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Seeing duplicate GPOs in GPRESULT. Is this bad?

Q: Seeing duplicate GPOs in GPRESULT. Is this bad?

I'm pretty new to Group Policy Management. I just got a job at a school and one of my labs is not working like it should. I have done GPRESULT on a computer from another working lab and I'm comparing it to the computer in the lab I'm at now. So, in my
GPM, a couple polices are listed above my designated labs that should be inherited by all the labs, and then I have some of those same policies duplicated in just my troublesome lab. My question is, will having a duplicate GPO break things? I'm probably not
explaining all that right, but I'll try my best to answer any questions to help me find a solution.

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Preferred Solution: Seeing duplicate GPOs in GPRESULT. Is this bad?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Not sure if this is the right subforum, I guess it could also go in networking, but anyway...

I'm trying to test my company's Group Policy Objects. I'm used to using the command "gpresult /h gpo.html" but what I've noticed is that in Windows 10, that only shows the "user" scope, not "computer"

If I have a GPO that only has computer-level settings, it doesn't show up in that report at all - it's as if it doesn't exist!

I tried "gpresult /scope computer /h gpo.html" and got "Access denied". I'm in the Administrators group and UAC prompts are turned off, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Am I missing something here?

A:GPResult in Windows 10

Originally Posted by drfsupercenter

I tried "gpresult /scope computer /h gpo.html" and got "Access denied". I'm in the Administrators group and UAC prompts are turned off, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Am I missing something here?

What you are missing is that although you are an admin user and UAC is turned off, you don't have built-in admin rights needed to check other than user level policies with GPRESULT.

To check the computer level (/scope computer) you have to use an elevated PowerShell or Command Prompt, whichever you prefer.


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I'm using gpresult to look at group policies on pc's on our network. I can't seem to figure out the proper syntax to show the scope of the computer & user configuration in an html report. 

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I have a new GPO that only one security group can get.  What I am running into is if I login to a computer I have login to before I do not get the policy.  If I login to a computer for the first time I will get the policy.
Has anyone ever had this problem before?

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Is there a way I can punch up a simple batch file script and get it to setup Group Policy Objects on client workstations? I can use the GUI GPEditor if I had to, but I think after about 25 machines, I'd get a little tired of it, and I'm looking to run this on about 400 machines.

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Bit of a pickle, this one, chaps.

We have a windows 2003 server, with active directory installed, as well as DNS and DHCP services.

Let's say we have a main forest on our domain, called domain.kais - and within this domain, we have two Organisational Units, called OU1 and OU2. Within each OU, let's say we have 10 users.

Go to Group Policy Editor, and apply a new GPO to say OU1. You make all the settings you want, but for simplicity, let's say the only setting you do is something ridiculously simple, like, remove Recycle Bin from the laptop. You make the GPO called something like "OU1 GPO", link it to the OU, make sure it's the only GPO linked to it (so take away the standard Default Domain User GPO).

Go to a workstation, log on with a user from within that OU. Because you can log on, the assumption is that the network works fine, as the user gets authenticated. To make sure it's not a locally cached user, you created a brand new user within the OU.

So, if that works, any idea why the GPO isn;t taking effect? it's really getting to me now!


A:Windows 2003 Server / GPOs

Well heres a couple of things -

http://www.activedir.org/gp_faq.htm - A nice who what when why and how of Group policies it does mention 2000 and not 2003 but it still applies in most cases.

On the workstation once logged in go to your command line and do a gpupdate /force and see if that yields its results.

Oh yeah and another thought how is DNS running on your network? if you do an ping of a machine name from the clients not getting the update do you get back the FQDN or does it just show the machine name?

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Morning everyone,

I am working with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, in a network environment and I am trying to test it with our old GPOs we use on XP machines.

I am currently trying to install GPSI's such as Office etc.

When I reboot the machine after a GPUpdate I can only see 'Please Wait' while it installs the updates, but I know some of these updates will hang. I won't know what's hanging if I can't see what stage of the update it is at.

Is there anyway of customising this area of the startup to display which updates are installing?

Like in Windows XP where the box would appear in the middle of the screen saying "Installing Managed Software <Program Name>" etc.

Thanks for any help you can give regarding this.

-- Danoni

A:Changing Display of Installing GPOs

The answer to this I have since found out is to enable 'verbose' messages - we did this through a GPO on the domain controller. Can now fully see what is installing when loading Windows.

