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BSOD after changing drive letter

Q: BSOD after changing drive letter

So i wanted some more space in to my C drive and I downloaded Partition Wizard. It got the job done and changed 10gb from my D drive into my C drive. After the restart i had to do, the problems started. My computer now showed my D drive as a cd driver or something and when i tried to open Steam it told me to put in the DVD or something..
I didnt know what to do so i messed around with the Windows disk management thing and changed the drives (D) letter to F just to see what would happen.. my computer froze and i got a blue screen:

And when i restart the computer i get this one first:

I cant do the check that the black screen is suggesting because it cuts to the blue screen in ~1 second.

I cant get past the blue screen, it does this and then it restarts over and over..

Preferred Solution: BSOD after changing drive letter

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: BSOD after changing drive letter

Quote: Originally Posted by Souzr

So i wanted some more space in to my C drive and I downloaded Partition Wizard. It got the job done and changed 10gb from my D drive into my C drive. After the restart i had to do, the problems started. My computer now showed my D drive as a cd driver or something and when i tried to open Steam it told me to put in the DVD or something..
I didnt know what to do so i messed around with the Windows disk management thing and changed the drives (D) letter to F just to see what would happen.. my computer froze and i got a blue screen:

And when i restart the computer i get this one first:

I cant do the check that the black screen is suggesting because it cuts to the blue screen in ~1 second.
I cant get past the blue screen, it does this and then it restarts over and over..

Hi Souzr.

Do you have access to another computer right now? If so, download Partition wizard Bootable CD (the last one in the link). Burn it in a blank CD or in a USB flash stick.

Boot into Partition Wizards GUI following this instructions. When you are on the last screen, take a camera snap of the screen and upload the snap here.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

We need to see the partitions and parameters.

Also, better you perform a bootable HDD scan, as the second image says. Try Seatools for DOS. Let us know the results.

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i have windows 7 desktop. there are some partition on it.but there is problem with these partition. All the three partition have the same drive letter.i attach a link showing the picture. all three partitions are dynamic , simple. if i open these drives only the contents of one drive are appeared. another two drive data are not shown in any manner.

i don't want to lose any data from any drive ......
please help me sir...
my windows is installed in c:\ drive which is also dynamic and there are no recent changes.only one change i did which is i shrink dynamic volume 50 GB from 206 GB and again mixed with 206 GB without allocating free space.

and only the c drive is on and d drive is off.but in my other desktop same configuration exist.
please help me...and please don't say change and remove drive letter...........waiting for response

A:changing one drive letter all 3 partitions change to that drive letter

First thing you're going to do is fill in the specs of the desktop whose snips you are showing us.

Then you're going to do the same with the second pc opening a second post with snips. Give it a different title like "Second pc with drive letters the same". Don't forget the snips.

You should not have dynamic disks in either machine. What did you do to accomplish this?

There exists a bevy of spectacular experts on this site that will be happy to help you. But give us ALL the info please.

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I was wondering how to go about changing my windows boot up disk letter from G to C.

A:Changing Drive Letter

The short answer: You can't. The letter is assigned when XP is installed.

In order to be sure that the drive is C:, it's best to install XP with other drives disconnected to a newly partitioned and formatted drive.

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I just re-did a computer and put XP pro on it. It had a 10GB 5200 rpm drive as the C: drive and 1.5 GB of that was used for the D: drive. I took out that drive and added a 40GB 7200 drive to it. The 40GB is the master on the primary channel and the 10GB drive is the slave on the same channel. When the format and install was done on the new drive it had a drive letter of G: and the 10GB drive had a drive letter of C: and D: respectfully. This configuration caused severe problems. I removed the 10GB drive and rebooted the machine and the problem is now gone. But I still want to use the 10GB drive for paging and music storage and so forth and so on. But the problem with that is that when ever I add a new drive it automatically grabs the first available drive letter and this brings back the problem from before. Is there a way to change the drive letter on the system drive? I tried it through disk management utility and it told me that it can not change the drive letter of the system disk. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Changing the drive letter.

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Hey all - hope you guys can help me. Here's the problem:

I moved my vista partition in order to extend it - i wiped the OEM recovery partition, moved the vista one, and added the freespace created to it. This was all with gparted. All went well - all the data is still there, no problem.

