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Is Rhapsody a P2P file share program?

Q: Is Rhapsody a P2P file share program?

I saw a commercial on TV last night and went to the website, but it didn't give specifics unless you download the software first. I do not want it if it is like kazaa or morpheus. The commercial said it was completely legal, how does it work?

Preferred Solution: Is Rhapsody a P2P file share program?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is Rhapsody a P2P file share program?

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Can anyone tell me the best prson to person file sharing program
that is reasonably secure.

it is so that i can share files with a freind without having to search through hundreds of other users to find them over the internet.

i have been looking for days now and have had no luck whatsoever, Any help with this problem would be massively welcomed by myself and the freind i am trying to share the files with.

As said before the kind of program i am talking about is one where we could directly connect, or one where we could easily find each other, maybe just by typing in username ect.....

A:The best file share program ??????

the easiest way to do what you want is to set up an FTP Server.

FTP is secure if you make sure that you assign accounts and not set it up as anonymous!

many different FTP Programs out there! F-Serv seems to be one of the most popular!

check out Downloads.com or TUCOWS.

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HI All,
We have set up three users in a home network where one person holds all the files on their PC and that folder is shared for access to everyone.  It is a remote location so no need to have it too locked down.  I haven't created a homegroup but can
if that changes things.  the issue is that at the moment two people can open the same file at the same time without any message about the file already being in use - then the rule of "last person to save the file" wins.  Is there any way
- by settings on the PC, or by using homegroup instead, or by using a third party tool - to prevent this from happening?

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Well, where to put this strange problem? XP, Office or Network Forum. All three seem to be involved somehow.

What gives?

I have a few large Excel files on
a) a share on a Win XP SP2 desktop
b) a share on a WIn Vista desktop
c) a share on a Ubuntu 6.06 desktop

When i mean large, i mean ~75Mb

When i work on my laptop (Win Xp SP2, 1Gb Ram, 1,86 GHz), i can access all shares just fine. But when i right click such a large Excel file on the XP or Vista computer and click 'Properties', my laptop becomes unresponsive for about a minute. Then, at last, the properties are shown. In the Taskmanager, on the LAN tab, it shows that my LAN connection is swamped at 70% for a whole minute. Sniffing the network traffic learns that the entire contents of the file is being transferred through the network to my laptop!
Just to see the properties...

However, when i right click the same file on a Ubuntu share, the properties come up instantly.

When i right click other large files on the XP/Vista shares (like *.iso of *.avi files), bingo, properties pop up instantly.

When i right click the large Excel files on the Xp/Vista share from a Win 2003 server (without office installed), voila, properties show up instantly.

So why is the whole Excel file transferred by just right clicking it for properties?
I'm convinced this behaviour adds to slow file share performance in general. For example, if i want to copy such a large excel file form the XP or Vista share, it takes 10... Read more

A:Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

sounds to me like your computer doesn't have much ram.

how much ram does your computer have?

Christian Dude

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Has anyone heard of a program called "NO SHARE" ? ( It is found on GRC site by Steve gibson). If you are familiar with it , can you tell me about it? Thank you. YOYO.

A:What Is The Program: "no Share"

^ JFI --> from net search : pls see Link

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So, here's the situation:

I'm currently trying to help a business set up their client-management program to work in two separate locations on two different high speed connections. On a LAN, the program essentially runs in two separate instances from the same executable. I'm not able to transfer the program itself, because the license does not carry over to the second computer; so basically, I have to run it from a shortcut to the primary PC.

My question is this: does anybody have an idea to run the program (as a shortcut or some type of server) from this location to the primary location, in a similar manner as the LAN computer using the shortcut?

A:Program share outside LAN?

I suggest they buy the proper multi-user version of the application. There are a multitude of issues trying to run a program installed on one machine over the network on another machine!

