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Floppy shows up when not installed/ cant go to safe mode

Q: Floppy shows up when not installed/ cant go to safe mode

I have dell computer with following:
Microsoft Wndows xp
home edition
Verson 2002
Pentium 4 cpu 3.00Ghz
2.99 Ghz, 2.00GB of Ram
Hard drive 149 GB ( I installed new SSD drive 120GB)
Use 35.00GB
Free 149 GB

I recently clone my c:/ drive and installed new SSD drive.

I have following problems:

Problem 1.

At the start before loading operating systems I get following message:

Once I strick f1 it loads operating system.
I do not have floppy drive installed in my computer why do I get this message.

Problem 2

I can not go to safe mode, I tried F1, F2, F8 and F12 to go to safe mode but it doed not work.

Can any one help.

Preferred Solution: Floppy shows up when not installed/ cant go to safe mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Floppy shows up when not installed/ cant go to safe mode

it sounds like your hard disk crashed, and it's looking for alternative devices to boot up from.
reinstall / buy new hard drive

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Hi!So today when I started my PC it was showing me that screen from where you choose how to start the windows.I chose to start it normally.It started,the monitor was on,but when exactly when the screen where I need to type my password had to appear,the 'vga no signal' appeared.I started the windows in safe mode then,to see if it opens this way,and it does.Can anyone help me?I am not very good at computers.Thank you!

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SO I go to turn on my laptop and it doesnt start.... It comes on and i see the Sony welcome screen then it asks which mode i want to start it in. Ive tried Just about every mode listed. Safemode, safe mode command, Regular, LAst working. None of them work. It gets to the windows loading screen and about 5 secs in i get the blue screen of death and it restarts and does the entire thing over again. I heard that you can make a boot disc with a floppy. Well the problem is i have a newer Xp laptop and they dont put floppys on laptops anymore. So what are my other free options.

I have a sony Sz110 With Xp Home. Sony support deffinately was no help.

A:Won't Start Or Go Into Safe Mode.. No Floppy Drive.

You can also make a boot disk on a CD ( http://www.bootdisk.com )But we'll need to know what the BSOD says in order to help troubleshoot the issue. There's pictures at this link ( http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/40108/how-to-use-event-viewer/ ) that'll show you what info we need. Have you selected the option (on the screen with Safe Mode) to disable automatic reboot? That'll leave the BSOD up long enough to read the info.

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First off let me start by saying hello. I am a newbie and would greatly appreciate any help or advice that the forum can give.

I am running windows xp on an older dell desktop.

While following the bc tutorial "remove antispyware soft" I was directed to the "how to start windows in safemode" tutorial. This tutorial instructed me to start computer in safe mode using MSconfig. Upon doing so my computer gets stuck in a re-boot cycle that I cannot get out of. According to the tutorial this is because of the malware, (see section titled, "Problems that can occur by forcing Safe Mode using the System Configuration Utility", unfortunately this section is at the very bottom and not sequential. It should be at the top for morons like me). The tutorial recommends using boot disk to reboot my computer. Unfortunately this is my old computer and I no longer have any XP associated disks. Can I fix this problem without any xp boot disk? I have no floppy disk drive (its been broken for years), but my cd-rom drive works. Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:safe mode loop using msconfig, no floppy bootdisk

Hello, we can create a bootable disk that allows you to access the Recovery Console.

However, first I would like to know what exactly happens when you try to boot. Does safe mode automatically load (you see the drivers rolling over the screen) and then you get a blue screen/reboot?

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Hi , fresh install of vista premium, worked good on my monitor, brought to my friends house, he uses 32 " sharp aquos, no problem working before. But now, it boots, and can see start up on screen, then lose video signal.
When im in safe mode, it boots and no problem seeing video. So what i need to know, is what settings to change so tv will display in normal mode.


A:Display only shows in safe mode

Also, just noticed under device manager no monitor is listed, so how do i get it to recognize the monitor??

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I've tried starting up my "tower" (cpu) and pressing F8 to getting in the administrators account. Of course everything was fine till the point I can't view icon's on my desktop, and when I click the start menu its all blanked out in black or white. Everytime I view a folder, the same with the icon's.. not sure what happened, but this is making it more difficult not for the images but that the start menu is all blanked out in another color or "transparent" as you might say, but im not sure. Any advice? Thanks.


A:Safe mode shows no icon's? *Problem*

Here is the final solution for your problem:
by Valerian E Partenie

Virus name: virtumonde.ggx - no info on the internet about this version!
Also it may be involved Troian.Fotomoto virus

As this is my FIRST "one on one" fight with a new generation of viruses, I'll describe you with my own words
what the virus did to my computer, what are the attack aspects and how I got rid of it!

Finally I MADE IT!!! After 3 days of work, trying to find the right cure, I found it!