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I created a number of GPOs and they have been working ok. Edit the GPOs has also been working.
I now can't create any new GPOs or edit the existing ones. I get the below error message.
1. When editing
"Failed to Open the Group Policy Object. You might not have the appropriate rights."
2. When creating new
"The network name cannot be found."

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In trying to adhere to the disable Dr. Watson crash dumps STIG, I need to locate which GPO setting that disables the crash dumps. I'm aware of the ways to disable the createcrashdump in the regisrty or deleting the AeDebug registry key. However, I have a GPO that is enabling the crash dumps. (I know this because everytime I manually disable it and refresh my group policies it is re-enabled.)

I've been able to isolate which GPO is enabling the crash dumps by unlinking all my GPOs and re-linking them one by one to locate the culprit. I've manually looked through the policy settings of the GPO enabling the crash dumps and can't find anything that would disable the create crash dumps. I was wondering if anyone knew off hand how to disable the Dr. Watson crash dumps or disable Dr. Watson completely through a Group Policy Setting.

I'm all googled out on this one. Any assistance would be great thanks.

OS: Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows XP SP2

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Okay, I really must be doing something wrong, but I don't think I am. We just recently moved to Windows 2000 and I am trying to set up GPOs in our domain. What I did was created a new OU for the domain. In this OU, I created a few OUs for various groups of computers (different PC labs we have), and OU for "students" and and OU for "faculty". I then moved the necessary computers into each computer OU and then placed the student global group and faculty global group into their respective OUs.

From here, using AD Users and Computers, I right click on an OU (Student OU for example) and choose the Group Policy Tab. I create a new GPO, choose to enable "Disable Control Panel" and then rename the GPO and close it out. I tried leaving it like this and did not work.

So I then clicked on the properties of the Student Global Group located inside the Student OU and chose the security tab, where I chose for the student global group READ and APPLY GROUP POLICY.

Still, did not work!!!

What am I doing wrong?? Is there something else I should be looking at??

The same goes for GPOs I set up for any of the Computer OUs, like enabling the option to "Not show the last logged on user". No GPOs are effective right now.

Thank you all so much in advance!!


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We are moving to Windows Server 2012 R2 and therefor to Internet Explorer 11. I have already upgraded the administrative template files holded by our domain controller (.admx files on the central store). 
When trying to create a GPO I just can't find a configuration item to set the browser title. I know that IEM has gone in favor of group policy preferences. But there is no such config item there as well. Am I stuck with IEAK11?

Thanks in advance

A:Howto to set browser title of IE11 using GPOs

Hello Matze2ooo,
the link is this
Package Type Selection: Internet Explorer Customization Wizard. It creates a *.exe file you have to distribute.

These are useful TechNet Library articles helping you with
IEAK 11:

Good starting point -
IEAK 11: List of tasks and references to create, manage, and deploy Internet Explorer 11 custom packages
How to deploy IEAK 11 -
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) - Deployment Guide for IT Pros How to distribute
Deploy Internet Explorer 11 using software distribution tools
As written above, you could also distribute a the registry key Windows Title
through GPO to users.

Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees, and confers no rights. | Whenever you see a helpful reply, click on Vote As Help and click on Mark As Answer if a post answers your question.

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I need to disable the below settings. I have tried using the below GPO settings, ran gpupdate /force and restarted 2 domain computers. I then logged into each computer with a different domain account. The live tiles were still changing. I am still able to add a PIN to the account. I was still able to add a Microsoft account. (I do not have a Work/School account but the option was still available. I added the same Microsoft account to both domain users. The Sync your settings is all grayed out and all set to off. However, I noticed the desktop background synced and the Favorites Synced. How do I disable all these settings so they cannot be used and are turned off?

Disable Live Tiles
Disable Settings - Accounts - Sing-in Options - Create a PIN
Disable Settings - Accounts - Your account - Add Microsoft account
Disable Settings - Accounts - Your account - Add a work or school account
Disable Settings - Accounts - Sync your Settings

Disable Live Tiles
GPO - User Configuration/Policies/Administrative Teplates/Start menu and Taskbar
Clear history of Tile notification on exit Setting: Enabled

GPO - User Configuration/Policies/Administrative Teplates/Start menu and Taskbar/Notifications
Turn off notifications network usage Setting: Enabled
Turn off tile notifications Setting: Enabled

Disable Settings - Accounts - Sing-in Options - Create a PIN
GPO - Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/System/Logon
Turn on PIN sign-in Setting: ... Read more

A:GPOs to Disable Account Settings are not working

Where did you find a GPO template for Windows 10?

