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Solved: my laptop shut down after the battery reaches 50%

Q: Solved: my laptop shut down after the battery reaches 50%

I have HP DV5-1040ee laptop. I have a problem that when I am working with battery, the laptop shutdown after it reaches 50%. Is this OS problem, virus or hardware (battery) problem?

what should I do?

Preferred Solution: Solved: my laptop shut down after the battery reaches 50%

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: my laptop shut down after the battery reaches 50%

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Hello All,

Recently I have been having trouble with my laptop (Vizio CN15). For some odd reason, whenever my laptop
reaches 100% charge on the battery, its shuts off the display and basically behaves like the computer has shut down. The power light remains on and i can hear the fans running but any attempts to adjust brightness or put the laptop to sleep fail. This started happening out of nowhere, so I am a little confused as to what this is.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you

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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the power management on my T570. I have two batteries, and I think the main one to be used is the battery 2. Sometimes, I'll be working unplugged, and my computer randomly turns off. Not the usual "Windows turning off" sequence, but an immediate blackout with no feedback. When I turn the computer back on, I see that Battery 2 is at 0% and Battery 1 is now in use. It does seem to be a problem in the power management, no? Thank you,Fred

A:My computer turns off immediately when Battery 2 reaches 0%, even if Battery 1 is 100%

Sounds like power management or battery reporting status wrong.  Are you still under warranty? If yes, call support first.  Can you get (borrow) another battery to try?

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I just recieved My hp omen 3 days ago and The battery keeps 99% it never reaches 100%. I checked it with HP assisstant and it said that the status is okay? What should I do? I'm sure this is not normal for a 3 days old laptop.

A:Battery never reaches 100%

Hi, Try calibrating the battery - see the HP document below. http://support.hp.com/my-en/document/c04700771 Regards, DP-K

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If my battery level falls below 30% the notebook will power off. I used the HP Battery Check in the Support Assistant which said that the battery is working properly. I unchecked the box on the battery saver and it still shut down.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 2127U @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3965 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 2046 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 452 GB (383 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FXP6Y
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

After doing a search for my problem, I still don't know where I should start in trying to find out what is causing the laptop to no longer recharge while in use. I normally use the laptop plugged in, so I may have contributed to this by not having the settings correct. While looking around, I did find the box that says the battery is OK, with a big check. If I am going to need to remove the battery, please include detailed instruction because I have never opened anything in the case. Also, I have seen reference to the BIOS and I will need detailed instruction if I have to check that. Thanks for your help!

A:Dell Laptop, battery won't recharge unless laptop shut down

You appear to have a 2013 - 2014 era Dell laptop.
What is the model name and model number and 7-character service tag number on it?


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My Toshiba Win 7 laptop for some reason drains the battery when completely shut down or in hibernation (not standby; hibernation to total power down). I disabled the "play music while in sleep mode" in the BIOS, but that didn't change anything. Why does it drain the battery when totally shut down?

A:Laptop uses lot of battery when shut off

Check the BIOS for WakeOnLan feature.

My HP laptop has the same problem with older Linux kernels.

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Hi all, I have an issue with a T480s laptop once battery reaches 100% charge. When the laptop reaches full charge, the display on the T480 will automatically dim and lose ethernet connection momentarily. This can occur either when the computer is docked (ThinkPad USB-C) or connected to the 65Watt travel charger. It does not do this when it is 99% and below, strictly 100% and a few moments after it reaches it. Current work-around is to plug in the laptop charger once its low and disconnect once it hits somewhere in the 90's. If the laptop is docked, and battery is 100%, it will disconnect from LAN and auto-connect to WLAN (it is setup that way). In the case of strictly using the travel charger and working via WLAN, it will disconnect and would lose internet connection entirely. I've done the troubleshooting steps mentioned below and still having the same issues. Troubleshooting:Installed all pending Lenovo & Windows updatesincluded BIOS, ThunderBolt Firmware, Power ManagementModified power settings to not go into sleep mode when plugged into powerRemoved "turn off this adapter to save power" for both LAN and WLAN adaptersCompleted the "battery pin hole reset" from the bottom side of the laptop.Changed source of power Any ideas?

