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How hard is the N+ cert test?

Q: How hard is the N+ cert test?

has anyone taken this?

Preferred Solution: How hard is the N+ cert test?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How hard is the N+ cert test?

your book and transceder together is what i would use. dont bother too much with the vce

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Hard Drive Diagnosis Test- Long Dst Test Failed on my Laptop.But my laptop is booting properly but everytime it hangs during working, I have to hard reboot it every time.I am suspecting that, bad memory sector causing the issue I have tried Seatools for DOS to repaire those sector , but my hard drive is not detecting in that tool. Failure ID- RLNG40-7KG845-XD7V6K-618703 Do I suppose to replace the hard drive or it is repairable in HP service center ????  

A:Hard Drive Diagnosis Test- Long Dst Test Failed

Hallo Harshal123, this error code:RLNG40-7KG845-XD7V6K-618703Failure: 305information: Hard Disk 1 Full Test Failure If it's still in warranty I would recommend you to contact your HP support for getting the HDD replaced under warranty.List of phone number press your country: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html If out of warranty I would recommend you replace it your self it's normally not that hard but I can't tell since I can't see your P/N. But out from your S/N as I can see with that failure ID it's should be under 2nd year  warranty if im not misstaken. Br

ZincasI am an HP notebook technician.Please click ?Accept as Solution ? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Click the Thumbs Up on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!

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The laptop comes up with a black screen saying that the hard disk check has detected imminent failure.What do I need to do?

A:Hard drive test fail "Hard Disk 1 SMART" (301)

Thanks for the post and Welcome to HP Forums As per the error shared, The Hard drive is faulty and its needs to be replaced.Kindly call HP to get it replacedhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html Thank You

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I ran a hard disk test on my computer and it showed hard disk 1 quick 303 and hard disk 1 full 305. What should I do to resolve the problem.

A:I ran a hard disk test on my computer and it showed hard dis...

The hard drive needs to be replaced. Post back if you need more help with that. 

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Which is the recommended location to maintain Product Regression Test Suite ? Would it be QC Test Plan or Test Lab ? (specially for applications that tend to change consistently over time which might require us to update core regression suite as well as functional test cases regularly)  

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A:Hard Disk Test Failed Hard Disk 1roduct QE24UA#ABA ID: GG8KH...

The hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced. If you are still in warranty HP will send a replacement. If not a retail  SATA hard drive can be used. I believe this model uses a laptop/mobile hdd.Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Media to install Windows. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd.

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Q: cert's

will there be certification on win xp?


the exams for win2k and XP will be interchangeable, from what i've heard. and so far, there won't be a required upgrade for current mcse's (for windows 2000)

you should check out http://www.microsoft.com/train_cert for more info...


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Q: A+ cert

Hey, im just wondering if ne one knows the answer to this:
(since there are 2 parts to A+ cert.)
I took the old core hardware A+ test, 220-301, last summer, and i have school so i didnt take the other one. Now i want to take it the other half (OS), but there are new A+ tests now, so im wondering if i take the old OS test i still get the cert? Or is it useless? Or do i need to write both new ones?

A:A+ cert

Likely yes. Ask them. It all depends on whether they gave you a time frame by which you had to take the second test?
How much did you spend for the test taken? Did you pass well with a good score?

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Is anyone certified here??

Am working on and wanting to take the test on the last week of December.

I am watching professor messer vids.
Has any one tried test king?

Am getting the cram exam book next month.

A:getting N+ cert.

I am Network+ certified circa 2006. Anything you are looking for?

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A:"SMART short-self test" and "SMART drive self test" shows failure during hardware scan test

Hi amr_moustafa,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Take this opportunity to backed your files as you may need to replace your harddrive very soon.
Failure in SMART test is an indication of deterioration of harddrive integrity that may be crashing soon.
Prepare you options on replacing the drive and its installed software.
I hope this helps answer your query.

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Does anyone know how to test a hard drive for faults or is scandisk good enough?

