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Windows password incorrect...

Q: Windows password incorrect...

Hello SF. first of all, sorry if my english is not perfect.
Now here is my problem: since yesterday, i just can't open a session. When i try to log in, Windows says that the username or the passeword is not correct.
I've tried many things that i've seen on the web but still the same.
Now i just want to erase or reset password.
Or every thing can make me use my computer.
Many thanks in advance!!!

Preferred Solution: Windows password incorrect...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows password incorrect...

There is Tutorial that should help. Try this Password Reset == You can also try a System Restore at Boot which is Option Two. You would do the System Restore to a date before you had the problem. Good Luck

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Hello, so I've just found an old laptop I've had hoarded with windows 8 on it. Everything on it is super outdated, and I noticed it had my account on it which was basically my Microsoft account. I tried to sign in, but it says it's incorrect. I know my
password, and I've changed it over the years, but since the laptop is so old, it wants me to put in the last password I used to sign in on it. Problem is that I had so any password changed and I cannot remember what password I used. It will not let me use
my new password, because it says it's incorrect. Any way to fix this?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505 with Windows 7. I don't know how it happened but my computer suddenly restarted and came up with Kiosk and Other User as the users. My account is no where in sight. I have no passwords set up but just hitting enter to bypass doesn't work. How do I get my account back and get back into my computer?

A:The Username or password is incorrect on Windows 7

Hi -

Boot into recovery with your Windows 7 DVD or via the HDD recovery partition and run "Windows System Restore" -


If that does not work, you will need to reinstall Windows 7 as I cannot provide further help related to security issues, per TSF Rules.

I must now close this thread.

Good Luck to you.



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Wife was nagging me to remove the password at Windows7 startup because it was too long, so I followed the instructions online (unclicked the box to require password at login) and it came up with a box (I don't think was mentioned in the instructions I was following) that told me to enter, and confirm the password. I left them blank since I didn't want a new password.
Now when I startup it still asks me for a password (usename it gives is HomeGroupUser$) and when I try my old password it doesn't work, and when I try leaving it blank and pressing enter it still doesn't work.
So I can't login...

A:windows 7 login password incorrect

You can use one of these password recovery tools from -=> Here

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Hi All i installed windows 8 preview and after setting up my account with my hotmail account it keeps regetting my password...of course I know my passowrd as i use it everyday... is windows 8 preview setup right or am I doing something wrong... I am using my hotmail password...(I made a local account (called backup) just in case this would happen)

A:[SOLVED] windows 8 password incorrect...

i have the same problem intermittently with it

i just re enter till it accepts it

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When I try to log in on windows 7 it keeps telling me password is incorrect, but I know it?s the right one .When I log in via safe mode it accepts the password with no problem
I have changed the password a few times but when I reboot it says wrong password
So I need to start safe mode etc. again can anyone help regarding this


A:windows 7 it keeps telling me password is incorrect

This might be of some help. Read through these.
User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

User Account Password - Change from WinRE

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Since a couple of hours ago I cannot get past the log in screen on Windows 10. It loads up the screen then before I can type anything it comes up with the incorrect password screen. When I click ok it doesn't do anything and the screen won't go away leaving me unable to log in to my account. I was hoping someone here knows of a fix to help me.
Thank you for anyone that can help.


A:Cannot get past incorrect password screen on Windows 10

Possibly a problem with your keyboard or mouse/touchpad.

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My parents are having an issue logging on to their computer. It seems that my mother miss-typed her microsoft email address when she activated it. Now she has a login in screen that asks for a password for the miss-typed account address. She cannot get past this screen since she does not know the password. Does anyone know how to change the email account on the login screen so that she can attempt to login in to her computer?

A:Incorrect password on Windows 10 login screen.

Originally Posted by honus03

My parents are having an issue logging on to their computer. It seems that my mother miss-typed her microsoft email address when she activated it. Now she has a login in screen that asks for a password for the miss-typed account address. She cannot get past this screen since she does not know the password. Does anyone know how to change the email account on the login screen so that she can attempt to login in to her computer?

Hi honus03 and welcome to Tenforums.

I think you should be able to enable the Hidden Administrator Account using option #4 here:
Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Once in, create the correct account, delete the incorrect account, and then re-hide the Hidden Administrator Account.

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Hey guys,

I have seen similar threads in some places, but none of them seemed to have exactly the same problem I have been having. Anyway, I have an Alienware M17x with Windows 7 installed. Yesterday, Windows stopped accepting my login credentials and kept giving the error "the username or password is incorrect". I never did change my password, and no one else has access to my laptop. My password was about to expire, but it never prompted me to enter a new password ever. I have tried pretty much everything that I could find/think of.