However, now when I boot into vista, I get the normal log on screen, it shows my picture and username, but when I log on I get "preparing the desktop", and then it pops up a rundll32 error saying it cannot access the specified device/path/file. If I click okay, I get a light blue screen and a mouse. I can launch the task manager and run things like regedit, or launch explorer.exe. This gives me a plain desktop using a temporary profile because it cannot find mine.

Looking at Computer, it shows that the "C:" drive has been assigned the letter X. I think this is what's causing the problem.

I've tried editing the MountedDevices key in the registry to reassign it, but whatever I do the changes don't stick, and when I reboot it reverts back to the main system partition being X, and one I can't see being C.

Any ideas/links/tutorials/whatever are much appreciated...

A:Changing Drive Letter

Generally you should not change the drive letter of the system disk, since many windows files and setups rely on it staying how it was on install.

In general terms, it shouldn't matter what letter it is. The only exception is some old programs have C: hard coded in to them, rather than finding the real system disk, but this isn't usually an issue.

However, if I understand your post correctly, your disk was C:, but has changed to X:. I think this can indeed cause problems. You could have a look at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223188/en-us but read the warnings very carefully and follow the advice, definitely regarding backing up.

You could also look at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/249321/ , which the first article links to.

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So, dumb problem, but forgive me for being an idiot..

I use an external hard drive to store my music collection. Recently, for no apparent reason, Windows re-assigned the drive letter signification of my external hard drive from "F:/" to "G:/". Now all the software I use that references the files on the hard drive is throwing errors saying it can't find the file, and my music player can't find any of the songs in the library.

I could manually change all the addresses in the software I use and re-load my music library but, um, that would suck.

How do I change the letter of a drive?


A:Changing Drive Letter

Is there an F: drive currently in My Computer? (hint: it might be a USB removable one)

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Hi, I have three hdd with three partitions with driver letter C: D: E:.
My C: and D: are tied together which means my D: drive used as temp drive (most of windows temp, cache, C:\users folder mklink to D:). I replicate all my data and both drives have same contents

Now my question is how I gonna change drive letter from
1. D:\ ----> E:\
2. E:\ -----> D:\ (exchange both drive letter).

I can't did this via disk management while windows in use since D: drive are locked with windows folders. I tried to change it through cmd prompt which boot from installation CD, but the drive letter seem different, and drive letter still remain as same after boot into windows.

Is there anyway to do it without reinstalling os?

A:Help on changing drive letter

Change, add, or remove a drive letter - Microsoft Windows Help

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I just installed a new hard drive and it assigned in drive "F". How do I change? I have gone into Device Manager and I'm not getting it done. I m running XP Home Edition.

Thank you!

A:Changing Drive Letter???

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I just got a couple of new HDDs to make notebook backups (clones) on. When I first formatted each one, using a USB dock, I set the drive letter of each one to U. Everytime I change the drives, the drive letter changes itself to E. I change them back to U but they change themselves back to E the next time I put them in the dock. What is going on here and how can I keep the drive letters from changing?

A:HDD Drive Letter Keeps Changing

Set one to U and the other to V.

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I "reorganized" my Windows 7-64 bits PC (added some new disks, reorgabizing directories ...)
I renamed some of the disks so they are clear for me
But there is one disk I cannot change
I want to rename F: to Z:

Inside the Drive management Console, i can
- access disk F:
- select Z: as the new name letter

But whn i click to start the renaming i have an error message that says "Invalid parameter" or "Incorrect parameter" (I use a french version of Windows so the exact message is "param?tre incorrect"

Any idea where this could come from ? It seems all the disks are correctly defined and activated

Thanks for your help Have a good day

A:Changing drive letter

Post a maximized/resized screen print of Disk Management so all info is displayed using these instructions:
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

One possibility, if you have a Page File on F that might be why you can't change the drive letter.

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Hi, firstly, i apologize if this has been discussed before.

I followed the guide posted here to dual boot XP & 7. All's working fine now. I can boot into both the OS without any problems.

