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3Com Router Disconnects.

Q: 3Com Router Disconnects.


I bought this OfficeConnect Wireless SuperG Cable/DSL Router from 3Com. This piece was recommended by this swedish online store. Always bought stuff from them and nothing has been this bad. ;I

Anyway, if I put the network under some stress. Like downloading/uploading files or playing an online game, it disconnects me in 5-10 minutes.

So I have tried different settings with no luck at all. Another strange thing is that when I had the router at default settings and like 7-8 meters away, I could only get 11 Mbps. So I moved it only 1 meter closer and got 22 Mbps or something. I changed from "Mixed" to "Dynamic SuperG" and got almost 54 Mbps but very fluctuating. I moved the router only 4 meters from me and I got a contanst 54 Mbps. The router says it can work up to 122 meters indoor. ;I

There are no firmware upgrades either yet. There's so many settings that I don't have a clue about either. So I hope any of you people have the skill which I don't posess.

I bet there's something I have forgotten to tell you, so please just ask, I will check regulary.

Preferred Solution: 3Com Router Disconnects.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: 3Com Router Disconnects.

I would keep hounding them for a firmware fix. Other than that, try adding
an external antennas, google 'wireless external antennas'

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Ladies & gents,

I work for a smallish company that is about to expand. We're going from 4 computers connected to a Belkin 4-port router and adding 20 computers to a switch, which is connected to a D-Link DI-604 which is connected to the Belkin.

This reason for this convoluted setup is that the 20 new PCs need to be restricted in what they can access on the internet (2 sites and connect to a server). We don't want to restrict the 4 original PCs.

We picked up the D-Link due to its ability to control domains pretty easily. The problem is, I need an open connection to a specific IP address on ports 4040 and 701 for a program that the users will be accessing.

When I keep domain blocking off, the program connects to the remote server no problem. As soon as domain blocking is on, no dice. So now you're thinking: 'Just open the ports, idiot.' Tried it, no dice. I've opened the ports on both the D-Link and the Belkin (which isn't really necessary since the Belkin's firewall is off).

If you have been able to follow this long and arduous post and have any ideas as to where I'm screwing up, your responses will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

A:Dsl + Belkin Router + Dlink Router + 3com Switch

Since you can restrict by IP with the D-Link, why not lose the Belkin and just use the D-Link as the only router?

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okay i did everything by the book and everything is plugged in where it should be but my laptop and desktop PCs cannot communicate with the printer or cable modem.....can you help me...i really followed the book but no success

A:Help with 3com router

You need to check each pc's network configuration. Make sure they have same workgroup and are on same family.

Also look for link lights.

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I am running two 3Com Super Stack II Netbuilder 227 routers, for remote facilities. I just recently hooked up a Cisco 2600 series router, for my internet connection. When I am connected on a Win9x machine I loose my connection on a regular basis. When I do an route print it shows both of the 3Com switches as gateways and the Cisco router. I think that it is confusing my settings, its trying to use on of the 3Com switches to the internet and they only go directly to remote locations. I think the 3Com routers are sending a broadcast. So my question is how do I stop this from broadcasting to my side of the network.


A:3Com Router Broadcast

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I have a 3 com Router in my work place with a static ip adress range on it.. Now when i try to connect to it from the other office through the wan i keep getting error messages. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hi all i was windering if you can give me some advice here,i bought a 3 com wirelss router and they gave me a USB thing instead of a network card,in the instructions its tells me to connect my home pc to the wireless router using a cable before i can set up my laptop for wireless,i didnt recieve any insdtructions for the wireless USB gadget so i dont know how to set it up,i could set it up if i had a network card in my home pc but im stuck on how to use the USB thing, any help would be most appreciated

thamnks in advance,


A:3com wireless router help

so your home PC does not have a netwrok card to connect to the router and you laptop does not have a network card -
Its just much safer to setup routers using a cable rather than wireless

whats the make and models of PC's so we can look at specs etc

the wireless USB is quite straightforward to install

i would however also download this program
Free software to check signal strength of wireless is netstumbler 0.4.0 available for download from http://www.stumbler.net/

so you will need to connect to the router to set it up first and thats th ecable bit

whats the model of router - perhaps i can find a manual online to see the settigns required

we can then take it a step at a time

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I am looking for someone with some knowledge of the 3com 5000 series routers. Anyone here have experience configuring one of these?