1) There are no other accounts on the system other than the one that is locked out.

2) I tried rebooting in safe mode, but it ultimately takes me back to the login screen with a different screen resolution.

3) I have tried repairing using the Windows 7 disk. That didn't work either.

4) I tried going to the command prompt and displaying user accounts that are present on the system( using "net user"). It shows me an Administrator account and Guest account. So I took a chance and changed the administrator password, but it didn't accept it on the login screen.

5) I have tried System restore to the previous day.

6) I have tried setting the BIOS date back one day. It's set back to the original date now.

I don't really want to buy a password breaker software yet, because I have a feeling it is not about the password, just some software glitch.

Any help is highly appreciated

A:Windows 7 Login: username or password is incorrect

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Unless you created a Password Reset Disc, I'm not sure there's anything you can do other than try a search on Google.

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after transferring files from Samsung R530, 32-bit machine to HP Pavilion dv7, i5, 64-bit, using Windows Easy Transfer (both machines running Windows 7) via Belkin F5U279ea cable, all seemed normal

on restart, entered password recently created and used successfully, whereupon received 'incorrect password' message and am now locked out
what can I do?

since it is new there are no data to be preserved, so happy to go back to how it was before I made the transfer, but would need to know to do this

would also like to know what might have happened in the transfer process to nullify my password

any help gratefully accepted

A:Incorrect Password, on restart after using Windows Easy Transfer

I have always understood the Easy Transfer was meant to transfer your personal files and settings to a new computer. I don't think it would change your password, but I have never actually tried it.

Are you using the same user name and the same password as the original?

Why does your title say you are getting a Blue Screen? Did the Windows 7 install go OK, or did the system come with Windows 7 installed?

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i have shared my music folder on os x 10.8.2 via smb for windows, i have been able to connect to it using windows 7 up until now, when windows 7 keeps rejecting my username and password for my mac, every time i enter my mac username and password windows 7 says network password incorrect, so i tried my sister's credentials, same thing "Network password incorrect" what's going on?

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I previously routinely logged into my daughters computer (running Vista Business X64 behind the firewall at her university's network) via TS Web Access.She upgraded the system to Windows 7 Ultimate to solve a video card issue and now the Remote Desktop login fails.  I can get to the machine through the gateway but it gives the "The username or password in incorrect message" on every attempt.I can have someone log using Remote Desktop from the internal network just fine using the absolute same username/password.I have had her check all of the remote settings multiple times (I have seached this one extensively).  Can anyone suggest what the problem may be and a solution.  Or even a method to diagnose would be helpful.This is a critical issue for me since she is near clueless.

A:The username or password is incorrect when attempting login to remote computer running Windows 7 Ultimate via TS Web Access

I found my own answer to this issue after I got acces to the machine physically and was able to view the security logs for the failed login attempts.  For some reason windows seven required that I use the entire computer name \\computer name\account name\ to get to the machine whereas Vista did not require full name.  Problem solved as long as I use the full name convention for the computer as expectedf behind the ts gateway.  Also don't pass the ts gateway credentials on to the remote computer as this causes it to want to log on with those creditials at the machine.    

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Dear Techguys,

I am going mad with frustration today.....

I have just upgraded from XP to windows 7 - transferring my data from my old XP laptop to my newer one that is running windows 7 - by using the "windows easy transfer" facility.

Agreed, transferring is easy aqnd all my data is there it seems. Phew!

However, one of my accounts on the old laptop (call it oldaccount for the purpose here) had a password on it (say 1234) but when I try to logto it on the new laptop for that same account it says "user name or password is incorrect"!

I thought I could get round this problem by going to administrator user and deleting the password for account "oldaccount"- yes, that does get round the prooblem and I can log in to the oldaccount - but of course I no longer have any password securtity on it!

I "thought" "oh, all I need do is now go back into the administrator account and create a password in the new laptop for that "oldaccount" - but when I then try to log into it I get the same error; "the username or password is incorrect".

Can anyone please help me to set up a password for this old user account on my new laptop?

I know from searching the web this is a problem others have encountered but sadly I haven't found anyone who has managed to crack this seemingly simple problem.

Any help gratefully appreciated.



