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Dell inspiron 7520 pink vertical lines

Q: Dell inspiron 7520 pink vertical lines

I open and close the lid a lot and since a few minutes my laptop have a pink vertical lines on the whole display and they appear everywhere. On the start sceen, bios, windows etc. Also when I change the position of the lid most of the lines dissapear for a while. I have run the lcd bist test and the lines are not shown there. Does this means that the problem is in the lcd cable? Could it be the lcd display itself or the video? I am also using an external monitor and it working fine there.
Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Dell inspiron 7520 pink vertical lines

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell inspiron 7520 pink vertical lines

It could very well be the wiring harness -- andd that would be the first thing to replace. If you need a part reference, please supply the complete system model information (i.e., Inspiron 5521, etc. - NOT just Inspiron 15).

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Hi There,
I am facing issue with Dell laptop where as i can see Pink and Green screen which flickers , I checked screen with "Power+D" button and it did show those lines in all colours expect  white.
Please let me know how to fix it, do i need to replace LCD? Its not even 1 year old.

Thanks & Regards

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I have windows xp prof installed on my computer. I have noticed that i have pink vertical lines on my screen. They become more prominent when i scroll up or down. They are on all apps and also on my wallpaper. I have never encountered this and nobody seems to know what they are. Any ideas would be appreciated?

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my laptop display  is showing vertical pink and flouroscent green lines. how it can be fixed and what is the reason of this problem.

A:vertical pink lines on my hp pavilion g6 laptop

1. Check if the vertical lines are seen under BIOS of your Notebook2. Tilt the screen/display forward and backwards to check if the vertical line stays at all the angles3. Connect an external desktop monitor and check if the vertical lines are seen even in an external screenPlease revert for further assistanceRegardsKNRKI work on behalf of HP

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Screen turned pink and have vertical lines all over the screen...Ran a video palette check which was failed...Kindly help with this issue

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Yesterday suddenly my laptops monitor turned pink with white vertical lines on it. I tried these things to solve:1. Restart System2. Memory Check3. Video Driver Re-install4. Troubleshooting5.  Pulled out the battery and kept my laptop turned off for a while6. Disabling both GPUs (Intel HD Graphics 4600 + AMD Radeon HD 8750m) But no luck....! The width of the white sripes keeps changing to wider-thinner. I'm using the latest BIOS:  01.31 Rev.AAnd Latest GPU Drivers I'm confused if it's connection problem or GPU problem! I'm badly in need of a working solution 

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When returning to my PC after sleep mode initiates my monitor appears as the picture below. The monitor is a 24 inch Manufactured by AOC, model E2460Sw and is recognized as an AOC 2460 by Windows 10. It is an analog monitor so I am using a converter from the PC's HDMI output to a 15 Pin VGA monitor cable. The small square (lower right of center) in the attached is the mouse pointer.  I have not tried any remedies thus far. 

A:Vertical Blue & Pink Lines After Sleep Mode

Did the experts all go to sleep? 

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My screen developed blinking vertical lines in the beginning to constant now. There is no more blinking, just vertical lines of varying colors. 
Is this fixable or will i have to replace my display screen?

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In the first image there is a purple dot in left-bottom corner of my screen
In the second image there are purple horizontal lines across the screen
The display freezes timely and those lines come and go making me impossible to work.
Laptop is 3-4 years old, is it done ?

A:Dell 7520 Pink Screen Display Problem

The screen is physically damaged -- it will need to be replaced.

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A:Horizontal lines in my laptop screen INSPIRON 7520

First thing to do is attach an external screen - does it show the same fault?