Description of the virus:

It is a virus, that has 3 main things installed on your computer:
1.a link to it's site - in Internet temporary files - that can not be deleted (it comes back) if you are connected to the internet
2.an exe file - that is not identified by the scan program, because it is harmless itself but it's doing its job.
3.a dll file - that is identified by bitdefender, can be deleted but it comes back if you are on the internet
As he can be destroyed only from the safemode with no internet, that is the reason why he protects (hide) the safemode desktop!
(Try starting the computer in safemode with network support and you'll see that the desktop is fine!!!)
Well, I don't really know what is he doing when he gets out, like what information he sends and to whom,
but I can surely say that he is responsible for the following symptoms:


1. I can not access Safe mode!!! Black screen with no ICO... Read more

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I reloaded winxp pro because I was getting an error, I have done this before without any problems , email will normaly stay the same. This time I did it the same way I have done it in the past and now when I go to email its a new account I have to set up along with my documents is empty etc.. I can find my documents/files by looking on c: but not my email or favorites. When i boot into safe mode, there are two separate accounts there one is "administrator" the other "my name". there is where my emails and favorites can be found when I sign into admin. why did this happen and is there a way around it? thanks

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Windows won't load in normal mode, simply hangs up with no error message displayed.
Everything in Setup looks OK, tried bios default F9 with no change.
Everything in SAFE MODE looks perfect. Restored to earlier date with no change.
Booted with OS CD to try and repair bootcfg/rebuild but it defaults to checking system for other OS's for a new install.
Swapped out HD with old Win 98 HD to check if MB could be at fault and it loads as it should.
I'm at my wits end and don't have a clue as to where to go from here.
At this point any advice will be much appriciated.


A:Hangs on boot but Safe Mode shows no problems

Hello Kelly

Have a look in these places for errors

1. Right click My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager.
Look for "Yellow" errors

2. Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Admin Tools / Event Viewer / System.
Look for "Red" errors. Double click on error.
Take a note of the Event ID and also the Source and post them back.


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So I was required to go in safe mode to fix a few issues with my PC (which is working mostly fine on normal mode), but when I do so, the only thing that shows up is a black screen and a cursor, constantly flashing between the loading symbol and the normal cursor.

How do I bring it back to the way safe mode should be, other than completely wiping my PC?

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Hi guys could really do with some help here having an awful time with this, trying so much to avoid a system wipe as I have too much uni work unbacked up on my drives and no recovery cd that I can find (yet).

I'll start from the beginning and run you through what Iv tried so far; I ran a system restore last night and it froze up for maybe a half hour, so I switched it off - held down off button for 10 seconds (really regretting this now).

When I switched it back on it boots to Startup Repair which concludes that it cannot repair this computer automatically, option to send report leads to the unplug any devices page and restart. Other option of dont send followed by the view advanced options for startup recovery and support leads to the following;
Startup Repair... no result just a cannot repair automatically as before,
System Restore... no result claiming no restore points have been created,
System Image Recovery... no result as I dont have one, (presuming this is the last resort to wipe and replace)
Windows Memory Diagnostic... shows no problems with memory found,
Command Prompt; I basically have been trying many different options from various forums all night mainly this one (Solved) - System recovery options-HELP!! ? How-To Geek Forums

X:\windows\system32> diskpart

DISKPART> list disk
DISKPART> select disk 0
DISKPART> list partition

Results are Partition 1 Primary type size 100 MB offset 1024KB and Pa... Read more

A:PC shut down during System Restore, chkdsk shows fine, no safe mode

Hi and welcom to the Forum
First of all and most important BACK UP all your data to an external hard drive. If you can't get to your data then on another machine download and burn to disc "Ubuntu" from here:
Download Ubuntu | Ubuntu
You can then run Ubuntu from the CD and get access to the drives on your PC. It is essential to BACK UP now as I see you having to do a Clean Install eventually so BACKUP is vital!!!
Then you could try this to get into Safe Mode then try a System Restore from there.
How To Force Windows To Restart in Safe Mode

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Specs: HD: 1T|WD 7K 64M SATAIII WD1002FAEX




*CPU: INTEL|CORE I5 3570K 3.4G 6M R


So my computer randomly restarted while playing world of warcraft, which I had just recently downloaded. It let me play while it downloaded more of the game. Like an idiot I ignored it when it randomly restarted and booted the game up again. It restarted again but now freezes somewhere between the logo screen with the loading icon, the black screen before login, and one time I got to the login screen. Always freezes though. I have no problem running in safe mode.

Sfc comes back with 0 integrity violations.

While checking system logs, I'm getting hundreds of errors. Mostly all DCOM error 1084.

They all have these codes:


B52D54BB-4818-4EB9-AA80-F9EACD371DF8 (mostly this one)


A few say say :

e60687f7-01a1-40aa-86ac- db1cbf673334

Even while running in safe mode, I occasionally get the dd522acc error. But it's still running.

I'm also getting about 13 "Service Control Manager" errors. Some of which say this:

mrxsmb service depends on the rdbss service which failed to start because of the following error: a device attached to the system is not functioning.

The nsi service depends on the nsiproxy service which failed to start because of the foll... Read more

A:Freezing before login. Safe mode shows tons of DCOM errors

Hi there,

In safe mode, run your virus and anti-spyware scans and see if the programs pick up anything. Make sure you choose the comprehensive scans(NOT quick scans).

Hope everything works out well for you and feel free to ask more questions.

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Specs: HD: 1T|WD 7K 64M SATAIII WD1002FAEX




*CPU: INTEL|CORE I5 3570K 3.4G 6M R


So my computer randomly restarted while playing world of warcraft, which I had just recently downloaded. It let me play while it downloaded more of the game. Like an idiot I ignored it when it randomly restarted and booted the game up again. It restarted again but now freezes somewhere between the logo screen with the loading icon, the black screen before login, and one time I got to the login screen. Always freezes though. I have no problem running in safe mode.

Sfc comes back with 0 integrity violations.

While checking system logs, I'm getting hundreds of errors. Mostly all DCOM error 1084.