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I was hoping one of you knew how I could share a DVD Drive over the internet. I know that I can set up a network and share the DVD Drive but it cannot play an actual DVD movie. How do you think I would be able to do this? When I try and run it, it opens up instead of playing and trying to play the video_ts.ifo is VERY glitchy. There must be a better way. Perhaps if you could mount a Video_TS folder that might work.

A:Program to allow DVD Drive Share

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I'm using filetypeman, attempting to set a different icon for a different type of text file such as xml, csv, txt, ini, php ... But when I change one of them, some or all of them will be affected. I have associated them with a common text editor, that may be the cause. But is there a way to tweak their icons to prevent them from changing together? My OS is Win 7 x64. I have tried both filetypeman and types - same problem.

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Hi all

Just curious to know if there is an app out there that can enable and disable a group of shares under one button? Or is this wishful thinking?

Thanks in advance

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cant connect to the internet with any other program besides internet exployer

A:share program connection problems

You'll have to give more information, TerryAzul. At the least your Operating System and what your exact problem is.

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Basically I am looking for a high end form of Skype, but because there are only two computers needed with this, I don't need any "middle-men" and the bad latency.

I am trying to collaborate with another musician. We've seen websites where you can pay something like 10 dollars a month to have live jam sessions with each other online but it's more ideal for groups of 4 people. We both have high speed connections and I figured there's got to be a free 2-person oriented alternative we could use to directly connect to each other over the web while achieving high audio quality and low latency. Any ideas?

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Program opens ok but under status it keeps telling that it cannot connect to server.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5879 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941818 MB, Free - 855974 MB; D: Total - 11752 MB, Free - 94 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2A92
Antivirus: PC Cleaners, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

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My mom is having some serious malware issues. I get the machine cleaned and a few days later, she's calling me again about mass infections. All she does on the PC is email, Yahoo IM, World of Warcraft, iTunes and Rhapsody. The only one there I'm not familiar with is Rhapsody. I've read a couple blogs that claim it's a security issue. Any ideas?


Rhapsody is a legit paid music service. It would seem like the email & IM would be more likely to cause problems. Maybe she's clicking on email links and not telling you.

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Hi all,

I posted a question last month about having the Rhapsody Media Server taking over my system. I thought I had fixed the problem with the help of some folks here, but I now find I was mistaken.

I actually had 38 (!) different variations of Trojans and other viruses on my system that McAfee would not touch. My system was impossibly slow and constantly crashing. Finally I decided I was done screwing around so I backed up all my personal files, completely formatted my hard drive and reinstalled my operating system (Windows ME).

I was supremely confident that this would eliminate all my problems; I mean, the unwanted crap obviously wasn't on my system restore disk, right??? Well, I was WRONG.

Before I reinstalled even a single byte of my backup files (in other words, no contamination from my backup disks), I instantly had this stupid Rhapsody Media Server pop up on my task bar with the same irresolute message "New Device Found (some always varying username)".

How do I get rid of this stupid thing?!?!?!?!

Here's my Hijack This log as of right this second:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:33:51 PM, on 8/13/2006
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.50 (5.50.4134.0600)

Running processes:

A:HELP!!!! RHAPSODY will not go away!!!

Great. Now that I've installed and run SpySweeper again, I find that I also STILL have Apropos, Alexa ToolBar and CWS_NS3.

Somebody please, please help me!!!


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Does anyone use Rhapsody besides me? My player quit working yesterday and I can't figure out the problem.

I've done a system restore, didn't work.
Un-installed and re-installed 3 times today, that didn't work either.

Tried with both Firefox and IE8 ... compatibility mode is set for Vista ... nothing seems to bring it back. The message I get is "RealNetworks Rhapsody has stopped working ... a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly"
My Firewall and antivirus are set to allow it, I don't have Defender enabled.

Suggestions are most welcome!


I also want to use rhapsody, however I've looked on their site and they claim not to offer the program to W7 users yet.