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I've a Dell inspiron 15r se laptop which is 1.1years old( model - 7520). It was working fine until last couple of days. Last week it started giving a horizontal white dot line on the very top of screen( like this ............. in white) for the entire width of the screen. From yesterday or so a similar line started appearing at the bottom too. Both of these line will come and go every 2 or 3 sec. And screen will jump a bit (like say 5 pixel or so roughly) and it will also shake sometimes which makes letters difficult to read.
The problem exists everywhere, even in boot screen. In short when I press power button and screen start displaying something problem also starts.
Today I connected an external lcd monitor via vga cable and it works fine. No line and no flickering. So I guess GPU is ok?? What could be the problem?? Could it be just loose contact or something in laptop screen cable?
Another question: I had warranty including accidental damage protection and stuff for a year. But since I'm outside this period now, what should I do?
And since I'm outside the warranty period anyway is it okay if I open my laptop and try something?
Please help!!

A:Laptop screen flickering & horizontal lines in Inspiron 15r SE 7520

If u found the solution please share with me.

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I have a dell inspiron 15r-5537 laptop and it has developed vertical lines of pixels on the center-left of the screen. The color of the pixels seems to depend on the color being displayed behind them. see the link below for more info on what the lines look like. https://imgur.com/a/HREN8
anyway, i have reinstalled the video drivers so i do not think that is the problem, but they also do not seem to be dead pixels because they change colors sometimes. If anyone could help me fix this problem it would be great. thanks.

A:Inspiron 15R-5537 vertical lines on screen

Hi Mykalsson,
There seems to be problem with the LCD screen on your computer to confirm we will have to perform the ‘LCD BIST’ (Built in Self-test) on the computer. Please follow the steps mentioned below to run the “LCD BIST’.

Turn of the computer.
Press and hold down the ‘D’ key on the keyboard and press the Power button.
You will see different colors on the LCD screen. Please check if the vertical or horizontal lines are appearing on the screen.

If you see the lines appearing on the screen while the LCD bist is running you will have to replace the LCD.
Also, connect the laptop to an external monitor or display to check if issue reoccurs.

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I recently purchased an Inspiron Gaming Series Dell laptop and since yesterday when I open it/turn on the power button the screen displays green/white vertical triangle lines (can provide an image). It DOES NOT display the Dell logo at all and doesn't even give me the opportunity to sign in, it just stays stuck on the screen. 
This laptop is fairly new, purchased back in August, so it should still be under warranty, but it worries me that it is having issues when it is still fairly new. What could be the cause of it? Any way I can fix it? 

A:New Inspiron Gaming Laptop- Vertical Lines When Powered On

I'd suggest updating the System Setup(BIOS). Please following the instructions in the video below to safety installed latest BIOS version.

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Hi all got a dell vostro 1015 and when I turn it on I can see load up screen and log in screen etc but screen is all pink with lines on right hand side ... is this screen problem graphics card or inverter .. thanks in advance

A:Dell Vostro screen all pink with lines

Could be an issue with either.

Try moving the screen back and forth, and gently bending the screen (especially near where it connects to the base). And, connect it up to an external monitor to test. Let us know what happens in each case.

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I just got my laptop 2 days ago and it almost immediately started doing this to me. When I open the lid all I will see on it are gray lines with the mouse being a square shaped slightly off color gray line area. When it does this I have to completely power down my laptop to make it go away. Once I power it back on again it works perfectly fine though.
How do I fix this on my own or do I have to send it back to dell since its a faulty laptop? I really don't want to send it back though so any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 15 7000 gaming has grey vertical lines after opening the lid

Send the system back for replacement - the other option is a repair, which will also require sending the system back -- and makes little sense on a brand new system.

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I have recently upgraded to windows 10 and everything seems file except one problem I am facing which is the wifi card connectivity issues. My connection to router drops very frequently, curently the generic driver which windows think is appropriate is installed. I wanted to undate that with Dell's driver which I can't find on driver download section. 64 bit WiFi driver is NOT there. 32 Bit driver is but that won't install on my machine.
Can someone from Dell help? either to give me the link for correct driver download or confirm driver is not available in which case I would need to downgrade to windwos 8 as the system is unusable in its current state.

