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Mysterious drive

Q: Mysterious drive

I have a C: drive that mysteriously was partitioned to contain a G: drive during the past 24 hours. I want to delete it. How? It contains files that relate to nothing as far as I know, but I cannot delete them.

Preferred Solution: Mysterious drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mysterious drive

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I have just finished a clean reinstall of XP Pro, it is running wonderfully but I have a mysterious extra cdrom in My Computer which also show us in Total Commander. but it doesn't show up in Computer Management or System Properties.

If i right click on it from My Computer and select properties it says the same as the proper two cd drives but the file system is unknown.

The only virtual drive program I have is Alcohol and it not from there so it has me bamboozled.

Could someone please help out in a way to get rid of this please.

Any help appreciated

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Hello all I'm new to this posting thing,
I have a DVD drive that disappears from 'Computer' every time I restart Windows 7. I have spent 14 hours on this, and still don;t understand why. I have done everything that I have found on the internet and am no closer to understanding the issue. If I put a disk in nothing happens until I take the drive out and put it back in then it works fine and the icon appears in 'Computer' and device manager is happy again.

I can tell you what it isn't:
Its not the BIOS or hardware because it has worked seamlessly using Mint, my default boot option, for two years and continues to do so, on the same machine.
Doing all the stuff in regedit 4D36E965... upper and lower limits does nothing, those limits have never been present. Other stuff with a DWORD also made no difference.
MicrosoftFixit.dvd.run actually does make it work, but this is because it asks me to take the drive out and put it back in. It also reports back that the problem is fixed due to the disc it asks me to put in being unreadable, even as I listen to the music it's playing.
The driver is fine, at least Microsoft finds no fault when I right click the device manager DVD icon and ask it to look online.

One possible clue. I made it restore to a previous time, in November, and everthing worked as it should. I could turn it on and off and all was well. I thought I'd won. Then it updated itself without any permission and it all... Read more

A:The mysterious disappearing CD Drive

Check Windows Update to see if you're set to automatically install recommended updates. If you restore back to the November restore point, try unchecking the option "Give me recommended updates the same way I get important updates" and let the system install the important and critical ones.

I wouldn't be surprised if a less important, "recommended" update is breaking something.

Is the PC in question the laptop mentioned in your specs or perhaps some other Desktop PC you have around the house?

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So about 6 months ago, i was working on one of our desktops here with no user. Was at my desk, with a command window open ( with admin privileges) and running commands on her pc. i do not have the commands i was trying now, but was using psexec to run it remotely "on" her pc, and was trying to mount a share i think. it acted like it locked up and i closed the cmd window. then later, a z: drive appeared ( after my domain account logged into her pc), z: being the test letter i was using. it points back to c:\users\appdata\... . it cannot be disconnected like a network share. it acts like a real hard drive, but is not. we ddo not use roaming profiles, the only thing that would be, is a redirected "my documents" folder. non of the normal dos based commands work, they either assume network share or real drive. and it is not on every pc in out network yet. i went through and wiped out and reloaded that pc, and after i looged back in with my domain profile, the z: appeared some time later. it is a "phantom" drive junking things up, and i do not even know where to start. since im not sure what it even is, not sure what to look up in google. Please help.

A:mysterious drive appears

it definitely has something to do with "subst"
strange mapped drive - Spiceworks

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My Windows 10 machine stopped working so I did a hard reboot. It came back up just fine, it seems, but there was a drive assignment for a CD drive that doesn't exist on my computer. I panicked and restarted the computer and the mysterious CD drive letter disappeared. BUT, is there a history kept of prior drive assignments? I should not have rebooted so quickly. I would like to research what this was.

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I have 2 hard drives on my system. Occasionally when my computer is started up the D: drive registers as 2 seperate drives. There will bo the normal D: drive but also an additional E: drive with the exact same contents as the D: drive. Please help!!!

A:Mysterious appearing hard drive...

My son has the same thing happening on his XP machine, doesn't seem to hurt anything. I've tried to get rid of it with no luck, have contributed it to a microsoft bug. Maybe a update will fix it.

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I have Win2000/SP4 on my PC, with Norton-Systemworks 2002 (with Speed Disk disabled), Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro, Diskeeper 8 Pro and Stardownloader running permanently.

My (small but nagging) problem: every time I start up, after the desktop is already showing, some program checks my floppy-drive. I have switched off all access to A: in Norton-AV.

