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Acer Veriton z290g, high pitched whistling

Q: Acer Veriton z290g, high pitched whistling

I think this started happening today. It starts whistling as soon as I power up my PC. I googled it a bit first and some said the monitor is dying, and others said it had to do with a fan. I have no idea how to open this thing to check, though (not that I have any idea what I'm doing anyway), and the screws are really weird. I wouldn't be able to get them off with a normal screwdriver because the screws are smooth.

Attached a picture of the back of the PC. Not sure how I'd even get the back off once the screws came out anyway.
Please, help me! I can't take this sound anymore.

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Preferred Solution: Acer Veriton z290g, high pitched whistling

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


When I put my computer to sleep, it stops, and it starts as soon as I turn my computer on. Changes frequency right before the login screen comes on, and then it stays the same after that. My PC also takes a while to start up now. I have to shut it off and back on maybe 2-3 times before it'll boot up. Just a few minutes ago, Windows sent me to this uh... resume(?) screen that I've NEVER seen before.

Are these 2 things completely unrelated? Could I possibly have a virus that's causing this?

edit: it also changes frequency during windows' admin program run notification

A:Acer Veriton z290g making a high pitched whistle

My computer's having more problems starting up. It goes on and off, and my mouse flickers with it. The whistling constantly changes frequency during this time.

sorry for double posting/bumping, but I really need help with this. it's an all-in-one computer btw.

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I upgraded my Acer Veriton Z290G to Windows 10. I am not having any problems with Windows 10. I want to know if I can add Bluetooth to my computer. If so, where can I get the driver?

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Hello. friend has the above PC. For some time now, at random intervals, it will emit a 4 second whistle (haven't heard it myself, but assume its from the mobo speaker) followed by 2 secs of silence. Desktop is frozen. Noise continues the same cycle until PC powered off. The inside is dust free and all connections seem secure. Any thoughts, please?

A:Acer Aspire T671 PC - whistling noise

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Whenever I record through my line in socket on my sound card there is always a high pitched squeeling noise in the background. Ive used programs to remove it but that also reduces the quality of the sound.
I thought it might be the cooling fans causing it. that is the only thing i can think of other than the card is no good.

A:High pitched

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ive moved this to hardware, sorry!

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I have been reading around about other threads I didn't quite get an answer... ok I just got a brand new vaio I have been having various problems with it just small trying to work it out... just about everything is fixed except when I run a program I get a high pitched noise... I don't mean just any program I mean programs such as counterstrike, or sometimes a virus scan, I know it's the fan speeding up to keep cool, but is it supposed to make a high pitched noise?

A:CPU fan high pitched

The smaller the fan you have, the higher its pitch.

And a high RPM 80mm fan is pretty high pitched.

The 40mm ones are just unbearable, as I found out today. But I can't remove it as its in my new 24port switch.

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Basically, I just bought a whole load of new computer parts to build into a PC for my brother (christmas gift). I've done it countless times, but this time I'm getting some bizzare problems. I'll list the specs first.

P4 3.0E

512 RAM

ASUS P4P800 SE motherboard

Thermaltake 400w Powersupply.

Radeon 9600 Pro.

120 Gig Seagate SATA HD.
Now, with the stock powersupply *Came in the case, not the Thermaltake* I plugged it into everything and the computer booted and ran fine EXCEPT the PSU had a burning smell that was not to my liking (300w). So I put in my 400w Thermaltake Powersupply and it makes this odd high pitched noise when it's on the on position at the back, but the computer itself not switched on. Yet, if I lay the computer on its side, it runs and the sound goes away... EXCEPT if I plug in the keyboard, it makes the sound again and the computer doesn't boot when the sound is on. I *KNOW* the power supply works. What could be the problem here? I'm seriously stumped =/ All the components seem to be functioning as they should, but there's no way a 400w Powersupply should be overloaded like that.

Thanks, in advance.

A:What's going on here? High pitched noise?

