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[SOLVED] Strange Freezing - Sound making machine gun noise

Q: [SOLVED] Strange Freezing - Sound making machine gun noise

My computer running windows xp 64bit has been freezing. When it freezes it plays the last half second of sound played over and over very quickly, sounds like a machine gun. It happens both when gaming and doing nothing. Usually it unfreezes after a few minutes, only to freeze again. After roughly 30-40 minutes of this, the freezing usually stops.

Sometimes it does not unfreeze, and I have to hardboot. Windows will freeze when booting several times, safemode freezes after loading SPTD.sys, even after hitting escape to cancel loading.

AVG free, Avast, Clamwin, and clamtk (scanning my windows partition from linux) all pick up no viruses.

This happens with both windows xp home, windows xp pro 32bit, and windows xp 64bit. Linux does not seem to have any problems.

I've tried updating all my drivers, fresh installs, everything I can think of.

Anyone have any ideas?

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Strange Freezing - Sound making machine gun noise

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Strange Freezing - Sound making machine gun noise

No, it isn't a virus. It could be (1) temperature or (2) voltage—among other things.

Do be sure to check your temperatures in the BIOS in any case, because you want to be sure you're okay there. If the temperature is 30? C or anything like that, you've ruled that out. It's in the BIOS under Health, and look at the CPU and the System temps.

If your voltage is, say, 0.1 too low for your needs, you could have trouble. Overclockers can often help "ordinary guys" tweak their voltage settings the way that is exactly right for your RAM.

Then there is the possibility that a drive is not doing things just right. It would not have to be the drive you are using. For example, a CD-RW that works just fine might nonetheless have an operational problem that upsets the system, especially if it were on the same cable as the hard drive. You might never to think of looking for a drive that isn't in use at the time. Therefore some people would try subtracting all the hardware you are not using, piece by piece, to see if it goes away.

There is also the question whether it happens in Safe Mode. If your drivers are okay, I would guess it DOES happen in Safe Mode. But because Safe Mode installs just what you really need, it can sometimes suggest a solution in a backwards-thinking kind of way.

Finally, you mention quite a few anti-virus/firewall programs there. You are running just ONE firewall and you are running just ONE anti-virus program, right? If you are running more than one, that would be your problem right there—they do NOT get along with one another scanning at the same time. (You can run as many anti-spyware apps as you wish).

Please report back, so others can see how you do on this. Good luck.

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A few days ago, I made a thread about beeping noise from my laptop, but looks like it's not a beep sound because I went into my laptop BIOS and disabled the beep sound.
Now, my laptop is still doing the same noise. It can't be the beep sound because I disabled it. I tried to muted the volume, but it's still doing the noise/buzz/beep randomly.
I don't know where that sound come out. I checked drivers' update, they are all up to date..
What else to do?

A:My laptop making strange noise/beep sound and I can't find the issue

Your original topic is located HERE
When you are there....click on the "Follow This Topic" button, and follow the prompt.  This will ensure you receive an email in your Inbox each time a reply is made.

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When watching movies on line or off line my pc starts to make a stuttering sound and freezes at first i thought it was to do with over heating so brought new processor and fan did a total reinstall but the problem persists, if anyone can help me with what i hope to be a really simple problem i'd be indebted. thank you. :grinthumb

A:Vista freezing and sound makes machine gun like noise


we need some more information, such as PC specs, does it only do it on movies, it could be a simple thing like a missing or bad codec or a memory error.

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Hello this is my first time here and i hope i am posting in the right section. I checked the search option but couldnt find the same problem as mine.
So lets start i spent last night(about 12h) rendering images on my pc(which is less than 2 years old)
so after it was done evrything functioned nicely and i didn't notice any problems when i turned it off.
After around 3-4h i turned the PC on again and it started making some strange noice like crawling or whirling or something not sure how to describe it correctly. So i opened the PC and while it was all running and making the noise i used a screwdriver to block all of the fans for like a sec just to see if it is them (i read that from some other forum suggestion).
So anyway when i stoped the PSU fan the sound stoped and when i released it did not start immidiately. The sound does not start as soon as i start the PC it takes some time for it. Also the fan seems to slow down when it happens. Now i left it on like 10mins with the fan making the noise and slowing down and after like 5-10min the noise stoped and the fan started turning fast again. It has been several hours on since than and it is working normaly, i read that the problem could be dust/a wire out of place/a insect flying in etc. My concern is what i should do, is it the PSU failing or just the fan or maybe something else?