However, i've noticed that which ever OS i boot into, shows itself as installed on the C: drive. When in XP, 7 shows up on E: drive & when in 7, XP shows up on D: drive. I wanna change this. When i installed 7, i chose the D: drive &that's how i'd like it to remain.

So yeah, how do i go about changing the drive letter of 7 from C: to D:, so that it remains that way no matter which OS i boot into. Would it be safe to do this from Disk management in 7?

Note: Both the OS are installed on the same HDD.

I once again apologize if this has been asked before.


A:Changing 7 drive letter.

When custom installing a second copy of the same version, same edition using the same installation disk the second copy of Windows having started up the installer while in Windows will shift the second copy to other then C. When booting into a dual with two different versions or even two separate editions of the same version the normal sight is seeing C while in one and the other install as a different drive letter since C is in use at the time.

The best advice often seen with any dual boot and the optical drive being D would be giving the second Windows E, F, G, etc. if no other drive is present and doing the same while booted in the other to the first now second seen there in the DM.

For changing it from C to something else that would be the opposite of wanting to see the registry edit for correcting a goof of Windows getting the wrong letter like D assigned rather then the default C. How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows

Note that was directed at 2000, XP, and Server 2003 where this problem had been more apparent. Another guide covers what I was mentioning about how to Manage your drive letters in a dual-boot configuration

While the guide is older there for an XP/Vista dual boot the principles are the same as far as having the second OS always seeing the same drive while the Windows you are in at the moment is C.

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Trying to use an application that will only look at the A: drive when looking for a license. No problem when using a floppy dirve.

The license key is on a flash drive and A: is not an option when in computer management trying to change the drive letter. Only get B: and above.

Is there a way to do this: change the B: designation to A:?

Running XP SP2.

Thanks in advance

A:Changing drive letter

If you have a floppy drive, I don't believe you can assign anything to A:.

If you don't have a floppy drive, then you should be able to assign it in Disk Management.

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I use an external USB2 IcyBox Hard Disk Drive. It started off as L: but after using a Flash Drive & hooking up my digital camera to the computer its current drive letter is N:It stays as N: even when other USB devices are removed.
I would much prefer this drive to remain at L: in a logical progression after all other drives & partitions I have installed.
How do I get it back to L: & how do I stop it from changing to another drive letter in the future, after using other USB devices?
I am using Windows XP Home SP2. I have one ATA harddrive, which has 4 partitions, (namely C: F: G: H, & two SCSI hard drives, (D: E. All hard drives are using NTFS.
Any help with this problem would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

A:Changing Drive Letter.

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I have Vista Home Premium with two 320 GB internal hard drives © & (E). I am trying to put Vista on drive E and upgrade to Windows 7 on drive C.
I had successfully cloned the drive C of Vista onto an external hard drive and copied it to drive E (the second internal hard drive). When I copied the cloned copy of Vista to drive E, the system changed the drive letter to L. Everything was working fine and I could boot into either C or L.
In a fit of neatness I guess, I decided that I would like to have the newly labeled drive L designated as drive E again and changed it to drive E in "Disk Management" while I was booted into drive C.
Now I am unable to boot into the second internal drive. I just get a blank screen. I can get "Task Manager" but nothing else, not even the "Start" icon.
I booted back into C and changed the drive back to L, but that didn't work either.
I tried to boot the second internal drive in Safe Mode, but just got a blank screen, without the start icon.
I tried restoring to a previous date, but that wouldn't work and it only restores C anyway.
When I'm booted in drive C, it shows the second internal drive L and shows all the files and programs that should be on drive L.
How do I get the drive restored so I can boot into it?
Thanks to anyone that can help.

A:can't boot to second internal hard drive after changing drive letter

I don't know if this helps, but is drive L still marked as an "active" partition in disk management?  When you right click the partition the option should be there to do so if it is not marked as such. 

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How do I do it? I've changed the drive letters for logical drives/hard drives before using partion magic and other programs like that, but how do I change the drive letters for my DVD-R and Zip drives? I used to know how to do it in Windows 98, but I'm using XP now and I don't know how. Any help is appreciated.

A:Changing the drive letter of my DVD-R and ZIP drives...

