum isn't able to solve the problem.

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Hey,I really need some help with the following issue: Details:HW: Y520 with 16GB RAM, GTX 1060, SSD (GPT) + HDD (MBR)SW: Win10 pro - including latest updates. On GPT based SSD and in UEFI mode.BIOS: latest one is loaded Problem:In short; The FIRST boot each day is unsuccessful, but the SECOND right after the failed attempt is always successful. More details:This also happens, if I switch the notebook on after not using it for a few hours, like 3h<So during the first attempt the notebook is just freezing and and I have to press and hold power button. The last thing I can see is the lenovo logo and the stopped spinning circle animation. Notebook doesnt react to ctrl+alt+del.The strange thing is that right after these 1st attempts the 2nd boot attempts are always successful, windows10 loads in and no problem after that. What I already checked:-Windows event viewer: There are no records from the failed boot, I guess because windows is not even loaded.-Drivers: All drivers are installed-BIOS: I didnt see any related setting. The OS was installed in UEFI mode and bios is set this way (UEFI)-I run all the quick and deep hw diagnostics test on lenovo support page - No issues.-Win10 reinstall: Even after a clean install the freezes are still happening. Installed win10 twice but no change, still freezing.What causes the freezes!?If needed I can make a video as well.Thanks in advance!

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The very first boot of my Yoga 920 13 glass gave me an application exception during initial configuration.  See below.  I guess I don't need to highlight the irony of the background.  Anyone know what causes this?  Just poor testing? When I tried to boot my laptop up the next day, it acted even more strange.   When I logged into the main Windows screen (either via PIN or scan fingerprint), I got a black screen with a cursor...nothing else.  I waited up to 20 minutes, then tried multiple times to power on and off and the same cycle kept happening.  The login went nowhere.  I finally held down the power button until the machine fully turned off and then it worked fine when I restarted. Anyone else having these odd things happen?   It's a really poor first time experience.  

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I recently bought a P52s with a 500gb HDD. Is there any way to have an HDD and SSD in the p52s?

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after reinstalling xp and updating and restarting till all updates were done the computer wont boot. For some reason it still has xp home in the boot selection menu, but i know this is invalid...i select xp pro and the screen freezes, if i try to boot from the xp cd again it hangs at "inspecting your computer hardware" screen. I tried a different harddrive, reseated the ram, swapped keyboards incase a key was stuck, switched ide cables, reset the bios, tried a different cd drive to boot from but i cant boot from cd or harddrive it just freezes, i've don this dozens of times and never seen this before........Help!

A:boot freeze xp

I am going to reply to my own thread, i had an external drive hooked up to transfer some files over, i inplugged this and it booted up. Sometimes it's so simple.

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Hi I have a few questions it?s about Booting up and Creating a Boot -able Flash Drive (Sans-disc 16 Gig Fat32)
I had an issue this morning the PC is only 3 month? old a Dell Inspiron 660.
I have noticed a couple of times in the morning?s Maybe when its trying to install Updates ) or MC Vee runs? that it does some funny things. This morning the computer ?Locked up? and I had to ?Re Start it but it would not go past the Black Screed Dell Logo. I pushed all the buttons Windows, F2, F8, F10, for Safe Mode but nothing and I haven't got a Win8 Disc. Win8 was Pre-installed? I have the Product Key but That's another Problem as well.
It took me all day to manage to start the PC and I am not game to turn it off until we can see whats up. I have since Run MWMbs and McVee on Scan? nothing? so I decided to create a ?Boot-able USB flash drive? but the problem is how and where do I download the Windows 8 ISO and do I download Windows 8.1 or just 8?

I found MS win 8 update site and tried to Download the Win 8 64 version I don?t know if it was the ISO but when I went to add my Windows Product Key it said Dasha will log in Auto (see JPEG) Attach for that and when I tried to clear the ?box? and use my product key? it would not accept my Product Key that I entered??

So I need some info about the Lock up and No Boot if I can please?