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Hi all,
I'm trying to set Google as the default search engine when an end-user types something in the navigation bar. Standard this is Bing, and although Bing is wonderful we still would like to go with Google.

What I did:
1. Made a new GUID (PowerShell New GUID thing): {001c1193-09c6-4f56-a5b7-2b031da433a7}
2. Set the following reg keys:



Key path
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes

Value name

Value type

Value data




Key path

Value name

Value type

Value data




Key path

Value name

Value type

Value data




Key path
Explorer\SearchScopes\{0... Read more

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Hi All,

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise Ed laptop which does not applies the computer GPOs. User GPOs work fine.
In the event log, Event ID 1125 is logged:
?The processing of Group Policy failed because of an internal system error. Please see the Group Policy operational log for the specific error message. An attempt will be made to process Group Policy again at the next refresh cycle.?

In the Details tab:
Error code 19, ?The media is write protected?

When I run ?gpupdate /force? or ?gpupdate /target:computer? After a long time, I get the message: ?Computer Policy update has not completed in the expected time. Exiting??GPRESULT /H GPReport.html gives: ?ERROR: Access Denied? (run as local administrator)RSoP.msc: ?The RSoP snap-in was unable to generate the RSoP data due to the error listed below. Details: This operation returned because the timeout period expired?

The laptop is part of a large domain (more than 10k clients). This is the only one with this error (for as far as I know?)
Any help would be much appreciated.

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I get that error (wmi related i think), when i try to check the policies on this client.. its an XP sp2 machine, a member of a 2003 domain..

I've tried removing the workstation from the domain, then deleting its account.. then renaming the machine and rejoining, but nothing has gotten me around this error..

Does anyone know what else to look for..

EIther way, i'm pretty sure GPO's arent being applied properly on this machine (actually there is another machine having a similar error as well).. I think on that machine.. the window that pops up after hitting rsop.msc, was something like "not found".


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Im running AGPM 4 SP3 using a least privileged access service account, and when ever I deploy a GPO to production all of the users from Change Controls Production Delegation tab (Domain Admins / Enterprise Admins / Enterprise Domain Controllers / SYSTEM
/as well as my personal account I'm logged in with) get added to the security filtering of the deployed GPO. Not only is this for all current production GPOS but also if I create a new GPO within AGPM the same groups get added to the security filter. Any Ideas
what could be causing this?

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Don't know what is going on??
Will incluce the email message I am receiving over & over again, have never had this happen before.
Scanned my computer for viruses, (none) but just received another one of these,
Is it something from your end???
Need help on this people

A:Getting duplicate & more duplicate copies of reply to post!! ???

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Anyone know of a 3rd- or possibly freeware that will help me eliminate all the duplicates of songs in my itunes?

A:Itunes and duplicate duplicate songs

auslogics duplicate file finder i've been using..

set like this..

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Hi guys,

I'm using a compaq laptop with windows vista basic OS. my comp got infected with some sorta trojan i guess. It keeps duplicating all my folders with .exe extensions of itself and has disabled task manager. I have partitions and within those partitions it create these two folders:
1.) new folder.exe (539kb)
2.) system_3.exe (539kb)

I was using NOD32 anti-virus but it couldn't clean it. I've uninstalled it cause it was a cracked one with unlimited updates. Stupid of me to have used it in the first place. But i think the virus got in through a flash drive.

Anyways, could you help me get rid of it. Attached are the ark.txt and attach.txt and below is the DDS.


DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
Run by jblxXx at 20:11:32.88 on Tue 25/05/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18904 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Basic 6.0.6002.2.1252.61.1033.18.1978.990 [GMT 12:00]

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:... Read more

A:.exe duplicate

Okay was able to get back task manager by following some steps in other posts. I was able to delete all instances of the virus without using any anti-virus. Took me a while but i had to do it cause i didnt want to click on another .exe infected folder.

But im sure this hasn't solved the problem! help would be much appreciated.


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This was in regard to my previous message with Napster connection speed while downloading. Forgot to mention that I have a 56K modem (I live in a town that refuses to go into the 21st century). That's all.

Someone told me to pick only T1 or DSL connections, because cable had a bad upload

[This message has been edited by Sabra (edited 09-15-2000).]


There is some limitation in uploading but what exactly are you planning to do? If your going to be hosting multiple websites using the cable connection then you may consider a T1 but if it's to be used to just browse the net and downloading things then a cable connection is perfect. Once again a T1 is better but can you afford the price in the range of $800 +++ a month versus about $40 for cable?