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Storage - Disk Management (local)

Right click on the disk drive in the lower panel, select "Change drive letter and Paths"

The drive will probably not show in the upper panel unless there is media in it.

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Hi, I recently installed XP on my desktop (Dell Inspiron 530) and I want to change the drive letter of my hard drive from I: to C: but my problem is that C: is taken up. Disk Manager won't let me change the drive letter of my hard drive, and a MS KB article says that changing the drive letter of the hard drive is not built in to Disk Manager. I just want to know, is there a third party program that will let me do this? I am the Admin on my PC.

A:Changing Drive Letter In Windows XP

Have you tried these steps?How to change a drive letterTo change an existing drive letter on a drive, on a partition, or on a volume, follow these steps:1. Log on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.2. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance.3. Click Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, and then click Disk Management in the left pane.4. Right-click the drive, the partition, the logical drive, or the volume that you want to assign a drive letter to, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.5. Click Change.6. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, click the drive letter that you want to use, and then click OK.7. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the drive letter change.The drive letter of the drive, the partition, or the volume that you specified is changed, and the new drive letter appears in the appropriate drive, partition, or volume in the Disk Management tool.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307844

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Hi all,new here to the forums i have a question reguarding my boot drive leter.
recently bought a ssd installed my edition of win7pro 64 onto it
no problems except i had my old hdd still plugged in which was my c drive letter ,thus i installed operating system onto my ssd with an e drive letter.ok so i have tried to run a couple of programmes which i use which have failed because the programme is looking for a specific file in c boot directory which i obviously havent got....hope you can understand what im getting at.so big question how do i change my ssd boot drive letter to :c and that all my existing programmes will still work.
many thanks for any help

A:Changing boot drive letter ?

programs that you have installed onto the drive after the OS that need to call files other than the EXE to work will not know where to look for them, and likely have to be re-installed.

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I recently upgraded to the full version on win 7 pro. I installed it on a partition labeled D:\. After reloading my programs and double checking to make sure all work I deleted the partition that had win7 rc on it which was C:\ then expanded my d: partition to regain all my drive space. Now I only have 1 partition which is drive D:\. I want to change the drive letter to C:\ but will it screw up the registry entries for all my files and programs? Can I change D: to C: or should I just leave it.
When I boot up from my win7 install disc and choose the repair option it shows my disk as C: strange??
any ideas?

A:Changing drive letter back to c:\

Just leave it as is...unless you want to start all over again.

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Ok, the computer i'm working on currently went through a lot of stuff, basically it stopped "seeing" both hard drives... it's a dell, so I look at the array, and it sees them there, so I decide to format both of the drives (the user had backed up all their information thankfully) however now it says that C: is a removable media and F: is my boot, which would be all well and dandy, but I'm trying to download drivers from a website, and it won't let me choose where to download to, and it tries to download to c, which won't work. So is there a way I can change the boot drive to C? Maybe by switching the ide cables possibly?

A:Changing Boot Drive Letter

Actually since the system has made drive F: your boot drive and C: a removable media the only real way is to re-format the drives and re-install Windows again but this time you have to read the screens as to where the installation is formatting and where it is putting things. Basically you read every screen and you will find it.

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Hi ....

I installed a new hardrive in my laptop and reinstalled winxp sp2 on it. For some reason windows installed it onto drive e:\ and not c:\. I do alot of programming and windows/system32/ need to be on the c drive.

Can i change the drive letter from e:\ to c:\ and then do a repair on windows?


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I have a new XP Pro SP2 system that has two hard drives: the Master C:drive, and a second drive. It came with the second drive showing as the F: drive. D: and E: drives are DVD/CD Roms. My question is: How can I change the Drive letter of the second drive to D: from F:, or is this possible now that the system is set up? And then change the DVD/CD Roms to E: and F: respecfully?

Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!


A:Solved: New to XP Pro: Need help in changing Drive Letter

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Hi all,

I'm running Windows XP SP3.
My external hard disk drive letter keeps changing every time i plug it out and back in again.
For example, if have assigned it to H:\, after plugging it out and plugging it back in again it changes to I:\.
It happens every single time and there is no way to change it back to H:\ as it disappears from the "Change Drive Letter" drop down list in "Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management".
The only way to make the letter come back into the drop down list is to restart my computer.