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I have an Advent 7066M laptop running Windows XP. If I connect headphones or speakers to it and try to play audio or video, the sound is too high pitched. Does anyone know what I can do to correct that?


A:Audio Is Too High Pitched

Try rolling back the sound driver from within Device Manager, joebeaven. If this is not an option, uninstall the sound driver and reboot. If the driver is not automatically reinstalled after reboot: "Drivers can be installed from the c:\applications\drivers folder and utilities from the c:\applications\tools folder." This info was taken from here.If your issue started recently, there may have been some form of corruption that has occurred.

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Hello everybody,

I have been having a huge problem this last month with my computer, which I hope someone will be able to help me with.

The problem:
A high pitch ?squeak? sound is coming from ?inside? my PC. It appears to be coming from my graphics card or somewhere above on the motherboard. I am not a hardware geek at all, so in all honestly I really do not know. I am almost sure it is NOT coming from my fans or my PSU, though it does sound like a voltage problem.

Here is a VIDEO I filmed of my PC making the annoying sound:

The facts:
The noises are random ? and not related to anything. They will appear when I?m doing nothing, and they will appear when I?m doing loads of stuff.
The noises last between ~1-7 seconds
The noises started occurring AFTER I installed my new SSD: http://ocz.com/consumer/vertex-3-sata-3-ssd - I had never heard them before. I cannot RMA it, unfortunately. After installing my new SSD, I formatted my PC and installed Windows and that drive. Note: I am almost 100 % sure that the sounds are not coming from the SSD or HDD.
NO sounds during startup or in BIOS
People can hear the sound through Skype, EVEN WHEN MY MIC IS MUTED (!!) I find this very odd, and I hope it might be something to help locate the problem.
Some days there are sounds all the time, but I have tried going 5+ hours without sounds.

What I have tried already:
I have tried unplugging my secondary HDD.
I have tried disabling EIST... Read more

A:High-pitched sound from PC

It maybe somewhat related to the noises mentioned in this thread.


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so my current rig is three months old and i am getting a constant high pitched whir when the computer is on, i have tried everything i know and originally came to the conclusion that it was my corsair ax750 psu so i got that replaced and the noise persists
looking for any ideas or help

A:High Pitched whir from rig

Hi ghostops117 and welcome to W7 Forums

The source of the noise is likely to be coming from a fan or from a floppy/optical/HDD drive. Unplug your machine (always do this when connecting/disconnecting internal cables) and disconnect all drives and fans (except for the CPU fan). If you have a graphics card and have also got on-board graphics, temporarily remove the card and use on-board instead. With everything disconnected, power back up. Don't worry about missing OS system prompts. If the noise is no longer present, reconnect one component at a time and retest. If the noise returns, verify by disconnecting the last component connected and test again.

Please let us know your results.

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I have a ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, when i boot the computer it starts to make a very annoying high pitched noise which just doesnt stop which has force me to remove it. Any ideas on how to fix it?

A:High pitched noise

That is a sign of a defective or dying capacitor.

time for a new graphics card.

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I have a set of turtle beach Earforce PX21 headphones that I bought for my PS3. My PS3 crapped out on me and I didn't really play games on it anymore any way and decided to use the headphones on my PC. When I hook them up I get a high pitched noise coming out of them the whole time. I didn't get that noise when I used it on the PS3. I have an Asus P8Z68-V Pro board and I'm just using the audio from it. I don't have a separate sound card. I've hooked them up directly to the board, I've hooked them up to front of my case(which has a plug for the headphones, and my keyboard has a setup for hooking in the headphones and they all have that noise in them. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

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If anybody can shed some insight, it would be most welcomed. I've encountered a few things in my computer life but this one well... please read.

My system first off...
P4 3.0GHz, 865PE, P5P800, 400W Power Supply, some mid size copper fan sitting on cpu, ATI x800 AIW, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse...
My cpu used to cook at high temperatures, that's prescott for you.

Went to the store, got a case fan, compressed air, and a new hd.