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 SE - Windows 10 64 Bit WiFi Driver not available on Dell Site

On the Drivers & Download pages for the Inspiron 15R 7520 there are only 64-bit options for Windows, whether 8.0,8.1, or 10.   So those drivers are the ones for the 64-bit version of Windows 10, as long as you filter the operating system option to Windows 10 64-bit. 
The file name may state "Win32" but if you click on the "View Details" link, and then check "Supported Operating Systems" near the bottom of the page you'll find that the driver supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
You don't mention which wireless card you have in that system so I can't link directly to the specific driver.  Which card do you have and what error are you getting when trying to install the drvier?
I would also recommend updating the firmware on your router.  Many routers need an update to be able to handle Windows 10 specific drivers and cards reliably.   What router brand and model are you connecting to?  And do you have problems with all routers or just this one.
Lastly, here is a link to the Dell Networking & Wireless Support Center.  You will find a few support articles in there that may be of help to you.
Let me know which card you have and when the last time you updated your router and, if you can't get the connection to work, I'll see what else I can suggest to help you.

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I got back from vacation and plugged my laptop in to work on pictures when some vertical lines and a bunch of horizontal squiggly lines popped up.  I can't figure out what has caused them.
I've run CCleaner & Super Anti-virus to ensure it's not malware.
I've run the Dell PC Diagnostic full test (which said their was an error and could not provide the results).  So I ran individual tests on video card, video stress test, monitor, and they all came fine.  
I am now going to reboot in safe mode and see if I can run off a motherboard video system & see if it's the video card.
I don't really have any idea what I'm doing so any help would be great!

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Hi All,
I have Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition Laptop which i bought in 2015 November  . From Past few months , i see Purple Vertical Lines and Display Flickers a lot  . I ran Dell Diagnostic test and it passed Display Test ..Also i downloaded all latest  Display Drivers ...Still issue continues
Can someone  please suggest if there is a potential need to replace the Display Panel ?? 


A:Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition - Purple Vertical Lines and display Flicker

Attach an external monitor - if the fault doesn't show, the first thing to check/replace is the wiring harness that runs between the mainboard and back of the display panel.  If that doesn't help, replace the display.
If the same fault does show on an external screen, you're likely facing a bad mainboard.

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getting vertical lines on my dell c840 notebook....same appears on external monitor....have tried official dell website with new drivers...always reverts back...looks like my video card needs replacing...or maybe someone has some alternative instructions...pls adv thx
also...sometimes it even appears normal...for some time...then the vertical lines reappear!!

A:Vertical lines on my Dell Notebook C840

Since you experience this on an external monitor also, I'm thinking a hardware problem - your onboard video card.

If you haven't already, try running your computer in "SAFE MODE" (Pressing F8 several times upon booting until you are directed to the screen that allows you to choose: "SAFE MODE." If the problem goes away in safe mode, it's most likely a driver issue, and not your hardware.

Post back if needed

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I've googled and read a lot of forum posts about this topic but I still can't figure it out.

I have a new Dell Inspiron 7520 and I want to use the Stereo Mix feature so I can record audio coming out of my Conexant SmartAudio HD soundcard. I right click on the speaker icon in the system tray, click Recording devices and then right click the white space to Show Disabled and Show Disconnected Devices however still Stereo Mix won't show up.

I have installed Audacity but Stereo Mix does not show up under the Input or Output devices there either.

I've tried downloading the latest Conexant Driver from the Dell Drivers webpage and also tried installing the latest RealTek Driver but no luck with either. Some say StereoMix may not be available at the hardware level but I'm not sure.

From another forum I tried the following with the Conexant driver but either I wasn't doing it right or it didn't work either...

I opened the driver .inf file, it was called oem2.inf and these three lines were commented (they each had a semi-colon before them). I uncommented the lines:




I then went into device manager and re-installed the Conexant driver by browsing to the location of the .inf file I just edited (by removing the semi-colon comments). But I then got the error message: "W... Read more

A:Can't see Stereo Mix on Dell Inspiron 7520

The conexant driver is the correct one, the RealTek is different hardware and won't install.