1 ) Do I update My PC and the The Re-Boot able USB stick with Windows 8.1
or Just 8

2) Where do I find an ISO of win8 to download to save and install using The ... Read more

A:Where and What is an ICO of Win 8 Win Freeze on Re - Boot

I think you mean an ISO (instead of ICO). You can download the Win 8.1 ISO by following this procedure:


Follow the tip at the end of the tutorial for instructions on how to get that ISO onto a USB drive or DVD.

Once done, you will need to do a clean install using a special key for the 8.1 installation. This key works for Windows 8.1 Pro (see post #16):

How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO

Now, after you have successfully done a clean install, you must now use your Windows 8 Pro key to activate the installation as a legitimate upgrade to 8.1 Pro:

Hope all this detail helps you. Good luck.


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Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix my problem? I just recently reformat my computer and everything was fine until it restarted after the process was finish. When the boot screen is loading it just freeze and I am pretty sure the RAM, hard drive, and cpu are all okay. It is just after i reformat that this error occur. Sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this.

A:freeze on boot.

1st things to do would be to rule out RAM / HardDrive.

Download and run from Floppy or CD: MemTest {to check the RAM} and the HDD Diagnostic from the Drives manufacturer.

If they pass, try another install.

I've also found if it hangs during Install and the 'Board runs Dual Channel RAM, removing 1 stick will often allow Windows to Install, then put it back in once it's finished.

Hope this helps.

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go into safe mode by pressing f4 while booting up and remove the screen saver

A:Boot Freeze

When I power on my computer, it freezes up immediately after the video card ID display. I am running WinME on AMD Athlon 1Ghz. This condition started after installing a screensaver.

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Ok i'll make this simple
1. I start the computer.
2. It does the memory check
3. it freeze right after that
4. keyboard doesn't respond
5. if i push keyboard before or during memory check its calls keyboard error and freeze, always after memory check.
6. I change the hard drive. does nothing after memory check.
7. I change memory (SDRAM). does nothing after memory check.
8. I remove Cmos battery for 24hrs and put in a new battery. didn't change a thing.
9. Cleared CMOS with the pin thing. did nothing for the computer.
10. Can't enter CMOS cause freeze before i get a chance.
11. USB keyboard. see number 5
12. Forget floppy or CD since it freeze before that and you know after memory check usally computers check hard drives, floppy and cd-rom for their name then start booting up in their repected order but mine doesn't even get to that thats y i change cd-rom, hard drive and floppy but nothing change.

Processor: pentium 2 266MHz
Motherboard: intel
Memory: 256mb
Cooling: a fan
Videocard: ati agp 2mb
Soundcard/Speakers: Opti
Hard Disk: 3.4 gig
CD-rom: 48x cd-rom
Case tower/desktop

so i'm out of ideas can you please help me.

A:freeze before boot

do you get any beep sounds from your system? if so how many?

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I had recently sold a computer to a friend. He attempted with no technical experience to fit in a new graphics card. Im am unaware exactly where he went wrong but he told me the computer kept freezing. I told him to remove the graphics card. The only way I could say he went wrong is not uninstalling the onboard drivers before fitting in this new graphics card. I have took the system back. It freezes at the startup loading screen and safe mode. I have booted from disk to re-install windows. Now the more concerning issue is the freezing when formatting and installing. So now I cannot go any further. RAM is not the issue as ive tryed switching around; using different sticks of the same type. I am now thinking of it being the hard drive. The hard drive is recognised in the BIOS and the data containing on the hard drive is recognised on the partitioning screen?

I have tryed the boot disk in different drives and also different disks of the same version. It is SP3 by the way

Please help! I am badly confused

A:Freeze on Boot

Hmmm... so am I. If you have another system you don't mind messing with, switch out everything one by one including the motherboard. Therein lies your problem. Could be a bad disc, bad optical drive, the possibilities with an o/s install crashing are practically limitless! Thats why they charge so much lol.

