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Business/Business Slim Topload Case-Inside Picture...

Q: Business/Business Slim Topload Case-Inside Picture...

Hi all,Would someone please post a picture of the inside of their Business and/or Business Slim Topload case? Specifically of the laptop storage compartment? Would someone please post a picture of the inside of the other type of case mentioned above (I'm assuming that most of you only have one case, not both a Business Topload and a Business Slim Topload)? I guess I would like to be able to see pictures of the inside laptop storage compartment of each. What is the difference between the Business and Business Slim cases? Thanks.

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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Preferred Solution: Business/Business Slim Topload Case-Inside Picture...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can someone post a picture of the inside of their Essential Topload Case?  Specifically of the inside of the laptop storage compartment?And how does it differ from the Business Topload Line?Thanks! 

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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i am an semi-retired naval air warfare engineer,i was released and had to ,,,

A:can,t attach emails to business or friensds,can,t recieve from business or friends

It may be the firewall you're using? It may block e mails. Also check your account settings and make sure they are not made to block attachments.

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I have a person who fears his computer has been compromised, and he's using the "Norton Business Class" (his words, google told me it was Norton Business Suite) software to protect his system. Over the phone, he was able to tell me the firewall detected traffic to his computer after he thought he'd shut it off and gone to work.

I've never used the product, and I'm not finding documentation on how to use the software when I search the net. (I'm finding lots about the service, and standard information about what it includes, features, etc to sell the service. But no particular help documents or user guides.) Does anyone know how to pull the firewall logs from the software so he can send them to me for review?

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I was reviewing laptop reviews and found Dell XPS 13 to be good with good processing power and battery life. let me know. Cheers.

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Hello. For all you Outlook gurus out there: is there a way to copy information from a non-business contact to a new contact?

For example, I create an personal individual (i.e. - non-business) contact with home address, home phone, etc. I save that contact. A week later I want to add a contact for that individual's spouse where everything is the same - home address, home phone - except for the spouse's cell phone number.

For business contacts I would use the "Save as Same Company" feature, but this does not work for non-business folks because they do not have the Business address populated (or should I say, it didn't work for me).

Any ideas that would make this a simple task?



A:Copy non-business contact info to new non-business contact?

If I have understood correctly, I think this should help...


Create a contact from another contact

You can create a new contact (contact: Person, inside or outside of your organization, about whom you can save several types of information, such as street and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web page URLs.) from an existing contact by using the existing contact as a template, and then changing any of the information, as necessary.
In Contacts, in Business Cards view, click the contact that you want to use as a template.
Note You can also complete this procedure in the Address Cards and Detailed Address Cards views.
Press CTRL+C, and then press CTRL+V.
In the Duplicate Contact Detected box, select the Add new contact option.
When you save a contact or an Electronic Business Card (Electronic Business Card: A view of specific information about a contact, in a format similar to a paper-based business card, that can be inserted into messages.) with the same name or e-mail name as one that already exists in your Contacts folder, Microsoft Outlook displays a dialog box with options to either add the duplicate contact as a new contact or update the existing contact with the new information from the duplicate contact. To find out more, see Resolve or delete duplicate contacts.
Click Add.
The new contact will appear in Business Cards view next to the contact you copied.
Double-click the new contact to open it, a... Read more

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These are two options on a Lenovo machine...
I did click the 'Help Me Decide' but it didn't explain the difference. Anyone know?


A:Difference between Vista Business and Vista Business 64 ?

The 64bit ver will support more ram. If you use more than 3gig of ram with a 32bit os, it will not "See" more than approx 3.2gig.

Next driver support is not as good with 64bit os. Check that there are drivers for ALL of your hardware before buying a 64bit os.

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Hi forum,  It is my first time to build a pc. Im changing M81's slim design case to Mid Tower. Also will upgrade PSU from 280W to 500W in order to insert a AMD R7 250 graphics card for gaming. Looking at M81's motherboard I already feel intimated. I have absolutely no idea what line goes where. I searched for Q65 motherboard's manual but  no where to be found. Anyone knows where I could download motherboard's PDF manual? thank you

A:Need help finding M81 (slim case) motherboard manaul

Not sure this is detailed enough for you, but look at page 119 in the Hardware Maintenance Manual linked below. ThinkCentre Hardware Maintenance Manualhttps://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/thinkcentre_pdf/0a74545.pdf

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Hi all,
I feel like a dinosaur for even wanting to buy a Desktop since most ppl are looking to get laptops.. But I dont normally bring my laptop around anyways n a desktop just feels right..