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I am a problem.A few years ago,I bought a lot of music from rhapsody.I have it all on my hard drive.Since then,I have changed credit cards,and I no longer wanna pay a monthly fee.But,the problem is all the music I payed for,now,when I try to play it,it says I do not have the rights.
Since I payed hundreds of dollars for it,I have a strong desire to unlock my music.So,today,I have downloaded about every protection stripping software I could find,trying to find something that works.And,something that works easy.For I am a big dummy.Now,I am no thief,but since I payed for it,damm,I want it.Any suggestions would be appreciated.---GG


Well, I'm unsure what DRM music stripping software your using; however, I would recommend that you talk to Rhapsody about your issue. Also, I can't be 100% sure, but I do believe that DRM music protected songs use some file to find out rather or not they're allowed to be played or not.

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Is safe to use?
Thank You,
Gary Teresi


It's a paid service (monthly) where you can download songs legally. So yes, you should be fine.

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My business had been using TeamViewer for awhile but my boss isn't happy with it, so I was tasked with finding a new screen share program. After a lot of research I chose Glance, which has worked very well for us.
Two weeks ago, however, it was brought to my attention that we now need a program that can provide remote login in addition to screen share. I can't find a lot of information about this, and most sources point back to TeamViewer. Are there any alternative programs to help me out?

A:Screen share/remote login program

RemotelyAnywhere is what we use here, and it works well.https://secure.remotelyanywhere.com/template.asp?page=home

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Is it possible to set up the Windows 7 Program Files folder as a share on another networked PC ( also running Windows 7 ) ?
I understand this was also a problem with Vista, but I was an XP man myself and it was never an issue on XP.


A:How to share Windows 7 Program Files Folder

Well, since you are not the "owner" of the files and folders in Program Files, I don't think you are allowed to share them. Although I've never tried.

Try it and see what you get.

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My business had been using TeamViewer for awhile but my boss isn't happy with it, so I was tasked with finding a new screen share program. After a lot of research I chose Glance, which has worked very well for us.
Two weeks ago, however, it was brought to my attention that we now need a program that can provide remote login in addition to screen share. I can't find a lot of information about this, and most sources point back to TeamViewer. Are there any alternative programs to help me out?

A:Screen share/remote login program

RemotelyAnywhere is what we use here, and it works well.https://secure.remotelyanywhere.com/template.asp?page=home

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Every time I try to start Rhapsody I get the message
"We're sorry, Rhapsody could not authorize your PC to play this track. It appears that Windows Licenses (WMDRM) on your PC are corrupt.

It then gives me a link to this microsoft website

I followed the instructions, but got stuck on #5 and 6. When I did step #3 it said the DRM folder I needed was located in C:/Windows/DRM, but when I tried finding it by going to the windows folder, I could not locate it.

I also went to the website that instruction #6 gives you, but could not click the upgrade button (it was faded)

Skipping to instruction #8, I tried hitting restore, but it said I had no licenses to restore.

I don't know if this helps, but I found a folder called "license backup" with four DRMV files. I'm not sure what kind of files they are, because when I click on them, the computer asks which program I would like to use to open them.

Also, I uninstalled Rhapsody, and downloaded it again. I also updated Windows Media Player.
I have Windows ME...

Thank you in advance.

A:Rhapsody, missing DMR?

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I just purchased Rhapsody's "Rhapsody Unlimited", which is the $9.99/month plan. However, can I burn my music onto CD's or do I have to pay more?

Also, it tells me I have to have a security update, but it won't download it!

Thanks for the help.

A:Rhapsody CD Burning?

If I remember correctly it's $.99 a song. What happens with the security update?

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Does anyone know how to get music from rhapsody, transfer it to itunes, and put it onto an ipod?