A:Need help with 3com 5012 router...

Since you've gone some while without a response, post back with the problem you're having. Most router setups are similar in lots of ways - someone will have been there.

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I am looking for tips on identifying if my 3Com router (5000 series) has malware on it, like what information might change to give the baddies away that I can access quickly from the command line. Anyone with router malware experience?


A:3Com router, is it comprimised?

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I'm an old Cisco guy. These 3Com's are weird. hahahahahha

Anyway, I hoping to find a sample config for a 5000 series router and PWR4400 switch using VLAN's.

I don't have a spare router to experiment with, so I need to make sure my config is right before I can deploy it.

I don't even have a config built yet, so I've been working on it with paper... lol

Any assistance with trunking these two devices with at least 2 VLANS would be very appreciated!

Thanks for your time and efforts!

A:3Com router/switch help

It's been a long time since I've touched a 3Com switch. Not sure how these devices work in comparison with the one I configured, but the key with setting up VLAN trunking on a 3Com is to focus on what VLANs are. What differentiates a VLAN identified frame versus a normal frame is in the header of the frame datagram. There is a section added to the Ethernet header which I don't remember the actual size but can be a byte in size that identifies the frame to belong to a specific VLAN. The terminology for this type of frame is a VLAN tagged. This is important when you go to configure trunk ports. VLAN trunk ports are ports which tag egress Ethernet traffic over the same port which allows one port to send traffic destined for multiple VLANs. When you declare an access port to participate in a specific VLAN, the Ethernet frames are said to be untagged. The Ethernet frame looks like a normal Ethernet frame with the exception of where the Ethernet frame originated from on the switch. When you declare a specific port to be part of a VLAN for access traffic, you would configure that port to be untagged for that VLAN.

Since you're a Cisco guy, for a VLAN trunk, you would issue a switchport mode trunk command. If you issue nothing else, that switchport will send all VLAN traffic it is aware (VLAN database) through that switchport. To limit what tagged VLAN traffic is sent out that port, you would issue a switchport trunk allowed vlan command. With an access port, you... Read more

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well my isp plans to supply me with this new 3com 3CRWDR100A-72 router which is wireless..

i already have a network with a d-link router installed and am using a wired connection.. i live on the 4th floor of my flat and the router is situated on the 1st floor so there is no possiblitiy of me replacing the dlink with the wireless and using in my flat..

is it possible to set up the wireless 3com router as an acces point(network switch) for my laptop in my house by conecting the wired connection to it??
pls give instructions if possible

thanx in advance

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I have been using a 3CRWE754G72-A 3Com ADSL/Router for a couple of years now with no problems - UNTIL NOW!

I have two PCs connected to the wired port. Today, when I started one PC all was well, but on starting the second one I could not get access to the internet from it (the LED on the network card is flashing orange). Windows stated that the Local area connection was disabled.

I decided to swap the port on the router that the network cable was connected into. When I did this the other PC failed to connect to the internet.

To cut a long story short, the router only seems to work when there is a network cable connected into port 2 and that cable is connected to a network card.

I have swaped cables, ports and PCs and this is still the case. in other words the cables and PC network cards are all OK but something in the router seems to be at fault.

I even did a default reset to the router and loaded the latest firmware but with no joy.

We did have a thunderstorm last night but both the power and the phone line are protected (supposedly) by an anti-surge power supply.

Has anyone else had this type of problem or would I be better off buying a new router?

HELP !!!

A:3Com ADSL Router problem

It could be that that the switch chip or the ports have gone bad. Of course.

Are you sure it is as you say? Nothing works unless you have a link in the second LAN port?

You should do some systematic checking, eliminiating a possibility of two concurrent problems a la a dodgy NIC plus a flimsy cable.

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I have two problems with my 3Com router...Initially the default page was but after i've connected the modem and get the wireless network working i couldn't log into the default page anymore.

Secondly, can someone also go through a step by step method of how to setup password for my wireless networking? Thanks ^^

A:help needed with 3com wireless Router...