A:Solved: PSU fan making strange noise

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My PC is making a strange noise inside the tower. I think it may be a fan going out, or the harddrive may be worn out. I went to the HP
website, no help. My PC is a HP 6465. It has Win98.No upgrades original hardware. I am using
Firefox instead of IE. Firefox v 2.0. Please help thank you


A:Solved: PC making strange noise

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941389 MB, Free - 865450 MB; D: Total - 12376 MB, Free - 1512 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AB1 , 1.00,
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Hey guys, and thanks for taking my question in advance. The specs for the machine in question are shown above. Basically, all seems to be running fine, and I've only had this PC for a couple of days now, but from the moment I boot up, to the moment I shut down, I get this thin, tiny buzzing sound from inside the case. You might even say there's an electrical quality to it. I think I've managed to pin-point where most of it is coming from, and it seems to be somewhere near the power supply. When I apply gentle pressure to that part of the case, the sound lowers slightly in volume. It's not a loud sound per say, but it's plainly audible (perhaps because the rest of the machine is so quiet). It's a little on the higher pitch range. It seems to increase in volume from time to time, then decrease, with little explicable reason. It's odd because I could swear that it wasn't there when I first booted the machine after purchase. It seemed to begin after about the second boot up, and has occurred every boo... Read more

A:New machine making buzzing/electrical noise!

If the noise is a "buzz" the problem is generally a coil choke. If the noise is a "whine" the problem is generally a capacitor. Coil chokes are various sizes and shapes as shown in the attached pic.

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the machine stop responding and making noise

machine details is sony vaio vpcz1

A:the machine stop responding and making noise

Hi -

Configure the system to collect small memory dump (minidumps) following:Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD
Can you describe the noise the laptop makes? Beeps?

Upload a screenshot of your hard disk using CrystalDiskInfo and Summary tab using Speccy:CrystalDiskInfo Standard Edition
Speccy System Information
How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums
Make a hard drive test from the hard drive manufacturers website:Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
Number down items at start-up. Keep only your anti-virus, this also improves the time for logging into windows.Startup Programs - Change
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
AVG contributes in BSOD's, Please remove it using its removal tool from here: Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

We recommended Microsoft Security Essentials from a strict BSOD perspective. Is most compatible & provides most stability compared to other antivirus app/Internet Security Software. Microsoft Security Essentials, Free antivirus for windows
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
Good and Free system security combination

Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes; remember to deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan with both (separately) once downloaded, installed and updated.

Check your hard drive(s) for errors by running chkdskCheck your hard disk for errors
Disk Check
Let us know the results.

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Every few minutes my Acer Extensa laptop makes this little sound - sort of a ding-a-ling chime. Sorry but that's the best way I can describe it. It's running Vista. It's 4 months old. Any ideas??

A:Solved: Laptop making strange sound

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I've had this computer since March and I'm using the stock heat sink it came with. Recently I've noticed that sometimes programs will be unresponsive for 4-6 seconds and then it will go back to normal. The same thing can be said about the mouse, sometimes it doesn't even move. I took apart the side panel of my case and noticed that the CPU fan was making the noise. It sounds like a dial up modem, but a lot more silent. This noise can only be heard up close and eventually it goes away before starting to make the noise again. My CPU temps are normal, 31 on idle and usally 45-50 when I'm playing a game. The stock fan never stops spinning either. Maybe the motherboard has something to do with this? I haven't changed anything or added any new hardware since putting it together in March nor have I replaced the thermal paste because the temps were always low to begin with.