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I've been using the Rhapsody music subscription service for a couple of years now from germany and i've never had a problem logging in to it. A few days ago, however, rhapsody decided to check their users' IP addresses in order to block non-U.S. locations from using their service. I like Rhapsody and don't want to get kicked out of it, so I was wondering how i could set up a proxy server in order to get me connected to it again. I need help with setting this proxy up, as I only know how to set up proxies for internet browsers. Is there a way to set up the Rhapsody program to use an American IP address? if so, how secure would this be? and are there maybe even any good German alternatives to rhapsody.

Thanks for replying,

A:Proxy for Rhapsody

Sorry, but we don't help getting around restrictions such as this one.

Closing thread.

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I am attempting to join Rhapsody so I can download MP3 music and at the login screen are getting an error message "Your internet security settings are blocking Rhapsody cookies." I have reduced the IE settings to low and still get the error message. I tried shutting down my (Kerio) firewall and still get the message. I have Norton AV 2004, but haven't tried with that shut down, (not brave enough!). Can anyone offer suggestions please?

A:Rhapsody problem

don't, I downloaded the program and installed it, then went to open it, I got a message that the "install.log" was missing soooooo I atempted to uninstall and guess what???? Yes" no can do" because the "install,log" file is missing. Short of doing a registry edit all you get is a runaround. Bad news

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I just subscribed to Rhapsody for the unlimited music to go. I thought it would be easy to start putting music onto my mp3 player that I just purchased tonight. (I'm seeing there are all of these other charges on top of the monthly fee...which is confusing AND frustrating.) BUT, the problem as of now is that I was told to log in to my rhapsody account in order to authorize my device. When I click on "My Account" I'm told that I need to enable JavaScript and Cookies in my browser before I can even see my account. I'm not even sure how to do that! On the dropdown menu under Tools in IE I've looked all over the place in Internet Options but I can't seem to find anything about JavaScript. Can someone please help me?


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I recently downloading Rhapsody player for free that came with my comcast broadband service. I didn't like it so I went to add remove to remove it. It looked like it was removed from the add remove list but when I restarted the computer and inserted a music cd it came up as my default play. I looked in my add remove and it still didn't show up. I searched for it and found it and atempted to deleat it again. At this point it wouldn't let me because it said I wasn't authorized (this is not true because I am the adminitrator of my home computer.It is always running in the backgroun and it always takes over as my default player. How do I remove it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy

A:Removing Rhapsody Player

First, try searching your Program files folder for an uninstaller. If that fails, you could delete all of the files for Rhapsody Player and get a registry cleaner to clean up the junk it has probably put in your registry. Then you need to restore the default program settings for the file extensions that it used to deal with.

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Hi, all you brilliant folks!
I'd like to access my Rhapsody music output from the other computer on my home network. Is this possible?

A:Rhapsody on wireless network

From what I have seen, you'll probably have to install Rhapsody on the other PC as well.
There are wireless transmitters available for sound, but they work on different frequencies from wireless networking.

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When I open rhapsody, the startup screen appears, but rhapsody never opens. When I go to the task manager, it states that rhapsody startup is responding but the tooltip (?) is not responding. When I end the tooltip process, rhapsody startup closes as well. I have tried to fix this problem by reinstalling, but to no avail. Please help!

A:Solved: rhapsody problem

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I have a computer that has a program that has been running for a long time and taking up more than its fair share of memory and CPU resources. Can somebody tell me how to fix it?

A:Program running for a long tome and taking up more than its share of memory

Can you advise us what program you're referring to?


We need to see some specs of your computer, so do the following:

Download and save the

TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe)

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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HI ,  
I am a 17 years old student , and while attending school meetings using microsoft teams , i found out a way to start sharing my screen even though i am denied to share my screen . The admin of my organisation has granted permission to only the organisers
of the meeting to start sharing their screen , and the students are denied to share their screen to prevent misuse. But I have discovered a way of sharing my screen even though I am prohibited from doing so . Is this vulnerability eligible for the bug bounty

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I have an HP running Windows Vista. I downloaded Verizon Wirelesses' music program, "Rhapsody"?, and must have missed the question of whether I want it to be the default program for media. I use Windows Media Player and don't want to change that. My problem is, now my program watchdog keeps popping up asking if I approve of VZWR being the default program. I've uninstalled Rhapsody, but can't get rid of it trying to be the default program. Any ideas?