A:How to test hard drive

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I need to test a hard drive to see if I can use it in a laptop. The drive is not installed anywhere. What utility should I use and how should I connect it to another PC that is functioning so I can test it. The drive is a Hitachi drive.

A:Need to test Hard drive

If you don't have one already, get an external HDD dock with a connection appropriate for the PC you want to connect to (such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, or eSATA), plug in the drive, then try to see it on the PC you are using. You may need to format it if it hasn't been already (you didn't state if the drive is new or used). Once you can see the drive, use a program like Speccy (the free version will work quite well) to check the drive condition.

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So I keep getting this error when trying to run WEI so that I can get the previews for the taskbar.

-- Error message --
The Windows Experience Index for your system could not be computed.

Could not measure storage performance. Error: Failed to properly assess the disk. The data is invalid.
-- End error message --

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:WEI can't test my hard drive

Ill get you a hd test to be sure. Back up your stuff, just in case.
Test Hard Drive www.carrona.org/hddiag.html or this test www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287

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I'm currently in 60-780 Operating Systems class and we will be taking the Windows 7 Cert this October. Is there any advice to prepare myself for it other than study? Any links to something I should check out would be helpful. I'm new here so thanks for the help guys!

A:Windows 7 Cert.

Give this ago

Its really helpful

Microsoft Virtual Academy ? Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies

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We have a working DA environment using a single server, we are planning to go NLB  and Multisite but MS advises not to use a self signed cert for NLS which we currently do use.
I have created a Web server cert for our NLS server following the below issued by our internal CA

I add the NLS cert on our DA server, click next and then go to apply the DA settings.
When I do this it says DNS name does not exist. I can create this manually before adding the cert but it gets removed. If I tick use self-signed cert the DNS name gets created automatically.
I can't understand what I'm doing wrong and why DA will not accept our CA issued NLS cert

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Hey all,

We've just set up a Cisco 3000 series VPN on our network, and are using an internal server here as the certificate server for the VPN clients.

Just one problem. I'm still fairly new to doing new things on Windows 2000.

So I've been going through Microslop's site trying to figure out exactly how to set up the certificate server here. But I haven't found anything which explains everything, or if I need to install something, (besdies Cisco's VPN client) on the client computers.

I've created a couple keys through Certificate Server, but have no idea how to go about using them, or how to view the keys like in NT, like;
You know, that big encrypted key.
So if anyone knows a quick explanation of this, or where to find a description of what I need to do, I will be forever indebted to you.

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Hi there i was wondering if the was an online diagnostics tool to help me find out what is wrong with my external hard drive. the external hard drive is a Seagate free agent Go flex 320 gb and recently is wouldn't let me copy from it or too it. I have managed eventually to get the stuff removed from it and the transfer rate was almost none existent. I have formatted the disk now and want to know if any test is possible?


City lady

A:How do i test my external hard drive

Ok i have done some research into this and found the problem is my external hard drive says RAW and not Ntfs file system and cannot understand why this has happened. any help on this matter would be most welcomed!

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my dell vostro 3550 64 bit i5 windows 7. has just done a self test and come back saying hard drive critical

hard drive
model WDC WD3200BEKT-75PVMTO
SIZE 298.1GB
STOREAGE 227.03 FREE OF 283.34GB


do i have to take to repair shop for new hard drive or is there anything i can do/try 1st. it is out of warranty and approx 3-4 years old

cheers peter

A:hard drive failed test

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Hi - my son's computer stopped working. It is a HP Pavilion DV2799EA laptop - I used F10 and did memory and hard drive test - memory finebut hard drive comes back with fail 1-07.
Put in system disk and did a system restore but it won't boot up at all just gets to missing media cable every time on a black screen. It will not perform a Start up repai - nothing happens. F8 does not open any screen at all when powering up. Have disconnected battery and all leads and left for over 10 mins
Can anyone give me any suggestions please.