They all have these codes:


B52D54BB-4818-4EB9-AA80-F9EACD371DF8 (mostly this one)


A few say say :

e60687f7-01a1-40aa-86ac- db1cbf673334

Even while running in safe mode, I occasionally get the dd522acc error. But it's still running.

I'm also getting about 13 "Service Control Manager" errors. Some of which say this:

mrxsmb service depends on the rdbss service which failed to start because of the following error: a device attached to the system is not functioning.

The nsi service depends on the nsiproxy service which failed to start because of the foll... Read more

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My girlfriend's mom's laptop was having this problem with the resolution of her screen. It would boot to the win XP login screen with the normal 1024x768 resolution, but then once you got past the login screen, it would flicker and switch to 800x600. I looked in display settings and saw that there were two display setups. One was Default monitor on Intel integrated graphics, and the other was Plug and Play monitor on Intel integrated graphics. The Default monitor one was the one which was set to 1024x768, the P&P monitor was defaulting to 800x600.

So what I did was (probably stupidly) uninstalled both monitors and both display adapters (intel integrated graphics was listed twice in device manager, once with -0 at the end and the other had -1) and rebooted. The windows XP load up screen displayed (the one with the moving progress bar) and then the screen would go blank. I tried connecting a monitor to the VGA out port and the monitor had the same screen as the LCD screen. I know it's not frozen though because if I hit the up arrow and then enter, it logs in and makes the login noise, and then if I hit the power button it turns itself off with the turn off noise.

When I try to go to safe mode, it gives a blue screen and before I even have a chance to see what it says (all I see is a flash of blue) it reboots itself. I can't disable that setting because I can't get into windows.

What can I do? I thought that by uninstalling all the video drivers,... Read more

A:LCD Screen shows nothing, safe mode blue screens, DELL LAPTOP

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I've had the Vista RC1 installed on my second hard drive for some time now and it's been working great along side with Xp on my main hard drive. Now for some reason Xp has become a mess and because the boot utility only allows for safe mode in Vista I was wondering if there was a way to run Xp in safe mode. Any solutions?

*When I try and run Xp it freezes at the log-in screen for a long time, then allows me to enter my user name password then says "to continue you must authenticate your Windows version" even though my Windows version has already been authenticated. After doing that it goes to my desktop but without any toolbar at the bottom of the screen and no icons.

Any ideas/solutions would be appreciated!

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I installed sp 3 and my computers constantly rebooting, I can't log into safe mode at all. I tried xp recovery disk but it tells me I need an administrator password in which I never set one up and can no longer continue to try the sp3 removal? Is there a way to get past the password?

A:Installed Sp 3 Now I Can't Reboot Not Even In Safe Mode

If you dont have a password set, try hitting enter. (I think thats the default for no password)

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Have just put together a new PC. Installed WinXP Home edition (an upgrade version) with no problems, but it will hardly ever boot properly. It always gets to the Windows XP logo screen; then goes black, showing me the cursor; then just waves goodbye with a tiny little circular dot fading into black in the middle of the screen (sometimes varies this with a screen of fragmented blue lines. Nice.)

So I hit restart and thankfully it recognises it didn't shut down properly, giving me all the options of how I want to restart. I can always restart in Safe Mode, and XP works fine and allows me to do what the hell I want. I have, literally once or twice, managed to start XP normally but it's always crashed after about 5 minutes.

If Safe Mode didn't function so well I'd assume I'd somehow damaged something on the motherboard or hard drive. But who knows... There's a couple of ideas I've had as to what the problem is:

1. I do receive the message "No drive attached to FastTrak controller, The BIOS is not installed" on starting up - I've discounted this as the problem as the BIOS is very much installed (it's cos my moboard can control a RAID configuration if I want it to). I don't think this has anything to do with it.

2. There's something screwy with my floppy drive. On turning on the PC the light goes on and stays on - the way it does when it's looking for a floppy when there isn't one in it. It's detec... Read more

A:[Resolved] Installed XP; can only start in Safe Mode

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I am currently getting help in the virus section of this forum as my pc has currently crapped itself.
I need to boot into xp safe mode to finish some more of the procedures I have to go through and when I press F8 it will allow me to safe mode boot into vista but not xp. Even if I go to the screen to choose which os to go to the F8 options of F8 wont show anything for xp. This has nothing to do with my other viral problems as I have tried safe mode into xp before and it wouldn't work then either.
Please someone help me. I am so close to getting rid of the virus problems.

A:Cant safe mode boot into xp with vista installed!

my pc has currently crapped itself.Click to expand...

and who is going to believe you that?
Click Start, Run and type MSCONFIG
Select the Boot.ini tab
In the Boot Options section at the bottom, check /SAFEBOOT option
Click OK
Restart Windows

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This morning I saw the latest Windows 7 updates on an old computer I have (A VM running in XCP-NG) to run an old version of Confluence Wiki but that's not really important.
After installing the updates and rebooting the VM is so slow that it looks frozen at times. I restarted it in safe mode to remove the updates but when I access the Windows Updates list from Programs and Features it shows "No updates installed."
Has anyone else seen something like this? I have backups of this VM so I'm working to restore from a backup and before you ask, I know - I have to update that Win7 machine to a more recent version of Windows.
Thanks in advance and best regards.

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I installed my new video card through safe mode and rebooted, but If i try to go to normal mode, the screen turns black... now I'm using safe mode, but what do I do to get out of safe mode and use the video card

A:I installed a new pci video card through safe mode and rebooted...now what?