Here are my specs

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i3 3220 @ 3.30GHz 36 ?C
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (9-9-9-24)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B75M-HD3 (Intel Core i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz) 28 ?C
G236HL ([email protected])
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
Hard Drives
932GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-00RKKA0 ATA Device (SATA) 31 ?C
112GB KINGSTON SV300S37A120G ATA Device (SSD) 29 ?C
Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected
AMD High Definition Audio Device ... Read more

A:CPU fan is making a strange noise

I can also record a video of the sound I'm hearing

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I was also able to record it (but in sort of bad quality):

What is causing this, and what should I do about it?

A:My computer is making this strange noise...

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My PC runs Windows 7 x64 and is basically an Asus H97I+ M/b, I7-4790K CPU & GTX970 GPU. There are two SSDs for hard drives...

Whenever I am running MS Flight Simulator, I get a strange, high-pitched 'chirping' noise from what should be a silent PC, fans apart. After Googling I kind of decided it was coil whine from the GPU:

GeForce GTX 970 Coil Whine Concerns | PC Perspective

but having opened up the case and listened more closely (literally) the noise seems to be coming more from the CPU. If so, what could it be? Pretty sure it's not mechanical (i.e. fans).

Oddly, as I say, I don't get the noise other than when I run MS Flight Simulator (I don't use this particular PC for much else). I tried stress testing the CPU with Intel Burn and the GPU with this:


..also copied large files from one SSD to another. None of which caused any noise at all. It's only when running FS9 (haven't tried FSX). Makes no sense to me. Recording of the noise is here:


Any ideas??


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Hey guys, this is my first post here so if this is in the wrong place, then forgive me, I checked around and this seems like the best place for this kinda prob.

Ok the problem is that my fan on my graphics card (Radeon 9600XT) has started making a weird and very annoying buzzing/whirling sound.

It all started after I did my monthly clean up inside my system. Getting rid of all the grime and stuff and checking to see if everythings just all right.

Well i plugged everything back together and a strange whirling sound started coming from my system. It's hard to describe really, it's kinda intermitent. It comes on for 5/6 seconds then theres a pause, then it's on again for another 5/6 secs etc. It doesn't seem to be related to any sort of activity the computer is engaged in, ie it makes the same kinda noise when just sat there on desktop as it does when Im downloading stuff, browsing the net or playing games.

I took the back off my case to see what it might have been and found out it was my graphics card, because when i held my card the pitch of the buzzing would lower a bit, so I took the top of my fan off my g-card and cave it a good clean out because i thought maybe there was something stuck in the fan that was making the noise. The fan is now totally crap-free but it's still making the noise.


If anyone has any suggestions please help It' so very annoying and starting to give me headache. Oh and if I've left out ne information ... Read more

A:GPU Fan Making Strange Buzzing Noise

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Hey everyone.. New here have a critical question!

I was in the middle of playing some game about 20 minutes ago and my harddrive started making a strange buzzing/humming sound. To confirm it was my harddrive I unplugged it, and turned the computer on. The noise was gone when I did so. So I have it back in and everything and it "seems" everything is running a lot slower. Things are locking up, ect.

I'm wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what this problem is, and how long my HD might have left in it. I'll be monitering this thread so I'll try to reply fast.. Don't want my HD to die before I find an answer.

A:Harddrive making a strange noise

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I am new on here and still figuring out how to navigate the forums, so I apologize if I'm posting a question that has already been asked (also english is not my first language so bare with me haha). I can't find any article/forum that explains my problem so I am posting here hoping to finally finding out what is causing this sound and how to fix it.

The sound happens almost always when I access my second HDD in windows explorer. Sometimes it happens when my PC is working harder than usual (HD streaming for example) and sometimes (not so often) seemingly random or when I am not even using my PC. It is hard to explain but it is a quick high pitched spinning sound followed by what I can only explain as a clicking sound. It is very quick only about 2 seconds I would say. Previously while playing The Sims 4 the same sound happened right before the game always froze/crashed.

I only know a few things here and there about hardware components, just the basics... I have read somewhere about hard drives "spinning down". Does this mean the drive temporarily shuts down and starts back up when you access a file from it? Or what does it mean? Could this be what is the problem? Or is it something else? I don't want to take my PC in if it is a problem I can fix myself, I am pretty good at following instructions to troubleshoot. I have already run tests on both of my hard drives with a program that checks the health of your hard drive and both my disks are still in e... Read more

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So this is the first time (for about the past week) that I've heard my mobo's fan making a pretty noticable noise. Upon inspection it seems like the fan is spinning, slowing down, speeding up, slowing down..etc... Not sure what to do (and whether or not to start panicing).