Your System details shows "High Definition Audio Device". That usually indicates the basic function Windows installed sound driver, not the Conexant driver??

Here is the Conexant driver from the Dell Downloads: Driver Details | Dell United States

I used to do a lot of support on the Dell Community (users forum). In just about every case the Dell supplied sound drivers were the only ones that worked correctly. Non-Dell in many cases either will not install or do not work properly.

You could post on the Dell Laptop forum and one of the experts there may be able to help.

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Happy Labor day everyone,

I just got back from a 3 day vacation to find that my dell monitor has some odd vertical lines showing up. These lines do not show up on my second monitor (an envision) and they are incredibly annoying.

It seems that the lines appear depending on what window is running. If I have the devices and printers window open, there are random blue lines that go through my entire screen. If I bring up the start menu, then there are green/yellow lines that go up to the height of the start menu, not the entire screen. In both cases, the lines show up through the entire screen horizontally, but not vertically (but these are vertical lines).

I am unable to take a picture because a) my camera sucks b) these lines do not appear in screenshots. Because of this and the fact that my other monitor does not have the problem, I am assuming that the issue is the fact that the monitor is quitting on me. I have had the monitor for a number of years, so that would not surprise me. I just want to get a second opinion on the subject.

Thanks guys!

A:Odd colored vertical lines on Dell E193FP monitor

Have you tried switching out the cable? How old and what type is this monitor?

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While starting my laptop is showing green screen with one horizontal stripe at bottom and beeping 8 times at a stretch until i shut it off. Checked the screen and found ok. With the new screen the problem persists. What is the problem if screen is alright ?
Is it the problem of the GPU? Motherboard needs to be replaced or any other solution would work.
Best Regards

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i could not change any thing in setup configuration.
every thing is hidden and  i need to change SATA Operation to AHCI to install windows 7
please help me.

A:Dell inspiron 7520 bios problem

Hi mohamed.naguib
Thanks for writing to us.
Under the advance tab, using the keyboard down arrow highlight the SATA operation and change to the AHCI again using keyboard.
Could you let us know if you tried the same.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue
and then select send a private message for records purpose.

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Hello there,

I have a dell inspiron 15r 7520 which i originally came with windows 7 home edition. I upgraded it to windows 10 some years ago, but because of speed issues, I would like to downgrade it back to windows 7 again.
How can i do this?
I tried to download windows 7 on microsoft site, but when i enter my current windows key it won't let me download it.

A:Downgrade windows Dell inspiron 15r 7520

Thank you for your message.You will need a Dell OS image to reinstall Windows on your computer.You will need to reach out to the out of warranty team & purchase a Windows 7 recovery disc. There will be a nominal charge for shipping and handling.Please back up data before you reinstall the OS. Once you have the media, you can reinstall the OS & use the activation key that came with the computer to activate Windows 7.

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My laptop is Dell Inspiron 15R - 7520 (Mid 2010)
After upgrading to Windows 10 and do a clean install after that, I let my laptop update all drivers from Windows Update. Then I go to Dell support page to download any missing driver. Finally, there is no unregconized driver in Device Manager.

However, "Hey Cortana" feature is not working with the microphone. (I have turned on Hey Cortana in Cortana Settings). The microphone still works well with Skype. It also works well if I click the microphone icon next to "Ask me anything" in Cortana textbox.

Anyone knows how to make "Hey Cortana" works? Is it because of the Conexant driver is Windows 8.1 version, not Windows 10?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R - 7520: Hey Cortana does not work

I have the same problem, except that it doesn`t work for me when I click the microphone icon in the Cortana textbox. It seems to listen for a second, but then it jumps to the suggestions like I didn`t say anything. I have the audio drivers for Windows 10 from the Dell support page. My voice works fine on Skype and Voice Recorder, though.

Please let us know if there is any progress.