Cleaned it up, mounted fan and installed hd. Didn't really notice it at first, but then started to hear this high pitched sound. Rebooted, same thing..
Finally can't take it anymore, opened the case, and it seems to be eminating from near the cpu. It usually happens when it's taxed but the kicker is...
it always happens when i move the mouse. It sounds like crickets almost.

Anybody have any ideas? I cannot see it being the new hard drive, it is not in use yet. (original and new are SATA if it's relevant).

Thanks in advance,

A:High pitched sound

Thats an odd one, I would say it was the HSF (heat sink fan) for your CPU but since it happens when you move your mouse, it must be either the mouse or the CPU itself... Try using a different type of mouse (ie PS2 or USB). If this doesnt solve the problem, check to see if everything is plugged in properly (actually you should do that before mouse)... And if that doesnt work, see if you can swap your CPU over with another one to see if this is the problem.



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My dad was the last one to use the computer and now he's gone out so I don't know if this problem was there when he was on it, although he didn't say anything to me.

But now that I'm on it, I've noticed the sound output sounds different. When I loaded Windows, the traditional Windows login tune played...but it was all high. It's not the volume settings, it's actually a higher sound, and this is actually affecting every single piece of sound coming out of the speakers on the monitor.

I tried playing a song and the guy's voice is all messed up - high-pitched because of this.

I don't know why it's done this or how to solve it. If anyone can help I would be very happy! Thank you in advance!

A:Huh? My sound is all...different and high-pitched...

That's actually kind of hard to say what that might be. Believe it or not I've had my computer do the same thing, and after doing a spyware/viral scan, it straightened out. So it could be one of many things....just some insight.

I'm sure the more seasoned folks can help you more than I can, but I was just giving some insight.

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Does anyone know what would cause my hard drive to make this high pitched shrill sounding, almost alarm-like, noise???? It does it occasionally and I cannot connect any certain action to it's happening. It definetly is coming from my hard drive, not the speakers. Sometimes it occurs and then overything kind of freezes up and I can't even shut it down, I have to just hit reset. I recently had a new hard drive installed with more space because my pc tech friend told me that was probably the reason, not enough room. But, now I have 30 GB with only 1 GB used, so that's not it. I also had a new fan put in but that wasn't it. Like just now--it started again--out of the blue--my cursor just hesitated and I knew it was coming and then it started. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy!! It's loud and makes you want to scream! Even my dog leaves the room! Help! Thanks! Angie

A:high pitched noise!

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ok i was messing around with the volume and sound then all of a sudden all the sounds that are played are very high pitched and so i went back and undid everything that i had done but the sound is still the same. any ideas?

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Hi, I'm getting a ridiculously annoying high pitched buzzing coming from my speakers. The buzzing seems to mimic how hard the hard drive is working at the moment. I'm prety sure its not the speakers because i get the same sound if i plug headphones into the slot, but I'm pretty sure its not the built in sound card either because I still get the buzz (although not as loud but still annoyingly audible) from my other USB sound card.

I use an MSI K7N2g Nforce 2, and my harddrive is a 160gb hitachi (cant remember exact modeL)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:High pitched buzzing

Sounds like the speakers may need to be shielded or you need a new set of speakers. Could be the EMF noise is originating from inside the PC as well if the sound card components are not shielded well enough.

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I've just gotten a new laptop and once its loaded Windows it makes a high pitched undulating noise, kind of like wooooo-ooooooo-woooooo-ooooooo. Its like having tinnitus!! It's seriously annoying, especially as I use a computer a lot. It's constant and doesn't change if its running off battery or mains (as i'd read some do). I tried to look at the fix mentioned here but the links don't work:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00965412 Is there anything I can do to fix this???

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I have a brand new Spectre.  The AC adapter makes a high pitched hum when plugged in and connected to the notebook.  Should I be concerned?  Have it replaced?  Thank you.