The system is a Gigabye GA-7VAX with the KT400 chipset. The fan is directly on the chipset so I definately don't want this baby to die. Any ideas?

A:Motherboard fan making strange noise

Replace it immediately with a quality-fan before your mobo fries.

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Hi Folks, when I turn on my PC i believe the fan is making some strange noises as it is is over ravving, after a couple of minutes this sound stops and there no problem with how the system works. What do you think this may be? Cold whether? Dust? Shall I do anything about it?

Many thanks for your advice.


A:fan making strange noise when starting

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My Hard drive is constantly making noise even when it idles. The sound is like it is loading a program, but it makes it all the time even on startup. I've reformated and reinstalled windows Me but it sill does it. I have an Hp 6735 computer with a Seagate hard drive.

A:Hard Drive Making Strange Noise

When the hard drive starts making noise it is very likely to be ready to die. The best thing you could do is replace it.

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Zip folder from the diagnostics tool should be attached.

I've noticed the past week or so that after about 4 or less (Source games seem to make it crash quicker) hours of gaming, that my pc just freezes on one frame and makes a loud buzzing noise, a friend has suggested re-applying thermal paste on my cpu, but i figured i'd go here first for your guys verdict. Thanks.

A:PC freezing and making buzzing noise in speaker.

Hi WhatTheFlup. All your dumps are of year 2012.

Configure dumps

First, we want to make sure the computer is saving your dump files. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery [Settings] Make sure that "Write Debugging Information" is set to Small Memory Dump (256kb) if it is not already.

Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD

Next, make sure that the folder C:\Windows\Minidump exists. If not, create it (allow permission if asked). Make sure any dumps you want to analyze, whether yours or others', are in this folder. You can ZIP/RAR the files and send them to someone else to analyze as well.

Recommendations based on the other files uploaded -

Daemon Tools/Alcohol %Start Menu\Programs\DAEMON Tools Lite
Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although we have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions). Please uninstall the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): DuplexSecure - FAQ

As an alternative, many people recommend the use of Total Mounter or Magic ISO

Start up

Keep less stuff at the start-up. Only anti-virus, this helps avoid driver conflicts and improves time to log in to windows.
Troubleshoot a Problem by Performing a Clean Startup in Windows 7 or Vista
How... Read more

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I noticed my HDD has been making this strange noise when running on battery like its trying loading something for a quick second but once it is plugged in charging the noise is not there, What could the possible problem be. I'm not sure if any of this could cause such as updating the BIOS and fresh install of windows 7

A:Hard Drive making a strange noise when running on battery,what is the

John obvious question mate how old is the battery cos it sounds like it has seen better days - it cannot deliver the current needed and the HDD sounds like itis struggling to spinn up and find data.

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hey everyone, so my pc is making a very strange noise when playing youtube videos, or any kind of flash videos, they also play slower. The noise is like some kind of distortion and I hadn't heard something like that. This also happens when I start my pc but only for a while.
I tried reinstalling the audio driver but nothing happened.
my laptop is a Toshiba satellite m55

any help would be appreciated!!

A:computer making strange noise when playing youtube videos and startup.

i too have this problem and could not figure out why.
Bump your topic and hopefully some experts could help us out.

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Hello all,

I've been having this problem for a long time now (2 years) and no matter what I do I can't get rid of it.

My PC will freeze and make very loud buzzing noises a few times a day,even when left idle in the middle of the night it will sometimes wake me up with the buzzing sounds coming out of my headphones.

I'm clueless at this point as for what to do,I replaced my Motherboard,my network adatper, I disabled my sound card,played around with the BIOS settings and nothing works.

There is one way which seems to consistently recreate the freeze & buzzing sound and thats only when I run low graphic games and let me explain:

I can play heavy 3D games with demanding graphics and the PC wont freeze (Actually don't think it ever froze while I was playing a 3D game) however It will freeze after less than 10 minutes if I play a low demanding game like Stardew Valley,League of legends or even when the PC is just Idle or while listening to music on youtube.