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I have Dell inspiron 15R 7520 with the following specifications:
* HDD        : Seagate Barracuda 2TB 6Gb/s* SSD        : Samsung mSATA 32GB SSD* Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 4000 + AMD HD 7730M* OS          : Windows 10 Enterpriise x64 Creator Update
My problem is that when i install a fresh copy of windows 8.1 and attempt to install AMD HD 7730M driver and restart my laptop it no longer boot and stuck at this BOSD :So, what's causing this problem?Thanks.

A:Dell inspiron 7520 Graphic issue

The AMD HD 7730M driver is for windows 8. You need AMD Radeon HD 7670M/7730M Graphics driver for windows 8.1. Please change operating system to windows 8.1 in link below, stroll down to Video and then expand it. Install correct driver.
Support for Inspiron 15R SE 7520 | Drivers & downloads ...

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How can I find out whether my laptop connector for mSATA card.Problem is, that i can't find slot - where to connect it.In system info (in BIOS), there is note about mSATA : Not installed.
Thank you.

A:DELL Inspiron 7520 - mSATA Port?

Hi Dell Inspiron 7520,I’d be glad to assist you regarding the same and there is a MSATA on your computer.It is embedded on the motherboard on the daughterboard; please check the mage below which will give you information on the same.You can see mSATA listed on the main page of BIOS.Let us know if this helps.

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Dear Dell forum,
I want to buy a new battery and charger for my dell inspiron 15R SE 7520 (NEW DELHI). Can anybody help me out..i.e. from where to buy and so on...kindly guide.

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Hello,I have Dell inspiron 15R 7520 with the following specifications:
* HDD : Seagate Barracuda 2TB 6Gb/s* SSD : Samsung mSATA 32GB SSD* OS   : Windows 10 Enterpriise x64 Creator UpdateMy problem is that when i install a fresh copy of windows 8.1 or 10, i stuck in configuring my SSD drive to work as a cash drive via Intel Rapid Storage Technology software.
Every time i configure my BIOS - SATA operation : Intel Smart Response Technology and begin to boot to Windows 10 my laptop freezes at the one of the most famous BSOD :

But if i configured my BIOS - SATA operation : AHCI. My laptop boots successfully in normal mode (No Intel Rapid Storage Technology configuration)
Another problem, when i deal with Intel Rapid Storage Technology GUI then tab to (Performance) i found no SSD drive to configure like that :
So what problem i am involved in? to restore my laptop working with Intel Rapid Storage Technology enabled.

Thanks for any effort.

A:Dell inspiron 15R 7520 SSD configuration issue

When you set up a system to use the 32 GB drive as an acceleration drive, you need the SATA controller set to RAID.  Once that is done you can install the OS to the HDD and set up the acceleration drive later.
If the 32 GB drive had been used before it may need to be cleaned.

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Hello I have laptop dell inspiron 15R SE (7520-4729)I need key buttons sequenction which perform restore factory bios without no power (on disabled laptop).Currently laptop, after pressing power button, running for 1-2 seconds and turning off, does not even show up "post" (dell logo screen). It's my fault, i did too much changes in bios settings.I already earlier used this key sequenction, to do that, but i forgot, so now i searching that again, but i can't find.It was something like a:"press tab button, left arrow, left arrow, right arrow, enter, right arrow etc.."It's looking funny, but it works (I already did it early)Please help me, thanks

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Hi guys,

Well, since I recieved my ne Dell Laptop ive had 2 main problems.
1st, From initial startup about 5-10 minutes after bootup regardless of what i am doing, even if i leave the system alone I get a ATI graphics card has failed and recovered successfully message. Prior to this message the screen will freeze, go blank then restart and the message appears.
2nd, If i use the switchable graphics option to make anything start in high performance mode, from Dell support centre to games such as World of Warcraft/ world of tanks, eve online, Steam games etc. The computer Blue screens and give the following info on reboot.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800A654010
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Now I'm not completely clueless with computers but neither am i an expert, so I have tried various methods, from updated drivers, older drivers, updating BIOS(recommend by those ever helpful guys at DELL) please feel free to detect the sarcasm... Ive restored to factory setting a few times, restarted the whole process etc and got nowhere. All the games, programs work perfe... Read more