Please help, i've tried almost everything except reformatting my computer which is something i dont want to do.

Thanks in advance,
Brian ^_^

A:Hard Drive Letter Keeps Changing

Hi, welcome to TSF,

are you removing it in the correct manner, i.e. using the 'safely remove hardware' option from your systray?

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I was doing a new installation of XP home on a new hard drive, XP formatted the drive as F:\ and installed the boot sector there because a thumb drive was in the usb port (which it recognized as C:\). I wasn't paying that close of attention and I didn't realize XP would see that thumb drive as C:\. My question: is there any way to change the boot letter back to C: without reformatting the hard drive?

A:Changing Boot drive Letter

Yes there is.
Go to start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer management > Storage > Disk management.
Then right click on drive, and choose change drive letter / path

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There are 3 partition in my pc C, D & e "E" is my co-rom. On c drive i installed win98 & on d drive i installed xp but when i open xp there are D drive show for cd-rom & xp on drive E how can i change it.


A:Drive Letter Changing Problem

If you are using XP Pro then you can modify the drive letter assignments. It's "Computer Management" under Administrative Tools. Inside that is "Disc Management". If you're using XP Home, then I am not sure how to do that.

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I installed a new hard drive and installed winxp pro. Not realizing it at the time, it was installing on drive F. Now of course the windows drive is not c. as it should be but f instead. Although it works fine, it is very annoying to see f:\windows. Is there any way to change this without re-installing windows?

I know how it happened. The new drive that was installed was on IDE 1 as the Primary Master. I was under the impression that if I simply swapped the drive to IDE 0 it would correct the problem but I am obviously mistaken. I thought maybe I could use PQ Magic to remap the drives. Not sure though.

Really could use some advice here. I can't stand it anymore!

A:Changing the boot drive letter.

Give this a read to see if it applies to your situation


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I recently just reformatted and added in another HDD. The old setup was a WD 500GB, Hitachi 1TB, and Seagate 1TB, with a Asus DVD drive all installed through Sata connectors.
When I formatted the F drive, being the Hitachi 1TB, it took the OS just fine and I was able to install all my programs and games. Though when I removed the WD 500GB and installed a newer WD 2TB there seems to be a huge problem.
My drive lettering has automatically changed, forcing the F drive to a G drive, the D drive, which was the DVD drive, has been changed to F.
I've gone through dos prompts from the only known source I can get to, a win 7 install disk in recovery options. Yet every time I change the lettering through diskpart in dos, it never sticks.
Can anyone help me in this terrible predicament.

A:Hard drive letter changing?

MS info here Changing, adding or removing a drive letter - Windows Help

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Ok Currently my Windows 7 is on the C drive, now my question is this: Is there a way I can say put in a SSD, then copy my entire windows and the Programs Files, Program Files x86 and the users folder to it, then switch my old HDD to the D drive and the SSD to the C and have it work just fine?

Is there an easy way to do this? or will it require me to reinstall windows to do it? Been thinking about getting a 120 GB ssd for my os/program drive, and using my 1.5 tb drive as storage.

A:A Question about SSD's Changing HDD Drive letter etc.

Any imaging program should be able to do it. Macrium Reflect seems to be a popular one, and it's free. There are guides on how to use it in the Tutorials section here.

That being said, with some planning ahead, a clean install can take under 2 hours (complete with apps), and I have always preferred that method to ensure my SSD was set up and aligned properly. When Windows 7's installer detects an SSD on an AHCI controller, the OS configures itself properly for the drive.

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I changed the drive letter of an external 2.5' HDD (from F to D).

Then for some reason I suddenly can't use the drive anymore.

Now when I plug it, the error message is on Win7 is "You need to format the disk in drive"
The error on Win XP is D:\ is not accessible

which is quite weird.

The drive is not used much, it never had surface problems, etc.
Of course I don't want to format it because I have some info there.

Any ideas about what the problem could be...?


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So I know that going into disk management allows me to change the letter assignments for hard drives and such, but there are no dvd-drives listed there. Where do I go in win7 to change the drive letters for my installed burners?