I ran Memtest86 and Prime95 and didn't find any errors and the event viewer errors seem to just say its Error 41 which is an unexpected shutdown.

I would really be greatful if someone can help me solve this annoying problem for once and for all,I've been living with it for so long,it makes me paranoid when I'm gonna hear it while listening to music (the sound gets you jumped every time..)

My system specs:

Computer type PC/Desktop

OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64

CPU Intel i5 2600K

Motherboard Gigabyte H-77 DS3H

Mem... Read more

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Hey Guys...

So my Packard Bell Easy Note MX37-S-200 has suddenly started making persistent " Crackling " and " Popping" noises from the moment i boot it. The noise is coming from the speakers and the sound is now distorted. I have very recently got it back from the repair shop after having my AC jack replaced... I would really like to rule everything out before i start pointing fingers at the repair guy

Things i have tried - Disabling sound driver - Noise was still there and laptop just installed it again.

Running avast scan through it - Scan picked up nothing.

Played with the sound setting - Nothing changed noise still there.

Plugged in PC speakers - Noise still coming from laptop but sound came out of the speakers fine.
Would really appreciate any help
Thank you

A:Laptop Making Crackling noise + Sound is distorted.

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When I uninstall the second driver & reboot it seems like no matter what it comes back & I am still having audio problems

The first driver listed is

AMD High Definition Audio Device

The second driver listed is

High Definition Audio Device

& the second one wont go away

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I'm having problems with my sound card it is a Creative Audigy2 ZS, it is making a Sqeeking noise and I've tryed everything that I can think of even moving up the card between the 3 PCI slots, and reinstalling the sound card drivers. So I was wondering on if you can please help me out with this problem please?

If you want me to e-mail you back right a way then please e-mail me back at [email protected] okay thanks!!

P.S. I've tryed everything possible, Creative's tech support was not helpful at all..

A:Creative Audigy2 ZS Sound problem making a sqeeking noise Tryed everything!!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It sounds like a feeback problem of some kind.

Open the volume icon and make sure that on the playback side the microphone is muted.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi There,

My friends Nvidia Gforce 2 is making a constant static noise He is running XP Pro. does anyone have any ideas why or how to remedy this?

Thank you in advance for your help,knowledge and talent,

Miss Metro

A:NVidia Gforce sound card making constant static noise

Is it coming from the fan by chance?

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I think I'm infected with something I have run multiple virus scans including: Avast, super antispyware, malwarebytes, spybot search and destroy and Avira. as well as the avira rescuse disc that boots linux and scans the drive without starting windows.

They found some stuff but my problems just keep getting worse. I also cant seem to find the log avira aid it saved for the boot disc scan.

My problem is that whenever I'm doing something on say... firefox is a good example because I use it most frequently and it happened with firefox most fequently. Anyway I'll be using firefox and all of a sudden in will stop working the window goes out of foucus in and "(not responding)" appears in the bar at the top. It's seems to be happening more and more lately. It happens with just about everything else too firefox is just the most frequent. At these times the system does not appear to be under any strain the cpu usage does not spike or anything and there generally is not alot of hard drive activity either.

Also a strange noise comes from the speakers. kinda like a creak or cracking. I confirmed in the audio mixer menu the my computer is what is playing the sound (it's not coming from just my speakers or at least I don't think it is) In the audio mixer menus I saw the green bars that indicate sound go up when the sound was played (it came from the speaker bar I muted windows sound in the menu to see if it would stop the sound but it didn... Read more

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My 50G WesternDigigital drive recently took a dump and started making a strange siren sound and I'm hoping (although I should know better) that I can recover from this. At the very least I'd like to get the data if possible. Here's what happened:

I'm running XP and while trying to shut down my PC it would reboot itself. During one of the boot cycles I decided that I would shut it off manually. Now that I think about it, I did this right around the memory check but probably more around the HD check.