A:"the username or password is incorrect" - Windows Easy Transfer

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I am trying to get all my yahoo and gmail messgaes to come to me through windows Live Mail, Gmail it is working fine, but for yahoo it is not it says Server Error 0x800CCC90, is there a possible fix for this

A:Windows Live Mail saying my password for Yahoo Mail is incorrect

Techtitan100, try logging on to yahoo mail directly, your password might have changed. Also check the settings to make sure that the pop connections are ok.


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Hello MS community! I was curious as to 1. whether or not anyone has had this issue, and 2. if anyone knows how to address this problem:
Ever since I've had Win 8-8.1 installed on my new laptops, I always get the same bug- that is, a false notification of my password being incorrect upon login attempt #1. On my 2nd login attempt, (pressing 'enter', clearing the notification) I can always
login. This has always happened after about 4-10x of flawless logins on a fresh OS installation and it stays permanent as a bug afterwards.

I mostly stayed quiet because it was just a minor nuisance for me, but I'm curious if this is a known bug and if there's a solution (because we all chase the flawless execution of an OS). For reference, I use a local user account to sign in, but have also
had this issue when I used an MS account in the past.

Being as I've had Win 8 and Win 8.1 installed on my past 3 laptops, which all had the same issue- I
highly doubt this is an isolated event. I know for some people they can't even login when presented with this message, but this small hiccup in the OS is rather persistent. I really just want to get some community advice/wisdom on this matter.

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I'm running Parallels on my Mac. When I went to log in to Windows yesterday I got the error message "The username or password is incorrect". This happened about two months ago and after an all day search for solutions, I fixed it. I'm locked out again and this time I can't find a solution! I haven't changed my password and have logged into Windows, without a problem, several times in the past couples of months. Please help! I'm willing to try anything!

A:Locked out of Windows - "username or password is incorrect"

this will work .. Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor

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When I attempt to login to Win 10 I am unable to log in on my desktop computer. It gives me the message, "incorrect password." I am having no problem logging in with my laptop. The password is acceptable. I have tried resetting the password through the desktop but it requires a password disk which I don't have. I changed the password on the laptop however the laptop continues to work and the desktop gives me the "incorrect password" error.

A:incorrect password

Originally Posted by David Morgenste

When I attempt to login to Win 10 I am unable to log in on my desktop computer. It gives me the message, "incorrect password." I am having no problem logging in with my laptop. The password is acceptable. I have tried resetting the password through the desktop but it requires a password disk which I don't have. I changed the password on the laptop however the laptop continues to work and the desktop gives me the "incorrect password" error.

Hi David and welcome to Tenforums.

Are you logging in with a Microsoft Account on both systems?

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Ever since I updated my laptop to Windows 10 it doesn't let me sign in but tryst to load and tells memail the password is incorrect. It won't even let me put my password into it before it tries to log in again. Does anybody know what I can do? Thanks for the help.

A:won't let me put password in but says it's incorrect.

is this an MS Accout you are using or a local account
if MS account then you can change the password via the live.com/outlook.com webpage
otherwise, if a local account , we cannot help

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My laptop had an update and when it was done, it was telling me my pin was incorrect and I can't reset my password because the email that's linked to my laptop is one that I deleted. I dont even remember the password because I stopped using that email. I only know my pin but its saying incorrect. Please help me i'm so sad right now i dont know what to do!!

A:Please help: Incorrect pin/password

@Hktran10? It sounds like you were using a Microsoft account password login. See the Microsoft password reset page  

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i picked up the computer 1 hour ago and started to set it up at my office i restarted the computer and went to log in and it says incorrect password. its the same pw i have for everything i own so i know its not incorrect and the lady on the phone tried to cgarge me 75.00 to change my pw which is **bleep**ing criminal and all i want to do it get the 1k paper wait working 

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Ok so i jsut dod the netplwiz thing on my mum's computer and now i can't log in at all - gives the error as OP or this one: "the password is incorrect. Make sure you're using the password for your microsoft account " with a link to reset. Will resetting oassword through that link work? Is there anybother work around? What a complete mess microsoft!!

A:The password is incorrect

Hello awiklendt,

That error means that you just entered your password incorrectly in netplwiz.

You should be able to click on OK in the error message, then sign in with your correct password. After you are signed in, go back to netplwiz, and start over entering your correct password to stop this.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I recently rebooted my windows 10, because my yahoo mail was failing. When it resarted it had gone back to the "screen saver" locked screen (the screen that locks everthing). Now it is stating that my password is incorrect, when in.fact I know that it is. How do i get my computer to accept this password or get rid of the locked "screen saver" all together.
Thank You in advance

A:Incorrect password

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Please help me My new notebook I've ever used, please, I blocked the notebook. I can not get into windows because I created a user name and says that my password is incorrect

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Just been asked this..