I'm looking for a desktop that has a slim case, like the Dell 573s. I looked it up, it seems the max ramI can have on it is 4gb? Is this true? I thought Windows 7 64 Bit would take MORE than 4gb of ram? I am looking to possibly just get the Core 2 Duo or the Core 2 Quad processor.. Im sure the Core 2 Duo would just be fine, without spending the extra $50 on a Quad.. unless the quad would take more than 4gb of Ram.
I don't plan on playing heavy intensed games as much, but i do run a lot of smaller applications.. like i would have 6 browsers, maybe editing a video or making music for fun, and a game here and there. I just want to be able to navigate with speed and efficiency.. i hate lagging.

Lastly, im a little hesitant to even use WIndows 7, im afraid that my old versions of software may not be compatible with it.. such has Windows Office 2000, older paint shop progs,.. what about HOMEBREW softwares? If i want to mess around with emulators and such.

I'm open to other slim cased desktops due to space- HP, Lenovo, Asus?. My budget's $400-500. Do these these motherboards have PCI Express slots? Just incase i want to upgrade the video card.
Or should I just buy a custom one off Ebay or something and call it a day?

Thanks 4 ur help

A:Looking to buy a DESKTOP , got questions, need answers (win 7,ram,slim case,etc)

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I have a dell 530s slim tower Inspriation desktop. All I want to do is be able to use the Windows Flight Sim Acceleration software. The card that comes with the computer doesn't have enough Horse power. I need a card that would be like a ge Force3 Radeon 8500 or better. The problem is getting a card that will fit in the case and slot. I'm told its a half card or slim profile.
What will work? I would rather not spend more than $75. Is this doeable for something realiable. The Flight Sim without loading the Acceleration software that provides carrier ops, pylon racing etc. As I am a retired Marine Corps attack/fighter pilot it would be nice to try these.
Any help out there?

A:Want to find a slim case graphics card with some HP

have the same computer. 8400gs is your best bet. Or what i did was I bought a new case and but my mobo in that. I am getting a gtx+ soon

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Hello all,

I recently picked up a Gateway E4100, which has the slim case. I know, its old, but it was free! I did purchase a new HDD for it, as well as a DVD-burner. Other than that, it already had 2.5 GB of memory and a 3.2GHz/1M/800 Pentium 4 processor.

I would really like to use it, but it is VERY loud. I don't see how someone could work with it on their desk...annoys the heck out of me. I removed the heat sink, cleaned off the old grease and blew out all the dust, and reinstalled with new grease. This seemed to help a little, but not very much.

At idle, the processor temp hovers around 60C, is that normal for this processor? The fan speed depends on the case temperature (or processor temp?), so when it gets warm, the fan is really turning...up to 2200 rpm I saw. Its not really the fan itself that is making noise, but its the air flowing through the case/fan that makes it sound like a jet engine.

Are there any suggestions? I really don't want to put any more money into it, but I was thinking about just getting a different case. This would require me to buy a new PSU and heatsink/fan also. Having the slim case is not a big deal to me.


A:Cooling solutions for a MicroATX slim case - Gateway E Series

No, 60C at idle isn't normal. You were on the right track with changing the case. Most of my CPUs run in the neighborhood of 35 to 40C at idle. (The exception is my Prescott P-4 in an Emachines T-5026, which ATM, is 53C under light load). I haven't seen 60c since the last 100 degree day in my non air conditioned house

I'm curious about the CPU, you've included everything except the actual part number.

You should also investigate to verify that your motherboard is an actual mATX form factor, so that it would mount correctly in a standard case.

One quick question, were the temps that high before you remounted the HSF?

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Hello. I wanted to learn whether it is possible to order notebooks to the republic Azerbaijan and here to sell? also will be - whether a discount? Where I have to address?