When I rebooted the BIOS popped up giving me an error about having the CPU speed mis-configured. I hadn't changed the settings that had been running fine for years so I did a save an exit. During the HD check my PC started making this strange siren sound and the boot failed.

I assumed that the siren had something to do with the CPU being mis-clocked so I wen't back into the BIOS to change some things around with no luck. After a few reboots, trying different things and now both of my HDs failing at boot I was starting to get worried.

The siren sound was starting to drive me nuts so I disconnected the speaker on my tower. When this didn't stop the sound I went hunting for the source. I came to find that it was my HD making the sound.

Removing it from the IDE chain got me past the CPU issue and eliminated the problem so at least I'm up and running. The only problem is that the HD is toast.

I have tried to hook it up with just power (no ... Read more

A:HD Making Strange Sound

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Few months ago, I posted a trouble I had after updating realtek and a user32.DLL memory resolved on Microsoft website. (win XP)
Again, in June, due to an extremely slow connection, an update for itunes and Quick time failed. Again, the sound is grambled and the laptop VAIO VGN FS415E is slowing down. It can easily take me 10' to start.
I have Zone alarm, adaware, spybot, Avira. and check regularly, CCcleaner, defragment, try to clean everything etc...
As soon as the problem appeared, I tried to restore at an earlier date but it refused to do it. I have uninstalled the 2 programs, and other programs that use them (I loove math, I love Spelling and other educational softweares) but if it can get better for a short while, the same muldy sound come back.
I have posed under "hijack this", have tried to turn off restore etc... it's still on.
I copy here part of the previous post, I am really desperate to resolve the problem, as I need the laptop for my work. it's just one year old but I can't register (someone else has registered under the same serial number!!) it and can't get any help support from Sony, the shop is useless
Despite my big hopes, I've done the Resote off, reboot, started new updates including "Apple Softweare itunes + Quick Time 7.3.2" and VAIO updates. After restarted same strange noise and slow start.

- the new program itunes installed is the French version.
I do use few French softweares.

I removed itunes (fro... Read more

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I have a Dell Laptop and just twice heard a sound that resembled expelling compressed air from the back, sort of like when you squash a cardboard drinks carton. The sound both times was very brief ie less than a second, not something sustained.

The laptop is up on a stand, so there is no heat build up, either under or behind it. I put on a Youtube vid as that usually makes the fan/s spin up ... and they did so with no problem.

No other faults as far as I can tell, either with the display, sound, no slow downs or reboots of any kind.

- Any ideas what the sound could be ?

I just Googled but all similar issues were caused by heat / blocked air vents which is not the cause in my case.

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I'm just curious, but every now and then, my laptop makes a high tone, then a low tone, and then something makes a physical 'click'. I have no idea what the heck it is.


It's a Dell n5010 laptop, with 64 bit Windows 7.

A:Dell laptop making a strange sound

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Hi, today my computer is become strange. Every some minutes my computer make strange sound like beep beep beep beep beep beeppppp but i don't know what program in my computer that create that sound. Recently i have not install new program in my computer except the new game that avg say it is virus (once ragnarok online) but i think it is false warning and it is not virus. Am i infected with some virus/spyware that record and log my data every some minutes ? Thanks...

A:My computer make strange sound (noise) every some minutes?

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click ... Read more

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Hi ,
My laptop do not boot after opening HDD case. I tried to install new windows , but I get notification ( Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The disk may fail soon. If other hard disks are available, install Windows in another location ) . I uploaded small video via google drive where HDD is running , does it's have to sound like this ? if someone knows options how to solve this problem and can share that with me I would be very thankful.


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Recently, I have noticed a strange and painful sound coming from my laptop.  http://picosong.com/xWC6/ ^ This is the sound I am speaking of. It is usually louder than this in the beginning when I first start my laptop, but I recorded this a few minutes after that. I'm not a tech guy, I don't know much about computers. It makes this sound whether it's plugged in or not. Sometimes I can't hear it, but if I tilt my laptop up a little bit, it starts again, but I can't hear it when I put it down (this isn't always the case, I can hear it most of the time while my laptop is on a flat surface). Any advice or suggestions to how to fix this or what the problem may be would be great. Thank you. Edit: The reason the fan is so loud in the mp3 is because I literally had my phone under my laptop to record the sound.Edit 2: When I launch applications a while after my computer was turned on, I can't hear the sound when my laptop is on a flat surface, but if it is tilted or lifted the sound starts.