A:BSOD code 116 on Dell Inspiron 15r SE 7520

Have a look at this STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting

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I had problem with charging my laptop so i gave it to my local repair guy, god knows why he decided to change the BIOS and didnt do any spare copy...now im stuck with BIOS for Inspiron 5520, my graphic drivers are failing to install. Here is my question, is there any possibility to get full BIOS for 7520 from DELL (warranty expired) or any other way to fix this?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 BIOS problem

Hello Skyspy, 
Nice to hear from you.
Please find the below link for 7520 bios 

. Have few questions though, does the machine boot into windows? After changing the BIOS by the local guy, is the battery charging now?
Have you tried another battery or charger??


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My Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines and also a wide line about 3-4 inches wide when i reboot. The laptop wont even load anymore. I am hoping that it is the video card or something. I have tried everything but have ran out of ideas. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines

Safe Mode doesn't load, either?

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Hello,I recently purchased a Dell U2414h monitor and I think this is faulty.
When it shows blue and orange colors, they are shown with a few vertical stripes of darker colors.It is the second monitor that I buy from the same model and that presents the same problem.
He leido que es un problema que tienen algunos modelos del 2016 con el panel LG.
Is there any way to fix it?regards

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I'm back again; this time with an issue on my desktop. I always set the monitor to power off after sitting idle for a few hours. This morning when I tried to use it; the monitor flashed white then went to a black screen with progressively brighter vertical colored lines in different groups across the screen. We powered it off; disconnected the monitor connector and reconnected - still get a white screen on start up then the black screen with color lines that grow brighter and brighter as time goes on. I have onboard video with this machine - praying its not that. I've read other posts here about the lines; OR the white screen but not both. Any ideas friends?

Miss Joss at a loss

A:Solved: White Screen then Multicolor Vertical Lines on Dell LCD

Solved this myself - and am very glad it was what I thought rather than the onboard vid. Plugged in another monitor and worked just fine. So my monitor is toast - found a great one on sale today so I'm all set. Happy Holidays everyone ...

Joss no longer at a loss

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I had already posted a forum post regarding the issue with my laptop.
I would like to send it in for repairs. The problem I am experiencing is as follows: suddenly shut off, does not turn on, the power supply LED light (on the AC adapter) shuts off the moment I plug it into the computer. I'd tried everything, please, do not clarify what is wrong or send me messages about what I should do to fix it. 
Again, I want it fixed, warranty has expired a long time ago.
What are my options?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 does not turn on. Suddenly shut down.

Hi AVKinG,
It would be good if we could isolate the issue so that you can find the faulty part. However please contact the Out of Warranty department 1-800-288-4410 (U.S.Customer only).If you are from different region please reply us.

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Hello everyone,

I bought a new dell 15R SE 7520 laptop yesterday with the following configuration:

Processor : Intel Core? i7-3632QM Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)
Memory : 8192MB (2X4096) 1600MHZ DDR3
Graphics : 2GB AMD RADEON HD 7730M
Operating System : Windows 8 64bit Single Language

I have my 1TB Hard disk (DISK 0) partitioned as image below:

Also the 32GB SSD (DISK 1) is shown in the above picture as the 8GB disk assigned for the hibernation and the remaining assigned for the cache purpose.

I believe that the first partition called EFI system partition is the one which includes all the dell startup options and diagnostics (F2 button at the startup). The large one of 981 GB is my only accessible partition which contains the operating system and this is obvious for everyone here for sure. The last one of 11.96 is the recovery partition which I don't need it as DELL backup and recovery software is a crap and is not working which is a common issue and they haven't solved it yet so I decided to do all my backup and recovery manually as I used to.

I will remove the operating system which is installed but dell and I will install mine so I need to make sure that I do everything in the right way because this is the first time I deal with any computer contains an SSD disk for cache purpose and honestly I don't know how is those SSD disks work.