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Does all laptop drains battery when shut down for a long time like a week or a month?

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MY HP 348 G3 shuts down instantaneously at about 50 to 80 % and the next i try to turn it on, it won't.I have to plug in my  charger to turn it on again and it starts charging from 0 all over again..This happens every time i operate the laptop..   ANY AND EVERY KIND OF HELP IS WELCOME... 

A:Laptop shut down; battery dies out at 80%

@TheHPUser5 Power-on laptop and start tapping the Esc key. Go to Component Test. Then test the battery. REO

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The battery of my Spectre x360 (2016 model) keeps being drained even though the laptop is completely shut down. I have disabled hibernate and fast startup and it didn't fix the issue. I'm basically having the same issue as this guy:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/Battery-Drain-with-Shutdown-Comp... I have the latest drivers / bios and Windows 10 updates. I did the battery check in the HP Support Assistant and the health is OK. I have followed this article in order to disable fast startup:https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4189-fast-startup-turn-off-windows-10-a.html Any ideas??Thanks

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I have this strange case with a 1st gen Yoga running Windows 10 (it used to have Windows 8 when I bought it). - When it's plugged, I can lift the laptop from the table, move it around, slightly bend the keyboard, gently drop it back on the table, etc, no problem.- When running on battery and not moving the laptop, I can work for a couple of hours, which means the battery is still OK.- BUT, when running on battery and moving the laptop around, it very easily turns itself off, as soon as the slightest shock happens, for example when I put the computer back on a table, even very carefully. Not sure if it's a software or hardware problem. I tried to blow air everywhere I could with an air compressor and I also ran the battery gauge. Thanks  

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I have a 11yr old Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook computer. It started shutting down mysteriously while working, and sometimes shuts down a second or two after powering on.
I was planning to scrap the thing, maybe try to sell it for parts on Ebay, but decided to take one more look.
Today I found that the CMOS battery (reserve battery) is bad. It is leaking but has not damaged anything.
Could the fact that this battery is bad (maybe shorted) cause the computer to shut down as I described?
Since I have the whole thing dis-assembled I can replace the battery easily. I found them on Ebay but not sure I should buy one there, since it could be an old battery that is no good.
Any ideas?



A:Can bad CMOS battery cause laptop to shut down?

The CPU cooling fan may be worn out and the thermal pads and paste may be seriously burned and dried out. I doubt if the laptop parts would be worth much because of the age...

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I got this laptop for Christmas. Anytime it is shut down, the battery still drains. So it could have full battery when I shut it down, but a few days later I get on and it is over half gone. I have never had a laptop do this before.


View Solution.

A:Battery draining when laptop is shut down

Thanks I changed it I hope it works now!!

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I have an HP Probook 4540S.

I don't use it that often and when I put it away, I make sure the battery is at 100%.

Today, I went to use it, and it would not power on.

I plugged in the A/C adapter and it powered up and showed the battery at 0%.

I called HP and they said that is normal and if I'm not going to use it for more than a week, to remove the battery.

I went to the HP forum, and they said just the opposite- The Mod said it has to be a software problem or a crappy battery.

Which is correct and would removing the battery when not using it be okay?



A:Laptop battery draining when laptop is shut down

Batteries do lose a certain percentage while being shutoff, usually 2-3% but it can be higher. The battery could be completely normal or it could be going bad. Typically this is from heat or poor charging habits (don't worry, everyone does it).

Here is a link to help you better understand laptop battery usage:
BatteryCare - Proper laptop battery usage guide

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Hi there, I bought my X1 YOGA 3rd gen 2 weeks ago and I just noticed that the battery will not charge when the computer is shut down completely. Is this a new thing with the new model or is there something wrong with my thinkpad? Thanks

A:X1 YOGA 3rd Gen battery not charging when laptop is shut down

Mine charges when shut down.  Do you have thresholds set? 