Could this be the network? I have tried everything, but to no avail.
Is there a sort of monitoring software out, that could tell me what program(s) access the floppy-drive?

Any help appreciated.

A:Mysterious check on floppy-drive

Yes, there are things that let you monitor filesystem access.

You should try completely disabling services. Start with Norton AV - set it to disabled and reboot.

Also, you should check if A:\ is in your PATH variable for some reason. Open command prompt, type set and press enter. Look at the PATH variable, does it include references to "A:" or "B:"?

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Recently formatted my drive and decided to partition
Once formatted a folder appeared named
System Volume Information (a hidden folder)
when trying to open it tells me "access is denied"
This is my home home computer
Question is this normal or is it hacker activity

Also when I formatted my drive with XP format facility on the XP disc
8 meg was partitioned off by XP and made inaccessable
Seems a lot to me!!!!
Is this also hacker files hiding on my system?
Or does XP always reserve this much partitioned inaccessable unseen space before installing the OS as normal?

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Just reinstalled xp home on my pc - amd xp 1900+, 768 ddr ram, 1x60gb maxtor, 1x120gb wd cavier

My Western Digital Cavier is my second drive. I reformatted and parttioned my smaller 60gb one and left the other alone(but still connecte). It had about 75gb of files on it and was used to back up all my other stuff. Now it is not there... but it is?:O

It is connected and i have checked all the cables and jumpers etc. On start up it is there on the bios and the back screen that tells you all the info at the start.

When windows launches, it is only the smaller 60gb maxtor hd and its partition that are shown. I have checked for hidden file, but there aren't any here. In the control/admin tools/comp mgt... the hd is shon as forign with a yellow '!' sign beside it. It has apprently no data, and here the other hd shows up ok. In device manager, the hd is there but when i try to populate it there is nothing there..... I'm thinking of reformatting the 2nd hard drive (120gb) but rather not. I am not sure what happened to it but i have reinsalled xp 3 times since just to see if it was xp.

I would really appreacite any help any one could offer

many thanks


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I have a non-serious, but puzzling situation. I have an external USB Iomega hard drive. I have it set to be Drive Y. It works just fine. But every once in a while, its drive letter changes. The first time this happened, I thought that the drive wasn't working, because I tried to copy something to drive Y, and found I had no drive Y, even though the power light on the drive was lit, and the drive appeared to be functioning. The only tell tale hint I had was that right after Windows finished booting, I got what I'll call an "error beep"--the sound that Windows makes when you try to do something you aren't allowed to do. Rebooting did not, however, bring the Y drive back. However, what DID happen was that after Windows had booted, I got a dialog box that asked me what I wanted to do with the Iomega drive J--the kind of box you get when you insert media into a removable media drive. That gave me the clue that the drive was working, it had just been assigned a different drive letter (J was the first unassigned drive letter on my system). I went to Disk Management, changed the drive letter back to Y, and all was well.

Since then, this has happened about 3 or 4 more times. Each time, I can use the Disk Management feature to reset the drive letter, and it is then fine for several days or weeks. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this behavior?

A:Mysterious Drive Letter Change

Hello RP McIntosh,

The next time this happens, you might see if using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below instead to change the drive letter may be able to allow the drive to always keep the Y drive letter.


Hope this helps,

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Hi Fellas:

We recently built a computer for a client using a FIC KA-6110 motherboard, 128 mbs of 100 mHz memory, etc. Everything went smoothly until we attempted to use the floppy drive in WIN 98 SE. Disks in the floppy drive cannot be read. We connected 5 different drives in the FDD connector on the MOBO and no dice. We have checked the CMOS setup, examined the connector for bent pins, changed cables (brand new stuff) and can't get any action from the drive. Can we conclude that the MOBO's FDD connector is the culprit. (By the way, FIC's web site offers nothing in the way of addressing this issue).

Thanks a bunch.


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I have my hard drive partitioned into a System Drive (C) and a Document Drive (E).

Recently, the system told me that my C drive was nearly full. So I increased its size from 20G to 25G. (Also ran Windows system clean up, CCleaner clean up, emptied Recycle Bin, etc.)

Practically overnight, the system was telling me the 25g was nearly full. Could I have acquired nearly 5G so fast?

When I use "properties" on C Drive it tells me I have used around 23.5g.

When I examine the contents of C Drive, adding up each file, I get only about 8G.

When I run a newly acquired program called WinDirStat I am told I have used about 13G.