A:VZ Rhapsody trying to override Media Player

Try thishttp://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...aultplayer.aspx

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I just reinstalled Windows XP. Before I did, I moved all my Rhapsody program files to another drive. After the reinstall, I moved them back to the main drive under program files, but that does not mean that Rhapsody is there. So I reinstalled Rhapsody, but My Library is empty. I really want to go back to it being exactly as it was before I did the reinstall which is why I moved it all in the first place. Is there a way to do this? I would call Rhapsody but don't want to speak to someone who doesn't understand the problem and can't really help me.

A:Reinstalled Windows XP--Rhapsody problems

So I called Rhapsody since I didn't receive any help here yet and they were no help. Can someone help?

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Hi. I had a Rhapsody account on my previous computer. I cancelled my Rhapsody subscription, but the songs I downloaded still appear in the music library on that computer.

Anybody know how I can migrate those files to the music library on my new computer? Do I have to download Rhapsody again?

A:Migrating Rhapsody files to new computer

cahallyburton said:

Do I have to download Rhapsody again?Click to expand...

No, you shouldn't have to. Just copy the Mp3 files from the old computer to the new one.

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If you click on this ad on Xpedia, or other sites

You get this

Which leads to this
Be warned.

Source : - Mike On Ads ? Blog Archive ? Malvertisement on Expedia.com

A:Advertisements to beware of -Rhapsody MP3 Store

Two more to avoid on Windows Live and Hotmail. Same deal as above.

ALERT: Two malvertizements seen at Spaces (not skydrive) and Hotmail... - Spyware Sucks

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I wonder if anyone has installed the new version of the music service Real Rhapsody (V4). I've tried to and everytime I go to run it my HD light goes on, stays on and I have to hit the reset button. I get a message that miniplayer is running and needs to close (assume that's a component of the program). The old version works fine.

A:Solved: Real Rhapsody Crash

Just an update for anyone we might have the same problem. I've been in touch with tech support who had me try a reinstall and then running the program without loading any start up items. All that did was mess up my sound card settings. Then I removed any traces of the program I could find from my HDand did a clean install. Same problem except worse. Could not uninstall the program. Everytime I tried I would get a blue screen. A system restore fixed that. So I think my old version is just fine and they can keep V4. I don't want it!

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I get I-Tunes error 4300,and Rhapsody and Media Player also say they cannot burn music to a blank CD-R .They all have burned music before so what is screwed up on my computer? It's an ACER with Windows XP service pack 3 and while I have had on and off problems with Rhapsody closing down abruptly i have never had a problem burning a CD with I-Tunes.

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Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but I guess that just means I've been lucky enough not to need help until now....

I don't know how (honestly), but I've got this stupid Rhapsody Media Server installed on my system. It doesn't appear to be hurting anything, but I don't know enough about it to be sure. Every now and then a little computer with a "v" above it (simulating an antenna, maybe?) appears on my taskbar along with a pop-up saying "Rhapsody Media Server New Device (*random letters/numbers almost like usernames*) A New Device is installed on your system". When I click on it, it goes to my My Network folder where there is a single icon for the RMS. But, this icon has no properties available and NO way to delete it! I can't even find the root for it to rip it out of the system.

Please HELP!!!!


A:Solved: UNWANTED Rhapsody Media Server!!!

hi, welcome to TSG.

Download hijack this from the link below.Please do this. Click here:


to download HijackThis. Click scan and save a logfile, then post it here so
we can take a look at it for you. Don't click fix on anything in hijack this
as most of the files are legitimate.