XP on a laptop

When clicking on Username and entering password - says incorrect password. Person must go in and change the password each time they log in

Any ideas

A:incorrect password

XP Pro or home? Does this occur on ever user profile for that machine or just this particular one? Also what are the permissions for the users?

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I have an ipod touch that was given to me a year ago.I think it's a 4th generation.
The specs of it are as follows:
iOS 6.1.6
Model: MD057LL/A

My ISP is Verizon.The router I have is from Verizon and It's called "Actiontec", model MI424-WR rev. D
On my Verizon account, it recommended I switch from WEP to WAP2. I have no idea what that means other than it's some form of security. I followed the directions given to me by Verizon and switched to WPA2.

So here's the problem with my network. After switching to WPA2, I couldn't connect my ipod to the network. I typed in the right password to connect my ipod, but it kept saying "incorrect password". Since I couldn't connect to the network with my ipod, I switched back to WEP. I'd like to use WPA2 since it's supposed to be better, but I'd like to be able to connect other devices to my network. So why can't I connect to my network and am told the password is wrong when it's not?

A:Right password but says incorrect

Thats an old router no longer available What version of wpa2 did you set did it give you options of different sorts

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please help me.. i cannot open the administrator or any user account in my laptop bcoz it says that the password is incorrect.. how can i reset the password? btw, i dont have a password reset disk.. help me please.. how can i open it again??

A:incorrect password.. HELP

you could try a cmos reset but apart from that we are unable to help with passwords as it is against forum rules.

please dont write in big letters there is no need.

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I did not change my password, but cannot log in, I am getting a message username or password incorrect.
How do I handle and fix this?

A:incorrect password

Take look here:
Reset User Account Password
User Account Password - Change from WinRE - Windows 7 Forums
User Account Password - Change from WinRE - Windows 7 Forums
This works for Vista & Win 7.

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Problem: I am trying to access a site that requires me to log on with an ID and password. I have had no problems until recently when the Log on page gives me a pop up saying that the password is incorrect. This only happens on my computer (WinXP with IE6) as I can access the site using any other computer. I have deleted all cookies and there are no check boxes to enable windows to remember my password. I have also used another computer to change the password which hasn't made any difference. Anyone any ideas?

A:Password incorrect

Did you try deleting all your Temporary Internet Files as well.

Tools > Internet Options > General tab

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i know my password but it keep saying incorrect passoword. try againit's a local acoount and i dont have a recovery usbwhat shoud i do ??ps; new labtop

A:password incorrect try again

Hi @wallabatty,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with your password. I will be glad to help you. Please follow the steps from How to Recover Your Forgotten Password (Windows 10). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks. 

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Just resolved an issue with a Win7 laptop that resulted in some lost data and deletion of the Recovery partition (MBR corrupted necessitating a recovery disc to boot and repair). That said, when I attempt to gain access to the Win7 laptop from my Vista PC I get the following notification when prompted to log on:

I know for a fact that the username\password combo is correct as I have been able to access the Win7 machine via my Vista PC in the past.
What is the best way to approach this in light of the fact that I just recovered the Win7 from a problem?

Thank you in advance for any help.


A:Incorrect Username\Password?

Try method 3 of this:

Reset User Account Password


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Hi, I hope this is the right place for this post, sorry if it's not.

OS = windows 7 home premium.

Windows is not recognising my password. I just reset my windows password using a windows password resetting program. The password was reset to no password. After resetting, the system loaded windows without problem and didn't ask for a password as expected.

I then went to "user accounts" and chose the "create a password for this account" option. I did this and it accepted my new password. The problem is now, when I restart the PC and try to log into windows using this new password, it tells me it's incorrect even though it is definately correct. I used a combination or uppper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols. I'm not sure if this has an effect.

There is only one account, which is the administrator account.

I had to reset the password to no password again using the software so I could login to windows.

Any suggestions as to why I can't log in?

BTW, the reason I reset the password in the first place is because I tried to change the existing password(which I setup when I installed windows) to a new one in the "user accounts" screen. This failed, it told me that the password was incorrect even though I used the same one I used to log on.

A:Password incorrect after resetting


I do not inow why you cant login. Once you begin to use third party sofware for tasks like resetting the password there is no way of knowing what changes it made.

That being said, lets talk about the future. Right now, I would make a new administrator account to be sure that you do not lose access in the future. The choice now is yours, continue to use the old account and have problems now and then logging in or begin to use the new account as your regular account.