A:Changing the drive letter for DVD Drives?

mine are listed on the bottom pane, and if i right click i get the change drive letter path option.

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I have changed the drive letters on my two DVD burners and they keep changing back.

I have two SATA DVD burners lettered K and L. I have reversed the drive letters several times in Disk Management and they hold for a while; but, when I attempt to use them again a few days later, I notice the letters are swapped back.

Anyone have suggestions on how to get this problem solved?

A:Drive letter keep changing back

What steps do you go thru to set them in Disk Manager?
No crashes? No system state restores?

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I don't understand how, but when I installed XP MCE, it was with all other drives disconnected. However, when I went to Disk Management, it's partition is labeled G:, while W7 is labeled L: when running MCE. I want to change G: to the usual C:. but Disk Management won't permit that, and when I tried something similar with Acronis Disk Director some time back, the OS would no longer boot, so I'm not anxious for a repeat performance.

The question is, how to relabel the partition safely?

A:Changing OS Partition Drive Letter

I wouldn't and don't think you can change it, not without re-installing. As you have seen Windows won't let you change the drive letter of the partition windows is installed too. The main reason is that doing that would break a lot of programs etc. They would be looking for the old drive letter not the new one. Do you have a flash card reader installed? If yes that would be my guess as to why the drive letter got to be so high. I've seen that happen in XP if the hard drive wasn't formatted. It doesn't get a drive letter until after its formated. The other formatted drives would get C:, D:, etc. I didn't think windows 7 did that anymore but I could be wrong. Like a lot of people, I've only been using it for a short while. Now that the drive is formated it should get the first drive letter C: so a re-install should fix it. It just depends on how much that bothers you as to whether you want to do it over again.

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Is there any way at all of changing the drive letter of the main hard drive - which is obviously in use? Have got it set at 'I' by accident and want to return it to 'C' drive. I know about changing other drive letters and have done so easily enough but am stuck with this one. Is it forever???

A:Changing drive letter of main hard drive

Hello silver2142

You can change the drive letter of anything except the system partition.
Unfortunately, the only real way to change the system partition letter is to wipe and reinstall.

XP won`t mind being installed on "I". It is just an inconvenience to you.


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Hey Guys,

Heres the issue. I recently did an install of XP home on a new HDD for a customer after their drive went dead. Not realizing, the install mapped the boot drive to F instead of C. Customer called up complaining that he could not install programs, etc... I wanted to go back and change the drive letters through the registry, but after doing some reading, found that changing the system drive letter after install will make windows act screwey, sometimes not even allowing a boot. I personally can live with a diff. drive letter, but the customer seems to not be able to.

I have read one or two posts about using XXclone to clone the system drive to a new partition mapped to C, then deleting the F partition. As i have never used this program or method, i am a bit skeptical, and/or lost at the same time. What do you guys suggest as the best method to change this drive letter and not disrupt the operations of the system?

Thanks in advance for the help

A:Changing Drive Letter Assignment on Boot Drive

You could try the method given here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223188But I can't guarantee it will work.

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I have a system here that occasionally will change the drive letter of the external drive. So far, I haven't been able to detect what triggers this change.

System is an HP Media Center PC with built-in card reader and two DVD drives. Drive letters are as follows:
C drive for OS
D drive is the system recovery drive
E & F drives are DVD drives
G, H, I & J are the card-reader drives
K is the external USB drive used for backup and some other purposes.

Occasionally, I'll come to the machine to see why the K drive isn't accessible across the network and I will find the following:
C drive for the OS (same)
D drive for system recovery (same)
E & F are DVDs (same)
H, I, J and K are card-reader slots (changed from G, H, I & J)
L is the external USB drive used for backup (changed from K)

Is there a way to lock in these drive letters to stop these occasional changes?

A:Sporadically-changing-drive-letter problem

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Why on earth is Windows changing my external HDD letters everytime..

I use 2 external sata HDD via Esata connection ..

I need the letters to be consistent because my programs need a consistent path..

I tried removing the letters via disk management y assigned it again. but nothing helps. When I restart the computer it is messed up again.

Thanks a lot

A:Drive letter changing everytime, annoying!!