If you have a choice of cable or T1 then take either of those over DSL.

[This message has been edited by bhesson (edited 09-15-2000).]

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I made more than 3 hours of movies + pictures with my camera. Used Movie Maker to arrange them together in 6 wmv files with titles and transitions. Then I used Nero 7 Essentials to burn them on a DVD +R DL, the software coded the movies to NTSC. The DVD plays wonderful on my DVD Player connected to the TV. Now, I want to duplicate it to mail it to family and friends. Nero 7 Essentials not want to duplicate DVD +R DL to another DVD +R DL, it wants me to buy DVD -R DL and I not want to do this. Is there any freeware that I can use to copy DVD +R DL to DVD +R DL ?

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What is the results folder and can I delete the contents ? It looks like it holds every picture we ever looked at.



Closing as duplicate!

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 I put a Linux distro on a pen drive. I then boot and press F12 to select the USB drive to boot from. I select the drive and Windows loads.WHat did I do wrong?

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Going to 'Manage add-ons' in IE9 due to a possible problem, I noticed that there were duplicate entries in some cases - for example Live Mail & Messenger, Do Not Track Me, Quicktime and Java 10.60.2
Would it be OK to disable one instance and leave the other enabled or would this cause a problem?
Better, is it possible to remove one and leave the other behind?

Also there are 4 instances of Java - SSV Helper, 2SSV Helper, 10.60.2 (twice) and 1.7.0_05
Are all these required or can some be disabled or removed?

Thanks for any help.

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hey guys, i've got a 1TB external HDD here that i want to duplicate. i'll be moving over all the data from the old USB external 1TB HDD to a new USB external 1TB HDD. the new HDD is empty.

what program is best to duplicate it with? i've been using 'syncback', but i want something that'll verify that all files were copied over. i'll be moving over 900GB so it needs to be able to verify that files were copied over completely.

i want the new external HDD to have all the files the old one has.


A:USB HDD: How do duplicate it?

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I've had a good look around google but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for - I'm kind of having trouble describing it. What I basically want to do is copy my entire installation of windows (all my files, settings, everything) onto my external hard drive so I can then install a fresh copy of windows on my build in HD, but I still want to be able to access the copy of windows I have put on my hard drive, as I can now. I'm kind of wanting to make two separate computers in a sense. Like when I start up my laptop I can choose if I want to boot from my fresh copy of windows or go to the copy of windows on my external HD.

It's just my current copy of windows is filling up my hard drive and has just turned into an unorganised mess and I've got stuff in there that I need but I can't be bothered to sift through it all; there's too much!

Any help is appreciated!

A:Duplicate everything on HD

I don't think you can RUN Win7 from an external drive -- but others know more about this than I do.

To access your files, you could do an image backup to the external drive, using something like Macrium Reflect, and then "mount" that image as a drive. That will not allow you to RUN it, though.

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I have recorded my family program to dvd and now i want to duplicate that dvd. Which free software i can download?

A:DVD Duplicate

It depends on what made the dvd
If it was made on a computer you simply copy the dvd to the hard drive and then burn further dvds
More information is needed to advise you

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Ever since I used Malwarebytes to remove the Windows Police Pro malware, everytime I try and open any program, I get the following error in a Windows pop up box:

The application or DLL globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkyccofnjsu.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

After I click OK on the window, the program opens up perfectly fine.

Please help!

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Hi everyone

When I plug anything into my USB ports, I am getting a duplicate showing [see attached].
How do I stop this from happening.

Regards Calmat


Hi, this is a minor bug, been around from earliest days of Win 10.
Solved Duplicate Drive show - Windows 10 Forums

Search the forum for 'duplicate drives' - you will find more threads like yours.

While you can stop it happening, it tends to come back.

If you are unhappy seeing it, you could use an alternative file manager.

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A:{Duplicate} !!!!HELP ME !!!!!!!

If your trying to get back into Windows, try booting in safe mode.
Boot up using your Windows Boot-Up disk, installing your cd drivers, then type 'setup' and see if it'll prompt for a Windows CD to begin re-installation

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I'm running Windows Home Premium 64 bit. I'm looking for a good freeware program that will identify duplicate photo files Anyone use one that they are happy with?

A:Duplicate photos

this did the job for me....