What type of card is it? Did you install the latest drivers?

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I installed a 20 gb hard drive disconnected my old one that didn't work, installed winxp and it boots only to safe mode. From there I can access the net ( I am now) and I have tried to change startup items in msconfig, but it still only boots to safe mode. I cannot revert to an older startup that worked successfully, as it hasn't happened yet. What can I do?

TY, Kelly

A:win xp installed on new hard drive...has only ever booted to safe mode

Althought this sounds like a hardware incompatibility, since it's a new install, you might boot the CD and run a system repair.

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I have an Acer laptop that came with Vista and crashed recently. It was upgraded to the trial version of Windows 7 64bit and has run great with no problems at all for a couple of weeks. Saturday morning I started it up and can no longer run normally. I can open up in normal mode but can't open anything and if anything does open, it takes many minutes but usually get the "not responding" message before then. I have only been able to run in Safe Mode with Networking. Could this be a driver problem? The only downloads I have done since the upgrade are Mozilla Firefox with a couple of add ons and Adobe Reader.

I have run CCleaner and the following is all that came up on it.....
Details of files deleted
Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files
5 KB 3 files
Internet Explorer - Index.dat files 0 KB 3 files
Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache 1,027 KB 6 files
Windows Explorer - Taskbar Jump Lists 4 KB 1 files
System - Temporary Files 1,950 KB 91 files
System - Windows Log Files 55 KB 5 files
Firefox/Mozilla - Cookies 0 KB 41 files
Firefox/Mozilla - Download History 2 KB 1 files
Firefox/Mozilla - Internet Cache 20,327 KB 221 files
Utilities - Windows Defender 6 KB 1 files
I tried to download and install ZoneAlarm but during set up a message comes up that says "An error occurred installing the package. Windows installer returned '1636'.

I can't run W... Read more

A:Installed Win7 after Vista crashed, now can only run in Safe Mode


Originally Posted by KellyannD

I have an Acer laptop that came with Vista and crashed recently. It was upgraded to the trial version of Windows 7 64bit

Did the system run Vista x64 or Vista x86 previously?


Originally Posted by KellyannD

. . . usually get the "not responding" message

This is known as an APPHANG; if the problem cannot be resolved, the app times-out, then becomes an APPCRASH (about 30 secs). The 3 symptoms...

- "Not Responding..."
- Blue circle spinning endlessly
- fading white background on IE or Windows Explorer
- Did I miss anything?


Originally Posted by KellyannD

I have only been able to run in Safe Mode with Networking. Could this be a driver problem? The only downloads I have done since the upgrade are Mozilla Firefox with a couple of add ons and Adobe Reader.

Given that you can run in SAFEMODE tells me it is probably a driver issue. I know that my Vista x64 has been updated with Firefox, although not used (IE 8 fan here!).

Then there is Adobe.... I gave up on running the Adobe Reader -- it caused constant hangs, crashes and I believe at least 1 BSOD. Why... I don't yet know.

You can easily see what installed/ un-installed & when - The Reliability Monitor -
START | type perfmon /rel | check the acti... Read more

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I was trying to install Norton 360, but I got a message saying that it couldn't successfully install the components for setup, and linked me to their tech support page, which gave me a link to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x 86). Tried to install it, and got this message:

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows installer is not correctly installed."

How check if my Installer is installed properly? How do I get out of safe mode?

My computer: Dell Opti-Plex GX260, running Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

A:Getting out of Safe Mode/checking if Windows is installed properly

In Safe mode the graphics uses native drivers for the graphics which usually mean that the icons are larger than normal and look grainy. The real give away though is that the background behind the icons is black. If your desktop appears normal with its normal background then you aren't in Safe Mode. I suspect that you aren't running in Safe Mode, you would have noticed the difference.Microsoft suggest the following as potential causes of this problem.This issue may occur when both the following conditions are true: * You are using Windows XP in Normal mode. * The Windows Installer Service that is included with Windows XP is unregistered or damaged.Microsoft goes on to suggest a resolution for this, I would suggest that you copy this and print it so that you have the instruction to work from as you go through the process. The link below will take you to this site.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315353This procedure will make changes in the registry, for this reason you should back up the registry before making any changes.Backing up the Registry with ERUNTBackup Your Registry with ERUNTPlease use the following link and scroll down to ERUNT and download it.
http://aumha.org/freeware/freeware.phpFor version with the Installer:
Use the setup program to install ERUNT on your computerFor the zipped version:
Unzip all the files into a folder of your choice.Click Erunt.exe to backup your registry to the folder of your choice.Note: to restore your registry, go to the... Read more

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I have recently installed a new hard drive and re-installed all my old programs.
Everything works fine except InCD packet writing utility. With InCD installed my PC gets through the POST test then hangs on the Autoexebat file before booting into Safe Mode.
If I uninstall InCD the PC boots ok and is stable.
Any ideas for a cure would be appreciated.
My OS is Win98SE. My Anti virus and spyware programs are up to date.
I have defragged the HD and generally cleaned up elsewhere.

A:Solved: With InCD installed computer boots to Safe Mode

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A:BSOD Fresh Installed Window's Startup not in safe mode Videocarddriver

Hello and Welcome to seven forum

Please read these instructions first so we can assist you further:

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Just got a GTX 980 (Asus reference) and when I've got it installed it freezes at "Starting Windows" and I have to hold the power button it to restart it.