Well, I just got a motorola wireless router, and it's doing the same thing. I connected once, set it up and now I can't connect again. Secondly, you will need to be able to connect before you can setup the password. So let's get throught that point first

Did you try resetting the router by pressing, and holding, the reset button on the back of it?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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i am trying to set up the router so that i can use the Bit Torrent file sharing program. I need to open the TCP ports 6881-6889 and i don't know about the trigger and incoming stuff. i will include an image of what the setup page looks like

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I'm working on a Cisco 2600 router and a 3com 3870 switch. I have my network split out into 3 vlans and have a dhcp pool set up for each on the Cisco router. What do I need to do on the switch to make it use those DHCP pools?



A:Cisco router 3com switch

The best configuration would be to create a trunk between the router and switch. You create sub-interfaces on the router which correspond to each of the 3 VLANs. On the 3Com switch, you create the same VLANs. The port on the switch you have connected to the router needs to be a member of all 3 VLANs and to tag all egress traffic.

The router will issue the appropriate DHCP address based on which sub-interface/SVI it receives the DHCP request on.

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Hi All,

I have the follorwing router: 3Com Officeconnect ADSL wireless firewall router
I have updated the router to the latest firmware 2.06

Now I'm trying to open ports on that router, bur nothing seems to work. I have enabled virtual servers, disabled the firewall, etc. But everytime I check my ports thru the tools on whatismyip.com it keeps telling me the port is closed.

I wonder if anyone has this router and facing such problems.


A:Solved: 3Com wireless router

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My home network consists of a 3com office connect and 2 PC connecting to it through wireless. In the 3com config, i can see the Internet IP address is but i am not able to ping it from my office network.
The router actually connects to the socket provided by my building, so i havent really subscribed to any ISP. I don't know if this IP is real and can be accessible from outside. Or the issue is that the router just doens't repsond to my ping. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Cannot ping my 3com router from office

it looks like a external ip but it still could be internal only.
you buildings network could have ping or icmp disabled or disallowed..
i would assume that there is a router/ switch which distributes network access to everybody, managed by the building.

did you try an nslookup?

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Hi all,
Anyone familliar with the 3Com OfficeConnect wireless 54Mbps 11g Cable/DSL Router? I'm using it with a 2Wire DSL modem, and windows 7.
I get the set up screen okay, and set a new password. But when I go to the laptop or Iphone to go wireless, although the device recognizes the connection, the password never seems to work. Did I miss something simple here?

A:Solved: 3Com router won't accept password

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Hello all,

I've set a wireless network in my home using a 3Com router.
I'm trying to change the network name (SSID) and to set a password using the broswer (after i entered an IP address to access the router's setting page) to make the network available only to me. After creating the necessary settings i press the "Save" button and then "Apply". The router now starts a countdown of 30 seconds until the setting become active (though it's weird that i can still browse the web during this time).
Yet, when i try to connect to the wireless network i see that the SSID hadn't change (default: 3Com) and that there is no password. Also, i'm not sure about the exact period of time, but when accessing the router's setting page again i see that nothing had been saved.

What do i have to do to *really* save my setting and restrict the access to my wireless network?

Thanks a lot!

A:Setting up a wireless network using a 3Com router

Sounds like a defective router. Make sure you have the latest firmware; then reset it to factory default settings. If it still does not work properly it is defective.

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I have had this router for some time now and generally it has worked well. Occasionally it has dropped connection (gone offline) but by restarting it has generally got online.

A friend had the same model and this recently died altogether and I'm wondering if it's time to get a different make.

I have checked ipconfig which is okay.
I have restarted the router
I have reset it
I have 'upgraded' the firmware again (same version)
The router is synced but will not go online.

Recently I have noticed that the router online led has gone off overnight but has usually lit immediatly the browser is opened.

Can anyone suggest anything and if not maybe another model of router that is reliable.

A:3Com ADSL Router refuses to go online

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Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

A:3com Adsl Wireless 11g Firewall Router

[quote name='mocca' date='Jul 30 2007, 03:32 AM' post='581363']Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

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Dear friends,
I have this OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL router which is still having software ver. 1.00.08
CHecking the 3Com Support web site, the version seems to be ver2.0.xx.xx
I have downloaded the updates, accessed the router, tried to use the Upgrade tab to install the new version but I keep getting this error message:
"Upload data Error! Please make sure your file is correct".

