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BSOD ten minutes after starting games, now crash after driver update

Q: BSOD ten minutes after starting games, now crash after driver update

Hello, everyone. I just got back to my PC after a my first year of college, and when I first started it up it bluescreened. I didn't manage to catch the error before it rebooted, then changed to a black screen said that there was no hard disk to boot with.
So I turned it off, turned it back on, and it booted just fine. I ran a full system scan with Avast to check for malware, updated some games on Steam, and basically did my best to get my computer up to speed since it had been off for so long (while I did use it during long breaks). While the Avast scan was running I played World of Warcraft for about an hour or two, and bam--another bluescreen. The error message said something along the lines of "Display drivers failed to restart," but again I couldn't catch the rest because it rebooted, coming up with the same black screen as before. So I turned it off.
When I booted it up for a third time Avast opened almost immediately and asked to restart my computer and run a scan of the startup files. So I obliged; it seemed like it scanned my whole system again, which lasted for an hour or two, and it seems like it moved Malwaregen and corrupted files to the chest. When it was done my computer booted normally. I installed some Windows updates and a new Nvidia driver, figuring that something was outdated, and once again started playing World of Warcraft. This time it didn't bluescreen; instead, the screen froze after ten minutes and turned a solid color. My PC rebooted almost immediately, again with the same black screen.
So I rebooted for a fourth time, just fine like before, and ran a disk check to find errors in my hard drive. None were found, so I don't think it's a hardware problem. Seems like a graphics driver issue, but I'm not sure of that and even if I were I wouldn't know how to fix it.

I changed some .dmp files settings and replicated the error with Team Fortress 2, so now I have a .dmp file and the typical package in the attachments. The first attachment is the DM Log Collector file, and the second is the .dmp file.

Thanks in advance, folks!

Preferred Solution: BSOD ten minutes after starting games, now crash after driver update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: BSOD ten minutes after starting games, now crash after driver update

Try any other driver version and see how it goes. Uninstall the installed display driver using Display Driver Uninstaller. Then install the NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL

When done, stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark. Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
Take a screenshot of the furmark window before closing it. Upload the screenshot for us. Also let us know if you have experienced any crash/BSOD and/or artifacts during the test.

Also, Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

BugCheck 116, {fffffa80081ba4e0, fffff88005055ad4, ffffffffc000009a, 4}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+82fad4 )

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa80081ba4e0, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88005055ad4, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: ffffffffc000009a, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000004, Optional internal context dependent data.

Debugging Details:
fffff880`05055ad4 48ff25e5f1ebff jmp qword ptr [nvlddmkm+0x6eecc0 (fffff880`04f14cc0)]






ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.17336 (debuggers(dbg).150226-1500) amd64fre

fffff880`06f8fa48 fffff880`05346134 : 00000000`00000116 fffffa80`081ba4e0 fffff880`05055ad4 ffffffff`c000009a : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`06f8fa50 fffff880`05319867 : fffff880`05055ad4 fffffa80`096ce000 00000000`00000000 ffffffff`c000009a : dxgkrnl!TdrBugcheckOnTimeout+0xec
fffff880`06f8fa90 fffff880`05345f43 : fffffa80`ffffd846 ffffffff`fffe7960 fffffa80`081ba4e0 00000000`00000000 : dxgkrnl!DXGADAPTER::Reset+0x2a3
fffff880`06f8fb40 fffff880`0406f03d : fffffa80`0c03fb50 00000000`00000080 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`09105410 : dxgkrnl!TdrResetFromTimeout+0x23
fffff880`06f8fbc0 fffff800`03566456 : 00000000`0641db0e fffffa80`090ed760 fffffa80`06992b10 fffffa80`090ed760 : dxgmms1!VidSchiWorkerThread+0x101
fffff880`06f8fc00 fffff800`032be2c6 : fffff800`0344be80 fffffa80`090ed760 fffff800`03459cc0 00000000`00000001 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x5a
fffff880`06f8fc40 00000000`00000000 : fffff880`06f90000 fffff880`06f8a000 fffff880`1ecfed40 00000000`00000000 : nt!KxStartSystemThread+0x16
STACK_COMMAND: .bugcheck ; kb

fffff880`05055ad4 48ff25e5f1ebff jmp qword ptr [nvlddmkm+0x6eecc0 (fffff880`04f14cc0)]

SYMBOL_NAME: nvlddmkm+82fad4


MODULE_NAME: nvlddmkm

IMAGE_NAME: nvlddmkm.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x116_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x116_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys


FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: km:x64_0x116_image_nvlddmkm.sys

FAILURE_ID_HASH: {1f9e0448-3238-5868-3678-c8e526bb1edc}

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> lmvm nvlddmkm
start end module name
fffff880`04826000 fffff880`052e9000 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Thu May 28 08:19:51 2015 (5566824F)
CheckSum: 00A7E4BD
ImageSize: 00AC3000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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Hey guys,
So I've been having this problem for quite some time now, it started a while back with a game called 'Prototype' and since then every BIG game I play gives me BSOD with the driver irql message.
Now I would really like to get this solved but I am just a complete idiot when it comes to fixing things on computers, I don't even know how to set up my router settings.

Anyway I've read some threads, tried some things but nothing seems to work :9 but I'm always happy to try it all again, as long as it will work.

I read that expert people can look into something called "Minidump" files
I followed some steps and I added the Minidump things into the rar file, so I hope that may help?

Basic Info;
running Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phentom 9500 Quad Core
Ram: 3GB
Video: Nvidea Geforce 8600 GT

I have no Idea of things that are important but please tell me I will try anything for a solution

A:Bsod - 5 minutes after starting Skyrim driver-irql-not-less-or-equal

almost all the dump files mention athrxusb.sys.
Are you using a wireless usb stick ?
If so download the latest drivers for it.
That could solve atleast some of the bsods.

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Hey guys,
So I've been having this problem for quite some time now, it started a while back with a game called 'Prototype' and since then every BIG game I play gives me BSOD with the driver irql message.
Now I would really like to get this solved but I am just a complete idiot when it comes to fixing things on computers, I don't even know how to set up my router settings.

Anyway I've read some threads, tried some things but nothing seems to work :9 but I'm always happy to try it all again, as long as it will work.

I read that expert people can look into something called "Minidump" files
I followed some steps and I added the Minidump things into the rar file, so I hope that may help?

Basic Info;
running Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phentom 9500 Quad Core
Ram: 3GB
Video: Nvidea Geforce 8600 GT

I have no Idea of things that are important but please tell me I will try anything for a solution

A:Bsod - 5 minutes after starting Skyrim driver-irql-not-less-or-equal

Quote: Originally Posted by Torbax

Hey guys,
So I've been having this problem for quite some time now, it started a while back with a game called 'Prototype' and since then every BIG game I play gives me BSOD with the driver irql message.
Now I would really like to get this solved but I am just a complete idiot when it comes to fixing things on computers, I don't even know how to set up my router settings.