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hello i had a problem with my hp notebook 620 3 days ago since i made a windows upgrade my laptop would suddenly freeze and make a horrible sound while freezing for 3 to 5 sec than revores by it's own the problem is still new and it really annoying and i'm afraid it would cause something else i'll appreciate your help thank u 

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Dell Dimension E510
Dual In-line Memory Module 512,533M,64X64,8,240,1RX8
Processor,Pentium D Presler 940,3.2G,2X2M,C1
Hard Drive,160G,S2,7.2K,8M Lead Free,SGT-TNK
I'm still not too good at fixing my computer so bear with me. I recently had the Dell techguy out because my tower was making a noise like small jet engine. The tech replaced the power supply (2nd one), heat sink and fan. Fortunatley for me, it is still under extended warranty until June, 2010.

My question is that when I start and shut down my computer, there is a loud whoosh sound for perhaps a second or two. I never had this before the replaced parts were installed and am concerned whether this is standard.

My grandchildren play Wizard101 on it and sometimes it will crash (black screen). Would this online game make things worse? Is it worth upgrading memory or possibly video card? I have done a little searching on this but have read negative things about Dell's equipment & parts and what they recommend to upgrade.

Any help is greatly appreciated..thanks

A:Solved: New fan making noise

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Hello. My dell latitude D505 laptop was making a loud winding noise underneath(facing me) the left side closest to the screen. Underneath that location is a fan. Why it was making such a loud winding noise, It sounded similar to an old tape player rewinding a cassette. I don't know but I do know it's never done that before.

Does anyone know what this could be and is it safe to use my computer even though the winding noise stopped? It lasted for at least a few hours, then suddenly stopped.

Thank you.

A:My Dell Latitude D505 laptop was making strange winding sound

Is it warm or hot in that location? It's either the HDD or CPU Fan?
If it's the CPU Fan that needs to be replaced.
If it's the HDD then backup your data or clone the HDD as the HDD is starting to go.
Normally if it's the HDD it will make clunking noises.

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About a week ago, I started having some trouble with a really noise fan. I asked a friend, and he suggested that it might be a wire hitting one of the fans, so I opened the case up and gently poked around with the wires. Everything was cleared up. Now, the problem is back.

The noise sounds like a car engine; it's kind of a dull throb, occasionally speeding up during which it sounds like it's in overdrive. I need help determining which fan is causing the problem. I have a large CPU fan (came stock with CPU, don't know dimensions; processor is an E5200), a stock case fan, and the fan in my power supply. All I know is that this noise is coming from the back half of my case. I'm going to refrain from using the PC until I know which fan is causing the problem, as I don't want to risk damaging my CPU if it is indeed the CPU fan that is the problem.

A:Solved: Noisy Fan, not sure which one is making the noise

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Hi I upgraded my Computer last year and I recently got some new games to play on it. All my older games have ran with no issues. But I have been having trouble playing The Sims 4 and Sudden strike 4.

After about a hour sometimes less my Computer will freeze when playing these games and monitor speakers will emit a buzzing sound as audio is being looped extremely fast. I have to press the restart button on my Computer for it stop.

My specs are:
OS: Windows 7 Professional.
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 380.
RAM: 32 GB
CPU: AMD FX 8320.

I also replace the PSU last year.

I would quite grateful if anyone can help me solve this annoying issue.

Thank you.

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Im not sure if this is where im supposed to put this post but here goes, My computer keeps making this noise like its about to restart, its like the noise when im turning off the computer, after i here it everything freezes for a couple of seconds, and its gotten a lot slower lately for some reason can anyone help me?

A:Solved: Computer keeps making restart noise

I would guess that your power supply isn't giving you consistent power, but that's just a guess. To test it I would plug in a different power supply, if the problems goes away, that was it. If you have a tester power supply, or another comp you can pull one out of, that should work.

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I hope I'm putting this thread in the right place...