When trying to boot to safe mode, the computer hangs on classpnp.sys

I know it's not the graphics card as it boots on my friend's computer and I know it's not a huge deal with the computer as when I reinstall my EVGA GTX 660ti the computer boots fine.

Any ideas? I've made sure it's properly seated with the 2x6pin inserted correctly. I've also tried reinstalling the geforce experience drivers.

A:Newly installed 980, unable to boot (safe mode freezes at classpnp.sys

Have you tried running a Starup Repair

Startup Repair

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On Sunday, my computer did its normal automatic windows update, it restarted and then began looping. I have tried everything, running my Norton Anti-virus, nothing found. I have gone into msconfig and disabled everything, it still will not start and stay on. I have gone into the registry and changed a value from 1 to 4 following directions to fix this, to no avail. Since I have run out of ideas and my laptop will not go on the Internet for some reason, I can go into Safe Mode, but not Safe Mode with Networking, I cannot back up my machine. So my question is, if there is no solution to this, how can I use my external back up in Safe Mode if it will not recognize my Maxtor 1 button back up? I am a photographer and I have not backed up my info in over 2 weeks and I have purchased a ton of iTunes over Thanksgiving that is not backed up. I need to back up my machine before I restore it if that is the only solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


A:How can I bacup my computer in Safe Mode. Blue Screen after Microsoft SP3 installed

Hello ,

here is a link that does a great job of doing back ups


you should beable to install it from a cd or thumb drive

it is very user friendly

but when you start to go into safe mode do you see the entry for (Last Known Configuaration That Worked )

well if your system just did updates then this would restore your system back to just befor the updates were installed and you wont loose anything

now your system / is it a store bought as in a HP/Dell/Acer ?
if it is and you installed SP3 to wich caused this loop cycle then you need a patch that you need to run befor installing (SP3) to shut certain drivers down so that you can install SP3

does your system have a AMD processor ? normally this issue happens with mobo's with these processors But its not the processors fault it is the manufacturers fault as with HP put both driver files on their systems for AMD & Intel to wich is the culprit to this issue

I have lost my link and will get it from one of my other techs for i have upgraded to a new system and having to transfer files & links to it but that link got corrupted

let me know

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Hi All,

Here is the low down. I cant boot into any OS.

I formatted my PC and figured that after installing XP i'd dual boot Ubuntu (9.04).
So all went well, XP and Ubuntu installed as anticipated i could access both OS' for a couple of hours.

When i was in Ubuntu, i was trying to change my primary monitor (22") to have the toolbar instead of my 19".
I went on Ubuntu forums to see what had to be done, and i needed to reboot for the changes to take effect.

After i rebooted, it didnít list any of my 2 hard drives (150gb raptor, 1tb Samsung) or my Asus DVD/CD drive.

My motherboard (Nvidia 680I) stated 7F which only says in the manual as "Check POST error and display them and ask user intervention".
Well, the lovely post error comes up as:

floppy disk(s) fail (40) Click to expand...

floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Real helpful right? And considering i have NO floppy drive...(its a custom built PC)
And i have two options, F1 to continue and DEL for BIOS.

I checked BIOS first, reset to default, removed floppy drive from the boot menu, rebooted, same issue.

Hit F1 to continue now, and the only bootable option is the NVIDIA Boot Agent and comes up with this:


This goes on a continuous loop, failing every time. I've checked all cables and it all seems fine.
Now i cant even access my CD/DVD drive (completely disabled) which... Read more

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I'm running windows xp home edition version 2002, Service Pack 3. My display device is NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti 4400. I installed Windows XP update KB967715 and after I rebooted, once windows xp started, my display flashed about 6 times then went dark. I'm able to use the internet via safe mode. I've uninstalled this windows update and all the ones from Feb: KB958687 and KB960715. I've also reinstalled all my display drivers.

The error messages I received are:
Error code 100000ea, parameter1 835d17e0, parameter2 83465008, parameter3 f79aacb4, parameter4 00000001.

Error code 100000ea, parameter1 834f74d0, parameter2 834ea768, parameter3 f42ffcb4, parameter4 00000001.

Error code 100000ea, parameter1 82dac4f0, parameter2 834b4b10, parameter3 f79aacb4, parameter4 00000001.

I'm at a loss, the next options I can think of are re-installing Windows XP and I'd rather not if I don't have too.

Anyone have any other ideas?


- Rachel

Standard Question Answers:
- Were there recent crashes that could have caused this problem? No
- Did you install new software recently? If this is the case: Which software? (Brand, version, build) - NO
- Did you do any of the following:
- Run a scan with an updated anti-virus program? - NO
- Run a scan with an updated anti-Trojan program? - NO
- Run a scan with an updated root kit detection program? (This only for Windows NT, W2K and newer!) - NO
- Run anti-spyware scans with at least two freshly updated anti-spyware... Read more

A:Installed most recent Windows update; display no longer works except in safe mode

Hi Rachel and welcome to TSF

You didn't say, but I'm assuming that after the uninstalls the problem is still there.

Try doing a system restore to a time before the updates.

If you can boot in the safe mode and get video, then it must be something that is booting up in regular mode that is messing up the video. Before doing a re-install, look in the msconfig and see if something was installed there that might be the culprit. Under the start tab, the check boxes will let you selectively disable applications that install during normal boot. See if one of them is problematic. What each of those items do can be seen here:


Do you have any red or yellow marks in the Device Manager? That almost always means a device driver problem.