Anyway I've read some threads, tried some things but nothing seems to work :9 but I'm always happy to try it all again, as long as it will work.

I read that expert people can look into something called "Minidump" files
I followed some steps and I added the Minidump things into the rar file, so I hope that may help?

Basic Info;
running Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phentom 9500 Quad Core
Ram: 3GB
Video: Nvidea Geforce 8600 GT

I have no Idea of things that are important but please tell me I will try anything for a solution

These were Related to athrxusb.sys Extensible Wireless LAN device driver from Atheros Communications, Inc. Yours is almost 3 years old. I would re-install with the newest version available.

ALSO and important

Please remove any CD visualization programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%.

They use a driver, found in your dmp, called sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs.

Use this SPTD uninstaller DuplexSecure - Downloads DuplexSecure - FAQ

when you're done you can use this... Read more

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This all started a month or two ago when I was suddenly having hard locks during the first 2-10 minutes of playing Overwatch. Turns out it wasn't just Overwatch as it also happened a lot in Watch Dogs too. There was no consistency between lock ups. I could be playing for an hour earlier in the day, leave my computer on for awhile, start it back up later and it crashes then. After a restart, it would sometimes crash a second time.

I thought it was a software issue so I reinstalled. This seemed to fix that issue, but I did get another hard lock after about an hour of Watch Dogs. After the reset, I noticed my Audio Service stopped shortly after getting into windows. Thinking it was linked, I downgraded to an older more reliable version of my Logitech G930 drivers. That seemed to fix the audio issue.

The next day is when I ended up getting this BSOD. I think it's all linked to my CPU since it's old as dirt and up until about 6 months ago, I had a motherboard that would kill video cards by either giving too much voltage or too little. Wouldn't doubt that it might have done damage to the CPU.

If you can shed some light on what my problem is, thanks in advanced.

? OS - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista? Windows 10
? x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? x64
? What was the original installed OS on the system? None
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Neither
? Approximate age of system (hardware) - 4+
? Appr... Read more

A:BSOD shortly after starting video games (Driver? CPU?)

Hi. . .

Please attach the SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip file to your post.

I am unable to download it from Mediafire.

We allow ZIP files of 5 mb or less to be attached. If yours is >5 mb, take some files out and create a second zip file so that both are <5 mb in size.

Either that or use OneDrive - https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/

Thank you.

Regards. . .


NOTE: I am recovering from major surgery (double hip replacement) and may not be able to promptly reply to your thread. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Just a few weeks ago i started getting random BSOD issues, what is strange is that it doesn't happen with all games, i can play World of Warcraft fine but games like Sims 3 and Counter Strike screw me over and also trying to update my graphics drivers makes me BSOD.

My knowledge when it comes to hardware/software is very limited, ill attach my minidump file.

EDIT: sorry, should add some specs

Processor: AMD Athlon ll X4 620 (not overclocked at all)

Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer INC.
Model: M4N68T-M
Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 7025
Southbridge: NVIDIA nForce 630a

Memory: X2
Type: DDR3
Module Size: 2048 MBytes
Max Bandwidth: PC3-10700 (667 MHz)

Name: Radeon HD 5770
Code Name: RV840
Technology: 40nm
Clocks: Stock
Thanks if you took the time read and reply.

A:BSOD While starting games and updating video card driver

Stop 0x124 is a hardware error

If you are overclocking try resetting your processor to standard settings and see if that helps.

If you continue to get BSOD here are some more things you may want to consider.

This is usually heat related, defective hardware, memory or even processor though it is"possible" that it is driver related (rare).

Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try

A "stop 0x124" is fundamentally different to many other types of bluescreens because it stems from a hardware complaint.

Stop 0x124 minidumps contain very little practical information, and it is therefore necessary to approach the problem as a case of hardware in an unknown state of distress.
Generic "Stop 0x124" Troubleshooting Strategy:

1) Ensure that none of the hardware components are overclocked. Hardware that is driven beyond its design specifications - by overclocking - can malfunction in unpredictable ways.
2) Ensure that the machine is adequately cooled.
If there is any doubt, open up the side of the PC case (be mindful of any relevant warranty conditions!) and point a mains fan squarely at the motherboard. That will rule out most (lack of) cooling issues.
3) Update all hardware-related drivers: video, sound, RAID (if any), NIC... anything that interacts with a piece of hardware.
It is good practice to run the latest drivers anyway.
4) Update the motherboard BIOS according to the manufacturer's instruct... Read more

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Just got a new PC and I'm experiencing BSODs while playing games (generally high end games). Sometimes there is no BSOD and the game just crashes, or the GPU driver stops responding and recovers.
I tried everything I thought of, that is clean install of GPU drivers, updated all other drivers and even a Windows format, but the problem still persists. Attached please find the latest dump files and a DxDiag system specs file.


A:BSOD/Freeze/GPU Driver crash when playing games

Can you return the PC to who you bought it from to be fixed? A Windows Defender file is being flagged as a problem. Are you running another 3rd party antivirus program?

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I have reinstalled windows and restarted it so many times but each time when i try to play a game after five minutes of game time it crashes. Not a blue screen but this strange grey screen that also makes an audio glitch when it happens. I play my games on steam if that helps with anything. It crashes with every game as well and yes i have tried to uninstall the games and then reinstalled them but that does not work.

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Here's what's going on, let me know if you need more information from me.

I'm running Bootcamp on a mid-2010 15" macbook pro (MacBookPro6,2 - the one with the 2.66 i7 cpu). It has a Geforce 330m GPU. I've been playing fairly graphic intensive games on it since I first bought it (bioshock games, fallout 3, gta4, etc).

Recently, I'd been playing Fallout: New Vegas. I got through about 30 hours of New Vegas fine, then it started to occasionally crash to a black screen, the audio would loop and I would have to manually reboot. Usually this would happen within 10 seconds of loading up a save. It happened rarely enough, though that I was able to play another 40 hours without too much frustration, occasionally have to deal with the crash. This usually seemed to happen after waking the computer up from sleeping and would be fixed with one reboot.

Then I got Mass effect, and started seeing this same crash (black screen, looped audio, manual reboot required). So i fired up New Vegas to compare the crashes and see what was going on and I found that New Vegas now consistently crashes in under 5 minutes (usually in under 1).

Every once in a while, windows will recover (the game itself would crash but I wouldn't need to reboot) and I'd get a message about a display driver not responding and then being repaired or something of that nature. It would show up and disappear so I don't have the exact message. My reliability monitor gave me this:


Summa... Read more

A:Games crash to black screen between 30 seconds - 10 minutes.

I also just tried benchmarking with 3dmark vantage since FurMark is only OpenGL and I wanted to see if it was a DirectX issue. Got through the benchmarks fine.