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Sorry for duplicate post, but subject was not particularly helpful.
Have new Dell laptop XPS 13 9343, with battery drain problem since day 1, drops from 100% to 80% overnight. Came with windows 8, but I updated to windows 10 right away, so not sure if this was happening from the word go.
The laptop is a bit warm on the underside first thing in the morning, so something is drawing power in the shut down state. Turned of fast boot and looked at bios changing anything that may looks like it may be causing a problem. Lap top just cannot seem to switch off !!
Updated bios and all drivers, as suggested on forum doing search for peolple with similar issues.
Seems to be a problem with intel MEI - and causes same issue on lots of laptops, not just Dell.
Unable to downgrade intel MEI to version 9 from 11 as I get error message something like "Thiscomputer does not meet minimum requirements for installing this driver".
Have zip file - MEI_Win7_8_8.1_9.5.24.1790_5.0M - how can I install (roll back greyed out as I assume 11 is what I have always had.
Could take battery out every night, but bit of a hassle I can do without !
What can I do ? Anyone else with this laptop have this issue ??
Thanks for any help, in advance.

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Hello,I recently downloaded the demo of FIFA 17 to evaluate the performance of my laptop. The game works well, does not show any kind of lag or defect, but I noticed that immediately after the start of the game, the laptop becomes louder and the temperature rises.Through a program I noticed that the CPU temperature reaches about 90 and how to tip maximum 100 C even during the phase of the game, while usually (as I browse, watch movies) runs on 50-60 and maximum 70.My pc mounts an i7 5500U processor @ 2.40GHz, a NVIDIA Geforce 840M and an Intel HD 5500 card and I bought it last year.How can I lower the temperature during the game? Is it bad to play at this temperature?Sorry for my English

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Yo! Guys what's up?
My dad has a big problem recently, and is with his HP Pavilion DV6 -1280us.
Its AMD Turion X2 ZM-87 @ 2.4 GHz is Overheating, and reaching mid 80?C temperatures.

I've checked this with Speccy.

Eventually the computer either freezes or Shuts Down (No BSD yet, AFAIK)

Motherboard seems to also get a temperature increase.

The computer was recently cleaned, since it was thought that the vent had been blocking the air flow.

I've tried putting the PC to Power Saver, but nothing.

A:Laptop CPU Overheat. Reaches Beyond 80C

Wait... I've found the CPU usage is around 90%. I've just killed WD Management engine, which was using 64 - 70%.

I thought, that it was need of thermal paste (which I don't know if the guy who the computer was sent to applied it or not).

I'll post back if that was the main problem.
Edit: Seems I've sorted out the problem. It seems that the WD was the main cause of the Processor Overheat.

Now the CPU has dropped to 55?C which is the normal temperature for the laptop.

Anyways, thanks for the help

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ideapad 510-15isk when im playing and the laptop reaches 60 fps are dropping from,  for example from 60fps to 15fps.any ideas to disable that block?

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Good Morning Experts! While watching online videos my laptop will reach 149 degrees and the louder fans kick in. All other times it operates at normal operating temperature. Thank you!

A:Laptop reaches 149 degrees while watching online video

That is likely the most demanding thing you do and maybe the only thing that kicks in the switchable graphics. On big strong laptops like yours it is often necessary after a few years to open it up and clean out around the cooling fan, reseat the processor and apply new thermal compound. 149 degrees fahrenheit is 65 Celsius, which is not excessive. That fan is there to keep it cool and it can be loud but it is normal during gaming or demanding tasks.  #HPEXPERTDAY

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After a round of Windows updates, I went to turn on my laptop and recieved the "Primary internal battery (601)" error.  After this screen, however, Windows would not load.  I have tried taking the battery out and 'draining the charge',  and starting up the computer plugged directly to AC with no battery.  Windows still does not load.  The start-up test in the diagnostics menu said the battery needed calibration, however when I go to run the battery test, it gets to "waiting for battery to charge" and exits out of the test without giving me any results at all.  Currently when turning on the computer I no longer get the "primary internal battery" error, it just goes directly to a black screen with blinking cursor.  Any help is appreciated, I'm completely at a loss here!