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I lost my job before christmas and the bill are building up but i just got my CompTIA A + and going for my network +.I'm starting at home any tips would be great tools advice etc also the best site for anti virus that i could make money reselling also a good sites to order parts screens etc. Thanks for the help

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Can anybody recommend a good desktop PC to buy for my new business. It will be used to store all of the invoices generated (Approx 10 per day) on SAGE. Also we will be using Adobe Photoshop to design artworks to appear in our magazines. Im assuming I need one with a good memory so it will hold a lot of information but as i know zero about computers I need some help!!!

I have had a look on Curry's website and have found the Acer Aspire x1301 for just under £400... Does anybody know if this will be suitable?

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Which PC shall I buy for new business??

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I am using Lotus Smart Suite 9.7, can you tell me why the scroll wheel on my Logitech cordless mouse will not work on most on the apps. in the suite. I prefer Lotus 1 2 3 to Excel and I can't figure why it works in Excel, but not in 1 2 3. It also works in MS Word, WordPerfect and all other apps. ??

A:Business App.

Have you loaded the Logitech cordless mouse drivers, or are you using the default mouse drivers that seem to work most of the time for non-MS gear, but in some apps they give problems, such as this.

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Early July I bought this computer. Everything worked fine for about 1 month. I first noticed that Turbo Lister could not connect to the internet even though I was ON the internet. I checked all my firewall settings (McAfee) and gave it full access. Then I started noticing things like I don't have any drop down menus online and once I have been on the internet things seem to start acting weird. I couldn't drag and drop files from one folder to another, but I could highlight them and hit "send to" and move them.
My biggest concern is that I use Turbo Lister and eBay for a part time business with my son, now I can't do anything. I have tried listing on eBay's "sell" page, but I cannot bring the picture from my computer onto eBay, my computer just sets there at about 35% upload.
I have worn out the tech guy at eBay, he says it must be some sort of software issue on my end. I have done a system restore to the time when this computer was working perfect, with no luck. I have downloaded the driver update from this website to check for any drivers I may be missing - again with no luck.
I have checked Internet Explorer settings (IE8 version: 6.0.2900.2180) and cannot seem to find anything there either. I have thought about reformatting the hard drive to start from scratch, but that would be a major headache I believe.
My OS is XP Professional.
Thank you so much for your help, this has gone on since early August.

A:HELP! I'm out of business!

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Catchy title, huh?
I have more than a few family and friends that use my computer from time to time, and I caught one of them snooping through my personal files in a folder that I'd like to keep private.
So I set up another user account, and my question is...is there any way I can restrict access to my slave drive? I looked all around and I can't find any options for this in XP.

A:This is none of your business

How about encrypting your folders, and setting up your account to require a login? I presume you're using the XP-Pro in your tagline, right?

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Any suggestions on where to buy a budget pc ($1000) and it not be a "gaming pc"? I need to order one for work and would rather not go through Dell, IBM, etc. because when I compare them to someone like CyberPowerPC, Dell comes out much higher. I'm also wanting a AMD system and looking for a corporate looking case, no case lights, etc.

A:Where to buy a business pc?

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I have 1 pc running windows 7 and 2 with xp.. I have hugesnet and they are wirless..I can surf the net But I need to be able to share files between the computers.Can someone give me a step by step of what I need for this and how to do it..please...

A:new Business need help

There can be a lot of things that interfere, but these steps are pretty much required. (There should be an extensive tutorial on this in the "Tutorials" section of this forum. But here is a start.)
1) All computers must connect to the same router, (either wireless or wired) and thence to the internet.
2) All computers must be assigned to the same "Workgroup", and have different computer names. In XP Right click MyComputer->Properties then Name tab. In Win7, Rt-Click Computer->Properties-Change Settings (On the right, by "Computer Name".
3) To allow sitting at computer "A" and view/edit files on computer"B", first go to "B", and find the folder you want to share, then Rt-Click->Properties->Sharing. Go back to "A", with fingers carefully crossed, in Windows Explorer, Under "Desktop" select "Network", then on the menu, click View->Refresh.