Hello amoretam,

Check using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to delete the /DosDevices\(drive letter) entries for these drive letters and any others that you no longer use, and then reassigning the drive letters you wanted for these drives may have them stick afterwards.

I would recommend assigning them something like X and Y so they wouldn't be so easily used by anything else.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows

Hope this helps for now,

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I see this has not been updated for a long time.  I just bought an HP laptop, and I have the same problem.  But the laptop has Win 10 Homne installed so, as I understand it, I don't need the 15 gb of OEM Recovery as d:, do I?

A:Re: Changing the Drive letter of the Recovery Partition

Hi, Well, that is your last resource to perform a Recovery when your machine goes bad. You can make recovery media (DVD's or USB) and keep in a safe place. After that you can delete D: (even not recommended). Regards.

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I have a situation that isn't really a major problem, but is slightly annoying, and somewhat puzzling.

I have an external 1TB Iomega USB hard drive on my system. It is set to be Drive Y. Most of the time, everything is fine. But occasionally, after I boot the system, I'll get the pop up on the screen asking me what I want to do with Drive J. And yes, the "new" Drive J is, indeed, really my Iomega external drive. I can go into Disk Management, and reassign the drive letter back to Y, and everything is fine again.

Sometimes, it keeps the Y drive letter for several months at a time. But other times, the system treats it as a new drive and assigns drive letter J to it--in anywhere from a few days to several months after the previous time.

As I said, it doesn't happen often enough to be a problem, but I'm curious as to what causes it. Anyone have any insights into this little puzzle?

A:Changing External Hard Drive Letter

Look in your registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices. That's where drive letter assignments are stored. Find \DosDevices\Y: on the left side and note the data value on the right. The next time it happens, check the same registry location but find \DosDevices\J: and see if the data value is the same as before. Also see if there's still an entry for \DosDevices\Y:.

(Option Two)

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Hi Everyone,

I have a few external disk drives I'm accessing via USB. When I attempt to change the drive letter using Disk Management I get a popup window that says: "The Parameter is Incorrect."

These are SATA drives that I previously had assigned drive letters like T, V or X while on a Windows XP computer.

My OS is Win7-64 and it currently assigns drive letters automatically.

Any suggestions?


~ BW

A:Changing Drive Letter for USB Ext HD - Parameter is Incorrect

Hello BW, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can do OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to be able to change the drive letters in Registry Editor.


Hope this helps,

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I have an HP dv9500 laptop that was giving me some problems, so I bought two external HDD enclosures so that I could take out the hard drives and transfer the data to my new laptop. To avoid confusion with other external drives that I've attached, I renamed the two hard drives H: and P: on the new laptop.

After I transferred the data, I put the HDDs back into the original dv9500 and was going to run the restore disk. However, now it won't even power on, as if the motherboard has gone out. I had the motherboard replaced last August, so I really hope that's not the problem now!

I'm wondering, since I renamed the C: drive that hosts the OS on the new laptop, will it change the letter in the original laptop as well, causing it not to find C: in order to boot? Just trying to rule some things out before I write it off as a piece of junk. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Will changing drive letter of HDD on one computer cause it to change on another?

A drive letter assigned on one computer has no effect on a different computer. However, if you modified the system drive letter (C in Windows while it was booted up, you'll have all kinds of problems, and I doubt the computer will even boot up again.

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I recently installed a new SSD, and put windows 7 ultimate x64 on it. this installation occurred while another instance of windows was on a separate HDD that was still installed in the computer. because of the existing install, my primary drive letter was set to D:, i have since scrubbed the old HHD and the windows installation on it. When i attempted to change my primary system drive letter from D: to C:, i got the error "The Parameter is Incorrect". Does anyone know of a way to force windows to change this?

I attempted this change through windows disk management.

*I have already backed up all information, and took a snapshot of the drive in case of catastrophic failure.

Thank you in advance for any assistance given.

A:Error while changing primary drive letter

You can't change the letter of the system drive, IE the drive Windows is installed on.

Your first mistake was leaving the other drive connected when you install the OS on the SSD.

If I were you I would start over with a Clean/Fresh install on the SSD. That is after you backup any data that may be on that drive and also have all other drives disconnected before you start the install on the SSD.