What am I doing wrong? Any help is most appreciated.

(Some general info on the device):

3C number 3CRWE554G72T/3CRWE554G72TU
Software version V1.00.08
Boot loader version V1.00.00
Wireless version V1.0.1.0
Hardware version 01


A:Problem Upgrading 3Com OfficeConnect Router

That router appears to be discontinued. Furthermore i don't see any firmware updates relating to your model number.

Chances are you downloaded the incorrect file. If your router works then leave it as is or buy a more recent model.

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hello. i am trying to set up BT's Voyager 10V telephone adapter (the BT broadband talk package) with a 3com wireless 11g router, the model name 3CRWDR100A-72. we have tried thier helpline, but they are no use. any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated!

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I have tried to open port 5900 - 5906 on my 3Com Officeconnect cable/DSL router in order to log into the VNC server running on my computer (from the Internet).

I have selected port 5900-5906 and the (local) IP address of the computer hosting the VNC server using the "virtual server" option on the firewall settings. The VNC server does run un port 5900.

However, I am not able to connect to the VNC server. Anyone have any ideas how to correct this error?

A:RealVNC firewall troubles on 3Com officeconnect router

How and from where are you trying to connect? Many routers do not support loopback connections - you cannot connect to your own internet address from your internal network.

Is the software firewall on the computer cofigured properly? Make sure that the VNC server is configured to accept connections from all remote addresses. Can you connect to the VNC server using another computer on the LAN?

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I need help for the following case:
My WAN is setup on ISDN connections, using 3COM routers.
the routers are configered to dialup the isdn modem and connect to the head office on activiation a specific application.
when the connection is up, i can ping any PC on the WAN from the head office.

recently, I installed a Fingerprint device that have an IP setup but doesn't have gatway setup ( you can't set the gatway). which i think is needed (but not sure)

I need to ping this device on the WAN to download the data in the Head Office.

The Question Is: Is it possible to configer the router in away to ping the device's IP?and how?

The router's specs:

The fingerprint device:

Thank you

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I have a Zhone 1512 Modem running on my Stationary pc. Now i need to hook up the two laptops to it. Only problem is that is does not support wireless (as far as i know). I thought i'd do a bridge connection with a Office Connect ADSL Wireless Router and run the laptops on it. Any ideas how to go about it?

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i've recently got broadband (bt) installed. my modem is a zyxel prestige 623. when it's installed either by ethernet or usb i can acces internet fine. the prob is i can't when i try and hit the net through the modem via a 3com oc wireless dsl router. i can setup the wireless router fine (i can see my/other pcs in the network accessing it etc etc). some info: my connection to the isp is pppoe. i've set up the ip address of the modem at (previously was, the wireless router is both have dhcp enabled. i heard something about havin to use a cross over patch cable between the router and modem. not sure if this is true but i've tried with with both types of patch cable to no avail. can't find anywhere to set default gateway on router if i even need to. is there any settings that spring to mind when setting up this sort of config?????????


A:Probs setting up 3com oc wireles router with my modem to access rnet

If you have the modem in router mode then:
Plug the modem into one of the local ports of the router.
Only enable the DHCP server on the modem.

If the modem is in bridge mode then set up the DSL connection in the router WAN configuration. Enable DHCP on the router.

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hi there..
recently i've configured distribution switch 3com 5500 with access switch 3com 2250.. The diagram look like this ::

Configuration 1

uplink 3com5500 = vlan1 + tag
uplink 3com2250 = vlan1 + tag
port 1-48 = vlan1 + untag

Result ::
-All pc connected to port 1 to 48 can grab ip but user cannot ping/telnet/http to the access switch.
Click to expand...

Configuration 2


uplink 3com5500 = vlan1 + untag
uplink 3com2250 = vlan1 + untag
port 1-48 = vlan1 + untag

-All pc connected to port 1 to 48 cannot grab ip. Fail ping to 3com 5500 and 3com2250
Click to expand...