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Hey I updated my Radeon HD 5080 and now I'm getting BSOD 0x0d1. I have a minidump but I can't seem to get the tools to read it myself. I would love some help finding where the issue is and repairing it. Everything I've read online is pointing this error at being a registry error (probably from a bad driver update). Thanks!

edit: rar'd them gotta zip them I guess

Ok more info. Just used bluescreen view and it's saying that usbehci.sys is causing it. This is for USB correct?

A:BSOD 0xd1 in specific games after display driver update

You are having an issue with the ATI drivers. This might help you sort this out:

Yo probably have old video driver components still installed, that will have to be removed...

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I started getting BSOD in August, but I fixed it on Sept 9th by updating my ethernet card. And my computer worked fine until an unexpected shutdown last night which was followed by a bunch of 0x9F problems, then 0x116 when I started up any game. I already did a disk check with /f and /r, and sfc /scannow. I also "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error in Windows 7 or Windows Vista did this in which I changed the TdrDelay to 8. I had the latest graphic driver, but I went back a version of the driver to see if that solved anything, but it didnt. Attached is a couple of my blue screen reports. Any help is appreciated!

? Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (original OS installed)
? It came preinstalled but in December I had to replace the HDD cuz it was failing so I installed it through a disk on my current SSD
? Approximate age of system (hardware): 3 years
? Approximate age of OS installation (if you know): 9ish months
? Have you re-installed the OS?: not for this problem

? CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
? Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 675M
? MotherBoard: MS-1762 BSS-0123456789 REV:1.0
? Power Supply - brand & wattage: Delta Electronics (idk how many watts)

? System Manufacturer : iBuyPower
? Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom) Valkyrie CZ-17
My SSD is: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500G


A:BSOD starting games, error 0x0000009F(not only during games) and 0x00000116

sorry, ignore the "Attached is a couple of my blue screen reports." part

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Hi there, I have been having this problem for the last 5 days and need help.

I recently bought an M.2 SSD and installed it in my PC with no problem. I also removed the old thermal paste and put some new, cleaned all the fans and the heatsink, etc...I installed Windows 10 from a bootable pendrive and downloaded all the latest updates, drivers and my usual programs. I also updated my BIOS to the latest version. The only thing I kept is some files from my old computer, mostly photos and documents.

Everything worked fine before changing from my old SSD and HDDs to the new one, but now after just a few seconds of opening whatever game I get this error: ''Video driver crashed and was reset. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Exiting...''. Sometimes it even shuts down my computer with no error, the game just freezes for a few seconds, then everything goes black for some more seconds and it just shuts down. I fixed this by increasing the page file size, now it doesn't shut down anymore, just goes black for a few seconds and then I get the error and the game closes. Some other games, for example, Fallout 4, just close after around 15 seconds of playing, no error or anything.

This is my PC specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (with AMD Wraith Prism)
2 x 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical 3000Mhz
SeaSonic M12ii 620w Evo
NZXT Phantom 410

I have a good PC so it's not because it i... Read more

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It happens about every other time i start windows and under different circumstances. Once when i installed Origin to play BF3, once surfing and the latest time when i ran the windows computer assesment that scores your computer in different areas.

It's a brand new laptop, about a week old and i just want to find out if its hardware related or not.

I appreciate any and all input!


A:BSOD within five minutes of starting windows

Hello and congratulations on gaining the 2nd million post achievement!

BSOD Analyse


A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been
Several processes and threads are necessary for the operation of the
system; when they are terminated (for any reason), the system can no
longer function.
Arg1: 0000000000000003, Process
Arg2: fffffa800961eb30, Terminating object
Arg3: fffffa800961ee10, Process image file name
Arg4: fffff80002fd8510, Explanatory message (ascii)
Try to do this.

* Press Start
* Search 'msconfig'
* Select Startup
* Deselect all of them

This will prevent 3rd party consoles from starting up.

This is a decent place to start when we have this kind of bugcheck I believe.

Best Regards,

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Hello there, this happened for a while ago.

I have two games, GTA IV and CrossFire. (One steam and one client.)

In both those games, it crashes. Normally around 30 minutes. It closes, and I get redirected to the desktop, no errors, nothing. Do anyone know what to do? Please help me here. Im uber noob in computer, so explain simple. Thanks!

A:Driver problem? All my games crashes after 30 minutes!

Hi Mariusgt, When did you last clean out the ventilation ports on the laptop? Heat causes major problems on gaming laptops which lead to system crashes Also do you have the drivers try here for those MULTICOM / Support info hopefully you can find what you want

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Hey all,
I'm having an issue with my ASUS F5GL laptop. If I try to launch a game like Counter-Strike: Source, Garry's Mod or Just Cause 2, not long after actually leaving the menu and beginning to play (anywhere between 2-5min), the whole laptop just silently crashes. I checked ALL the logs, and there is nothing in there, except something recorded at boot, saying the computer was not cleanly shutdown. When it does crash, a second before it crashes, a weird thin horizontal line appears in a random location on the screen, going all the way across the screen. This was happening under Windows Vista, but I just bought and did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium, and it's still happening. I have updated my drivers and it still happens. Laptop info is below (caution, large block of text)

System Information report written at: 04/21/11 15:41:47
[System Summary]

Item Value
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
System Model F5GL
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz, 2167 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 214, 16/03/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.5
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C... Read more

A:Complete system crash (no BSOD or crash dump) when trying to launch most games.


You can try these to see what is going on with the overheating.

Core Temp

CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

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Hey all. I've often used the information on this forum to solve problems by myself, but I'm stumped this time.

I started having frequent BSODs about the middle of the past week. After popping open the case, I noticed the fan on my graphics card wasn't spinning - probably the fan burned out, or possibly there were too many programs trying to control it at once (I noticed several different "performance enhancing programs" that had been automatically installed when I installed all the various hardware on my computer had fan control options). Anyway, two days ago I pulled that out and am now just running on the internal graphics card on the motherboard. Stability seems to have improved, except that these past two days I've had one BSOD per day about ten minutes after startup, followed by no BSODs for the rest of the day - and I tend to use my computer constantly from about 9 a.m. to midnight. Yesterday, after that first BSOD, I used the computer to edit multiple documents with five to ten browser windows open, watch a DVD, and play Team Fortress 2 for several hours with no problem. Then I wake up, turn on the computer, get the BSOD after ten minutes, and here we are again.

I've run the windows file integrity checker and the memory integrity checker and both came up clean.

Any help would be appreciated!

I'm using a homemade system, a year and a half old.

OS: Original install of full (retail) Windows 7 Home Premium x64
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.90 GHz
... Read more

A:Daily BSOD about 10 minutes after starting, then fine

Also, System Restore doesn't seem to be working. When I try to restore, it shows a screen that says something along the lines of 'System Restore is initializing' and the mouse pointer turns into the blue spinning wheel and keeps spinning, but nothing happens and I can't even move the mouse.