If you have to resort to a re-install of XP, I would suggest a Repair Install which will leave your normal applications and data in tact. Guidance for that can be seen here:


Hope this helps,

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Here are my specs:

-- Sony Vaio laptop (2 years old)
-- Windows Vista
-- 3 gig ram

Here's what happened:

I was watching YouTube. Then an error came up saying "IGRX failed" (it was too quick for me to remember). Then YouTube crashed. In its place it said something like "Flash crashed".

Then the computer froze. So I hit the power button to restart.

It asked me to start Windows normally or in Safe Mode. I chose "Start Windows Normally". Instead of loading, it just had a blank screen. I could hear the computer working but there was no display.

I hit the power button again. This time, I chose "Safe Mode". It works fine. Every time I use it in "Safe Mode" it's all good. Even YouTube works.

But Every time I try to start in "Normal Mode", just a blank screen.

What I've tried:

-- Vaio Diagnostic: I'm not sure if its because I was in "Safe Mode" but it failed ALL video tests. There were no other problems.

-- Virus, Malware scans (I did AVG and Malware Bytes): None found.

-- Tried reinstalling video drivers (no effect, although I'm not really sure if I did it correctly).

Uneducated opinion:

I have a hard time believing its a hardware or overheating problem because like I said, in "Safe Mode" everything is fine. There is not even a hint of a problemo.


So...any advice would be appreciated.

A:Sony Vaio only shows video or display in "Safe Mode"


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Hi,My Computer which has Win Xp Sp3 is behaving like it is in safe mode , eventhough it is in normal mode .I noticed this because ,1. Avira Antivir Guard and Update cannot be launched bcz Scheduler is not running.2 . I tried to start scheduler ( under services.msc ) , but can't start it bcz of error 1084 ( safe mode situation ) .3 . I can't use Windows Update , bcz of error Error number: 0x8007043C ( same safe mode condition )4 . I ensured that BITS was set to automatic , but it can't run bcz of 1084 error.I have scanned with Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D , SuperAnti Spyware ( in real safe mode) - No DetectionHere is the dds log ,DDS (Ver_09-09-24.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK Run by Administrator at 16:45:23.03 on Mon 09/28/2009Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_12Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.510.112 [GMT 5.5:30]AV: ZoneAlarm Security Suite Antivirus *On-access scanning disabled* (Outdated) {5D467B10-818C-4CAB-9FF7-6893B5B8F3CF}AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-access scanning enabled* (Outdated) {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}FW: ZoneAlarm Security Suite Firewall *enabled* {829BDA32-94B3-44F4-8446-F8FCFF809F8B}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\vsmon.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop�... Read more

A:Safe Mode Error, WinXpSp3 behaves like it is in safe mode even in normal mode

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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So I am trying to get this T5400 to boot as a lab machine, and it has and shows all 8 DIMM Slots populated in the BIOS with 4GB sticks (all identical) but under installed memory it only shows 24GB. How can it see 32, but only accept 24? More importantly, how can i make it use the memory it sees?


A:T5400 BIOS shows all 8 slots populated with 4GB Ram / only shows 24GB as installed

You have bad ram or mixed ram or mixed rank or ecc and non ecc.

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okay... so i was trying to get into safemode so i could run an antivirus scan, problem is whenever i tried going in safemode the blue screen would pop up and computer would restart. now for some dumb reason i thought maybe i could get in safemode if i used msconfig and selected safe mode from the boot menu. so the computer restarted and now it boots in safemode but the blue screen and restart happen everytime now. ive tried "start windows normally" but that boots in safemode.... ive tried "last known good config..." and that too boots in safemode. so now im stuck, i cant get on windows. any help please?

im willing to start over but i dont know how to do that from here

A:STUCK in safe mode boot, safe mode doesnt work and restarts, REPEAT

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I'm new here and in hopes of getting this resolved. I just installed the new Norton Systemworks 2005 and rebooted after installation. When the boot screen got up to the blue screen with the Windows XP logo before displaying the login names where you put in your password, it just stops. I restarted a few times and waiting a few more times thinking it may need to 'finish' installing. But each time gave the same results. Finally, I went in with 'Safe Mode' and got in with no problems. Tried again in normal mode after looking around for any obvious problems (none found)... back to square one. Tried again in 'Safe Mode with Networking' and it failed like normal mode so I suspected a networking problem??? The last thing I tried which made me mad is that I tried to uninstall Norton Systemworks in 'Safe Mode' and that failed!! Anyone in these forums know the cure? :dead:

A:Unable to get to login screen, works in Safe Mode but in Safe Mode w/ Networking

Just a thought

Start \ Run \ msconfig \ diagnostic startup
disable any services attached to your most recent install and restart
should get warning next boot about using msconfig, its ok
One key service that needs to be available is the installer service
Try the uninstall, if doesn't complete
Try the uninstall string in the registry only if you know what you are doing


Under it you will see a list of installed programs. Some don?t show up as words but you can figure out what they are by looking at their values. What you are looking for is the uninstall string. Double click that key as if you were going to modify its value. Do a CTRL + C to copy and then exit the registry editor.

Go to START \ RUN and paste the uninstall sting and hit enter. This should launch the uninstall.

Just a thought though as I am not infront of a test system at the moment. You should research this a little further so you have a clear understanding of what you can and can't do with msconfig.

or simpler yet


Start \ Programs \ Access. \ System Tools \ System Restore

Select restore point prior to install of whats giving you the problem.