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So I've got this problem where while moving/copying or sometimes deleting a file (it doesn't matter where I move/copy it), when the progress window opens up, the CPU for Windows Explorer reaches 100% or close to 100%. After some investigating with Sysinternals Process Manager, I found that the same threads inside the Windows Explorer process were the ones hogging the CPU:

Usually I have to kill each of the ntdll.dll threads and cancel moving/copying the file to get the computer to become responsive once again. But as soon as I attempt to move/copy another file again, the same thing occurs.
I have tried a few different things, such as turning off the User Account Control, running scans for viruses or spyware and the like, as well as trying other files and folders. Nothing has worked so far.

My CPU is an AMD Phenom X4 9750 with 2.40GHz.
I also have 4GB of RAM and am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer CPU reaches 100%

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Hi, I'm having a problem in Word. When I am creating a numbered list and my numbers reach 100, the words get pushed about the space of a tab key press to the right. As if it's being indented.

Here's an image to explain:

Is there any way to stop this? Thank you!

A:Solved: Word: Indent when numbering reaches 100

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Hello! I have a desktop computer and several days ago my old 500W power supply burnt out (from overheating I suppose) while the computer was on. I replaced it with a new one, 750W, but when I turned it on everything was working properly except for the fact that no USB devices were recognized. I have 2 USB 2.0 front ports and four rear ones. Power reaches all of them, since LEDs on devices connected light up, but OS does not indicate any devices being connected. I tried switching off the PC from the mains, pressing and holding the power button, even removed the battery on the motherboard and reset the BIOS settings. Nothing changed. I have a dual-boot PC with Windows 7 and Gentoo Linux. Neither of the two operating systems give any errors concerning the USB ports and neither recognizes anything plugged in. My PC is:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.33 GHz
HDD: Samsung HD403LJ ATA 400 GB
I don't have a USB keyboard nor a mouse to try and see if they work during BIOS boot. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Solved: Power reaches USB ports, but no devices are recognized.

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Yes, my GPU reaches 100C, sometimes 105C when playing video games. My GPU is 70C when idle. The screen starts freezing and stuttering and I'm forced to exit the game. This happens after just five minutes of playing a game like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory or Far Cry (which came out eons ago!).

I'm thinking it's my fan. It never seems to run very fast.


Vista SP2
Asus m50vm-b1
Nvidia GeForce 9600M GS (1024 MB) | Driver Version - nVIDIA ForceWare 58.96
Mobile DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo T9400, 2533 MHz

What I've tried:

Updated video drivers (did it the right way with Driver Sweeper)
Laptop is dust-free. Opened it up and clean as a whistle
Thermal paste is fine
Defragged hard drive
Pagefile is 8gb
SpeedFan says my hard drive is in top shape

My fan seems to run slow, even when the GPU and CPU temps increase. I'm thinking that fan speed is the likely problem. When I first bought this laptop last year I could run CRYSIS on best settings for hours and everything was smooth sailing. Now I can't even run something ancient like Far Cry or Call of Duty without overheating withing five minutes.

I downloaded and installed SpeedFan, RivaTuner, Asus SmartDoctor, and MSI Afterburner.

None of them give me the option to control fan speed. Asus SmartDoctor can't even start because it "can not find graphics card information." I'm thinking updating the graphics card was a bad idea because the three other programs ... Read more

A:Solved: GPU Reaches 100C Playing Video Games! 70C idle.

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plz help me i m having problem with my lapy since last 4-5 days.. i am unble to shut down my lapy..when i shut it down it takes too long to shut down & it shows shutting down screen....

A:Solved: My laptop is not getting shut down.

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Hi,I have an HP laptop running Windows Vista and for the past several weeks,it won't shut down normally.It goes to the Shutdown screen but then it just stays there.I finally have to just shut it off with the power button.Does anyone have any nideas why it might do this.Thank you.Jane

A:Solved: Vista laptop won't shut down

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Hey there,
I have a completely stock Toshiba Satelilte C655 Laptop, and at some point in the last year it has begun to completely refuse to shut down fully. What I mean by that, is that it seems to go into sleep mode whenever I try to shut it off. Even when it completely dies, it resumes from the hard disc right into the windows login screen.