Whatever you choose, I would always have another administrative account in the event of problems. Things can go wrong for many reasons.

In addition, I and many others suggest using a standard account for everyday activity and reserve use of the administrative account only for necessary activity. This measure is taken to increase security against virus and malware damage.

Take care and good luck.

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Hey, I have been having a great time with Win 7 so far but I have runinto a little problem. I have currently3 computers setup onHomegroup(2 desktops and a laptop). Everythingwas working great until I tried to get a 4th computer (Toshiba brandedlaptop)in our Homegroup. Thepassword will notwork, it is telling us that the password is incorrect and thus we can't get it setup like the other 3 PCs.I can garentee that the password is drilled in my brain as I have done it 3 times before and have been trying to get this one to work for about 5 or so hours in total between today and yesturday. I've even got the other laptop off the network to see if there is some sort of unstated limit on the Homegroup, thats obviously not the case as it still wouldnt work. I put the working lappy back on the Homegroup and have been trying everything I could think of in terms of getting this PC to play nice with the rest of the house.Ive ran out of ideas, anyone got a suggestion?Thx,KillerHurdz.

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I'm not the most tecnical of people, so please bare with me. We bought as exdisplay PC & they told us it would be restored to factory settings. When i start up it immediately tells me user name & password is incorrect. I click okay & it wants me to log into kiosk. From there I have to switch user. I've looked in user accounts a dozen times - there is only on user account (admin) & it's in my name. So where or what is kiosk? I've done the whole "regedit" thing but I don't have a default folder under profiles. Please help!

A:user name & password is incorrect

try start > run (type it in to the search) > 'control userpasswords2' (without quotes) and make sure that 'Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer' is checked as it sounds like autologon was configured when it was on display

Log On Automatically at Startup

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I wanted to disable login password to I ran netplwiz and unchecked that requirement. It worked, but now when I turn on my computer, it says my password or username is incorrect. I click ok and it gives me two "users" on the lower left hand corner. I choose the correct one and enter my password and windows starts. But I have only one user administrator! I'm usi

A:incorrect password after netplwiz

Solved! I had changed name of PC! Reran netplwiz. Thanks.

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Daughter's computer is set to auto login on boot.
I go to the logoff screen where it shows her user account and guest.
Click on her user account and it asks for password.
She says she has no password for her user account.
Hit enter for blank password and it tells me this is incorrect.
Ran Offline NT Password and Registry Editor and it shows the password to be blank.
If there is no password then why does it ask for one?


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I am a beginner with windows 10.
When I log in I now get 'incorrect user name and password' and I see I have now got two User Accounts in my own name. How do I get rid of the wrong one? (I'm sure this has been asked many times but I couldn't find it in FAQs). Since it appeared my Pc is very slow to come to life - I have time to make a cup of tea before the desktop appears.

A:'incorrect user name and password'

Hello Barb, and welcome to Ten Forums.

This usually happens if you have Windows set to sign in to your account automatically at startup using netplwiz, and then changed your password, user name, or computer name afterwards.

Setting up netplwiz to update it will usually sort this for you.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I've got 4 pc's all installed with W7 RTM, 3 pc's are 64bit and 1 pc has got the 32bit installed.

My problem is two of my 4 pc's (64bit) can join the homegroup, but the other 2 gives me a error of: incorrect password.

What I've tried
1. Ive read all you forums regarding this error and tried most solutions.
2. Tried to delete homegroup on all pc's and reinstate it
3. Deleted files in die the following folder: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking
4. Tried various different passwords.
5. Taken off my passwords on the user accounts
6. Created different users without passwords
7. Tried to make the 2pc's that cant connect to the homegroup the host, but then none of the pc's can join the homegroup, also password incorrect.
8. I checked my firewall settings, they the same on all 4 pc's.
9. The pc's that cant connect can ping the host and other pc.
10. I can ping both ip and computer name
11. Disabled and enabled IPv6.

I hope you got some additional stuff I can try.

A:Homegroup password incorrect

Try synchronising the time on all of them. Even if it's 1/2 second out, it still won't connect

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My picture password on my Windows 8.1 tablet is all messed up! No matter how many times I draw my exact three lines as they are as I set them up, I always get a "the picture password is incorrect. please try again" and I know I am drawing the three lines accurate, they are based on a fairy's shrinking abilities. I googled the picture password is incorrect. please try again but didn't get any related hits, searched again with quotes and got "no results for" the picture password is incorrect. please try again" searching without quotes. How can I get past this or fix the image to where it accepts my three lines that I made and are drawn correctly for a password.