I had thought that the problem was caused by annoyingly frequent updates (windows, adobe, avast, etc., etc.) but now I don't know.

What is going on? I am thinking about wiping the partition and reinstalling the OS, but would like to avoid that.

A:Mysterious Rapid C Drive Fill Up

The Windows 7 OS takes up about 16 GB of space off a clean install. After updates it could jump to around 20-25GB. 25GB is no where near the recommended amount of space that you should be using on a Windows partition. You should have at least 50GB of free space on your C:\ (or OS partition) to be running Windows. Either expand the partition to meet around this amount of space + or re-format and re-install Windows on a partition with more space available.

As for the rapid increase in data, it was most likely caused by updates.

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A friend of mine asked: "I used to have two harddrives in my system. Each time I booted up, just before the Welcome screen, Windows XP added an extra screen that made me choose which drive I wanted to use. I was forced to use the arrow to toggle up or down to make a selection. No matter how I changed the bios, I still had to do it. I knew it wasn't right but I endured it for 3 months. Now that I no longer want the second drive and have removed it, guess what? I still get asked that question. If I choose correctly all is well. If I pick the drive that is removed from the system, I get a message saying that Window does not have the proper files and On My Compter, the phanton second harddrive does not appear. What can I do to bypass the need to choose and get rid of that screen?
As an aside, is the Lian Li really the best case, or are other, cheaper aluminum cases good alternatives?

A:The Case of the Mysterious Drive Letter

First, you must have your Explorer settings to be able to view all files AND extensions. Then, look in the root directory (C:\) for a file named... boot.ini
Double-click this file - it will open in Notepad. Copy the entire file (it's small) and paste it into your next post. It will be VERY easy to edit this file and fix the problem.

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so far i've actually been quite impressed with win xp. although its power will never compare to that of linux or any other unix based system, its by far the best system microsoft has made to date.

lately i've been dealing with 2 problems, neither of them critical, but annoying enough to try to seek some help on.

1 - ever since xp was installed it would make mysterious noises every 1/2 hour or so, the rising chimes, then the dropping chimes. i just disabled system sounds because they were a piss off anyway. well w/e xp is doing behind my back is taking a large amount of cpu usage, because when it does this in a game a get a small freeze, probably only a second, but enought to piss you off during online gaming/ or single player for that matter.

2 - for some reason the OS is telling me I have used 27gb on my hd when i KNOW i have used 10. i've totalled up memory usage on every flder in the root, and it adds up to ten perfectly. not only that when i "dir/w" in a command window it tells me "29,048,497,152" bytes available. (about 27gb) on a 40gb hd, well actually 37.4 if you know about the whole bits to a byte thing

- i've been a morpheus user for awhile, for those of you that didn't know morpheus did NOT have a software problem, the fasttrack network and main morpheus servers where hacked. any users that tried to log on after this hack had changes to their registry made, and so far those changes are unknown..i think my hd problem could... Read more

A:mysterious sounds, hard-drive confusion

Have you tried running a up to date virus scanner? A free online one can be found at http://housecall.antivirus.com

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Mysterious Hard Drive Partition in Windows XP

I recently noticed a F: partion on my computer that I did not create. It is about 46.9MB in size and contains a bunch of .MDM files, which I think are (Machine Debugger Manager) files and a directory labeled DELL, which is my PC's manufacturer. Anyone know what could have caused this? Virus Scan reveals nothing. Also, how do you remove a partition?


A:Mysterious Hard Drive Partition in Windows XP

To remove a drive or partition in XP, go to My Computer, right click, Manage, Disk Management, Select the drive you wish to remove, Right click, Delete logical drive.

BE CARFULL. You could regret it. Backup all your data first. It?s easy to make a mistake.

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Started having problems with my web pages being hijacked and in looking for a solution discovered that there is a Q hard drive on my system connected thru USB port 0 that can't be delete. Did delete it once and it came back but without the properties. My computer has hard drives of C & D with ports thru G or H. I don't have anything connected to the USB ports except my printer.

I do not have administrator privileges and have discovered about 10-15 mysterious users (ie. trusted installed, administrators, user$, performance log users, etc.) that I don't know how to delete. I suspect that my computer has been hijacked and I am using a clone of it(?),if that makes sense and is how it works. I don't really have that much experience with this. I think this because I can not find any way to gain Administrator privileges which are all in network. Which should not be the case because I don't belong to any network. Please help if you can?

Thank you!!