After I try to shut it off, the screen goes black, but the power light still blinks indicating it is in sleep mode, and when I press the power button it goes right to the Windows loading screen. I have not yet seen the BIOS screen.

I have checked the Power settings (what the power button does, behavior when the screen is closed, etc) and all are set to "Shut Down".

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Laptop Refuses to Shut Down

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Having a problem for the last couple of months with my laptop, using XP Pro 2002 SP2... Laptop takes 2 goes (i.e. click on start/click on log off button) to log off and does the same when shutting down. Does this on I'd say about 80% of the times I log off or shutdown. There are no error messages, prompts or progress screens. After clicking on the log off button the log off/shut down window dissappears, leaving me staring at the desktop until I try again.

Found this in a thread posted last month...


May contain the answer to my problem, but until someone spells it out in idiot proof terms I'm not certain.

I'm fairly sure that it's not just being slow to respond, as I've left the machine untouched for 20 minutes on one occassion waiting for the log off to complete (left it 10 mins on another occassion and 5 minutes just this morning).

Also, my laptop is new (ish), otherwise quick and the problem started suddenly - it's not something that has crept in gradually. I have a strong suspicion that this problem coincided with the instalation of skype chat software on my laptop. The only thing that I can see happening on the first log off attempt is that a couple of the program/utility icons at the bottom right of my desktop (beside the clock) dissappear, including the skype one.

Any ideas (please!) ?

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I have a toshiba satellite p755-s5390 that is having random shut down issues. I have tried running on just battery, battery and ac, and ac only all with the same result random shut downs that vary from an hour, several minutes, to a few minutes. i DO NOT believe its due to overheating.
here is my computer info
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Computer type: Notebook
Installation Date: 9/19/2011 3:17:49 PM
Serial Number: 2W6WK-HJG8Y-FX4TH-D8VDR-6KDYR
Windows Security Center
User Account Control (UAC) Enabled
Notify level 2 - Default
Firewall Enabled
Windows Update
AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Install at Set Scheduled time
Schedule Frequency Every Day
Schedule Time 3:00 AM
Windows Defender
Windows Defender Disabled
Antivirus Enabled
Company Name Microsoft
Display Name Microsoft Security Essentials
Product Version 4.6.305.0
Virus Signature Database Up to date
.NET Frameworks installed
v4.5 Full
v4.5 Client
v3.5 SP1
v3.0 SP2
v2.0 SP2
Internet Explorer
Version 11.0.9600.17280
Version 2.0
Java Runtime Environment
Path C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe
Version 6.0
Update 38
Build 05
Java Runtime Environment
Path C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe
Version 6.0
Update 38
Build 05
Java Runtime Environment
Path C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
Version 7.0
Update 51
Build 13
Java Runtime Environment
Path C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
Version 7.0
Update 51
Build 13
Environment Variables
USERPROFIL... Read more

A:Solved: Laptop random shut down please help!!!!!!

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I have just received a replacement battery for my Toshiba Satellite L770 laptop which I purchased from a preferred seller on Ebay. When I put it in the laptop to charge and use the computer while it's charging, the computer will not even turn on. I contacted the seller and this is what he replied:

"We are sorry to hear that the battery did not work well. No problem for return and you will get a full refund if we receive your return within 60 days of the purchase date.

However, before the return please check the following:
1. Make sure that your power adapter and electric outlet work well
2. Make sure that the connection part between battery and laptop is clean. If not, please clean and try the battery again
3. Many new batteries need several charge to reach the full capacity. If it is a newly received battery please recharge several times to allow the battery to its full capacity.
4. If you recently upgrade your operating system to windows 7, it may cause the battery not charge. Please go online for a solution for your specific laptop model.
5. Please check your laptop manufacturer's website for a BIOS update. Recently a few customers reported that the Bios update solved the problem having with their battery.

If none of these steps works, please return the whole package to the following address by USPS Priority or UPS ground. And please include the order receipt or shipping slip in the return package. We suggest that you use a delivery confirmation to track ... Read more

A:Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On

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After I shut down my laptop or close it, the little white light doesn't turn off. Need help, thanks.