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Hey there.
I don't know what happened. One minute everything is all fine and dandy. The next I get flashing blue screen with scary warnings and 'crash debugging' countdown or count up! I started the computer in safe mode and deleted any software and anything I have been downloading recently. It still won't budge.
And I need the PC to start in normal because I can't function in Safe Mode with networking (many features are blocked), I mean, who can?

Please anyone help?

A:BSOD every 4 minutes when starting normally - currently on SAFE MODE

Downloaded the BSOD Dump & System File Collection app (EXE file)
waiting for results.

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Hi. I've recently been trying to play Metal Gear Solid 5 but every time I boot it up my PC either crashes as soon as the splash screens are done or after a few minutes. It's been crashing while playing other games as well but it's been much rarer. It's not a BSOD crash and it doesn't produce any crash dumps so I'm leaning towards it being a problem with either the PSU, the motherboard or one of the graphics cards. Any help with finding the cause of this would be appreciated.
The PSU model is fd-psu-newt2-800, the graphics cards are both Nvidia GTX760s and the motherboard is a ASUS Sabertooth Z77

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I have recently put together a custom computer for the first time. While I play any game, the GPU will randomly crash. turning the screen black. I can end the process through task manager, but at that point I must then restart the computer or the next time I launch something that uses the GPU, I will get a BSOD. I also have the very latest drivers for my R9 200 radeon.

Ive tryed multiple things to fix the issue and I am getting desperate. I am pretty sure that it is a driver issue and not a "bad card" issue and I do not wish to waste time RMAing a working card just to have the same problem again.

Thank you so much.

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but sometimes does, sometimes doesn't. the BSOD never happen if i has play more than couple hour, so if BSOD happen must be in first 5-10 minutes playing games...

and there is more issue. sometimes when i play game there is notification "the display driver has stopped..." and the game screen is freeze but i know the game still running because the sound is normal... it more often happen when i have latest update vga driver, when i downgraded it display driver it more better but still happen sometimes

the third problem, my pc often make 5 times beep sound and if it happen the screen is doesn't appear but i know the PC is running because there is windows start sound and i can shutdown it with press the power button. it more often happen if i turn it on after i shut down the pc about 5-30 minutes before.

i know it possible because the vga driver, but i has reinstalled the driver many times and it still happen. it happen from 1 month ago...

there is some screenshot i uploaded. but i dont get the zip file dm log collector, idk why. i just get the SFdebugfile folder and i uploaded it. i will edit this thread if there is someone tell me how to get the zip file and uploaded.

Vga driver version: Crimson 15.12

Thank you. i wish there is someone can help me. sorry for my bad English.

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basically when I play games after a couple of minutes I suddenly get these blue screen crashes so I ran WhoCrashed and got these reports:

computer name: ELLIOT-PC
windows version: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 6.1, build: 7601
windows dir: C:\Windows
Hardware: XPS 8300 , Dell Inc., 0Y2MRG
CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz Intel586, level: 6
4 logical processors, active mask: 15
RAM: 4276572160 total
VM: 2147352576, free: 1927077888

Crash Dump Analysis

Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\Minidump

Crash dumps are enabled on your computer.

On Tue 07/01/2014 22:45:01 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\010714-15069-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x75BC0)
Bugcheck code: 0xFC (0xFFFFF8800BBC2520, 0x800000011B461963, 0xFFFFF8800BBC1A00, 0x2)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This indicates that an attempt was made to execute non-executable memory.
This might be a case of memory corruption. More often memory corruption happens because of software errors in buggy drivers, not because of faulty RAM modules. There is a possibility this problem ... Read more

A:BSOD when playing games usually a few minutes in

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Just bought my pc last week and it works just fine during sunday night the bsod started during monday afternoon just after i downloaded a file then avg found it as a virus i then
reinstalled a fresh windows 7 and still experience bsod

The dmp file

A:BSOD every 15 minutes during games and web browsing

Can you please post a JCGriff Report? Thanks.

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Hello. Since a few days back I've been gettin BSOD after playing for a few minutes in most games. This happens everytime in those games.

I have tried:

Updating all my drivers to newest version with "driver scanner" and some manual updating.

Checkdisk. Everything is fine.

sfc /scannow. Some things were wrong and could not be fixed.

with no luck.

What is wrong?

A:BSOD after playing games for a few minutes

After posting this it has taken a turn for the worse. Im getting artifacts, weird colors and my graphic card is yellow in the device manager. So im guessing it's a malfunctioning graphic card?

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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop. Earlier today, my computer began running very slowly, and eventually started BSOD'ing and forcing me to restart it. This has happened 2 times today so far. I am running Safe Mode w/ Networking right now and have had no problems for ~30 minutes.

Attached are logs from BlueScreenView
 BSOD.txt   3.4KB

A:Windows starting to crash, BSOD

Also just ran a quick scan on mbam, here's the log. Found one trojan.

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I recently upgraded to a gtx 760.
Earlier I didn't used to play games that much so don't know if the BSOD problem while playing games would've been there since before.
I ran furmark at highest resolution a 8xmsaa for a long time, it didn't crash or anything. GPU temp reached a max of 81C.

The BSOD's I get are only during games. It happens anytime between 15-30 minutes of gameplay. 30 Minutes at most.
I have the latest Nvidia 320.49 drivers. Tried older drivers but same thing happened. Minidump is attached and any help that could help me narrow down what could be the cause of the BSOD's is appreciated.

A:BSOD playing games for 15-20 minutes, error 0x00000050

Have you done it already?
BSOD when browsing internet using Google Chrome [Minidumps included]

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I've been having blue screens for a long time now and I'm clueless at this point. I have replaced my hard drive, GPU, Motherboard, RAM and my OS. My most common blue screens are "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor" and "an uncorrectable hardware error was encountered". I play a lot of Dota 2, and it usually BSOD's within 1-2 games.

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OK, I've been lurking this board for 3 months searching for answer behind my BSOD. First of all, my computer did have BSOD problem since I've tried to add 2 GB of RAM on my Windows XP SP 3 on October 2011. BSOD came out after playing a game for 6-30 minutes (or game application crashed) or viewing a video (random occurence). After getting no results of all to cure BSOD, I decided to change my OS to Windows 7 and I still got this problem. I've tried to bring my CPU to service center with no luck at all.

Here, I attached my recent dump and perfmon report with it. Although a few hours before I post this thread, I cleaned earlier dumps with CCleaner. I'll be sure to attach new dump and report if another BSOD occurs. And let me know if my attached files get corrupted or cannot be read.

Attachment 214777

Attachment 214778

Oh yeah, another thing, my antivirus scanner detected BSOD & System File Collection app as a virus, so I ignored it.