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Currently I am running an ABIT NF7-S motherboard along with an AMD Athlon XP 3200 proccesor.
The system detects the processor as an 1100 and says there is an issue with the bios set up and it may not work but you can press F1 to try anyway. If you do it boots up fine and for the most part runs fine, but randomly you will loose picture on the monitor and the sound card loops the last 2-3 seconds of sound till you power off the box and power back on. If you do so, the time between shutdowns does not get shorter and it can be anywhere between a few hours and a few minutes.

If I go into BIOS and tell the computer to detect the processor properly and restart it makes me power off manually and back on, at which point it detects normally and goes through boot without requiring the press of F1, however after checking the RAID controllers but before passing to the OS, the system hangs. I have a cursor blinking as though its thinking, and that's it. I've not let it run to see if it is just a very slow boot, I'm going to try that tonight, but I wanted to know if anyone knew the nature of the problem and/or how to fix it.

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Twice lately, have experienced a freeze on boot-up when it gets to desktop. Only fix is to pull the main switch. ESC or Cntrl-alt-del doesn't work! System is Xp,SP2,IE6,2006 Norton System Works.have run virus check-no infects. Haven't changed anything. Is this symptomatic of an impending disaster?
Any ideas anyone?If you need more info, ask please.

A:Boot Freeze

Have you done anything (software/hardware installations / updates etc) prior to the problem?

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Our H50-55 desktop is just over 2 years old. Windows 10 64 bit. After the last Windows update it started having issues of booting up slowly, sometimes hanging and needed to be restarted, sometimes more than once. This morning the "Lenovo" appeared on screen with the front panel HDD light showing for a few moments, then the HDD light goes out and the "Lenovo" stays on screen. Period. Have tried to restart repeatedly, also held down power button for 15 seconds. I'm guessing the hard drive died? Our recovery disk seems to have been lost.I used a different computer to download "Windows 10 Recovery Tool 64-Bit 17.01.16" from Major Geeks.com, onto a flash drive. I'm afraid to use it though. Any help with this? Thanks!

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Hello I need some help with my xp home computer.

A week ago I turned on my computer and had it freeze then go to a blue screen involving something about dumping hard drive to a phicsical disk or something and after it restarted it began to give me a blank screen instead of the xp loading screen.. so I restarted it and it gave me the sorry for the inconvenience with the start up options.. I have tryed all of these even all the options in F8 and all freeze except last known good config.. that gives me a blank screen, I dont have a xp disk unfortunately, the strange thing is it worked last night but is back on the blink tonight and i noticed a strange thing above the memory test that reads CPUID 0f27 Patch 0037.. dont know if that means anything, I have not installed any new hardware in the past 6 months.. any one got any ideas?

I just had a quick thought is it possible to use another xp home computers files to fix any possible problems in my one?

Is it possible to get one without paying for it? last time I checked it cost about 100-300 here... oh and cpu temp is bout 51 celsius commonly

A:Xp boot up freeze

you'll need XP CD, and will have to check RAM memory, CPU Temperature. If computer is unstable it might corrupt your system even more while trying to fix it.

First check temperature in the system Bios by hitting DEL key when booting, CPU temp should be between 35 and 55 celsius (though problems may arise over 65 or so, depending on CPU)

check system memory: http://www.memtest86.com/

If memory and temperature are ok, do a repair reinstall with XP installation CD.

Keep in mind this are general guidelines, hope they help.

Good luck

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Ok well i was freezing on boot screen , thought it was a virus did a bunch of cleaning and ended up having to do a clean install. well after a clean boot and some windows updating everything seemed fine, well it started freezing on logo screen again. im thinking mabey its a hardware issue now, any advise would be great!