A:Hard Drive test failure

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Anybody know what is best software to test Hard Drives in Windows 8.I have a Hitachi i want to test it,its' a secondary hard disk.Hitachi has a site uses DFT but the bootable software does not work for me and it is listed in 2009.Same for Western Digital which is my primary HD with Windows 8 on it,none are listed for Win8.I recently had issues with hitachi showing bad sectors,thru a few chkdsk,DISM and scandisk reports it looks better here a post most recent one.
TimeCreated : 10/6/2013 11:02:46 AM
Message :
Checking file system on D:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Volume label is Data.

A disk check has been scheduled.
Windows will now check the disk.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 5)...
256 file records processed.
File verification completed.
0 large file records processed.
0 bad file records processed.

CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 5)...
288 index entries processed.
Index verification completed.
0 unindexed files scanned.
0 unindexed files recovered. ... Read more

A:Hard Drive test Win8

Hello JDS,

Are you able to run the latest HGST Windows Drive Fitness Test (WinDFT) version from within Windows to test the drive?

If needed, with the drive connected to another computer?

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All if sudden my system began running a pc diagnosis and was stuck for hours. After taking the steps to run a quick and extensive test they both failed on hard drive. Failure ID 6BSNKV-7PN83S-MFPV6K-60T303

A:Hard drive test failed

Your hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.  Once you replace the hard drive then you'll need to reinstall the operating system (OS) and software/drivers so that your system is operational.

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Hard drive and start up test failure code : PGEKHL-000AD-MFGH5F-60V703. Does anyone know what that means?

A:Hard drive test failure

HI It is a hard disk error code, I leave the document .. you must replace the hard disk in the greatest possible time, before making a backup of your documents. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01443465 Regards.

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Failure ID: uoeohs-7jj8a5-gxpr7f-61rso3Product ID: j4w47aa#abaHard drive 1

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hi there you are kindely requested to advise me  the best  possible way of troubleshooting for my problemi hav a  hp pavolion dv6-6190sewhen i want to test my notebook hard disk i rceive  a failure error  message as followos failur id: PLGBPA-5P785T-MFH15F-60d803what should i do? thank you and appreciate for your kindness M. D 

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My laptop started acting funny after an automatic upgrade to Windows 10. Ran diagnostics and get errorFailure ID 60AF0J-64B84Q-MFGK0J-60WE03, Product ID A6Y42UA#ABA.I couldn't find that error code in the forum, does anyone know what it is? Thanks!

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Is there any way for me to test the health of a hard drive?

Here is the situation. I originally had a very old 250 GB Seagate drive that served as my primary drive for a long time. Never had any issues with it. I wanted a little more space so I purchased a 1 TB Western Digital Drive and used Acronis to set it up as my primary drive and put the old Seagate in a case so I have a "backup". It seems like every 6 months or so something happens where I need to put my old drive back in and then reclone it to the 1TB drive. This past time I simply bumped the power cord on the tower when grabbing something and it turned off the computer. Turned it back on and it was super slow and had major performance issues. Did a sfc /scannow. Fixed a few things. Tried to do a disk defragment and then it said I had errors so I went and restarted and it said it fixed the issues, but then later it happened again. Finally got frustrated and put the old 250 GB one back in so I would have a functional computer. Didn't clone it to the 1TB drive yet since had no time, and I wanted to work on it to see if I could get it "fixed" as I had more stuff on that drive, but nothing life changing. Is there any way I could test the drive to see if there is something inherently wrong with the drive as opposed to "normal wear/tear my mistakes like bumping the power cord? I could get a new drive if there is something actually mechanically wrong with it.

A:Any way to test health of hard drive? 8.1

This is the Western Digital tool: Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Download - Softpedia

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(This is thread is also posted on the malware section at http://forums.techguy.org/virus-other-malware-removal/1134651-pxe-messages-bsod-etc-malware.html)


My Gateway NE56R is having bad problems involving BSOD, PXE-E61 and PXE-MOF error messages, system crashes and hangs. The trouble started a few days ago after I foolishly clinked on a spam email link that may have been malware/spyware bait. When I realized I may have downloaded a virus, I used my Windows Recovery Partition to delete my entire operating system and restore the computer to factory default settings. The BSOD/PXE crashes came back, though.