So my computer spec is :

Windows 7 x86 Ultimate
Intel Core2Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40 Ghz

Thank you for all your attention

A:BSOD while playing games or view a video after 6-30 minutes

SP1 isn't installed (you only have 2 updates total), please do the following:

Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1
1. Visit the PC manufacturer's website and update ALL drivers. DO NOT use Windows Update or the "Update drivers" function of Device Manager.
2. Check Device Manager for any unknown/disabled devices - if there are unknown/disabled devices, fix them with the latest drivers from the device manufacturer's website (not the PC Manufacturer)
3. Visit Windows Update and get all updates (may take repeated visits)
4. Visit Windows Update and get Service Pack 1 (usually under Important Updates). Read these notes for installing SP1: Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 from the Microsoft Download Center
5. Visit Windows Update and get any other available updates. May take repeated visits, but keep it up until you get several "Windows is updated" results.
If you're having difficulties with installing a Service Pack, please use the SURTool from this link: What is the System Update Readiness Tool&#63;
Also, check out this troubleshooting link from Microsoft: Troubleshoot problems installing Service Pack 1 &#40;SP1&#41; for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

I have had limited success in installing updates/Service Packs when using a "clean boot". I suspect that I'm just bypassing the problem - and that it can come back to bite me in the butt later on.
... Read more

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The BSODs started when I was playing graphically intensive games (downloaded through Steam, such as Everquest2 or Borderlands2) every so often (Sidebar--I've crashed recently trying to play Dragon Age Origins, a game that I've played previously with no trouble at all on this computer around 2 months back), but now they've gotten to the point where sometimes the computer trying to use Firefox or even just on the log-in screen before I even try entering my password. I've tried to look at the minidump reports and see what's wrong with them via WhoCrashed, but unfortunately it seems that they aren't always created. Especially since I know I've crashed many more times than the minidumps seem to appear.

Also, many times that the computer restarts (either automatically after a crash, a hard restart, or turning on after I shut down the computer) the Bios screen appears automatically. Quite a few times after I select "Save changes and exit" it'll come up with the Bios screen again. Additionally, the Asus loading screen may come up and stay loading for a couple minutes when loading, something which only took a few seconds in the past. There was also one time yesterday after a crash where the sound wouldn't work due to some sort of error.

I've ran scans from MalwarebytesAntiMalware as well as Avast Antivirus and the already installed Windows Protector scan and came back with nothing significant. I have a weekly defragment on my computer. I've ran the S.M.A.R.T. test and was... Read more

A:BSOD starting with games but now more often

These three devices are disabled. Is that deliberate? If so, why?

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64 ROOT\NET\0000 This device is disabled.
SMART Virtual TabletPC ROOT\HIDCLASS\0001 This device is disabled.
SMART Virtual TabletPC ROOT\HIDCLASS\0002 This device is disabled.

ASMMAP64.sys Thu Jul 2 11:13:26 2009 (4A4C7A36)
LENOVO ATK Hotkey ATK0101 ACPI UTILITY (also found in Asus systems)

mctkmdldr64.sys Fri Apr 8 10:35:33 2011 (4D9EC8D5)

mctkmdldr64.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

atkwmiacpi64.sys Wed Sep 7 03:44:52 2011 (4E66CC94)

AiCharger.sys Fri Sep 23 04:04:40 2011 (4E7BE938)
Asus Charger Driver [br] Likely BSOD cause - haven't seen recently (15Jan2013)

SMARTVHidMiniVistaAmd64.sys Mon May 7 23:47:31 2012 (4FA842F3)

SMARTVHidMiniVistaAmd64.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

SMARTMouseFilterx64.sys Fri May 18 19:07:31 2012 (4FB681D3)

SMARTMouseFilterx64.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for... Read more

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System info-
Windows xp service pack 3
2gb ram
2.00 ghz processor (core 2 duo)T6400
Avira anti virus

I have this Blue screen of death restart while starting any game! The game starts and it goes till the title and bang, the BSOD appears and the laptop restarts! Fifa 13 and few other old games work but NFS most wanted, CS:GO, F1 2011 dont start. What do i do to make them work? Please help!

A:BSOD while starting games

Hi welcome to TSG We need to know your EXACT make and model number of laptop. DL HWMnitor http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.22-setup.exe and then post a screenshot of your temps. If possible try to post current temps when starting game. Make sure your graphics drivers are also up to date.

go here for help on taking screenshots


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So long story short, i bought COD:BO2 (no hating) for the holydays, installed with steam without a flaw and when came the time to double-click the game's icon to start playing, my computer BSOD'ed and restarted. I did my own research using bluescreenviewer and found out it was linked to ntoskrnl.exe (full crash report in documents below) driver. I then updated all my drivers but it didn't fix the problem. I tried writing to acer but their customer service was awful and sent me to the game producer.
Meanwhile, my friends started playing a game called Project Blackout and when I downloaded and installed the game the same problem occurred therefore I think i can safely assume my computer is at fault. My computer is relatively and can handle Diablo 3 max graphics (full info in attached documents below). I've read at some places updating my bios will fix the problem but I've also heard it's very risky and I don't have the skills to do such a thing.

thank you in advance future helper!

A:BSOD when starting up games

The BugCheck points to hardware. To determine which hardware, we really need the full reports.http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

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Ok after 2 days of instaling any sort of os i come to the conclusion that this is mest up lol it 1st started 2 day ago started swg then paff the pc freeze so i restarted it then could not boot it was in reboot loop so i fixed the problem then tryed to play again and the same thing happened so i switched to the good old xp and noticed that my laptop was no suported on xp so i got back on windows 7 but this time x86 instead of x64 but now i got the blue screen of death instead of a pc freeze anyway there is my system info

A:BSOD when starting games

Hi acadianfrags .. Thanks for starting a new thread!..

In your case I would start off by formatting the drive first.. Remove all but one stick of RAM, then re-install.. Make sure that all of your drivers are up to date... let us know how it comes out..

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Hi guys. I'm having the Blue Screen problem. But its a bit different. I have this computer from a month and everything was runing smoothly and one day, after starting a game BAM! The Blue Screen of Death appeared for a second then computer restarted. The interesting is that when my windows starts i was able to launch a game and play it with days without any problems! But when i do something else and windows is running and i start a game after 10-15 minutes it shows the BSOD and restarts. I got pissed of and i installed the old drivers (from my CD).Did the procedure (uniinstall old drivers , restart, install new) i installed everything... but the problem was still there... even WORST! I wasnt able to start a game and the different in the Blue Screen was that there was atkosdmini.dll . I dont have any problems with the videos or other things. Only with the games. And how can i run memtest? I installed it and it was some BIN file..I dont think its the memory because i was able to start a game before getting the old drivers back. Its somewhere in the drivers.. i think. Umm.. the first time i had that problem was when i reinstalled ASUS GamerOSD and when i stated record the computer restarted but then i was able to launch the games any time. So, what should i do

Here's my computer:
Intel Core 2 Duo E2160 [email protected]
2GB RAM Kingston

BTW, how can i attach a file (sorry for the dumb question, but i think the minidump files are n... Read more

A:BSOD when starting games!