A:Freeze on Boot

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I am posting this for my sister.
Alright we both got new computers for Christmas, their Acers.
OS Name Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium
Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name ALEC-PC
System Manufacturer ACER
System Model Aspire M5641
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 2403 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. R01-B4, 11/09/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.5
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Locale Canada
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.6001.18000"
User Name Alec-PC\Alec
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 2.75 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.08 GB
Total Virtual Memory 5.70 GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.51 GB
Page File Space 3.04 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

That's the spec's of my computer, we have the same computer so it should be the same, but I don't know since her's keeps freezing :P
So, when she boots up her PC, it works but when you try to do something it freezes.
It's really annoying and I have been trying to fix it for so darn long! (I know how to fix XP's and some Vista problems, but not this! )
So, how can I fix this, I know it's not a display driver or soun... Read more

A:Freeze On Boot Up

Has it been freezing since day one, or has it suddenly started to freeze?

Does it always freeze, or does it freeze sometimes and work fine at other times?

What action actually causes the freeze? ie Opening explorer, Browser, particular application etc

It might be worthwhile running a couple of passes memtest to eliminate one possible h'ware issue:


If it shows errors, then the RAM is probably faulty. If it shows no errors, then you start looking elsewhere

On the plus side, at least you got the working PC

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randomly pc re-boots on its own or just freezesand the only way out is to turn off the power and re-start.any help will be much appreciated

A:freeze or re-boot

sounds like a heat issue get motherboard monitor ...install and watch your temps

you can also unplug the computer..remove side cover...blow out the dust bunnies ...plug in PC and with the side cover off look and see if the cpu fan is running along with any other case fans and power supply fan

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Hi im having problems with my computer everytime i boot it up it will boot up normaly beeping once and loading onto my desktop then less than one minute from boot up it will freeze i repeat this process until it boots successfully and im able to use my computer. sometimes when i boot it up it goes to the startup repair and when it finishes it reboots and finishes loading and restarts itself once again and freezes at the acer page where im able to boot to menu and enter setup.

What is the problem with my computer and how can i fix it ?

Computer specs
Acer Aspire M3800
Windows 7
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8300
ATI Radeon HD 4650 1024 MB


A:Boot Freeze

Could you please list the details of your power supply?

Also if you could, please enter setup and see if you can see the power options screen and look at the voltages.
Please post the voltages as shown so that we can see if they are correct.

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1)How many PCIe channels does the m.2 slot support?2)If bought with the HDD SATA can you upgrade to NVME PCIe 3.0 SSD using the hard drive bracket? (and ensure connection via PCIe)3)Can you boot off of the m.2 2242 slot (used for WWAN)?(used by the optional intel optane memory)4)How many PCIe channels does the thunderbolt 3 slot support?

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I love my P52, even if it throttles the CPU a little too easy. 
What I don't love is that is won't receive any charge with a 90W adapter or USB-C unless it's hibernated or turned off (and not always then either). 
Previous models would give a message that it's not sufficient and use some battery to compensate, but now I have to drag a huge 170W adapter to meeting rooms at work, which are prewired with 90W which should give me more than enough hours on 90W plus battery to last all day. 
Is there a good reason to not support these ways to charge?

A:P52s Charging

Hello sveintore! Welcome to Community Forums.
What is the wattage of the AC adapter that came with your machine? Based on the product specifications, the machine's AC adapter is 170W slim tip AC adapter and USB-C doesn't support power delivery. You may refer to the specs here https://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20P52/ThinkPad_P52_Platform_Specification....

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I've had my computer for 5 months. I remember it always running hot, but I'm not sure this hot.  I run solidworks 90% of the time the laptop is open. Nothing major was running, an assembly file with maybe 20 parts underneath it. Disabled thunderbolt, that had no effect. any other ideas? my fingertips are literally burning. 

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Hi all, I'm trying to install Windows 10 on a P52s ( MTM: 20LCS0W70H ) but installation is unable to find the NVmE disk .Because it's a laptop provided from my company it was previously installed with corporate version of W10 and disk was completely wiped before doing it, so partition recovery was deleted. I got a licensed version of Windows 10 from my company ( different than the one used for all the laptop ) and this is not able to recognize the disk where to install Windows.I've tried to download RST drivers from Lenovo but they're not working and Samsung drivers for this disk are not available on support page. Someone knows which drivers I need to recognize the disk and where I can find Them ? Thanks

A:Windows 10 on P52s

You shouldn't need drivers.  Is the disk seen in the boot options in the BIOS?