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I Have just recently heard a High pitched Beep When I Start Call of Duty World at War And When my computer is Doing Lots Of Things At Once(eg. Running a Game) It Really Bugs Me And i thought it was the microphnone but i disabled it and it continued. Does anyone Know Anything to resolve this?

here Are My Specs:

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Model: Satellite L450D-128
OS: Windows 7 Home premium
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dua-Core QL-64 2.10GHz
RAM: 4.00GB

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Hello forum, first of all, I posted this at 'sound', not sure if it's the right place, please move the topic if it's not. Anyway, here is my problem: my Hp Pavillion g6 has been producing a high pitched noise from the moment I bought it (about a year ago), I throught I couldn't do anything about it and thus gave up at first, but recently I found this: http://asusnoise.blogspot.nl/ , It's a discription for ASUS laptops of how to solve problems with a high pitched noise coming from the laptop. I throught: 'the hell of it, even though it's for ASUS laptops, let's give it a spin'. And guess what? The moment I did the last step (disabling idle processor), the sound stopped. So it's all good in the end? not really.... With this solution the laptop's fan is going berserk, (probably because the processor is always running at max with 'idle processor' disabled) and switching one annoying sound for another ain't really a solving grace as you'll probably understand.  After this I went searching online for another solution (because from now on I had  the confidence that it CAN be solved after hearing it dissappear) and found only this: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00965412 . Sadly I don't have this option in my BIOS and I have a feeling it's similair to the idle processor solution anyway. Btw, when starting up the laptop and when accessing the BIOS the sound isn't there either, like you'd expect since it's apparantly a process. S... Read more

A:High pitched noise

Hi Roceco, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read your thread on updating the BIOS on your HP Pavilion g6. Here is a link to update the BIOS. Hope this helps. Thanks. 

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Hi there, I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 with Core i7-5500U and I feel like there might be a problem with the chip because the fan is nearly constantly on and it is REALLY loud, and so far ive only done basic tasks like web browsing and document editing.
Also another unrelated problem I have is that 2-finger-tap right click isnt working on the touchpad despite the option in the settings being ticked.
Please help, I've been really dissappointed in this laptop because of these things and I'm sure it's awesome when it works properly
Admin note; subject edited to be more specific.

Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 3 14 High Pitched Fan Noise

Hello! I'm a first time poster. I bought a Yoga 3 two days ago, and out of the box it has been making this high pitched noise whenever the fan spins. I've read through the existing forums on this issue but can't seem to get anything to work! I love this product so much but this noise is really annoying and I can't live with it! Ill try just about anything now I'm that desperate! This is my 3rd faulty new laptop in less than a month! Thankyou all for your time!

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Hey, I'm getting some sort of feedback from my speakers. It seems to only happen when there is no music/sound playing. Where does this come from? Is my sound card picking up feedback from moving parts inside the box? Is there a conflict with the onboard sound device (if so, how do I disable this or even check to see which one is "running the show")?

Things I did since the last time I can remember not hearing feedback:

Upgraded motherboard ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Added wireless headphones (nice ones from Sony - about $180 - but not sure of the model)
Upgraded to WinXP Pro from 2000

Anyone out there have ANY ideas?

A:High pitched sound from speakers?

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My PC (Win XP, HP Pavillon Desktop a1340n) has been repaired several times, and the last time I got it back, I plugged the speakers to the sound card (not onboard sound) and there's a high-pitched noise coming from the speakers. It's not a mic problem I don't believe, since the line-in is muted. I left the speakers unplugged for a while and when I went to plug them in the noise wasn't there, but it's recently returned.

What should I do to remedy this?

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My operating system is Win/95b. I get a high pitched squealing staticy sound over everything but CD player. I have an OPTi plug n play audio device. I checked system and it says devices are working properly. It seems the problem didn't start until I installed Win optimizer. So I uninstalled it and re-booted but I still have the same problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:High-pitched static over audio

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I have an old ASUS pc that will not boot-up. There is a rapid, high-pitched beeping, and the green light on the front of the computer is flashing rapidly too. Any idea what it could be?