This is what I actually ... Read more

A:Dell inspiron 15R SE 7520 help needed about re installing windows 8 64

Are you wanting to Upgrade to Win7? You are posting at Seven Forums.

If you intend to keep Win8 then I'd post at www.EightForums.com for more specialized help.

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Hi. I'm a first-time user and happy to have found your website!

My operating system is Windows 7. I am using a wireless Logitech Mouse (uses USB hardware). I have had this laptop for 5+ years.

1. The touchpad will not ?turn off.? Under "Mouse" on the Control Panel, functions for the Dell Touchpad should allow me to simply turn the touchpad on and off. Regardless whether it is in the on or off position, it is still on.
2. Even when I don?t touch the touchpad, the cursor skips around the screen, highlights text and deletes text. Typed text re-locates within earlier typed text.
3. There is an on/off light at the top of the touchpad that indicates the touchpad is on/off. This is not working.
4. Also this panel item allows me to manage sensitivity, buttons, gestures & edge scroll & zoom. I can work these, but the Edge Scroll & Zoom buttons do not see to change the settings.

1. I have checked the drivers for both the touchpad and mouse and I get messages that they are each up to date
2. Because the touchpad will not turn off, I have tried to manage the buttons to turn down the sensitivity, to minimize movement of text. This does not help.
3. Turning on ?Disable Touchpad & Point Stick when USB Mouse present? does not disable the touchpad.

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 Hi , i have a dell inspiron 15r se with config:-
I7-3632, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1920*1080 display .
but my laptop is super slow , i think of upgrading to samsung evo 850 ssd and 16gb ram
NOTE:- my laptop didnt came with 32gb ssd
so my question is that will my laptop support this samsung 850 ssd and i can i use both ssd and hdd combination , and also why i my ram show 800 mhz speed, does this laptop ship with 800mhz speed ram

A:My Dell inspiron 15R SE (7520) running super slow

Boot your machine
Start Task Manager as soon as possible
Click on Disk
See what is the app clogging your hard disk (Microsoft) at startup
Go Task Scheduler - Microsoft - Windows - find out the app and right click it for: DISABLE

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I have been having issues with a blue screen of death on windows 10.  The computer is in continuous loop of the blue screen of death.  I installed windows 7 professional from my dads back up CD and the computer worked fine but I have no CD activistion key and WiFi wouldn?t connect.  Then I tried to reinstall windows 7 home edition because that was the original windows that came with the laptop but upon installing the blue screen of death occurred.  I had been connected to WiFi at that point.  Also note I been using an SSD that replaced my old hard drive that was originally in the laptop.  So in short story short I believe it?s a software issue and would like to ask for any recommendations to why I?m crashing on home edition but not the polrofesional and if there?s any solid fixes.

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My Processor or Motherboard was replaced recently as it failed(7 beeps),and now after repair the LED indicators lights dont work(power etc,)?

A:LED indicator lights not working,Dell Inspiron 7520

Hi fdk2008,
I am sorry to hear that. Please reply with the information requested below:
1. Were the LED indicator lights working when you got it back?2. Is the computer working properly after the repairs apart from this issue?3. Do the indicator lights flash when you switch on the laptop?

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I have a problem with my display adapter Intel driver version It is causing a problem of vertical lines on the screen when waking up from sleep, the only option is to reboot the machine.
I previously solved this problem by rolling back to the driver in the device manager to the previous version This fixed the issue until a recent update on 8th November when my driver was updated again.
Now when I enter the device manager the option to Roll Back Driver option is greyed out.
I've tried searching for a download of the old driver but can't find one.
Can anyone help with this problem?
And then once I've fixed it is there a way to stop the driver updating itself again?