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Each time I boot up my computer and go online , duplicate homepages are loaded.
I am on a new computer , Dell 521 with Vista Home premium installed. Can someone advise how to correct this please. Thanks

A:Duplicate Homepage

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Hi i recently saved all to a stick when i sent laptop into get wiped and 7 put on,i seem to have installed all my docs twice and its so annyoing when im trying to save stuff i dont know where im leaving it to ,is there a way i can search for duplicate files and delete them please

A:duplicate files

Sure. You can search bynaming the extensions of the files you want to search for.

Click the Start icon
Click on Computer
Double-click the drive you want to search (if it's the main drive, double-click the (C drive.)
Find the "search" box to the upper-right corner of the C: explorer window

For example, it will read:

Search System ( C: )

Type the extension of the file you want to search for/sort, inside of that box.

For instance if a PDF file, type: .pdf and press Enter.

Allow the computer to search for each file-type you want, by entering the extensions of various files you want to search for.

Hope that helps.

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I ran a program on my laptop that searches for duplicate files. It reported that I have in excess of 9,000 duplicate files. How does one know what files to remove? Are these files doing any harm other than taking up space? Is there a program that tells you what duplicate to remove or does it automatically?

A:Duplicate Files

Why are you so concerned about duplicate files and who informed you about this type of program? Are you having issues with your computer? Do you keep your system maintained? Anti-virus scans, malware scans, defragment..so forth?

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I use windows XP and have installed service pack 3. I still get system error message 'duplicate name on system' on startup or reboot. It started last month and I downloaded SP3 as a solution.It didn't correct the problem. It doesn't seem to effect performance but it is annoying (what isn't?). I have run my optimiser program and it doesn't fix it either (SAMMsoft) Advanced Registry Optimiser.
Bohemian Dog

A:duplicate name on system

Hello Bohemian Dog,

Is the system on a network?

right-click My Computer > choose Properties > click Computer Name tab

Note the computer name maybe another system with that name. Try changing the name.

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duplicate - delete


at the top right of your post, click on the Edit button. At the top of the page you will see a check box marked Delete. Check it and then click the Delete Now button!

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Hi.I have a problem with IE 5.00.2614.3500. Whenever I Go to a web page and click on a link in that page a second smaller window opens up.But when I try to go back to the original page underneath it appears frozen and partially BLANK like the explorer bars on top are missing,etc. The only way to get out of this is to restart. I e-mailed MSFT and am waiting a reply.I also e-mailed website www.service911.com and they sent me to the MSFT site on how to uninstall IE5. BUT when I go to Control Panel and to Add Remove programs---IE 5 is NOT LISTED!!. So went to the next URL first...http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q217/3/44.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0
This url described how to uninstall but it said if you CANNOT FIND IE 5 in he ADD Remove BOX to DO THIS THEN...IN the event that the repair tool does not work OR IE 5 is not listed in the add remove programs tool in control panel. It instructed me to go to start and run and type this command as follows. rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE5Maintenance "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Setup\SETUP.EXE" /g "C:\WINDOWS\IE Uninstall Log.Txt" I typed that a popup box appeared that said Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. Under that were 3 option the first was add a component and the second was Repair IE and the third was restore previous Windows Configuration. BUT GUESS WHAT the ONLY BOX CHECKED was ADD a Component .THE OTHER 2 BOXES were grayed out??? and could not be chosen.What can I do now. There has t... Read more

A:IE 5 duplicate windows

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I am using IE 5 and I have noticed that cookies are being placed in the temp file along with the cookies file in windows. When I delete the temp file the cookies remain. They are duplicates of the ones in the cookie file. Why are they there and can I get rid of them without getting rid of the ones in the cookie file?

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please reply to the other message i have posted.

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There are countless duplicatios of files, photos, everything
on my Windows 7 searches. How can I fix this problem?

A:Windows 7 duplicate

If you have duplicate files, photos, etc., on your hard drive you could delete the duplicates keeping just one copy (I'm not suggesting to not have at least one copy on other media).

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Windows XP with SP3. When on the web and I use the small recent page arrow to go back to a specific page I am getting multiple duplicates of the same web page that I am on. Could be as many as 50 or more. Any idea what might be causing this?

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We are experiencing a problem in our LAN.

Yesterday, suddently, all the PCs on the LAN reported a duplicate IP problem. This was happening everytime a client PC was trying to logon to the network. A dialog box was displayed that notified the user that the PC's IP was used by another PC.

The problem was affecting all PCs thus I thought that it might be a network switch problem.

I switched off the main switch for 2 minutes and then I switched it on, again. This solved the problem but after 4 hours the problem occured again and we had to switch it off and on again.