A:Rapid high-pitched beeping

Depending on your BIOS:




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Accidental double-post. Sorry.

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I bought those speakers a week ago, plugged everything into place and I noticed an annoying high pitched sound when there is no sound output (I can also hear it when the speakers are on low volume). I gave them back and got a new pair. Sadly, the new pair has the same problem. The sound persist even when not connected with an audio cable. Tried switching power outlets and connecting in other rooms but it's still there. The only solution is to mute the speakers (press both volume up and volume down) Any help would be appreciated.

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My OEM writable CD drive started making some high-pictched whirring sounds about a week ago. It's not constant, just when I try to save a file to a CD-RW. The file saves, but it takes a bit longer than usual and there is an incessant high pitched whirring for the duration of the save.

A:High pitched whir in CD-R drive

did you just try a different brand of media?....sounds like the disk you are saving to may be out of balance.

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Hi there,

Ive built a pc and had it up and running without issues till I swapped the CPU zalman air cooler with a tuniq fan, i then noticed im getting a high pitched noise off my pc ever since...... could it be a fan issue.... even tho when i use the fan control it seems the fan does work.....

Any suggestions are most welcome


A:High Pitched squeek coming from pc

Certainly sounds like a fan with worn-out bearings.

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Hi there, hopefully someone can help. So far I have not been able to diagnose the problem, maybe someone out there can.

even at the lowest volumes, i have a high pitched whistle coming from my speakers. As you can probably imagine this is highly annoying.

so in my attempt to find out what could be the problem i have changed the following components.

Processor, Power supply, Sounds card, Speakers, Video Card, Memory, Operating system, Network card, Cable modem, DVD-RR, heyboard, mouse and Heatsink

so, apart from the HDD, I have changed everything inside this machine and its effectively another machine entirely and its still whistling.

Ive tried muting various inputs (and all of them) but the whistle remains. The only time it goes away is when i mute the speakers.

any ideas at all?

A:high pitched whistle from speakers

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My T530 laptop has suddenly developed a high pitched whine after using it a few years. Using JGFFTViewer on my iPhone shows that there are peaks at 8khz and 15-17khz. The 15-17khz frequencies are most annoying as they are right at the edge of my hearing. Plugging in a mouse or keyboard into any of the USB 2.0 ports makes the sound louder. Moving both to USB 3.0 reduces the whine. Even without the mouse and keyboard the whine is still audible. I've recently upgraded my bios to 2.67. Could that have caused the issue? I've tried disabling power management in the bios with little to no difference. 

A:T530 High Pitched Whine

I found another app SpectrumView that does a better job and attached a screen shot:https://imgur.com/a/ulaDB Notice the peak at 16khz that approaches the level of the office air conditioning. There is also a peak around 20khz but that is probably inaudible to the human ear.

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I just purchased a Dell 2330 All-In-One, and the computer is emitting a high-pitched noise. It's extremely annoying. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? 

A:2330 All-in-One High-pitched noise.

Can you provide some additional information?  
1.  Does your system make the noise as soon as the system is turned on?  Is the system touching something that is making a vibration?
2.  Is a disc in the optical drive?  If so, does removing it make the sound go away?
3.  Can you describe where the sound is coming from?
4.  Do you recall what, if anything, you were doing when the sound began?  For example installing any new software (especially third-party software) or did you connect any new hardware to the 2330.
5.  Have you updated your software?  Have you restarted your system?
6.  Was the system purchased directly from Dell or someplace like Best Buy?  
If you're unable to isolate where the noise is coming from, I'd recommend taking the system to an authorized service provider.  If you're not comfortable tinkering with opening the system (who'd want to do that on a newly purchased computer?), take it to a service provider.  If it's newly purchased from Dell or authorized seller... you're covered under the hardware warranty.  Please provide more info if you can.  Without more information, no one can make an informed recommendation how to fix "noise."