WOHOO I've installed the drivers! Now its only the blue screen and me atkosdmini.dll error dissapeared from the blue screen too, and now i can start games when Windows Starts! . Now, i want to start games whenever i want , not when windows starts..

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I have had this problem for quite some time. I have a Lenovo y410p with a Nvidia GeForce GT 750M and it is recently updated. All my drivers have been updated also.

When I play CS:GO, this crash happens very often. I will be playing the game, it can even be 1v1 on a private server, and the visuals will stop and it will repeat the last noise played (ex: gunshot). No error message pops up but after a while and a couple alt-tabs, it says that csgo.exe has stopped responding so I stop it. I recorded the temperature of the crash with a program and it was only at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and I also recently cleaned out my fan so I don't think overheating is the problem.

Another game this happens with is Garry's Mod. I will be playing and then it will randomly crash. I will get an error message stating that the graphics card has crashed and I will be able to hear noise and move around in game, but I somehow become invincible (at least on a private server) and the screen becomes frozen.

This crash also occurs when I play Civilization V. After playing for a while, I will start to get some graphics bugs like some textures glitching in and out and eventually it crashes. The crash looks like the screen clipping back and forth from two close positions and the Fog Of War becomes gray and flashes strangely.

Finally, this crash also tends to rarely occur whilst I am playing Hearthstone. It almost never crashes on its own but when I am playing a youtube video or something in the ... Read more

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So got a bit of a problem, my GTX 670's drivers keep crashing and I cant work out why

Basically it crashes when ever I do anything, open Firefox, crash, open Rift, crash, start Windows, crash.

I did replaced the TIM on my card (MX-4) a couple of weeks ago (not the first time I've removed the cooler on this card) as I was worried about how hot the card was getting and how hot it was getting my CPU WC loop, over 80? on most days, it ran fine for over a week then started playing up out of no where

Cant work out if its the actual card or just all the crap in Windows . I've attached the Windows crash log thing although it hasnt BSOD


CPU: Intel i5-2500k
RAM: G Skill Trident X DDR3 8Gb @ 2133MHz
MOBO: Asus Maximus V GENE
OS Drive: Crucial M4 60Gb
File Drive: Samsung F3 1Tb
Game Drive: Samsung 830 256Gb
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 OC
Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX
PSU: Silverstone 850Watt

A:Nvidia driver 331.82 & 331.65 crash desktop & games

I had crashes, freezes, bosd after 331 driver install, downloaded 310.90 drivers, uninstalled 331 drivers offline, did registry backup, restore point, registry clean, installed 310 except 3D drivers (awesome) No bosd, freezes, PC running awesome.

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My friends got me to do an overnight "upgrade" to Windows 10, and it all went well except all games freeze VERY often. Around every 5 minutes every game ranging from Smite to Sid Meier's Civilization 5 to Dungeon Defenders all freeze up. The only thing that could unfreeze my games was to Ctrl+Alt+Del out and then the game would magically start again. Occasionally, however, my entire computer would just hard freeze and nothing would fix it. I got tired of Windows 10 really fast, as a result, so I went back to Windows 7 and the problem persists. My NVIDIA drivers are up to date, I contacted NVIDIA Customer Support, as well as Microsoft Customer Support. None could help, but Microsoft customer support was especially useless because the representative thought I talking about my Xbox the entire time. I am not tech savvy at all, so this is very frustrating. Nonetheless, I think some obscure hardware piece might overheated due to being left on all night in a musty room. I never had this problem before upgrading to Windows 10. Any help will be appreciated.

PS Should this type of problem even go under hardware? It could be a fault operating system couldn't it? This is my first post on these forums so I could be posting incorrectly. Bear with me please.

My Specs- http://puu.sh/jSwAh/2dd2f60aa4.png

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Hello all,

As my username describes, I'm kind of sick of this BSOD problem I'm having. I will try not to talk too much.

My PC is close to 2 years old and has been going well up until now. You can see in the logs the specifics but it's an Alienware gaming Desktop PC. I've had to take it to a "retail" shop once already. We switched out the video card and now it has a brand new one in it. I still BSOD, so maybe it's not that. I've played some graphic-intensive games on it, such as Watch Dogs and GTA: V. I've also reinstalled the OS and updated most of my drivers (or at least believe I have through a driver updater program).

It does not matter if I'm playing a game, browsing the Internet, chatting in Steam, or just idling. For some reason or another, my Pc BSODs with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, or some other BSOD error. I used to get a lot of TDR STOP ERRORs but these have ceased since the video card was changed. Lastly, my friends say it may be my RAM, but I'm not the kind of person to just pry open my PC and start exploring.

What I've tried to fix it:
-Taking it to a retailer
-Reinstalling the OS
-Updating the drivers
-Disabling McAfee (or at least trying to) (I have Avast too)
-Playing less hours (in case overheating is problem; my PC is an X51; it's very small)
-Cleaning the registry

What I haven't tried:
-Running a FULL Memtest (I did a few passes with no errors)
-Op... Read more

A:BSOD While Playing Games, 15 Minutes After Boot, and Completely Random

Ok mate just for starters dump the MuckAfee ASAP - rubbish use the removal tool for doing that and if necessary delete any registry entries that may get left over - but back up the registry before you do that of course.

The memtest run it for at least 8 passes anything less you may as well not bother and use only this one
RAM - Test with Memtest86+
the Windows feature is pretty pathetic.

Do that first and then we may have to move onto renewing the thermal compound etc

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I got a bsod every time I log on to one account on my laptop. The only change is I had installed comodo firewall. Maybe this together with some other problem cause the bsod. I run windbg to analyze the error but I get only some hint to a driver called oodisrh.sys, which might be come from a previous installation of o&o defrag.
Furtermore when I deactivate the firewall or plug off my network cable, it runs ok.
I would ask you to check the attached infos to see if really comodo causes
the error or some wrong deinstallation of o&o software...
Please have a look.