A:Mysterious Q Hard Drive appears thru USB Port 0

hello,let;s get an MBAm log and see if it shows something.Next run MBAM (MalwareBytes):Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and cl... Read more

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I have 2 DVD drives, one is a Pioneer 112 SATA and the other is a LG H20L SATA Blu-Ray drive. One is on the motherboard RAID controller and the other is on a RAID card in the PCI slot.

All of a sudden I have had a really odd problem, both drive trays open and close on their own and without me touching anything. There can either be a CD/DVD in or not, it makes no difference. They open seperately but both open and close. Sometimes the tray can stay out for 5 minutes and then closes, other times it opens and closes loads of times in succession. It is a bit like gremlins, the drives have a mind of their own, I can't work out the link. I have tried pushing in the power cables, I have tried shutting down the net in case of a virus, I have virus checked, and nothing comes up. I have searched the net for an answer but previous people who have had the problem have never seemed to get an answer, most replies are about a stuck eject button, but this happens to BOTH my disc drives.

This didn't happen before I got the LG 4 days ago, but at the same time it didn't happen until about 2 days after it was installed, so it wasn't immediate.

I run Windows XP Pro SP2, 2gb ram, I have lots of software, and the new drive came with about 10 items of DVD software. I have tried to shut down anything I see that may cause the problem, like CD/DVD software running in the background, but again nothing helps. It is so odd how sometimes the drives can open and close like mad, then ... Read more

A:Mysterious drive problem (opens and closes on its own)

My guess would be Malware of some kind, perhaps you should post a HijackThis log.

Please read this before posting a log :- http://forums.techguy.org/malware-removal-hijackthis-logs/622404-posting-help.html

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Hey everyone,

My problem is that my hard drive free disc space is mysteriously going down by 10mb about every 5 seconds without anything installing or internet going so it couldnt be downloading anything. So i would look at it and it would say Free Disc space 7.24GB - five seconds later - free disc space 7.23GB...ect. This would continue until it would say you have 0 bytes remaining on your hard drive. But if i restart my computer the free disc space would go back to 7.24GB and start the count down all over again!

My OS is WinXP and absolutely no error message has been popping up and all viruses have been deleted and it stilll continues.

Any help would be great! Thanks heaps.

A:Mysterious Hard Drive Space Disapearing

Try this first...

Go into Windows Explorer,Right Click C:\ Select Properties\Tools \Error Checking\Check Now

Check both radio buttons and Reboot.

This will check your HDD for bad sectors ect......

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G'day all, would really appreciate some help here.

anyway, here's the story. I left my computer turned on earlier in the day with everything working normally. i came back about 3 hours later to find that my two cd drives (LG HL-DT-ST CDRW GCE-8523B, Samsung DVDrom SD-608) and one mounted virtual drive (Daemon Tools) had dissappeared from My Computer. Device manager (Win XP pro) showed the above devices with a exclamation mark against them and the "device status" for each read: "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device."

Straight off, i tried backing up to a system restore point from yesterday and then the day before that, all with no luck. I then tried updating the drivers just by clicking on the update driver button which said it could not find a better match. I then tried uninstalling all the devices which it seemed to do, but upon restarting, still no drives in My Computer although they were back in the device manager with the same message as before. nb. the devices show up same as usual on bootup.

Sorry for the long post and thankyou very much to anyone who has persevered with me so far. thanks in advance if anyone can tell me what's doing or (hopefully) that i'm an idiot and have missed something incredibly simple. Cheers guys.

oh yeah, also... troubleshooter did not work and i can not find any drive... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Mysterious Death of two cd drives and virtual drive

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I looked in my My Computer folder and everything looked OK (C, D, E , F drive icons...C and E are partitions of my master(1) hard drive with Win98 and W2K on each respectively....D and F are partitions of my slave(2)hard drive where I put data...D for Win98's data, and F for W2K's data files).

But for some reason when I looked in My Computer in Win98 awhile later, I also found 2 New drives being shown, called G and H. I don't know if it is related or not, but it was after I had attempted(as I need to do for my computing reasons) attempted to convert the E(W2K
operating system partition) and F(the W2K data partition) to NTFS format.

the new "drives" appeared to have "no size", but where shown as being "full").....OR What could have cause this??

Has anybody see that before?
(and it is very weird additionally because E and F that were converted to NTFS still showed up also in the Win98 My Computer folder....and NTFS drives aren't supposed to be seen by Win98)

Has anybody seen this before, or know what kinds of things might cause that to happen?