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anyone had business in a box converter that capable to convert .btd file to .doc or .docx file?
my friend had install trial business in a box into my pc but then the trial version unable to print out, save as other format
anyone know what i can do?

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I lost my job before christmas and the bill are building up but i just got my CompTIA A + and going for my network +.I'm starting at home any tips would be great tools advice etc also the best site for anti virus that i could make money reselling also a good sites to order parts screens etc. Thanks for the help

A:New business

i have moved to the networking forum
Is this business to provide help and support to home users or full support to businesses ?

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Is there a way to view or extract a SQL Query from an embedded report within the SAP, such as an Inventory Report - Inventory Status? (This report was included with SAP, this is not a report found in the Query Manager)

I need to modify a report and turn it into a Crystal report, I'm sure I can re-write the query, but finding out where all the info is coming from will be very time consuming. If I am able to view the query that SAP has created for this report it will be much easier and save me a lot of time.

Thanks in advance


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With ref: The dreaded recovery partition.


A:Take your business elsewhere?

Hi all,
One of the first questions that used to be asked might be, When did the problem start?
Now, maybe it should be, do you have a recovery partition?

What does the forum think?

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The system tray icon says I have excellent wireless network strength [it should the pc is 8 inches from the router which is plugged directly into the incoming internet cable]

BUT - mozilla, firefox and chrome all say can't find the server..


Control panel shows wireless network available. Startup is set with all drivers starting.

A:Help! Can't go on the net - need for business.

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Hi I am running a quad core 3.0mhz pc with 8gb ram....

I have in my hand a cd with XP 64 pro, and a CD with vista 64 business on it....

If i have to choose only one, which would it be? in regards to speed, reliability and compatibility?

any help would be appriciated

A:XP 64 pro or Vista 64 business

I would give speed to XP, reliability about the same, and a pretty big tip to Vista 64 Biz for compatibility. 64-bit XP would probably only work if there was a specific and limited purpose in mind for the system for which drivers were already aquired (becuase there aren't any new one being written on a commercial scale as far as I know) and programs intended to run were already known to be compatible.

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I have Microsoft works suite 6 disk set. I had to reinstall this product and have lost the product key code. Any suggestions to solve this problem would be greatly accepted.

A:business applications

Contact Microsoft to ask for a code.

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Has anyone seen a chart from 09-10 of what OS people use excluding businesses and schools, which I believe is why XP always seems to win, because its too expensive to upgrade or something like that.

A:Non business use chart?

Do you have a web link to the chart?

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Hi Geeks,


I was using skype for business which I installed separately after installing Microsoft office package after some days.

After installing skype for <g class="gr_ gr_34 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Style multiReplace" data-gr-id="34" id="34">business ,</g> I found that the addon <g class="gr_ gr_32 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim
Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="32" id="32">skype</g> meeting plugin is not automatically installed <g class="gr_ gr_26 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="26" id="26">to</g>
the outlook mail client.

I tried finding addon of skype for business to the outlook, but it is very difficult to find the addon.

I found a skype plugin in that web named with the plugin for outlook, I installed that but somehow the outlook not <g class="gr_ gr_28 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="28" id="28">recognize</g>

<g class="gr_ gr_20 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="20" id="20">Atlast</g> I installed skype along with Microsoft package in a new desktop in Windows 10 same OS, but
now the addon is available.

Please explain why the addon is not involved in the outlook in late installation.

Regards... Read more

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I have an issue getting clients to sign into Skype for Business. Im running everything on VMware. When I try to sign in it just says Contacting Server and Signing in....

Im using [email protected]

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I have a new computer with Windows 7, downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail for e-mail client. No problem with the program. Need instructions as to how to attach a business card with out-going e-mail. Thanks in advance.

A:Business card

Quote: Originally Posted by Hatstead

I have a new computer with Windows 7, downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail for e-mail client. No problem with the program. Need instructions as to how to attach a business card with out-going e-mail. Thanks in advance.

I think this should answer your question: Compose your message as normal and click the attach button in the toolbar at the top (with the paperclip next to it) and locate your file.

Then click send.