Configuration 3


uplink 3com5500 = vlan1 + tag
uplink 3com2250 = vlan1 + tag
port 1-48 = vlan1 + tag

-All pc connected to port 1 to 48 cannot grab ip. Fail ping to 3com 5500 and 3com2250
Click to expand...

Configuration 4


uplink 3com5500 = Factory Default setting
uplink 3com2250 = Factory Default setting
port 1-48 = Factory default setting

-All pc connected to port 1 to 48 cannot grab ip. Fail ping to 3com 5500 and 3com2250
Click to expand...
My aim is to make sure the switch connected each other and the users can grab ip and surf to the intran... Read more

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HELPP! my router keepps disconnecting and also i turn it off and back on it still sometimes disconnect...

A:Router disconnects

I've started your own thread for you here.

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the router; then reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

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I have (3) computers running of a Linksys WRT54G router. (2) are hardwired and the other is Wireless.

All run and connect to the net just great when they are all ON.

However, whenever I turn this particular PC off for the night, it "somehow" disconnects the others from the Internet!!

None of these computers are Networked together either! All are running XP Pro.

What the heck is going on here ?

A:PC disconnects other PCs from Router ???

I'd have to believe this is some kind of electrical power and/or grounding issue. Does this happen if you reboot the computer, or only when you physically power it off? How about unplugging it's Ethernet connection and THEN powering it off, does that affect the other systems?

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Please help this is driving me nuts... my pc keeps disconnecting the net.. by this i mean after a short time 5 mins to 30 mins the internet light on my router goes to orange and i cant load web pages.. i know it my pc thats doing it as when i remover the adsl cable n reboot the router the light goes green and stays green, i can connect any other pc via the cable and the net stays on.. re connect the original pc and again after 5 mins ish the router light goes out again.. i have done a full spy/mal scan and it says clean please any ideas?

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hi all recently my router has started disconnecting my internet connection more or less every ten minutes and will not reconnect unless i complete a full cycle ie removing and reinserting the plug. surely this isnt normal i have always had to unplug the router to get it to reconnect but that was normally every 24-48 hours which i could live with but 10mins thats a bit much really aint it

A:Router disconnects

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Okay here's the setup

Knology modem normal old cable modem
Dlink dir 625 wireless n router
dell xps runnig windows xp
Dell inspiron vista
Dell latitude d610
netgear wnd 3100

here's the deal, just bought brand new dell with vista, everything was working fine until i connected the vista comp to the network, then it started bugging out, every time i connect the vista comp to the network itll work for maybe five to ten minutes then itll disconnect all the computers on the network from the internet by somehow disconnecting the router form the internet, have tried every possible fix searched an ungodly amount of forum, still no answer. but when i leave the vista comp unconncected internet works fine. at wits end with this, plz help, have updated drivers on the netgear and firmware on router is up to date.

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I have a Speedcom+ Broadband Router (RT514AD), connected to a Motorola cable modem and 2 computers (each running Win98SE). Everything works fine for about 1 hour, then my internet connection is lost, and I have to press the reset button on the router, which then sorts it out (but only until the next hour).

I've looked for a firmware upgrade, but can't find find technical support for this product anywhere (it was the cheapest after all!). Is there anything I can do to make the connection more stable?


A:router disconnects from internet

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I'm connected to Optimum online through a wireless router. Lately, my router disconnects whenever I'm downloading a big file. Right after it disconnects, it would reconnect. This didn't happen in the past. What can be the reason for this? Please help. Thanks

A:Router disconnects when downloading

Whats the MTU settings?

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Hello, I'm new and I'm having this problem that I absolutely have no idea what to do...
Some months ago, I bought a netgear DG384Gv3 router and I use cables to connect it directly to my computer. It was working fine but now, it's been 1 week since I started getting random disconnects from the internet. It's so annoying and in one day, I get around n 10-20 disconnects or more. I know it's not my line who's having problem because I tested it with my adsl modem and it worked fine. I also phoned my ISP and they said that my line was fine. In addition, I have the latest firmware and I tried resetting my router but without any luck. Any help please?