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Hey, I really need help. I'm having problems with my laptop. It's a dell inspiron 7559 and was bought around January. Recently I have seen that the battery has no longer been as hot as it used to be when I first started using it. Along with the sleeve on the tip of the screen power adapter (below the part where the adapter lights up) has started to come off, exposing the wires. The battery has continually dropped down its percentage rate ever since I bought it, and it won't go back up. It is currently at 0% battery life and it says when you highlight over the battery icon ( plugged in, not charging). It also happens to show the BIO setup when I start the computer and shows that the batteries wattage and type cannot be determined. In the BIOS setup, the ac adapter type is unknown. The battery has not been through any harsh conditions along with the laptop. I have tried removing the battery, starting up the computer with the ac adapter (which is 130 watts), then adding the battery back, and ac adapter, then turning it on, but it had no effects. If I remove my ac adapter while my computer is on ,it instantly turns off. If someone can support me with this issue, it would be gladly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Laptop battery not charging, battery not identified, 0% battery life

It sounds likely the charge circuit on the mainboard is damaged.  Contact Dell to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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HP Pavillion dv2000 (dv2025LA)

It was full of viruses, so I removed the HDD, put it on my computer and cleaned it up. Put it back on the laptop, started up fine, but I decided I should better format it. During the windows installation, it did not detect the HDD, so I pressed the power button until it turned off.

Now when I press the power button, the only that happens is that a little lightning bolt LED next to the HDD and Power LEDs flashes twice and nothing happens.

I removed the battery, let it sit for 10 minutes, tried again, same results. Removed the HDD, tried to boot it like this, no luck. What is going on here? What does that little bolt mean, and why does it flash twice?

A:Solved: Manually shut down laptop, now it won't turn back on?!

Oh wow... The power connector wasn't properly connected to the power outlet, and I didn't know the battery was completely drained!

Sorry guys! (It's always the simplest solutions that take forever to find out)

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My laptop is running on XP SP2. I can't seem to get it to restart, or shut down or system restore.

I've ran a handful of programs and nothing has turned up.
It can't even system restore in safemode.

i get this message before the log-in screen:
Parser Message:
Value Creation failed " at line 8

what else can i do?

A:Solved: Laptop doesn't shut down/restart/system restore?

was your computer was infected by virus before you were getting this error msg
if yes
do a online virus scan
log into this website ie ewido.net and do a online virus scan
if no
open system configuration utility
start-run-type msconfig
you get system configuration window
click on the startup tab which will on the right top corner
and click on disable all
then click services tab and check hide all microsoft services
then click disable all and click apply,close the windows and restart the computer
check what happens

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I was listening to music and surfing the Net tonight when, all of a sudden, my Satellite L355D-S7825 Toshiba laptop abruptly went dark and shut down, and now it won't power up again. In fact, it doesn't even make it's usual start-up sound when I press the Start button. It doesn't make any sound at all. One thing I do notice is that whenever I press the Start button the battery indicator light blinks six times and then stops. The light blinks with or without the power cord. The unit was plugged in when it suddenly stopped working and went dar.

Could there be a problem with the battery? As I said, even with the AC cord plugged in the unit won't power on when I press the Start button. As noted above, I continue to get the battery light blinking six times whenever I press the Start button, but that's all.

Could there be an overheating problem? I was on my laptop for about three hours straight surfing and saving photos. Naturally, the unit was warm when it suddenly shut off, but I certainly didn't consider it overheated.

Now it's been nearly an hour since the unit shut down. I just went back and pressed the Power button, but again it failed to power on. Earlier I removed and replaced the battery twice, but that didn't help either.

The laptop is only one year old exactly, so I hope it's not a major problem. I hope I don't need to replace it with a new one after only one year.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone... Read more

A:Solved: Why did my TOSHIBA laptop suddenly shut down and fail to restart?

Did you try taking the battery out for 10 minutes, and running the power directly without the battery plugged in?

BTW, just cause you can't feel it overheating, doesn't mean it's NOT overheating, a processor can overheat VERY fast if it's not properly cooled!