Thanks in advance,


? OS - Windows 7
? x86 (32-bit) or
? What was original installed OS on system? XP Pro now upgraded to vista and then to win 7 ultimate
? full retail version
? Age of system: 3 years
? Age of OS installation: win7 0.5 years
? CPU: intel core 2 duo
? Video Card: nvidia geforce go 7900 gtx
? MotherBoard: dell... (?)

output from windbg:
MODULE_NAME: oodisrh

FAULTING_MODULE: 83003000 nt




LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 831210a5 to 8309665f

WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
aae50ffc 831210a5 8316b138 00000001 00000000 nt+0x9365f
aae51068 8309788f 00000000 00001000 00000ff0 nt+0x11e0a5
aae510c0 83122cd8 00000000 00000004 00001000 nt+0x9488f
aae5... Read more

A:[SOLVED] BSOD - crash while starting windows 7

It looks like O&O DiskImage Snapshot/Restore Helper Driver (Win32) is the culprit here - although the stack text also shows issues with eamon.sys (NOD32), tdrpm258.sys (Acronis) and ntfs.sys (hard drive). Please uninstall the O&O program to see if it stops the BSOD's.

Unfortunately, the Windows Debugging Tools aren't able to access symbols for your operating system files (in particular NTOSKRNL.EXE / NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTKRNLPA.EXE / NTKRPAMP.EXE) from the Microsoft Symbol Server - so that makes debugging them difficult if not impossible.

Please do the following (this will not affect the analysis of the current files - but it may help later files that are acquired):
- activate/validate the Windows installation at http://www.microsoft.com/genuine
- run sfc.exe /scannow to replace any problem files
- open a support incident with Microsoft to see if they can fix the missing symbols issue ( http://support.microsoft.com/ph/14019 )
- If that doesn't fix it, then wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows
- don't use "leaked"/torrent builds

So, let's try some old-fashioned detective work.....

Please remove or update these older drivers that were loaded at the time of the crash. Don't use Windows Update or the Update drivers function of Device Manager.
Please use the following instructions to locate the most currently available drivers to replace the one's that you uninstall OR remove:


How To Find Drivers:
- search Go... Read more

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I hope I am posting this correctly.

I thought I knew about computers until I started to read some of the SF DIAG Tool v4 logs... and then I realized I am in way over my head.

My sincerest gratitude to anyone who can help me.

I get the BSOD mainly when starting games, such as Eve Online or Call of Duty 3, using Steam, but I have also got it while reading email in Outlook in between typing in MS Word and using Firefox.

A:BSOD mainly when starting games, but also while multitasking

Daemon tools is now removed.

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I purchased my computer two months ago and have been having BSOD problems at times. The BSOD only occurs sometimes and only when starting games, such as Battlefield BC2 and Call of Duty MW2. With Battlefield, the game will start and go to the main screen, but when I click on "Log In", BSOD. With MW2, it will begin to start the game then, BSOD. It doesn't do this all the time, just sometimes. I have Norton installed because it is what comes with my ISP. I did uninstall it, but continued to get the BSOD, although it did seem not as often. Here is my system info.. Thank you in advance for any help.

Win 7 64 bit pre-installed by ibuypower
2 months old
Intel I7 930 (4x 2.8ghz)
ASUS P6T SE mother board
ATI Radeon HD 8530 1 GB
650 watt Casegears ECO

A:[SOLVED] BSOD when starting games

Hi -

The majority of the 23 BSODs list Xeno7x64.sys as the probable cause.

Find an update for the Killer Xeno Gaming Adapter driver or remove the device.


Xeno7x64.sys Tue Jun 02 19:15:48 2009 (4A25B2A4) - Killer Xeno Gaming Adapter driver

BigFoot Networks - Killer Xeno --> http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/support/index.php

These drivers MUST be updated -


Lachesis.sys Fri Aug 17 03:48:44 2007 (46C552DC) - Lachesis Mouse Driver

ASACPI.sys Mon Oct 30 22:09:12 2006 (4546B048) - Asus ATK0110 mobo utility driver

Razer Support --> http://www.razersupport.com/index.ph...6&pcid=0&nav=0

Asus Driver Downloads --> http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx

Slideshow for asio.sys; scroll down and look for ATK0110 --> http://cid-e5d03c221cac693f.skydrive...0updates?ref=1

ALso, I would suggest removal of NIS/ N360 --> http://jcgriff2.com/NRT_N360_Removal.html

Follow the above and see if BSODs persist.

Please let me know how things go.

Windbg Logs --> http://jcgriff2.com/dbug_logs/_99-db..._jcgriff2_.txt


Regards. . .




Built by: 7600.16539.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100226-1909
Debug session time: Mon Jun 21 22:17:27.479 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:17:31.588
BugCheck A, {bc256bc0, 2, 1, fffff80002ccc113}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for Xeno7x64.sys
*** ERROR: Module... Read more

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Greetings Win7 Forums,

I want to thank you in advance for the support. I'm about ready to melt my PC and sell it for scrap.

I've been running Windows 7 Pro x64 Final since early October (thanks MSDN). This BSOD has been very consistent. System_service_exception .... 0x3b

It only appears when starting certain (not all) games. They include Halo PC, Dead Space, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to name a few. Other games, such as Spore, Gears of War, and The Sims 3 run flawlessly.

So I figured since I had a pre-release version I would wait it out to see if a possible driver update would amend this problem. Didn't happen.
I bought a new GFX card because my integrated was crap. Still got the error, so I ruled out it was a problem with the GFX. This is a clean install of Win7 on a brand new hard drive, so rule out any possibilities there. I'm not overclocking as the hardware I'm running now is a x100 upgrade from my previous, so rule that one out too.

I'm left thinking it's the RAM. I won't be sure until after I run memtestx64 overnight and troubleshoot each stick. Just thought maybe some of you seasoned troubleshooters could take a look at my dump file and maybe decipher a problem.

I think it should be noted these games run fine on my XP boot with the same hardware. Only difference is XP is installed on a separate HD. However it is x86 so only 3.5 of the 8GB of RAM are being used, respectively. That is simply not enough for these high-end games.

This is a huge hea... Read more

A:BSOD 0x0000003B when starting games

1 GB system RAM is enough for most latest games. I used to game all the time on spec machine and only 1GB no issues to speak of and great.

If you're overclocking anything, that is your cause.

Update this driver to 2009 or uninstall from the system to test. Uninstalling the motherboard app that installed it is best:

AsIO AsIO.sys Mon Dec 17 04:11:49 2007

Update this too:

SCDEmu SCDEmu.SYS Fri Oct 31 02:56:21 2008

Update to latest video card driver from NVIDIA's website.

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? Windows 7
? x86 (32-bit)
? Windows 7
? 10 months
? 10 months
? AMD E2-3200 2.4 GHz
? AMD Radeon HD 7750
? Pegatron AAHD2-HY
? Corsair CX600 600 watt

I have recently been getting BSOD and black screens, forcing restarts often on startup of games though they also occur randomly throughout if not on startup. The GPU was no stock in my system, I added it around 2 months after I bought the desktop. There has been a black screen issue since I first installed the GPU although it rarely forced a restart until the last week or so, before this time it also never caused BSOD. The only manual change I have made to my software recently has been an update to the latest beta drivers for my card two days ago, though the problem existed before that as mentioned above. With the aid of a friend I did a clean install of drivers this evening with the intention of ruling out corrupt drivers I believe. All temperatures have been well within the ranges that I'm led to believe are normal. The temperatures as I most often see them are (according to SpeedFan): Temp1 26C, Temp2 31C, CPU 2C, HD 27C, GPU 30C.