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I've previously run netplwiz from the command prompt to disable the sign in process in Windows 10.
Which worked fine in build 10049 but in 10158 & 10166 I now get this error message

I don't understand how this message can appear as no password has been entered at this stage.
Pressing OK, or waiting 2 minutes results in this screen

Entering the PIN or password from the sign-in option continues the login process.
Apart from starting again from scratch, any ideas on how to correct this.

A:Username or password incorrect

I'm not sure why it does that but I could never get around it so I just leave the box checked.
I think by unchecking the box it's trying to initiate another user account or that 'built-in' one.

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I am running Windows 7 and have a Ralink 802.11n wireless LAN card. I have had no issues with this and a month ago my roommate randomly decided to switch from Verizon to Brighthouse. This switch took 3 weeks but everything is hooked up and working (almost) fine now.

My computer picks up the wireless signal fine but when I type in the password it says the password is incorrect (Ive tried 100 times, case sensative, yada yada). That same password works fine for my roommates computer to connect and fine for my iPhone to connect. If I connect through an actual cable, the internet works fine on my desktop.

It seems to me like an issue with Windows. Windows is updated and all of the appropriate drivers and updates are current as far as I can tell. Has anyone seen this before and does any ideas on what is causing this?

A:Wireless Password (NOT!) incorrect?

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I have Vista Home premium on my laptop. I went in to change the name on the computer to show my wife instead of mine. Got distracted with 4 kids running around the house.
Cmame back to login. Name has been changed but password is incorrect or user id is wrong. What did I do? and how do i fix it

A:incorrect password and user id

Hello David, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if one of the methods in the tutorial below can help you restore the old password. If not, then Method Three will show you how to reset the password.

Reset User Account Password

Hope this helps,

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I have two PCs on the same network,and I test HomeGroup in the following steps on Win7 build 7000.

1. Create a homegroup on PC a

a. Goto Control Panel->Network and Internet->NetWork and Sharing Center

Make sure :

(1) The network is Home network, not Work or Public
(2) The Tag of HomeGroup is Ready to create, and click it

b. Click Create now button, and follow the instructions and finish it.

2. join homegroup on PC b

a. Goto Control Panel->Network and Internet->HomeGroup, and click join now button.

b. And now I can see the following prompt, "* has create a homegroup that you can join", * is the user name of my PC a.

c. Click join now button, input the password generated by creating homegroup on PC a.

d. Show the prompt saying the password is incorrect.

I can guarantee the password is the one generated on PC a.

I have ran out of ideas, anyone got a suggestion?

A:HomeGroup password is incorrect.

Silly question, but were you sure to enter the password with the proper case sensitivity?

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So this is my issue. I work for a University and I am working on a Win7 image. After doing the image, I got this "error"

But after I press the ok, I get the window to input the username and password and everythings works ok. What could be the problem? I have searched but all I have gotten is check that your password is correct


A:Username/password incorrect


Is that the screen Windows boots to, and what are you trying to achieve by what I assume, means you're editing the image?

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hi guys, i just got bad crash on my computer and cant launch from usb, i dont not know hwat the bios password is to enable it. i get this error: System Disabled: [i  73563900]

A:bios admin password incorrect

@Cloneman88 Enter   62441326

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There are more than one user account on Windows 7 but whenever I start my computer, the first screen is "The username or password is incorrect." When I click OK, it shows only one user account and Other User.

I am able to login that user but I don't seen another user account. When I click Other User, I have to type name and password of another user account.
Please let me know...how to fix it?


A:“The username or password is incorrect.”

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Sometimes, but not always, when I put my Vista machine to sleep and wake it up Vista reports that my password is incorrect. I have checked to see whether numlock/caps is engaged and neither is. No matter how many times I try to enter the password it comes up as incorrect. The only way to get into Windows is to log off - losing all my work - and to log in again.

Can anyone offer advice on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!

A:Incorrect Password On Wakeup From Sleep

I don't know off hand what would be the cause, but, if the password on wakeup is not necessary to you, you can disable it.

Start + Control Panel + Power Options + Change When the Computer sleeps + Change Advanced Power Options

Now select No for the "Require a password on wakeup."

If you use sleep mode often and don't need it to be password protected, this would resolve the problem temporarily until it gets figured out.

If the password protect is necessary to you during sleep mode, then ignore this post? I'll take a look when I get home unless someone else has posted on it already.

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