A:Inspiron 3650 back from sleep issue - vertical lines on screen - rollback Intel driver problem

Assuming you are running Windows 10? With Windows 10, it is possible to stop it from auto updating drivers. Read this.You should download and save the Intel driver to its own folder on the C: drive in case you need to reinstall it again.I do not use sleep or hibernate modes on any of my computers (laptops or desktops). The only powersave option I use is the setting to turn the monitor off after 5 minutes. At the end of the work day, I save my data and close all running applications. I then turn the computers off.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 with A11 version of BIOS, latest from dell.com. I decided to reinstall Windows 10 from USB stick which is formatted to FAT32 and is bootable. The issue is that I am unable to choose USB boot from the menu when pressing F12. I tried under both UEFI secure: ON and Legacy boot, but it does not want to boot windows at all. When the usb stick is plugged in it stalls at the dell logo. When it is not it normally runs my already installed windows 10. Under UEFI boot settings there is only 1 option - the windows itself. Under legacy boot options theres only HDD and Network (when switched to legacy boot option). I have both tried Microsoft Media Creation tool and Rufus to create the bootable flash. It is the same every time - stuck at DELL logo screen and unable to boot the installation. Please help.
Kind regards,

A:Unable to boot Windows 10 from USB flash on Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520

You might try another USB port.  The drive has to be available to the system during the initial boot, prior to the Bios.  If it is on a port which isn't being started during boot, it will not be seen.
Just in case, it does take a 64 bit Win 10 version to use UEFI.
Where did you get the .iso file you are using?

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My laptop started showing signs of trouble last year. At first, it would go blue screen while I was using. I neglected that. Then, It started turning off if shaken. Now it turned of after I picked it up, and it's been dead nomather what I do.
I tried unplugging everything, including power supply, discharged flea power, but nothing happened...
When I press the on button, the LED light up as they should. The screen remains dead. After about 10 seconds, the battery LED and the CD LED start pulsing on and off (around 1Hz). The fan also follows the LEDs, accelerating and decelerating... No beep is heard.
What could it be? How can I test it?
Warranty is long gone.

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Dear Dell Forum,Recently, I have upgraded from my windows 8.1 to windows 10. After I upgraded, I found blurred displays issue. I have done the following things to resolve my issue.
1. Updated all the latest drivers.2. Changed screen resolution to and fro3. Updated AMD Radeon HD 7700M series and Intel® HD Graphics 4000
For web browsers and File Explorers, I can see very clear display without any issue. But for installed software’s (for example Skype and some other installed applications), I have the blurred display problems. If I open “Device Manager”, I have the same issue. If I try to install any software, the pop-up box also blurry display.I think because of this issue, system start up takes longer time.I am researching this issue since more than a month. Please, can someone help me how to resolve this issue?
thanks in advance..!

A:Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520, blurred display after upgrading to windows 10

Can someone help me to fix this issue?

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I recently had to replace my motherboard on my Dell Inspiron 7520 laptop, due to the old motherboard failing to even power up. After fitting the new motherboard (taking care not to damage the internal components), I restarted the laptop, only to discover that the main display wasn't working correctly. It was only showing a blank white screen. I connected the laptop to an external VGA display, and managed to get it to project through the display. I used that to flash the new BIOS. However, I couldn't work out what was wrong with the display, as the video card and software seemed to be working, and the display was responding to brightness and dimming commands from the keyboard. I decided to reboot into safe mode using msconfig, but now the laptop still has the white screen issue and won't project to an external screen either, even once I've pressed F2 to enter BIOS. I've tried the power on + D to try to run a screen test, but nothing happens. It only turns on for a few seconds, then powers down again. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
System Specs as per Dell.com:
OS Windows 8.1 (not updated to Windows 8.1 Update 1 yet)

Dvd+/-Rw, 8X, Serial Ata, 12.7T, Hitachi Lg Data Storage
Hard Drive, Pentium M Dothan, 1.86GHZ, 2 MEGB, 533FSB, S2, 5.4, 2.5, P11, 4K, ML375
Dual In-Line Memory Module, 2GB, 1600MHZ, 256X64, 8K, 204 <NOTE: t... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 7520 White Screen after Motherboard Replacement

Same issue

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