I am now wondering if the problem is that my hard drive is dying on me due to age (I bought the computer two years ago) or if malware/virus may have infected the system restore software that resides in the Windows Recovery Partition. I suspect the latter cause, because my computer has never been exposed to any trauma that would break moving parts. I've only been using the computer for two years. Either way, I'm not sure, though.


Is there any way I can run some tests to find out which is the problem here? I'm not a techie. I'd appreciate any advice offered.


Gateway NE56R
Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
Intel (R) Pentium (R) CUP B950 @ 2.10 Ghz 2.10 GHz
4.00 GB (3.84 GB available)
64 bit OS


1. BSOD - flashes for about two seconds on my screen; I never have time to read all the details before it closes. It sa... Read more

A:Help: Does this mean my hard drive is dying? How can I test it?

Hello, use a working computer to download and create a rescue disk like Hiren's, Falcon, UBCD, and boot the computer with it, then from the many available tools you can do a hard disk and memory diagnostic

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I just purchased a Western Digital 60 Gig HD 5400rpm and it doesn't seem to be working as fast as my other 5400's. Is there any app out there to test the actual speed of the HD? If so please point me to a download.


A:Hard Drive Speed Test

You can get hard drive tach from here, not all functions are enabled in the non registered mode but it's a start
Also sisoft sandra will do hard drive benchmarks

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Hi, I had a problem with my hard drive!I ran the Hard Drive Extensive Test when I am booting. My hard drive passed Hard Drive SMART Check and Short DST Check, but faild long DST Check.The failure ID is 60F4R9-71L8K4-MFGH61-61A803,   PRODUCT ID is E1P05AV. (Please see Pic.)Anyone know what's wrong with my hard drive? Now, I could not enter the window log in screen and stay on black screen.What should I do?Appreciate it.    Anyone know what's wrong with my hard drive? Now, I could not enter the window log in screen and stay on black screen.Appreciate it.

A:Hard Drive Test Failure

Any failure of the hard drive which results in a failure code can mean only one thing: the hard drive must be replaced. We will need the full Product or Model number to direct you to proper support materials and need to know where you live (country only) to give purchase sugggestions for a new drive. 

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Please help me out

A:Hard drive test failed

Hi,If hard drive failed in System Diagnostics test, you've to replace the hard drive with a new one of similar form factor To salvage data from failed HDD, you can try to boot from LiveCD (you've to create this from another PC) , then copy the files you need to external drivehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDUse HP Recovery USB that you should've created after first setup of this notebook, to factory reset after replacementRegardsVisruth

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Hard drive short DST fail

A:Hard ware test fail

You will need to replace the hard drive. Under warranty? Need help? We will need the model number to steer you to proper resources. 

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Hi there, im not really computer savvy however ill try and explain. I have a problem with my laptop { im using another computer to send this}.  my computer is a hp probook 6540b. It hasnt worked properly for about a year, i was having issues with the battery holding charge and the screen going blank so I purchased a new laptop .Initially the laptop would work using the ac power all the time but eventually that didnt hold long enough for the computer to stay on. Also the screen going blank all the time, sometimes just the curser flashing in the top left hand side and now nothing at all. I have just bought a replacement battery and installed it. The battery is now working fine. The computer wont start upI can press the power button and the press the esc key to bring up the start up menu. I can get into HP Advanced System Diagnostics. I have tried the start up test however the hard drive test failed. Below is the information it gave Failure ID          : GU3UHO-51U8GD-XD7U21-60QA03Product ID         : WH433PA#ABGHard Disk Drive Capacity  : 250 GBHARD DISK        1 I can get into a blank scrren that showsF1  System informationF2  System DiagnosticsF7  HP Spare KeyF9  Boot Device OptionsF10  BIOS SetupF11  HP RecoveryF 12 Network Boot Enter - Continue Setup I can get into those but im not sure what to do and that is the only thing i can access. I h... Read more