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I am using Windows 98. and have Print Shop, and Picture It. What I would like to do, but have had no success, is to scan a preprinted form and then transfering it "somewhere?"to save it as a template. When required, I could bring it up and fill in the blanks using my computer as a typewriter. print it and close the window without saving the changes.
Sounds doable but HOW? Do we have a "Wizzard" out there?

A:Business Application

Print shop is not a word processor.

A scanned form is not a "fill-in-able" form.

Is this the only software you have available?

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Hey everyone just a note,
I am the only person in my office/building running Windows 8. This is because Windows 7 is a more preferred OS for office use.
However In the future Windows 8 will be used in the office more and I'm using it so when people encounter problems I will be there to jump in to help just as I can with Windows 7, Vista and XP.
I noticed Windows 8.1 was released, but as I'm running a business version of it I cannot download it from the store it is quite a pain but I have to download 8.1 free from Microsoft and burn the image onto a disk then re-install it on my work PC and get a new key under Windows 8.1. This seems like such a hassle instead of just installing it. (you have to make sure you have upgrade rights)
So encase any of you using business Windows 8 and are not sure why you cannot upgrade to 8.1 then here it is. Also if you have any advice then please don't hesitate to do so.

A:Windows 8 for business

So are you running Windows 8 Pro at your place of employment, because as far as I know there is only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Regular Windows 8 is for Home use, where as Windows 8 Pro is for professional use such as that in a place of employment.There is also Windows 8 Enterprise, but that is for large corporations with volume license agreements.

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Good day to you all.

I have upgraded my windows XP to Vista ( Business version 32 bit...cuz I got it for free ) , so I am having problem with the VGA card. The operating system won't recognize my Gforce 6600 card and still saying Standared VGA Card. I also tried to run (182.08_geforce_winvista_32bit_english_whql) but no changes.

Is this problem because of Vista Business version? if yes, is it even possible to solve it?

Thanks alot!

A:VGA and Business Vista...Help!

Have you tried to manually install the drivers?

If not then go to device manager
right click on the device and select update driver.

Alternativley install the cd that came with the card.

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Two days ago my hard drive in my VAIO failed. I have my Vista Business key, but because Windows does not provide recovery disks I'm unable to re-install on my new hard drive.

Where can I download it? And if so how much will the recovery disks cost? I really want to avoid re-purchasing Windows.

Any help will be appreciated.

Semper Fi,


A:Vista Business

you can contact sony and they should provide you with a hard copy of a recovery disk for your notebook usually they cost about $20-30. here is a link to sonys accessories and parts website where you can order your recovery disks for your laptop. hope this helps you a little bit.


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Hi, I started to get help from someone, but he had to stop for some reason. Can anyone help me where he left off. Here's a link to what we had done so far...


A:Help, Help...There's still some unfinished business!

If you need me to rerun hijackthis again, I can but it's in the other thread....

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*Please delete or relocate if posted in the wrong section*

I'm currently working for my parents as a technician, but being under 18 i'm not a professional by any means. The small business currently has 3 computers, all being private and not having any shared data. The next step i recommended was to get a server, but not ever having used one before, I don't know what to do regarding getting it running. My current aim is:

To have each computer (windows 10) ask for a username and password, and once logged on all data is transferred to that computer from the server. (Basically the system my school has).

I've looked everywhere online, and i can't seem to get what i want. Is there a specific type of server i need? I already have multiple 3tb storage drives, just how do i get this all up and running? Many thanks.

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Has anyone out there tried those little business size CD-R's that are available? I found some while shopping tonight and just had to try them, thinking they'd be perfect business cards for my jewelry business. I was pretty excited thinking about the cool things I could put on them, but my computer kept gagging and spitting them back out at me. The old girl kept saying she couldn't see a disk in the drive. I had it carefully lined up with the inner grooves (sounds like something from the 60's) and triple checked to make sure I didn't have the darned thing upside down or something. Anyone else try them and have some words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance!

A:Business Card CD-R's?

It was my impression that any CD writer with the inner grove for the little CDs would write to them. It shouldn’t confuse the software as it writes from the inside out.