Today, we did not experience the problem but I would like to ask if someone knows the root cause of such incidents.

Is it the switch, or PC network card?

Also, are there any equipment (hardware / software) tools that I can use in order to determine the root cause of the problem?

Thank you in advance.

A:Duplicate IP problem in LAN

do you have a DNS server on your network to resolve user names to IP allocation.

We had the same problem in a local office where after 20 people had logged on we started get those errors - it turned out to be two servers with overlapping IP address ranges causing the problem - this went on a few days and 1 person was even told to reload there software by the helpdesk!!!!!

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And how do I get rid of them?

Just ran duplicate-file finder program first time. Found 18305 duplicate groups (?, think that's folders), 52300 duplicated files, 4.26 GB duplicate size!!!! Those are TRUE duplicate files (compared bit-to-bit) to find, think about what's in them, where they are, why they're there, if I want them there or somewhere else or if i want them at all, and then decide to get rid of one (or more) of the duplicate(s).

What about this, as an example? Say I have a folder of special icons and it happens to be duplicated in several places. And I have other folders using those icons; they get the icons via a path that I originally setup to ONE of the duplicated icon source folders. What happens if I move or delete the wrong source folder. No icons. Because the path to get them is a dead end.

Holy #^&%!

But it seems to me that no matter how well managed, defragged, compacted, etc., the disk(s) is/are, dupe files and folders have to drag down the system. In addition to wasting HD space, of course. That's why I want to get rid of them.

So now that I vented (I feel better already), How DO I do this job of eliminating duplicate files? Is there some kind of tutorial or guru geek's web page explaining how to do this in a methodical, organized way? (I've looked and haven't found one) And most of all, it has to be understandable by an average joe enduser like me.

And then... I could really use some way of not repeating this pr... Read more

A:How did I get all these duplicate files?

Hi brillo

I wouldn't worry too much about a large number of duplicate files. Today's hard drives are large enough that it's rarely a problem -- whereas a deleted item that a favorite program wants to use can be a true pain.

Check your duplicate-files program, and see if you can direct it to not look in the System Restore folders [aka "System Volume Information"] . Many of the duplicates can be from restore points. Many are also likely from the "Uninstall" files and folders for Windows Updates, and for the programs you've installed.

Try limiting the areas your duplicate-files program checks, and try a less-aggressive run of "Disk Cleanup" [Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup], which doesn't bother program folders & won't result in your programs complaining.

Running Disk Cleanup now and then should be maintenance enough for most computers.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

P.S. .. many of the duplicates are likely small images and files from several folders in your Temporary Internet Files folders & subfolders. In Start/Control Panel/Internet Options ... go to the "Advanced" tab, and under the Security section, place a checkmark in the box next to "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" -- this will keep the temporary files from hanging around in the first place. They really aren't needed - it's a relic from the days of 14.4k and 28k dialup modems. Make the Inte... Read more

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I am using Outlook Express 6...all emails received are in duplicate and when I send an email it sends a duplicate. Is there a way to correct the problem.

Thanks before hand.

A:Duplicate emails

Welcome to TSG!
From what I have read on this proble there are two files within outlook express if corrupt could be causing this to happen, the outbox.dbx or the Pop3uidl.dbx which keeps track of e-mail. What you can do is delete the outbox.dbx file first in this manner.
1) Close OE and click start\find-search
2) Type *.dbx in files and folders window.
3) When search lists items in right pane locate your outbox.dbx folder, (one that should be associated with your identity name in the path.
4) Highlight and delete it.
5) restart OE which will find the outbox missing and create another one.

See if that corrects the problem.

If not then follow same process for Pop3uidl.dbx file and see if that corrects it.


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I sometimes get two or more of the same emails; they're exact copies. tonight I received 10 (TEN) of the same message (!) Anything I can do about this? I have Outlook with ms XP suite (NOT outlook express.)

A:why do i get so many duplicate emails

Are they from someone you know?

If so, check the display name in To:. I know some people who keep changing their display name and I accidently send them more than one email as I go through the To: list.

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My graphic card is Radeon X1950 Pro. I'm using CCC ver. 8.2.

I can't clone display from monitor to my TV (an old CRT connected via S-VIDEO).

I was trying to do this in CCC but nothing happens. So I used Window's option - "Screen Resolution" and I get this error:

I was also trying to lower resolution, but still nothing happens. I add that Extending Displays working fine.

I'd be really grateful if someone could help me solve this problem.


A:Duplicate Displays - ATi

catalyst 9.1 is available now.

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