Recently, my JBL speakers on my Lenovo Ideapad Y580 have been making a beeping noise (two short beeps in quick succession) whenever I play audio through them. I'm worried it's the speakers because whenever I play music/sounds/games through my headset, the audio is just fine. Any idea what could be causing this? I recently downloaded Itunes, but I haven't used my speakers in a couple days before that so I don't know if this was happening pre-install. Any help would be appreciated, and let me know if you need any more info. I'm running windows 7-64bit home premium.

I have a WMA file with an example of it, but this site wont let me upload WMA files....If you need to hear it, just let me know how to upload it.

A:Solved: Speakers making a beeping noise

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Hi guys, I've got a problem with my CPU fan. Everytime I do something that raises the CPU usage (like gaming or something) the fans starts to spin very fast and the case is unusually hot. But that's not all they are doing some strange, non-constant noise, something buzzy and it doesnt happen all the time. Only sometimes . I am afraid to open the power supply case to check if some wire is in the way of the fan :3 cuz I might break something xD. They are not dirty, Ive checked that. My PC is better than my friend's but his PC is soooo silent that u have to get your ear down to it to hear the fan spinning. Please help me ! Thank you in advance!

PS: I dont have money right now so please try not to ask me to buy new fans Thank you!

SPECS : Check the little computer icon somewhere near my nickname

A:Solved: Fan spinning fast, making a lot of noise.

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I've opened up my Sony desktop, Model PCV-RX550, and blown out the dust but my fan keeps making consistently louder noises and sounds like it's going to quit all together at times. Could someone please tell me what specs I need in shopping for a new fan? A friend said to get a low voltage fan as they make less noise...is that true?

A:Solved: Sony VAIO desktop fan making noise

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Hey all,

First timer here with very little computer experience. I've been browsing the forum via google, and I noticed a bunch of people had the same problems as I do right now. However, I have no idea if I have the same problem as them, and I would be grateful if someone walked me through this. I have a DELL latitude D620 running XP SP3. I use McAfee Total protection 2012.

Basically, in the past month or so, my CPU has been gradually increasing to the point where every couple of seconds it becomes 100%. The computer is still usable, but it overheats signficantly and I want to catch the problem (if there is one) before it becomes worse. The biggest contributers to this problem are services.exe and about 8 different svchost.exe running at once (sometimes ALOT more than that). These typically take up at least 50% of the CPU at any given time.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:27:37 PM, on 12/16/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17106)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Wave Systems Corp\Common\DataServer.exe
C:\WIN... Read more

A:Solved: CPU running at very high levels, fan making loud noise

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So basically all of a sudden my mic started making weird noises when I used it on my desktop, but it's still perfectly fine on other computers. Anyone that has any ideas? I'm at the exact same spot when using it on the desktop as I am when using it on the tablet.

A:[SOLVED] Mic making noise from my desktop but not my tablet. Computer's fault?

Here's what it sounds like.
YouTube - Test Recording.

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I have a configurable, custom Laptop HP Pavilion V2Z45AV with a 2TB harddisk from Seagate - Samsung, ST2000LM003 HN-M201RAD (Win10 Home 64bit). The problem was that when the HDD controller was making the HDD going into power safe mode, the HDD was making this annoyng and dangerous (for the long term) noise. Second problem was the high Load/Unload Cycle Count. After a lot of headache on finding why my HDD was making such a clicking, creaking, squeak noise randomly every few minutes, I finally managed to find the solution, I installed: - CrystalDiskInfo- Intel Rapid Storage Technology (I have a intel controller (Intel(R) 100 Series/C230 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller).(https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25165/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-RAID-Driver)In the Intel program I disabled Link Power Manager option: since that the sound is almost completely gone (much "better" sound, not a squeak anymore).   In CrystalDiskInfo I change the following settings (APM disabled on every start-up):  Plus:  In this way the number of Load/Unload Cycle Count dropped. Note: FYI of course you need also to disable the power saving from Windows:  Hope that this post will help a lot of people that have a Pavilion or another laptop with this HDD, thinking it is damaged and sending it to support without finding a real solution. Intel and HP should disable these option by defau... Read more

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