Again, Good Luck

PS If you try to install it again, turn of antivirus and other open programs etc..

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i have windows home xp edtion on parkard bell.in safe mode it is fine,but when on normal bootup mode it will hang up after 2mins aprox(then restart saying crit error,check hardware etc and being to dump files kernel),on a blue screen.

i tried a different graphics card,but no joy.so i replaced the hdd drive and put a fresh copy of windows xp pro edtion on,but it loads all the files(i have not pressed f6)i just let it run its course on the disc,then it hangs up on the blue screen again with the words(crit error 0x0000007f)check hardware etc and if this is the first time you have seen it try starting windows again.

Thankyou for all your time.

A:Solved: xp safe in safe mode fine...mormal mode blue screen

Start in Safe Mode and look in C:\Windows\Minidump for crash log files with a dmp extension, like Mini071008-01.dmp. Zip 4-5 of the latest ones and post here as a ZIP or RAR attachment. The log file contains information useful to determine what caused the error, most likely hardware.

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Hello ladies and gents , im having a problem with my emachine T1120. It starts up and goes through the welcome screen then goes to bios settings , I click on "start windows normally" and enter it and the machine runs right back to the original bios screen , cant figure, unplugged and pressed the power button several times plugged in same result, why? I added no new hardware or software just turned it on and wa la

A:Win.xp emachine starts and runs safe mode, safe mode with networking

hello and welcome to BleepingComputer,,
     this is reminiscent of BIOS settings that need to be reset to default. you can do this by using that option in BIOS. do you see the option there? 
if this pattern exists after BIOS reset, then there are other XP level options to try like console command /sfc scannow and chkdsk /r
 not to long ago, i was dealing with a PC that was doing this same thing, and it was the hard drive (SATA) protocol setting in BIOS, it had to be set to IDE.
one more thing, this could be blue screen error that isn't halting, just looping boot. is there an option at the boot screen (the one with the safe mode options) about halting on errors?

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This morning we had a power outage and when I turned my computer back on, it would not boot. I tried several times to hard boot, with no luck. Then I tried safe mode. Ran an antivirus scan and it showed malware and several infections which it cleaned. The computer still would not boot normally. I then ran chkdsk, still would not boot normally. I have ran malware bytes, registry repair and the registry defrag program as well as done a disk clean up. It still will not boot in normal mode.
Since my last problems that you helped me with, I have upgraded to a broadband internet connection and have a home network. The 2 other computers on the network are fine.
A week ago, I had purchased Avast internet security and had problems immediately. It would not allow me to connect to the internet. That was uninstalled and I went back to the free Avast antivirus, Zone alarm and Spyware blaster. I was very unhappy with Avast customer service and support iYogi and decided I did not want Avast on my computer at all. I have since downloaded PC tools free antivirus. Once I have my computer operational again, I am open to suggestions.
Fortunately, I did not change anything on the other 2 computers. Just mine.
Running Windows XP 3 .
Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] computer will not boot except in safe mode or safe mode with networking.

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

the outage may have damaged the psu

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I booted into safe mode to try an fix a issue I selected to boot with command prompt butb I have a all black screen an can't get out of safe mode now I restarted the laptop a few times still the same 'anyone know how to fix this?

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Recently my dad's computer had a corrupted hive and boot.ini. Via this website, I was instructed to run a chkdsk /r while in the recovery console. Everytime I used his OS disk to get into the recovery console, it prompted me for a password and I didn't know it (nor could I leave it blank). I decided to use my OS disk from my computer and I could fix the problem. Now, though, everytime I startup the computer, it prompts me to start windows normally, in safe mode, in safe mode with networking... To give further information...on that same screen there is an option for Windows XP and Windows XP Home Edition. Don't know if that has something to do with it. They both work though when I press enter on either one. Could anyone help me stop the computer from prompting me??? Thank you for any help.

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I recently attempted to clean my brother's computer after he aquired a virus from the torrent file program he uses. Regardless, I cleaned a trojan and a backdoor from his system from safe mode. I can not boot in normal mode. Everytime i try the system gets hung up at the windows loading screen then the screen turns black and sits there. I have to hard reboot. I ahve used a repar CD and i have come across an error 0x800700b7, i have also recived this when i tried to work around this problem "identifier {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795}"

OS= Win 7

A:System will only start in Safe mode, Clean virus in safe mode

You can spend a lot of time trying to fix the boot problem and clean the virus from the computer, or you can nuke it and reinstall Windows. I wouldn't bother trying to fix it, personally - I'd back up what I could and then I'd install Windows again.

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Alright this is a family's laptop that is about 5 or even more years old...has windows xp on it dont know the exact one -.-...alright.

My sister has been using it and says she has never done anything to it...which i dont believe but anyways this computer will not boot up what so ever...everytime you power it on it goes to the screen that says unexpected error software/hardware problem yada yada yada...and then it gives you the options of boot in safe mode, safe mode networking, safe mode command prompt, last known good configuration...and none of those will work...we do have the recovery disks to wipe it but are trying to find a better way if possible...and when you try to load into any of the safe mode choices it stops at multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\Mup.sys...will stay at that for about 5-10 mins and then just turn off...if you try to just do normal mode or last known configuration it just acts like it loads with the windows and the little green loading bar then shuts off...the more i type the more i think the harddrive is toast but im new and learning so i probably could be wrong. Just looking for suggestions =)

Oh and this pc will run very hot...so if its a hardware issue i would not be surprised.