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Ok last week I notice some driver in my computer on "My Computer" that I don't have, and it was marked as a CD drive (E.

I though it was strange, but because it was Christmas and everything I let it go, with no much concern. The last thing I had burn on my dvd burner was a cd.

This week I burned a DVD, and when I went to the "My Computer", so I click on the DVD drive to test it out, I notice that the CD drive was gone, and in place of that, was DVD drive (E, and no, it is no my DVD drive (which is D.

So I unplug all my usb cables as I though it might be something related, and the drive still there.

I click on properties and it shows as free space 0 used space 0.

I did not tried to deleted, and here's why;

A few months ago, some mysterious file appeared on my desktop, nothing seemed to have changed in my computer, I didn't tried to open the file or anything, I just drag to send the file right at my recycle bean to deleted, as soon as I did that, my computer went crazy open a bunch of screens and installing programs, I unplug the cable from my internet right away, my anti virus didn't pop up warning me about any of viruses, I went online and search for the programs that seem to have self install which I could see vaguely installing itself, and all turn out to be spyware malware or some sort of that, and the answer was to get "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware", which I still have in my computer.

All the other methods didn&#... Read more

A:Mysterious drive appeared at "My Computer"

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In my device manager I have spotted a mysterious cd/dvd rom (I only have one cd/dvd rom drive). I have now disabled this unknown drive (see screeshot), am I OK to do this and reset my PC?


C h r e d g e

A:mysterious cd/dvd rom

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I am currently using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. However, I have IE installed. Every so often, 10,15 mins or so, I get a random pop-up, even after completely blocking the sites and adding them to the blocked sites within my IE (what browser the pop-ups are running with) settings. I don't see why I should get IE pop-ups when IE is entirely blocked? I cannot uninstall it, seen as MSN uses it to run applications.

All help will be highly appreciated.


A:Mysterious pop-ups

you are infected, and this question belongs in the secuity forum

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I have 8.1 I just happen open a Gif, and noticed it open by Internet Explorer
I'm not exactly a PC whiz but it would seem to me the internet address that it is displaying is my computer.
What's that all about because if it is what I think it is ?????
Then, . .  I need to say, . . .  personal computer security is a subject I may get interested in discussing. 
Like the first thing I would have to say is ;
ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:8.1 is a little mysterious to Me

What the hell are you talking about, opening gifs in IE is pretty normal, it works in Windows 7 too. How is this a security problem? Just because your IE can access local files, doesn't mean another website can like the same way... Chrome and FF can do this too, such as downloading PDFs and then opening them through their pdf viewer. 

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I may have something funny going on with my system as i removed some programs and started gettin some pop ups even with my Google Pop U Blocker. I followed the 5 teps and below are m Hijackthis ad Active scans. Thanks in adance for any help.

HijackThis Log
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:35:27 PM, on 8/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Small Business\Business Contact Manager\BcmSqlStartupSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtsvc.exe
c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlwriter.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\Rtvscan.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32... Read more

A:Mysterious Pop Ups

BUMP. please...

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What the H E double hockey sticks is a program with a name like "52955b66-582f-400a-a216-94fb4a79167d.exe"? I found it when sifting through application control in zone alarm. I've temporarily frozen it until I can figure out what it is. I googled it and for the first in my life google said No Hits. Anyone know how to figure out what this is?

A:Mysterious exe

Where is it? The path may give a clue. What does it say if you right click on it and look at properties?

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Ok, so on my 'about computer' page it states that my processor is AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 2.00GHzbut on my 'Directx diagnostic tool' it says that my Display card is Microsoft basic display adapter. Why didn't it use the AMD Radeon R5 graphic card??? Is this normal? if not how can I fix it?
Also my computer ran to an error where it had to delete everything except my personal files, I re-downloaded the games I had before the error and suprisingly the game I used to be able to play smoothly started lagging badly.

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All of a sudden I have had a user appear on my computer (but not on the welcome page) called "ASP.NET Machine A..." (yes, the ... is part of the name.) What is this? Virus or what>

A:Mysterious new user....

Did you install MS dot net? it's part of that.

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Hi, since yesterday my computer has been acting weird lately. I'm the kind of person who likes to unplug my computer until the battery runs low and then charging it back up as I hear this prevents the battery life from shortening.