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Hello to all,accidently my drive letter's are hidden in system auto restart with bios error,
but when i restart the system after bios error my hard drive two drive are hidden and i change the drive letter's in diskmangment of D and F the drive are unhidden and show up in my computer Folder.
now i want to change again 2nd drive to D and 4th Drive to F,
but now when i change drive letter's to alphabetly like this (C,D,E,F) but when i change D and F drive to the drive's Drive's are hidden.
whats the problem With D and F Drive letter's.
My System Is(Laptop Hp 4520s)
How can solve this problem.


A:Windows 7 Changing Drive Letter's Problem.

any solution of this problem

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get my external hard drives setup from a freshly rebooted installed computer. I recently placed an external hard drive with all my back up files on my computer, but this drive is not going to be my main drive. I have two others I will be using as a main hdd and a backup drive that are brand new.

So, the question is, if I were to use a utility like the Windows 8.1 disk management feature to either delete the drive letter or even change it to another one, will that mess up the external hard drive or even lose data? Because until I transfer my files to my backup disk I am afraid of losing my only copy of my files.

Thank you all for your help.

A:Will deleting or changing a drive letter mess up a hdd.

Drive mapping will not allow it, so it will render one drive missing from the drive list, or simply refuse to read it right. That is why you do not mess with drive letter assignments unless you know all of the ones that reside on the current system set up. when adding an external drive also.

Now you have to go into windows, click on start, then in the search box type disk man.
Click on create or format partitions.

Let the window open and look at a drive with the letter you assigned to right click on it.

Change the drive letter and push it to for example J or K.
Once done restart the pc, and all drives should show and be accessed without trouble or being asked to format them.

You may have to disconnect the external drive first from the computer first to get windowsto load, but once done plug the external drive in.
It should show up as a device in disk manager, so if it does change the drive letter that way to J or K. then restart the system and all should show and work.
It is asking you to format it to assign a new drive letter since two assignments of drive letter D: exist

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The drive letter of my boot/active Win7 partition should be C:, but in my case it isn't; the boot/active partition drive letter is F.

I've tried to move heaven and earth to change the drive letter of the boot partition but nothing works.

So, aren't there any apps, tools or utilities to change the drive letter of my current boot partition?

Thanks in advance,

A:Changing Drive Letter of Boot/Active partition

Nothing that I know of. My original Win 7 installation was "E" drive. I had considered things suggested but finally decided to let it be. It doesn't matter to Windows what the drive letter is, everything works regardless of the drive lettter. I later installed Windows 7 on an SSD drive, with a clean install (and the SSD drive the only drive connected during installation) and now back to the "C" drive.

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I use a flash drive to install certain things on multiple computers. What do I put in the shortcut info so that it automaticly will default to whatever drive letter that flash drive has at the moment?

I would have googled but I couldnt figure out how to word it.

A:Simple shortcut question, changing drive letter?

To the best of my knowledge when you plug in your flash drive it will default to the next drive letter that particular system has available.
I know of no way to make the flash drive to install on different system with the same drive letter all the time.

Hang in there we have a lot of members and maybe someone will be able to help.
I will be watching to learn if their is a way to do such things.

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Hi Guys,
My sister has just brought a Dell laptop, (not sure which model), which came pre-installed with windows vista.
The hard drive has been partitioned into drives "C" & "D" - drive "D" contains the system recovery data and is called "recovery disk".

I need to change the drive letter of "D" to something else as they have some software that only runs from CD and will only run if the cd is named drive "D", so I would like to rename the "D" drive to "L" and then rename the cd drive to "D".

I know how to change the drive letters but I'm concerned that in renaming drive "D" the recovery programs won't be able to work if she ever needs to recover the system.

Does anyone have any ideas about this please?

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I have just replaced a SATA hard drive that crashed. I booted with the original XP Pro cd and installed . Somehow, the setup named the hd with letter "I" I want to change it back to C. I don't remember it ever asking me what letter to use. Is there a way to change it without reloading XP? I went to disk management, but it wouldn't let me change it because it is the boot drive. Thanks>

A:Solved: Changing Hard Drive Letter Designation ???

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