I have also collected a WhoCrashed report and have attached it to this post, I hope it is useful. Thank you in advance for any assistance, as you can understand trying to fix this myself with little knowledge has been a little frustrating.

Again, thanks in advance.

A:BSOD when starting up games and randomly throughout

Avast can be a contributing cause of BSOD'S.
Please remove and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials AT LEAST TO TEST.

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

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Hello, everyone.
The title says it all but I will be a bit more clear about this. This is a problem I have dealt with for several weeks now and I finally decided to reach out for some help.

My problems
1) if I use an HDMI cable, my screen will flicker even when I am idling. This didn't used to happen. I used VGA and DVI cables, and there is zero flickering. Issue 2 still persists though..
2) when I run certain games, there is a high chance that at one point the game will crash or more commonly get a black screen, after which it will say that NVIDIA's driver has crashed and recovered.

I have tried
- Installing a new driver, even older versions. No effect!
- Re-socketing and wiping (very little) dust off my GPU!
- Downloading a program to monitor GPU more clearly (screenshot follows)

- Retail Windows 7, games, programs, etc. I didn't pirate a thing!
- I use VGA and/or DVI now (not 100% on which one >.>), but driver crashes happen in games
- Driver crashes ONLY happen in games. Not videos, no internet site I visit.
- Card is Nvidia GeForce 660Ti

Screenshot that lists maximum values of my card during a game
Note: GPU load & Power Consumption seem high. Hopefully this is helpful.

I would buy a new card but because my money is limited. I need your help!
Thanks so much for reading and any input.. I really need this compy to keep runnin'.

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Hello, I've just recently experienced BOSD (about a week) and I'm not sure what to do, so usually I just restart my computer. It first occured when I was playing the Sims3, then it also showed up when I started my laptop but not always. Sometimes it didn't happen at all. Please help me solve this. Thank you.

comp specs:
HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor : Core i5 2410M 2.30GHz
Memory : 4 GB (2 stick)
System : 64 Bit

A:Frequent BSOD when starting up and playing games

Your graphic card drivers need updating:

3: kd> lmvm atikmpag
start end module name
fffff880`04778000 fffff880`047c4000 atikmpag (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmpag.sys
Image name: atikmpag.sys
Timestamp: Fri Dec 31 03:33:05 2010 (4D1CFA91)
CheckSum: 0004AA7C
ImageSize: 0004C000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Use the following method for installing the latest version:Download and install Driver Sweeper:
→ |MG| Driver Fusion (Driver Sweeper) 1.2.0 Download
Download the auto-detect tool for AMD.
→ AMD Driver Autodetect
Boot into Safe Mode from Advanced Boot Options:
→ Advanced Boot Options
Type in Driver Fusion in Search
Remove all drivers
Boot normally now, and install the latest drivers from the
auto-detect program you downloaded.

Then take a test with FurMark:

Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
→ Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

Monitor your temps with Speccy during these tests
→ Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Run the system file checker for integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible.
→ SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Run Disk Check on your hard disk for file system errors and bad sectors on it
→ ... Read more

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PLEASE HELP , after extensive searching I am led to this site to try and sort out my problem

Until recently I have had no problems playing games that I have launched from steam. Only recently have I started to notice that when I launch specific games in my games library the BSOD with the system_service_exception error code 0x0000003b appears, this can be intermittent.

I have installed blue screen view and it seems to indicate that the driver atikmdag.sys and ntoskrnl.exe is causing the issue linked to the ati kernel mode driver and NT kernel and system which are their file names respectively, I have tried reinstalling the new catalyst drivers but this doesnt seem to make any difference. this is as far as I have gone

the minidump is uploded
the age of my system now is approximately 2 and half years - I have also considered updating my motherboard e.g flash bios and update chipset drivers but I do not know if this will make any difference.

Any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated . Thank you

A:BSOD, system_service_exception when starting steam games.

I have a very similar issue while streaming, NTOSKRNL.EXE --- have you had any luck? I am running intel/nvidia however.

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The problem started yesterday while I tried to run Counter-Strike Global Offensive by launching it with the ESEA client and got a BSOD.
At first I thought it was a CS:GO related problem as the game is relatively new and there were GPU problems in the past when the game was beta (I have a NVIDIA GTX560M on a Qosmio x775).
Following forums I figured I may have to flash BIOS and update graphics card drivers. However, despite these updates I kept BSOD'ing every time while trying to launch the game.
Taking my research further I realized the computer would crash while starting ANY game. Even opening the NVIDIA client to change 3d settings led to a BSOD. After a lot of frustration and futile updates, I thought perhaps it was an overheating issue and left the laptop off for the night with all USB ports unplugged.

At first, today seemed good since I was able to go through 3d settings in the NVIDIA control panel with no crash. But, while returning to the original game that caused problems (CS:GO), I got a bluescreen again.

I really need to know what is going on as I haven't the faintest clue. I've attached a diagnostic error report of one of the crashes (there have been many) and I am willing to provide any extra information just as long as I get some responses!

Please help me on this and I will shower you with beneficence, goodwill, and many internet points.

Edit: I found out there is one more graphics card driver to be downloaded and to update the system. Please be pa... Read more

A:BSOD starting all games. Definitely hardware/GPU related.

Does anyone have an idea?

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I am getting a BSOD every time I start a newly purchased game. The games are :-

COD Blackops II
Aliens Colonial Marines

I suspect it is a driver issue - probably a video driver. I have the AMD Radeon HD 6800 card. I have tried removing the Catalyst software (rebooted) and installed the latest version but still BSODs.

The BSOD info is below:

*** STOP: 0x00000101 (0x0000000000000021, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff880009b3180,
*** ntoskrnl.exe - Address 0xfffff800032cbfc0 base at 0xfffff8000324d000 DateStamp

I have attached the following zips:

Diag tool (grab all)
Latest dmp zipped from minidump folder

SFC /scannow did not find any violations

I have not installed any new hardare recently.

Please help

A:BSOD starting recently bought games -


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When i start a game, usually wow or league, the game doesnt start. The process stays active and I cant shut it off and a couple of minutes later I get the BSOD with the message driver_power_driver_failure. This can also happen when I shut down the pc or I put it in sleep mode. This doesnt happen all the time, I would say it happens around a third of the time.

Thank you,


Attachment 51690

A:BSOD while starting games, shuting down or spleeping pc

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!
Also, with the debut of Win10, we are extremely busy with it.

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

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