Anyway, I've been doing this for months. My laptop was bought in December 2007, and I updated from Vista to 7 in February this year. My old battery started screwing up so I got a new one around February as well. Only since yesterday or the day before, my laptop started mysteriously just shutting itself off. This doesn't happen while it's plugged in, by the way; it happens while I'm running the battery down. My new battery used to have a 4-5 hour life before reaching critical level, but now when it hits around 30% the laptop just shuts off. No shut down, no painfully long shutdown and install update sequence, just power off quickly and swiftly with no warning at all. I can't turn it back on until I plug the charger back in. Oh, and if I plug the charger back in, start it up then take the charger out, the computer will just power off again in the matter of a minute or so.

I think this is more of a problem with the battery, because I don't think viruses are capable of causing such a rapid shutdown. Please help; I could run the battery down to 7% before having it automatically hibernate just two weeks ago. Now, I can't get past 20% because of this problem.

Whoever decides to take a look at this post, thanks!
&n... Read more

A:Mysterious shutoffs

Where did you get this battery? I've seen these symptoms with cheap offshore batteries from eBay.

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I have a multi-page tutorial (from Windows Secrets), which says "Once you are ready..., simply click the Start orb, type backup in the Search programs and files box, and press Enter".
I have no idea where to look for Start orb, nor the rest of it.
Please help.

A:Mysterious START Orb

The 'Start Orb' is the round circle in the bottom left of your screen.

Something like:


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The system is running windows 8.1 64bit. I do not use IE as my main browser, yet saw two instances in task manager. Using process explorer the command lines are "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" and
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" SCODEF:1004 CREDAT:267521 /prefetch:2 .  IE is the default browser and at version 11.00.9600.18123.

A:Two mysterious instances of IE

If you rarerly or never use IE you should change the default browser.
Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> Set your default programs. Then, you’ll be able to choose the browser from the list.

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Hi, I've only owned a computer for a couple months and set up my nephew's HP dv5t 32 bit /Vista Premium for Christmas. Antivir Personal found 177 viruses on his yesterday and seemed to block them. I assumed this was from a couple games sites he visited, Tangent and freewebarcade (Installing AntiVir was one of the fist things I did upon setup. It found virus in Tangent Games package included in installation-I delted the whole thing). I've heard tangent installs a driver which may or may not be classified as spyware and sends spybot s&d into a tizzy. Subsequent scans turned up nothing.Anyway, I thought it might be a false poz, but have since scanned with Dr. Web and found about 9 possible infections: a couple suspected Dloader trojans, a few "archive"contains infected objects" including a couple exe.s, many on HPhelpassistant. Mind you, subsequent scans with Antivir, Threatfire, the free Avast & Kapersky scanners/removers did not find any of them. Neither did his four spyware apps.Just for a comparison, I ran a Dr.Web scan on mine (dv-7 64 bit/Vista Premium and found many of the same possible infections.Both our computers are running fine. though. Are these false positives? benign infections? Should I delete all on Dr.web at the risk of deleteing something essential? I've already moved a couple.Any help would be geatly appreciated.I'm a quick study and have learned a lot the past couple months, but still very much a beginner.Edit: Mov... Read more

A:Mysterious infections...help?

Hello and welcome.please see quietman7's comments on Wild Tangent in post #4 here... http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...;hl=WildTangentThen run the scanthere and post back the log,thanks.

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So I'm on dial up and one of my computers (a dell desktop) is having problems connecting to the internet. When it connects, it has a slow speed (even for dial up) and disconnects shortly after connecting. First we thought it was the modem and replaced it (several times in fact), but still the same results. Then we check the phones lines thinking that Bellsouth had screwed up in the wiring, but that checked out to be fine too. So I was going to do a system restore on it, hoping that for some reason that would help, but we don't seem to have the disks to do so.

This problem seems to be connected to a clicking sound that you can hear from the computer and through the phone. If you unplug the computer entirely from the wall, you can't hear the clicking sound, but if you plug in the monitor and the monitor is connected to the tower, then you get the clicking, but if the monitor isn't connected to the tower, but is still plugged in, you don't get the clicking. So there is something in the tower (not the modem) that's causing it.

Any ideas?

A:Mysterious clicking

ah possibly could be some sort of EMI (electro magnetic interference) sometimes i get that sort of click or pop when my cellphone is around. also could be interference from cordless house phones. some stereos and speakers / other electronic equipment around the computer could also cause this. hm try eliminating anything in the area that could be causing interference. my best guess ?? otherwise, i'll leave this one up for someone smarter!!