A:HP Pavilion will not boot in safe, safe w/networking, safe command or in normal mode

I'm heading to work now ill be back later tonight so just post suggestions and i will try them. =)

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Windows just downloaded an update to my ASUS x83V laptop and now I can't get it to boot up. I've tried booting in normal mode, last successful mode, safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and nothing works.

If trying to boot in safe mode it gets stuck on crcdisk.sys. When trying to boot in any mode it eventually hits the blue screen with a STOP error of 0x0000001E. I have also gotten 0x0000007E and 0x00000024.

I am positive it's the latest Windows Update that caused this because my computer at work, which also runs on Vista and is also an ASUS, had an update yesterday. When I came into work this morning and tried to start up it was unable to and did a start up repair. That didn't work but it gave me a system restore option which did work.

Unfortunately my ASUS laptop does not prompt me to do a repair nor a system restore. The recovery disk I have that came with the laptop only allows me to do a restore which erases everything on my HD.

I'm only somewhat computer savvy; better at working with them than fixing them so please try to put things in layman's terms. Thank you!

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Can't boot into Normal/Safe Mode with Networking, only safe mode...
Good Evening,I could do with some pointers on resolving an issue. I can only boot into windows in safe mode in Windows 10. Normal mode and safe mode with networking doesn't work. The problem occurred after a windows update. I have removed the latest updates that were installed and cleared any pending ones but it still won't boot properly. I have also run the troubleshooter and tried to recovery to an earlier date which also doesn't work.The laptop is a HP ENVY 17 notebook. At boot it just gets to the HP logo with the circular loading icon and no further and can only boot it into safe mode. Can anyone recommend the next steps? I have also tried the following;stopping startup items
uninstalling hardware drivers
removing recent software
running troubleshooters at boot
sfc scan
diagnostic/selective startups with minimal services running
Would the fact that I cant boot into Safe Mode with Networking imply its a network driver related issue?Bit of a dead end really, any help would be much appreciatedKind regardsTrevor

A:Can't boot into Normal/Safe Mode with Networking, only safe mode...

It's uncertain what the problem is - although a networking problem does sound likely.
Start with trying a clean boot:
Perform a Clean Boot:  http://www.thewindowsclub.com/what-is-clean-boot-state-in-windows
If that stops the problem, then re-enable things a few at a time until you figure out what's causing it.
Then uninstall the problem program (from Start...Settings...Apps...Apps & Features - if you don't find it there, check the right sidebar for Programs and Features and see if you can remove it from there).
Let us know what happens there and we'll move on from there if needed.

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Yea trying to get ino safe mode. When I do hit safe mode and choose my account to log on instead of going to my desk top the screen goes blank and the words safe mode appear in all four corners.
Any help would be great!
Have a good day

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After attempting to start my Laptop in Safe Mode, it loaded drivers normally only to crash a few seconds later. A prompt message appears but is impossible to read because Windows immediately reboots upon showing the prompt.

Safe Mode with Networking loads normally.

Any ideas or advice?

The computer is an Acer 4743G running Windows 7 Home Basic x64.

A:Cannot access Safe Mode but can boot in Safe Mode with Networking

Hello Zarmaki, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since it will startup in "Safe Mode with Networking", you might see if using the tutorial below to troubleshoot may help to find a cause.

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

Hope this helps for now,

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ok i have a huge problem, i no virus scan capabilities in safe mode and in safe mode with networking, now i have tried to go back to reg. booting, and see if it is installed corectly, and from the looks of it, it is all icons and file folders are there and working.....now when im in either one of the two safe modes wither im on the amnstdr or mine the software will not open and it won't open, here is what comes up when i try to open it from program files:

"Faild to start the Symantec Management Client service. Error code returned:
i am getting frustrated badly with this, i am running XP home ed. on an ACER aspier one, (say what you want but its practical) and as you can tell i am running live update/Symantec Endpoint Protection
and yes everything is up to date, i have waxxed the backdoor troj. with no prob. but i am needing help tring to fig. out how to solve this prob so i can make shure i completly killed the attack...thanx

A:No virus scan in safe mode or safe mode with netwrkg

Hi and Welcome to BleepingComputer,

Not all anitvirus programs work in safe mode, I don't know about Symantec but I do know my ZoneAlarm does not. I do not see the reason to run it in safe mode. If you are really wanting to run stuff in safe mode, run SuperAntiSpyware in it and just run your antivirus program in regular windows.

Btw, it sounds like you had something on there that has backdoor capabilities and if that is the case, then unless you reformat the computer, it will never be truly safe again.

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hey guys got an issue her thats been like a stubbed toe - just cant let go of it -
im using a dual core neo basic 2165 -

i just recently upgraded my ram to 4gb 2x - 2gb -ddr2 800
but it just shows 2.75 usable - and only 3gb installed -
ive tried every thing so far- still same result- tried the msconfig trick posted her still results after reboot - please help thanks guys more power

A:neo basic 2165 - 4gb installed but only shows 3gb installed

Hello Joey,

Its simple, your computer cannot use 4GB of RAM as your computer is using Windows 32bit. To use 4GB or more RAM, you will need to have installed Windows 64 bit. Windows 32bit can only use around 3.25GB RAM, although this might vary between different computers. Could you tell me you CPU name so I could check if it supports 64 bit?


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