A:Hard disk test failed

Whenever the Hard Disk test fails with alphanumeric failure ID like "GU3UHO-51U8GD-XD7U21-60QA03" that indicates that the Hard Disk Drive has failed and that requires a replacement to resolve the issue This issue could be due to Application or driver conflicts, virus issues, file corruptions due to incompatible applications, improper shutdowns, update failures due to conflicts, sudden power surges, if notebook is dropped etc.. HP will provide a replacement Hard Disk Drive if the Notebook warranty is Active, If not you need buy a SATA Hard Disk Drive from a retail shop nearby Please make sure you are getting at least equal capacity as the original one in order to use Recovery Disks. If you need you can buy a larger, but not smaller capacity Hard Disk Drive. For example if you have a 500GB Hard Disk Drive you can upgrade it to 750GB Hard Disk Drive but not 320GB Hard Disk Drive Please try the below shown troubleshooting steps once:Step 01. Remove the battery and unplug the AC/Power AdapterStep 02. Press and hold the Power button for more than 30 SecondsStep 03. Plug in the AC/Power Adapter (leave the Battery out for now)Step 04. Press the Power button and check if the Unit works normal If the above mentioned steps does not help, then you can try reseating the Hard Drive on your Notebook If the issue persists again please Contact HP if your HP Notebook is under warranty, HP would replace the Hard Disk Drive and provide you a Recovery media... Read more

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Hello, Im having probs with my hard drive making harsh grinding noises, is there a test I can use? Any help is appreciated, cheers

A:hard drive diagnostic test

Depends on the make/model of your drive. Western Digital has an excellent little utility to check THEIR drives. Do you know what kind of drive you have? You may need to open the computer and have a look on the drive. Then go to the drive's manufacture's web site and see if anything is offered.

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Can someone tell me if there is a way to test my hard drive I have an 80G hard drive that crashed when I downloaded and installed a new regcleaner that I was testing. I tried to reinstall XP on and I got through the format and then I kept getting error after error all of the way through the installation. After the installation I got the message that windows could not load because the "shell32" could not be found. I called my local dealer where I bought it to see if maybe it was just my CD that was corrupted and he told me he thought it was my hard drive gone. are there any hints or could someone tell me if maybe I did something wrong? I only formatted the C drive and not the D drive would that be the problem? and if so where should I go from here. I have only reinstalled one other system and it was a w98 and I had several problems with drivers reloading and so I am a little leary of screwing this one up too. But at least this one is my machine so if I did it isnt that bad.

A:(Resolved) How do I test my hard drive

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How to test a laptop hard drive

I am trying to upgrade my older laptop hard drive but my comp doesn't seem to recognize that it is there. Could this be because: 1) It is a bad drive 2) the ide connector is not compatible (shouldn't any ide connector work?) 3)the drive is not compatible with my laptop 4) some other reason.

The hard drive is a IBM Travelstar 4.78 G
The laptop is a Micron Trek Transport II

Is there a way to test the drive in the laptop? I'm guessing not if the laptop can't even detect it. Does that mean the comp isn't even reading it, or it could be bad? Ugh.

A:How to test a laptop hard drive?

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Is it ok to swap a hard drive from an Acer laptop to a Gateway? Just to to test if the Gateway's problem is the hard drive? Will that cause problems? Will it ruin the hard drive to try?

A:Ok to swap hard drive to test pc?

I dont see why not. There should not be any issues that come to mind; other than just making the connections on both systems are the same. Other than that; it should a-ok to do a swap.

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Computer was shutting down on its own. Then it was crashing and I kept seeing the dreaded blue screen.  Power settings are for screen to turn off after 30 minutes and never sleep. Now it goes to sleep (power light is still on) but I cannot get computer to come on. I have to turn it off and on. I did a diagnostics and the test of the hard drive failed with following code:0G8421-7K68JF-0G8421-60RP03. Model #2MD5130LY8 Please help.