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just reformatted hard drive and reinstalled Win98.

got latest drivers for my modem, attempted to install them, says its putting my modem on "com 4" but i am not getting a dial tone. I am plugged into the correct opening on the modem, phone line has good dial tone.

have removed modem and restarted, shut down and installed modem with reboot, went through detection of new hardware, etc...

norton system works tests, finds modem on "com4" but cant find dial tone.

WHAT simple thing am I over looking... really, its got to be something silly!!

Thanks in advance....

A:mysterious modem

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I have a Plextor PX-708A DVD Drive in a computer that uses Windows XP Home and has 1 gig of ram. It ran without a problem for more than a year until today. After writing a DVD data disk using Nero, the disk ejected and the computer re-booted. Plextor technical support had me swap cables, run a diagnostic test with the IDE cable detached (it passed the diagnostic test), use msconfig to disable all programs in the start menu, and remove and reinstall the device. Nothing worked. Here's the mysterious part: if I use a DVD (video or data) from a manufacturer, it runs without a problem. If I use a CD or DVD that I previously created (video or DVD data), the system crashes and reboots. It does not matter what brand of CD or DVD. Anything that I have created previously crashes the computer. The Plextor people are stumped. I also did a virus scan, disk check, malware check, etc. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

A:Very mysterious crashes

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I have a ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 and I recently TRIED putting a splitter from my antenna to my TV and Video Card, When it comes time to simply connect my video card to the splitter I get mini shocks as if there is current running either from the cable (antenna) which is sort of impossible, or the actual video card which might be possible. The Splitter is a 5-2500mhz splitter (a satellite splitter because I tried a cheap one 5-900mhz and my TV only showed snow. Does anyone have an idea what it can be.

Thanks a lot guys.

A:Mysterious Problem

Satellite splitters do pass voltage because satellite boxes change voltage when changing between odd & even transponders. You definately don't want that voltage going to other devices, so you might want to use a splitter that wont pass the voltage. I would suspect the shock you are getting is from the TV.

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I found this file "sdlvdkbd.exe" on it's own in the -Program Files folder it is linked
to autoexec.nt and config.nt.

performed search on google and metacrawler to no avail.

Anyone have an idea about this file?

A:Mysterious file!

Hi, Welcome to TSG!!

You had posted in the Archive form for W2K and XP so I have moved your thread to the Security Forum.
Click here to download HJTsetup.exe
Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.

Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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I copied (Ghosted?) Files from a HDD that had some problems onto a WD 80 gig using the supplied software. I have found one small problem. When you boot up and loads windows completely, it opens a window with the title of new folder and it is empty. I have unchecked every thing in startup with no luck I hope someone can help.

A:Mysterious folder, How do I get rid of it?

lehatche said:

I copied (Ghosted?) Files from a HDD that had some problems onto a WD 80 gig using the supplied software. I have found one small problem. When you boot up and loads windows completely, it opens a window with the title of new folder and it is empty. I have unchecked every thing in startup with no luck I hope someone can help.Click to expand...

Why not try start>search for "new folder".

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I found one lso in this pc called Harry's folder in windows system????????????????? Is Harry a good or bad guy

A:Mysterious file!

Click here to download HJTsetup.exe

Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.


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hey everyone..i just recieved 2 kingston (kvr133x64c3/256) sticks. im upgrading from 2 128mb pc100 ram modules, to 512mb pc133 kingston modules. ive checked the FSB of my computer and its 133mhz compliant. im having a problem installing the ram. when i install both of the rams and enter bios, its only reading 32mb on each stick of ram. not only that but my computer keeps rebooting itself over and over again. it wont even boot into windows. ive tried every combination of putting the ram into the slots but to no avail. i already have one 128mb kingston module installed. so im not leaning yet to a compatibility issue. i was thinking of maybe flashing my bios to. will this help any? help would be great

heres my computer specs (not the greatest)
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2

CPU Type Intel Pentium IIIE, 866 MHz (6.5 x 133)
Motherboard Name Intel Cayman CA810 (4 PCI, 2 DIMM, Audio, Video)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Whitney i810E
System Memory 256 MB (SDRAM)
BIOS Type AMI (09/05/01)

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (128 MB)
3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Monitor Plug and Play Monitor [NoDB] (11438069)

A:help with mysterious ram issue

the new ram is incompatible, or your timings need to be manually adjusted.