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All of the music that I am downloading via Itunes is being saved as Rhapsody files? I have since deleted Rhapsody from my computer and want to change all of my music files into regular mp3 files so that I can use them in slideshows (ie photo story 3) and things of that nature. Can someone please explain how to do that and how to save any of my future downloads as regular mp3 files.

A:Why are all of my music downloads being saved as rhapsody files?

iTunes files are not MP3s. Whatever Rhapsody-related program you had installed must have been associated with all your music files. You'll have to change them back to whatever program you want to use. If you need help, we'll need to know what operating system you have, what you use for music, what file types are mis-associated, etc. More info.

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My songs arent playing using any audio players, if i import them into audacity they play but it wont play using any music/video players. Im not sure how to reinstall Media player but i dont think reinstalling int would make a difference and all the songs are together in 1 folders but seperating them doesnt make a difference.


A:Music not playing in Media player or Rhapsody

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I need to be able to file share with drives on my main PC, I have tried setting up homegroup but this did not help me at all. If it doesn't then my question would be is Microsoft going to make file & printer sharing backwards compatible?

A:Is there a way to file share with XP?

Hi djhallucn8,

have not tried with XP yet but It fileshares with vista without homegroup no problems. just check the normal things workgroup, shares set-up, identical users etc if you give me an bit will see if my XP box is visible from 7 ...

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With a new E series laptop and Windows 10, two different Acer support people told me I could not file share on my home network with my iMac because "Windows and OSX are different operating systems".   A little googling yielded this:How to share Mac OS X Yosemite files with Windows 10http://www.itworld.com/article/2844141/how-to-share-mac-os-x-yosemite-files-with-windows-10.html The key is to set up sharing on the Mac with Samba. Then you can share folders in both directions. I can mount a folder from the Acer on my Mac desktop and also mount a folder from my Mac on my Acer desktop. (Samba was developed in 1992. See the wiki for "Samba (Software)" " ...Acer support: are you listening?Tony

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What is the best way for two people to be able to file share across the internet? Is Windows 7's vpn the way to go or should I use a seperate software package to acomplish this.

What we want to do is set up a directory on each computer as a share and be able to access that directory from either computer at any time and transfer files back and forth. This way my son and I can share pictures and such without having to attach everything to emails. And sometimes there are limits to the size of files you can attach.

Anyway is there a step by step tutorial on how to do something like this around anywhere? I seen the vpn tutorials but it really doesn't show how to set something like this up.


A:Best way to file share?

Have you looked into using Opera as a browser? It has a facility inbuilt to it called 'Unite' which claims the ability to share 10Gb of data in mere seconds across the internet between machines running the service...

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H their everytime i go to download a music file sharing programe like kaza, bearshare , blubster etc. after downloading of the programe everyone ive tryed does not show (conected) due to something on my computer or broadband conection blocking it out i have turned my fire walls off still no joy what can i do next guys and does someone no any other free file sharing programes better than ones listed.

A:Help With Trying To File Share

Please read the Forum Rules:


We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description. We further understand that there may be legal uses for P2P, but as we are not able to assess a user's intent when he/ she asks for help, we do not support P2P software and we will not assist any user in this regard. This includes but is not limited to Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.

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I know I can't use it if it's in use, but I can't share it anymore and I used to.

Real quick. .pst file is in its default location on my laptop. The folder named outlook (in local settings, app data, microsoft, etc.) is shared. Up until 3 days ago, I could access that file from another computer on my network. It was the default mail file for my other computer on the network. No problem.

Went on vacation, had problems with dialup, etc, etc. and must have changed some setting in or outside of outlook. I cannot for the life of me get accesss to the .pst file in question as a mail file from the computer on my network. I can browse to it from any computer on the network. I can use it as the default .pst file on my laptop where it is resident. No problem.

Problem is that when I am on my network, I use my network pc where all of my other programs and apps are and I can't get my mail there! Help!

A:Can't share my .pst file

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New file share program.


A:File Share v1.3

Thanks franca,lots of info on there

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