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Hi all, I'm trying to install Windows 10 on a P52s ( MTM: 20LCS0W70H ) but installation is unable to find the NVmE disk .Because it's a laptop provided from my company it was previously installed with corporate version of W10 and disk was completely wiped before doing it, so partition recovery was deleted. I got a licensed version of Windows 10 from my company ( different than the one used for all the laptop ) and this is not able to recognize the disk where to install Windows.I've tried to download RST drivers from Lenovo but they're not working and Samsung drivers for this disk are not available on support page. Someone knows which drivers I need to recognize the disk and where I can find Them ? Thanks

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Can anyone advise if its possible to change the LCD in the P52s from FHD to UHD version?

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Whilst the P53s continues to be unavailable I noticed that lenovo.com also offers a P52s. The largest PCIe SSD that it comes with is a 1TB SSD and the largest amount of RAM it comes with is 2x16GB DDR4 SODIMMs. I was wondering if that computer could be upgraded with the following: 2TB PCI NVMe SSD2x32GB DDR4 SODIMMsFor that matter could I get it with a SATA3 SSD and get a PCIe NVMe SSD after the fact? Would a SATA3 SSD P52s even have a PCI NVMe slot? Like a 1TB SSD PCIe costs $370 more than a 500GB HDD 7200RPM SATA3 but I can buy a 1TB PCIe SSD off of amazon.com for $129.99 and just image the contents of the HDD over, which both saves me money and gets me an extra HDD that I can use for whatever. Does the Intel Optane 16GB SSD PCIe take the slot that the larger capacity PCIe SSDs would take up? Could I (on my own) configure the P52s with both a PCIe NVMe SSD and a SATA3 SSD?

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I recently bought a P52s and saw that you can put an M.2 SSD in the WWAN slot. Does the M.2 have to be a Sata or a NVME, and will it actually be able to boot Windows from the SSD?

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Got my new P52s about 20 days ago. I was very excited at that time. Now,  I am very disappointed about my unit ( 32G RAM/ 1T SSD/ 4K screen & all features ): it is very noisy.  I have updated all softwares and firmware.  My T470s ( one year old ) is very quiet.  I thought T580 should be good too ( P52s is same as T580 ).  Since it is noisy, I haven't really use it yet.  Is it normal for this model ? Or, my unit is not good. Please give me suggestion. I believe that I have one week to make my decision: keep it, replace  it or chage to another model ( which 15 inch one is good ?).  

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Hello, I want to buy a Lenovo P52s (incl. is a 512GB SSD, System 20LB000KGE). Is it possible to attach a 2nd SSD ?If yes, could some one tell me how to do ?Im planning a 2TB SSD. Type and Manufacturer are in the moment free. Would be nice to get an information.Thanks in advance YoursSWATKRIS  

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Hello,  I have a P52s, and just received my dock today, which is the 40AJ0135US, and I'm having some difficulty with the setup. The dock has power, provided by the included 135W psu, the laptop is charging from the dock, I am not getting any video from the vga port, and the usb ports are not working. I've installed the drivers listed on the product page for the dock, and have had no change. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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What are the USB ports on a Lenovo P52s ? I can see the two USB 3.0 ports (on the right of the laptop) On the left, starting from the the back you have the power input,  then the Thunderbolt 3 port and then . . .   the USB-C port  ?  or is it ? What cable type do you use with this port ?  Thanks

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So Lenovo sent me an M.2 PCIe SSD that wouldn't physically fit to get into the M.2 slot.  I was told by a computer shop that that slow was made for an NIC.  I don't know what to think but It was requested that I send the SSD back.  My questions are as follows: Will the P52s support an M.2 SSD?I still havn't gotten the package lable to send the SSD back:  Is anyone here capable of getting me that?Chat support keeps telling me that they don't know, and my phone is having hardware problems.