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My laptop has been making a high-pitched sound nonstop as long as the laptop is on. It's inaudible if there is other background noise (from a TV or music) but in a quiet place like the library, the noise drives me up the wall. Is there anything I can do about this? It seems to be coming from the left side of the keyboard. I've only had this laptop for two months.

A:High-pitched noise from Inspiron 15R

I have the same problem. I got my Inspiron 15R (N5010) about two weeks ago.
When the laptop is plugged in, the whining sound is not very noticeable. When on battery, the whining sound is clearly too disturbing. Sometimes, even when plugged in the sound is just too disturbing.
I am considering returning the laptop because of this sound.

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For the past couple days, my computer (out of the blue) will start making a really high-pitched ringing sound and seems to slow right down (eg. - if connected to the web, it acts like it's connected at 28,000 bps. There's a little green light on the front of the computer box that starts flashing (the icon above the light looks like little sun?). It's driving me crazy...any ideas on why it's doing this, or how to correct it?

My computer is a Pentium-S 166 mhz (yeah, I know, LOL!!), and I'm running on Windows 98SE, with 128 mb RAM. I was thinking of installing a new CPU to upgrade it, but now I'm wondering if it's even worth my time. I have a sinking feeling this poor old baby's had it. The computer was hit by power surges thru the phone lines a couple years ago, and I had to replace the modem, motherboard and sound card as a result.

A:High-pitched ringing sound

Check to be sure the fan over the cpu is spinning......does the case appear to be warmer than usual?

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On 3 occasions so far, and fairly recently, a short while after I boot up my notebook there is a high pitched (singular) beep. There are no indications of whether something is wrong and I can't determine what triggers it. What does it mean? And can I do anything about it? Thanks.

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Hello, this issue has been affecting me for the past few months. Every time that I think I fix it, it will eventually come back.

What it is exactly is; I can be doing anything, playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or browsing the web. Then all of a suddenly, the sound will mess up, and go from a high pitch to low pitch, then back to high.

It's not OS related, it happened to me while using windows xp pro 32bit, then xp pro 64bit. Now it started happening again the other day, and I'm currently using Windows 7 32bit - Build 7100.

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Motherboard: Asus P5N-D
Ram: 4GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
Sound: Using Creative Fatal1ty USB Headset

When I was using XP, I could fix it by closing out all running programs, but it would eventually come back.

I've been using windows 7 for the past few weeks. It only started happening a few days ago, after I installed some Logitech G15 keyboard drivers/software. After it happened, I removed what I installed, but yet it just happened to me again a few moments ago. Was watching TV, came back to the PC, put on headphones and hit play on winamp. Next thing I knew I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Full DxDiag below if anything in there will help;
System Information
Time of this report: 9/5/2009, 19:44:05
Machine name: WES-PC
Operating System: Windows ... Read more

A:High + Low pitched sound from headset

Figured out a fix to make it stop, but still trying to find out the source of it.

Fix was to go into "Speakers Properties / Advance", and change the default format of 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality) to another, then change it back.

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Hey, I am wondering if any of you can help me. Originally, I had a problem with my Nvidia GTS 250 graphics card, the cooling fan came loose and with me still persistently using it then after the fan fell completely off (stupid me I know). To prevent any more damage, I decided to unclip the mains socket from the graphics card (the 6-pin internal clip) so that my computer would automatically boot up with the on-board graphics that my motherboard (Gigabyte S-Series GA-G31M-ES2L) provided. The only problem I have got is that every time I switch the computer on there is a very high pitched, rather loud ringing sound. It's a brand new motherboard so I can't see how anything has broke on that. I haven't as yet changed any of the settings in the BIOS nor have I taken the graphics card completely out (it's still in the express slot of the motherboard) if that can help with the solution to my problem. Thanks for any help and if there is any threads relating to this I would be grateful if you could send me in the right direction. Thanks again,


A:High Pitched Ringing Sound?

Obviously the 1st thing to try is remove the installed graphics card.

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Hey everyone,

I started hearing a high pitched sound from the left side of my laptop.