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The computer starts with a black screen listing Processor Type, Processor Speed, Cashe Size, Memory Size, Channel A, and BIOS Revision.  It says press ESC for Startup Menu, but pressing ESC does not do anything.  The screen goes black and never procedes.  A Hard Drive Quick Test produced the Failure ID:60DAX1-87X8J1-XD4F6J-60RF03.  I am getting a blue screen saying Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard drive.  Hard Disk - (3F0)  If we do not have a recovery disk, is there anyway to get my computer up and running again!?

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I need to buy an external hard drive to backup my data.
6TB or 5TB?
I'm getting confused with the choices available!

ALSO... I read in a thread somewhere that people would buy hard drives and test EVERY single byte by running some sort of program. What is this program?

Apparently, you have to let run for many many hours.


A:6TB or 5TB hard drive + how to fully test

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Our Nessus vulnerability scanner has been flagging our computers with the following vulnerability: SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing Algorithm

Basically what it's telling us is that we need to upgrade the local Remote Desktop Certificate from SHA1 to SHA2.

These certificates are self-signed and self-generated by the local machine. If you look at the certificate you'll see that theIssued to: and Issued by: fields show the name of the local machine.

The question is: how do these auto-generated, self-signed certificates, which are currently SHA1, get upgraded to SHA2? Remember, these are not created by the local Enterprise CA, they're auto-generated by the local machine itself for Microsoft-branded software such as AD and RDC.

Looking for ideas/suggestions on how to do this.

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An Introduction to Malware by CERT-UK:


An excellent, easily understood guide that covers the bare essentials of malware types - such as trojans, rasomware, phishing, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.

First rate infos.

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TCP and IP option leak.

If you, or any Cisco routers that you know of that directly face the Internet / do something silly like allow unACL'd web admin access, please upgrade IOS.

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I recently read that a Netherlands CA, DigiNotar, had been hacked so updates are coming out to remove it from the CA list but that it should mostly affect Iran. So today I got an error message trying to access my bank (neither it nor I have any connection with Iran). The error message said "Peer's certificate has been revoked".

It seems too much of a coincidence for this to be unrelated so my question is whether the problem is wider-spread than the article said, or did one of the updates revoke a wider range of certificates than was needed, or did I just get unlucky?

Does anybody know what's going on with this problem? Thanks.

A:Revoked cert problem

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I'm getting an error msg on my own website after installing my Verisign SSL Seal. Certificate itself works fine, but the seal (click here to verify) is giving errors on one IE browser and not another.

Can you guys please help me by telling me if you see an error msg displayed on the IE information bar when you visit my page:


I'm getting an error with my new Verisign SSL cert on my computer at work but not at the one at home. Using IE on both computers, same version, v. 7.0. I don't get this error on FireFox on either computer.

The error I get is:

To help protect your security, IE has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors.

I don't understand why it's showing up on my work computer and I'm hoping it's not showing up on other people's computers.

I would love it if I got a lot more computers checking to see if they get the same error.

Please help!

Thank you,

A:Verisign SSL Cert Error on IE?

I did not try the link but I will offer a few words of advice though.

You do not want to go into any restricted sites at work and should wait till ya get home but if you cannot do that then here ya go.

Open IE7

Click Tools
Click Internet Options
Click the Security tab
Click the Internet icon
Click Custom level
Locate Display mixed content
Click the radio button next to Enable (the default setting is 'was Prompt'
Click OK to save your changes

Have fun!

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I installed ATA with the self signed certs as i was having trouble getting it to work.  Now that I have it working i want to put a real cert on the management site.  What is needed to complete this?  

Do i simply go to iis and change the cert?  
Do i also need to change it in the configuration page where it references it by ip address?
When i do that, do i need to redeploy / update the gateways?  

I am on 1.6 as of an hour ago.  Please reference the version number you are familiar with in your responses.  I would imagine that they are the similar if not identical but i want to be sure we are on the same page.  

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