A:Router disconnects randomly

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Hello all,

I have a Linksys EA6900 V1.1 Router. This router is probably 18 - 24 months old. I can't quite remember when I bought it, maybe it is even as old as 3 years, but I don't think so. The router will often drop connection and automatically begin to reconnect. This is intermittent, and sometimes the connection works for hours or days, and sometimes it will fail every 5 or 10 minutes for awhile.

This is a fairly new issue, at least with this frequency. We moved into a new home in June, and I started to get a very occasional drop, but it wasn't super frequent until the last couple of months probably.

This happens on wired and wireless connections both. (My desktop is hardwired) I have attached screenshots of the settings in my Linksys Smart Wi-Fi area. Guest Access, Parental Controls, and Media Prioritization are all turned off.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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Hello, my belkin N router keeps on disconnecting EVERY 44 secs. (exactly, i've tested it). When it disconnects, the blue "globe" on the router becomes amber and starts blinkin but just for a few seconds. The disconnect lasts only like 2 seconds.

Here is my IPconfig \all
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Luukas>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Luukki-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : PdaNet Broadband Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-26-37-BD-39-42
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-24-7E-8D-2F-5C
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5009 802.11a/g/n WiFi Adapter
Physical... Read more

A:Belkin router disconnects every 44 sec

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Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help me out with a problem I've been having:

I recently set up a wireless router in order to share my internet connection with a friend of mine. Things work fine most of the time, but these days whenever I use the internet for a while I get disconnected, and I can't access the internet again until I restart my computer completely.

I used to think that it may be because we were both using the internet at the same time that it would disconnect me, but sometimes I am just surfing web pages and it will disconnect me.

I look at the lights on the router and see that it's in heavy use. The internet light and the LAN light (connecting the router to my computer) are flashing intensely. Yet, when I switch off my computer the lights don't flash which means my friend is not using the internet. It is as if my computer keep sending information to the router until it can't handle anymore and disconnects. I really don't know what's going on.

If you could give me any ideas, I'd appreciate it immensely, and if you need any extra information, I'll be happy to post what you need.

Just for reference, the router I'm using is a NETGEAR wiresless router MR814.


A:Frequent Disconnects with a Router

Check the signal strength, and move stuff closer to the router.

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I replaced a very old router recently with a brand new Linksys BEFSR41 version 4.3 with the latest firmware, version 2.00.4 Build 7. At first it was fine, but the modem got disconnected once and since then I've been getting random disconnects from Ventrilo and on online game (WoW). I would think that it's a WoW issue, except that the disconnects happen from Ventrilo as well. My fiance and I play from the same router.

- We play next to eachother and only one of us disconnects at a time.
- Disconnects are random, can stay in WoW but Ventrilo disconnects and vice versa.
- Seems to occur at any time, but might be more frequent in the evening.

I've tried power cycling or whatever (disconnected modem, router, and the computers from power and then later plugged them back in). I've tried resetting the router to factory defaults and checked for firmware updates, but it already has the latest on the Linksys site.

I'm know how to log into the router, but I don't really know what to change to try and fix this issue. Please help!

A:Router Causing Disconnects?

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I have a D-Link model DIR-625, and it always seems to disconnect when my mother logs on her computer. Is there some kind of setting on her computer that could be disconnecting us? When my dad is on his I never disconnect which is why I am wondering it must be something on her computer that's interfering with the signal or something. If I reset the router while she's still on, It will disconnect again within a few minutes. So where can I check if it could be her computer that's interfering with the signal?

A:wireless router disconnects when...

can we see an ipconfig /all from your PC and from your mothers - make sure we know which is which
ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste

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My modem disconnects then reconnects sometimes 3 times a day or more. I am using aztech. I changed my router to a linksys, during the first 2 months it was okay, now the same problem arise again with my aztech.

A:My modem/router disconnects then reconnects

If your modem is disconnecting it's likely a problem with your ISP, the cable or phone lines between your ISP and the modem, the modem or its power supply, or a faulty or missing filter if DSL.

If you want to be more specific about your type of internet service, brand and model of modem and router, specific problem, etc., we may be able to offer more help or suggestions.

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When I connect my W2K server to my linksys BEFSR41 router my wife's dell laptop with vista home basic loses connection to the router.