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I was recently given a used laptop, a Compaq Armada M300, probably 5-6 years old. It was unable to charge the battery, so assuming the battery was shot, I got a new (used) one. This battery has the charge indicator lights built-in and showed up completely charged.

However, when I attached it to the PC, it also could not be seen by the computer. I carefully examined the contacts, seated it carefully and looked in the Power Options for any reasons why it could not be seen - no luck.

Is there anything else to try or place to look before I give up on the use of the battery?

One other strange thing, possibly significant: when I plug in the 110 volt power cord, the PC immediately powers on and loads Windows without any action on my part.

Thanks for any help or ideas...

A:Solved: Laptop can't see battery

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My Dell Inspiron 1501 recently developed a strange behavior. I seldom use the machine on battery, but after using it fvor A while the battery got down to about 4% before I plugged in the AC adapter. It recharged as normal. The next time I turned the machine on, right after POST a black screen with the message "WARNING: Battery could not be identified. This system will not be able to be recharge the battery". Now that message appears every time I boot. This is the original battery. The machine is about 2 years old

After Windows loads, checking the Power Options panel, everything is normal. The battery ID is normal and it recharges just fine. I ran it on battery for a while until the battery got down to 75%. Then plugged in the AC Adapter and it recharged back to 100%.

Any ideas???


A:Solved: Laptop battery

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Hi guys, Told you I would be back.
Now I am really )(*&)(*&
i told you I went out and got another laptop. An HP.
I'm sitting here working and I lost all of my work. I had gotten a signal that I had a low battery and to switch to outlet. I am pluged in and have been all day. I got this message once before yesterday but nothing happened. In fact I thought I just plain forgot to plug in. But when I went to move the laptop I was plugged in. So this is the second time this has happened. Should the battery be in the computer or what? I have never used the batteries on any of my laptops so am unfamiliar with how they work.
Hope you can help. Evreything seems to be ok since I rebooted. Actually I do not know if it was a boot or not because as it was shutting down it said going into hibernation, but I had a hell of a time getting it back on. I have heard hibernation will wreak havoc with you pc????????

A:Solved: laptop battery

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Hi, I got a new Lenovo laptop z510.
The battery of the laptop can't be taken out, so I was wondering how should it be used. I mean when I'm working with the laptop and the batteriy is full charged, Is it better if I take out the plug, or just keep on working with the laptop while it's being plugged in. Which is better for battery life?

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Hi everybody,
I've bought an Acer Aspire 7745G laptop computer. I use at home and I can always connect to the power so I would like to remove the battery from the laptop, so the rechargeable battery doesn't loose its function (I have an other old one and the battery now can work only for 15 minutes). Someone know how I have to leave the battery (full charge, without charge, half charge) ? Which is the better ?

A:Solved: Laptop Battery

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didint kniw where to post this.... I have a hp laptop windows 7 bing dsl

how long should a battery last when not using the adapter and also do you need to purchase a battery after a period of time ....I was on laptop for about 2 hrs and it ran out of juice ... shouldnt it last longer than that. thanks Roz

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8/13 noticed that the battery only lasts for 1 hour
8/14 toshiba support recommended a new battery
8/20 New battery arrived, same problem only lasts for 1 hour I did a system restore and voila, it lasted for 6 hours. Since the problem wasn't from the battery i wanted to give my old battery chance for redemption but it only lasted for an hour. So i went back to the new battery and guess what, it only lasted for 1 hour.

I don't know what to do, I really need your help guys

A:Solved: Help with laptop battery! Please please help me!

is there a calibration option - whats the exact model of the laptop

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Hi over the last few weeks when i plug my laptop in to charge it says (plugged in not charging) then i have to take the battery out and it works ok any reason for this...laptop is only 9 month old.


A:Solved: Laptop Battery

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I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer about a year ago, and I always worked on battery power. Lately I get the impression that battery capacity has gone down. What do you recommed doing in order to extend battery life?
Should I keep it on charge all the time or work on battery power and recharge only when discharged? Replacing the battery can be very expensive. Thanks.

A:Solved: Laptop battery.

batteries do not last forever, it my just need a recalibrate - not sure if toshiba has this option


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