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i have hp probook 645 g1 and i added ram and ssd drive to it. After that i made clean install of windows 10 pro, and now sometimes i get problem with booting the laptop. It freezes on startup on HP logo and I have to shut it down manualy and do hard reset. I have checker RAMs if they are okay, and ssd is new but i checked it to. BIOS is set to factory conditions and I really dont know what to do more. Interesting part is that laptop boots up normally in 9 out of 10 times. Any ideas?
Thank you

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Help me please....

Thank You,
David Waters

A:Ultra 100 FREEZE On Boot Up

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P4 2.8ghz
brand new GA-8VM800M-775 motherboard
2 512 ram
fx 5200 graphics card

i just got a new motherboard to replace the old one which was giving tremenous trouble.
but when i start the computer up, it goes through the testing ram etc. and then either freezes there for a few seconds and shuts down, or freezes on windows boot and shuts down...
need a bit of help thanx

A:system freeze on boot

nate555 said:


P4 2.8ghz
brand new GA-8VM800M-775 motherboard
2 512 ram
fx 5200 graphics card

i just got a new motherboard to replace the old one which was giving tremenous trouble.
but when i start the computer up, it goes through the testing ram etc. and then either freezes there for a few seconds and shuts down, or freezes on windows boot and shuts down...
need a bit of help thanxClick to expand...


If your running XP ,2K or NT and the replacement motherboard is different to the one that failed , then you will need to reinstall the OS, this is because NT based products such as 2K XP build a list of the installed Hardware when the OS is installed, if there is then a major change to the hardware it will fail to boot.

There are opinions that an inplace Upgrade or over the top install will cure it but most have little success with these and the best option is to reinstall, if there is data on the drive that you require then your options are to buy a 2nd harddrive and install the OS on that then slave the old one up and copy the data from it, any programs that you installed will have to be reinstalled as these cannot just be copied over, or use a partition manager to create a 2nd partition on the drive and install to that.


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Hi, about every 5th boot after about 3-5 minutes I get a stuttering mouse and then a system freeze. No blue screen of death just a frozen computer. This started about a month ago.

Here's my diagnostics tool dump. Thanks very much.


A:System freeze every 5th boot

Not much good with dump files Bubblegum but try running Speccy to see what the temps are
Speccy - Download

and then these if the machine doesn't freeze on you


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html < if necessary use the options /f and /r in Option 2




download from bleeping computer ? delete any rubbishthese find.

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My brother's PC will no longer boot up...It just hangs on Update ECSD (or whatever it says) sucessfully...and stops right there....

I set it to boot from cd-rom, and tried to boot from the XP cd, and it just hangs in the same spot, only it says

"Boot from Atapi CD-ROM"
No Emulation
I tried this first with his CD-ROM and hard drive, and then tried it with My cd-Rom and Hard drive, and the same thing happens...

I'm totally baffled, I've never seen this message before....but I'm thinking maybe the motherboard is bad...

Ive tried resetting the bios, loading defaults,....everything I can think of..

His motherboard is the Asus A7V8x, 512 MB ram, XP 2000+

The systems been running fine for the last few months...this just happend the last time he rebooted.

Any Ideas anyone>?

Edit * I can get into BIos and everything works fine in there....it recognizes all the IDE devices, temps, cpu, ram, everything..

Edit 2* the cd is fine, no scratches, an will boot my computer to xp setup screen no problem..so its not the cd..

A:No Emulation - Freeze before boot - Help

Wow I've stumped you all.