Seconds after the network cable for the W2K machine goes into the router her laptop loses connection. And when the W2K cable is removed her vista machine connects again.

What do you think is causing the problem?

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I have a Linksys router that disconnects every 45min to 1hr & 15 min. Very annoying. Doesn't matter whether I'm using the computer or not. So I have to disconnect pwr. to the modem and router - wait a min. then connect pwr to modem and router and wait a min. and I'm back on line... what's going on...?? Without the router it never disconnects.
I have cable from Comcast an eMachine using XP home.

A:Linksys router disconnects about every hour.

You may be able to solve the problem by setting the router back to the default configuration. Somebody may have changed the settings on it which cause it do act in that way. Somewhere in the router's configuration, they should be an option to restore factory settings or something similar. Try doing this. If you don't know how, contact the retailer or consult the user manual.
If you do this and the problem persists, the problem may be your service provider (ISP). They could have problems due to a lack of servers or too many users. Try contacting them to resolve the issue.

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I have a ZyXEL P-335U wireless router, which also has four normal LAN ports.
Currently I only use the normal LAN ports, and I have no wlan connections active.
The router is connected to the internet through an ethernet connection. (10/10Mbit)

Everything works great when I connect through the router with only one computer, but
if I plug in my 2nd computer, both connections will die after 10-60 minutes. All the lights
on the router keep blinking like usual, even after the connections die. It seems like some
outgoing traffic will still be possible after the connection crashes, but no incoming data.

I returned the router to have it fixed, but they found no problems and sent it back to me.

Hopefully someone here will have an idea of what could be the problem. Looking forward
to reading any ideas/comments/tips/help/whatever.

A:Router Disconnects When Connecting 2nd Computer

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My router is often getting disconnected from the internet and it cannot connect again before I reboot it. It is an Encore ENTR-104-2 router and I set it to reconnect automatically - however when disconnected it does connect automatically (and neither manually if I try) and I have to reboot it to be able to connect again. I bought this router a few months ago and did not have any problems until the past few weeks, when it has started getting disconnected every 3-5 days. I have tried downloading a new firmware from the Encore site, but did not find any for my exact model, and the nearest one I found was not accepted by my router.

I contacted my ISP who stated there is no problem at all with my connection.

A log of my router is reproduced below. It was taken when I found my router disconnected, and I even tried to reconnect manually, but to no avail. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Index Log
1 685153PPoE: Received PADT,ISP disconnected.
2 685213PPoE: Automatically dialing.
3 685214PPoE: Sending PADI.
4 685214PPoE: Received PADT,ISP disconnected.
5 685273PPoE: Automatically dialing.
6 685274PPoE: Sending PADI.
7 685274PPoE: Received PADT,ISP disconnected.
8 685334PPoE: Automatically dialing.
9 685335PPoE: Sending PADI.
10 685335PPoE: Received PADT,ISP disconnected.
11 685394PPoE: Automatically dialing.
12 685395PPoE: Sending PADI.
13 685395PPoE: Received PADT,ISP disconnected.
14 685455PPoE: Automatically dialing.
15 685456PPoE: Sendi... Read more

A:Router disconnects and cannot reconnect without rebooting

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Hey, I have a Zyxel 5D124A0 and it runs very well, most of the time..

I'm currently setup with a modem > router > wifi/cable(makes no matter, same issue).
If I use the cable straight from the modem into my PC, there are absolutely no issues. Working perfectly.

Alright, so to my issue. If I play any games on my PC/PS3, I will suddenly lose my connection for a second or two. Not long enough for me to disconnect from the game. But rather, what should have occured during that time, will just fly by in a split second. This happens, maybe, 2-4 times per hour. I haven't changed much more than the password in the router since i bought it about 3 months ago.

Should add that I have a 100/100 fiber connection from Telia, and I drop like 2-3mbit/s from using the router, compared to going straight from the modem.

My laptop is a MSI GT683DXR, bought 10 months ago.

My modem is a XG6745

I haven't had the option of trying my laptop elsewhere, but several friends has had the same issue as me from my router when we've had lans.

Any suggestions?

A:Router randomly disconnects me for a few seconds

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