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A computer at an office where I work has developed a mysterious habit of restarting itself. At a stroke of the key or movement of the mouse, the restart is initiated. This happens unpredictably, but there is a tell-tale clue. Every time the Sophos icon in the taskbar is greyed out, experience suggests that a restart is imminent.
A colleague has put it down to the fact that he replaced the out-of-date Norton Antivirus with Sophos antivirus software, since which time this curious symptom has emerged. Even though the Norton Antivirus was properly removed, he speculates that there might be a clash between remnants of this and the new software.
We could deactivate or even uninstall Sophos, but that does rather remove the point of getting it in the first place. I guess I could try removing and re-installing Sophos next time I'm at that office to see if it's any better, but it does seem a most peculiar symptom.

A:Mysterious restart

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So these have been bothering me for awhile now and im only now getting around now to finding out why the hell they happen and how they can be resolved.

1. There are a few particular websites i have identified that are collection of links to other websites for videos (non-explicit i assure you) and when i use the link provided and am sent to another website to view the content all of these mpeg format videos have that very screetchy digital sound and eventually they freeze and this causes my IE to then freeze and then is forced to close. The odd thing is that all of the links on the main page have this problem not just the host site with the sigular video content. My question is whether or not this is due to something with my IE, or just these link websites and their conglomerates?

2. I am unable to clear my DNS when reparing my internet connection manually as well as unable using the command prompt ipconfig /flushdns getting only "function failed during execution". Possible reasons/solutions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as obviously these are weird and annoying problems.

Thanks Agian

A:Two mysterious problems with IE

Hello and welcome to TSF :wavey;

What version of ie do you have?

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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Greetings all:I have been getting some strange IE pop-ups even though I use Mozilla Firefox. I performed many searches in regards to this issue. I have tried several of the different combinations of scanners & cleaners, but alas I still see there is still an issue. I not only get to deal with the pop-ups, but system performance has been degraded as well. I have been unable to successfully boot into 'safe mode'. I get a screen full of directory paths... i.e. C:\Windows\...etc..etc.I am posting my latest HJT scan.Any and all help is greatly appreciated.-WilLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 7:09:13 PM, on 1/13/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\V... Read more

A:Mysterious Ie Pop-ups While Using Firefox

Have I posted incorrectly?? Please advise & I will correct it.

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i suddenly have a randomly named service("Ipisdnrawv") on my system - it has no dependencies, no information. there are no files on the pc with that name, only registry reference is:

since google turns up nothing i'm sure it's some nasty -
ran spybot, adaware, hijackthis - nothing.

what i'd like to know is how to find where this thing is being called from (i.e. there is something that put it there, and it must perform some function - but i cant find anything it points to)
i'm stumped...

A:mysterious xp service

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I have been getting ads in seperate windows the past couple of days. I don't know the source but all my software and virus and firewall and win messenger is all on and off. I don't see anything running that would bring them on either. No browser helper objects or new tool bars or such.

Whatever is doing it I can't find it.

A:Solved: Mysterious ads.

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Mysterious hardware prob.

Appears heat related, but can't be sure.

New system ran great for 5 weeks then started its schizophrenics.

Symptom is *poof* blank screen, hard drive and cd lights lit, fans all running. System may come back up, system may not come back up until power is off for several minutes. In any case symptoms reappear very shortly. Crash can be observed while in BIOS setup screens, so believe it is hardware. Temps at time of crash are very low, 118-123 degrees F. Time from cold system to crash varies from 2 to 10 hours depending on activity (playing games makes crashes occur faster)
Original setup:
Albatron KX400-8X default BIOS settings
AMD Athlon 2400+ running normal speed
512 MB PC2100 DDR chip
ATA 100 controller card with 160GB hard drive/CDRW attached
generic 32MB SIS AGP video card
ethernet card
firewire card
Windows XP home
Installed additional fan - system crashed

Increased MB voltages to AGP/memory/processor - system ran longer then crashed

Replaced power supply - system crashed

Replaced 512 pc2100 memory chip with 256MB pc2700 - system ran *much* longer, then crashed.

Slowed main clock speed down to 200MHz - system crashed faster

Removed all unnecessary cards - system crashed

Changed keyboard, mouse - system crashed

Plugged HD/CDRW into MB IDE controller, removed controller card - system crashed

Replaced MB with Albatron KX400-8XV MB - system crashed

Changed video card with different brand - system crashed

Removed hard drive co... Read more

A:mysterious hw prob

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