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Hi guys,
I have a samsung chronos 7 running windows 7x64, a few months old, and as of yesterday it has developed a problem. It boots up and I can login as quickly and effortlessly as normal, but after a short while, 30 secs to a minute after, the whole machine becomes unresponsive and incredibly slow.it cant even open windows such as "my computer", and cannot shut down, i have to force a shutdown with the power button.
I noticed after a couple of reboots with that happening that when it freezes the hard drive activity light is solidly on, as if the drive is in constant use.
At this point I attemped to run chkdsk as soon as i logged in, trying to beat the lockup. It crawled to 67%, stage 2 verifying indexes, 329020 of 361216 processed. At that point it froze for hours.
I reset and booted into safe mode and ran chkdsk again. This time it sped through to 67% again, even the same index number and froze.
In safe mode the computer was useable slightly longer before it froze and chkdsk ran faster but same result, no response, light solidly on and its now been there for 7 hours on 67%, whearas reaching that point took about 5 seconds.
Could anyone offer advice on what steps to take, or what the issue may be. Also accessing logs may be a problem as i only have my phone to get on the internet with, but if theyre small files i may be able to upload them from here.
I really dont wanna have to replace the drive or reinstall windows as my backup external drive died last week and... Read more

A:lockup/freeze after boot

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I am having some problems with my PC.

Originally the issue was windows would just freeze / lockup on me at random times.

I thought I had some sort of malware, or driver conflict or something, but after many tests, nothing showed up, and there was never any issues reported in event viewer when this happened.

I was running 2 hard drives at the time (1 IDE and 1 SATA6), so I stopped using my main drive at the time, and switched to my back up (the IDE) and everything was fine for a couple of days, until it started to freeze on me again.

Then, I found the next issue, when going back to the other drive it wouldn't load in to windows, I thought perhaps the boot table was screwed up or something, so I formatted and started fresh, even using a completely new version of windows (still 7, just a different copy).

Everything was fine for about 2 weeks, no freezes, nothing. However the computer was on the entire time (I always leave it running), but no issues on reboots or anything.

Then the power got shut off for a few hours (the city was chopping down trees and had to disconnect power lines), when the power came back up, I had the same problem again, I couldn't log in to windows.

So while I sat there scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck was causing this issue - the computer warmed up and eventually I got back in to windows.

It's been running fine since, however I am dreadfully afraid of shutting it off or rebooting in case I can't get... Read more

A:Freeze & Boot Issues

Ok so...

Brand new motherboard, brand new video card, brand new power supply...

Was defragging the drive with O&O ... computer did that lock up thing again...(@91% done). I would say it's the HDD
but its happened on 2 different drives. Everything has been swapped out or replaced. Even 2 different copies of windows
have been used lol.

I am starting to suspect maybe it was O&O the entire time.

I haven't had any issues getting into windows (yet) or any other issues so far, I removed O&O just in case

Friggin perplexing issue!

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hi i currently purchase a brand new soyo dragon lite p4x400 .
and also brand new 512 one stick of ram 2100. i turn the pc on and it last 10 secs and it feeze i try diff ram diff video and still same ****. the only thing i can think is the video card is a agp2x nvidia and the mainboard says 4x/8x 1.5vol only. i supposed to this 2xagp i have is 1.5v and i supposed the mainboard is backwards compatible? any clues ideas opinions all welcome.

ohh yeah running a p41.8ghz mainboard says it supports up 3.something . this is starting to really annoy me off mainboard has no jumper at all. i like older style better this new type. what is wrong with this nrabd new crap.


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A:can boot but 10secs freeze

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

From Soyo Usa Knowledgebase:
If the AGP video card is 4X then it is 1.5 volt card and this is supported.

If the AGP video card is 8X then it is 0.8 volt card and this is also supported on a 1.5 volt AGP slot.

NOTE: Any AGP card that has 4x or 8x AGP support is Supported on the 1.5 volt AGP slot.

NOTE: Any AGP card that has only 1x or 2x AGP support is not Supported on the 1.5 volt AGP slot.

Please check the picture below:

This knowledge base article applies to the following products:

-SY-P4X400 DRAGON Lite
Intel Socket-478 Pentium 4 Based VIA P4X400 Chipset ATX Motherboard With Hyper-Threading, 400/533MHz FSB, DDR400 and 8X AGP Pro Support, Integrated LAN, USB 2.0, and 4-Ch Hardware Audio
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