Some burners let you disable the sophisticated analysis of the surface of a CD and others don’t. Read the documentation and see if you can disable that feature. Some burners like the 24X and faster Plextors are particularly picky about what they will burn to. Your burner might not like the CDs.

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Hi---I have DSL for my internet and i get this through a modem with ethernet connection. I now want to install Wi-Fi for my customers to access internet at my business. My question is what should be the central connector, the modem or the router? I bought a Linkys wireless g router for the wi-fi.

A:Installing a Wi-Fi at my business?

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Hi -
I read your sticky on Vista and the SP1 and SP2 updates.
I read the Microsoft white papers concerning both.

Ii have Vista Business installed and the auto update is now updating it to SP1 but it didn't do it straight away; and i understand that is due to it checks for hardware drivers to be updated and that all other updates are installed first before installing via the auto update feature in Vista.

Though i read about Vista Business in the SP1 update - no mention is of Vista Business or Ultra in the SP2 update...

My question is - should all versions of Vista - Home - Premium - Ultra - Business - Server install SP2?

I read Server and "Vista" whichi take is the Home version.... but nothing mentioned as tated about Business or Ultra which are supposed to be different than the others.

I don't want to screw my comp up any worse than it is - i'm hoping these updates will stragihten some of it out actually and de-bloat the registry.


A:Vista Business - sp1 - sp2?

hi you should update with sp2 as it has some other things needed for various software to run this includes some antivirus,drivers,and fixes,

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I'm looking for a new desk top computer for a very small business and I have do not have any hardware knowledge as to what we need or what is good. Any advice?

A:Small Business

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I cant do powerpoint presentation(Moderator edit: added Topic Description. jgweed)

A:Business Applications

The PowerPoint FAQ List should get you started

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Howdy! I'm looking for a, hopefully free/open source, program that can handle storing business orders. In particular, this is for a surveryor that would like to keep his contracts/jobs in a searchable database so he can find things when people ask much down the road.

For Windows 98SE (that's his work machine.)


A:Business Database

Use mysql on Linux, compile apache so that it can talk to mysql and design a front end in html that uses php to talk to the mysql database presents results in html.

You will have to figure out this yourself, however there are many projects out there to help you, such as



If you are willing to do with a commercial, closed source solution from Microsoft, there are several things around in Frontpage and so forth that allow you to talk to an access database with an html front end.

Also, create the web server with SSL and use https. Require authentication and use a mysql database for the authentication (think this is called mysql auth mod).

You will get all of this stuff, I should imagine, in Windows form as well as for Linux. You certainly get apache, php and mysql for Windows.

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In order to upgrade our email newsletter & blog, we would like to include a video. But we are pretty clueless as to the whole process. 1) We have a Flip Ultra HD video cam that we will be using for 30 second "commercials". Other than the editor that comes with the Flip, is there an easy-to-use video editor out there that is either free or available at a minimum cost? (Once upon a time there was a pinned thread about free programs but I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere since the Board was re-organized.)2) Can the video be imbedded in an emailed newsletter that is self contained? Or does it have to be hosted someplace? Unfortunately, the people that host our website say they don't have enough server power to host videos for us. So what is our alternative? YouTube is NOT a good option for us as a business, because it shows "related" videos including what would probably be our competitors. Also we don't need people to be able to comment on the video, just watch it.3) If the video has to be hosted someplace, where can we go that is cost effective?Thanks in advance for all your help,

A:Video for Business

The freeware list is pinned at the top of Software - All Other Applications.

I've never managed to embed a video in an email; I've sent some as attachments, but this might not be practical
if you have a huge list.

I believe hosting is the best way to go, but I only have experience with Photobucket, which is free but limited.

Photobucket Pro may be worth a look, but check out the limitations there, even though you pay for that service.

Otherwise, Googling will put up several options; if anyone here uses a commercial hosting service, perhaps they can chip in.

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My Windows Update stopped working yesterday. The program just says
"error code 80070424" when I try to update manually.

The update is Windows Search 4.0 and I have disk indexing turned off, could that be the problem? or should I turn on the indexing because i need it?



A:Vista X64 Business

Have you tried to manually install it here is the link.


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