This occurred when I connected my 2.4Ghz Logitech MX Performance mouse via the USB extender and my Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard.

Before connecting these peripherals, everything was silent..I am totally stumped now..

A:High Pitched Sound from Laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by RunOrDie

Hey everyone,

I started hearing a high pitched sound from the left side of my laptop.

This occurred when I connected my 2.4Ghz Logitech MX Performance mouse via the USB extender and my Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard.

Before connecting these peripherals, everything was silent..I am totally stumped now..

Hi RunOrDie,

Does noise stops when you disconnect the both mouse and keyboard. If possible then directly connect them to the system without using the USB extender and let us know if the noise occurs.

Also, if it is whirring noise then it could be from fan and you should check for vents to clear any dirt blocking the fan.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Have a set of logitech z523 speakers and asus xonar ds sound card,when the speakers are idle there is a high pitched whine coming from them,works fine when im playing music,also when i pause WMP the whine kicks in,anybody any ideas please?

Thank you

A:High Pitched Noise From Speakers


Do you have any other electrical equipment, wireless router etc near your speakers? If so, try turning them off one at a time and see if there is an improvement.


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My mother was given a pretty nice HP pavillion entertainment laptop from a friend, but when I plug it in, the blue light (where I plug it in) comes on, but when I hit the power button, there is a faint high pitched squeel. Any idea what the problem could be? It will not power on enough to run any tests or anything. It is fairly new and would be great for my mom considering it was free, and she's never had a computer before.


A:High pitched squeel when trying to power on?

Is this the wrong forum?

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When I run AVG or any other malware/spyware software or trojan scans, the PC starts to give out a high-pitched oscillating sound...similar to European police cars. It doesn't happen all the time, but more often lately. I have noticed that this sound occurs near the end of the run and stops when the scan is completed. The sound doesn't come out of the speakers, but out of the tower. I don't get the sound when I'm running anything else. I have found other posts about a similar sound, but the circumstances are quite different.
Is this some kind of a warning sound? What's happening???

A:High-pitched oscillating sound...

may be a temp alarm ......run a few apps like a media player , picture viewer , download something , etc ...and see if you get it again .

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Now, I know this question has been asked quite a few times, but the results always vary and it appears really dependent on the hw. So:

Recently, I have been hearing an interrupted high pitched whistle from the case. It is not too loud, but interrupts when I need to ex. read something and concentrate. It is not a singular long beep, but series of small beeps.

When I opened the case, I tried to listen where it goes from; it does not appear to whistle from the electric source; and CPU / Graphics / Net card / Motherboard are too close to each other to properly determine. I tried to listen with a straw, but it always appears to emanate from someplace else when using this method.

I tried to dust everything, firm the screws, nothing helped. The issue started about two or three weeks back. I purchased the PC about a year ago and the user have not reported anything similar; the last change was adding a new CPU fan about four months ago.

The Rig:

Mobo: ASUS M4N78-AM SLV1004
CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
CPU Fan ? Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Evo
Ram ? 2x2 GB PC26400 AM1
Vga ? AMD Radeon 7700
FDD: 16 in 1 apacer sln4123
HDD seagate 250 GB sln E78C
Cdrom ? DVDRW LG sln 5393

Advice very much appreciated!

A:High pitched whistle coming somewhere from PC

That noise could be either:


Is this system OC = overclocked?

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Every once in a while, my pc speakers make a high pitched ringing sound, and then the system freezes up and becomes unresponsive. I'm not sure if it's related, but I just recently reformatted my whole system. It didn't crash like this prior to the reformatting. I was thinking it might be a heat problem or maybe my drivers, but I don't know, so I hope someone else does. Thanks for your time.

A:High-Pitched Tone and Crash

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My HP Pavilion x360 (11.6") makes a high pitched screeching noise when i turn up the volume.Recently I messed with the settings to get my headset to work.I reset all sound settings and still have a high pitched screeching noise.Please help me asap.

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